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Rubber Bondage Slave 4

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2007 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; fem; public; breathplay; susp; toys; cons; X

Part Four

Chapter 7 - In which the Rubber Mistress has Her way and gets Her Rubber Bondage prisoner to fail the test

He turned away and walked off towards the back room, and I followed him with the Rubber Mackintosh creating more havoc with my cock. My mind was once more in turmoil. What Des had said about Mistress being cruel didn’t seem to fit in with how I felt She was. Perhaps there were others who were not totally submissive and considered the Rubber and Bondage I would have to wear all the time to be cruel, whereas I was in my utopia wearing all this Rubber and secured with Chains and Manacles. Had Mistress in such a short time - although I had been living under Her roof for five years - recognised that I was totally submissive. When I entered the back room I could see Mistress sorting through the various rails of more Bizarre Rubber Clothing.

“Ah, there you are 818, come over here and I will release your hands and take off your Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and your Shiny Black Rubber Cap so we can check the suitability of these items for you and more importantly that they are a really tight fit. Des will take some measurements over the Rubber Clothing you are wearing and make allowances for it.”

Mistress unlocked the neck strap, undid the belt and unbuttoned my Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh. She released the chains on the ends of the Rubber Mittens from the cock and ball padlock and pulled them back through the re-inforced holes and pulled my Rubber Mittened hands from the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh pockets. Mistress removed my Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and hung it on one of the clothing rails along with the Shiny Black Rubber Cap. I could see Des looking with amazement at my Harness and Chain Bondage.

“Not much chance of your Rubber Bondage prisoner running off in that lot Marie,” he said.

“I very much doubt that he has even thought about trying to escape Des,” Mistress replied, “I had more than enough trouble with you, so I am making sure this Rubber Bondage prisoner is properly secured at all times. You can check his head measurements and then you can tell me which of these Rubber Hoods will fit him very tightly. I’m pleased to see they have your special padlocking post on the neck-strap.”

Des came over to me and took some measurements around my head, neck and over the crown of my head to under my chin.

He then went over to one of the clothing rails and sorted through a number of Rubber Hoods. He picked one out and handed it to Mistress.

“Now that one should be just what you want for him,” he said, “In fact there are quite a few Rubber Hoods in that size and construction. It is marked as a 98 which is the heaviest and thickest construction I can do without making it from metal.”

Mistress took the Rubber Hood from him and held it up in front of Her. She opened the heavy back zip and looked inside the Rubber Hood.

She had some difficulty in bending back the Rubber edges of the Rubber Hood and I wondered just how stiff and heavy it was. Mistress took Her time looking inside the Rubber Hood and I could see from the outside that it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I could see there were tubes protruding from the shaped nose and there was a valve sticking out where the mouth should be. There was a thick Rubber Collar attached with press-studs to the deep neck of the Rubber Hood.

“Kneel down 818 and we’ll see how well this Rubber Hood fits you.”

I dropped to my knees and Mistress stood behind me and fitted the Rubber Hood up to my face. She put Her hand inside the Rubber Hood and carefully pushed a Rubber Tube up inside each of my nostrils. “Open your mouth 818,” was Her next command and She pushed a large lump of floppy Rubber inside my mouth. Now Mistress pulled and stretched at the Rubber Hood and drew the edges around behind my head and slowly closed the zip from the top of my head down to the back of my neck.

I could feel the thick stiff Rubber pressing against my cheeks and forehead, and at the same time the shaped chin forced my jaw upwards and held my mouth tightly closed. It felt dreadful, but at the same time exciting. I was having my head and face fitted into a Rubber vice by a Rubber clad Mistress and I could feel the rising orgasm inside the Rubber Sheath.

Faintly I could hear my Mistress talking to me “You must breathe through the nostril tubes 818, because you will have restricted breathing through your mouth.” Through the two small shaped eyepieces I could see and then feel Mistress attaching a tube with a Rubber Bulb on the end to the pipe protruding from my mouth. Mistress squeezed the Rubber Bulb and there was a hiss of air and I felt the floppy Rubber inside my mouth expanding and filling my mouth.

I realised it was an inflatable Rubber Gag but not like any I had read about.

In spite of the dread this Rubber Hood was creating in me I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused as the Rubber Gag expanded inside my mouth. I wanted to tell my Mistress to stop or I would not be able to control my rising orgasm any longer. But Mistress kept pumping at the Rubber Bulb and the Rubber inside my mouth spread and expanded sideways and upwards forcing my cheeks hard against the unyielding Rubber of the Hood, while at the same time it tried to force my mouth open, but this was prevented by the tight fitting, shaped chin of the Rubber Hood not allowing any movement downwards.

I could get air through my nose via. the tubes and also through what I guessed were tubes passing through the heavily inflated Rubber Gag, so I had no fears about suffocating and I felt very much at ease with Mistress in control. Satisfied She had pumped the Rubber Gag up enough Mistress now drew the Rubber Collar around my neck and buckled it as tight as possible. Suddenly my head became locked and immovable, I couldn’t turn it either way nor could I look up or down. My head was fixed and I could only look straight ahead. It was the final part of my arousal and I erupted in a shattering orgasm. I could feel my cock pumping and spurting inside the Rubber Sheath. I could hear my gasps for breath hissing through the breathing tubes in my nose and through the Rubber Gag.

My legs felt weak as I tried to keep my balance kneeling on the floor like I was.

“Well, well 818. I told you one of my tests would sort you out, and you are well aware of the consequences of disobeying your Rubber Mistress. It is quite fitting that you are wearing your new Rubber Punishment Hood and I think a demonstration is called for, we could call it an instant Rubber Punishment.”

Mistress reached out with Her hand and did something to the mouth area of the Rubber Hood. Suddenly I only had the nostril tubes to breathe through and as I had not fully recovered from the shattering orgasm I had to heave air in through my nose.

I was struggling to get enough air to recover from my forbidden pleasure and the nostril tubes didn’t allow me to get all the air I needed. I could feel myself losing consciousness. Then suddenly I was able to breathe again and slowly my breathing became normal again.

Mistress had relented and opened the breathing tubes passing through the Rubber Gag. I was beginning to grasp what Des had said about my new Rubber Mistress being cruel all the time.

“That was just a little taste of what happens to my Rubber Bondage prisoner when he disobeys me. Right then Des what else did I decide to buy to keep my Rubber Bondage prisoner under total control? Oh yes! There was those long Rubber Chastity Pants, and I want those to be really tight. I think he will need to wear those for a very long time after that little episode, and I’m sure the ‘pin prick linings’ will be a constant reminder for him to behave. Then there was the inflatable Rubber Enema Pants, and what did you call that lovely crackly pair of Rubber Pants.”

“Ah yes! I remember, you called them Rubber Shame Pants. I could be very tempted to make him wear those to work for the next week, but I think they would create a lot of questions, which I don’t really want. However they will be the ideal humiliation item for him to wear when we go out visiting some of my friends. In fact he could wear the Rubber Chastity Pants and then the Rubber Shame Pants over them. You would enjoy that wouldn’t you 818. Oh silly me you can’t answer with that dreadful Rubber Punishment Hood on.”

“You can take the Rubber Punishment Hood off my Rubber Bondage prisoner Des, and pack it up ready to take with us along with the three pairs of Rubber Pants. Then remove his right Rubber Mitten and get him to sign a MasterCard Docket. I have his card as I have decided he is going to pay for this little lot of Rubber items. After all he is the one who is going to get all the pleasure from wearing them. Then put the Rubber Mitten back on and get him back into his Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and don’t forget to secure his hands into the pockets. I’m going out into the front of the shop and see if I can find something suitable to wear for this weekend’s Rubber Punishment session.”

Des carefully deflated the Rubber Gag, then unzipped the Rubber Punishment Hood and literally peeled it off my face and head. He removed my Rubber Mitten and gave me a pen and with a slightly shaky hand I signed the docket. Des replaced the Rubber Mitten then slipped the heavy Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh back over my shoulders.

He waited while I slid my arms down through the sleeves. He threaded the chains through the pockets pulling my Rubber encased hands down inside the pockets making them totally useless. He secured the chains and buttoned up the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh, and finally he did up the neck strap and secured it with the padlock.

“There we are then 818 as ‘snug as a bug in a Rubber rug’. I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. I’m not trying to put you off, just a friendly bit of advice. I spent three months with her as a Rubber Bondage prisoner, but I wasn’t submissive enough. You will get all the Rubber and Bondage you can take and more. She will devote the whole day and night and longer, if she feels it to be necessary, in making you suffer as much as possible. If that is what you want and you can take it then good luck to you, I wish it was me. But if it is not what you truly want - which is to serve her 24 hours a day - then demand to be released and leave well alone. I think I’ve said enough. If you decide to stay with her then we will meet again sometime and you can tell me how wrong I was,” and he gave a little low laugh. He put my Rubber Peaked Cap back on my head and led me by the arm back into the front of the shop.

Mistress was still looking along the rails of Rubber Clothing. But She pointed to the counter and said to Des, “You can pack those two items along with the other things and when you have done the card imprint you can take them out to the car for me.”

Des busied himself with the transaction and packing up all the fearful Rubber items as well as whatever it was Mistress had chosen for Herself.

With the car loaded Mistress led me out of the shop and across the pavement to the car. This time we had an audience as several people stopped to stare at three people, all dressed in Shiny Black Rubber Clothing. One of them seemed to have a lot of difficulty getting into a car. Being stood on the pavement I was now even higher above the front seat of the car and Mistress signalled to Des to give me a hand in getting into the front seat. As soon as I was settled in the seat Mistress strapped me in and we set off for home.

Chapter 8 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner earns his first Punishment.

“Well that was a very pleasant interlude wasn’t it 818. We will have a cup of coffee and a light snack when we get in and then we will be able to have a nice long Rubber Punishment Session in your lovely Rubber Bondage room. It will almost certainly mean a long and frustrating evening and an even longer sleepless night for you, but I did warn you about breaking my rules. I shan’t say any more about your disobedience, I realise this is all very new and strange to you, but if I don’t have rules then things will get out of hand like they did when I had Des for three months. I am your Rubber Mistress and you are my Rubber Bondage prisoner. If you can recall the events of this morning that is how we started off and that is how it will remain.”

“I will dominate you, and you will submit to me. If you are, as I now believe you to be, a genuine submissive, then you will have nothing to fear from me. I have neither the desire nor any intention of putting you into a situation where you could die. So your full submission to me will be easy to achieve. I shall on occasions humiliate and hurt you, because I know there will be times when you will deserve to be humiliated and hurt. But I will never ever harm you and with that assurance you should be able to totally trust your Rubber Mistress.”

Mistress backed the Car into the Garage and released my seat straps.

“Out you get 818, then follow me into the kitchen and I’ll get you out of that Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and those Rubber Boots then you can sit in your special chair.”

Once we were in the kitchen Mistress removed the Rubber Cap, released my hands from the pockets and then removed the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh. I managed to ease the Rubber Boots off by pushing them down with alternate pushes with my feet. I sat down in the special chair and Mistress quickly strapped me into it.

She left the Rubber Mittens on my hands and pulling my arms over the edges of the chair seat She secured the chains to rings fastened to the bottom of the chair legs.

“I don’t think you will go very far like that 818. I’ll just put this Rubber Clothing away then we can have a light snack.”

Once the Rubber Clothing was put away She busied Herself in the kitchen. She placed in front of me a plate with some sandwiches on it, and a cup of black coffee.

“Brown bread and black coffee with no sugar for you 818. Perhaps I will relax things once I know how stable your weight remains. Now then eat and drink up you have a lot of Rubber Punishment suffering to endure before Monday morning arrives and you have to make your decision.”

Mistress unstrapped the Rubber Mittens and pulled them off my hands and it was a relief to be able to flex my fingers again.

Not that the Rubber Mittens were uncomfortable, but they were very confining and made my hands and fingers totally useless. I soon ate the sandwiches and took a bit more time over the cup of coffee. It was quite hot, but I did miss my sugar.

When I had finished Mistress released the straps securing me in the chair and got me to stand up. She released the Manacles and Chains, unstrapped and removed the Leather Harness and unlocked the cock and ball padlock.

“You can make your way upstairs to your Rubber Bondage room, “ She said, “Then undress and have a shower and use the toilet. You will find a long Rubber Gown hung up beside the shower, put it on, make sure you fully close the zip on it and then sit at your table and study My rules until I arrive.”

I decided I ought to say something to avoid our relationship becoming a one-way conversation.

“Please Mistress can your Rubber Bondage prisoner speak to you.”

“Of course you can 818, I told you this morning that meal times were free speech times. Provided you address me respectfully - and you have done just that - I will listen to you. You may not get the answer you want, but you can speak freely.”

“Thank you Mistress. I only wanted to say thank you for the shopping trip and everything else that has happened to me so far. It is all very new, very exciting and very surprising, and I’m very sorry for the mishap this afternoon.”

“That’s quite alright 818, your apology is accepted, but it will not diminish your Punishment. Some time tomorrow you will have learnt your first lesson about Mistress Marie’s rules. Now off you go and get yourself ready and wait for me upstairs. You can take your Rubber Dress, Rubber Petticoat and Rubber Apron with you, you’ll need those again some-time.”

I took the three Rubber Garments from behind the door and made my way upstairs. It was so much easier going upstairs without the Manacles, Chains and the Rubber Dress and Rubber Apron impeding my walking. I reached my room and the door slid open when I pressed the button and closed behind me once I was inside the room. Now I was locked in the room I could feel the apprehension rising as I wondered just what my Rubber Mistress intended to do to me.

I remembered Des had said She was cruel, but on the way back from the shop Mistress had said that She did not intend to harm me. I would have to wait and see just what was going to happen. I removed all the Rubber Clothing and had a very welcome shower. After I had dried myself and used the toilet I took down the Rubber Gown Mistress had mentioned. It was indeed a Rubber Gown made from a double thickness of Rubber hospital sheeting. It had a long rear zip and attached to the inside were two tubes of Rubber Hospital sheeting, which were obviously meant for the legs to be inserted into. The bottom of the legs had shaped feet attached to them. I slid my legs down inside the tubes and pushed my feet into the shaped pieces. I slid my arms into the sleeves and my hands slipped into mittens attached to the ends of the sleeves. At least these mittens were fairly loose and had a single finger and a thumb on them. I pulled the top of the Rubber Gown over my shoulders, and then I reached behind my back and drew the zip up to the neck. As the zip runner reached the top of the zip there was a faint click and I found I couldn’t pull the runner back down. Now that was something new, a self-locking zip.

I was now once again enclosed in Rubber, apart from my head and face and there was no way I could get out of my Rubber Enclosure until Mistress arrived to release the zip. But at least I wasn’t wearing that dreadful cock and ball padlock nor was I attached to the tether chain. I swished and crackled across to the table and sat down and opened the Rule Book. I found it hard to concentrate on the Book of Rules; my mind was still a bit numb from this sudden change in my life. Eventually the ‘hiss’ and ‘click’ from the door announced the arrival of my Rubber Mistress. I stood up and bowed my head. But I was able to see She was wearing a long loose fitting robe made from Shiny Black Rubber. It had an attached Shiny Black Rubber Hood, which covered Her face down as far as her mouth, and it had two large eye openings. She was carrying several plastic bags that She put on the Rubber Bench. I recognised them as the ones Des had carried out to the Car.

“Very good 818, I see you have followed my instructions. I expect the Rubber Gown was a bit of a surprise when you closed the zip.”

“Yes Mistress it was a real surprise. Are all the Rubber Clothes like that?”

“Quite a lot of them are fitted with some sort of self locking device. It saves me having to be constantly putting you into secure Bondage.”

“Anyway I haven’t come here to chatter, I have a Rubber Bondage prisoner to Punish, so we’ll have the Rubber Gown off and get you into something suitable.”

Mistress stood behind me and I heard a ‘click’ and She opened the zip down the back of the Rubber Gown. “Take it off and hang it back up where you got it from, then come over and kneel down in front of me.”

I hung the Rubber Gown back up and then padded across the room fully aware of my nudity. This seemed to have no effect on my Mistress and knelt down in front of Her. My face was very close to Her Shiny Black Rubber Gown and the strong smell of Rubber and Her own body odours filled my nostrils and I could feel my cock erecting. My Mistress readily observed this.

“You find my Rubber Gown exciting 818, or is it the nearness of your Rubber Mistress and the thoughts of what she is about to do to you that turns you on. No, you don’t need to answer me now, tomorrow you may well have some different feelings towards your Rubber Mistress.”

From the bench She picked up the Rubber Punishment Hood that I had already experienced in the shop.

“You know what this is don’t you 818, it is your new Rubber Punishment Hood, but what you haven’t seen is the extra bits that I didn’t have time to put on you this afternoon. You can use your hands to make sure it is fitted on properly and the tubes are fully pushed up inside your nose.”

Mistress stepped behind me and pulled the heavy, Black Rubber Hood over my face then She waited while I pushed the tubes deep inside my nostrils, and pushed the loose Rubber of the Inflatable Gag into my mouth. Although the tubes were uncomfortable I knew I was going to need them to be able to breathe. As She pressed the Rubber Hood around my face and under my chin I felt the same immobility of my jaw and mouth that I had experienced in the shop. But I wondered what the ‘extra bits’ were that Mistress had referred to.

She seemed to pull the Rubber Hood even tighter around my face and head before closing the zip down to my neck and once more my head and face felt as if they were encased in a rigid Black Rubber Strait Jacket. I could breathe quite easily through my nostrils, but I was well aware that any attempt to struggle would be short lived, as I wouldn’t be able to keep up any sustained struggling due to a lack of air. Mistress now stood in front of me and fitted the inflator bulb to the valve on the front of the hood. I was aware that so far She hadn’t buckled up the neck strap, but I couldn’t imagine she had forgotten about it. I would have to be patient and wondered if it had something to do with the ‘extra bits’.

“I shall just pump it up enough to let you use the mouth tubes for breathing and to stop any protests you might feel inclined to make, and in case you are wondering the Collar is not needed, there is a much more effective one with the ‘extra bits.”

She gave the bulb several pumps and I felt the loose Rubber expanding inside my mouth. She only pumped it enough to press my tongue down, but I was quickly and very effectively silenced. Although I couldn’t look down I knew I had an enormous erection, such was the effect the Rubber Hood had on me.

“Stand up 818 and put your arms out in front of you. I seem to remember from your scrapbook that you have a strong liking for Strait Jackets. Well I think this one will satisfy your liking. When I’ve Strapped you into it you will find it is totally escape-proof, but just in case you can surprise me a pair of specially adapted Rubber Chest Waders will keep me one step ahead of you.”

Chapter 9 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner is prepared for his Punishment.

From the Bench Mistress picked up a hip length Rubber Strait Jacket, She slid the sleeves over my arms and pulled the edges together behind my back and loosely fastened the straps. Making sure my hands were right down to the ends of the sleeves She buckled a wide strap around each wrist, and fitted a snap clip between a ring on each strap linking my hands together.

“I don’t want any surprises from you, now bend forward and spread your legs wide apart 818, you’re going to have to get used to a butt plug as a permanent fitting. But I’ll start off with a sensible size plug and progress to a more suitable size later.”

I bent forward and I felt Her Rubber Gloved hand rubbing something cold around my bum hole, and then Her finger was pushing up inside my bum hole. Now I felt the head of a plug pushing at my bum hole and I tried to relax and let it slide up inside.

It felt huge as Mistress forced it in past my sphincter and then it slipped in and my bum hole closed around the neck of it. It was certainly much larger than the one fitted to the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit I had bought and Mistress had found me trapped in. I just wondered what She meant by a ‘suitable size’ bum plug. I felt a strap being buckled to the bottom of the Rubber Strait Jacket at the back.

“Straighten up, but keep your legs apart until I’ve finished fitting the butt plug strap.”

I stood up and Mistress came round in front of me. She put a hand between my legs and pulled a strap through. It divided and passed each side of my cock and balls and She secured the ends to buckles on the front of the Rubber Strait Jacket. She removed the snap clip between my wrists and drew each arm around my body and secured the strap and buckle on the sleeve ends together behind my back.

Now She slowly tightened the straps on the Rubber Strait Jacket. First the ones across my back, then the strap between my legs which pulled the Rubber Strait Jacket tight down over my body, then She tightened the strap on the sleeve ends and once more I was fully aware of Her ability to make me helpless. A further long strap was slipped underneath my arms just above my elbows, turned over my arms and the ends taken behind my back and buckled up tight.

Mistress pulled at the straps around my wrists and then snapped a padlock through the ‘D’ rings fitted to them. I knew there was no possible way for me to get out of the Rubber Strait Jacket without outside assistance. My Mistress was the only person who could do that and I was quite sure I would only be released when She had completed my punishment. From the bench She picked up what looked like a pair of Rubber Chest Waders.

“Now then 818 slip your feet and legs down inside the Rubber Waders.”

By doing a precarious balancing act I managed to get first one foot and leg and then the other inside the Rubber Waders. I was amazed to find they were Rubber inside as well as outside. Mistress now forced my cock and balls through a tight hole in the crotch of the Rubber Chest Waders. Then She drew the Rubber Chest Wader Enclosure up over my Rubber Strait Jacketed body. The top of the Rubber Enclosure reached to my shoulders and four short Straps attached to the top of the Rubber Chest Waders went over my shoulders and were buckled tight at the back, and I heard the dreaded ‘click’ of padlocks being fitted to the Straps. The crotch of the Rubber Chest Waders was drawn tight up into my own crotch forcing the butt plug firmly inside me.

The Rubber Chest Enclosure pressed tight around my Rubber Strait Jacket Bondage. I was ecstatic, never had I been in such secure Rubber Bondage, but I felt sure there was more to come. However if this was a Punishment then I could certainly take as much of this as my Mistress could organise. But Des’s words kept coming back into my mind about Her being a cruel Mistress, and I recalled that She had referred to Herself as a Cruel Rubber Mistress. But at the moment I could only think of Her as being a very thorough Rubber Mistress when it came to severe Rubber Bondage.

Mistress walked across to the Bondage Frame that She had told me She would ‘introduce me to some of its pleasures’. I had a feeling I was soon to have that introduction but I wasn’t too sure about the pleasure bit. Mistress spent some time removing some of the horizontal bars in the frame and refitting them in different positions. Some of the bars She took out and stood them against the wall. When She had finished all the adjustments She came back to where I was stood and picked up a wide, thick Leather Waist Belt. She passed it around my waist below my encased and folded arms and buckled it viciously tight behind my back. She knelt down and lifting each of my feet in turn strapped a Leather Harness over each foot. A wide strap went under my instep and then crossed over on top of my foot and was then wrapped twice around my ankle and buckled up. Wide Leather Straps were secured around my legs, above and below the knees and also around the tops of my thighs. All these Straps had ‘D’ rings fitted to them, as did the Waist Belt. Mistress opened one of the bags She had placed on the bench and took out some items of Rubber.

“These are the ‘extra bits’ for your Rubber Punishment Hood 818. The first ‘bit’ is another shaped, close fitting Rubber Hood which will not only remove your ability to see it will also remove your ability to hear. The other ‘bit’ I shall put on you is a thick Rubber Harness, it will make moving your head about virtually impossible, but when I have it roped to the frame you won’t be able to move it at all.”

Mistress fitted the second Rubber Hood over my face. She pushed the nostril tubes and the Rubber Gag valve and tubes through holes in the Rubber Hood, pulled it over and around my head and I was immediately aware of the lack of outside sound. I could hear the blood rushing inside my ears and the pulsing of my own heart. There were open holes for my eyes, but I felt sure these would be blocked out at some stage of the proceedings. There was no zip on this hood as I felt Mistress threading a cord through eyelets at the back of the Rubber Hood. She slowly and methodically pulled and tightened the lace. My head and face felt as if they were being crushed in a Rubber vice.

Then I remembered there was a Rubber Harness to go on over these two viciously tight Rubber Hoods. Now I felt Her fitting on the Rubber Harness and I felt a stiff, deep neck collar being buckled tight around my neck, and a mass of straps being buckled over and around my head and face. Now I knew why She had not used the first Rubber Hood Collar. The Collar on the Rubber Harness was much more severe, and being deeper and stiffer made sure my head was held immobile.

Like my body and arms, my head and face was now encased in a Rubber Strait Jacket. Suddenly there was a familiar ‘hiss’ of air and I felt the Rubber Gag expanding again inside my mouth. However this time the two Rubber Hoods and the Rubber Harness ensured my cheeks and my jaw would not move against the pressure of the Rubber Bladder inside my mouth and when Mistress stopped pumping it felt as if my mouth was filled with a solid lump of Rubber which had moulded itself to every contour and crevice of my mouth. Suddenly there was a crackling noise in my ears and I could hear Mistress speaking to me. I realised the outer Rubber Hood had earphones built into it and She had connected an amplifier and microphone to them so She could talk to me.

“There now 818, do you like your nice new Rubber Punishment Hood. Oh dear! I forgot you can’t tell me nor can you nod your head.” and for the first time I detected a note of cruel satisfaction in Her voice. “Never mind 818 you can tell me later on when your Punishment is eventually over. I shall now lead you across to the Bondage Frame and secure you to it. Then I shall fit on a drain sheath to avoid any accidents and then I shall fit on your Punishment Masturbation Device that will teach you how to control your urges. You will remain secured to the Bondage Frame for 6 hours provided you have not succumbed to the ministrations of the Punishment Masturbation Device. If not the 6 hours will be extended with further periods of 3 hours until you learn the meaning of my rule number 81. I did tell you I was a Cruel Rubber Mistress and when your Punishment - which I consider to be a quite mild Punishment - is over you will be well aware just how kind I have been to you. There is nothing painful about this Punishment, although some would say the Bondage was quite severe.”

“But I think you enjoy being put into severe Bondage but the real part of this Punishment is the frustration the Punishment Masturbation Device creates. I had it specially made to my design by someone with a mind just as devious as my own. It was made for just this purpose, and I can assure you it is very, very effective.”

Mistress led me across to the Bondage Frame and backed me up against the horizontal bars that She had left in place. I could feel there was a bar behind my neck, another was across the small of my back and another was tight under my bum cheeks. Mistress now picked up the bars She had removed from the frame and pushed them back through holes in the side of the frame.

The first one passed tight underneath my folded arms parallel with the bar across my back. A second bar was pushed across in front of my waist, a third bar was pushed through in front of the tops of my thighs and a fourth bar went behind my knees. Now She took a length of Rope and wound it around my body underneath my folded arms and around the metal bars under my arms and across my back. She took another length of Rope and did the same with my waist, passing the Rope through the rings on the waist belt and around the bar. Another length of Rope was wound around my thighs, looped through the rings on the thigh Straps and also around the bar in front of my thighs and the bar below my bum cheeks.

She lifted up one of my feet and bending my lower leg backwards around the bar behind my knee She pulled my leg sideways and Roped my foot to a bar fitted further back in the frame. She did the same with my other leg and I found myself suspended in the Bondage Frame. More Ropes were used to secure my knees to the bar they were bent around, and finally She secured the Rubber Head Harness strapped around my Rubber Hooded head to the frame with more Ropes. If this was a ‘mild’ punishment then I had something to look forward to when She punished me severely.

Now I felt Her fitting a Rubber Sheath over my erect cock, then I felt She was Strapping something around my erection that only seemed with Her handling to make it even harder. Mistress moved into my line of vision and She connected some wires to a panel on the wall with 2 electric time clocks fitted to it. She spent some time adjusting the clocks and then She flicked a switch on the side of the panel.

I heard Her voice crackle in my ears. “There we are then 818 almost ready for your Punishment. I shall close your Blindfold in a moment, make a final adjustment to your position and then I shall leave you in peaceful solitude and silence. I will give you one word of advice, the breathing holes in your Inflatable Gag are closed so you only have nose breathing which is more than adequate in your present situation. However you know what will happen if you orgasm so don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Chapter 10 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner learns just how cruel his Rubber Mistress can be.

She reached out with Her Rubber Gloved hand and my sight was cut off. I suddenly felt myself tip forward until I was facing downwards, but suspended above the floor. I was now fully aware of the vulnerable position I was secured in. My legs were spread apart and my erection was now hanging down underneath me. I could visualise it was an ideal position to be in to orgasm. The Rubber Clothing I was encased in and the Bondage I was secured in was almost enough to make me orgasm. I could see that with just a little external arousal I would ejaculate without any problem. I had no idea what this Masturbation Device was or what it was supposed to do. I could only guess that it was not going to let me orgasm, but that it would make me extremely frustrated. Or was I supposed to hold back the orgasm the Device would try to give me to avoid prolonging the Punishment. I was well aware of what would happen with my breathing if I did orgasm, so I had a double reason for not letting the device make me ‘cum’.

I couldn’t hear anything, see anything, say anything nor move anything. So I had no idea if Mistress had left the room or whether She was stood watching me. I had no measure of time and it seemed I was hanging in this severe Rubber Bondage for an eternity before I felt the first tremor of a vibrator along the length of my erection. It lasted for only a few seconds before it stopped and I was left wanting more of this arousal. Another long period of time passed, or seemed to before I felt the vibrator once again. This time it stayed on for a longer period of time and then it turned off. I was in a terrible dilemma. Secured into this severe but absolutely enthralling Rubber Bondage made me extremely aroused and the need to ejaculate was almost overpowering. But I knew what would happen if I did ‘cum’. I would certainly be made to endure this Punishment for a long period of time, but of greater concern was what would happen to me when I discovered how severe was my air restriction. The vibrator sprang to life once again and this time it ran for more than a minute. I could feel my cock rising to this stimulation, but fortunately the vibrator was not strapped in quite the right position along my cock. I get the best arousal when the vibrator works right on the tip of my cock.

However this vibrator was strapped too far down so that the base of it appeared to be between my balls. It was certainly creating arousal but it was not quite bringing me to full excitement. But I knew I would have to control myself, because 6 hours was going to be a long time to endure this tormenting means of arousal, and I had no idea just how things would change as the time progressed. I felt sure my devious Mistress would have some surprises waiting for me later on.

The vibrator turned on and off at seemingly random intervals, but always bringing me so close to orgasm and then leaving me hanging on the brink. Several times I wondered whether to let it bring me to orgasm but each time I had the thought I remembered how close I had come to passing out when I had disobeyed Her and orgasmed in Des’s shop. I was being frustrated and tormented to the point of not knowing my own mind. But over-riding my desire to ejaculate was the fear of suffocation and I was fully aware of how effective the Punishment was. I really was learning to control myself even though my whole body cried out to be allowed to take some pleasure.

I felt the six hours must have come to an end because I felt myself being rotated back into an upright position. Then I felt the vibrator was being released, and Mistress was fondling my cock and rubbing it through the Rubber Sheath fitted over it. I quickly had a very firm erection and I felt the vibrator was being refitted to my rampant cock. It was repositioned and the Straps were secured much tighter. I was tipped forward in the frame and left facing downwards in the highly vulnerable horizontal position as before.

Mistress said nothing to me through the earphones so I had no idea whether this was a continuation of my Punishment or if the Punishment was over and She was tormenting me even more. I had no idea what to expect, but suddenly the vibrator sprang to life and She emphasised just how very experienced She was. She had repositioned the vibrator so that it was now fully in contact with the tip of my cock. I knew that if it ran for any length of time I would not be able to control myself. Fortunately it stopped just before I reached the point of no return.

I barely had time to get my breathing back to normal and my cock had not lost any of its hardness before the vibrator was running again and I was slowly brought close to an orgasm. I was breathing hard through the nostril tubes and I could feel my senses swimming through the lack of air. Once again the vibrator stopped its persistent torment and I was left struggling to get enough air through the nostril tubes. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this before I passed out and I had visions of passing out and not having an orgasm. If this was part of the Punishment then it was certainly making me fully aware of the need to control myself in future, if there was going to be a future.

The vibrator came on again and this time it seemed to be vibrating much more strongly. I knew I couldn’t hold back the rising orgasm, but I couldn’t get enough air to let myself go. I felt myself shuddering as the orgasm gathered deep down in my balls, but it wouldn’t rise any further up into my rampant cock. I could feel myself losing the battle to stay conscious and slowly I sank down into a deep dark pit. Even more slowly I rose up out of the deep, dark pit, and I found I couldn’t move. Nor could I see, or hear. I tried to speak but my mouth was filled with a solid lump of Rubber and I had a terrible job to get enough air. I slowly remembered where I was and what was being done to me and I realised I was still being Punished.

Being unable to see or hear I had lost all track of time, my six hours of punishment was not yet over and what had started out as something I could accept and control, I was now being subjected to torment I had never experienced before, and I could only imagine that it was likely to get even more severe as the time went so slowly by. Reality returned as I felt myself turning into an upright position and I heard a crackling in my ears and Mistress was speaking to me.

“Hello prisoner, are you still with me? You will be pleased to know your six hours of Punishment have ended, however, unfortunately when you dropped into that deep, dark pit, you orgasmed, and you know what that means. Oh yes, I know all about that pit, as a Rubber Mistress I have been there and experienced just the same torments as I am making you experience. Now things will get much more serious as I shorten the intervals the vibrator stays off. Or perhaps I’ll reword that, I shall increase the length of time the vibrator stays on. In fact it is both, which will mean you might well be dropping into that deep, dark pit much more often unless you learn how to control yourself. The only difference was that I was able to terminate my torment whenever I wanted to. You are not so fortunate prisoner, you now have at least another three hours to endure and suffer, and then there may be another three hours and then another three hours and so on ad infinitum. But at the end I think you will have learnt how to control yourself don’t you. If you haven’t learnt how to control yourself then I have all the time in the world to continue teaching you until you do learn how to control yourself. Remember prisoner, the longer you take to learn this lesson the longer you will suffer this torment and almost certainly more torments that I shall introduce you to as time slowly passes by. ”

I felt myself tilting forward again and I was once again lying horizontal and the vibrator was already sending messages deep down to my balls. I felt the urge rising up towards my cock. The vibrator ran for a much longer time, no doubt to compensate for my slow arousal after having already orgasmed. I had no recollection of the orgasm and I could only presume it had happened when I passed out. Then the vibrator stopped and I felt only relief as the urge slowly subsided. But it was soon working away again and now it ran for much longer and I struggled to control myself. I was being kept in a constant state of arousal by the Rubber Clothing I was encased in, the severe Bondage I was secured in, the vulnerable position I was roped in and the constant attention of the vibrator. I couldn’t see how I could possibly stop another orgasm overwhelming me and prolonging this terrible Punishment.

I was having second thoughts about my so-called ‘utopia’ that I had at first thought I was in. This Cruel Rubber Mistress was making my utopia into a veritable Acheron. I couldn’t understand why I was being tormented in such a fiendish way; I was having doubts about being Her permanent Rubber Bondage prisoner. But did I have any choice in the matter now. I had seen the offer through ‘rose’ coloured glasses when She had strapped me into the Rubber Strait Jacket in my bedroom. I heard Des again warning me how cruel She could be and I had ignored his warning. I was suddenly aware of the vibrator again as it brought me to the brink of orgasm and then switched off.

I realised that if I filled my mind with other thoughts and drowned out my situation and the torment I was being made to endure I could hold off the impending orgasm the vibrator was bringing me so close to. I let my mind wander and I thought about the visit to the shop. I thought about Her rulebook and all the various problems that would create for me in the future. I thought of any old thing that came into my mind and the effects of the vibrator diminished to the point where I could control myself.

There was a crackle in my ears and Mistress was speaking to me again. “Well done prisoner, you have managed to survive the three hours. I am so pleased that my Punishment has been successful in teaching you how to control yourself. However your one lapse of control cannot go unpunished. Oh! Did I not explain about earning a punishment while you are being punished. Well it should be quite obvious when you think about it. It would normally be entered in your demerit book and you would have it expunged during your weekly Punishment Session. But I shall let you remain in your Rubber Bondage for the night or until I decide to release you, and that way you won’t earn any demerits.”

“It is a rather severe Punishment for such a small misdemeanour, but I want you to experience as much as possible about your possible future here with me before Monday morning. Hopefully you will be well on the way to meeting up with my very exacting standards by the time you have left your job. I expect Des told you how cruel I could be, and he was quite right, but he was to say the least a very difficult prisoner. He was always trying to escape from whatever Bondage I put him in, and he was always telling me what I should let him wear and how I should secure him at night. Well that is no way for a Mistress-slave relationship to exist. I tell you what to do, and you do it. I tell you what to wear, and you wear it. I decide what Bondage you will be put into and you are put into it without any protest. So far you have done all that, which is a very good beginning for our future together. If you continue to please me as you have so far then there is every reason to believe that our relationship will be everything you have ever hoped for or dreamed about. All I want from you is total obedience to my demands. In return for your total obedience I will give you the life of Rubber Bondage you crave for. There should be no need for what may seem to you like senseless and endless punishment. But remember you will never have a will of your own again. All of your waking and sleeping moments will be totally controlled and ordained by me. However, that is how a slave is, he is the property of his Mistress who will do with him as She pleases. We can talk about this when we next have a meal together.”



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