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Rubber Bondage Slave

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2004 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; straitjacket; stuck; F/m; bond; toys; cons; X

Part One


This is a story about a young man who has a secret dream about being Bondaged in Strait Jackets and of being made into a Rubber Bondage Prisoner or a Rubber Bondage slave. However his ‘secret’ turns out to be not as secret as he thought. It suddenly becomes reality when the dreamer finds himself encased and enclosed in a Rubber Strait Jacket and Bondage he cannot escape from. He finds he is going to be the Rubber Bondage prisoner of a Rubber Mistress who plans to make him into Her Rubber Bondage slave.

He finds to his dismay - but really he is delighted - that the Rubber Mistress has taken away all his ‘normal’ clothes and he has only Rubber clothes to put on and a set of self-locking chains. He is offered a lifetime of continuous Rubber Bondage for which he will have to toil, be tormented and suffer endlessly for his new Rubber Mistress who as would be expected will stand for no nonsense. Retribution is severe and takes many forms. He soon discovers his Rubber Mistress can be very cruel and She has a very devious turn of mind and knows countless ways to make Her Rubber Bondage prisoner suffer endless torment. Like his torment this is one of those stories that never has an end. 

We should leave him suffering dreadful torments in his Rubber Bondage at the hands of his Cruel Rubber Mistress. But I’m sure the reader would much prefer to follow some of the exciting and tormented steps of his new life as a Rubber Bondage prisoner and Rubber slave to be. Read on and see how close this story is to your own fantasy and remember how thin a line we tread between fantasy and reality. It is quite strange how the most unlikely looking Lady can turn out to be the very person who will make your fantasy spring to life. The writer of this story can speak with some knowledge on the matter. Of course even the writer does at some time suffer with ‘writers cramp’ so all good things must come to an end. Well only the story as the ‘Epilogue’ will make clear to the reader.

Chapter 1 - Life begins at Twenty-One.

My fascination with Strait Jackets goes back to my childhood days. I had been taken to a sort of show in our local ‘Hall’ and one of the acts was an escape artist. He had been secured into a canvas Strait Jacket and I had been thrilled as all the straps and buckles were done up and then pulled tight trapping and encasing him inside the Strait Jacket. As I grew older I longed to be an escape artist and to be strapped into a Strait Jacket everyday. I kept a scrapbook of pictures and descriptions of Strait Jackets. But it was a dream, so I never told anyone about my fascination for this wonderful garment. However I found myself attracted to Rubber Mackintoshes but never at that early age understood the strange feelings they created when I put them on.

I left school at 16 years and I obtained a 5-year apprenticeship in Bristol. This meant I had to live in lodgings, and the Company I was working for found me some with a Mrs. Vernon. She was very young Lady who had lost her husband in a road traffic accident. She lived alone in a large detached house and I had always assumed that she took in lodgers to help out with her finances. I had my own bedroom but lived as if I was a family member. She kept very much to herself, but I was well aware of the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh she wore a lot of the time whenever She went out. Only on very hot sunny days was it left hanging in the hall. I often wondered if she wore anything else made of Rubber but the opportunity never arose to pursue the matter with her. 

After several years I had accumulated a few items of Rubber wear of my own. Nothing very outrageous, which had been obtained by mail order from adverts in a well-known weekly advertiser. A Rubber Shirt and Pants, Rubber Stockings and a Rubber Corset with suspenders, Rubber Gloves and a Heavy Rubber Mackintosh. I would put these items on at night and enjoy the feel of the Rubber and bring myself to an orgasm with some self-applied Bondage with some Leather straps. But always I fantasised about being put into escape proof Rubber Bondage and being made to stay in it for long periods. But it was a fantasy, which I always felt, would never be fulfilled.

I had completed my apprenticeship and I was in the process of looking for a job where I could follow my new trade. When the weather was nice I usually went out in the evening just wandering around the streets and marvelling at all the unusual shops I found in various back alleys. It was during one of these wanderings that something happened that eventually changed my life forever. I was walking down a quiet street when I saw a paper ‘flyer’ caught on the corner of a shop window. I removed it and what greeted me nearly gave me an instant orgasm. The ‘flyer’ was advertising a local fetish night, which was called “Encased in Rubber Bondage”. I was taken aback, but I read on. On the front of the ‘flyer’ was a picture, which had first caught my eye. It was a shot of a man being strapped into a Strait Jacket. But it was nothing like the canvas ones of my dreams. This one was made from Black Rubber, with a hood which covered the mans head. A woman who was dressed in a Black Rubber Catsuit was securing him into the Rubber Strait Jacket. I was amazed at the picture, it was stunning. 

On the back of the ‘flyer’ were details of the event. However the date quickly dampened my excitement as I discovered it had taken place the night before. However as I read on there was a credit for the picture, which simply said “Rubber Bondage items by courtesy of Ripplesmooth” and gave their address. I recognised the address it was just a few streets away. I was amazed to think there was a shop selling Rubber Bondage Gear like this. I set off to find the shop. There were no signs outside the address, just a small bell push on the wall with a nametag “Ripplesmooth”. 

I pressed the bell push, and a buzzer told me the door was unlocked so I pushed the door open and went in. Rack upon rack of Rubber clothing greeted my amazed sight. A sales assistant was working behind the counter and I was amazed to see he was dressed fully in Rubber. Black Rubber Jeans, a Rubber Shirt and Rubber Boots. “If you want a hand with anything, or want to try anything on just give me a shout”, was the greeting from the assistant. I went over to the racks and started to look at the items on display. There were Rubber clothes of all types. Jeans, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, but it wasn’t what I was hoping to see. I’d hoped to see Rubber Catsuits, Strait Jackets and who knows what else. I reached the end of the racks and was about to make for the door and leave when the shop assistant spoke again. 

“There’s more in the back if you can’t find what you are looking for out here” and he pointed to a door, which I had assumed was private. I headed for the back of the shop. This time my wildest dreams erupted into life. There were all sorts of Bizarre items of Rubber Bondage. There were simple surf style suits, Rubber Catsuits of every kind, some with attached hoods, feet and gloves. There were very complex looking Rubber Bondage Suits and Rubber Sleep Sacks. There were Butt Plugs fitted to heavy Leather harnesses, Gags fitted to full head harnesses, Leather Straps and Body harnesses. Handcuffs, Leg Irons, Chains and Manacles. There were fitted Rubber Bed Sheets and lengths of Rubber Sheeting. But, best of all there were many styles of Rubber Strait Jacket.

I took my time and started to go through the incredible selection of Rubber Strait Jackets. From the simple sort through to an outrageous one, which had a Hood with, built in Gag, straps hanging from every part, and best of all the Rubber Strait Jacket was in fact a Suit. It was incredible! 
I was studying the various straps when the shop assistant touched my shoulder making me jump. “Sorry” he said, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I see you’ve found something that interests you, do you want to try it on?”

I almost fainted - having found this obscure shop, looking and handling something I had dreamed about for many years, and now being offered the chance to try out this variation of the Strait Jacket I knew so much about. The shop assistant read my reaction and before I could say anything it was being taken down and the assistant was heading for the changing room. “Follow me”.

Inside the dressing room the assistant who said his name was ‘Des’ sprinkled talc inside the suit. “Get undressed, stick your legs into the bottom half of the suit then give me a shout. I’ll be outside, and I’ll help you with the rest of it”. 

I got undressed and eased my feet into the ends of the legs. The coldness of the Rubber sent a shiver through my naked body as I pulled the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit up over my legs. The feeling was sensational. My cock was responding and I was now sporting a large erection. I pulled the curtain back slightly and Des came into the room. He looked at my erection and remarked that the suit ‘was having the right effect on me’. He leaned forward and grabbed the bulk of the Suit. Moving behind me he seemed to take forever before he said “Right then are you ready for the plug?” I quickly turned round wondering what he meant. In my haste to try the suit I had failed to notice there was a very large butt plug fitted inside the Suit. While I was excited by the thought of that butt plug invading me, I had no real interest in things anal, but I had come this far. To turn away now would mean I would never be able to show my face in his shop again. 

I nodded and leaned forward. He eased the plug into position. A strange feeling went through me as the plug slid between my bum-cheeks and went deep into my anal hole. I stood up and realised just how big the plug was. There was no time to think about it, as my arms were helped into the sleeves. As my hands settled into the sealed ends of the sleeves my attention moved from my filled anal hole to the rest of the Suit. With my arms in place the Suit was eased up over my body and the back zip was closed. The suit gripped me tightly all over and the butt plug became very noticeable as the Rubber Suit pressed tightly around my bum-cheeks with the closing of the zip. My hands were now useless and Des moved in front of me and asked if I was ready to be sealed into the Suit. I nodded, and he eased the hood up over my face and head. The eyeholes were covered with small, clear plastic lens, which allowed very limited vision. There was a large, solid internal Gag. Only the nose holes would give me any contact with the outside world. The Gag was pushed into my mouth and the hood zipped down to meet the other zip at my neck. The closing of the hood zip tightened it around my face, head and neck and ensured I couldn’t force the solid Gag out of my mouth with my tongue. Des moved round into my field of vision and asked, “Are you OK?” Again I nodded, this time the Gag ensured I made no sound. 

He moved behind me and I felt him buckling and tightening the straps at the back of the suit. One at the neck and six down the back. I was aware of every part of my body as the Rubber Suit clung tightly to every bit of bare skin. The Butt plug and the Gag now filled the only open orifices of my body and I could feel the sweat building inside the suit, as the initial coldness of the Rubber had now gone. Then my arms were taken and folded in front of me. The straps were taken behind my back and fixed tightly together. I was hugging myself tightly, unable to speak, or do much else for that matter. It was heaven. It was better than I had ever imagined or dreamed about. I remembered about how to escape from a Strait Jacket, but the designer was one step ahead of me as Des slid a strap across my back and out under my arms above my elbows. He then drew it over my arms and took the ends behind my back and buckled it very tight. 

Tension was now applied to my folded arms and the strap linking the ends of the sleeves tightened even more.  There was now no hope of lifting my arms over my head, which was the normal way to get free from such a Strait Jacket. I was now trapped. He said he was going back into the shop for about half an hour to finish up some paperwork, then he would come back to see how I was getting on. Before he left he said that because the suit had now been worn and with the Butt plug and the Gag having been inserted he couldn’t offer it for sale as a new item. I could buy it at a discount as part used. However if I made a mess in the front of the suit then I would have to buy it and take it home with me. I was lost for words. “Take it home”. Before I could consider the consequences I came in the most violent orgasm I had ever had. Before Des came back I had ejaculated at least six times. The suit was going to be mine whether I wanted it or not. Des helped me get out of the suit, and he said there was a shower I could use at the back of the shop and he would clean and pack the Suit. 

When I returned from the shower Des was waiting at the till with a large bag. Well, I had no choice, the suit was mine. I paid up and was very surprised at the reasonable price I had to pay. It seemed to be ages before I got back to my lodgings, and I smuggled my parcel up to my room. I laid it out on the bed and looked at it longingly. Could I get myself into it and produce some sort of self-Bondage. I certainly didn’t have anyone I could call on to secure me into it. I went downstairs and joined my Landlady for a night time drink of coffee. Then having said Good-night I went up to my room and was met with the sight of that Black Rubber Strait Jacket lying on my bed waiting to encase and enclose me. 

Chapter 2 - In which the Rubber Bondage prisoner meets his Rubber Mistress.

Yes, I thought, I can use a lace to close the zip at the back, and I should be able to slip the Straps at the back loosely through the buckles. Then if I joined the Straps at the ends of the arms and then lifted my arms over my head in the reverse of an escape movement I would be in a reasonable state of Rubber Bondage, but still able to get out when I wanted too. I set to and after about 30 minutes of struggling I was secured into the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit. It was not as tight as when Des had secured it but it felt nice and comforting. The butt plug was again making its presence felt, and the gag gave a wonderful feeling of submissiveness. I lay down on the bed and relaxed and soon drifted off to sleep. I woke a couple of times but quickly drifted back to sleep again. The Rubber and the Bondage was so soothing and exciting. 

I woke up to find it was just after 8-00am. But as it was Saturday I didn’t have to go to work. I rolled across the bed and sat on the edge and tried to lift my arms over my head to release myself. But I was horror struck to find the arm Strap had snagged underneath one of the back straps and I couldn’t lift my arms. I pushed my arms closer around my body hoping the strap would pop free. I tried arching my back to try and get some slack but all to no avail. I slid down onto the floor and wriggled about some more, but I had to admit after 15 minutes of struggling I was well and truly trapped. I would have to call out to my Landlady and hope she would release me. But the Gag filling my mouth made sure I remained mute. I tried to sit back on the bed again but I now found I didn’t have the leverage to sit up. I was beginning to panic when there was a knock on the bedroom door. 

“Are you awake yet, John” It was my Landlady. I grunted as best I could through the Gag. “Are you alright in there”. She asked. After a few minutes I heard the door being unlocked with her spare key and she came into my room. “Goodness me!” She said, “What have we got here, a Rubber Bondaged prisoner just waiting for his Mistress to release him. You won’t go away will you, I’ll be back in about ten minutes, and then I can get you properly sorted out.”

I heard the door close and then lock. I was now in a complete mental turmoil. What did she mean by a ‘Rubber Bondaged prisoner waiting for his Mistress’ and what did she mean by ‘getting me properly sorted out’. There was nothing I could do but wait and hope she was going to release me.

My Landlady returned after what seemed an eternity, and I could hear the unmistakable rustle of Rubber Clothing. She came and stood over me where I was lying on the floor by the side of the bed. My heart nearly exploded when I saw she was wearing Black Rubber Riding Boots, a knee length Shiny Black Rubber Dress and Rubber Gloves. Her head was covered with a hood attached to the Shiny Black Rubber Dress and a flap in the same material covered the lower half of her face. From my prone position on the floor I could look up underneath her dress and I could see she was wearing a pair of Shiny Black Rubber knee length Knickers. She looked totally different from the plain, everyday Landlady I had known for the last five years. 

I was suddenly very apprehensive as I wondered what She was going to do next. She bent over and grasping my folded arms hauled me to my feet. I felt relieved as She started to work at the Straps and buckles on the Rubber Strait Jacket, but my relief turned to concern as I felt the straps being tightened and I realised I was being secured very tightly into the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit. She found the extra arm Strap and quickly fitted it around my arms and buckled it tight across my back. Another Strap was slipped around my wrists where my arms crossed over in front of me and was also buckled tight. 

I now understood what She had meant by ‘getting me properly sorted out’. She pulled and pushed at my strapped arms and seemed satisfied there was no slack anywhere. Then She gave me a push and I flopped or fell onto the bed. She lifted my legs and positioned me into the middle of the bed. She selected from my collection some heavy Leather Straps and proceeded to Strap my legs together.  Around my ankles, below and above my knees and around my thighs. When She had finished I knew I was in totally escape proof Bondage. I had an enormous erection inside the Rubber Suit and this could be seen quite clearly against the tightly stretched Rubber. She sat down on the side of the bed and gently stroked my erect cock through the Rubber. As my body tensed for the impending orgasm She stopped and gave my erection several hard slaps stopping my expected pleasure.

“Lesson number one for My Rubber Bondage prisoner, pleasure will only be given as a reward, and you are not yet ready for any rewards.”

I was now fully aware of my situation, but what was going to happen next. She had obviously known for a long time about my interest in Rubber and Strait Jackets. Had I now found my utopia and was this to be the start of a totally different way of life. I was already worried about Her calling me Her ‘Rubber Bondage prisoner’ and I realised I knew very little about Her personal life. She stood up and went over to the wardrobe, opened the doors and lifted up the loose floor where I kept my Rubber Clothes and my Strait Jacket scrap book hidden - or so I had thought. She took the clothes out and sorted through them, then put them on a chair. She sat down on the bed again and looked at me very hard.

“As you are very effectively Gagged and silenced this is to be a one way conversation. I will talk and you will listen. I’ve known about your Rubber Clothes and your interest in Bondage for a long time. I don’t like to have lodgers with secrets, but a secret like yours was of very great interest to me. I just wasn’t sure how deeply you were into Rubber Bondage, if at all. Well now we both know each other’s secret don’t we. I am a semi-professional Dominant Mistress well versed in the training of all levels of Rubber Bondage submissive. You are quite obviously a submissive, but, in need of extreme long-term training and discipline in Rubber Bondage. So I shall later on this morning offer you a choice. You can become my permanent Rubber Bondage prisoner and devote your life to serving me, or you can opt out. If you opt out then you will obviously have to find somewhere else to lodge. It would be an impossible situation for you to remain here knowing what you now know. So assuming you decide to stay here I shall only ever refer to you as r-b-p-8-1-8. I may refer to you as r-b-p or I may use your number 8-1-8. In view of your present situation – encased fully in Rubber, Hooded, Gagged and secured in escapeproof Bondage - you are now my Rubber Bondage prisoner and in time you will also be my Rubber slave.” 

“You will go to work on Monday and hand in a weeks notice to terminate your employment so you will finish work on the following Friday. During this week when you get in from work you will put on whatever clothing is put out ready for you and you will perform whatever tasks I tell you to do. You will always address me as Mistress unless you are Gagged in which case you will bow your head every time we meet. Of course if you are encased in Rubber Bondage and unable to move then you will be unable to do anything. I have a special room, which you will move into. It has much better facilities for a Rubber Bondage prisoner to be kept safe and secure. During the day, I will still deal with my clients, and now occasionally at night – because your old room will be converted into overnight Rubber Bondage accommodation for my clients. When you no longer have to go to work your days will be spent working for me, and your evenings, nights and the weekends will be taken up with your training.” 

“Later on today - if you have agreed to stay here - we will go out shopping, both of us dressed in Rubber, but you will be properly secured with chains underneath your Rubber Clothes. You will buy some Rubber Clothing that I will select which will be solely for your use and will be an introduction to the more severe Rubber Bondage you will learn to endure. I already have a large wardrobe of Restrictive Rubber Clothing and a large collection of Bondage devices to keep you very secure. This will be more than adequate for your new status as my Rubber Bondage prisoner. However, I’m quite sure that as your training progresses you will require more effective and extreme items of Rubber Bondage. So from time to time we will visit my supplier so that you can purchase new items of equipment and clothing. Although it looks as if you have already met my supplier. The Rubber Strait Jacket you are so effectively secured into is I’m sure one of his designs. I shall leave you for an hour or so to think about the situation you are in and to give you some time to reach a decision.”

She stood up and left the room locking the door behind Her. Time seemed to stand still and my brain was quite numb with this turn of events. She was gone for almost an hour and by this time I was in need of a visit to the loo. When She came back She was carrying a large bundle of Rubber Clothing and I could hear the unmistakable clinking of chains. She put all these items on the foot of the bed and then proceeded to unstrap my legs. She hauled me into a sitting position and released all the Straps on the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit and opened the two zips.

“You can get yourself out of the Rubber Suit,” She said, “ Then use the bathroom and I want you to remove every trace of body hair, and I mean every last hair. I shall shave your head when you no longer have to go to work. This is to ensure you always have full skin contact with your Rubber Clothing. Then put on the Rubber Clothing on the bed and also the set of chains. The Manacles, Collar and Belt are self locking. Failure to carry out any of my instructions precisely to the letter will earn ‘demerits’ and these will result in you being Punished. Do you understand what I have said”? 

I nodded my head, and She went out leaving the door unlocked this time. I extricated myself from the Rubber Strait Jacket Suit and went to get my dressing gown from behind the door and found to my surprise it had been replaced with a full length one in Black Rubber. I wondered when She did that, but I put it on and thrilled to the cool feel of the Rubber against my naked body and made my way to the bathroom. While I was in the shower I shaved my body all over removing every trace of hair. After I had dried myself I put the Rubber dressing gown back on and almost instantly I ejaculated into the Rubber. I had to quickly clean the dressing gown and myself before leaving the bathroom. The Rubber had acted on my now hairless skin like an electric shock and I wondered how on earth I would cope with these new sensations and this new direction my life was taking.

When I returned to my room I sorted through the Rubber Clothing Mistress Marie had put out for me. I was very surprised to find the Rubber Clothing was all very feminine. I had never had any transvestite tendencies but I assumed that the duties I would have to perform would be of a domestic nature and so it would be appropriate for Her to have a Rubber Maid. 

Just for a moment I wondered if this was the time to call a halt to what was going on and get things back to some sort of normality. I debated whether to dress in my ordinary clothes, pack my bags and leave. I opened the drawers in my dressing table and was stunned to find they were completely empty. I quickly looked in the wardrobe and that too was empty. Even my suitcase was missing from the top of the wardrobe. She had obviously done all that while I was in the Bathroom and I could see this Rubber Mistress was very serious about making me Her Rubber Bondage prisoner and Rubber slave. 

With the removal of all my ordinary clothes I had only one option left open to me, apart from walking out dressed in the Rubber Clothes on the bed, I would have to do as She wanted. But I didn’t see how I could reject this opportunity to become what I had always fantasised about. I looked at the Rubber Clothing laid out on the bed and I knew in my heart of hearts that this really was what I wanted. 


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