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Rubber Bondage Slave 3

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2004 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; fem; public; cons; X

Part Three

Chapter 5 - In which the explanations about the Rubber Bondage prisoners new life continues.

Along the wall beside the table was a long cupboard but I found the doors were locked. I could only guess that it contained more Rubber Clothing and no doubt more Bondage Equipment. I sat down on the chair and opened the folder again and read more closely the rules I would have to follow if I wanted to avoid being Punished. But it became very clear that I was an almost impossible task to memorise every rule in the time I had available to me. Some of the rules Mistress had already told me about, such as always addressing Her as ‘Mistress’. 

Another rule was 18. ‘The prisoner will always be properly dressed’. Another to do with dress, 21. ‘The prisoner will ensure his dress is clean and tidy.’ the list went on and on. 

50. ‘The prisoner will not disturb his Mistress during the night with frivolous emergency calls’. 62. ‘The prisoner will obey every command from his Mistress without hesitation’. 63. ‘When on duty the prisoner will only speak to answer a direct question from his Mistress’. 64. ‘The prisoner will never answer back to his Mistress’. 65. ‘The prisoner will never contradict his Mistress’.  There was a large section about masturbation. Which I could see would at times be very hard to obey.’  81. ‘The prisoner will not masturbate.’ 82. ‘The prisoner will not masturbate unless given permission to do so by Mistress Marie.’ 83. ‘When Mistress Marie gives him permission it will be by whatever method She determines.’ 

84. ‘When Mistress Marie gives Her prisoner permission he will do so in the allotted time’ 85. ‘If Mistress Marie excites Her prisoner he will not ejaculate unless permission has been given.’ 

86. ‘If Mistress Marie excites Her prisoner when he is in secure Bondage he will not ejaculate.’ 87. ‘If Mistress Marie requires Her prisoner to attend to Her sexual needs he will not ejaculate.’ There were over 200 rules; some quite minor others were obviously very serious. There were some that I didn’t really understand. 144. The prisoner will not attempt to communicate with any Visitors. 145. The prisoner will not ask or allow a Visitor to try to remove any of his Bondage. 146. The prisoner will not interfere with any Visitor when Mistress is not present. 147. The prisoner will always obey a Visitor in the same way as he obeys his Mistress. I could only guess that I would be involved in some way with Her visitors but how was not made clear. 

The list of demerits for breaking any of the rules was not quite so long. The rules were listed in groups and the demerits awarded were the same for each rule in that group.  Rule 50. if broken earned 5,000 demerits. Rules 64, 65 and 81, earned 250 demerits. Rule 83 earned 100 demerits. But nowhere did it say what punishments were given for a particular number of demerits. There was just a small footnote at the end of the list of demerits. ‘The method, duration and severity of the Punishment will be dependent on the number of demerits earned and the seriousness of the offences. Mistress Marie will decide what the method, duration and severity will be.’ 

I could see it was a no win situation, 100 demerits could attract the same punishment as 1,000 demerits. Mistress would undoubtedly do just as She pleased. There were no windows in the room, or if there were it was impossible to tell where they might be. The lighting was quite bright and came from floodlights set into the high ceiling. 

While looking at the lights I noticed for the first time a large, rigid metal frame secured to the ceiling above the bed. It was positioned about four feet above the bed, and at each end a small winch was bolted to the frame. Fitted all around the frame were dozens of steel eyebolts, and I didn’t have to fantasise as to what was the purpose of this equipment. 

It was I felt sure for suspension on a grand scale and I had no doubt I would eventually discover just how a Rubber Bondage prisoner was suspended from it. There was a ‘click’ and a ‘hiss’ and the door slid open and Mistress stepped into the room, and the door closed behind Her. She was still dressed in Her Rubber Clothes and I felt my cock rising in erection. 

“I trust you have read through my rules 818 and you are fully conversant with them.”

“Yes Mistress I have managed to read through them but there is a great deal I don’t understand.”

“Well I will allow you some more time to become fully aware of them, but you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t remember them.”

“Thank you Mistress, I will do my very best to remember them and to obey them.”

‘Clap Clap’ “Up front” She snapped. I quickly raised the Rubber Dress and Rubber Apron. I felt Her doing something to the Chains attached to the cock and ball padlock and there was a rattling as a chain dropped to the floor. ‘Clap’ “Down” and I let my Rubber Dress and Rubber Apron drop down.

“Right it is time for lunch. Afterwards I’ll get you dressed in something suitable and we can go out shopping. But don’t get any ideas about running off. You will be in very secure Bondage but it will be concealed from public gaze. Now follow me downstairs.”

With the restricting set of Chains making metallic music, the Heavy Rubber Dress and Heavy Rubber Apron making loud rustling and crackling noises I stumbled and shuffled after my new Rubber Mistress. Once we were downstairs She led me through the dining room - where we normally ate our meals - into the kitchen. There was a small drop leaf table with two chairs, one of which was quite obviously intended for me to sit in. It had a heavy steel frame and a canvas back and seat. Attached to the frame were several heavy Leather Straps and buckles and there was no doubt in my mind as to what was to happen next. 

Mistress pointed to the chair, “Sit down and I’ll Strap you in. I have no intention of allowing you to surprise me by some silly escape attempt.” I sat down in the chair and Mistress quickly buckled Straps around my chest, waist and across my thighs. She stretched my legs apart and secured them to the legs of the chair. While She was doing this She carried on talking. 

“My watchword is total security at all times for my Rubber Bondage prisoner. Eventually when I have you fully trained there may be some slight relaxing of my security, but until then you will be treated as a Rubber Bondage prisoner and any thoughts of escape you might have can be put right out of your mind. I have in the past had others who volunteered to be my Rubber Bondage prisoner but things didn’t work out. The reality was totally different to their fantasy.” 

“But in your case you may well have fantasies but you have never been under the control of a Rubber Mistress, nor I imagine ever visited one. I can tell you are very much unaware of just how much Rubber Bondage is practised. So I consider you to be ideal for training to meet my needs.” Satisfied I was well Strapped into the chair Mistress checked that the Chain set was still properly secured and then She stood back and looked me up and down.

“Yes 818, I think you will one day be my perfect Rubber Bondage prisoner and Rubber slave. But until that day you have a lot to learn. But so far you have shown yourself to be a very willing student, and I hope for your sake that situation will continue. I will not tolerate slack or shoddy work no matter how menial or lowly the task might be.” 

“You can be assured Punishment will be administered for failing to meet my very high standards and it will not always be just severe Rubber Bondage you will be made to endure.” 

“You are I am sure fully aware of the meaning of Corporal Punishment. In my book it means a beating with some sort of implement such as a Tawse, a Cane or a Paddle or even a Whip.” 

“You may think that is it only done on the bum cheeks, but you are only partly right in thinking that. It can of course be done on any part of the body, and I regularly give some of my clients’ sound beatings on some very unusual but very tender and sensitive parts of their anatomy. So don’t protest that I didn’t warn you about the unpleasant side of being my Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

Mistress walked across to the refrigerator and took out two plates of salad and placed them on the table.

“Your weight control regime starts right now” She said, “I shall watch your weight very closely. You won’t starve, but to begin with you may well feel hungry. It is something you will have to live with and not complain about. Now eat up and we can get ready to go out.”

Whilst I was no lover of salad I was by now feeling very hungry so I was glad of whatever was put before me. I found it quite difficult eating whilst strapped into the chair and wearing the set of Manacles and Chains. But I knew better than to make any comment about it. I realised I was indeed learning very quickly that obedience was the only way I would survive these initial first days as Mistress Marie’s Rubber Bondage prisoner.

With the salad were a glass of orange juice and a pot of yoghurt as a sweet. Hardly enough to stop my hunger pangs but it was enough to survive on. When we had finished our meal Mistress cleared away the dishes and I wondered when it would be one of my duties to that. I was surprised when She put the dirty dishes into a dishwasher; it was something I had not been aware of never having been in Her kitchen for any length of time. At least that was one chore I would find easy enough to do.

“Now then 818 I would like to know if you have reached a decision abut staying here. I do realise it is only four hours since you first found yourself under my control, and you are no doubt still trying to come to terms with the very strange situation you find yourself in. Perhaps you would like some more time to think about my offer, but your answer cannot be delayed any further than Monday morning. Perhaps two days and nights of proper Rubber Bondage and under my very strict control will help you to decide.”

“Thank you Mistress, I am finding it very difficult to know what to do. Whilst the whole situation is very strange and new to me it is also very exciting, and I am constantly wondering what it really means to be a Rubber Bondage prisoner to a Rubber Mistress. I am indeed a complete novice at this sort of thing. I have only ever indulged in self Bondage while dressed in Rubber previously. To now find myself encased in Rubber and secured by Chains I can’t release is a totally new and thrilling experience. My first experience of being put into Bondage that I couldn’t release was only yesterday at the Rubber Shop when Des sold me the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit. If you are agreeable I would like to wait until Monday morning before making my decision. Perhaps – as you have just said – some more Rubber Bondage will allow me to understand this new world I have found and help me to make up my mind.”

“Very well 818, Monday morning is when I will expect your answer, but in the meantime there will be no alteration to what I had planned for you. Your next two days and nights will be spent as if you had decided to become my Rubber Bondage prisoner. In two days and nights I will make you experience as much as I can of your future life with me. Nothing will be relaxed, if you earn a punishment then you will be punished, and I’m quite sure you will be before Monday morning arrives. These two days and nights will either make or break you and I am fairly sure that I know what your answer will be.”

Mistress came round the table to me and unbuckled the Straps securing me into the chair.

“Stand up 818 and I will release your Chain Set. Then you can take off your Rubber Apron, Rubber Petticoat and your Rubber Dress and your Rubber Boots.” 

“Put the Rubber Dress, Rubber Petticoat and the Rubber Apron on the hangers behind the kitchen door. You will want your Rubber Boots later when I have fitted on your walking out Bondage. You can remove the Rubber Hood that will be relaxed when out walking”

She produced a short pointed steel rod, which She inserted into the locks on the Manacles, Waist Belt and Collar. They all opened with a ‘click’ and She placed the Chain Set on the table. Then she unlocked and removed the padlock around my cock and balls. Mistress went through into the living room and I had just enough time to remove all the items She had mentioned when She returned with a handful of Chain, and a Leather Harness.

Over Her arm was a pair of long leg Shiny Black Rubber Knickers. She handed me the Shiny Black Rubber Knickers with the order to ‘put these on and fit your cock into the attached Rubber Sheath and your balls into the Rubber Bag at the front.’  I put on the Shiny Black Rubber Knickers and they had tight bands at the bottom of the legs which reached to below my knees, and also a tight waist band, but the fit around my legs and hips was very loose. I forced my cock into a tight, greased Rubber Sheath and my balls into a tight Rubber Bag at the front of the Shiny Black Rubber Knickers. She held my Rubber encased cock and balls in Her hand and refitted the padlock around the base of my cock and balls. She slipped the harness over my shoulders and tightly buckled an attached belt around my waist. 

A strap from the back of the Waist Belt was pulled through between my legs and drawn tight up into my bum cleft. It divided and passed either side of my padlocked cock and balls and was tightly buckled to the front of the Waist Belt. A Strap attached to the shoulder straps at the back passed right around my chest underneath my armpits and this was also tightly buckled. Mistress fastened Leather Manacles around each wrist and around each arm above my elbows. A length of Chain was locked to each Wrist Manacle and then threaded through ‘D’ rings on the Arm Manacles, through a ‘D’ ring fitted to the strap underneath each armpit and was then locked to a ring at each side of the Waist Belt. Mistress bent over and fastened a Manacle around each Ankle and below each knee. A further length of Chain was locked to each Ankle Manacle and then threaded through ‘D’ rings on the Leg Manacles and the ends of the Chains were locked to the Chains on the cock and ball padlock.

Chapter 6 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner goes ‘walkies’ with his Rubber Mistress.

I was once more in Chain Bondage. But I could see that with a fully covering Rubber Garment worn over it no one would be any the wiser of my condition. She put out a Rubber Gloved hand and tightly gripped my Rubber encased cock, and stroked Her hand up and down my cock several times. I gasped out loud as I felt the orgasm rising. With the Rubber Knickers rubbing against my bare bum cheeks it was like an electric shock shooting through my erection that I was unable to control. Somehow I held back and slowly the excitement abated. 

“What a shame 818, you managed to control yourself very well then. All my previous prisoners failed that little test and earned themselves a very Severe Punishment. However I have lots of other tests lined up for you, and I’m quite sure you will fail at least one of them, and hopefully quite a few of them. My Rubber Bondage prisoners always end up being Punished, and your Cruel Rubber Mistress will so enjoy Punishing Her new Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

I was beginning to wonder if my Rubber Mistress had a sadistic streak in Her with all Her talk of enjoying Punishing Her Rubber Bondage prisoners. But I reasoned with myself that being Her Rubber Bondage prisoner was going to be more than just being Chained up in Rubber Clothing. I would expect to be Punished if I didn’t do just as I was told, and I hoped that the threat of Punishment was more of a warning to be on my very best behaviour and not something She wanted to do for Her own pleasure.

Mistress had left the kitchen and was gone for some time. When She returned She was carrying a Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and a handful of small Rubber items. She put the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh over the back of the chair, and from the table She picked up a very thick and stiff Rubber Mitten. 

“Hands up out in front of you 818.” She released a Wrist Manacle and let it hang down on the chain then She slipped the Rubber Mitten over my hand and drew it up over my wrist and halfway up my forearm. 

She disconnected the Chain and refitted the Wrist Manacle around my wrist over the cuff of the Rubber Mitten trapping the cuff under the manacle making it impossible to remove the Rubber Mitten. I found it almost impossible to bend my fingers inside the stiff Rubber and I certainly couldn’t get my fingers to crease the stiff Rubber. Now Mistress did the same with my other hand and I was beginning to understand what She had meant about “not being able to run off” when we went out. She picked up the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and held it open behind me. 

I pushed my arms backwards and Mistress slid the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh over my arms and dropped it over my shoulders. It was Rubber Lined on the inside and I was amazed how heavy it was, I guessed it must have weighed about 6 or 7 lb. She took two short lengths of Chain from the table and secured them to rings on the tips of each Rubber Mitten. Then She pushed the Chains into the pockets and passed them through reinforced holes in the bottom of the deep pockets. 

Mistress pulled the chains tight and my Rubber Mitten enclosed hands were drawn down inside the deep pockets. The ends of the Chains were secured to the Chains on the cock and ball padlock, so there was now no possible way I could remove my hands from the pockets, not that they would have been of any use to me encased in the Rubber Mittens. Mistress now buttoned up the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh, which reached down to my mid calf. 

She turned up the high stiff collar and fastened the neck strap, and another small padlock was slipped through the strap eyelet making it impossible to undo the buckle. She then turned the collar back down. She pulled the belt around my waist and drew it in very tight and buckled it up. Mistress stood back and admired Her handiwork. She pulled at the folds in the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh until She seemed satisfied it was hanging down as She wanted.

“You can slip your feet into the Rubber Boots 818, and as a small consideration I shan’t make you wear a Shiny Black Rubber Sou’Wester this time, but you won’t find me so lenient in future. I have a very nice Shiny Black Rubber Peaked Cap which you will find quite passable for your first outing dressed in Rubber Bondage with your Rubber Mistress dressed in her Rubber.”

I slipped my feet into the Rubber Boots and they completed the concealment of my Bondage. I realised that to a casual observer I would appear to be merely wearing a long Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and Rubber Boots, with my hands pushed into the pockets of the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and a peaked cap made from the same Rubber material. No doubt unusual to the observer but they would be totally unaware of the extreme Bondage I was secured into underneath my Rubber attire.

“Follow me,” Mistress said. I followed Her out into the rear garden and down the path and in through the side door of the Garage. How I managed to control myself to prevent an enormous orgasm was beyond me. I knew I couldn’t stand much more of this torment. Walking dressed in all this Rubber and with the Bondage I was in was creating a highly erotic state all through my body. I could feel my erect cock rubbing against the Rubber Knickers as the Rubber lining of the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh moved against my body and it was feeling quite sticky with pre-cum.

“I can see you have survived another of my little tests 818,” Mistress said with an obvious tone of displeasure in Her voice. “But don’t worry, we have the rest of the afternoon for you to survive and there will be quite a few tests for you to overcome. Now then get in the car and sit right back in the seat.” 

With the Bondage I was secured in, with my hands completely useless in the Rubber Mittens trapped inside the pockets of the heavy Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh it was no easy task to do as Mistress had ordered. However by going through the car door backwards I was able to flop onto the seat and then swivel my legs up and over the cill and sit back in the seat. I had noticed there were several wide Leather Straps fitted to the sides of the seat. 

Mistress leaned in through the door and quickly fitted the Straps around my chest and waist trapping my arms to my sides and making it impossible to get out of the seat. They were I was very glad to see fitted with quick release buckles as Mistress clicked them shut. I was close to orgasm again and with an effort I controlled my urge. I wondered when and more to the point how often Mistress would allow or give me relief. I wondered just how many more tests I would have to endure before that moment arrived, and more to the point would I be able to control myself to avoid Her promised Punishment if I came without Her permission. With a loud rustle of Shiny Black Rubber Mistress sat in the seat beside me. 

She slid Her hand in through the front of my Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and gave my erect cock several gentle rubs. 

“Still keeping things under control are we 818. I’m sure you realise how easy it is for me to alter all that. But for the time being I will let you suffer, but before the day is over I’m quite sure you will have succumbed to the torment and I will be able to enjoy myself administering your first of many Punishment Sessions.” She withdrew Her hand and started the car and drove out of the Garage onto the road. 

We didn’t drive very far before we turned into a now familiar street and pulled up outside the door to ‘Ripplesmooth’. I realised I had sort of come full circle. I had found the shop when I was as one might say a ‘free Rubberist’ and now I was returning to the shop as a Rubber Bondage prisoner. Was it just such a short time ago that I had first experienced the delights and pleasures of that first encounter with a Rubber Strait Jacket? Was it such a short time ago that I had been strapped up in the Rubber Strait Jacket and had multiple orgasms in it?

 Now I was totally enclosed and encased in Rubber Bondage - apart from my face - but now I was forbidden to have an orgasm. But my cock and balls were crying out with arousal, and I was sure I couldn’t survive much more of this torment. 

“Surprised 818,” She said, “Des and I are old friends. He once offered to be my Rubber Bondage prisoner, but things didn’t work out. He can be a switch sometimes and that is a ‘no no’ in my book. I have to have a total submissive for my Rubber Bondage prisoner and so far you appear to be just that.”

Mistress leaned across and released the two snap clips holding me in the seat. Then She got out and walked round and opened the car door.

“Out you get 818, you do it in reverse of how you got in.” That was easier said than done, but once I had my feet and legs out of the car I was able to wriggle forward on the seat. 

With my hands trapped inside the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh pockets I couldn’t use my hands to pull myself up out of the car and Mistress made no attempt to help me. I was of course still wearing the stiff Rubber Corselette, which made bending forward almost impossible, but with an effort I was able to stand up and step away from the car. While Mistress was locking the Car I was able to look up and down the street and I was relieved to see it was fairly deserted. A young couple walked by and barely gave me glance, but a middle-aged Lady gave me a long hard stare as she walked past. But she stopped and her mouth gaped wide open when Mistress caught hold of my arm and led me over to the door to ‘Ripplesmooth’. I suppose we did make a very bizarre sight with both of dressed fully in Shiny Black Rubber from head to toe.

Mistress pressed the bell push and the buzzer sounded almost instantly as if She was expected. She pushed the door open and led me inside. Des was waiting in the shop and he seemed quite surprised as he recognised me in spite of my Shiny Black Rubber Clothing. 

“Wait there 818, Des and I have things to discuss.”

They walked off to the back of the shop and went through into the room where the more bizarre items were displayed and closed the door. I guessed Mistress was explaining to Des about Her new Rubber Bondage prisoner and no doubt selecting some more Rubber Clothing for me to be dressed in. After about ten minutes Des came back into the shop.

“Who’s the lucky one then,” he said with a smile on his lips, “I expect She has got you well Chained up underneath that Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh. I hope you know what you are doing, because She can be extremely cruel at times, and the rest of the time She is just cruel. But, if it is what you want then I’m sure She will provide it for you, and no doubt you will be very happy with Her. Anyway you had better follow me, Marie has selected some Rubber items for you and is waiting to try them out on you.”


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