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Rosemary's Fetish

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2008 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bodymod; experiment; latex; preg; lact; cons; X

(Author's Note) This is an experiment of sorts, and not really meant to be taken as arousing per se, but it was a twisted idea I had, so I wanted to work with it.  Maybe I'll add more to this, maybe not…hope you aren't disappointed.

The following is a series of medical transcripts, journals, and reports that relate to the Silkworm Project initiated at Derma-Dyne Industries.  Their use is only at the discretion of those members of the project or authorized personnel only.  Any duplication, distribution, or illegal access to these documents is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent according to Derma-Dyne rules and regulations.

Phase 0: Preparatory Document

This project will be initiated as soon as I obtain the correct subject for my work here at Derma-Dyne, initially humanitarian and ethical issues were considered at the outset of Project Silkworm, but through well-thought planning, I have procured funding and support towards my research.   The purpose of Project Silkworm is to produce the ultimate bio-enhanced 'skin' that fetish-lovers the world over can obtain for themselves in fashion, sexual desire, or simply to change their lifestyles.  In my initial theory I discovered humans have a natural pleasure attachment to frictionless and/or luminescent surfaces.  My theory is that this is first developed in the womb; to prove this I have observed several non-human pregnant subjects, gathering as much data as possible.  So far my data results have proven accurate; however there is a certain level of discovery left to be made.  If I am to recreate the simulations I've run thousands upon thousands of times to a full replication, I must use a human subject.  Thankfully, I have Derma-Dyne's full support for this project.  I, Dr. Ira Levin, hope to succeed in blessing mankind with the ultimate epidermis.

Phase 1: Psychological Profile of Subject

Name:  Mariana Ross

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 6/6/19XX

Nationality: Italian/German/Swiss

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Initial Measurements: 32-25-34

Pigments: Red Hair, Green Eyes


Miss Ross has been single for the better part of her youth, has attended and graduated from a small university in Eastern Europe (name withheld), her personality is very boisterous with consideration to her age.  She has a mature side to her personality, with a certain level of upstanding and cultured breeding.  In particular she is often interested in fashion design and modeling.  She has explicitly stated that although she wishes to have a certain level of sexual intercourse with in her words the 'ideal man' she has stated she has no desire to have children.  She has no known relatives to speak of.


Her statement regarding no desire to have children this leads me to believe she may be an ideal candidate for the project.  A further interview may be necessary.

Phase 2: Beginning Initiation Interview with Subject

Levin: I hope you don't mind, Miss Ross, if I record our interview.

Ross: Not at all, I'm interested in knowing more about this project you're working on Dr. Levin

L:  Are you familiar with genetic engineering, Miss Ross?

R: A little, but all I've heard so far is that lots of people debate on whether it's right or not.

L:  For the purposes of this project, ethics have already been discussed.  In reality, I've got the go-ahead for this project, I only need someone's approval to be a willing subject.

R:  Willing subject?

L:  I'll begin by saying that I recently discovered that women have the ornate ability to 'protect' their children during the developmental phases of pregnancy: Defense against disease, violent shocks, many types of drug influence, and even internal sickness from the mother herself.

R:  I said this before, Dr. Levin, I'm not interested in having children.

L:  That's just it, Miss Ross, you won't be having one.  Project Silkworm is designed to create what I like to call a 'biological production unit'.  But what you will be producing won't be children in the least, it'll be something much more valuable to society as a whole…to Derma-Dyne as a company.

R: And that is?

L:  In a word, 'skin', Miss Ross.  This skin will be produced via your reproductive system, not just through the pregnancy process, but also through the genetic modifications we at Derma-Dyne will be adding to the process.

R:  So what are you saying?  That you're giving me some kind of batter and I'm some sort of genetic bread oven?

L:  Miss Ross, please don't misunderstand, I'm not trying to make light your role here.  If my theory is correct, you, Miss Ross, will be producing the most durable epidermis substance the world has ever seen, and quite possibly the most effective means of eliminating the world's diseases.

R:  I've read the proposal on paper, and I know how much I'm supposed to be getting paid for participating in this, but I need you to reassure me:  I won't be getting pregnant, right?

L:  You won't be having a child, Miss Ross.  You will be pregnant, however, pregnant with our project.

R:  I'm still not quite sure I approve.  Will there be any sex involved?

L:  Only if that's the method you want to initiate the project.  We have other means…

R:  Such as?

L:  Vaginal suppository, or stomach needle injection…

R:  I'll try the suppository I guess…

L:  Are you sure?  Are you giving us your approval to begin?

R:  Well I'm getting paid for this aren't I?  And you gave me your word I won't be having a kid to look after when this is over.

L:  Certainly not, Miss Ross.

R:  If I have to go through so much as a Contraction of Labor, you'll hear from my lawyer.

L:  Understood.  Shall we proceed then?

Phase 3:  Project Silkworm Initiated

Subject (Mariana Ross) has opted for the Vaginal Suppository method, and so I've obliged her.

The sphere-pill is an inch in diameter, so it won't be too much of a problem to insert.  Subject has stated some minor discomfort but nothing else to note.  Her vitals appear stable and she's been given some fluids to stabilize the process.  We've informed her that she must rest on the medical bed for at least 3 hours before we can confirm that the process has begun to work.

Progress confirmed, scan indicates subject has exposed her 'oocyte' to the pill.  It will only be a matter of time…

Week 1:

For reference this notation is approximately 2 weeks from the date which the Subject took the suppository.  Subject has stated her menstrual period has ceased and we have begun the 40 week period.  This being classified as her 'first pregnancy' 41-42 weeks has been estimated to complete the process.

Week 2:

hCG has been confirmed in Urine and Blood samples, although we aren't certain this will perfectly match normal pregnancy.  Subject appears to be in good condition.

Week 3:

Subject has reported several changes: Chadwick's sign, Goodell's sign, and Hegar's sign.  Cervical entrance appears to have softened and darkened color dramatically.  Subject has also increased her consumption of food that we have regulated as part of the project.  No sign that there is a difference between this and normal pregnancy.

Week 4:

Minor swelling detected in the subject, cervix has also increased in sensitivity.  Subject has reported minor issues with arousal and sexual stimulation.  Scans indicate that the 'embryo' has begun to devlop.

Week 6:

Increased swelling of the abdomen has been noted.  Subject has reported her breasts have begun to increase in size.  While it is probable that pregnancy is the cause for lactation, I have not seen this sort of dramatic change in breast size before.  Her former cup size has gone from B to D.  Subject has also reported increased discomfort in her cervical area, sensitivity, as well as increased arousal from the previous weeks.

Week 8:

Subject's breast size has gone from D to E, which is alarming.  Abdomen continues to develop.  Subject reports no strain on her back, natural mood swings are almost non-existent, and an increased darkening in her cervix.  Her hips appear to have gained muscle tone and size to support her now increased mass and weight.  Subject has not reported any sexual activity, but there are signs that she has attempted to stimulate herself over the 2 week period.

Week 10:

Again, no mood swings reported, appetite seems to have slowed down some, and the subject has developed an increased desire for sexual intercourse.  Breast size has increased to G and has begun to lactate in what the subject refers to as 'intervals of arousal', moments in which she herself appears to be most aroused.  The subject has admitted her attempts of self-stimulation don’t appear to satiate her needs.  I have given her advice regarding the matter, although I'm uncertain how effective it will be.  Abdomen size is nearly double the normal pregnancy size seen for this trimester.

Week 12:

Subject reports no major physical changes other than increased abdomen size.  Her sexual urges have nearly doubled since the last report.  Lactation has also increased, although there is a strange element found in her milk I took in a sample.  It appears to be some sort of stimulation agent that affects male pheromones, more tests are necessary.  Scans show no sign of a fetus, however there are signs of an extended amount of tissue structure located there.  Her G-sized breasts appear to have increased in sensitivity.  Subject has also reported a 'black substance' has begun to line her cervix.  Waistline and hips have appeared to double in flexibility, allowing her more movement than most pregnant woman…this needs further research.

Side note:  Subject has requested some means of sexual stimulation, but was declined.  I can only hope this problem won't interfere with the project.

Week 14:

Subject has finally begun to have altered mood swings, but they differ from those of normal pregnancies.  She has displayed a very submissive trait recently, and has given to bouts of what I can only describe as 'sexual aggression'.  Aside from the change in abdomen size, her body appears to have developed more tone to it than I expected.  She is quite active and mobile despite the level of pregnancy she has obtained.  No fatigue or stress on her back has been reported, however.  Lactation has developed in steady intervals, and she has reportedly drunk some of it for her own arousal.  I have advised against this, as well as self-stimulation for the time being, but if this activity continues, we may be forced to put her under regular observation.

Week 16:

To my discovery, the subject Mariana Ross, hasn't developed mood swings as first reported, but a complete change in her personality altogether.  Before the project began she showed signs of pessimistic nature and had a somewhat tense personality, but these traits appear to be nonexistent now, and I have no explanation.  She has begun to show some level of affection towards me as her medical advisor for this project, but I cannot deter myself from the project.   Against my advisory she continues to 'feed' off her lactation, based on what she claims is sexual need.  Subject reports no major physical changes since the beginning of her pregnancy.

Week 18:

The scan shows no signs of life in the subject's uterus, but the productive phases of the project we've engineered inside her have begun to take shape.  Subject is beginning to show signs of addiction to her own milk, as well as increased sexual stimulation tendencies.  Subject also reports increases erogenous sensitivity, and I've noted her personality has become more submissive, particularly towards me, as she has apparently tried to make an advance during my examination.

Week 20:

After some research on the subject's samples I've discovered the chemical agent within her milk's true purpose: Addiction and Sexual Stimulation.  Although I'm not certain what caused this mutation in her breasts, I am fully aware of the problem it represents to her and the project.  I've advised her to keep her 'feeding' sessions to a minimum during this project, although I'm not certain it will help.  She has been coming regularly to report changes to me, but I can't help but wonder if her true purpose in coming is to initiate intercourse.  She has displayed signs of 'long-term arousal' and has developed a penchant for stimulating herself whenever I don't have her full attention.  Regarding this report, her abdomen has nearly reached the stretch-limit that a woman pregnant at 9 months would have, meaning that either this project is nearly complete, or some dramatic mutation may be taking place soon.

Week 22:

Against my advisement, the subject has nearly doubled her intake of milk, to the point that she has difficulty going through the day without 'feeding' of herself.  Her lactation rate is incredibly fast, and her abdomen has ceased increasing in size.  Her sexual arousal is nearly three times that of the average woman, such that I can no longer afford to have her exposed to the public.  She very quickly agreed to live under my supervision and observation, although I'm not certain the broader meaning in this.

Additional Note:  A strange black rubber film appears to have formed over the surface of her cervix and vaginal area; I'm not quite certain what this material is, except that it appears to extend itself deep inside her.

Week 24:

Two weeks have passed since she began to take residence with me, and I have difficulty keeping her sexual intentions in restraint.  On numerous occasions she has made advances on me with the full intent of intercourse.   She has been agreeable to the project thus far, but I'm concerned that this is affecting her psychologically.

Week 26:

Scans on her relatively large abdomen show no results of the project we put inside her, and I have been unsuccessful in weaning her from her milk.  The black film that first appeared over the surface of her vulva has expanded slightly, and appears to have the same construct of PVC.

Week 28:

The last two weeks have been extremely trying in that I have been dealing with the subject on a daily basis.  Her sexual arousal is nearly constant now, and her personality appears to have changed dramatically since first taking part in the project.  Anything I ask her to do, she quickly and readily does, with the full intent on getting me sexually aroused.  She has begun to take a liking to wearing various 'erotic' pregnancy clothes, and wishes to spend more time getting to know me.  Her abdomen, although very large, shows no sign of the project, and the strange black film has begun to cover a large portion of her midsection, I've begun to suspect this an unexpected result of the project.

Week 30:

The subject, Mariana Ross, has grown psychologically and emotionally attached to me, such that she has recently confessed her love to me.  I am at a loss as to how I am to proceed.  It is noteworthy that she has not stopped feeding on her own breasts since they first showed signs of lactation.  I fear something terrible may happen if I should have her cease feeding altogether.  She has persisted in her attempts to gain my sexual arousal and affections, but her recently developed submissive nature prevents her from doing anything beyond what I want her to do, notable too is that she has developed an instinctive 'imprint' of me, in that she somehow is able to sense my emotional status (i.e. when I am hungry, thirsty, in pain, aroused, etc), and her physical sensitivity to things around her appears to have increased (improved vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, etc.).

Week 32:

Miss Ross appears to have developed an almost-psychic dependency on me as of late: whenever I am not in proximity to her, she has reported a certain level of emotional stress and frustration.  This frustration is only further agitated whenever her attempts to seduce me are foiled.  Her 'self-feeding' appears to calm her down in these situations.  I've also noted the strange film first reported to line her cervix has begun to act as a 'second-skin' over the surface of her waist and just below her large abdomen.  Perhaps some development in our project is taking place after all?

Week 34:

I have begun to struggle in avoiding Miss Ross, as of late.  Her sexual aversions have increased, and I fear she may eventually find opportunity to take advantage of me, should I least expect it one of these days.  It does not help I am in a state of arousal from time to time myself…but I must maintain my medical solidarity.  Miss Ross has begun to refer to me in erotic definitions as her Master, and her psychological dependency on me appears to have worsened.  The only good thing to report is that I've finally found signs that Project Silkworm is finally reaching fruition, although not in the way I first expected.  More tests are necessary.

Week 36:

The strange film that has begun to coat her skin appears to be the end result of our hard labors.  In a matter of speaking, Miss Ross is giving birth!  The process appears to be slow, but the substance growing out of her cervix is durable, stretchy, and rubber like in quality.  I cannot determine the full extent of how strong this material is, but it is most certainly the bio-skin we wanted to develop.

Side note:  Sexual stimulation from Miss Ross appears to accelerate the material's growth process, but more research is needed.

Week 38:

I recently returned from a meeting with my superiors regarding our Project and the Subject's status.  If we're to complete the project, it appears that someone must perform natural and consummate intercourse with Miss Ross.  The panel has selected me for this task, as the subject has bonded with me almost completely, as the type of creature that would mate for life.

Private Note:  I never expected, in my years working at Derma-Dyne, to end up doing this, of all things.  My co-workers have wished me luck in my 'work' and Mariana has been grinning at me all day since she heard the news regarding how we must handle the project.

Week 40:

I was somewhat surprised at having to have sex with a pregnant woman, especially one producing what my superiors are calling 'sex skin', as the stuff only seems to react during sexual intercourse.  Miss Ross apparently enjoyed every minute of the experiment, and the accelerated growth is right on schedule.  She still has an enormously large stomach, and her breasts have not changed size since Week 10.  She reports no discomfort at all in her current condition, so I can't really say too much regarding this.  She is persistent in her requests for sex, and due to my position in the matter, I cannot say no.  Although it appears the 'sex skin' she is producing is slowly going up her waist and down her legs.

Week 42:

I don't know why, but recently I decided I had grown attached to Mariana, maybe because of her beauty as a woman, or perhaps how sexy she looks while in her 'pregnant state'.  I must confess, I'm not exactly one of the old scientists that work for the company, and Mariana has certainly on more than one occasion confessed her feelings towards me, but I feel sad about never having reciprocated.  She has reported increased sensitivity in the areas where the 'sex skin' covers her legs and feet…almost like being tickled, but she states emphatically that it is of a sexual nature that she feels like this.  I'm concerned what the end result will be.

Week 44:

Project Silkworm is officially stated as a success in my report, however, I cannot help but wonder at the end result.  Mariana Ross has changed dramatically since her induction into the project, but she apparently has no complaints regarding the matter.  She is now covered from head to foot in the strange black 'sex skin'.  I've scanned her abdomen numerous times, but she appears to have achieved a 'permanent pregnancy' as there is no sign of the project inside of her, yet her stomach appears to be naturally large and rubbery.  She has increased senses, reflexes, and her body couldn't be sexier.  She feeds on her large breasts and has sex with me regularly.  Her submissive personality is here to stay it seems, and I suppose I can live with that…but something else has occurred that apparently my superiors failed to report to me:  she is producing the 'sex skin' from her vagina on a regular basis now.  It is easily harvested and can easily be molded or shaped into whatever piece of clothing the company wants.   As long as Mariana is stimulated sexually, she can't help but produce the stuff it seems. 

She has, in fact, become a rubber silk worm, and apparently has never felt happier.

Closing Report:

Project Silkworm has been successful, however, due to the nature of permanence that results, and limited production of 'sex skin', we may need multiple subjects to secure our position in the Fetish Market.  Assuming we find more subjects like Miss Ross, we could be producing the greatest invention of the Twenty-First Century…all thanks to Dr. Levin's…ahem…efforts.

It is our hope that we find such subjects and further develop the research necessary for our new project: 'The Silkworm Series'.

(Name Withheld for Confidentiality)

President and Founder of Derma-Dyne

This ends the Report



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