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Storycodes: F/m; drug; latex; dollsuit; fem; mask; wig; corset; rubberdoll; enslave; revenge; stuck; cons/nc; X

I got home from work almost a hour early so that I could lay out the clothes that I planed on forcing my cunt of a wife to wear for me tonight. Cynthia doesn't like dressing up one bit, she never has, but she does exactly what I tell her, or I slap the little slut silly. She would be getting home from the airport at about 6:00 p.m. and I wanted everything ready when she walked through the door.

I guess a little background is in order. I hadn't been very happy when Cynthia, my wife, had asked Roxanne, one of her co-workers to rent the spare bedroom in the basement Roxanne was fresh from Montreal, and she had a dark, exotic complexion. One look at Roxanne's clothes had made up my mind that the hot little dusky skinned slut was going to move in. When I first saw the way Roxanne dressed I thought, 'God, this cunt must be a fucking hooker or something'. So, as soon as I had received Cynthia's call I had decided I would dress Cynthia up like Roxanne, make her wear all of that whore Roxanne's clothes tonight to make me hot.

Ever since we got married I have been dressing Cynthia up like I want, in the things I like to see bitches wear. Since Roxanne is the hottest dressing bitch I had ever seen, I thought Cynthia would look perfect dressed up in all of Roxanne's tight, sexy things. I decided that tonight was a perfect time to make Cynthia play dress up. Now, at last, I was going to get some use out of that French Canadian whore's wardrobe.

After all, Cynthia had called to tell me that we would have the house to ourselves over the weekend because Roxanne was going to leave straight from work for a weekend with a friend and I had already checked to make sure she and Cynthia are the same size (I had checked everything). The only bad part was that I worried all the way home over if that stupid, fucking cunt Roxanne might have taken the things I wanted to dress Cynthia in. But everything I'd wanted was right there in Roxanne's room. So, I took what I wanted and tonight I would make Cynthia dress in Roxanne's clothes from the skin out.

The first thing of Roxanne's that I laid out was her black satin corset, trimmed in red lace. I knew I'd like this corset on Cynthia, not only would it cinch her down to an impossible wasp waist but it would leave her tits bare. Next, I dug through Roxanne's dresser drawer till I found the matching string bikini panties and laid them on the bed. Then, I opened a new pair of Roxanne's black seemed sheer nylon stockings and laid them on the bed next to the corset. Roxanne's back laced, black leather, knee hi boots with their soaring pencil thin spiked heels were laid next to the nylons. The outfit was a bit of a problem, god, Roxanne had some of the sexist clothes I have ever seen.

I had decided, however on Roxanne's white leather dress. The dress was skin tight, long sleeved, very low cut. The skirt to the dress was mid-calf length and zipped down the back all the way to the hem. I think if you zipped it all the way that the effect would be just like a hobble skirt. To go with the dress I selected a black wide leather V-belt that buckled in the back and black leather elbow length kid gloves. On Roxanne's dressing table were just a few of Roxanne's wigs, I selected a waist length red-gold one, styled in a mass of tight curls. I carried the dress, belt, gloves and wig down to our bedroom. Then I went back to Roxanne's room for the jewellery that I wanted. A gold band collar necklace, long, dangling gold and rhinestone earrings and gold spurs for the boots. The last thing I took from Roxanne's room was her short black mink jacket.

I heard Cynthia's car in the driveway, then the sound to the front door closing. I went out to let my wife in on the plans for the evening. She was standing in the hall taking her coat off when I came in the living room. Cynthia is tall, almost my height with short brown hair, a nice body and great tits. She was wearing Jeans, tennis shoes and a tee-shirt. She had a full time job in a department store stock room and they had sent her to some kind of school to use some kind of computer. She had been gone for 45 days and now the dumb bitch was back working in a stockroom. This was a pretty piss-poor job for a woman with a masters degree, but what the fuck.

"Cyn! Hey, fix me a drink and come here, we're going to have a special time tonight, you won't believe what I got in store for you!"

Cynthia just smiled and went into the kitchen. She came out with a couple glasses with ice and went to the bar. She poured me a Bourbon straight and a wine cooler for herself. She handed me my drink and I knocked it back.

"Guess who’s things your going to wear tonight baby!” I said leering at her.

Cynthia just smiled back at me, "You know Richard, I'm really tired of dressing up like your $100.00 a night whore just so you can fuck me like a toy and drop me when you've gotten your rocks off. I don't enjoy it." Cythia continued, "Well, I didn't enjoy the dressing at first and I still don't enjoy the fucking, and I've been thinking, what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

"I don't understand. What the fuck are you talking about?"

Cynthia smiled again, "I know that you don't yet understand Richard, but you will soon. As a first step, I've spiked your drink. You'll soon find that you have no control over your movement."

"No!" I felt my head spin. "What going on Cynthia, you crazy bitch!?"

Cynthia stood up and smiled at me, "But don't worry, it's effects will pass in a little while. There we go. Even now you can't move to put down your drink."

I went to move but she was right I was frozen. "God Cynthia, what are you going to do? Help me. This isn't fucking funny."

"I never hoped it would be funny, because I'm very serious."

I couldn't move a muscle in my entire body, yet I could still speak through clenched teeth, "Cynthia, What are you doing!"

Cynthia looked down at me, "You see Richard, now it’s my turn. Instead of me dressing up as a new slut every night, I'm going to make YOU, into "my" perfect, slut lover."

Cynthia sat my drink down, then, gripping my arm, she slowly raised me to a standing position. Standing, yet totally helpless she took my hand and slowly guided me into our bedroom.

"Please Cynthia, we can work this out." I begged.

Once there she began to strip me off all my clothes. She didn't answer, but just smiled at me.

"Please Cynthia, lets not go any further. What are you talking about? What's this perfect lover bullshit?”

Still Cynthia didn't answer but walked to her closet and opened the door.

"Now Cynthia, stop this right fucking now!"

She ignored me totally, seemed not to even really hear me as she carefully pulled out a large box and setting it on the bed in front of us, she continued, without a pause....

"What the fuck do you think your doing! You can't do this to me!!" I growled.

Suddenly Cynthia turned and with an evil glare sneered, "Oh but my love, yes I can, cause I'm doing it right now!"

Now she opened the box and pull out a rubber latex body suit. No, not so much a body suit as a latex sex doll without a head. The latex was a perfect flesh color with a dark tan. Cynthia sat me down onto the bed and with ease; she began to slip the latex rubber onto my frozen form. First one leg then the next. The feet to the suit even had individual toes, each with a wine red painted toe nail. I felt Cynthia pull the smooth, rubber up, sliding it over my legs. This was not ordinary latex. It was soft and porous, much more like the texture of skin than rubber.

As she stood me back up, I begged, "Please Cynthia, you don't know what your doing!!"

With a tug she pulled it up to my waist and not so gently placed my soft cock into some kind of pouch inside the latex suit.

Cynthia moved behind me and purred in my ear, "On the contrary, my darling, please believe I know just what I'm doing my dear, your becoming my pretty French Barbie Doll. Feel how the latex grips your legs so very tightly, just like a second skin, a beautiful tan skin!. I love working the latex up your legs, god, I can't believe how lifelike this latex is. Can you feel how the latex moulds to your legs so very tightly, just like a second skin. Yes, I know the feeling . I think this is going to work out perfectly."

Somehow a whimper had crept into my voice, "Cynthia, stop, I don't like to wear latex and this is way too tight."

But she didn't stop. "Now let's stand you up, there. See Richard, that pathetic little cock of yours into the pouch, there! See how your worthless cock disappears and how lifelike your new pussy is. Why darling the cock sheath even hooks up like a catheter so your piss hole works just like it does on other women. From now on you'll have to squat to pee just like a real girl."

"An additional benefit is that your shrivelled cock will act just like a real clit. In that pouch it will be stimulated by anyone fondling or fucking your pussy. You will be able to have a real "female" orgasm. This is a benefit I would like to deny you, but your lovers will want the realism."

With a tug, she pulled the body suit up to my waist. She fitted my helpless hands into the tight, tight latex, carefully working my fingers, hands and wrists into their tanned, satin smooth veneer. "Darling, don't complain so! Now let get your hands and fingers worked into their new latex skin. You know, I'm going to love having you helpless! There not even one wrinkle! Now your hands are those of an elegant woman, perfect in every detail, even down to your beautiful, slick, wet, blood red, highly polished, two-inch long finger nails".

"Don't you think your new claw-like nails are so pretty and sexy! Goodness, this body suit is so tight!"

Soon my torso and arms were just as tightly gloved in the smooth rubber. As she sealed the back of the latex body suit with some kind of glue, I could see in the full length mirror that my new latex body was completely hairless and had the most beautiful feminine shape I'd ever seen. There was not a seam or joint anywhere to spoil the effect and huge firm breasts of latex were luscious and alluring, the deep pink nipples stiff and erect. The effect was perfect, the detail unbelievable, even down to the blood red, dagger- like nails on each finger.

"No Cynthia, I'm don't want to be a girl! Stop this now!"

Cynthia smiled, "But don't you see my love, my perfect lover looks like a woman; a pretty French slutty, bitch for me to enjoy!"

I looked down at the bare, shaved, pubic area and I saw a well-formed vagina and a stiff, large, clitoris protruding from between pink inner cunt lips.

"Cynthia, get this god dammed thing off me right fucking NOW!

Cynthia simply looked at me, smiled and kept right on with transforming me into the object of her fantasy. Cynthia sat me back down on the edge of the bed and with seductive ease she slide on Roxanne's black silk stockings on my latex encased legs, first the right, then the left.

Then helping me back to my feet whispered to me, "You know darling, I wish you didn't think that way. You know I have spent a great deal of time and money just to do this with you. I have no intention what so ever of stopping. My days of being your submissive unsatisfied whore are over, from this second on we'll play the games I like!"

Cynthia checked to make sure the seams to the stocking were straight then with subtle ease she put Roxanne's black satin corset around my latex covered waist, fitted the half cups of the bra tightly up and under my huge firm latex breast then began to lace the back of the corset tightly closed. Tighter and tighter Cynthia pulled the laces, smaller and smaller my waist shrunk. Every time I believed that it was impossible to pull my waist any smaller, Cynthia would find a way to make the corset an inch tighter.

Soon I was gasping for breath, panting like a dog, begging Cynthia to stop. I felt like I was being squeezed to death. I opened my mouth wide, gasping for breath, as my body was ruthlessly transformed into a sex object, not a person, just a toy for the sexual enjoyment of others. Finally, with a last tug, Cynthia tied the laces behind me. The corset was so tight that I could just barely breath, but my waist was pulled down to an impossible wasp figure, so very feminine and sexy.

Then Cynthia turned me and stepped away and I was allowed to see myself in the full-length mirror. I could not believe what I saw! My body had been forced into a perfect whore's shape. A sweet 16-inch waist and 38DD breasts. I stared in the mirror amazed at the impossible hour-glass figure I now had. My waist had been pulled in so I could almost put both hands around and have the fingers touch. My breath was very labored with the tightness of the shinning satin corset that has moulded my helpless torso into such a sexy whore's body.

"Oh God Cynthia stop, I can't breath, my head is spinning! Please stop!!"

The corset was so tight that I could just barely breath, but my waist had been pulled down to an impossible wasp figure, so very feminine and sexy.

While she fastened the garters to the sheer black stocking, Cynthia purred, "God darling, I love the way the corset lifts and separates your lovely breasts to give a suggestion of even more size and firmness and your tiny waist really calls attention to the size of your tits. The only thing really wrong with my plan is that between the corset, your clothes and due to the tightness of the latex body suit your movement will be restricted. But then a pretty submissive whore don't need to move very fast, does she, my slut love."

I tried to reason with her as best I could through the paralysing drug, "Cynthia, what do you mean? You know you can't get away with doing this to me. I'm not some kind of toy, I'm your husband. When I get loose, you'll pay for this. Let me go right now!"

Cynthia looked me in the face and smiled as she said, "But don't you see my dear, I already am getting away with it. When I'm finished with you, you'll be just like a life size doll. Only you'll be one that I can move and pose as I wish. Oh no my love, you're going to be just beautiful! A beautiful living sex doll for me to dress and enjoy whenever, however I wish. And whatever gave you the silly idea you were ever going to get out of this? Soon you will be happy to be a little French slut. You'll see."

I whimpered, "Please Cynthia, couldn't you loosen the corset just a little?" I caught myself begging and yelled, "God what am I saying, Cynthia take this fucking thing off this second. Cynthia, you dumb fucking cunt, get this off me!"

She didn't even reply. Instead she sat me on the bed and continued to dress me as if I hadn't said a thing. Cynthia took Roxanne's knee high boots from the bed and after sliding my feet into them began to lace the gleaming black leather onto my legs.

I stared at the soaring, pencil thin 7' inch spiked high heels as Cynthia laced the boots on skin tight. "I can't walk in these things!!"

Cynthia smiled, "Why dear, the heels on these boots are only 7 inches, I think Roxanne has some that are even higher. Besides you expected me to walk in them, so now you'll know how hard it is to keep your balance. But you'll learn to be very graceful and ladylike dear, you'll learn!"

When Cynthia had finish lacing the boots she slid the silky, tiny panties up over the high, high spiked heels, up over the gleaming black leather boots, up over my nyloned legs and up over the corsets garters, until the panties misted but did not conceal the shaved mound between my legs.

"There, now lets put your dress on. You know Richard, I couldn't have picked a better outfit myself, your going to be a very sexy and seductive little cunt!"

Cynthia slid my legs into the tight white leather, stood me up and pulled the dress up to my waist, shit, the bitch had the skirt zipped all the way to the hem! Next she slid my helpless latex covered arms into the tight white leather sleeves and pulled the dress all the way on and started to zip the back closed around the lovely latex torso! The front of the dress was cut very low to show off my new firm latex formed body the and glove soft leather hugged my every curve as she zipped the back of the dress tightly closed. The dress was a perfect fit.

"Oh god, your going to be even lovelier than I'd hoped. You are going to be an altogether exceptional sex toy!"

I pleaded, "Please Cynthia, let me go and I'll do anything for you!"

"But my dear, don't you understand, when I'm done you'll do anything I say anyway! He he he he."


"Now... we seem to have a tiny bit of unwillingness in you and for that I'm truly sorry. But as my perfect lover, you really will need to love your new role. Since I'm tired of listening to your constant complaints, I will just move up my schedule for your next step towards slavery. So......"

"Please, Cynthia, don't do this. What do you mean that I need to love this?".

Cynthia reached into the box and pulled out a hypodermic needle and a bottle of amber colored fluid. She filled the syringe with the fluid, squirting a little out of the needle.

"Cynthia....NO!!" As I screamed my protest... Cynthia plunged the needle into my neck and injected the contents.

"NO! MUFFFF Muffff, mufff, mmmm". My screams became inaudible whimpers as I felt the warm rush of the drug affect my senses. I keep trying to scream, but all that escaped were helpless, tiny whimpers.

Cynthia smiled, "There darling, I want you get used to the feel of total submission. This drug I have perfected will make you pliable to any suggestions I make for you. Your mind is now a soft sponge for me to fill with my will. Now we need just one last thing to make you perfect, I mean if your going to have a pretty French whore's body, then you are going to have to have a sexy whore's face! You’re going to want to be all exotic and sensual."

She guided me to her dressing table, sat me down in her chair, then opened the top left drawer. Slowly Cynthia pulled out a beautiful tanned, full head, mask made of the same porous rubber as the body. The difference was that the latex appeared to be spread over some kind of mould. The mask was exquisite; perfectly lifelike, with huge brown plastic eyes, long, thick fluffy eyelashes, and a shocking red lips. The come-fuck-me mouth oozed so sensually that the stupidly starring blank, empty eye holes set off perfectly.

Wild, sexy eye makeup, rouge and eye liner made the face perfect. I stared at the unbelievably lifelike full head mask with unbelieving terror, realizing just what was going to happen to me. I tried to move, but couldn't and gazed my pleading eyes filled with emotion at Cynthia, begging her not to. My mind no longer possessed the will to do anything but emit a series of tiny, pleading, little squeaks that were almost inaudible and completely unintelligible. Cynthia came around behind me where I couldn't see her, and held the head so I could see the stunning exotic female face.

"Goodbye Richard," Cynthia whispered in my ear, "Take a last look at your disgusting male face, because in just a few minutes it will be just a memory. From this second on your going to be the beautiful French whore I have always wanted for my lover. Better yet, you will be my total slave."

Cynthia turned the latex head so the back was to my face. In the back of the mask there was an opening slit that ran from the crown to the neck that allowed the head to be put on, eyelet holes and a long black leather lace. Then carefully, with a cruel, sensual slowness Cynthia gently drew the clinging latex head over my helpless male face. As I felt the satin caress of the latex mask being slid over my head and face I tried to scream but all that was heard was a tiny final whimper that escaped my lips

Cynthia bent forward, "What's that darling, I can't understand a word of what you’re saying, you must speak up if you want something".

Then my head was totally engulfed in the tanned latex. Once that my male face had been completely enclosed in it's beautiful female latex sheath, Cynthia carefully started to slowly work the laces on the back of the rubber head closed, working from the top to the base of my neck, over and over, each time forcing the mask to constrict around my face. Cynthia kept pulling the laces long after I thought it impossible to make the mask fit my face any closer! She kept working the mask carefully closed so as to cruelly force my face into the mould of the heavy latex mask, making the mask literally a new, flawless, second skin. The pressure of the mask against my face was quickly becoming unbearable.

"God!", I thought, "she has to stop, sweet fucking god it feels as if she's going to crush my head". The pressure of the mask, the overpowering feel of the latex made my head swim! Cynthia kept working the laces on the back of the latex head closed, going from top to bottom, over and over, each time pulling the mask tighter and tighter, cruelly, tightening it carefully, making the mask literally skin tight perfection. It felt as if my head was being crushed as I stared helplessly through the brown lenses as my face was ruthlessly moulded into the image of a beautiful exotic woman.

God this is impossible, she has to stop, but Cynthia kept working the laces ever tighter and tighter, forcing my face to take on the semblance of the beautiful rubber head, superimposing the visage of a breathtaking French bitch over my own features. Only when my wife was completely delighted by the image that she had so cruelly created did she ruthlessly seal my features into the inescapably female face of a stunning woman by knotting the leather thong in a hard knot I stared in disbelief at the dusky latex sex doll sitting helpless in the mirror.

"There you are my beautiful slut, how do you like your new face? Don't you think you look so much better now that your all sweet, slutty, and female?"

I tried to shake my helpless head "NO" as Cynthia pulled on the waist length, golden red, tightly curled, long flowing wig over the bald dome of the bald latex head.

In a few minutes Cynthia finished her handy work and stood in front of me. "Yes... I've always thought that you're a very beautiful woman Roxanne and I glad your going to be my slave whore." In an instant I recognized the face and body that stared back at me. As I looked in the mirror I could see that once the full head mask had been placed over my face and with the wigs long golden-red cascade flowing over my leather clad shoulders the resemblance was uncanny. The image that stared back at me from the mirror was exactly like that of our slutty house guest.


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