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Rubber Bondage Slave 7

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2007 - rbp818 - Used by permission

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Part Seven

Chapter 19 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner discovers his Mistress is not as cruel as he thought.

I did not sleep in the terrible Rubber Bondage Helen had put me into. Every time I felt myself dozing off I inadvertently moved and found myself rotating round and round. I was compelled to try to get myself face up so as to be in the best position. I seemed to be doing this for hours and hours but I knew the time was not passing that quickly. I was sure I had many hours of suffering to endure in this dreadful Rubber Bondage. There was a sudden click in my ears and Mistress was talking to me.

“How is my poor Rubber Bondage prisoner? I don’t think you imagined Helen could think up such an ingenious way of securing you into absolutely escapeproof Rubber Bondage. I have to admit she is sometimes way ahead of me in knowing how to make a Rubber Bondage prisoner suffer. She has of course had a lot more practice with her own Rubber Bondage slave, and I do know he does suffer when she is not in a good mood. However I do feel if I want some work out of you tomorrow then your present situation will have to be reduced a bit. I shall deflate the Rubber Suit and lower the Rubber Hammock down onto your Rubber Bed. But that is all the relief you are going to get, you will I’m sure manage to get some sleep tonight. You might be able to relieve yourself, but don’t expect me to be as lenient as this the next time. I just feel you are not yet ready for such a severe arrangement of Rubber Bondage. In six months time it should be quite normal for you to spend the night and longer like this. However I do not want to ruin your enthusiasm for Rubber Bondage and spoil our relationship as my future Rubber Bondage slave.”

A ‘click’ told me that was the end of Her communication with me and I next felt the air being let out of the Inflatable Rubber Suit and the pressure that was squeezing my body inside the Rubber Hammock gradually reduced. Then I felt the Rubber Hammock being lowered down until I felt my Rubber encased body was resting flat on my Rubber Bed. I was now able to move just a little bit inside the Rubber Encapsulation, and I was grateful I was not now subjected to the rotation torment I had been experiencing when the Rubber Hammock was held in suspension.

I suppose I must have slept, albeit in such severe Rubber Bondage, only fitfully. I awoke as I felt the Rubber Hammock being released and unzipped.

“Sit up 818, and I’ll unlock the Rubber Suit.” Mistress said, “Then you can get yourself out of the Rubber Hammock and then take off the Rubber Suit. Turn it inside out and hang it up to dry. Don’t try to remove anything else, but put on your Rubber Smock, Manacles and Chain Set and come down for breakfast.”

I heard Mistress leave the room and I struggled to get my arms out of the side pockets in the Rubber Hammock. With my arms free I was able to open the shoulder and Hood zips and I was then able to see how to get my legs out of the Rubber Hammock. Once I was free I carefully lowered myself over the side of the Rubber Bed and stood up. I ached in every muscle and my legs were stiff from being restrained for such a long time in such a rigid position. However I managed to remove the Rubber Suit and after turning it inside out hung it up to dry. Slowly the use was returning to my body and I was able to put on my mealtime Rubber Hood, Rubber Gloves and then the Rubber Smock. I found it difficult to bend over to put on the Manacles and the Chain Set, but I was soon fully dressed and self-secured in Rubber and Bondage. I clinked and rustled my way slowly downstairs and into the kitchen. I sat down at the table and Mistress and I ate our breakfast in the usual silence. When we had finished eating I cleared away the dishes and sat back down and waited for Mistress to speak. I was sure She had something to tell me and I wasn’t sure whether it was something I wanted to hear. I had a feeling Her chat with Helen did not bode well for my future.

Mistress sat back in Her chair and gave me a long hard look.

“I’m sure you are aware that after you were put to bed last night Helen and I had a long talk. You were the main topic of our conversation and a great deal is going to change. It would seem I have been going about things all wrong. I have apparently been much too forceful with you; I have been expecting you to change overnight to become what I want you to be. It seems I should have a more gradual approach to your training and introduce you to the discipline over a long period of time. So, much against my better judgement, but I am hoping you will prove me wrong, your daytime Rubber Dress and Bondage is to be changed somewhat. You will no longer Dress as my Rubber Maid and the Manacles and Chains will be dispensed with. Helen is coming back this evening with some new items of Rubber Clothing which she has convinced me will be much more suitable for a Rubber Bondage prisoner. You will wear these new Rubber Clothes during the daytime and she will fit you up with a Catheter. You will of course be in Bondage but it will be much less obtrusive and will not hamper you when you are working, but it will never the less be extremely effective and you will be well aware that you are still my Rubber Bondage prisoner. I am not apologising for what has happened to you, I am merely keeping you up to date as one might say. A Mistress never ever apologises to her Rubber Bondage prisoner no matter what has happened. I do however have to admit that you have accepted everything that has been done to you these past few days and I can only assume you really do enjoy Rubber Bondage. Correct me if I’m wrong 818.”

“No Mistress you are not wrong, I have so far enjoyed every second of my time with you as your Rubber Bondage prisoner, and I have no desire for it to end. I will admit that last night was to say the least extremely severe, but it was something I had dreamt about from time to time but never imagined it could happen. I’m quite sure that sometimes you will do things to me that I won’t like, but you can rest assured it will not change my desire to serve you and to become your Rubber Bondage slave in the future.”

“Very good 818 I’m pleased to hear you want to remain dedicated to serving me. The demerit book and my rulebooks are to be abolished, at Helen’s instigation. They are to be replaced by a weekly visit from Helen and She will administer any Punishment it is felt you deserve. That way you will learn what is right and what is wrong with a sharp lesson each week. So today you can act as doorman for my clients when they arrive and leave. It is not a difficult job, and if you follow me I’ll show you how the system works.”

Mistress walked through into the hall and opened a door just inside the front door that I had always found to be locked whenever I had tried it. It was the old ‘Front Room’, which had been converted into several smaller rooms. The doors were numbered one to three and each door had three coloured lights over it.

“These are the rooms where my clients change their clothes. When they are ready they press a button inside and the green light will come on. When the red light comes on it is a signal from me for you to bring them upstairs to my playroom. You knock on the door and leave the client waiting outside. Then you go back downstairs. You won’t be able to speak to them so you just beckon and they will follow you. Of course you make sure they are following you. Any reluctance and you just slip a Collar around their necks and drag them by the Lead. When I have finished with the client the blue light will come on and you will come up and collect them and take them back down to change. They will press their button and the green light will tell you they are ready to leave. As each client arrives you put them in the first available empty room. They all dress in the same type of Rubber Garment for the walk upstairs, and I have CCTV in each room so I know who has arrived. Some only come for a short session, others come for much longer.”

“Today is my short session day so we will both be kept quite busy. If the blue light flashes then it means I want you upstairs. You will check each room when the client has left to make sure it is tidy for the next one. Right, we will go upstairs and I will get you dressed for door duties. Oh yes, when you open the front door stand so the door shields you from the street, I don’t want the neighbours talking about men dressed in strange Rubber Clothing.”

We made our way upstairs to my room and Mistress flicked through the Rubber Clothing Cupboard and picked out a full cover Rubber Suit. She unlocked the Rubber Smock and I removed it and put it on its hanger beside the shower. Then She unlocked the Rubber Harness Helen had fitted on me last night.

“You can remove that lot and the Rubber Drain Bags and leave them on the bed. You can sort them out later on. When you have used the toilet put on this Rubber Suit and I’ll find some other items for you to wear.”

I was relieved to get the Rubber Harness and the cock and ball controls off and after using the toilet I slipped on the Rubber Suit. It was close fitting and made from two layers of Rubber, a heavy layer of Rubber outside and a thinner layer of Rubber inside. It had attached feet and gloves and an attached Hood. The Hood had the usual Rubber Gag fitted inside with a breathing tube fitted through the centre of it, and the eyes had dark lens fitted to them. Mistress put out a pair of Rubber Ankle Boots and sorted out a complicated Manacle and Chain Set.

“Put on the Rubber Boots then open the crotch zip in the Rubber Suit.”

I did as She said and She bent over in front of me and I felt something cold encircling my cock and ball root. There was the familiar ‘click’ of a Padlock and then two long lengths of Chain attached to the Padlock were pushed through reinforced holes in the crotch of the Rubber Suit. As Mistress stood up and closed the zip I could feel the heavy weight of the Padlock pulling at my cock and balls. She picked up the Manacles and Chains and hung them over my shoulders. She fitted a wide Collar around my neck and Chains from the front of the Collar went to Manacles She fitted around my arms above my elbows and also around my wrists. A wide Waist Belt went on linked by a Chain to the front of the Collar, and a further Chain at the back. From each side of the Waist Belt Chains went down to Manacles fitted above my knees and around the ankles of the Rubber Boots. The two long Chains attached to the cock and ball Padlock which passed out through the holes in the crotch of the Rubber Suit were run loosely through rings on the above knee Manacles and then secured to the ankle Manacles. This was Rubber Bondage I could live in all day, and I was able to allow the arousal to bring me to erection without any worries about a restraining device. Mistress had certainly relaxed Her control over me and I was beginning to enjoy the new regime She had started.

“There, I think you will present the right picture to my clients. As there is no ankle Hobble Chain you should be able to cope with the stairs easily, but you are well encased in Rubber and your Bondage is as usual very secure and escapeproof, unless you happen to have a hacksaw hidden somewhere,” and She gave a little laugh as if to emphasise the futility of trying to escape. “Before you go down I’ll give you the extra Rubber Smocks, and a couple of Collars and Leads. You will make sure there are four Rubber Smocks in each room and when they have been used take them out of the room, fold them up and leave them in the lounge on the table, so there are only clean ones for the new client to put on. Right off you go and wait downstairs for the door bell.”

Mistress dropped into my arms a large bundle of Rubber Smocks and placed on top of the bundle two Collars with Chain leads fitted to them and I made my way downstairs, with my Rubber Suit crackling and rustling and the Chains clinking.

Chapter 20 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner has to work for his keep.

I made my way downstairs loaded down with the Rubber Smocks Mistress had dropped across my outstretched arms. The rooms were fully equipped with lights, a shower cubicle, a toilet cubicle and a washbasin, a full-length wall mirror and a cupboard for clothes. I hung up the Rubber Smocks behind the doors and checked there were four in each room. The doors were self-locking and had no handle on the inside. They could only be opened from outside which ensured Her clients didn’t go wandering about on their own and also made sure they were not able to meet each other, should one not have left before the next one arrived. I was just about to have a rest when the ‘Blue’ lights over the doors flashed. I made my way upstairs and found Mistress waiting outside Her ‘Playroom’. She was dressed in a tight fitting costume of Shiny Black Rubber. It had a high Collar, long sleeves and short legs and over it She was wearing a tightly buckled Corselette. Thigh High stiletto heeled Rubber Boots encased her legs and Her face and head was concealed behind a studded half Mask of Black Shiny Rubber. Fingerless Rubber Gloves completed Her breath-taking appearance. I had never seen Her dressed for ‘work’ and the thought that this Rubber clad Mistress was my Mistress made my cock stir inside my own Rubber Clothing.

“I was just checking that you were ready 818, and I see you are getting aroused. Well you needn’t worry when I’ve finished with my clients it will be your turn to visit my ‘Playroom’ but I don’t think we will be playing. Right off you go, that sounded like the door bell, so don’t keep my clients waiting.”

I hurried downstairs and opened the front door. A rather nervous young man stepped inside and nearly collapsed when he saw me stood behind the door. As he stepped inside I closed the door behind him.

“Now I’m sure I have come to the right place,” he said with a nervous laugh.

As I couldn’t answer him I just nodded and pointed to the door into the changing rooms. He followed me in and I opened the door to room number one, switched on the light and closed the door behind him. After a few minutes the green light came on and I waited for Mistress to signal She was ready. A minute later the red light came on and I opened the door and beckoned to the young man to follow me. I led him upstairs, knocked on the ‘Playroom’ door and left him waiting outside. I had only been downstairs a few minutes when the doorbell rang again. I opened the door and an older man stepped through. He looked rather surprised to see me stood there in Rubber and Chains but said nothing. He followed me when I beckoned to him and I put him in room number two. As soon as I closed the door the blue light flashed and I quickly made my way upstairs. Mistress was stood outside the ‘playroom’ with a set of Manacles and Chains and a Rubber Hood in Her hands.

“Go into that last clients room and put this Rubber Hood on him. Then the Manacles and Chains with his hands behind his back. He has come early so he can play with himself in my Rubber Smock. Well this time he is going to be very frustrated by the time he gets up here.”

I went back downstairs and saw the green light was on over the door to room number two. I opened the door and walked into the changing room. Before he had chance to make any comment I had slipped the Rubber Hood over his face and head and closed the back zip. There were no eyeholes or mouth hole, just two nostril holes to allow him to breathe. I quickly pulled his hands behind his back and secured the Manacles around his wrists and then fastened the ankle Manacles. I was surprised how easy it had been, but I realised that he was a submissive like myself and he was no doubt enjoying every second of this extra to his expected session with Mistress. I went out and closed the door leaving him to sort himself out as best he could.

The hobble Chains and the link Chain between the wrist and ankle Manacles were very short. I knew with the sightless Rubber Hood he was wearing and his hands secured behind him he would have difficulty sitting down assuming he could find the chair. But I had not been told to help him and I knew the penalties Mistress would invoke if I didn’t do exactly as She said. Or perhaps more to the point I didn’t do anything I had not been told to do.

I lost count of the number of times I went up and down the three flights of stairs, either taking a client up or bringing a client back down. At some point all the rooms were empty and I counted there were eight Rubber Smocks that had been used. I heard Mistress coming downstairs and She checked the three changing rooms.

“Very good 818, we can have a quick snack before the next couple of willing victims arrive. While I’m preparing some food and drink you can take those used Rubber Smocks up to your room, turn them inside out and sponge them down with warm water. Then dry them and powder them, turn them back right side out, fold them up and leave them outside the ‘playroom’ door.”

I gathered up all the used Rubber Smocks and took them upstairs. It took some time to clean and powder all eight Rubber Smocks, but eventually I had finished and made my way back down to the kitchen. Mistress was already sat at the table eating a sandwich, but She didn’t say anything as I sat down. Mistress got up and opened the zip in the back of my Rubber Hood and I could then pull the Rubber Hood down over my face and I was able to eat my food. As usual when we had finished I cleared the table and sat back down.

“There are only two more clients to see this afternoon and then it will be your turn. We will be able to enjoy a couple of hours in each others company and then we will have an early tea and it will be time for Helen’s visit. She is going to stay here for a couple of weeks to show me how I should be training you, I’m sure you will have a very enjoyable time with two Rubber Mistresses dealing with you.”

Not if I know anything about Mistress Helen and her methods of training a Rubber Bondage slave I thought. But I knew I didn’t have any choice in the matter. Whatever was planned would be done to me, and if I wanted to continue in this wonderful world of Domination, Rubber and Bondage then I would have to submit to their plans and sink into it and enjoy it if I could. Mistress stood up and pulled the Rubber Hood back over my head and face and closed the zip.

“With these next two clients as soon as they are ready put the Manacles, Chains and the Collar and Lead on them and bring them up to the ‘playroom’, don’t wait for my signal, it will save some time. As soon as they are gone come up to your room and I’ll get you dressed in something suitable for your visit to my ‘playroom’.”

When the last client had left I made my way upstairs to my room to find Mistress was waiting for me still dressed in Her ‘working’ costume.

Mistress unzipped my Hood and Rubber Suit and I quickly removed it. From the cupboard She fetched a heavy waist length Rubber Strait Jacket with an attached Rubber Hood. She slipped it over my outstretched arms, closed the back zip and fastened the five Straps and Buckles across the back. The Rubber Hood was left hanging down in front of me. She pulled my arms behind my back, folded them and secured them with an elbow Strap and the Strap on the end of the sleeves. With my arms secured in a back-to-front position my mind was working overtime wondering what Mistress had in mind for our time together in Her ‘playroom’.

“That will need to be properly controlled,” She said flicking my erection with Her Rubber Gloved hand. “I think a nice tight Restrainer will cool your excitement 818.”

From one of the drawers Mistress fetched a thick Rubber Restrainer. She forced my erect cock inside the stiff Rubber Sheath and pressed my balls into the thick Rubber Bag that was attached to the Rubber Sheath. A wide Rubber Belt was fitted around my waist and Strapped and Buckled tight.

“Bend over and spread your legs apart. A good sized Butt Plug will keep you well aware of the total control I have over you.”

I felt Her Rubber Gloved fingers applying something cold around my bum hole and then Her fingers were forcing some lubrication deep inside my bum hole. Then I felt something hard pressing and being pushed against my tight hole. Slowly but persistently she pushed and forced and I felt my bum hole stretching ever wider as what felt like an enormous Butt Plug was forced inside me. The muscle around my bum hole closed over the neck of the Butt Plug and it felt as if Mistress had filled me with a football. She caught hold of the crotch Strap attached to the bottom of the Rubber Ball Bag and pulled it back between my legs. This not only forced the Butt plug firmly into my bum hole but pushed my bum cheeks wide apart. The Strap was then Buckled tightly to the back of the Rubber Waist Belt.

Over the Rubber Sheath and Rubber Ball Bag Mistress now fitted a Leather Harness. She spent some time tightening a multitude of Straps and Buckles around my Rubber encased cock and balls. Finally She secured the Leather Harness at the tip of my cock to the front of the Rubber Waist Belt. The restriction of the Rubber Sheath and Rubber Ball Bag was added to by the Leather Harness, which only helped to increase my arousal. But the way Mistress had tightened the Leather Harness around the Rubber Restrainer made my now rampant erection inside the Rubber Restrainer very painful. The enormous Butt Plug firmly planted inside my bum hole did make me fully aware of the control She had over me. Mistress now Strapped a wide Leather Band around the top of each thigh and they were held in place with Straps Buckled to the Rubber Waist Belt. Like the way I was secured into the Rubber Strait Jacket I was again puzzled by these Leather Bands around my thighs. I was aware they were lifting up my bum cheeks and I could feel they were now two firm round globes.

“There now, you are now what I would call a well Restrained and Plugged Rubber Bondage prisoner and now I’ll complete your Rubber Bondage. Now slip your feet and legs into this pair of Rubber Chest Waders because valuable ‘play-time’ is wasting while we are stood here talking.”

I slid my feet into the Rubber Chest Waders and they were unlined Rubber inside and the feet and legs were a tight fit. Mistress pulled the top of the Rubber Chest Waders, which reached almost to my neck up over my body. Two short Straps were Buckled across each shoulder and I was now enclosed inside the Rubber Chest Waders. She tightly Buckled a narrow Strap around my waist drawing in the Rubber body part of the Rubber Chest Waders tight around my Rubber Strait Jacketed body and arms. There was no possible way I could release myself from this Rubber Bondage. Any movement produced a multitude of different effects. Just the Rubber Clothing was keeping my cock fully erect which increased the pain created by the Rubber Restrainer and the tightly Strapped Leather Harness. The huge Butt Plug only added to the erotic feelings coursing between my legs.

“Just your head and face to be dealt with now 818, and for this special occasion I think a special Gag is called for, and to go with it a special Hood to make the Gag very effective.”

Mistress lifted the Rubber Hood attached to the Rubber Strait Jacket up over my face and head and threaded a lace down the back of the Hood. She then methodically tightened the lace from the top of my head down to my neck so that the Rubber Hood moulded itself to my face and head. It had large eyeholes, a wide mouth opening and nostril tubes which She had forced deep inside my nose. Satisfied She couldn’t make it any tighter She dropped a thin Leather Harness over my head and left it loose around my head and face.

“This Harness will make sure you won’t be able to push your nice Gag out of your mouth.”

Chapter 21 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner discovers the ‘Playroom’ is not really for playing in.

Mistress now picked up a ‘lump’ of floppy Rubber and stood in front of me.

“Open your mouth 818, not too wide, while I get this Inflatable Gag in place. It has to be positioned just right and then it is very, very effective.”

She pushed the ‘lump’ of Rubber into my mouth and using Her fingers She worked two wide flaps of Rubber along the inside of my cheeks so that it filled the space between my teeth and the sides of my cheeks. A hard piece of Rubber fitted between my front teeth and a floppy piece of Rubber went inside my mouth and rested on top of my tongue. The whole device was fitted to a large mouth cover with Straps fitted around the edge of it. Mistress now methodically attached the Straps on the mouth cover to Buckles fitted to the Leather Harness She had left hanging loosely over my head and face. She very quickly tightened the Leather Harness and as it tightened around my head and face it drew the mouth cover tight against my mouth. At the same time flat pieces of Leather fitted to the Harness pressed against my cheeks and a shaped cup of Leather fitted underneath my chin and clamped my jaws together.

“Now this,” She said, holding up a heavy Leather Hood “is the ‘piece de resistance’ it really will make you totally mute. According to Des the best sound you can make might be a faint hum. But even that can be eliminated by restricting your nose tubes, so we shall have a very quiet time together in my ‘playroom’ won’t we 818.”

Mistress slipped the Leather Hood over my head and face, and I could see it was Rubber lined with two holes for the nostril tubes and a further hole for the inflator valve. The eye holes were small with dark lens fitted over them to allow me some vision but would not allow my eyes to be seen. The Hood fitted like a glove and Mistress quickly threaded a lace through the holes at the back of the Hood and then slowly drew the Hood tighter and tighter around my head and face. It felt as if my head and face was held in the grip of a vice. When She was satisfied she couldn’t make the lace any tighter She fastened six Straps and Buckles across the lacing. My world had now gone very silent, as I could no longer hear the swish and crackle of Mistress’s Rubber Clothing. Now She fitted around my neck over the neck of the Leather Hood a wide stiff Leather Posture Collar and this was Buckled tight behind my neck. My head was now utterly immovable, I could only look fixedly straight in front of me and I felt apprehensive as Mistress screwed the inflator bulb to the Gag valve protruding from my mouth. She put Her mouth close to the side of my encased head and I could just hear Her speaking to me through two layers of tightly laced Rubber and a layer of tightly laced Leather.

“Des said six pumps with the inflator should be more than enough for the Gag to be totally effective, so we will start off with six and see how effective it is.”

She slowly squeezed the inflator and I felt the Rubber She had pushed between my teeth and my cheeks expanding, and at the same time the ‘lump’ of Rubber inside my mouth also expanded. By the time She had pumped the inflator four times my cheeks were forced out against the Leather Harness and the two tightly laced Hoods and the ‘lump’ inside my mouth had filled it completely and had forced my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth. By the time She had forced another two pumps with the inflator into the Gag my mouth felt as if it was filled with a solid block of Rubber. I tried to make some sort of noise but all I could do was snort through the nostril tubes. I could breathe without too much trouble but any sort of noise was not possible. I was totally mute and virtually deaf and I wondered just what this was all in aid of. I couldn’t see I was being prepared for a session in Her ‘playroom’; it was more like being prepared for a torture session so the victim couldn’t scream.

“Yes, Des was quite right it really does make you totally mute 818. Now I have a confession to make, I sometimes tell lies and I have been lying about our time together in my ‘playroom.' I’m sure you must have realised I wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble to get you into some proper Rubber Bondage just to have a bit of fun. Oh dear me no! Helen will be here soon and after we have had a meal we will both be dealing with you. As you have already discovered her methods with regards to Discipline are much different to mine. When it comes to Punishment she firmly believes in that old saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child.' Only she has her own version, which is ‘spare the Leather and spoil the prisoner’, and as you will soon see there are lots of things made of Leather in my ‘playroom.' There are Paddles, Tawses, Cats, Whips, Thongs, Straps and even a Cane covered in Leather. Anyway it’s time to get you Strapped into the Whipping Frame and while you are waiting for your two Rubber Mistresses to arrive and use all those lovely Leather items on your nicely rounded bum cheeks you can think of all the misdemeanours you have committed since I first made you my Rubber Bondage prisoner. We will probably decide on twenty-five strokes for each misdemeanour, and I will only say there are lots and lots of them and Helen also believes in making the Punishment fit the Crime.”

I now realised what the two Straps around the tops of my thighs and the wide crotch Strap were for. They made sure my bum cheeks were held into a pair of nicely rounded, firm fleshy globes. I could only think that if I was to be beaten then at least I had the protection of the Rubber Chest Waders and that might be a small let-off. Mistress clipped a lead to a ring on the front of the Posture Collar and with a sharp tug led me out of my room, along the landing and into Her ‘playroom’.

She led me over to a pair of tall wooden uprights. There was a wide ‘U’ shaped piece of padded wood fitted between the uprights which I guessed was for my waist to fit into, and attached to this ‘U’ shaped piece of wood was a padded platform which was level with the bottom of the ‘U’ and was obviously for my body to lie on. Mistress pushed me forward and downwards so my waist was in the ‘U’ shape and my chest was lying on the padded platform. She pulled down from the top of the frame the upper half of the waist clamp and secured it in place so the upper half of my body was now lying horizontal. There was a cut-out in the padded platform for my chin to drop into and I found myself staring at the floor. Mistress did something to the sides of the waist clamp and I was tilted forwards into an inclined position, so I was now looking almost back between my legs.

A wooden ‘A’ frame, which was pivoted to the bottom of the uprights, was lifted up and fitted between my legs spreading them wide apart. She made some adjustments to the ‘A’ frame until the tip of the ‘A’ fitted snugly into my crotch. Then She tightly Strapped each leg to the sides of the frame with six wide Leather Straps. It was impossible for me to bend my legs and I realised my bum cheeks were now raised high into the air and would provide a perfect target for the impending beating I was to receive from Mistress and Helen. Mistress spent some time tightly Strapping my body to the padded platform and fitting some extra Straps around my head so I was literally an integral part of this ingenious Whipping Frame. She finally completed my immobility by tightening the waist clamp until the two halves of the clamp met together. Mistress stood behind me and smoothed Her Rubber Gloved hands over my bum cheeks now compressed by the tightly stretched Rubber Chest Waders. She bent forwards and put Her mouth close to the side of my Rubber and Leather encased head.

“There isn’t that just perfect 818. Your bum cheeks are just at the right height and are all tightly packaged and just dying to burst out of their Rubber enclosure. I shall leave you for a while, as I have to get our meal ready, which is for Helen and me. You can stay here and try to struggle a bit, although this Rubber Bondage does not make any allowances for Rubber Bondage prisoners who want to struggle, however, you can but try.”

Suddenly Mistress was gone and I was alone in my rigid Rubber Bondage. I tried desperately to move, but it was to no avail. The Rubber Strait Jacket and the Rubber Chest Waders had been the start of my immobility, then the dreadful Rubber and Leather Hoods and then the terrible inflatable Gag, and now finally tightly secured to this clever Whipping Frame made any sort of movement impossible. I could only wait for my impending fate at the hands of what I was beginning to suspect were two sadistic Rubber Mistresses. I hoped I was wrong, and my fears were mellowed a bit by the fact my bum cheeks were firmly encased inside the tightly stretched Rubber Chest Waders. That would I hoped give me some amount of protection from whatever implements they were going to use on me and of greater concern was how hard and how often they intended to use them.

I had no idea of time but I seemed to have been left in this state of total immobility for hours and hours, but I was sure it was no longer than an hour and a half when I felt hands being rubbed over my tight Rubber encased bum cheeks and I realised my two Rubber Mistresses had arrived to Punish me for my so far unmentioned misdemeanours.

“I see your Rubber Mistress has completed the first part of your Punishment then prisoner, with some well applied Rubber Bondage,” it was Helen’s voice speaking close beside my head, “and now another Rubber Mistress has come to complete your Punishment. What a list of misdemeanours your Mistress has written out, although I prefer to call them crimes, that way everything has a proper name. You are the Rubber Bondage prisoner in extremely rigid Rubber Bondage, in Mistress Marie’s Prison. You are a very effectively Gagged Rubber Bondage prisoner so your screaming and pleading for mercy will not disturb me, your Strict Rubber Disciplinarian. You are to be Punished for committing various Crimes, and strangely each Crime has been awarded the same Penalty. In view of the large number of Crimes only ten strokes will be given to expunge each Crime with an implement of my choosing. It will be carried out over four Punishment sessions of two hours duration with a three-hour rest period between each Punishment session for your Rubber Mistresses to recover from their exertions. I expect that in your present state of fright and terror you can’t work out what that really means, well I’ll explain the mathematics to you 818 and see if I can frighten you even more. Four times two is eight and three times three is nine. Added together I think that works out to be seventeen hours, which is how long your Punishment session, will last. I will take about five minutes to administer the ten strokes for each Crime, not counting practice strokes and ones I don’t feel have landed properly, so each hour will result in twelve times ten which will equal one hundred and twenty official strokes every hour. Now a total of eight hours of Punishment will result in eight times one hundred and twenty which will give a grand total of nine hundred and sixty strokes which I will almost certainly round up to one thousand. So now I’ll have a look at your lily white bum cheeks which will soon take on a rosy glow and much later will be a flaming crimson.”

I felt a zip being undone at the back of the Rubber Chest Waders and suddenly cool air was wafting across my now exposed bum cheeks. I realised there must have been a zipped panel in the back of the Rubber Chest Waders and when Helen opened the zip the panel had dropped down making my impending beating much more of an ordeal.

“Very nice 818,” She said with obvious pleasure in Her voice, “a tightly plugged bum hole, a widely spread crotch, and a pair of fully extended bum cheeks just waiting to be tenderised. I feel I should mention that during the intervals your Mistress will give your, by then, tender bum cheeks a liberal coating of ‘Deep Heat Cream’ which will be Her contribution to your Punishment. It will ensure there is no reduction in the pain in your bum cheeks before we return to continue the next session of your much-deserved Chastisement. I think I have talked to you far too long so I will make a start.”

Chapter 22 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner discovers what Punishment really means.

“I think we will expunge the first five of your crimes 818 with a Leather Paddle. Fifty with the Paddle should get things nicely warmed up before we progress to a more stringent implement. As I catch my breath between each implement I shall tell you what I am going to use next, it will add to your discomfort. Also before I deliver the fifty strokes with each implement I shall tell you what crime you have committed and how many times you committed it. Each crime earns ten strokes so if you have committed the same crime five times then you will get fifty strokes. If it happens to be more than five times then the same implement will be used to complete the required number of strokes. As we progress so the severity of your Punishment will progress to match the level of your crimes. You will now receive one hundred and fifty strokes with the Leather Paddle, which is for the fifteen times you failed to acknowledge your Mistress when you entered Her presence. Your Mistress and I have a Leather Paddle each and we will deliver alternate strokes until the required number have been administered. There is one saving grace for you 818; if we break the skin of your bum cheeks then the Punishment session stops and any balance of strokes are deleted. But as neither your Mistress nor I have any desire to have our pleasure of Punishing you taken away then that let-off is highly unlikely. So we will begin your Punishment. We sincerely hope you will enjoy every second of the twelve hours of your painful Punishment, if not, then please feel free to protest or complain, if you can.”

I felt Her move away from me and I thought how sadistic Her voice had sounded while She was talking to me. I felt She was going to enjoy Punishing me, but of greater concern to me was the part my own Mistress was going to play in this Punishment. Apart from the terribly restrictive Rubber Bondage She had secured me into and the cruel Hoods and Gag She had fitted on me, She was going to apply ‘Deep Heat Cream’ to what I knew would be a highly inflamed pair of bum cheeks. Perhaps after all I had got things quite wrong and they were very much sadistic Rubber Mistresses who had captured and imprisoned a gullible Rubber Bondage prisoner who they could vent their sadism on.

But my thoughts were interrupted as the first stroke landed with a resounding ‘whack’ on my left bum cheek. Almost immediately a similar ‘whack’ landed on my right bum cheek and the strokes fell on alternate sides with dreadful regularity. I could feel a warm glow slowly permeating through my bum cheeks, and while it was not painful the stinging effect of the Paddles were as much as I wanted to tolerate. I started to keep count but the continuous fall of the Paddle’s stinging blows made me lose my concentration and I lost the count. I tried to discover if they were making a pause between each ten strokes, but there was no let-up in the rhythm, it was a continuous rain of strokes without pause or let-up. Then the beating stopped and Helen was talking to me again.

“There that was soon dealt with 818,” She said a bit breathlessly, “Now we come to your next crime that of letting your Chains rattle on the kitchen work-top. That was on six occasions; so sixty strokes will be given but this time with a Leather Two Tailed Tawse. I will change sides every ten strokes. Your Mistress is going to take a rest so these sixty strokes will be all my own work, and I do like a nice flexible Leather Tawse. It curls right round the sides of your bum cheeks and makes sure your bum cheeks are fully covered with nice red stripes and of course you get the full benefit of your Punishment.”

She made several what I presumed were practice strokes and then She laid on the first ten strokes. I felt the tails of the Tawse bite into the sides of my now tender bum cheeks and if it wasn’t for the fact I was so tightly and rigidly secured to the Whipping Frame I would have leapt upwards. There was a slight pause as I guessed She changed sides and then ten more strokes descended in quick succession. I was able to keep count this time as I knew when ten had been delivered by the pause as Helen changed over. I did count an extra five strokes not that I felt there was anything wrong with all the others She had laid across my now smarting bum cheeks.

“Now we come to the serious bit of the first session of your Punishment 818.” Helen was breathing quite heavily as She spoke to me. “You were far too slow in responding when Mistress signalled for you to bring and collect Her clients today. There were fifteen occasions when you kept Her waiting so you will receive one hundred and fifty strokes with a really wonderful device. It is a Nylon Slat covered with Leather and it is not very flexible. It will simply make contact with your glowing bum cheeks only where it touches. When we have finished you will have one hundred and fifty hot spots all over your bum cheeks, and I do mean hot. Your Mistress and I will share this part of your Punishment. This is Her favourite implement so you will probably have quite a few more hot spots than the number required to delete this crime.”

I felt finger nails being scraped across my sore and burning bum cheeks adding to the pain. Then there was an absolute flurry of sharp fiery stings as both Mistresses applied the Leather covered Nylon Beaters to my bum cheeks. Secured so rigidly in the Whipping Frame there was no way to alleviate the stinging, burning strokes as they both made each stroke land in a slightly different place. It felt as if every square inch of my bum cheeks had been stung by a vicious horde of Wasps. I had been unable to keep a full count but I was certain I had been given far more than one hundred and fifty strokes. Now I felt a cold Rubber Gloved hand being rubbed over my flaming bum cheeks. Then the hand was at first gently smacking my bum and gradually it became hard slaps in quick succession to each bum cheek in turn.

“It must be quite dreadful for you 818,” it was my Mistress talking to me as the slaps continued to rain down on my burning and sore bum cheeks. “Helen just can’t keep her hands off you. But she’ll have to stop soon as it is time for us to have a break, although we shall maintain your Punishment even in our absence.”

Mistress moved away and the slapping stopped, and then I felt something cold being applied to my flaming bum cheeks. The coldness was rubbed all over my bum cheeks and down the backs of my thighs.

“Your Mistress thought ‘Deep Heat’ would be suitable for your sore bum,” it was Helen talking to me this time. “But I have brought along some ‘Algipan’ to add to the ‘Deep Heat’. I always use ‘Algipan’ on my own Rubber Bondage slave it penetrates much deeper than the ‘Deep Heat’ and also it is extremely effective for a very long time. It will certainly last for the three-hour break we are going to have, and you will have time to think how you are going to avoid Punishment like this in the future. Although I’m quite sure I shall have you in this Whipping Frame quite a few times during my stay with your Mistress. Of course if you commit the same crime again you get double the number of strokes. Your honeymoon is over 818, life as a Rubber Bondage prisoner now becomes very serious and if you keep on committing crimes you will find it can be a pain filled existence.”

While she had been talking to me I had felt a second layer of cold cream being rubbed all over my bum cheeks and slowly the coldness had changed to a warm glow and now it was like hot coals had been placed on top of my already burning bum cheeks. Some sort of pad was placed over my raging bum cheeks and the panel that had been opened to give access to my bum was now zipped up. The cool air of the ‘playroom’ was having a slight cooling effect on my bum cheeks but this was now removed by the closure of the back panel in the Rubber Chest Waders and I could feel the two lots of cream making my bum cheeks hotter and hotter. I was given two hard slaps on my bum and then there was nothing. Just a fiery volcano burning away inside the Rubber Chest Waders.

I was beginning to despair at my situation as I knew I had three hours of this to endure and then two hours of beating, then three hours of burning pain followed by another two hours of beating with another three hours of the dreadful cream rubbed in. Then yet another two hours of being beaten, with even more severe implements and three hours of raging fire, and a final two hours of beating. But would that be the end of it, I was feeling very frightened of Helen. She seemed to have been able to take charge and control Mistress to get Her to agree to this being done to me. I was now even more convinced She was a sadist and She was indulging Her desires at my expense. But in my immobile, silent and mute Rubber Bondage I could do nothing to stop Her.

The remainder of my PUNISHMENT became an endless torment of burning pain, and the final Punishment with a Riding Crop was more than I could stand and I passed out with the pain. When I came to I was still secured into the Whipping Frame, I was still Gagged and my bum cheeks were throbbing and burning from the seemingly endless beatings that Helen and my Mistress had delighted in giving me. Added to this was the raging fire from the many liberally applied applications of ‘Deep Heat’ and ‘Algipan’ that they had smeared over my bum. I concluded and hoped my Punishment had ended, and I wondered when I would be released. But of greater concern to me was the thought that this could be a part of my future life as a Rubber Bondage prisoner with my Rubber Mistress.

Through the fiery mist I could hear my Mistress speaking to me.

“What an ordeal for my Rubber Bondage prisoner, but you will be pleased to know Helen will be leaving later on today when she has finished with you. She only came to administer your Punishment, which was something I couldn’t bring myself to do to you. However it should be a constant thought in the back of your mind what to expect if you don’t follow my rules in the future. It has been decided that Helen will pay a visit once a month to keep you on your toes. She will have a free hand with you so don’t expect any mercy from her, well you should be well aware of her sadistic nature by now. I shall now bathe your bum cheeks to reduce the burning in them and to reduce the swelling from your very sound beating. Then I shall release you and you can have something to eat and drink. Tonight you will sleep in that nice Rubber Hammock that you had such a pleasant night in. Then tomorrow Helen will fit you up with a set of total control Catheters and Des has made a special Rubber Suit for you. You will be kept in it for a long period of meditation, and the nice Gag and Hoods you are wearing now will help you to concentrate. There will be no need for you to be touched or released, as the Catheters will control all your body functions. She will come back in a weeks time to remove the Catheters and she feels that after your period of meditation you will be well on the way to becoming my perfect Rubber Bondage slave. I am now well aware of my shortcomings as a Rubber Mistress who longs to have a Rubber Bondage slave.”

“I have no problem dealing with my clients because they are merely a means to an end as far as my finances are concerned. But in your case there are a lot of different feelings, you are personal to me and you live under the same roof. You will one day thank me for Helen’s intervention in your training programme. She will teach you the true meaning of subservience and to have respect for your Rubber Mistress. Now will be the time for you to make that decision whether you want to stay here with me and become a truly submissive Rubber Bondage slave, or whether you want to leave and miss all this torment, pain and suffering. When I have released you and you have had something to eat and drink we will talk about this decision you have make at some length. I only hope you will make your decision to fulfil my hopes and we shall have many happy times together in the future. If you decide to leave you will be giving up a life of Rubber and Bondage, which I think is something you will now find hard to do. On the other hand if you decide to stay with me then I shall give you all the Rubber and Bondage you can wish for and most certainly more than you could ever imagine.”

Chapter 23 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner has a foretaste of meditation.

I was left secured over the whipping bench for what seemed to be an eternity. But eventually I felt the straps were being released and I was allowed to stand up. The fire in my bum cheeks had died down but they felt very sore and tender as the tight fitting Rubber Chest Waders rubbed against them. Through the darkened eye lens I could see it was just my Rubber Mistress dealing with me. I was still hooded and gagged and a lead was clipped to my collar and I was led out from the ‘Playroom’ back into my own room. The gag was deflated and the outer Leather Hood and then the Rubber Hood were removed. The relief from the tight pressure of the two Hoods made me feel light-headed for a while. Mistress unbuckled the shoulder straps on the Rubber Chest Waders and then released all the straps securing the Rubber Strait Jacket.

“You can release yourself now 818, then shower and when you are dry rub some of the cream in a blue tube you will find in the top drawer of the cabinet over your bum cheeks. Put on your Rubber Smock and the self locking chains and come downstairs for a drink.”

There was a rustle from Her Rubber Dress and a ‘hiss’ from the door and She was gone.

I extricated my arms from the Rubber Strait Jacket sleeves, unzipped the attached Hood and removed the Rubber Strait Jacket. I managed to remove the Rubber Chest Waders and walked across to the mirror to inspect my bum cheeks. They were bright red all over and even down the backs of my thighs. There were a lot of purple weals across them as well as a lot of dark red blotches. I could see I had been given a real good ‘seeing to’. I felt my bum cheeks and they were indeed very sore and tender and I wondered if I would be able to sit or lie down.

After I had showered and dried myself I found the tube of cream in the drawer, and carefully rubbed some over my bum cheeks and the backs of my thighs. It felt cool and soothing and I could feel the tenderness reducing and I guessed it was an Analgesic ointment. I slipped on the Rubber Smock and closed the self-locking zip. Then I slipped the self locking Manacles around my ankles and wrists and fitted on the Waist Belt and the Collar. I felt the excitement rousing my cock as I realised I was once again in escape proof Rubber Bondage. I marvelled at the simplicity of the method. Everything was self-locking and my Rubber Mistress had the keys. Whilst the chains were quite heavy, and the Rubber Smock was double thickness Rubber Hospital Sheeting I was not restricted in my movements, but I was very aware of my Rubber Bondage prisoner situation. I made my way downstairs, the Rubber Smock rustling and crackling and the heavy Chains clinking, and I realised that dressed and secured like this there was no possible way I could creep up and surprise my Rubber Mistress if I had wanted to make some sort escape attempt.

I walked through into the kitchen and as She turned to look at me I stopped and bowed my head and said, “Good evening Mistress”.

She laughed and said, “Actually, it is morning 818, in fact it is 1-30 am. So I have prepared a light snack for you, as you will miss your breakfast later on. As a fitting end to your punishment you will spend the next fifteen hours before Helen comes back this evening in very severe Rubber Bondage. But I don’t suppose for one minute you will regard it as a punishment. It seems that no matter what I do to you, you seem to revel in it. No doubt I will find your limit sometime and I have a feeling I will find your Achilles heel during your period of meditation that Helen and I have planned for you.”

I sat down at the table and realising how hungry I was I had soon eaten the sandwiches Mistress had prepared for me. I savoured the cup of coffee as my mouth was still dry and sore from the dreadful Rubber Gag I had worn during my punishment.

“We won’t waste any time chatting 818 unless you have something important to say. It will take me at least half an hour to put you to bed and I would like to get some sleep sometime tonight.” She paused for a few moments, and as I made no reply She said, “You will be kept in the Rubber Bondage I am going to put you in now until Helen arrives tomorrow evening. Then you will be released and Helen will fit you with catheters to control all your functions and your feeding. Then you will be prepared for a meditation session. I will explain all about it to you when Helen has finished her preparations. Now let’s get upstairs and get you to bed.”

I followed Her upstairs and into my room where She released the Manacles, Collar and Waist Belt and unlocked the zip on the Rubber Smock. She went over to the cupboard and took out a Rubber Suit. It was made from very heavy Rubber and was totally enclosing with attached feet, and the sleeves ended in Mittens for my hands. The attached Hood had a built in Gag, short nostril tubes and the eyes were fitted with a darkened lens behind very small perforations.

“Put on this pair of Rubber Pants and fit your cock into the drain sheath, then put on the Rubber Suit.”

While I was getting dressed in the Rubber Suit She laid out on the bed a heavy Rubber Body Bag. The Rubber Suit had a reinforced hole in the crotch for my Rubber encased cock and balls to protrude through. She lifted the attached Hood up over my face and pushed the Gag inside my mouth and pushed the nostril tubes up inside my nose. The rear zip fitted to the Rubber Suit was closed up my back and up over the Hood to the top of my head. A faint click told me it was padlocked and the Rubber Suit would not be removed until She unlocked the padlock. The Rubber Suit was a very tight fit, and I could feel it clinging to my skin as it warmed up. She attached a long length of tubing to the end of the Rubber Sheath and then patted the Rubber Body Bag as a signal for me to get up onto the bed and get into the Rubber Body Bag. I found it had the usual attached sleeves for my feet and legs, and also for my hands and arms. I worked my way down inside the thick, heavy Rubber Body Bag until She was satisfied I was positioned to Her liking. She pushed the drain tube down inside the Rubber Body Bag and fed it out through a hole at the bottom of the bag. Straps were now pushed through slots in the Rubber Body Bag around my wrists and above and below my elbows and buckled up tight. Then She did the same with my legs buckling the Straps tight around my ankles and above and below my knees. Mistress closed the zip on the front of the Rubber Body Bag up to my neck and then lifted up the attached Rubber Hood to fit it over my face.

“This Rubber Hood is made from two layers of thick Rubber and has a layer of dense soundproofing fitted between the Rubber layers. Your head will be totally isolated apart from your contact with your Rubber Pillow. It should prepare you for your meditation session where your whole body, as well as your head will be totally isolated from any sensation. For now you will be kept totally immobile but it will be done without resorting to Bondage that you will be able to feel.”

She fitted the Rubber Hood over my face and pushed the nostril tubes through holes in the Rubber Hood. Then She lifted up my head and closed the zip in the back of the Hood. I was immediately engulfed in silence and a lack of sensation. I could no longer see or hear. But then I felt Mistress doing something to the straps that secured my arms and legs inside the Rubber Body Bag.

I could feel first my arms and then my legs were being pulled towards the edges of the bed. At the same time the Rubber Body Bag was being stretched tight across my body and after a while I found it impossible to bring my arms to my sides or bring my legs together. With the Rubber Body Bag now stretched tight across me, I was unable to move my body. What was un-nerving was the lack of sensation or touch. I couldn’t feel what was securing me to the bed but there was no doubt I was well and truly secured. Now faintly through the stretched Rubber Body Bag I could feel the heavy Rubber Sheet being rolled out over my inert body and I felt a faint sensation of pressure as Mistress tightened it and secured it to the edges of the bed.

I was suddenly aware that I couldn’t hear the crackling of the Rubber Sheet and just for a moment I felt frightened. It was the sudden removal of bodily sensation that was making me frightened. I had become used to losing my ability to speak and to see, but now I had my hearing and my sense of touch and feel taken away and I began to imagine I was drifting into a long, dark, silent tunnel. The darkness and the silence became more and more intense the further I drifted into this endless tunnel. I couldn’t turn round, I felt compelled to keep going forward to find the end of the tunnel but the end never came. I had no sensation of how far I had drifted down this tunnel, or how long I had been drifting. I tried to think of everyday things. Where was I, who was I, why had I entered the tunnel, but nothing stayed in my mind for very long, it was as if my mind was slowly being emptied of all tangible thoughts. I was consumed with a desire to find the end of the tunnel and nothing else would come into my mind. Suddenly dim light filtered into my eyes and slowly sensation returned to me. I could see again, and I could feel the Rubber Suit encasing my body. Rubber Suit? What Rubber Suit, and I struggled with my thoughts until I remembered where I was and what was happening to me. Dimly through the darkened eye lens I could see my Rubber Mistress leaning over me.

Mistress lifted up my head and opened the zip in the back of the Hood and removed it from my head. “Welcome back to the land of reality 818. How far did you manage to go down that long, dark tunnel? Soon you’ll be able to go a lot further and you will be able to find out what is at the end of the tunnel. Helen is here to fit your catheters and fit you into the special Rubber Suit, which will help you to make that journey. That was just an introduction to meditation, this next session will be total meditation and at the end of it you will be what I want, a Rubber Bondage slave. Your previous life will be wiped from your memory, although you may from time to time experience small ‘flashbacks’ when odd events arouse your thoughts. But that will be very infrequently and you will only know a life of continuous Rubber Bondage. All your waking time will be devoted to serving me, your Rubber Mistress totally and utterly. Now then if you want out of all this now is the time to say so. Once you have been through the meditation session there will be no going back. So you must be sure it is what you really want. You will have joy and pleasure, as well as pain and suffering as my Rubber Bondage slave. So before we begin let me know what your decision is to be.”

She pulled my legs over the edge of the bed and I was able to stand up on rather wobbly legs.

I looked around the room and I could see Helen laying out what looked like medical equipment on the table. She looked up from what she was doing and gave me a very broad smile. I wondered if she was smiling to allay my fears or if she was looking forward to having someone to perform her medical skills on.

Mistress unzipped my Rubber Suit.

“You can take the Rubber Suit off, then have a shower and use the toilet, then we can get you into your very special Rubber Suit.”

Chapter 24 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner is prepared for meditation.

I extricated myself from the Rubber Suit and showered and used the toilet.

“Lie across your bed 818” Helen said, “and spread your legs wide apart. I know you have just used the toilet but you are going to have an enema to make sure your bowel is totally empty.”

I did as she said and felt her lubricating my bum hole and then a large nozzle was pushed deep inside me. I could feel warm liquid trickling inside and slowly filling me up. Quickly I felt the need to use the toilet but she kept the flow of liquid running inside me. I clenched my bum muscles as the cramps gripped my insides. Eventually the flow stopped and she removed the nozzle.

“Right you can sit on the toilet 818 and stay there until you are completely empty.”

While I was sat on the toilet I could see my Mistress and Helen examining a strange looking Rubber Suit. I guessed this was the special Rubber Suit Mistress had referred to which I would wear for my meditation session. I could see it was Rubber outside and inside, but it appeared to be extremely thick and bulky.

“I should think you have emptied out by now 818, clean yourself up and come out here.”

I stood by the bed and waited for my preparation to begin.

“Bend across the bed again 818, and I’ll insert your bum catheter.”

I bent forward and spread my legs and Helen pushed a thin tube up inside my bum hole. Then I could feel a pair of bladders expanding inside my bum hole, and I could sense it was impossible to eject the catheter. I waited for a harness to be strapped around me to keep it in place, but instead she used adhesive tape to secure the catheter. I could feel she was taping the tube up the middle of my back and the end of the tube was somewhere near my neck

“Right stand up and turn round and face me.”

She was holding a long thin tube in her surgical gloved hands and she pushed back my foreskin and slowly inserted the thin tube into the end of my cock. It wasn’t painful, just a strange sensation of feeling the tube sliding along inside my cock. Eventually she stopped pushing the tube inside me and squeezed an inflator bulb fitted to a branch pipe on the side of the tube. I could feel something expanding deep inside me, and she gave the tube several sharp tugs to check it was secure. Then she rolled an attached sheath over my cock and secured it in place with a strip of adhesive tape. Next she taped my cock flat against my stomach and taped the tube to my chest and over my shoulder. I guessed the two tubes would exit from the back of the special Rubber Suit somewhere near my neck.

Mistress lifted up the special Rubber Suit and held it out in front of me.

“In you get 818, and make sure you don’t snag the catheter tubes.”

I slid my feet and legs into the special Rubber Suit and I was surprised at the thickness of the padding between the two layers of Rubber. I lifted the front of the special Rubber Suit over my shoulders and slid my arms and hands into the sleeves. I found the ends of the sleeves were sealed, but fitted inside the ends were compartments for my fingers and thumbs. Each finger and thumb was surrounded with the padding, thereby removing any sense of touch.

“I shall now fit the Hood on, but you won’t be able to hear anything when that is done so listen to what Helen has to tell you.”

“The Ball Gag fitted inside the Hood has a hole through the centre and later on I’ll push a feeding catheter in through the hole. When you feel it at the back of your mouth swallow it and it will pass down into your stomach.”

Mistress pressed some industrial type earplugs into my ears and then lifting up the Hood She fitted the Ball Gag into my mouth and pushed tubes up inside my nostrils. She pulled the Hood over my head and closed the zip fitted at the back. I was instantly mute, sightless and deaf. I could feel she was doing something at the back of the special Rubber Suit and then I felt the zip being closed up to my neck to meet the zip on the Hood. I was turned round and made to sit on the edge of the bed. My feet and legs were slowly enclosed inside what I guessed was some sort of Rubber Body Bag. Then my arms were bent back and I guessed they being fitted into arm pockets inside the Rubber Body Bag. I could feel the nostril tubes being moved and assumed there was an attached Hood on the Rubber Body Bag. I could feel the restriction of the Rubber Body Bag, as I could no longer move my arms or legs. I was pushed back into a sitting position on the bed and my legs were lifted up and swung so I was lying on the bed. Then I felt something poking into the back of my throat and realised Helen was inserting the stomach catheter. I swallowed hard and the tube passed down my throat and on into my stomach. I was stunned by the lack of feeling or sensation, I could feel I was lying on the bed, and that I was encased in Rubber, but that was all.

I was suddenly aware that I was moving, but it was a floating sensation. I could no longer feel the bed underneath me in fact I could feel nothing. I was completely isolated from anything solid. My legs and my arms seemed to be floating and appeared to be detached from my body. I began to feel panicky as I failed to find any sensation anywhere on my body. Suddenly there was a faint ‘click’ in my ears and I could just hear Mistress talking to me through the earplugs.

“You are now fully prepared for your meditation session 818. The special Rubber Suit has a layer of very thick Rubber on the outside and a thin layer of Rubber on the inside. Between the two layers of Rubber is a fibreglass quilt, which should have removed your ability to feel anything. You were then put inside an inflatable Rubber Body Bag, which now it is inflated has lifted you up off the bed and holds you in suspension without the need for any straps or harness. You will now be able to make the journey through that long dark tunnel and emerge at the other end as my devoted Rubber Bondage slave. To help you make that journey a tape recording will be played to you from time to time during your meditation explaining all the things you will need to know about becoming my Rubber Bondage slave. You will have a totally new memory, which will ensure you are exactly as I want you. I have to admit that I failed to offer you an opportunity to back out of this. However you had several opportunities to say something to me, so I feel sure that this is what you really wanted to happen. I shall keep you well fed and your catheters will keep you cleaned out. There will be no feelings of hunger, nor any feelings of discomfort to distract you during your meditation. There is no set time for your meditation it will take as long as the length of the tape recordings. Helen made the recordings and she thinks they will take about two weeks to run through. However I might decide to send you down that tunnel for a second time just to make sure you are fully conditioned as my perfect Rubber Bondage slave. There is no need for you to be frightened or worried about this. Just think about the life you will awaken to when it is all over. It will be what you have dreamed about for quite a few years. Your whole life will be full of Rubber Bondage. You will never be allowed to wear anything that is not made of Rubber, and like these last few days you will always be secured in some form of escape proof Bondage. So I will wish you a pleasant journey and wait for your return as my devoted Rubber Bondage slave ready to serve me your Rubber Mistress as only a devoted Rubber Bondage slave will know how.”

There was a ‘click’ and silence enveloped me once more. I strained to hear any sort of sound, but total silence surrounded me. I tried to move my arms and my legs but they were completely without feeling and immobile. In the utter darkness of the Rubber enclosure I could see that tunnel entrance already looming in front of me. I could taste only the Rubber Gag embedded in my mouth and I could smell only the strong odour of Rubber through the nostril tubes. I could feel the Rubber of the Suit against my naked body and already my mind was drifting off. The tunnel entrance was very close and I felt I was drifting so slowly into it. Suddenly I was inside the tunnel and once again it was pitch dark. I thought I could hear someone talking to me, but the voice was very faint and I didn’t seem to be able to concentrate on what was being said. But I was aware of new thoughts in my head.

The voice became more persistent as I slowly drifted along, but always I was unable to catch what was being said. At some point I realised the voice was repeating itself, it was saying the same things over and over. At one point I was fully dressed in a full cover Rubber Suit and over the Rubber Suit I was wearing a Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh, Rubber Boots and a Shiny Black Rubber Sou’Wester and I was walking down the street carrying some parcels. But I couldn’t make out where I was going with the parcels. I drifted further and I was once again fully dressed in Rubber and I was handing the parcels to a man behind a counter, but strangely he wasn’t dressed in Rubber like I was. On another occasion I was dressed fully in Rubber Underwear and a long Rubber Dress. I was secured in Manacles and Chains and I was constantly going up and down some stairs. All these events seemed at the time to be incomplete and disjointed, but slowly they were being joined together and the missing bits were being inserted into my thoughts.

Suddenly I realised I could feel something pressing against my back, and I no longer felt I was floating without any sensations. It was still pitch dark and I became aware that there was a Rubber Gag filling my mouth. I was wondering why I was lying down when I had things to do for my Rubber Mistress. There was a familiar ‘click’ in my ears but I couldn’t think why it was familiar. Then my Mistress was talking to me but very faintly.

“Hello 818, welcome to your new life.”

What did she mean ‘new life’ I had always been Her Rubber slave. Why was I being kept secured like this when I had work waiting to be done.

“You’ve not been very well for a while so it will take several days for you to recover and get your strength back. Helen and I will get you out of your Rubber Enclosure and Rubber Suit and get you dressed and secured into something more suitable for your convalescence. You will have to learn to walk again so escape will be something you won’t be able to contemplate for a while. I think that in about a week you will be able to resume your duties as my Rubber Bondage slave. But first you must make a full recovery and during that time I will be checking to see that you are still your old self.”

Of course I’m my old self, what a funny thing to say. I couldn’t remember being taken ill, I supposed it must have been quite sudden, but I wasn’t sure about the way I was secured and encased in Rubber. This was something that was only done to me when I had completed all my daily duties. But as always I trusted my Rubber Mistress to do the right thing for me and I was sure that the way I was secured and dressed was all part of my recovery programme. Mistress was doing it to make sure I would recover as quickly as possible and let me serve Her as I always had done. I realised I would have to patient and wait until I had recovered from whatever illness it was before I could get back to my duties as Her devoted Rubber Bondage slave.

Chapter 25 - Epilogue

Well ten years have passed by and I am now a much wiser and totally devoted Rubber Bondage slave to my Rubber Mistress.

Helen still visits once a month for my Punishment sessions, which really are to satisfy Her sadistic desires. I commit very few crimes, if any, but I now enjoy Her beatings and devious Rubber Bondage Tortures and Torments. In fact they are now the ‘approved’ method for me to have my monthly pleasure. In fact She can make me ‘cum’ several times during Her visit, either with a sound beating or with some cock and ball torture.

The first three years were the hardest and I was made to suffer terribly for all my crimes and shortcomings. But, after that, I simply let myself sink into my new status, and everything became so much more enjoyable. Now I look forward to Helen’s visits and all the other torments and demands my Mistress makes on me.

Some years ago my nipples, scrotum and cock were pierced and fitted with heavy rings, which are all linked together with heavy chains. Mistress refers to them as my badges of servitude to Her.

I now serve my Rubber Mistress in whatever manner She feels suits Her mood at the time. It can be anytime of the day or night, and I must always be ready to give Her total satisfaction. I am never allowed to take a dominant position, always I am secured in Rubber Bondage and my Mistress mounts me and I am not permitted to ‘cum’. If I do ‘cum’ Helen makes an extra visit and I have to endure twenty-four hours of Her most cruel Torments. Strangely I now look forward to Her visits such are my desires for pain and the pleasure it brings me. At other times my Mistress may desire oral worship, which is something I delight in giving Her. On other rare occasions I am secured in Rubber Bondage and fitted into a pair of Rubber Hooded Knickers and I have to sleep between Her legs and become Her morning toilet.

I now go out and do all the shopping and deal with all the outgoing mail connected with Her underwear business. I am of course dressed fully in Rubber Clothing. Always when I go out whether it is Summer, Winter, rain or shine I dress in Rubber. A thin, very tight fitting Rubber Cat-Suit goes on first, then a Rubber Corset with attached Suspenders, Rubber full length Stockings, a pair of knee high tight Rubber Boots, Rubber lined SBR Trousers and a heavy, mid-calf length Rubber lined SBR Mackintosh. The SBR Mackintosh is tightly buckled around my waist and the neck Strap is also tightly buckled. The waist Strap and the neck Strap are secured with concealed Padlocks. I no longer have to wear a SBR Sou’Wester I wear instead a SBR Peaked Cap. A heavy Padlock is fastened behind my cock and balls and heavy chains fitted to the Padlock go down inside the SBR Trousers and are Padlocked to rings fitted to the Rubber Boots. My Mistress still has a preoccupation about my security and the possibility of my running away. But that is the furthest thought in my mind, but I am unable to convince Her that I am well and truly Her Rubber Bondage slave. Not that I mind having to dress in Rubber to go out, I would certainly feel quite strange if I had to put on the peculiar clothes non-Rubberists wear.

What more is there for me to say. I have found my utopia and we have agreed - Mistress and I - that She will pass me on to another Mistress should circumstances change so that She is unable to retain me as Her Rubber Bondage slave. I look forward with excitement to the next ten years and the next.

In the words of the RAF motto:


(Through difficulties to the stars)



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