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The Rubber Country3

by MoonGlow

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© Copyright 2002 - MoonGlow - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; latex; bond; bagged; enclosure; chast; reluct/nc; X

Feedback is VERY welcome. Tell me what you think. This is fiction. Its just a fairy tale. A tale for adults who are openminded for topics like sex, s&m, rubber and feet fetishes. If you are offended by such things, DONT continue reading NOW. All others, enjoy and drop me a line.

Rubber Blackmail

Sandra was still enjoying her quiet life without much troubles and her new friendship with Chrissy, whom she first met at the fitness club. Her job offered her very little challenge but there she could act out her dominant side. She was in charge of some of the girls who had so little money that they had to work as bondage performers. Those girls were put in plexiglas cases which look very similar to telephone booths for public amusement. Inside their booth they are dressed in different kinds of bondage or rubber gear. Some booths even allowed interaction from the outside... Sandra’s job was to assign which girl had to go in which booth in which outfit. A well paid job with very little work to do. 

As mentioned in the background of the story, masturbation was prohibited by the rubber-laws. Well, Sandra didn’t care too much. It made her incredibly horny to select the fate of the girls in her booths. Also the many TV-shows with very erotic content did not leave her untouched...  Although she knew that there are cameras installed in every apartment, she masturbated silently in her bed. She had done it for some years now and hadn't been caught. She knew that there were many thousands of apartments to be controlled and there were only a few dozen people who controlled the cams. Despite of this she really enjoyed watching “rubber-court” on TV where often girls were sentenced to rubber punishments or chastity punishments. She just could not get enough of watching other girls suffer. Well, suffer may not be the right word - the games and rules of this country where fun and challenging for rubber fetishists. And only those where allowed emigration, so the tortures and punishments are more an erotic stimulation for them.  Even though sometimes they just got more than they wanted. ;-)

One day Sandra was returning home from the fitness studio she suddenly met a woman in the hallway leading to her apartment. She was covered in a black latex catsuit including a full latex face mask. 

“We need to talk, Sandra” the woman said to her.

“Who are you, why do you know my name?” Sandra replied.

“It does not matter who I am but I know enough of you, Sandra. Listen well my dear. Let me tell you some facts: You are Sandra, 27 years old, assignment officer of the bondage performer association. You punish those poor girls but you break the laws yourself. I know that you are masturbating. I know it since I work for the government and have control over some of the cams.”

“What the hell are you talking about...”

“Shut up, sweetheart. You listen to me! I have videotaped you masturbating. If that tape goes to the rubber court you are in some trouble.”

“What do you want?” Sandra asked.

“Look, there is a good friend of mine. Her name is Natalie and she works at a bondage performer in your damn booths. She is exhausted every evening when she return to her tube appartment. I want you to give her some relief. You will assign her to the most comfortable booth you have in stock, if you have such a thing. I demand that she goes in there non-rubberized. She gets enough rubber anyway. Not too much bondage, just let her relax. You have no choice, Sandra, or your time of relaxation will be over to soon.”

“Fucking bitch! You would get a noticeable more severe punishment for your blackmailing than I would get for having some fun on my own!  If I go to the rubber courts I could live with my punishment and also have the gratification that you will undergo some rubber treatment you won't forget soon.”

“Sandra, let me remind you. First, you don’t know who I am. Second, you don’t have any evidence. Third, you could not live with your punishment.  It would surely mean enforced chastity for you. And I know how often and eager you play with yourself. You couldn’t stand it for long!  Now see to it and take care of my friend.” the woman said and went away.

The next day when Sandra sat at her office and the booth-girls reported for her duty she finally met Natalie. She rememered her... she was a young and cute girl. She assigned her to a booth that was unused for some time now. It simply contained only a chair on which Natalie was to be tied - naked. No rubber, as requested by that mysterious woman. After assigning all girls to a booth Sandra turned over to her computer and began looking thru the files. Natalie... the database listed her as just 22 years old. Only half a year after entering the country she had lost a lot of money at the rubber casino, leaving her in debt and in one of the situations which are difficult to overcome in the country. She got the lowest paid job as bondage performer which meant her loan was just equal to the rent of her tube appartment.  It took Sandra about an hour of telephoning and research to find out that Natalie had a friend called Lea - and Lea was working for government. 

So her enemy had a name now... and now it was time to take her on.  So she went to the courts to get Lea her deserved punishment... probably they would even let herself go free - someone convicted could not file a case against someone.

Rubber-Trial 1

The judge looked at both of them, Sandra and Lea. Lea was clothed in a heavy blue rubber suit covering her whole body, her head enclosed in a matching blue inflated rubber mask leaving just her eyes and her nose free. All defendants were clothed in that manner, so a beautiful girl could not hope for mercy from the jury just from her appearance.  Her mouth was gagged with an inflated rubber penis - only her attorney was allowed to speak for her. Sandra smirked at her... if they convict Lea, she would be free because Lea would have no chance to apply for Sandra's masturbation punishment. Sandra explained to the judge what happened, how Lea met her near her appartment, what she demanded, how she found out who she is...

“I am a well respected citizen here. I work hard and I do my duty.  I follow the laws...” - Lea grunted in her gag at her words... “I have a responsibility for the public. You all enjoy the display booths out there on our streets. Would you like to see it become common that the displays are affected by blackmail? Would you like to see naked girls bound to stupid chairs? Or do you get exited when a girl is bound in an inflated transparent rubber coocon on an orgasmic chair where you drop a coin in the booth and then watch the girl cumming under the influence of the electric dildos on the chair? I know what you want to see! I have seen the queue at such a booth where people waited to drop a coin in again. It is your duty as a jury to make this blackmail stop so that we can all continue with our work. Thank you.”

The attorney of Lea stood up and spoke, “First of all, we have evidence that Sandra does not follow the law all the time. She IS a masturbator.  Furthermore she has no evidence that my client here is the one she is talking of. It is no crime to have a friend who is a bondage performer and it is no crime to do the job. And Lea’s job is to watch other people to ensure that no unchaste activity is performed by the citizens of this country. There is absolutly no evidence that Sandra ever got blackmailed by my client. But it only takes little witt to see what really happened. Sandra got caught masturbating and SHE blackmailed Lea not to charge her for it! But that plan failed and Sandra made up this crazy story to take revenge on my client. Therefore I demand the  acquittal of Lea and another meeting of the court to discuss Sandra’s punishment for masturbation and for blackmailing my client.  Thank you.”

The judge motioned to the jury to retreat and return a verdict. When the jury returned 15 minutes later the speaker of them said: “We have discussed the case and reached a decision. There is no evidence of blackmailing - from no side. Therefore Lea can not be convicted and is hereby free. The only thing left to discuss is the tape with Sandras masturbation.”

“We will do that in the next meeting of the court, after a pause for lunch. Lea, you are herevy offically free again. This meeting is closed, we will meet again in one hour to discuss the next case - Sandra and her violation of the masturbation prohibition.”

Rubber-Trial 2

There they sat again in the court room... but this time it was Sandra in the heavy blue rubber suit with inflated mask. She also got no attorney at her side, since all evidence was clear. Lea was sitting in the audience... she had nothing more to do than to hand over a tape to the judge. Masturbation trials were common sense and Sandra often saw one on TV. She knew excactly what she was to expect. The tape was shown on a big screen and Sandra blushed inside her helmed...  if this trial was also on TV everyone could see her lying in her bed rubbing her crotch and cumming.

“Sandra, this is your first violation of the masturbation prohibition.  We all saw that you are guilty. As it is a standard procedure we will decide with sentence you get from the ‘orgasm-withstanding-test’.”

Sandra looked at a chair which was rolled into the room. She had watched the test many times on TV and her heart beat was increasing when she thought of it. The chair had many buckles to hold her in place while on the chair a large dildo with many huge studs was mounted. She knew it could vibrate and expand and contract via a pneumatic system. There were also a clitoral stimulator and an orgasmis sensor fitted to the chair. The task was simple... a girl was put in the chair but the dildo did not penetrate her to the full extent. Also her cheeks did not touch the chair so that she had to hold herself in place on the dildo. If she lowered herself on the chair, the dildo would penetrate her fully. After the chair’s stimulation system was switched on, she girl was kept very close to an orgasm for exactly 10 minutes. 

After the machine was switched off, all buckles were opened and the girl could leave the chair - but she was not allowed to cum. Under her feet were cushions which controlled the airflow thru the dildo, thus causing it to expand or contract if stepped on. The girl had to lift her up very slow to get the dildo out. Often Sandra had seen the girls moving up too fast on the dildo with its studs which causes an immediate orgasm. Some even could not stand the stimulation and pumped ferociously on the dildo just to get relief.

“Mount her!” the judge announced. “Sandra, if you stand up without orgasm you have proven that you are not a horny slut who cannot control herself. You will be sentenced to chastity on probation. That means you are stricly forbidden to touch yourself again for half a year.  If you cum on the chair, you will be equipped with a heavy chastity belt for half a year. Since this is your first crime your sentences are rather mild.”

Sandra was put into the chair and secured, her soles being placed on the rubber cushions, the dildo half-way inside her. She moaned into her gag - this thing was huge and felt delicious. Someone switched it on... within seconds Sandra was nearing a powerful orgasm, just close to it the vibrations slowed down and the clit stimulator went off. She was so close... so close. For ten minutes Sandra was being fucked by the dildo, everyone watching her. She was going crazy, she was so incredibly horny, she wanted IT, she needed it so badly. The judge gave the signal to switch her off. All stimulation went away and the buckles sprang open. Sandra held herself motionless on the dildo. Even the slightest movements of her soles on the cushions made the beast inflate or contract, keeping her effectivly aroused.

“I must stand it...” she thought, “if I cum there is no possiblity to masturbate anymore, those belts are very secure. Just keep calm...  relax...”

She slowly pushed her body a little up until one of the studs went out of her cunt. She gasped in excitement and paused again in order not to cum. Slowly one by one, she inched herself up on an more and more expanding dildo as she was forced to put more weight on her feet and stepping on the cushions. She was very close to orgasm when she finally felt the last inch of the dildo slip out of her. It took some self-control not to reach down to her crotch and feed her hunger. Panting and gasping, a highly aroused Sandra stood in front of the judge.

“You are sentenced to a half-year strict chastity. You have proven that you can withstand yourself therefore no belt will be necessary for you. Be carefull not to be caught again or you will end up in a belt and probably for a longer time!”

"She must pay for it." Sandra pulled her blanket over her head... lying in her bed that evening the tought “that damn bitch! She even could be watching me right now!” After the trial has ended until now her arousal only slowly depleated. She really had to focus not to play with herself again. “If I can’t get Lea, then Natalie will have to pay for this...” the thought and begun making up a plan to achieve a little revenge at least.  Drifting off to sleep she imagined Natalie in a very special booth and outfit tomorrow...

The next day at her office when it was Natalie’s turn to be assigned to a booth she smiled and looked into her eyes.

“Hi Natalie... well I guess your friend Lea has already told you what happened...”

Natalie fell into her word and grined, “hi, yes... stay chaste, Sandra.  But be warned not to mess with me. I will continue my easy bondage or there may be something more in stock for YOU! Now, just get me that chair booth again.”

“Not so fast, young lady. Your easy days here are at an end. I am not scared of your friend. You will earn your bondage performer money but I won’t make it easy. I have a very special booth for you today.  And tell your slutty friend if she bothers me again, I will have always an even more special booth for you.”

Sandra waved to one of her assistents and he took Natalie out of the office and to the hall where the girls are prepared and strapped into the booths. Later they are loaded onto small wagon, which are pulled by 6 pony girls each. Sandra gave instructions to place Natalie's booth near the main entrance of the appartment block where Lea lives.

When Lea came home that evening she could not believe what she saw.  Near her home she found Natalie's booth and what she saw inside had nothing to do with relaxation nor easy bondage. The only part to be seen of Natalie was her head (Sandra didn’t provide a mask because she wanted Lea to recognize her friend), her body was suspended in a heavy thick black latex mummy-bag. She was swinging slightly from side to side whenever she tried to move... what Lea could not see was that Natalie was wearing 3 more catsuits inside the bag: a thin black one includiung feet and gloves, over this one a neoprene suit had been placed which again was enclosed in a thin rubber suit. The combination of latex-neoprene-latex made Natalie extremly sweat (or sweet ;-) ) in her suspension bondage. Her face was glistening with sweat and often she drank cold water from a tube which was fitted to her red rubber-ball-gag. Behind her suspended form a huge wheel was spinning at a very slow speed. It was nearly as tall as Natalie and at the side of the wheel an enema bag was fixed connected to a tube emerging from Natalie’s bag at her ass.

Lea stood in front of the booth and her eyes met... Natalie’s look was pleading for mercy but Lea could do nothing but watch the wheel moving the enema bag slowly upwards again. Natalie began squirming and her mummy-bag swung back and forth as she grunted into her gag as she felt the water rushing into her ass again. After being in this booth for hours she knew that half a revolution later the bag would descend again and the water would drain out of her again. Knowing that the wheel took 10 minutes for a full revolution didn’t make it easier for her...

When Lea finally left Natalie she thought that something had to be done again, she could not leave her friend like this...

Rubber-Trial 3

The next day when Sandra was about to leave home for work, two policemen rang her doorbell. She should follow them they said. A pair of wrist-cuffs and a black rubber hood was put on her. She tried to figure out was this was all about but they just didn’t know. Their job was just to arrest her and bring her to the rubber court. The policemen and an apparitor led her to a small cell at the court building where had to wait for her trail.

“What trial? I didn’t do anything!” Sandra shouted.

The apparitor shrugged his shoulders “You’ll see at the trial.”

With the help of the two policemen Sandra was once more enclosed in a heavy blue rubber suit and an inflatable blue rubber hood with attached penis gag was put over her head. After she was correctly dressed for the trial she was fettered to a small pallet in the cell. The pallet was covered with a rubber mattress and latex sheets which where put over her bondaged body. When she was securely stored in her cell the policemen and the appirator left her...

After what seemed like hours the appirator came back, freed her of her bondage and led her into the room where the trial was about to happen. When she sat down and looked around she saw Lea sitting in two rows behind her and grinning at her. Sandra grunted into her gag but no one noticed...

The judge opened the sitting, “Sandra, you are here because this is your second violation of the masturbation prohibition. Just two days ago we sentenced you to half a year chastity trusting you in goodwill that you would remain chaste. But again government supervisor Lea had provided us with videotapes of you masturbating.”

Sandra watched in disbelief when the tape was shown on a videowall.  She remembered the scene but it was long ago... she really hadn’t touched herself since her conviction because she feared that Lea could tape it. But this was fraud! Lea hadn’t taped her, she just manipulated an older tape of her to show yesterdays date! Sandra tried to scream but nothing more than grunts escaped her rubber gagged mouth. Since she had no attourney she could do nothing about it...

The jury came to a desicion very fast after seeing the tape. Their speaker announced, “Because of a second maturbation in just two days we must assume that you are not able to withstand your sexual desires.  Therefore we will provide help for you to overcome this needs and live an honest and chaste life. You will be sencented to a full year in a heavy non-fuckable chastity belt.”

Later on Sandra was teary eyed when the belt was put on her naked body.  It was made of steel which was rubberized on the inside. First a large hollow dildo was inserted into her vaginal cavity, filling it effectivly.  The dildos inner surface was sleek latex with some studs on it. The outside of it was covered by a dozen inflatable latex chambers. This allowed to position the hollow dildo in her vagina without the massive dildo touching her anywhere - it was fitted in the center of her stretched love tunnel. The inner studs inside the dildo where for a mans pleasure...  the fuckable version of the belt allowed a man to take the woman, fucking the inner studded rubber surface of the dildo (you can imagine that it has a large diameter for this to work...). The fucked woman would not feel anything from this act, however.

This version was used on some slaves who have a master for whom they must be love dolls.  In Sandras case, her non-fuckable version just contained a small disc in the dildo so that it could not be penetrated. The dildo’s end was fitted to the belt itself while a small rubberized cap was placed over her clit. The cap was also fitted to the belt and warranted that her clit wasn’t touched by anything - not the cap itself, not the belt and not her fingers. Finally a rubberized plate was fitted over her vaginal area and fitted firmly to the belt leaving her crotch a sleek area without any features. Just her asshole was free so she could at least use a toilet without being connected to tubes ...

When she was home again she cried lying on her bed. She lay there naked, her fingernails scratching over the metal, bashing at it, pushing her hips into her cushions... but no matter what she did, she felt nothing in her crotch. It just felt stretched because of the inflated latex cushions inside her. She was told that she would get used to it after a few days... and also that the first few days are the worst.  After a week or two the horniness should go away, at least partially.  After a few month there would be no sexual desire at all as long as she is not stimulated otherwise. They said she should be happy not to have a frustrator belt put on her. That thing contained a vibrator which would send the wearer near an orgasm least once a day and then switch off.

The End.

If you are a submissive girl with a true love for rubber, and you feel lonely and are looking for a cute loving guy with a bizarre fantasy, drop me a mail. I am 30+ years old and live in Germany. [email protected]



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