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Rubber Compulsion

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; catsuit; permanent; chastity; collar; cuffs; hood; balletboots; mittens; oral; cons; XX

Becky plods along on the treadmill watching the time count down, knowing if she doesn’t complete the five miles he demands she’ll be forced to live without her constant companion for at least a week, probably two. It was two years ago the first and only time she hadn’t made her exercise numbers. She couldn’t believe how difficult it had been to endure two weeks without feeling the constant comforting squeeze of rubber encasing her body.

It had started out as a fantasy of her husband’s wanting to see and more importantly to feel her body encased in latex, now she wore heavy rubber 24/7. Each morning she spent three hours maintaining his rubber doll's body, keeping it toned and healthy. Then once another day encased was assured, she would clean the house before prepping dinner and shining her rubber skin up for his arrival home. Becky had been excited to get the first long rubber dress instantly, enjoying the feel of it against her skin and how it limited her stride with its tight hem around her ankles.

She had worn it several days a week for two months before asking if she could have another piece of latex clothing. After buying a dozen outfits from the local shops Becky wore one everyday, sometimes wearing multiple layers of the tight rubber relishing its feeling on her skin. Becky and Howard began custom ordering clothing from a manufacturer he had found online becoming one of their biggest customers. Becky began spending everyday encased in rubber walking around their home on her ever-taller high heels cleaning and enjoying her cocoon.

Becky’s favorite had become wearing her base catsuit with a latex corset over it with a leotard that had high collar and long sleeves. She especially enjoyed how the crotch strap pulled tightly between her legs then slipping into a long hobble style dress. The dresses always had long sleeves with high collars and hugged her body tightly from neck to ankles keeping her thighs and knees crushed together. Her shoes now had six-inch heels with every shoe having locking straps and if boots were chosen her ankle cuffs would be locked over them making sure she continued her training as Howard demanded.

When Howard found out she was masturbating while he was working he quickly purchased a steel chastity belt and bra set locking it over her rubber catsuit each morning. A few months later Becky found a much less obtrusive unit having never liked how the full belt and bra showed under her latex. Becky got excited knowing she could expand her collection of body piercings to accommodate the chastity device. Howard had no issues allowing her to have her pussy lips pierced to accommodate the chastity plate helping her apply the balm to heal the fresh piercings quickly.

With the small but very secure device locked in place Becky was no longer able to stimulate herself without his permission but she loved the added feelings of frustration when he would close the locks. Becky found the frustration of being locked increased when he would lock the belt and bra on over her base catsuit seeing her frowning face and saying, “I warned you.” indicating she had done something to warrant punishment.

In reality Howard would lock her in the extra layer of steel just because he liked the added frustration the belt and bra caused her. Howard enjoyed frustrating her finding when she was properly frustrated, she was more willing to satisfy him any way he could dream up. Howard’s imagination proved impressive and when she didn’t perform as he expected she would remain locked in the multiple chastity devices for weeks at a time.

When the company started producing extremely heavy rubber garments, they automatically sent them a sample leotard, getting several orders from Howard immediately. Becky loved the thicker rubber and how durable it was, but the added tension really excited her. Her suits and dresses became tighter and when the company came out with a rubber that it advertised was ‘Strong as steel’ saying it stretched much less but compressed much more, the couple ordered a catsuit and hobble dress immediately.

Along with the outfits and hoods the company sent lube made for installing the person in the rubber that once lube dried it adhered the skin to the rubber. The lube was not like glue but kept it from slipping on the skin and washed off easily with water. Becky had been learning about ballet boots, loving how they limited her ability to walk only being able to reach the two-mile mark before having to switch to her 6.5-inch heels.

Howard ordered her a pair of boots in the heavy rubber made into a catsuit, locking her long corset with her chastity belt adding a neck corset telling her she would remain in catsuit until she could make the five-mile mark in ballet boots. For months she tried to make the distance, becoming desperate since the catsuit had come with liners that filled all her orifices. The suit also kept incredible pressure on her body and with the added compression of the corset she often had to stop her exercises until she learned to control her breathing.

The liner in her pussy had its own catheter while the one in her ass and mouth had to be stretched to allow evacuation or feeding. She could be used for sex but no amount of stimulation could cause her to orgasm in the thick rubber adding to her already building frustration. Howard was using her rubber body every night and several times a day on the weekends for his own pleasure, enjoying the tightness of each orifice and the feeling of the slick rubber leaving her mute and barely able to see through the tiny holes in the hood.

The hood had microscopic perforations over the eyes allowing her to see with limited vision, the mouthpiece was a reinforced rubber tube built to fit tightly into her mouth. The tube was filled with soft latex giving it a wonderful feeling for him. The small opening in the back of the mouthpiece could only be accessed when a large probe was inserted stretching her mouth even further only then could her liquid nourishment be injected into her throat.

The sleeve in her ass was built the same as the one in her mouth, only it was much larger in diameter and inflatable, having its own probe to use with the enema equipment built specifically for it. Becky loved being encased even at the expense of being constantly frustrated, really enjoying her body’s natural adaptations to her training, limiting her ability to sweat and requiring less bodily function maintenance every week.

The thicker rubber made walking in the catsuit alone difficult, with the added ballet boots, corset and, when she was lucky the hobble dress, made it almost impossible. He had told her she would not have another orgasm until she had mastered the new rubber she was in. After five months she was able to reach five miles in the suit, corsets and hood only to have him add ball mittens to her suit, locking them on with steel cuffs making it impossible for her to free herself.

After a few more weeks she had adapted to her useless hands using the few items he had made for her to be able to clean the house even enjoying the feather duster he would install in her gagged mouth before leaving in the morning. During a Saturday fucking he told her he had something new for her smiling as she clapped her balled hands together and squealed in excitement.

Her squealing tapered off some as he adjusted her corset much tighter then he locked a new steel belt and bra on her. She couldn’t tell because of her limited vision but the belt and bra were much smoother and much tighter than her old ones. After getting both locked on he explained the new design was made to be smooth under clothing quickly wrestling her into her new hobble dress.

Becky was gasping for air as he struggled to get the dress on even with all the lube, he had used it was still incredibly tight mumbling something about the lube as he fought the tight rubber. The final piece was an attached hood that had to be stretched over her existing hood since the dress only had one access at her ankles. With the hood seated she was able to gasp for air feeling her hands sliding around in the new ball mittens they had been forced into, unable to tell immediately that they were much thicker.

When Howard was finished, he sat across from her wiping the sweat from his face mumbling something about being thankful he didn’t have to do that again. With the double hoods Becky couldn’t hear very well and the small holes now doubled up limited her vision even further as she stood adjusting to the new confines of her outfit.

It took Becky a few weeks to figure out how to walk at all in the tight dress and corset, learning if she swung her hips as she kicked her pointed toe forwards and she could move about five inches with each step. Becky never really understood the steel she had been locked into was different than her old ones but learned quickly why Howard had been training her how to suck his cock since he used her mouth every night and weekend.

Howard finally ordered her to start training on the treadmill again, demanding she get to five miles a day again, leaving her wrists locked to the machine on the weekends so he could watch over her. It took Becky several months before she could get to five miles before he arrived home only to be told he was disappointed she hadn’t cleaned the house.

Becky trod along on the treadmill thinking about how she used to be able to complete her training and have time to clean the house and wondered when he was going to release her again. Howard would watch her training noticing how toned and muscular his doll had become loving when she would stop and he could stroke her encased body before forcing her to her knees satisfying himself with her mouth.

Becky had gotten pretty good at walking in her outfit having two hours to clean each day knowing she had accomplished his goals expecting to be allowed to orgasm and maybe spend some time out of her cocoon. One Saturday Howard was watching TV as Becky stood beside him and noticed the date on the TV. It took Becky a long time to figure out when she had been encased in her current outfit, finally coming up with just over eighteen months.

Becky almost fainted when she realized how long she had been sealed in her rubber skin staggering to a chair and dropping herself into it. Howard noticed immediately dashing to her trying to get an answer about what was wrong asking multiple questions.

Becky could only answer yes or no. Finally Howard said, “You didn’t know how long it had been?” getting a frantic body nod from her.

She kept trying to explain to him finally he said, “Are you asking how long until you are freed?” getting more nods from her.

“Oh, my rubber doll,” he started, “You have struggled for so long to become the perfect rubber doll just as you always wanted to be, I couldn’t ruin that for you.”

Howard stopped and sat watching her featureless face for several long moments before she started flailing again. Becky kept moaning and flailing until he asked the right question, “Are you wanting to know when you can be released?”

Becky groaned loudly, nodding her body, “Yes.”

“Never,” Howard answered flatly. Becky sat gasping, holding out her balled up hands indicating “Why.”

“First my little doll this is what you wanted so I made it happen for you, second the belt and bra are permanent, they never had any keys,” he continued, “Thirdly the entire outfit was permanently glued to your skin when you put it on,” he finished by telling the gasping woman, “Then the dress vulcanized itself to the rubber you were already wearing making it permanent.” Howard said gleefully as if he had done her a big favor.

Howard caught his doll as she fainted carrying her to the bedroom leaving her lying on their bed returning to his TV show smiling as he wondered how long it would take her to thank him for making her dreams come true. It took a few weeks for her to realize he was right; she was now perfect in every way and loved how it felt to be encased and loved.

Becky spent each morning on her treadmill now easily able to hit the five miles in the tight rubber and pointed toes spending the rest of her day cleaning with the tools he had made for her balled up hands greeting him each night on her knees by the front door.


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