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Rubber Bondage Prisoner

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2004 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; straitjacket; toys; cons; X

A visit by a very unfortunate rubber bondage prisoner to the Rubber Bondage Centre at Fantasy Acre.

Chapter 1.
In which the prisoners welcome is not as welcome as he hoped .

It was dark very early tonight and I drove slowly through the Gateway and turned into the narrow track beside the stream. It all seemed very familiar and I realised just how accurate and detailed were the instructions I had been sent to allow me to find the Rubber Bondage Centre. I drove across the grass and parked my car beside a hedge. I got out and picked up my holdall from the back seat and locked the car door. It was with a feeling of anticipation but tinged with apprehension as I made my way towards a low building. As I approached a floodlight came on dispersing the darkness and I could see a figure dressed in Black Shiny Rubber standing outside the building.

As I got nearer I could see it was a quite tall, slim woman wearing a SBR dress, rubber boots and rubber gloves. The collar of the dress was buckled high around Her neck and the hood was pulled up over Her head and cast a shadow across Her face giving Her a very mysterious look. As she moved towards me the SBR swished and glinted in the glare from the floodlight.

“Hello” She said, “I’m Mistress Marie and you must be 8-18. You obviously had no problems with My instructions.”

 “I’m very pleased to meet you  Mistress,” I said, “Everything was very clear and concise.” 

She gave a little laugh, “You might change your mind about being pleased to meet Me before the week is over.”

“Well you had better come in and I’ll show you your accommodation.” 

She was quite different to what I had pictured from talking to Her on the telephone. She seemed to be much more feminine and ladylike, and I wondered just what sort of a Mistress She was going to be. She was certainly dressed as a Rubber Mistress, and no doubt the ladylike part of Her character would be put aside once my training started. She opened a door in the building which I had thought was a stable and I followed Her inside. Only two steps and She turned through an opening on Her right, and She pointed to a door in front of me.

“In there is the shower, toilet and wash basin. The toilet is pumped so don’t put anything down it other than toilet matter. If you block it up you unblock it!”

I stepped through the gap into a warm, cosy room. The lighting was low rather than dim and I could see it was a very cosy ‘bed sitter’. There was a compact kitchenette, a comfortable chair, a table a wardrobe with a T.V. and a VCR on top of it and two single beds at opposite corners of the room. One, against the back wall of the room was made up with rubber sheets and rubber pillow cases, with a black padded headboard with various rings fitted to it. 

“It is all very basic,” She said, “but you have everything you need to be self contained and independent.” 

Mounted into a recess on the front wall beside the kitchenette was a wide, full height mirror. On the back wall was a long mirror running the length of the rubber sheeted bed. These mirrors gave the illusion that the room was bigger than it actually was and there was a mirror on the ceiling over the bed. I could see there were lots of rings and hooks fitted along the edge of the bed and a length of heavy chain was fixed to the wall the bed was pushed against. I could see there were lots of rings screwed into the ceiling beams at various locations around the room. There seemed to be a preoccupation with having Bondage fixing points in as many positions as possible. I glanced into the full height mirror and saw myself reflected back and I felt quite pleased with the look of the black, shiny PVC jacket and trousers I was wearing. Mistress put Her hand out and fingered the material of the jacket.

“Oh!” She said, “I thought it was a Rubber Suit you were wearing, now that is most unfortunate for you. Surely you read all the rules I sent you about the Rubber Bondage Centre? Rule number six is very precise and explicit. Only Rubber Clothing is worn at the Centre, there are no exceptions. I suppose you felt you could arrive in something else and then change into Rubber when you were here. Not so, the rules are as they are written, and I make no exceptions whether you are a regular visitor or like you it is your first time. I suppose you didn’t want to be seen driving along in your car wearing Rubber Clothing. Well I do it every day when I go into Town to do my shopping or visiting my friends. How dreadful for you, you have earned a punishment and you haven’t even unpacked yet. However as a small concession I’ll give you the option of having your punishment tomorrow in My Dungeon, before your training starts, or you can have an alternative punishment tonight, then we can start your training in the morning as was planned. The choice is yours 8-18.”

I was quite staggered by this turn of events. I had not realised just how serious the set of rules were that Mistress had sent me. I had thought of them as all part of the Fantasy Scene She was trying to create. She hadn’t said what form either punishment was to take so it was a sort of ‘Hobsons’ choice. A punishment in Her Dungeon sounded far more sinister than having a punishment in this room.

“I’m very sorry Mistress, I just didn’t grasp how serious Your rules were when I read them through, I read them as part of the Fantasy You were going to create. I think I’ll accept my punishment tonight so as not to interfere with the start of my training tomorrow.”

“A very wise choice 8-18. I hope you are now well aware that the Rubber Bondage Centre is a very serious establishment. A great deal of thought has gone into making the Centre as realistic as it is possible to make it, and the rules were written out to ensure that reality was maintained at all times. Now you can get undressed and put that horrible PVC suit away in the wardrobe. Then on the spare bed are various items of Rubber Clothing. Sort through them and find and put on in this order Rubber Stockings, Rubber Suspender Belt, Rubber elbow length Gloves and a Rubber long sleeve Shirt with attached open face Hood. Tuck the bottom of the Rubber Shirt inside the Rubber Suspender Belt. Make sure you use the toilet then fasten on this set of chains”- and She held up a set of combination wrist and ankle manacles and chains - “with your hands secured behind you. Then kneel down against the Rubber Sheeted Bed and lie across the Rubber Sheet and wait for me to return. I shall be watching you on the CCTV so I will know when you are ready.”

She turned and walked out of the room Her Rubber Dress swishing loudly as She walked, and I heard the door being locked.

Oh well I thought there’s no possibility of backing out now. My one escape route was now locked. I decided I had better do as Mistress had ordered or there would be more punishment for failing to obey Her and I was sure that would be far worse than not wearing Rubber when I arrived. I removed the PVC Suit and hung it in the wardrobe and then used the toilet. I then sorted through the various Rubber items laid out on the spare bed and quickly dressed in the items and sequence She had told me to. I fastened the ankle manacles then after a struggle I managed to fasten the wrist manacles. In next to no time I was dressed in Rubber and secured into a set of chains for which I didn’t have the key. I knelt down at the side of the bed and let myself fall forward across the Rubber Sheet. There was now a strong smell of Rubber in the air and lying on the Rubber Sheet I was able to feel and smell the wonderful Rubber odours. I didn’t have long to savour this pleasure as I heard the door being unlocked and Mistress returned carrying a large bundle of Rubber Clothing, which She dropped on the bed beside me. 

“Stand up 8-18, and let me see if you have obeyed My instructions properly.”

I scrambled to my feet and Mistress checked the way I was dressed. She seemed to be satisfied for She produced a key and unlocked the ankle manacles and then the wrist manacles and She put the chain set back on the spare bed.

“Put these pants on and pull your cock and balls out through the reinforced hole at the front. Then stand facing me with your arms raised straight out in front of you.”

The pants were a very tight fit and the hole was even tighter, but eventually I had them on and my cock and balls exposed. As soon as I lifted my arms She swiftly and skilfully slipped the sleeves of a heavy Rubber Strait Jacket over my arms and drew the edges together behind my back and closed the zip up to my neck. Four heavy straps and buckles were secured tightly across my back and Mistress pulled the collar up around my neck and fastened it by closing some press studs on the collar flap. She grasped my now erect cock and pushed it through another tight hole in the front of the Rubber Strait Jacket. 

After struggling for a while She managed to get my balls through the same tight hole and then She pulled the crotch cover between my legs and straining it tight She fastened the straps to the buckles at the back. This tightened the body of the Rubber Strait Jacket and pulled the bottom of it down over my bum cheeks encasing me in heavy Rubber. I made a couple of attempts to feel for some slack or movement, but nothing gave and I could see there was no way I was going to wriggle out of this Rubber Bondage.

“Lower your arms and fold them across the front of your body. This is the one concession I’m allowing you, because your Mistress always decides where your arms are positioned, and it is always where it will cause you the most suffering. So be very grateful for this small amount of relief in your punishment.”

 As soon as I had my arms folded She grasped the sleeve ends and pulling them as tight as She could, secured them together behind my back. Now from the back She pushed the ends of a long strap between my upper arms and my body at each side and pulling the strap tight turned the ends over my arms, above my elbows and buckled it behind my back. This drew my elbows and arms into the sides of my body and stretched the sleeves over my hands and pressed them tight against my body. It prevented me from curling my fingers back inside the sleeve. The straps were not pulled viciously tight, but they were tight enough to prevent any arm movement inside the Rubber Sleeves. 

She tapped my leg and said, “Lift it up and slide it right down into the Rubber Wader.” 

I balanced precariously on one leg and slid my foot and leg down inside the thigh length Rubber Boot. “Now the other leg.” and the operation was repeated. 

Attached to the top of each Rubber Wader were three long straps with a buckle fitted to the edge of the Rubber Wader. One strap went up over each hip another went up at the back and the third strap went up each side of my exposed cock and balls. The two straps at the front Mistress pushed up behind my folded arms and then brought the ends of the straps back down and fastened them to the buckles. The side and back straps She pushed behind the strap around my upper arms and then brought the ends of the straps back down and fastened them to the buckles. Mistress went round each strap in turn making them tighter and tighter. The Rubber Waders were stretched up over my legs and the top edge was forced up into my crotch. 

I was by now beginning to wonder what all this dressing in Rubber and this tight Bondage was leading to. If I was going to be punished this evening for breaking the Rubber Clothing rule then I could see it was either going to be a very short, sharp punishment or there was more severe Rubber Bondage to come. If so then it was going to be a late finish. But of course She hadn’t said what form the punishment was to take and I was assuming it would be some form of C.P. But as I was now so well enclosed in tight Rubber, and my bum cheeks were now protected by a layer of heavy Rubber I began to think that She intended to do something else to punish me - but what? From beneath the Table She pulled out a stool and placed it behind me.

“Sit down on the stool and sit up straight.”

That was easier said than done. With the Rubber Waders stretched out so tight over my legs I couldn’t bend my knees and I managed to perch on the edge of the stool with my legs splayed out in front of me. Mistress stood behind me and leaned over my shoulder and fitted a Black Rubber Gas Mask over my face. But instead of a strap harness to hold it on it had a Rubber head cover, which closed with a zip down the back. She pulled the edges together and closed the zip down to the back of my neck. I was surprised to find it wasn’t difficult to breathe inside the Rubber Gas Mask, I could hear the exhaust valve making a faint click every time I exhaled.

“There that’s a much better method of keeping a Rubber Gas Mask on. There are no straps to rub at during the night and get it off.”

Chapter 2.
In which the prisoner discovers the difference between fantasy and reality.

It must have been a slip of Her tongue. Surely She didn’t mean I was to spend the night like this and yet I couldn’t see any other reason for all this Rubber and Bondage. But, there was more to come, Mistress hadn’t finished yet. She slipped a wide Leather Collar around my neck and fastened it with three attached straps and buckles, and She fitted padlocks to all three straps. I was now unable to bend my head forwards and then She was doing something at the back and I heard the click of another padlock.

“Should you manage to get your hands free I’ve not only padlocked your Collar but I have padlocked the zip runner on the Rubber Hood that is attached to the Gas Mask to your Collar. Now then stand up and sit on the edge of the bed, just here.” 

She pointed to a spot on the bed and with a lot of struggling I managed to stand up and then position myself so I could sit on the edge of the bed. She gave me a hard push on my chest and as I fell backwards onto the bed She lifted up my feet and swung them onto the bed. She pushed and shoved at my Rubber Bound inert body until She seemed satisfied with the position I was in on the bed. She picked up a length of heavy chain and passed it under my ankles, She drew the chain around each ankle and fitted a padlock through the links of the chain and formed a pair of ankle manacles with a short length of chain between them. The ends of the chain She pulled tight and padlocked to rings at the bottom corners of the bed. My ankles were now pulled apart as far as the short length of chain between them allowed, and it was also impossible to bring them together. Next She padlocked two short lengths of chain to rings at each side of my Collar and then pulling two of the chains out tight padlocked the other end of the chains to rings fastened to the headboard. The other two chains were padlocked to rings on the sides of the bed level with my neck. Yes, She was going to leave me like this all night, how on earth was I going to cope trussed up like this. Even though I could still rock my shoulders and my hips from side to side I had a sinking feeling that She hadn’t finished making me secure. What if I needed to have a pee during the night! But She was reading my mind.

“There I can’t see you’re going to go very far tonight 8-18. Now I’ll just fit you up in case you need to relieve yourself.”

She caught hold of my erect cock and balls and slipped a heavy padlock around the root and snapped it shut. Attached to the hasp was a leather strap with a ring fitted to the end of it and fitted along the strap were four smaller straps and buckles. She wrapped a piece of sticky back foam around the base of my cock then rolled a thick Rubber sheath down over my cock so that the end was held and sealed by the strip of foam. There was a small tube fitted to the end of the sheath and She connected a long length of Rubber tubing to this tube and let it lie between my legs and it went over the end of the bed and She connected it to a large plastic bottle. She placed the leather strap along the length of my cock and tightly buckled the four straps around my cock. Then She tied a length of cord to the ring on the end of the long strap and the other end She tied to the piece of chain between my ankles. My cock was now pulled down between my legs and stretched out in the strap harness. It was not painful but I was constantly aware of the restriction and any movement I made with my legs or feet - not that I could move them very much - made the cord pull at my cock. She picked up a long length of Black corrugated Rubber hose and pushed it up between my legs until the end was lying near the tops of my thighs.

The other end of the Rubber hose She left hanging down over the end of the bed. She grasped the end of the bed and dragged it away from the wall. From the bottom of the bed She unfolded over my body a double thickness red Rubber Hospital sheet. She pushed down on my feet encased in the Rubber Waders so they were turned outwards and lying flat on the bed, then She pulled the Rubber Sheet across them so I couldn’t move them back up straight again. As She unfolded the Rubber Sheet She fitted eyelets along the sides of the Rubber Sheet to hooks fitted along the sides of the bed. This made any form of movement even more difficult than it already was. When She reached my head with the Rubber Sheet She stopped and stood looking at me very intently.

“I shan’t tell you what your punishment would have been if you had decided to wait until the morning for a visit to My Dungeon. Suffice to say it would have been quite painful. However you decided to have your punishment tonight and this is it. A night of Rubber Bondage. Because you managed to avoid a painful punishment doesn’t mean the alternative punishment will let you have an easy time. Far from it. I think, no! I know that by the time I release you, you will have suffered enough to equal a visit to my whipping bench.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed and ran her hands over the tightly stretched Rubber Sheet. 

“This sort of Rubber Bondage is wonderful to read about in fantasy stories and to dream about, but the reality is something very different as you will now soon discover. Your body cannot remain in one position for long periods of time, it needs to move about and we all do this in our sleep. Obviously you won’t be able to do this although I have left your legs and body unfettered. Well apart from the Rubber Strait Jacket, which really is to make sure you don’t release yourself from your punishment. The desire to move and ease the mounting tension of being Bondaged and encased in Rubber will be all consuming. It will be the only thought in your head, you will have an itch somewhere and you won’t be able to scratch it, you will I know need to have a wee sometime and that will present another problem for you. The padlock and the leather straps around your cock and balls ensures you are kept aroused and will maintain some sort of an erection, but of course it is almost impossible for a man to pee with an erection and if you have not used a drain sheath before then you will find that is also very difficult to adjust to.” 

All the time She was talking to me She was constantly rubbing Her hands over the Rubber Sheet and massaging at my erect cock through the tight Rubber Sheet. 
“I think, no again, I know you are about to discover the reality of My overnight Rubber Bondage punishment.  In a moment I shall fit the Rubber Sheet over your head and secure it to the bed head with padlocks. I should hate to come back tomorrow and find somebody had released you from this wonderful punishment. Then I shall attach a hose to the inlet on the Rubber Gas Mask, the end of the hose is already in place between your legs under the Rubber Sheet to ensure you breathe in only that wonderfully aromatic fragrant smell of warm, sweaty Rubber. Then as your body temperature rises so will the strength of the Rubber essence. Oh yes, the lens on the Gas Mask will be blacked out, you don’t need to see anything, and it will ensure you are not distracted from enjoying your suffering.” 

Already I could feel my body needed to move and I could feel the desire building up to move my feet and turn over to a fresh position. But the tightly stretched Rubber Sheet and the padlocked chains were making sure I couldn’t. The tightly stretched Rubber Sheet had now removed even the small amount of movement I had thought I had, and Her constant rubbing of my erect cock was making me frustrated beyond belief.

“One last little comment, do not disturb Me during your punishment by asking to be released or some other silly request. If you do your punishment will continue until I feel you have been punished properly; and that could be for a very long time. It is now very nearly 9-30 p.m. I go to bed quite late, therefore I get up quite late, and I have always lots of important things to do in the mornings. Such as going into Town with my post, photographs to collect and shopping to do, so Rubber Bondage prisoners’ being punished takes second place in My daily routine. But don’t worry when I see your car parked on the lawn I’ll remember I have you in here suffering for breaking My rules and it will serve to remind Me to think about releasing you sometime, but it won’t be soon enough for you.”

Mistress stood up and pulled the Rubber Sheet over my head and I faintly heard the click of padlocks being fitted to the Rubber Sheet. There was an elasticated opening in the Rubber Sheet, which fitted around the face piece of the Rubber Gas Mask and made sure I couldn’t lift my head off the Rubber Pillow or move it from side to side. What was more frightening was the silence or lack of outside noises now the Rubber Sheet was fixed to the bed head. She screwed a Black Rubber hose to the inlet on the Rubber Gas Mask and the sound of my breathing inside the Rubber Gas Mask increased as it became harder to draw my air supply through the long Rubber hose. The smell of the Rubber was almost overpowering and I revelled in this new addition to my punishment. She pushed the bed back against the wall and then She was stood looking at me again and saying something. Well I could see Her lips moving but I couldn’t hear anything. She leaned over and pulled the elasticated opening in the Rubber Sheet away from the Rubber Gas Mask and put Her mouth by the opening. Now I could hear Her voice.

“I forgot my Rubber Bondage prisoner can’t hear me unless I speak closely by his head. It all helps to make you concentrate on your punishment, and I expect it is already causing you some discomfort. Don’t worry it will get much more intense and agonizing as time goes by and the time will be Oh so slow going by. Goodnight Rubber Bondage prisoner 8-18; I’ll see you whenever it takes my fancy to release you.”

She let the elasticated opening in the Rubber Sheet close around the Rubber Gas Mask again cutting off my hearing, then She put Her hand on the Rubber Gas Mask and the lens suddenly blacked out and I was in total darkness. I panicked at this new sensation and tried to struggle but only succeeded in pulling at the cock harness and the stab of pain brought me back to my senses. 

I had arrived at this place in the depth of the countryside, and met what I now realised was a dedicated Rubber Mistress. I had until then only written to Her and spoken to Her on the telephone. Now some two hours later I was a plaything, totally under Her control. I couldn’t understand how I had allowed Her to do this to me. But of course I did know, but my male ego wouldn’t let me admit to myself that my Rubber Mistress had well and truly fooled me.

I had been given the option to chose the punishment with the implied suggestion that one was worse than the other. I had of course chosen the one She wanted me to choose and I realised only too well that I was now totally under the control of not only a very serious Rubber Mistress but also a very clever and astute Rubber Mistress. I told myself that She did not intend to do me any permanent harm. She had said during one of our telephone chats that I would be taken to my declared limits and then a bit further, because none of us knew what our limits were until we reached them. We had to be taken there; not imagine what our limits were. We had to be taken beyond that limit because that was the only way we would discover at what point it all ceased to be enjoyable and giving pleasure. I wondered if Mistress was taking me to my limit, and I wondered just what I would have to experience to reach my limit. I had to admit to myself that I was not yet ready to ask to be released. I was in a sort of masochistic way enjoying this severe Rubber Bondage so I concluded my limit was still some way off. I was not in any pain - well only if I tried to move - and the punishment was to prevent me moving and to keep me encased totally in Rubber. 

Mistress had once said on the phone that there were many types of punishment. Some were achieved with pain, some were achieved with sexual teasing and torment, some involved humiliation and that could take many forms and then there was implied punishment, being told what was going to happen and then being made to endure it when it happened. I had to accept that I was being punished by the latter method. I had been told what was going to happen, I had been told how I would have to suffer. Certainly I had no option - secured as I was in extreme Rubber Bondage - but to accept what was going to happen. I firmly believed She would leave me to suffer for as long as She wanted, if only to impress upon me the need for punishment. But deep down I was hoping that She would relent as other Mistresses I had visited always did and release me before my limit was reached. But I knew I had to be prepared to endure the full punishment which I was quite sure was Her intention.

I lay unmoving, Rubber encased, strapped, chained and totally enclosed in my Rubber Bondage. I tried to think of other things to take my mind off the increasing desire to ease the aches building up in my body. Nowhere in Her rules did it say what punishments would be awarded for breaking the various rules. This was however a very fitting punishment for not wearing Rubber clothing. To be so tightly enclosed in Rubber and secured into a Rubber bed and to be forced to breathe in the heady aroma of Rubber was a salutary reminder not to break that particular rule again. Or perhaps this sort of punishment would encourage a prisoner to break that rule from time to time so as to be put into this situation which in spite of the extreme discomfort was strangely very thrilling and gratifying. I was at last coming to terms with my dreadful situation and slowly I was relaxing and letting the punishment become a pleasure.

Chapter 3.
In which the Rubber Mistress improves on  Her prisoners suffering. 

Having thought through my situation I felt much calmer and the panic I had felt earlier had subsided. I had made all these arrangements to come to this place to be a Rubber Bondage prisoner and I had asked for it to be made as real as possible and this devious Rubber Mistress was doing that right from the word go. In spite of the extreme Rubber restriction I was in I must have dozed off or even slept although I still can’t imagine how I managed to sleep. I was dreaming. I was riding a Motor cycle and there was something wrong with the engine. I could feel it vibrating between my legs as I was sat on the saddle. 

Suddenly I was wide awake but the engine was still vibrating between my legs. The shutters on the Rubber Gas Mask lens were open and I could see my Rubber Mistress in Her SBR Dress and Black Rubber Riding Boots bending over me pressing a large vibrator against the tightly stretched Rubber Sheet over my cock and balls. I could feel my cock had become fully erect to this arousal and I tensed myself for the rising orgasm. I felt quite euphoric as I felt that Mistress had after all only been tormenting me with Her comments about how long She was going to leave me to suffer. She was going to give me some pleasure and then I would be released and I would be able to have a proper nights rest. But the vibrator stopped its’ persistent arousal and I was left hanging on the brink of an orgasm and unable to do anything to complete what the vibrator had started. Mistress sensed I was wide awake for She turned and looked at my Rubber Gas Masked face and gave me what I could only describe as a wicked smile. She turned away and forced the vibrator into a tight pocket stitched into the Rubber Sheet. I could feel the weight of the vibrator pressing against my erect cock through the Rubber Sheet but the vibrator remained silent. Mistress leaned across the bed and I could see some sort of electrical panel hanging on a chain in front of the wall mirror. The cable from the vibrator was plugged into this electric panel and She spent sometime adjusting a pair of time clocks mounted on the panel. She adjusted some switches on the panel then moved away from it and stood looking down at me with again that wicked smile on Her face. She crouched down beside me and pulled the elasticated Rubber Sheet away from the edge of the Rubber Gas Mask.

“I was just about to go to bed,” She said, “When I remembered My Rubber Bondage prisoner was in his Rubber Bed all encased in Rubber and so securely Bondaged and no doubt suffering untold misery. So I thought I ought to add to his misery to make sure he fully understands how real his punishment is.” Her voice now had a mocking tone to it, 

“So I’ve set up this little gadget to dispel from your mind any lingering thoughts you might still have that the Rubber Bondage Centre is all fantasy. I’m sure you remember you wrote to your Rubber Mistress asking to be teased and tormented. She had to arouse you and bring you to the brink of an orgasm and then stop. She had to do this quite a few times until eventually She would let you come. Well I don’t intend to sit here all night doing that, so I had this gadget constructed to do it for me. The only snag is it doesn’t know when to stop and it definitely won’t let you come. Your Rubber Mistress has decided when it will switch off and you have no idea when that will be. I expect you have been thinking that like in your fantasies your Rubber Mistress was only pretending to be cruel. You were hoping that She would soon be back to release you and forgive you for breaking Her rules. Oh dear me no my Rubber Bondage prisoner number 8-18, it has been your misfortune to visit a real Rubber Bondage prison and to meet up with a very real Rubber Mistress and everything I do for and to my victims is also for real." 

And didn’t I now know just how real She was making everything. 

“You wrote to Me, and talked to Me about your fantasies, and I have been to a lot of trouble making sure you have your fantasies become very real; so there is no way I’m going to give you short measure. If you want to groan or scream or shout out or beg for mercy then feel free to do so, but be careful not to ask to be released. I shan’t wish you a ‘good night’ this time Rubber Bondage prisoner because I know from other prisoners comments you won’t be having one, also you’re going to be here much longer than the night, so I’ll leave you to suffer this dreadful punishment on your own. Yes, that is just what it is  - dreadful.”

She let the Rubber Sheet close around the Rubber Gas Mask again and blanked out the eye lens and I returned once more to my world of silence, darkness and suffering in Her Rubber Bondage punishment, and now I was to be made to suffer even more. I was feeling worried because I knew only too well what the vibrator was going to do; but more worrying was how often was it going to do it. Mistress had obviously set the time clock to turn on and off at certain time intervals but how often were those intervals? I would find out soon enough. I braced myself and waited expectantly for the extra torment to begin. But time passed and nothing happened. I relaxed in my Rubber confinement and hoped against hope that the device had broken down or that Mistress hadn’t set it properly. Again I must have dozed off, perhaps all the Rubber odours I was constantly breathing in were having a calming effect on me. 

I dreamt again but this time it was more realistic, Mistress was holding a vibrator against my erect cock which was strapped into a leather harness and was straining against the straps. It was becoming painful and I was shouting for Her to stop, and She did. No, I wasn’t dreaming I was awake, but in the darkness and silence and immobility of my Rubber Bondage I couldn’t be sure. I could feel I had almost reached an orgasm and I was hanging on the edge. I realised it was my trying to move against my Bondage and the way my cock was secured that had caused the pain and I felt it was the pain that had woke me up. I could feel my erection subsiding and I wondered what was going to happen next. Suddenly the vibrator sprang to life and started its persistent arousal to my cock. I felt my erection rising inside the leather straps and slowly the urge rose and I braced myself for the orgasm. The vibrator stopped and I tried to rub my erection against the tight Rubber Sheet. But it was this movement that had caused the pain that made me shout out before and I had to stop moving to ease the pain caused by the Bondage my cock was secured into. I could sense the first feeling of frustration rising as I was left on the brink of satisfaction again. 

My cock now devoid of attention from the vibrator slowly lost its erection and I was left wondering if the vibrator would turn on again. Oh yes it did, I counted fifteen times it brought me to the brink of orgasm and then left me unfulfilled. I managed to count during the on and off periods and I roughly guessed it was on for 25 seconds, enough to bring me to the brink. Then it would stay off for about 3 minutes, just long enough for the erection to subside, and then it would come back on just long enough to bring me to the brink again. I was being driven mad by this diabolical device. Any attempt to try and rub my erect cock against the vibrator resulted in my cock being subjected to severe pain from the harness being stretched by the cord attached to the ankle chain. How on earth had I managed to get myself into this terrible situation.  I hoped that my cruel Rubber Mistress was not going to return and apply another torment; and yet I was hoping She would come back and release me from all this. I reckoned it had lasted for about an hour, and I was able to recover my senses and try and block out the terrible desire to move my body to ease the awful aching that was pervading every muscle and joint.

It seemed like an eternity before I was once more tormented beyond belief by this fiendish device. 

I didn’t know if Mistress could hear my moans and groans, but I was determined to survive if only to avoid having this carry on for twice as long. I lost track of the number of times the vibrator performed its relentless cruelty to me. But I was slowly aware that I hadn’t been aroused for a long time. Had my heartless Rubber Mistress been in and switched it off, or had it just come to the end of its’ cycle. My whole body felt numb and I needed to have a pee. But I was not in a natural position to be able to pee, but nature took over and I felt myself letting go. I couldn’t feel any warm liquid running over my legs so I assumed the sheath thing was working properly. I felt ravenously hungry and I wondered just how long I had been kept in this Rubber Bondage. The eye lens were suddenly uncovered and Mistress was looking at me. She leaned over and released the Rubber Sheet from the bed head and pulled it away from my head and face. 

“Time to be released prisoner so we can start your training programme. Your punishment has delayed the start of your training so I will have to make some adjustments to your rest periods to compensate for this. We’ll talk about it later when you are in My Dungeon.”

She removed the Rubber Sheet and released the cord from the cock harness and disconnected the drain tube. Then She unlocked the padlocks on the neck and ankle chains, and by rolling me onto my side removed the Hood and Collar padlocks and unstrapped the Collar.  She unbuckled the straps holding the Rubber Waders up, also the strap around my arms and released the sleeve ends of the Rubber Strait Jacket. Slowly I could feel my body and limbs recovering from the long period in immobile Bondage. She caught hold of my feet and swung them off the bed and pulled me up into a sitting position. She reached behind me and unbuckled the straps across the back of the Rubber Strait Jacket and released the two crotch straps. Finally She unlocked the padlock around my cock and ball root. 

“You can get yourself out of your restraints now on your own. When you have done your toiletries put on a Rubber Hood with open eyes and mouth which you will find on the bed, then this pair of Rubber Boots,” and She tapped with Her foot a pair of knee length Rubber Boots stood by the end of the spare bed. “Then put on this heavy Rubber lined SBR Mack.” and she pointed to a long SBR Mackintosh hanging over the spare bed, “ and a pair of Rubber Gloves. That is all the Rubber clothing you need, don’t let me find you wearing anything else. Then lock on the ankle and wrist manacle set, I have left them unlocked and make sure you close up the ratchets nice and tight, they weren’t tight enough last night when you put them on, and I’m sure you don’t want Me to lock them on you or you’ll really know what tight means! Then you can have something to eat and drink. Yes, I know it will be difficult, but I always make things difficult for My Rubber Bondage prisoners. They are never allowed to have it easy. Then I’ll be in to get you ready to start your training programme.”

She swished out of the room and locked the door behind Her. The feeling of being a prisoner was increasing with everything She did and every word She said. I struggled inside the Rubber Strait Jacket and it slid off my shoulders and I was able to get my arms and hands out of the sleeves. I unstrapped the harness around my cock and removed the sheath from my cock. I was now able, bit by bit, to remove the Rubber Gas Mask, the Rubber Waders and then the Rubber clothes. I found my holdall and took my toilet things and a towel into the shower room. After a relaxing shower and a shave, I felt refreshed and somewhat recovered from my night’s ordeal. I looked in my holdall and found my travel alarm and I was amazed to see that it was nearly 10-00 a.m. I had been made to endure that dreadful punishment for about 12 hours. I wondered what else my Rubber Mistress had planned for me.

I found the Rubber Hood and put it on and was relieved to find it had a wide mouth opening, which would allow me to eat and drink something. I put on the Rubber Boots and these were lined with Rubber, something I had not seen before. Then I found the Rubber Gloves and put those on followed by the heavy SBR Mackintosh. The Rubber lining struck cold against my nude body and my cock immediately began to erect. I buttoned up the Mackintosh and then picked up the set of manacles. 

I secured them around my ankles and then realised that once my wrists were secured it would be virtually impossible to prepare any food. The chain linking the ankles to the wrists prevented me from lifting my hands above my waist. I wouldn’t be able to reach the kettle let alone fill it, or reach the cooker knobs to switch it on. I decided to put the wrist manacles in the Mackintosh pocket and put them on after I had had something to eat and drink.

I put the kettle on and put some bread under the grill to toast. I heard the door being unlocked and Mistress rustled in. She looked around the kitchenette and then looked at me, standing by the Cooker. She came and stood in front of me. “On your knees prisoner.” and I dropped to the floor in front of Her. She switched off the Kettle and the Cooker. 

“I imagined that last nights punishment would have shown you just how real your Rubber Bondage prisoner status is here at Fantasy Acre, but obviously not. You have seen fit to break another of My rules, this time by disobeying an instruction from your Mistress. You seem to be making a habit of it. It would appear to me you are either very stupid or you obviously enjoy being punished, and you can rest assured I really do enjoy Punishing you. I have many punishments I enjoy administering to disobedient Rubber Bondage prisoners, and you have been very disobedient. ”


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