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Rubber Bondage Prisoner 4

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2004 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; straitjacket; cbt; outdoors; mum; wrap; susp; sensory deprivation; toys; cons; XX

A visit by a very unfortunate rubber bondage prisoner to the Rubber Bondage Centre at Fantasy Acre.

Chapter 9. 
The way his Rubber Mistress plays ‘Hide and Seek’ is not the way children play it.

“I hide you away somewhere and my Assistant has to find you. However there is as always a sting in the tail of my little games. Every five minutes she has to spend trying to find you will earn you ten minutes of punishment. The time starts from when she begins looking for you until she has you back in the Dungeon. By the time she starts looking for you it will be quite dark and she will have to use a flashlight, which will be quite time consuming. It could take her at least an hour to find and get you back to the dungeon. My property is spread over five acres, which includes a field behind the house. Even the garden is about an acre. The weather forecast is for heavy rain tonight so you will be hidden outside. She will of course start her search inside in the dry and outside is the last place she looks. If she has to go up into the field in the rain looking for you then perhaps she will double your Punishment.” 

“I’m sure you are now fully aware in just the short time you have had the misfortune to become my Rubber Bondage prisoner how easily I control your fate here at your Rubber Bondage prison. However, that’s enough talking it is time to get you dressed for our little game. In fact I think you really did enjoy the way you were dressed for the ‘Clothes Peg’ game so I’ll get you dressed in something similar.”

Mistress removed all the attachments to my nipples and my cock and balls and released the ropes and straps securing me to the ‘tippy table’. She released the Rubber Chest Waders and let them slide down to my waist. Then She unbuckled the Rubber Strait Jacket, and opened the rear zip.

“You can get yourself out of that lot, then wait until I have fitted a couple of extra items on you.”

After some struggling I managed to remove the Rubber Straight Jacket and the Rubber Chest Waders, but I had been given no instructions to remove the Head Harness, Rubber Hood or the Gag nor the Harness still secured around my cock. Mistress quickly slipped a thin Leather Strap around my waist and buckled it tightly behind me. She lifted up the cock harness and fitted the ring on the end of the Harness to a small clip at the front of the waist strap. My cock was now stretched upwards against my stomach. Then behind my cock and balls She secured the heavy Padlock and Chains.

“Now you can put on this Rubber Lined Shiny Black Rubber Suit, push the chains from your cock and ball Padlock out through the reinforced holes in the crotch of the suit, but don’t pull the attached Hood over your head.” 

I picked up the Rubber Lined Shiny Black Rubber Suit and slid my feet inside the legs. Fitted to the ends of the legs were shaped, close fitting, attached feet. I pulled the Suit up over my legs and pushed the Chains out through the holes in the crotch. I pushed my arms into the sleeves and found the ends of the sleeves were sealed with a Mitten with just a single finger and thumb attachment. Mistress stepped in front of me and closed the zip up to my neck and She left the attached Hood hanging down over my back. 

“Step into the Rubber Chest Waders and stand still while I thread the Chains through the holes in the crotch.”

She quickly slipped the Chains through the holes and lifted the Rubber Chest Waders up over my body and fastened the Straps and Buckles over my shoulders.

“Arms up, straight out in front of you prisoner.” 

Mistress held up a Rubber Strait Jacket, which looked much longer than the other one I had been secured into. She Slipped it over my outstretched arms, concealing the shoulder straps and the upper part of the Rubber Chest Waders. She drew the edges of the Rubber Strait Jacket behind my back and quickly closed the rear zip and secured the Straps across my back. She buckled a wide Strap around each leg at the top of my thigh, and eight Straps attached to the bottom of the Rubber Strait Jacket were then fastened to Buckles fitted around the thigh Straps. This pulled the Rubber Strait Jacket down over my body and the lack of a crotch strap made sure the cock and ball Padlock was able to hang loosely inside the Rubber Suit. She pushed my arms down and folded them across my back. Two Straps were buckled tightly around my forearms and wrists, clamping my arms together, and the Strap on the sleeve ends was buckled tightly across my stomach, pulling my hands in tight against the sides of my body. 

All this heavy Rubber Clothing and severe Bondage was making me very aroused and I could see now why She had secured my cock against my stomach. In this position I would be kept aroused as my cock rubbed against the Rubber Lined Suit, but the Harness made sure it was too painful to get any pleasure. Now She methodically went round and tightened every Strap and Buckle until it was almost impossible to flex any part of my body. She caught hold of the Chains attached to my cock and ball Padlock, stretched them out taut and padlocked them to a ringbolt set into the floor. Mistress went out of the Dungeon and was gone for several minutes. When She came back she was carrying a Heavy item of Rubber Clothing.

“This is your ‘piece de resistance’ prisoner. This item of Rubber Clothing on its own is a totally escapeproof item of Rubber Bondage. So when I get this on you there won’t be any doubt about your inability to escape. But first there is a little extra for you to endure.” 

She buckled two pairs of heavy Leather Manacles around my legs. One pair of Manacles was fitted above my knees, and another pair below my knees. She unlocked the cock and ball Chains from the ringbolt, and threaded the Chains through rings attached to the Leather Manacles, letting the Chains hang down between my legs. She went over to a table in the corner of the Dungeon and came back with a handful of heavy weights with snap clips fitted to them. She clipped the weights to the Chains and immediately the Padlock around my cock and balls was pulled tight. I could see that walking would make the weights swing about and bump against my legs adding to the pain that was already building up just from the weights hanging on the Chains.  The Rubber item was rolled out on the Bondage Table and I could see it was a long tube constructed from several layers of Rubber. Inside was Rubber Hospital Sheeting and outside was Shiny Black Rubber. There were straps attached to the bottom of the Rubber Tube.

She opened a full-length heavy zip down the Rubber Tube, then, lifting it up She dropped it over my shoulders. It hung like a lead sheath over my Rubber encased body and reached down to my ankles. She pulled the Hood of the Rubber Lined Black Shiny Rubber Suit outside the Rubber tube and closed the zip from the top to the bottom of the Rubber Tube and Padlocked the zip runner to a ring fitted to the bottom of the Rubber Tube. It had a high, stiff Collar, which She secured with two Straps and Buckles at the back of my neck and secured them with Padlocks. Then She knelt down and Leather Straps fitted to the bottom of the Rubber Tube were Strapped and Buckled tightly around my ankles and under the insteps of the Rubber Chest Waders, and more Padlocks made sure there was no possible means of escape.

This stretched the Rubber tube tightly down over my body and legs and I wondered how easy it was going to be to walk secured into this Rubber Bondage item. But I felt sure that this cruel Rubber Mistress did not intend to make anything easy for me. 

“There I’m sure you are nice and comfortable inside your Rubber Bondage. The Rubber Tube is made from four layers of Rubber. There is Shiny Black Rubber on the outside and then there are three layers of Rubber Hospital Sheet. So even if you were free of any Bondage inside it you would be unable to bend down and lift it over your head assuming you could release the foot Straps and the Collar. But I have the key for all the Padlocks, so escape is completely out of the question.”  

She clipped a lead to a ring attached to the front of the Collar on the Rubber Tube. She lifted up the Rubber Hood and left it hanging loosely over my head.

“I’ll fix your Hood properly once we are up in the field. It is a filthy night outside, blowing a gale and raining ‘cats and dogs’ just right for a game of ‘hide and seek’, so follow me and don’t lag behind.”

She gave the lead a sharp tug and I took my first tentative steps. As I thought the Rubber Tube didn’t allow me to move my legs to take a full step. Like when I had been made to play the ‘clothes peg’ game I had to take short, quick steps to be able to keep up with Her. The weights hanging on the cock and ball Chains swung about and knocked against my legs which only made them swing about more violently. This in turn made the Chains pull at the Padlock and tugged at my cock and balls, but the Harness holding my cock against my stomach ensured my cock wouldn’t move and I was in constant pain with every step I took. She led me stumbling after Her out of the Dungeon and through the passageways until suddenly we were outside. It was pitch dark, but as we moved forwards a floodlight came on lighting up the path in front of us. The rain was pouring down and it drummed against the tightly stretched Rubber Tube enclosing my Rubber encased and Bondaged body. 

The Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and Rubber Boots Mistress was wearing glistened in the light as the water cascaded off of them. She tugged on the lead and I was pulled and half dragged across a wide expanse of grass, and then up a steep slope and along a rough, grassy track. My eyes had by now become accustomed to the darkness and through the restricted eyepieces of the Rubber Hood I was able to vaguely become aware of my surroundings. Eventually we stopped at a large steel gate in the hedge, which Mistress opened and pulled me through into a large field. She dragged me up the field and we walked into a small stand of trees and stopped. At last I was able to ease the pain in my cock and balls and the weights stopped swinging about and pulling at the cock and ball Padlock.

Mistress flashed Her torch about and in the flickering light I could see there was a large post fixed into the ground about six feet tall with a length of heavy Chain fixed to the top of it. Mistress unclipped the lead and Padlocked the end of the Chain to the ring on the front of my Collar. She pulled the loose Rubber Hood off my head and slid a Rubber Gasmask with a length of hose attached to it off Her arm and fitted it over my face and tightened the Straps. I was immediately aware of the restriction to my breathing the Gas Mask now made. The loose Rubber Hood was pulled back over my head and She tightened a drawstring fitted to the edge of the Rubber Hood. This drew the Rubber Hood tight around my head and face and as She pulled the string tighter so the opening became smaller until just the air pipe on the Gasmask was exposed. My sight was cut off and the noise of the rain beating on the tightly stretched Rubber Hood was almost deafening.

“My assistant will have no trouble finding you because you are not really hidden.” 

“This is just an excuse to make sure you get some more Punishment, in addition to what you are suffering right now. You don’t need to see anything and I know the rain beating on the Rubber Hood is making it very hard for you to hear anything. If you want to walk about then feel free to do so. The Chain Padlocked to your Collar is thirty feet long, but if you fall over you won’t be able to get up again. You’ll do better to stand still and wait to be found by my assistant.”

I guessed Mistress had gone and I wondered what to do next. This certainly was a very biased game of ‘hide and seek’. The post with the chain attached seemed to be so very convenient, and I had not been properly hidden away as I had imagined, but I should have known that nothing this devious Rubber Mistress did was as I had imagined, and I wondered just how long it would take Her assistant to find me. The rain continued to pour down, but I remained snug and dry inside my enclosing and encasing Rubber Bondage. I was compelled to stay stood where Mistress had left me as I couldn’t see the ground and I knew the field was on a steep slope, and I had no desire to fall over and remain lying in the grass until I was found by Her assistant.

Suddenly the Rubber Hood was released and pulled off my face and I was dazzled as a bright torch was shone in my face. The torch was moved away and in the reflected light I could see a figure dressed in a long Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh, a Sou’Wester in the same material and Black Rubber Boots which all glistened in the torch light as the rain ran down over the Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh and the Shiny Black Rubber Sou’Wester. I felt the Padlock attaching the Chain to my Collar being unlocked. A lead was clipped to my Collar and a sharp tug told me to follow my captor. Going down the field was even more difficult and painful than being dragged up it, the Rubber Gas Mask restricted my breathing and my vision, and my captor only shone the torch to see where she was walking. I had to struggle and stumble along in the dark trying to stay on my feet. I could only follow blindly after this Rubber clad figure who seemed to be completely oblivious and indifferent to the pain I was suffering and my difficulty in trying to keep up with her without falling over.

Eventually we reached the buildings and the floodlight came on. My Rubber dressed captor led me inside and through the passageways into the dungeon. She dropped the lead and pulled the Rubber Hood back over my head and tightened the drawstring cutting off my vision and my hearing once again. I felt the padlocks securing the Heavy Rubber Tube being released, and then the Straps were undone and the zip opened. The Rubber Tube was removed and I was thankful for the relief from the heavy weight I had been carrying. I was pushed forward and my feet were in turn lifted up onto a platform and my assumption that I was being secured to the ‘tippy table’ again was confirmed as I felt the rope being laced across my back and drawn very tight. My head was secured into the harness and the table was tilted backwards until I was lying horizontal on my back.

Chapter 10
In which he becomes a very real Rubber Bondage prisoner.

She removed the weights from the chains attached to my cock and ball Padlock and pulled them back through the rings on the leg Manacles. I felt the chains being pushed down between my legs and then the weights were refitted and it felt as if she had fitted some extra ones. I could see there was to be no let up in my suffering. She was just as cruel as my Rubber Mistress at whose hands I had already suffered so much.

I faintly heard my captor leave the dungeon and lock the door behind her. I was not being allowed even the faintest chance to attempt to escape. She was just as concerned about my security as my Rubber Mistress. Now bound tightly to the ‘tippy table’ and still encased in the Rubber Lined Shiny Black Rubber Suit, Rubber Strait Jacket, Rubber Chest Waders, Rubber Hood, Gag and Gas Mask I wondered how long I would have to wait before she returned to start my punishment preparation. Once again I lost track of time but I guessed I had been left trussed to the ‘tippy table’ for about and hour when I heard the dungeon door being unlocked and I could hear voices and guessed it was Mistress and Her assistant come back to start on my Punishment. I could sense they were stood very close to me and I could just hear Mistress talking to Her assistant.

“Now you are sure you understand what I want done to him. When you have removed the Rubber Strait Jacket, the Rubber Chest Waders, the Rubber Mask and the Rubber Lined Suit put him back on the ‘tippy table’. You will be able to get at all his holes. When he is fully Cathetered take him into the Stable and let him have a shower. Get him into the one piece skin tight Rubber Suit then bring him back into the dungeon and fit him into the Rubber, Double Skin Padded Suit. Then you can apply the wrap over the padded suit. Just leave his nose tubes outside and of course the catheters. I had ten rolls of 500 metre length industrial cling wrap and five rolls of heavy duty shrink wrap along with 50 rolls of 3” black ‘gaffer’ tape sent up from my wholesaler late this afternoon. You can use the hairdryer to get the shrink film to tighten up. Heat up each layer as you apply it, that way it is much tighter than trying to do all the layers at the end. I’m off to bed so I’ll let you get started and I’ll see you early in the morning.”

I heard the dungeon door close and I was aware of someone stood in front of me.

“You don’t need to know my name prisoner, just remember I am as dedicated to the control of Rubber Bondage prisoners as your Rubber Mistress. It is sufficient for you know I delight in preparing disobedient Rubber Bondage prisoners for Punishment so they will suffer endless torment and torture.” It was a new voice that spoke to me with a broad Cornish accent.

“I hear you have been very disobedient to your Rubber Mistress prisoner. However, your Rubber Mistress has changed Her plans for you. I was expecting to prepare you for some serious Punishment but that has been altered, I am now going to prepare you for long term Rubber Bondage and your Rubber Mistress really does mean long term.” 

“First you will have a nice hot soapy enema, then a long colonic washout. Then when you are nice and clean and empty I shall insert catheters up your bum hole, into your bladder and into your stomach. After the messy bit is done I can get on with what I like best. When I’ve finished you will know what Rubber Bondage is all about. So shall we begin prisoner or do you want some time to think about it, no I think not, we have a busy night in front of us and I want you ready for your cruel Rubber Mistress to start your indoctrination in the morning.”

The ‘tippy table was rotated to bring me back into an upright position and the ropes holding me to it were released.

“Step back onto the floor and walk backwards five paces.”

I did as she instructed and the Gas Mask was removed and the Gag was deflated and the Head Harness removed. Then she quickly released the Rubber Strait Jacket and the tight Rubber Hood. Then pulling apart the edges of the Rubber Strait Jacket she was able to undo the Rubber Chest Wader shoulder straps

“Now then get yourself out of all that Rubber Bondage and take off the Rubber Suit, then when I’ve removed the cock and ball Padlock you can stand back on the ‘tippy table’ facing towards it.”

With some struggling I managed to do as she said and waited while she unlocked the Padlock. Then I stood back on the foot-rests facing the padded surface of the ‘tippy table’. She quickly refitted the ropes and soon had me secured even tighter to the table. But she didn’t fit the head harness.

“Just one little removal to be done. You won’t need any hair for quite some time so it is all coming off. I shall shave your head now and you can make sure the rest of your body is smooth when you are in the shower later on.”

I was in no position to object so I waited for her to shave my head. She used a pair of electric clippers and very swiftly reduced my hair to a short stubble. Using an electric razor she worked away at the stubble until my head was a smooth as a billiard table. The head harness was now strapped firmly in place and I was once more secured to the ‘tippy table’ and ready for her medical ministrations. I felt something cold being rubbed all over my cock and then the foreskin was pulled back and something hard was pressing against the tip of my cock. I felt something sliding inside my cock and slowly it was pushed deeper and deeper and eventually stopped. My foreskin was pushed forward and I felt something was being wrapped along the length of my cock.

“That’s the end of any erections you might have expectations about prisoner. It would seem your cruel Rubber Mistress doesn’t want you to have any pleasure at all during your long term Bondage. Erections and pleasure would be very distracting while you are being indoctrinated.”

She tilted the table forwards so that my body was inclined at an angle to the floor, and I felt her fingers probing at my bum hole. Then a large tube was pushed deep inside my bum and I felt a bladder expanding inside. The table was tilted again and I found myself lying tilted even further forward with my feet higher than my head. Then I felt warm liquid running up inside my bum hole and I wondered how on earth I could expel the enema, secured as I was to the ‘tippy table’. I certainly wouldn’t have to sit on a bucket in the corner cage and be humiliated again. But I should have realised that with an obvious medical expert in control of me the enema was being given under proper clinical conditions. I was aware that I hadn’t had any solid food for at least 48 hours and it might even be longer than that. Also my Rubber Mistress had given me that massive enema and then given me the liquid feed. So there couldn’t be much in the way of solids inside me. I could feel the enema working away inside me but my tormentor made no attempt to release it. I could hear her making various noises around me in the dungeon as if she was preparing equipment or something. Then suddenly the table was rotated until I was lying on my back, this time my feet were lower than my head, and the bladder was deflated and the tube pulled quickly out of my bum hole. The enema expelled itself with some force, and I could feel it was no more than liquid squirting out from inside me. The table was lifted up again and a larger tube was forced deep inside my bum hole and once again I could feel liquid flowing deep inside me. After a short while I felt it being expelled down the tube in my bum hole. This went on for ages before the flow finally stopped and I felt quite exhausted and empty.

“There that wasn’t too bad was it prisoner. Two holes filled, plugged and fully under control and all nice and clean and empty inside. There is just one more hole to fill and plug and then we can get you cleaned up and dressed ready to make a start on getting you wrapped up for Christmas.”
The table was tilted back so that I was now in an upright position but leaning slightly backwards. 

“Open your mouth prisoner, I want to pour in a small amount of olive oil. When I push the catheter into your mouth swallow the oil and the catheter. It will slide down into your stomach very easily on the olive oil. About a teaspoonful of oil was poured into my mouth and was quickly followed by a very large tube which she pushed to the back of my mouth and as I swallowed the oil the catheter was pushed further in and passed over the back of my tongue and down into my throat. I felt the catheter passing down inside my gullet and on down towards my stomach. Suddenly my mouth was filled with a Rubber Plug. It was shaped to fit along the inside of my cheeks and a central wedge went between my teeth and also held my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth. An outer flange of soft Rubber moulded itself over my lips and formed an airtight seal to my mouth. Next a thick Rubber mouth brank and chin cup was strapped tightly across my sealed mouth and underneath my jaw. There was no possible way I could push the device out of my mouth, and the chin cup held my bottom jaw closed against my top jaw preventing me from opening my mouth by even a small crack. The inner wedge holding my tongue made a perfect silencer and all I could manage was a low grunt from the back of my throat.

“That’s nice isn’t it prisoner. All holes filled and properly silenced. Now I’ll release you from the ‘tippy table’ and we’ll soon be able to start getting you wrapped up.”

She released the ropes holding me to the ‘tippy table’ and I stepped down onto the floor now fully aware of the three tubes dangling from my cock, bum and mouth. She buckled a Rubber Collar around my neck clipped a lead to it and led me out of the dungeon. We quickly made our way into my accommodation and she removed the Rubber Collar.

“Have a good shower prisoner and make sure you dry yourself properly. When you are dry give every bit of your body a good covering of talcum powder. Then come out into the main room.”

I didn’t linger too long in the shower but made sure I was properly dry and fully powdered all over. She was waiting out in the main room with a thin Rubber Suit. 

“You can put this on but be very careful as it is quite thin and a very tight fit.”

I carefully put the thin Rubber Suit on and it fitted like a second skin. It had attached feet and the sleeves were closed at the ends like a pair of mittens. Once my arms were in the sleeves and my hands were enclosed in the mittens I was unable to do any more towards putting on the Rubber Suit. She pulled the attached Hood up over my face and head and I shuddered as the Rubber slid over my now hairless head. The bum catheter had been pushed out through a hole in the crotch of the Rubber Suit and my balls and cock with the fitted catheter had been pushed out through a tight hole in the front of the Rubber Suit. The Hood had a small hole at the mouth for the feeding catheter and there were just small nostril holes to let me breathe and small eye holes gave me very limited vision. She stretched the edges of the suit and Hood across the back of my body and head and carefully closed a zip up to the top of my head. She buckled the Rubber Collar around my neck and gave the lead a tug and I followed her back through the passageways into the dungeon. I was led across the dungeon and she bent down and fastened a pair of manacles around my ankles, which were linked with a short chain. She padlocked the link chain to the ring set in the floor.

“Now you are secure we can have a short one way chat prisoner. I’m sure you have heard about total deprivation, it is being deprived of all sensory feelings and that is how you will end up. I expect this will be something new for you prisoner. Well let me explain how it is done. You will be fed and emptied on a continuous cycle. Mistress may leave you alone for long periods of time and then she will attend to you at short intervals. This way you do not get into any sort of routine and any attempt to measure the passage of time will become more and more difficult until time will have no meaning at all. Mistress may speak to you, but it will be through headphones, so at all other times you will be in a world of total silence. The only sensation you will experience will be the pain from being kept in one position continuously. You will be kept suspended in a multi-point harness which is woven into the wrapping around your body and limbs so there will be no pressure points to feel which will remove any sensations you might get if you were lying on a bed or standing in a corner. Compared with your little overnight experiences this will be an epic immobility Punishment. Your body will demand, and then crave to be allowed to move and you will be unable to satisfy that craving. When your Mistress eventually releases you, you will in all probability be a totally different person. Initially you will have only one desire - to be released - but after several days you will have lost any comprehension of days or hours or minutes, and thoughts of release will vanish. Even the desire to move will reduce and you will be unaware of your immobility. Your imagination will create the illusion you are moving about and your isolation will then be complete. I shall see to your recovery, which will take several days, as you will have to learn how to walk again, and you will have difficulty hearing, talking and thinking. Strangely enough it will change you without you having to remember it. In fact I think your Mistress has some ulterior motive for wanting you done up like you will be shortly.”

She released the padlock securing my ankles to the floor and removed the ankle manacles.

“Lift up your right leg and push it down into the leg of the Rubber Suit I’m holding.”

I lifted my leg and she guided it into a thick, soft tube. She pulled the suit up over my waist and guided my arms into the sleeves. This extra suit felt heavy and firm, but at the same time it felt soft and bulky. I felt her close a zip at the back up to my neck and the suit closed around my body making it difficult to let my arms hang down at my sides. The sleeves ended in mittens like the thin Rubber Suit making my hands completely useless. My cock was placed inside a compartment, which held it facing upwards against my stomach and the catheter was fed out through the top of the compartment. It was then curled round and pushed out through a small hole in the crotch along with the bum catheter

“There, you are now enclosed in a thick, padded Rubber Suit. It has a thick Rubber skin on the inside and the outside, and between those two thick layers of Rubber is a thick layer of Kapok. The hood is constructed in the same way and when I pull the hood up and zip it up you won’t be able to hear anything until your Mistress uses her communicator, which will allow her to speak to you. It will prevent you getting any sensations from the twenty layers of wrapping I shall now encase you in. To make sure all the layers stay in place there will be a final wrapping of five layers of heavyweight adhesive tape.”

”It is called ‘Gaffer’ tape and is used in the Theatrical Industry for sticking literally anything to anything. The particular brand that I will be using on you has the added advantage that it can be ‘heat cured’ to ensure it can’t be pulled apart. When it is time for you to be released all the wrappings will have to be cut off of you.” 

“Now lift your left arm up and hold it out sideways and keep it there.”

I could feel some material being wound around my arm not very tightly but it covered my arm from my shoulder down to the tip of my hand. 

“Now lift your right arm up the same as your left arm. ”

Material was now wrapped around this arm in the same way as my left arm. I heard the sound of a hairdryer and at the same time the material tightened itself around my arm. She did the same to my left arm and now both my arms were stiff and rigid and I realised they had been wrapped in shrink film and then heated up to make the film shrink around my arms and hands. Then I could feel the film being wrapped around each leg and again heated up to make it shrink and grip my Rubber encased legs. Then she started at my chest and passed several layers over each shoulder and continued to wind it around my body down to the tops of my legs. 

Once more the shrink film was heated up and my body was now encased in a tight sheath pressing the padded Rubber Suit against the thin Rubber Suit. Now she wrapped more film around each arm and then around my legs and finally around my body and as this was not heated up I guessed it was cling film.

“Lower your arms and press them against the sides of your body.”

My arms stuck fast to the sides of my body as the layers of cling film gripped each other.

“Now then I’m going to help you to step up onto this little platform in front of you, when you are on the platform bring your legs tightly together.”    

I felt her catch hold of my left leg which was now completely stiff and unbending, and she lifted it sideways and upwards and then swung it forward, at the same time she pushed at my wrapped body and I felt myself rise off the ground. I brought my legs together and like my arms I found they were now stuck together. I felt something being attached to the top of my head harness and tension was applied to it, which then tightened the harness around my head and stopped me wavering about. Now I felt she was wrapping layer after layer of material around my ankles and then slowly she continued up my legs, around my knees and then up over my thighs. As she covered my thighs I could feel my hands and then my wrists were being trapped under these layers of material, which I guessed was cling film. She carried on up over my body pinning my arms to my sides making movement utterly impossible. She reached my shoulders and I could feel layers being passed over each shoulder and then around the lower part of my neck. She stopped the wrapping and I suddenly felt myself move and I realised the platform I was stood on was on wheels. I was pushed up against the ‘tippy table’ and a length of rope secured my immobile body to it. 

The head harness was removed and what felt like a thick, dense padded Rubber Hood was pulled over my head. Stiff Rubber Tubes were pushed deep inside my nostrils and the Hood was zipped up at the back. As the wrapping now continued around my head and face I became more and more aware of the silence I was being immersed into. I had been able to hear the cling film being pulled from the roll but that sound had now vanished and I was enveloped in an eerie silence. None of the layers were applied tightly but there was no slack left anywhere, and I could feel my head was gradually becoming rigidly fixed as she built up the layers of cling film around my head and neck. Apart from my feet, which I felt sure would be dealt with before she finished her task my whole body was now encased in an unyielding shell. I could recall some years ago going into hospital for an operation and I was given an epidural which made my legs and feet completely numb. I could remember sending messages to my feet to move and nothing happened. I now felt in very much the same situation. I was sending messages to my hands to move and nothing was happening. 

My arms and my hands appeared to be detached from my body. I knew they were there, but I didn’t have any control over them. I could feel more material being wrapped around my legs and the feeling slowly climbed upwards over my thighs and then over my body, until finally I could feel my head was being wrapped in a much stiffer material. I could only assume this was the ‘Gaffer’ tape that was being wrapped around me, and I knew it was the final layers to encase me totally. I could breathe easily through the nostril tubes mainly because being unable to move I was not making any exertion to increase my breathing rate. I could feel more tape being wrapped around my legs and body. It seemed she was applying extra tape around my ankles, thighs, waist and shoulders. I was suddenly aware that I was no longer standing on my feet. It felt as if I was floating in the air. 

I assumed the extra tape was used to attach a harness of some sort to the outside of the body wrap. As there were no pressure points on my body I had no sensation of contact with anything, I felt totally detached and isolated in a world of silence and darkness. At last I felt my feet being wrapped in the layers of cling film and then the final layer of ‘Gaffer’ tape. 

I was now totally mummified. I could sense I was swinging gently but the movement was difficult to detect. I could feel the Rubber enclosing me but it did not produce any real sensation. I couldn’t be sure if my eyes were open or closed. There was nothing to see. I could feel the Gag and the feeding tube in my mouth but they were as fixed as the rest of my body. The same went for the catheters in my cock and my bum hole, I was aware of them but as they were now firmly secured under the layers of wrapping they did not move and create any sensation. I wondered what I would feel when Mistress used the catheters for feeding and cleaning me. I realised I had no sensation of time, I couldn’t visualise how long all this wrapping had taken, it might have been six hours or it might have been one hour, I felt totally detached from reality. 

But I knew this was all very real. I was a Rubber Bondage prisoner being taken way beyond my limits by two very determined women who seemed to be concerned only with making my very existence a constant battle with sanity. I wondered how on earth my Mistress intended to deliver the promised 100 strokes every morning. I realised that it would give me a reference point to know when each day was starting. But somehow I had a feeling that things were not going to be that simple. I could feel myself losing touch with my own thoughts and I could feel myself drifting off into some sort of ‘limbo’ state. I must have slept or dozed because I was suddenly aware of noise in my ears. I struggled and kicked, or so I thought but as I came to my senses I knew I hadn’t moved a fraction. I felt I was moving but the sensation was totally wrong. Then the noise came again and I realised my Mistress was talking in my ears.

“Good morning prisoner, welcome to your new dark world of silent punishment. My assistant has made an absolutely superb job of your mummification, the only things that show there is something inside the wrapping are the five tubes poking out that are your lifelines. Two tubes to breathe through, one tube to feed you and two tubes to clean you out. I have been watching you hanging in your carapace for ages, and I haven’t detected the slightest movement. Even now you are awake, and aware, you haven’t twitched at all. I shall now tell you what is really going to happen to you. Everything else I said previously was not quite true, in fact your cruel Rubber Mistress lied to you, but then I am doing that all the time, and if I had told you what was going to happen to you I think you would have made a very strong effort to escape which is something I had no intention of allowing to happen. I’ve had a mobile frame made up which will allow me to move you out of my dungeon into my Conservatory. It has a nice Rubber Cover fitted over it so you will be completely concealed, unless I chose to show you to any of my visitors. Obviously I can’t have you occupying my dungeon for a whole month as I have other prisoners to attend to.”

”Yes! Prisoner, you heard right, a month. That’s how long your punishment is to last. Perhaps I shouldn’t call it punishment anymore, I think conditioning would be more suitable. You will be fed continuously so there will be no meal times to let you measure the passage of time, and the catheters will be on continuous drain so there will be no sensations with regard to your body functions. There will be very little communication between us if any, but you will be subjected to a continuous tape recording which by the end of the month will have conditioned you to become my ideal Rubber Bondage slave.”

“I have already set the wheels in motion for your flat to be cleared out and it will be rented out. When this little ordeal is over you will be able to make arrangements to sell it as well as your car as you will be living here on a very permanent basis. You will then have some money to be able to buy a full Rubber wardrobe suitable for a Rubber Bondage slave. There is another small, self-contained flat here, which will become your home. It is completely secure, there are no doors to the outside and all the windows are barred. It can only be accessed through my living accommodation, and by the time you are ready to serve me that door will have a remote operated lock on it, so you will only pass through that door when I want you to.”

”At all times you will be fully encased in Rubber. You will be kept totally hairless which will ensure full contact with your totally enclosing Rubber dress. Whenever you are serving me you will wear a Collar and wrist and ankle Manacles all made from stainless steel, and only your Mistress will be able to remove them. Chains will be attached to the Collar and Manacles when you are on duty, so from the outside you will look just how a Rubber Bondage slave should look. They will be a constant reminder to you that you are not free. Every time you feel the restriction of your Chains, and hear them ‘clinking’ you will be reminded of just what you are. A permanent Rubber Bondage slave to your Rubber Mistress and you will be at my beck and call day and night.” 

“You will attend to my every need and whim, also to many of my friends needs. Your whole life will become a constant round of pain and pleasure in Rubber and Bondage which is I’m quite sure what you have always dreamed about. When I go away sometimes to deal with clients in their own homes or when I go on holiday, you will be transferred to another location where you will provide someone else with whatever pleasure they might desire, and they will ensure your state of permanent Rubber Bondage is continued unabated. But that’s enough of this idle chatter. It’s time to move you to your new home and start your conditioning to become my Rubber Bondage slave.”

The headphones ‘clicked’ and I returned to my world of total silence. After a while I felt I was swinging about again and several times I felt I was being bumped against something, but as I had discovered there was no real sensation and no way to detect what was being done to me or what was happening around me. I could only assume I was being moved into the conservatory where I was to be kept for - how long did she say - a month. I wondered just what effect this prolonged period of isolation would have on me and what was this tape recording that was going to be played to be during the isolation. I could well imagine that it would have some effect on me and I wondered if the much talked about ‘brainwashing’ really did happen to people.

I swam in a black, dark sea, but I couldn’t feel the water against my body and for some reason I didn’t seem to be doing anything to make myself move through the water. I was floating and drifting aimlessly, always I thought I was moving towards land, towards something firm and solid. But it always seemed to be just out of reach and a strong tide kept moving me away from the land I was trying to reach. Always there was the voice in my head, telling me about what I would find when I reached the land. I would find a land where all my dreams and fantasies would become reality, where I could be what I had always dreamed of wanting to be. I would be able to live every second of every minute of every hour of every day dressed totally from head to toe in heavy, Black close fitting Rubber Clothes. 

I would be secured in a set of shiny, clinking Chains, which I would wear as a sign of my servitude to my Rubber Mistress. I would do all the things that a Black Rubber clad slave would be expected to do. I would serve my Rubber Mistress who would be dressed in shiny Black Rubber, and in serving her I would be rewarded with endless pleasure and joy. The voice was relentless, it told me the same things over and over, again and again. The voice changed the story from time to time, but it always came out the same in the end. Gradually all the niggling worries I had, vanished, as the voice convinced me that my future would be what I had always wanted and always dreamed about. Now was my chance to live my life as I really wanted and never be unhappy ever again.

I am what I have always been, a Rubber Bondage slave serving his Rubber Mistress as she commands me to. My whole life is full to the brim with Rubber and Bondage. 

Only my Rubber Mistress can release any of my permanent manacles and chains. The heavy steel Collar, Waist Belt and Wrist and Ankle Manacles are all secured with special threaded bolts and they are all linked together with lengths of heavy welded chain. She can always hear my chains and be assured I have not managed to release myself. I must keep my body and head completely hairless and I am locked into a heavy total enclosure Rubber Suit all day, and I sleep in it all night. A heavy Rubber Hood is zipped, laced and padlocked over my head and face. The eyes have dark lens fitted to them and a large Rubber breathe-thro’ Gag is strapped and padlocked in place. If I have been good She will remove the Gag and unlock the access zips in the Rubber Suit to allow me to eat and use the toilet. The heavy Rubber Suit is unlocked once a day to allow me to shower and wash the inside and outside of the Rubber suit. I am not allowed to dry the inside of the Rubber Suit I must put it back on wet to ensure the Heavy Rubber clings to my hairless body and makes me fully aware of my Rubber enclosure. My Mistress disciplines me in it when I make mistakes, sometimes I am deliberately obtuse as I do so enjoy being disciplined. But She is well aware of those occasions and applies Her discipline more severely. 

What else is there to say, I am Her Rubber Bondage slave and I always have been right from my childhood, it just took some time for us to find each other and meet up. You asked if She is cruel to me. I have no idea if She is cruel. Whatever She does to me when I am being disciplined is I’m sure well deserved, so how can it be cruel if I deserve it. 

As to pleasure then that comes from serving my Rubber Mistress and there are of course those secret times when we are together in a more intimate manner. But as always it is not my pleasure that is of any importance. It is the pleasure my Rubber Mistress gets from my service to Her, that is of paramount importance. I suppose I obtain some pleasure when I am on occasions loaned to other Mistresses or, I am looked after by Her ‘friends’ when She goes away on holiday. They do relax some of the rigid regime my Mistress imposes on me. I am her Rubber Bondage slave and that is all I have ever wanted to be.



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