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Rubber Boss

by Latexx

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John was surprised by the call.  Her name was Kate Simpson, she said, of Allway Electronics. He had heard of her: her husband, who had founded Allway and was a wizard in electronics, had died a few years before and Kate Simpson had taken over the management of the company. She had no technical background and the speculation was that, without a technologist at the helm, the company would go under soon. But she was a tough boss and the company survived. "We need your help," she said. "I want to hire you as a consultant, reporting directly to me." John set up a meeting.

He had been working as a consultant for the past ten years. Work was sporadic, but he didn't mind. It allowed him plenty of time for rubber. John loved rubber and had acquired a sizeable collection of rubber garments.

The next day John went to Allway Electronics for an interview with Kate Simpson. He found her to be a tall, attractive and energetic woman. "This is a two‑part interview," she said, "the first part is about your work, the second part is more personal." John wondered what she meant by the last statement.

For more than two hours she described the technical problems they were having and John took notes. At the end of her presentation Kate Simpson asked him how he would go about solving them. John diligently went through each problem and described a plan of attack. As he talked, Kate Simpson became visibly relaxed and smiled. When he finished, she said: "I have been looking for someone exactly like you for two years. Exactly like you." She offered a rather generous salary and, as John was about to accept the job she held up her hand.
"Before we go any further and sign an employment contract, we must discuss the personal aspect." She paused. "You see, I have known about you for some time. I have had you investigated and I observed you myself. You are a rubber fetishist.”

John's face flushed red and he tried to think of a protest.

"Relax," she smiled, "so am I."

John looked at her, wondering what she had in mind.

"My husband introduced me to rubber years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Some time ago you wrote a letter to one of the rubber magazines. When I saw your name in the consultant's register I remembered that letter and decided to check you out. You see, I need a man, a rubber man."

John nodded, still not sure of what she had in mind.

"I'm a rubber dominatrix," she continued calmly, "and I need a man I can tie up in rubber. To put it bluntly: a rubber slave. Should you accept the job, you would spend your working hours at my house, dressed head to toe in rubber. You would have to do whatever I wish. And more often than not you would have to spend the night."

John swallowed hard and looked at Kate. She was indeed a very attractive woman, a pleasant face, large breasts, long legs and a small waist for her age.

"Think it over," Kate Simpson said sternly. "If you want the job, be back at 5 p.m., wearing at least three layers of rubber under your clothes. I'll have an agreement ready." She pressed a button and a secretary opened the door. The interview was over.

John's head was spinning. He got into his car and drove home in a daze. What was he getting into here, he wondered. But an opportunity like this didn't come around very often. At 4 p.m. he went to his rubber wardrobe and put on a black, tight‑fitting rubber suit, a pair of red rubber overalls, a pair of brown rubber trousers and a matching brown rubber jacket. Then he donned his regular clothes. As he walked around, the rubber rustled. It would be awkward, but at least nobody could see any rubber.

At five minutes to five he was back in the lobby of Allway Electronics, nervous as a schoolboy. At 5 p.m. precisely he was in Kate Simpson's office.

"I am glad you came back," Kate said and locked the door. She handed him the agreement.  John read it; there was no mention of any rubber, it just concerned his employment as a consultant.

"This seems to be in order," he said. Kate handed him a pen and he signed the agreement.

"Since this agreement is rather special to me, I want to sign it with your head between my legs," Kate said and motioned him to kneel under her desk. She sat in her chair, lifted her skirt and moved the chair forward. John felt nothing but rubber: a rubber petticoat, rubber stockings and rubber bloomers. She pushed his head deep into her crotch and clamped it between her legs. John couldn't breathe. She signed the document and started masturbating herself with John's head and came almost immediately.

John crawled out from underneath the desk, breathing hard. "Now we'll go to my house and start working," she said. They went down to the garage, using her private elevator. He sat next to her in her huge Cadillac. As soon as they were on the road, she reached over, opened his crotch zipper and started to massage his penis under the three layers of rubber.

She parked the car in the garage of a large mansion. He followed her to the elevator and they went up three stories. As they stepped out of the elevator they were in a room, which contained various rubber garments. "This is where you change. You wear nothing but rubber beyond this room." She pointed at a rack.  "This is your rubber outfit for tonight. Take off all the clothes you are wearing first. I will fetch you in a few minutes."

There were instructions taped to the rack. John read them and followed them, step by step. First came a thin, tight rubber suit, with attached gloves, feet and a delicately molded penis sheath. Next was a thin latex hood, then a second rubber suit with a crotch slit. Following the instructions, he pulled his penis and balls through the slit. Then he pulled on a pair of rubber boots, followed by a pair of rubber overalls. Again he pulled his penis and balls through the crotch slits of the overalls. The last item was a long rubber raincoat, which was belted tightly; it had no pockets, only pocket‑slits.  John checked himself in the mirror and sat down on the bench.

After a few minutes of waiting, Kate Simpson reappeared. John was stunned. She wore a bright‑red, tight‑fitting rubber suit with attached gloves and hood. Over this there was a transparent rubber dress. Her long, rubbered legs were encased in high‑heeled rubber boots. She motioned John to stand up and inspected him, reaching with her rubber‑gloved hands through the pocket slits of the coat and making sure his penis and balls were exposed. Gently massaging his rubbered balls, she said: "We'll have some dinner before we start working. Follow me." Grabbing his rubbered penis hard she guided him through a door and a hallway to the dining room.

John sat down opposite Kate Simpson. He had a huge erection and tried to hide it with his raincoat. Kate noticed his discomfort and moved one of her rubber boots between his legs, underneath the raincoat. John let a moan escape.

A door opened and a slender woman in a green rubber suit entered. Similar to Kate's, the suit had attached gloves and hood and she was wearing high‑heeled, lace‑up rubber boots. A mouth gag was strapped around her head. She held a bowl of soup and started ladling. As she filled John's bowl, he heard a faint buzz. He looked at the woman more closely and noticed that a vibrator was strapped into her vagina. "This is Fran," Kate said. John got up and shook hands. Fran clearly was uneasy; John guessed that she was close to an orgasm but was not allowed to have one in front of him.

After soup came scallops and vegetables. Kate's rubber boot was still planted between John's legs, gently rubbing his rubber‑clad penis.
After dinner Kate Simpson stood up. "We'll have coffee in the study," she said.

They sat in her luxurious study, Kate behind her desk and John in an easy chair. Fran served the coffee; her vibrator was still humming. Then she disappeared below the desk, sticking her rubbered head between Kate's thighs.

"Let's discuss the first problem," Kate began. John sat there in his rubber garments, with a huge erection underneath his rubber raincoat, imagining what Fran was doing to Kate. He found it hard to concentrate. But Kate was all business now. She wanted to have a plan to solve the problem.

When John couldn't come up with a satisfactory plan after half an hour, Kate said abruptly: "I think we have to give you a chance to think. I have just what you need." She told Fran to get the "Iron Maiden." Fran walked out of the study and came back, rolling in a human figure made out of steel and mounted on a platform. She opened it and John saw that it was lined with rubber. Fran took off John's rubber raincoat and motioned him to step into the figure. When she closed it, he was completely encased in rubber. Two rubber tubes were pushed into his nostrils so he could breathe and his rubbered penis and balls were pulled through an opening in the figure.  Fran attached an air-hose and the rubber inflated, putting John's entire body under great pressure. John couldn't move a muscle and couldn't see or hear. Then Fran sucked his penis; he had an orgasm almost immediately.

After the orgasm John was finally able to concentrate on the problem and a solution slowly formed in his head. But after a while he began to feel hot and incredibly sexy again and his thoughts turned to rubber. Then Fran massaged his penis and balls and he had a second orgasm. He went back to thinking about the problem and less than 15 minutes later he had the entire solution.

They kept him in the iron maiden for two hours. Fran repeated the massage shortly before he was released. "Did you come up with any solution?" Kate asked as he stepped out of the iron maiden. John nodded enthusiastically and laid it out for Kate. "I knew a little concentration in rubber would do the trick," she said. "You can go home now. I expect you to be at work at 9 a.m. I want you to start on the second problem." John took a shower and put on the clothes he came in. Then Kate drove him to the office to pick up his car. He slept in rubber that night.

The next day he was called into Kate Simpson's office at noon. He had not been able to make any headway on the second problem; it was far tougher than the first one. "It looks to me like I am going to have to give you an opportunity to concentrate again," she said, "and for a longer time than last night. Take your car to my house, I'll meet you there in an hour."

When John stepped out of the elevator in Kate's house, Fran was in the anteroom with a large pile of rubber garments. She was dressed in a blue rubber suit and a rustling yellow rubber dress. Her feet were in black, lace‑up rubber boots and she wore long black latex gloves and a tight-fitting black latex hood with the mouth closed. She motioned him to undress and helped him into the rubber garments. First came three pairs of latex briefs and bloomers, into which she stuffed a whole box of thin rubber gloves. As she was arranging the rubber gloves around his penis, John had an erection.

Then came two rubber suits, two pairs of long latex gloves, a latex hood, a gasmask and a pair of rubber boots. Next she helped him put on six rubber overalls and two pairs of rubber trousers. This was covered by four long rubber dresses and no less than six rubber raincoats, all with hoods, which she tied over the gasmask. Fran put two more pairs of rubber gloves on John's hands and then tied his wrists with rubber handcuffs. Lastly she added four floor‑length rubber capes.

John now had to sit in the anteroom and wait for Kate. Stepping out of the elevator, she inspected him. "Are you nice and comfortable in there?" He nodded. "Wait here while I change."

When she returned she motioned John to get up and follow her. They walked through the hallway and entered a large room. John gasped. The room had the appearance of a dungeon. Chains and rings were on the walls and the enormous floor was littered with bondage contraptions. There were several cages, bathtubs, whipping horses, beds, cots, poles, crosses and bags. He also noticed that there were several doors with small windows in them.

Fran held a bag open and motioned John to step inside. His rubber boots were now encased by heavy rubber. Fran closed the zipper in the back and John found himself in complete darkness. While Kate held him steady, Fran pulled the attached rubber straps tight. Then they lifted him onto a rubber‑covered bed, pushed an inflated rubber pillow under his head and spread a heavy, stuffed rubber blanket over him.

Kate moved close to him. "You'll be in this bag until I get home from work. Then we'll see if you have found a solution." Both Kate and Fran left, closing the door behind them.

John was already hot. He figured it was about one o'clock and Kate would probably not quit work until six, which meant he had to spend five hours in massive rubber. He thought about the problem for a while, but was continuously distracted by the hot rubber cocoon. After three hours he fell asleep.

Kate shook him at 6:30. "Have you found a solution?" she asked. John shook his head slowly, his movements constrained by the massive rubber. "Too bad," Kate said.

John was incredibly hot, but Kate just left him lying there. After an hour she came back and asked him again. He shook his head once more.  "All right," Kate said, "we'll try something else." Kate and Fran removed the heavy rubber blanket and lifted John off the bed, standing him upright. They removed the rubber straps, the rubber bag, the four rubber capes, his rubber handcuffs, the heavy rubber gauntlets and the six rubber raincoats. Then they put him in a large bathtub, filled it with hot water and left. John immediately began to masturbate. Within an hour he came twice.

As if on cue Fran entered the dungeon, opened the drain and turned on the cold water. After a few minutes John began to cool down. Fran closed the drain, turned off the cold water and left again, turning off the light. Now John was relaxed and comfortable and for the first time could concentrate on the problem. An hour later he had worked out a solution. When Kate came back at nine, he laid it out for her, speaking through the latex hood. Kate listened and then said: "Good work. You can sleep in one of the guest rooms tonight." John nodded.

Fran brought in a tray and put it down on a table. John got out of the bathtub, dripping wet. Fran motioned him to sit down. She took his gasmask and latex hood off and John eagerly reached for the water; he drank three glasses and then ate. Fran was standing next to him and John heard the vibrator humming. Just as he was finishing, Fran began to moan and had an orgasm. Kate, who had been sitting in an easy chair, got up and said: "You know what that means." Fran nodded dejectedly.

Silently Kate now dressed Fran in massive rubber. Then she turned to John and put a heavy rubber mask on his head and over it a gasmask. Next she reached for the pile of rubber coats and rubber capes John had been wearing during the afternoon. When he was fully dressed in rubber again, Kate shoved both Fran and John out the door, down the hallway and into a bedroom. There, on a large bed, she strapped both of them side‑by‑side into rubber bags and spread a heavy, stuffed rubber blanket over them.

John lay there in his wet rubber, masturbating. Fran still had the vibrator going inside her and came every few minutes. The rubbery situation nearly drove John crazy. Finally the batteries in Fran's vibrator gave out and she calmed down. Toward morning John finally fell asleep.
Kate woke him at 7:30. "Time to go to work," she said and unstrapped his rubber bag. The rubber bag next to him was already empty. He felt groggy as Kate guided him toward the shower. "You can undress in here," she said and turned on the hot spray.

For a moment John just stood there in his massive rubber outfit and let the hot water run down on him. The shower was very large and contained a coat rack and a large number of coat hangers. John moved his rubber‑gloved hands through the cape slits and removed the two pairs of rubber gauntlets. Carefully he unbuttoned the four rubber capes and hung them on the rack. Then he went to work on the six raincoats and hung them up. Next he pulled the four rubber dresses over his head and stripped off the two rubber trousers, followed by the six rubber overalls. He was now able to take off his gasmask. He counted the rubber garments hanging on the coat rack: 24. He was still wearing two rubber suits and three pairs of latex briefs and bloomers, not to mention the mass of rubber gloves stuffed into them. But when he began to masturbate, he came almost immediately.

Feeling weak and still groggy he stripped off the remaining rubber and let the hot water splash onto his naked body. Then he turned it to ice‑cold and finally felt like he could face the world.

His regular clothes were laid out when he stepped out of the shower. He quickly dried and dressed. Fran had prepared breakfast and was serving it in a fresh rubber suit, with the vibrator going inside her again. Kate was eating with him. The only thing she said during breakfast was, "I am going to implement your solution this morning. Start working on the next problem and be back here by noon."

John spent the morning working at the third problem at the plant. He found it hard to concentrate. His mind went through the incredible 19 hours he had spent in rubber and the prospect of a repetition at noon. Would this be the pattern, spending a few hours each morning at work and then being tied up in massive rubber the rest of the time?

At 11:45 he cleaned up his desk and left the plant. When he stepped out of the elevator at Kate's place, Fran was already waiting for him. She was wearing a black rubber suit which had attached feet, gloves and hood. The back zipper came all the way to the top of her head, where it was secured by a lock. There were no openings, except for the eyes and nostrils, the rest of her body was securely and tightly encased by black rubber.

Fran helped John undress, pulled a pair of thin latex gloves on his hands, a latex hood over his head and then put him into a tight‑fitting rubber suit. As she pulled his penis and balls through the crotch opening of the rubber suit, she massaged them without hurry. John became uncomfortable. "Is Kate here?" Fran shook her head. "Is she going to be here?" Fran shook her head again and continued the massage. "All afternoon?" She nodded enthusiastically. "What are you supposed to do to me?"

Fran got up and pulled John by his penis through the hallway to the dungeon. There she pointed at a door with a small window. John opened it and stepped inside. It was a hot room with a soft, rubber‑covered bed. A large, heavy rubber bag lay on top of it and was connected to rubber tubing. He looked back at Fran and stepped out of the hot room.

He grabbed Fran and turned her around so that he could feel her rubber‑clad breasts with both hands. She let him do it, reaching behind her and massaging his penis. Then he tested her between her legs; she was not wearing a vibrator, he could feel her opening through the thin rubber. He turned her around again and felt her rubber‑clad head; there was no hair underneath, her head was shaved clean. Then he felt her rubber‑covered mouth; there was no gag inside.

"You are not allowed to talk?" She looked at him and slowly shook her head. "You can't talk?" She slowly nodded. "Poor thing, can't talk, can't be fucked, what am I going to do with you?"

She grabbed his penis again and led him to her bedroom, slid between the rubber sheets and held them open. John lay down next to her and embraced her. She started working on his penis and balls until John had a deep orgasm. Then she straddled John, burying his head in her rubbered crotch. Grabbing the back of his rubbered head, she pushed it deep inside her crotch. John couldn't breathe but he wanted to help her. So he grabbed her rubber‑clad behind and pushed his head into her crotch with all the force he had. In less than a minute she had an orgasm.

They lay between the rubber sheets for half an hour, embracing each other. Then John moved her on top with her back toward him and started to massage her clitoris through the rubber. Fran moaned and had two more orgasms in short succession. She turned around and made him come too.

They embraced again. They both were exhausted now and, within minutes, they both were asleep.

When Kate Simpson came home at 5 p.m. there was no Fran to greet her. She became suspicious and checked the hot room; it was empty. Searching the other rooms, she found Fran and John asleep in Fran's bedroom. She silently closed the door again and went to put on some rubber.

Kate was furious. It was the first time Fran had disobeyed her. She put on long black latex gloves, a stern‑looking red latex hood and a silver rubber suit. She would punish Fran severely she thought when she laced up her black rubber boots.  And John too, she mumbled to herself as she stepped into a pair of latex bloomers and then a long, transparent rubber dress. "They are going to regret this," she said aloud as she added a green rubber raincoat, belting it tightly and grabbing a whip.

She burst into Fran's bedroom, turned on the light and shouted, "Alright you two rubber fuckers, you are going to regret this insubordination."

John and Fran shot up. Kate drove them to the dungeon with her whip. There she put a pair of rubber cuffs on John's hands and pulled him to the ceiling with a winch. She unlocked Fran's rubber suit, pulled the zipper down and inserted a humming vibrator into her vagina. Then she closed and locked the zipper again, pulled off Fran's rubber boots and put her into another rubber suit. She added a second pair of latex gloves and three pairs of latex bloomers. Lastly she encased Fran in a heavy third rubber suit, which had attached rubber boots, gauntlets and a heavy hood, zipping it up in the back and locking the zipper on top of her head. Her entire body was now encased in heavy rubber, the hood had only short rubber tubes, which protruded into her nostrils; the mouth and eyes were covered by black rubber.

Kate roughly pushed Fran toward a whipping horse and tied her down. Her legs were spread wide apart, her upper body was horizontal and held down by three wide rubber straps. Her hands were tied together with a rubber strap and then pulled toward the ceiling by a winch. Kate now applied the whip to Fran's behind. Fran didn't utter a sound, but after twenty or thirty strokes she began to moan and had an orgasm. Kate stopped and grabbed John's balls, squeezing them hard. Then she continued whipping Fran. The poor girl came again and Kate stopped, but grabbed John's penis and rubbed it violently until he had an orgasm.

Kate now unstrapped Fran and let John down. Fran immediately kneeled before Kate and buried her head in Kate's rubber‑covered crotch. Kate sat in a chair, moved Fran's head underneath her raincoat and dress and masturbated with it.

Fran had to cook and serve dinner in her heavy rubber suits, with only the hood of the third rubber suit pulled down so she could see. Kate put a second rubber suit on John and stuffed several hands full of thin rubber gloves around his penis and balls. Then she fetched a third rubber suit, which was identical to Fran's: attached rubber boots, heavy gauntlets and a hood, which she let hang down for now. John sat meekly at the table, assuming that he would get a whipping too. He ate silently and clumsily. Kate watched him and said, "You missed your concentration session this afternoon. Now we have no choice but to make it an all‑night affair. But you will have the pleasure knowing that Fran is going to spend all night in her three rubber suits too."

After dinner Kate took Fran to her bedroom and asked John to watch as the poor girl was prepared for the night. Kate closed and locked her heavy latex hood. Then she spread a heavy rubber bag out on the bed and helped Fran glide into it. Her arms ended up in rubber sleeves attached to the inside. Kate zipped up the bag and secured it to the bed. Fran's vibrator was still going and Kate and John watched her wiggle and finally come. Then Kate motioned John to step outside, turned off the light and closed the door silently.

Kate now closed John's hood. The rubber tubes entered his nostrils and he found himself in complete darkness. She told him to hold his arms behind his back so that each hand touched the other elbow. He had some trouble doing this in his thick rubber suits, but Kate quickly bound them together with two rubber straps. John was now certain that he was going to get a whipping, but instead Kate ordered him to kneel. She sat down and moved his head underneath her rubber raincoat and rubber dress, pushing it deep into her latex bloomers. She reached for her whip and whacked John's behind. He got the message and pushed his head into Kate's rubbered crotch as hard as he could. Kate grabbed the back of his head through her rubber garments with one hand and swung the whip in the other. John couldn't breathe but Kate kept on masturbating herself with his head. It took a full two minutes before she came.

Kate lifted her rubber garments and let John stand. She untied his arms, guided him to the hot room and put him down on the rubber‑covered bed. Then she filled the rubber bag with hot water.

John couldn't believe the sensation he was experiencing. A soft but enormous weight pushed him deep into the rubber bed. With some effort he was able to move his hands and masturbate. He came quite quickly. He was incredibly hot and in complete darkness. He masturbated again; this time it took him longer, but he came.  He dozed off and had another orgasm after he woke up. By morning he had slept a total of only three hours and had come twelve times.

The next day the schedule repeated itself. After breakfast he went to the plant and worked until noon. When he reported to Kate's house, Fran stood in the anteroom encased in an extremely heavy rubber suit with attached rubber boots and heavy rubber gauntlets. Its open‑faced hood framed a gas‑mask and the suit's zipper was locked at the neck. When he embraced her he discovered that underneath the rubber suit she was wearing a large number of other rubber garments, she felt distinctly padded.

Fran helped him undress as best she could and then gave him the rubber garments he had to wear: a pair of molded latex briefs which tightly sheathed his penis and balls, two tight‑fitting rubber suits, a thin latex hood, two pairs of latex gloves, rubber boots and four pairs of rubber overalls. When he was inside all of these rubber garments Fran tried to fish out his penis and balls, but she had trouble with her thick rubber gauntlets. By the time his private parts protruded the six layers of rubber, John was ready to have an orgasm.

Fran motioned him to follow her and she went to a plump rubber form in the dungeon, suspended from the ceiling by two straps. John had to step inside and Fran pulled it over him and zippered it shut.  It was a grossly formed rubber suit, which went over the rubber boots and enclosed the entire body, including the arms and hands and the head. A gag was now in his mouth, through which he could breathe. The only parts of him that were not enclosed by the heavy rubber suit were his balls and his penis. Fran tightened a strap around his scrotum and inflated the rubber suit. He felt his rubber garments press tightly to the skin as he was lifted toward the ceiling and then dangled from it. Fran sucked him hard and made him come immediately. John felt wonderful; it was as if he were weightless. He concentrated on his problem. Once an hour his concentration was interrupted by Fran sucking his penis and giving him an orgasm. When Kate came home at 6 p.m. and he was taken down, he had solved the entire problem.

"This is really working out very well," Kate said after John explained his solution. He was now out of the heavy inflatable rubber suit but was still wearing his two tight rubber suits and the four rubber overalls. Kate sat in an easy chair, wearing a massive rubber outfit and playing with John's balls. Poor Fran, still encased in her heavy rubber suit, was underneath Kate's rubber garments, her head stuck in the rubbered crotch.

"I want to make this a permanent arrangement," Kate continued. "You give up your apartment and move in with us. I'll give you an office here so you don't have to go to the plant."

"I want to fuck Fran."

Kate thought for a long time, still playing with John's rubbered balls. "Alright, when I'm not here." John nodded.

So they settled into a routine. John got his own bedroom with a rubber‑covered bed and a large adjoining room, which was his rubber wardrobe. The mornings he spent in a tiny office, working. At precisely noon Fran called him to lunch. He had then the choice of spending the entire afternoon with Fran. But if he chose "to waste the afternoon," as Kate put it, his "concentration session" started after dinner and lasted all night.



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