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Rolling in to Trouble

by Druid5

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© Copyright 2014 - Druid5 - Used by permission

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Lucy stepped out of her hotel room with a bounce in her step. She had felt guilty at first about booking a weekend away without her friends, yet they were all either happily married or partnered. This weekend she wanted to avoid any mention of her friend’s male companions. Her split with long term boyfriend last month had left her both bitter and determined to have a fun time alone to forget the recent heartache. She had booked the weekend at a country get away for fun lovers, it had rope courses, bungee jumping, and even a small water park. And so she found herself walking out in her tight new swimsuit into the warm sunshine.

The hotel was only small allowing for a relaxed feel and out of season meant it was nearly deserted adding to its appeal. Across the neat lawns was a slope track for various grass slides and a zorbing track. Lucy had booked a session there and was excited to see a ball roll off down through the artificial ramps and funnelled pipes. She walked up to the waiting attendant who took her into the launch area. A couple of workers were inflating a new zorb while Lucy was sat down. The attendant explained how there were two ways she could do the run, one was to be strapped into it as normal and go down the ramped course, or she could choose to go down with the ball part filled with liquid allowing her to slide without being strapped in.

Lucy imagined it would feel much like a washing machine and felt aroused at the idea. Not wanting to waste the experience she chose the liquid option without hesitation. The attendant then shocked her by asking if she wanted to go down with or without her swimsuit. Lucy felt uncomfortable but her arousal took control of her brain knowing she would never see these people again anyway. She asked if they really did a naked run and how did they get away with it. The attendant chuckled and confirmed they could do it when it was just adults around, they put the liquid in the ball, then the person jumped in and the hole was closed off with a zippered inflated plug to prevent awkward moments at the bottom or in case the person slipped out.

The attendant showed her a small cubicle next to the ramp where she could drop her suit and jump straight into the zorb. The male workers were then shooed round the back to collect the zorbs still waiting to be set up. Lucy walked in and closed the shutter. She took a breath excited at the thought of stripping off in the middle of a park unseen yet in full view. After making up her mind she pulled the swimsuit down her legs and stepped out. The attendant had mentioned a vacuum shoot that would send any of her belongings to the bottom station. She rolled up the suit and put it in the waiting pod and squeezed the door shut. The moment it was put in the open tube it shot off with a thudding sound. Lucy was left stood completely naked looking into a wall mirror.

She was tall and had worked hard to maintain her shape. Her red hair was resting in a ponytail down between her shoulders reaching the small of her back. Below its tips her hourglass hips rounded into a tight rear and down her smooth waxed legs. Her groin was also clear of hair and smooth around the now wet lips. Up past her honed stomach her well endowed breasts were now supporting rather erect nipples from the slight breeze from the part shutter door.

The attendant asked if she was ready and Lucy quickly said yes. Under the door she saw the zorb roll up and press against the door. The attendant told her to open the shutter and take a running jump into the hole. Not wanting to wait any longer Lucy opened the shutter, took a few steps back and dived into the zorb. Inside the ball she fell straight into a half foot deep pool of what felt like lube. Her body was coated straight away and she slipped around in the bottom the inflated ball around her bouncing and flexing slightly. She felt the ball shift round and she slid around again. She watched as a limp plastic was zippered into place on the inside with a lip on the inside so the metal couldn’t hurt the occupant. Outside a hose quickly inflated the plug before another zip sealed it on the outside.

Now sealed in her plastic prison Lucy began to squirm around trying to stand up. Each time she pulled on the side to leaver herself up her lubed hands simply slid down. Eventually she managed to compromise and settled into a kneeling position. Outside she could hear a muffled discussion but couldn’t make out any words. The sealed plastic meant the inside of the ball was nice and warm though between her and the sun it was getting warmer. She marvelled at her situation and caught her hand rubbing at her crotch. Outside blurry shapes moved about, the plastic was fogged so that the occupant couldn’t be seen by any observers watching. Finally the attendant told Lucy they were ready, if she could she could launch herself off by pushing the front of the ball, if not the attendant would gently lower the shaped barrier to let her gently set off. She barely finished when Lucy’s shadow lurched at the front of the ball sending it flying over the rail and onto the course.

Inside Lucy landed straight on her stomach and the plastic bounced her up and down, the ball rolled along gaining speed but at first the lube kept Lucy simply surfing, her arms and legs splayed open just the feel of the plastic running under her effortlessly. As the ball gained speed she felt her body slipping backwards and up the back, then when she got part way up the momentum shot her forward and back into the centre. A small ramp went under the ball changing its direction and flipping Lucy onto her back. The ball was still gaining speed and this time she was part way up the back she was rolled over several times. Another bump and she was thrown over again.

The course was built to snake its way down to make the run longer and more exciting. In the ball Lucy was being thrown all over to slide back to the middle. On a particularly steep section through a tunnel she even went fast enough to do a full rotation of the ball touching the plastic. Thoughts of tumbling through a washers spin cycle kept rushing through her head. She felt the courses grassed cobbles and it sent shudders through the ball, a normal run these would only be felt once a rotation. With Lucy sliding in the bottom she felt every tremor and it travelled straight to her crotch sending small waves of pleasure through her body.

Far too soon she felt the momentum slow as she reached the flats and she returned to sliding over the plastic on her back, legs splayed with the lube sloshing over her legs and crotch. The ball entered a tunnel and she felt it roll uphill and come to a stop. The ball lurched as something lifted it up and placed it down. The ball was rotated throwing Lucy into a heap in the pool of lube. The hole was now above her and she could hear the zips being undone. The plug deflated and once unzipped was removed revealing a blond haired women looking down. She wore the same attendant’s uniform and asked Lucy to sit tight while they got the ball ready to empty.

Being out of the sun a coolness descended through the open gap and her nipples made themselves known once more. Sat still in a state of sheer pleasure, Lucy’s fingers began to feel inside her pussy and the lube tingled. She began to rub her clit quicker and quicker and soon found herself enjoying an orgasm far bigger than she had known for some time. She lay there dripping all over in lube drained and her mind was in a state of joy.

Outside the ball had been moved next to a half sphere depression, its sides were plastic again but with holes for liquid to drain. At opposite sides a pole extended out and divided into two side poles each with a plastic hoop. The ball began to slowly rotate and the liquid lube pour out into the basin. After the ball tipped steep enough Lucy slid out with a wave of lube and slid to the bottom of the basin. The ball was tipped completely over and allowed to drip for a minute before it was rolled away by the new attendant.

The blond turned her attention to Lucy and asked her to slide round until she could put her wrists and ankles into each of the hoops. These would inflate allowing them to hold her in place to spray her with water to wash off the lube. Lucy had some trouble with this and struggled to find grip on the holes to push herself round. She slid on her belly until her legs felt the hoop. She lifted her left foot through the hoop and a ring of jets washed the ankle before the rubber ring inflated to form a soft but firm grip. The process was repeated for her remaining limbs rendering her helpless.

The poles were raised up lifting her out of the lube and a set of power showers fell upon her body. The sharp jets of water were uncomfortable and left Lucy squirming around. The end poles rotated her like a rotisserie cleaning every inch of her skin of the lube. Her sensitive tits and crotch were the worst affected, the powerful spray beat down and forced its way deep into her pussy. When the water turned off a similarly powerful blast of warm air buffeted her dripping skin leaving it dry and reddened from the treatment. She now found herself suspended by her wrists and ankles looking down at the basin and waiting to be put down so she could get back to the top and try it all again.

Hanging there Lucy felt very relaxed but her body felt too relaxed, the tingling from the lube was all over her body despite the water washing it all off, she found she couldn’t lift herself up at all and her mouth wasn’t quite working right either. She tried to wriggle around to test her movement and found she just couldn’t move her muscles. The blond attendant came into view and Lucy tried to ask her what was happening but her tongue flopped about and only a groan came out. The attendant ignored it and walked round to her side, a metal ring was being lowered from above and fastened to the ends of the poles at each end of her suspended rig. The metal ring had multiple rings waiting to be turned into place, first one rotated to form a ring around her midline but still the same width as the first ring. The next rotated so it was still lengthways but this time was in line with her mouth, crotch and rear.

The attendant walked round and from the middle of this ring poles extended out towards Lucy. One at mouth level, the blond fitted a penis gag to the end and coated its surface before extending the pole until the gag pressed on Lucy’s lips. A slight pressure and they parted despite the effort a now horrified Lucy was trying to exert on her jaw. The muscle relaxant in the lube had worked its way into her skin and now there was no resisting, the teeth parted and the gag began to slide along her tongue. Lucy was not new to a penis form gliding down her tongue but this went deeper right to the back of her throat. Once in place the gag inflated pushing down on her tongue and widening her jaw until the size locked in to place behind her teeth with a flange between the teeth and the lips forming a seal. The pole remained in place now locking Lucy’s head in place. In the middle of the gag a pipe ran the length of the pole and was now the only way for Lucy to draw in air.

The attendant disappeared from Lucy’s now fixed eye line and Lucy was left trying to work out what just happened. A few moments later she could feel a cold familiar shape begin to press into her crotch and move past her pussy’s relaxed lips. Unable to move Lucy could only groan into her gag as the slippery member made its way deeper and deeper filling her up and yet still it went in until it was swallowed up and her lips met the flange of the insert. Again the intruder began to inflate, the rubber balloon pressing against the sides of her pussy and she felt like it was trying to tear her open. The pressure stopped increasing and left her feeling uncomfortably full.

A tear rolled down Lucy’s cheek as she felt a third cold slime touching her rear. A pair of hands gently parted her cheeks and the final intruder began to slime its way up inside her. Again it went deeper than she thought possible before once more air was pumped in to her to fix it in place.  It stopped on the verge of her popping and a smaller flange rested against her normally tight ass hole.

Stuffed and secured Lucy now watched several more rings swivelled into place. Before her eyes she saw a spherical cage take shape and each part locked into place to form a smooth shell. The final part was to spread her legs and arms, the cuffs began to move further apart and spread out leaving her body spread eagle and held in a very compromising position.

The blond rotated the metal ball round so Lucy was now upright. “Well you will make mistress very happy indeed, she has a great eye for new additions. I’ve taken the liberty of confirming your permanent retreat package and as there is no next of kin listed we can inform anyone looking for you of your desire to begin a new spiritual life. You have been chosen to join the team of slaves who keep mistresses more selective hotel clients happy. I will send you on your way now so you can settle in.”

With that the blond walked over to a lever and opened a door revealing a set of metal rails in a round tunnel. Lucy watched her walk behind before her ball dropped sharply sending a ripple through her plugs. The ball began to roll forward and Lucy found herself spinning with it. Her eyes met the floor then travelled up the blonds rounded legs and up the uniform that was only just keeping the large breasts inside. when their eyes drew level, the blonde kissed her finger and pressed it on Lucy’s cheek before the ball rolled onto the rails and began to roll away.

Lucy was spun round faster and faster dizzy almost straight away. She sobbed a little despite images of her riding round a spin dryer making her pussy pulsate. The tunnel was filled with mild air but at quickening speed with no plastic to seal in heat, Lucy was feeling cold. Her nipples were hard and the hairs on the back of her hands were on edge. Another big issue she was having was her hair, it was spinning too its semi dry strands pulling on her scalp. She felt everything was trying to pull her apart. Her ordeal lasted less than a minute though it felt much longer. The tunnel levelled out and she was slowed down.

As a light began to flash in front of her eyes on each rotation, the ball began to crawl along and when it emerged into the light it was slow enough to be stopped by a pair of latex clad hands. As Lucy was rolled off the track she caught glimpses of her newest attendant. the latex coating was over every part of her body, the clear transparent cat suit was skin tight and left nothing to the imagination. Lucy’s eyes got a direct blast of the full beam headlamps on her chest. They were unlikely to be natural and had the appearance of being designed by a balloon artist.

The metal ball was rolled down a medically clean corridor and pushed through a set of double doors. Lucy heard the room before she saw its contents. Music was playing in the background but was barely noticeable over the sounds of laughter and screams of very active women. When she was able to see fully, the room was a large open space with the walls, floor and ceiling looking like they were rubber coated bright red. All around men stood laughing with friends drinks in hand while naked women used hands and mouth to jerk them off. In other places women were hung from the ceiling or bound to posts or any object that could have rope or chains. In one corner several women were all vacuumed inside a suspended vacuum bed with vibrators sucked into their crotch. Over at the bar a number of women had been attached to barstools so anyone sitting on one could be sucked off. All the bound women were clearly in one of 3 stages, either prepared, waiting for the men to use them, in use, or finally left discarded like a dirty tissue waiting to be used again.

Lucy also saw how two other metal spheres were present, one was on the floor with its occupant missing the pussy dildo instead fresh cum dripped down. The other was on a stand with wheels to keep the cage and occupant turning. The latex slave rolled Lucy to the middle of the room without much fuss just one or two rough slaps on her ass cheeks. There the ball was stopped and two more latex clad women arrived to help fix a chain to the top of her ball. With a wave of a hand the chain took up the slack and began to lift the ball off the ground. Once free of any guiding hands the ball started to sway back and forth and soon had many of the crowds attention for its slow journey.

Once near the ceiling the winch stopped and a motor began to spin the chain and Lucy began to rotate round for all the admirers. Unable to speak or move all Lucy could do was sob and watch as in turn each of the women were used in different ways then left with cum in any orifice in reach and trying to recover. Lucy was watching a man push his erect penis into an ass that belonged to a women with her knees locked into her chest and legs behind her shoulders, her mouth open receiving its own penis from a man forcing her head back, she was rocked forward and backwards between them and then stopped as they dumped their loads and slumped off back to the bar.

Below her she saw a man strip down and get fitted into a rubber harness and attached to a ceiling winch near Lucy. Her rotation was stopped to face him as he ascended up to her cage. As he reached her level the pole to her pussy began to pull and the dildo deflated and pulled out of her. The pole folded into its ring allowing the man to work his way into the cage. Resting his feet on the bars and gripping the top with a free hand, the man steadied himself before guiding his erect cock into her pussy. He slowly moved in and out gaining momentum, he clung to the top now with both hands and began to thrust violently into her rocking the cage. He thrust and rocked until he came in her dumping a load and then pulling out. He hung there for a moment before climbing out of the bars and letting the harness lower him back down.

The pole for the dildo once more popped out and the intruder pushed its way back inside her. This time however a suction drew out the dumped load while a tiny nozzle in it squirted a fluid. The dildo was washing her out, it finished its cycle then inflated until the next person used her. She felt her ordeal take to a new low, she had been used, no cheap chat up lines, no drinks, no awkward morning after. She had been used like an object, like a sex toy – used, washed and put away for next time. Over the next few hours she would be used again, sometimes in her ass and some her pussy, a couple were winched upside down so they could use her mouth, when that happened the flange of the gag remained locking her mouth open. On one occasion she was used both in the rear and her pussy at one go. The cage had shook violently until both came and left her to be washed in both holes.

There was no way of telling the time in that room, people came in, people left. At certain times a liquid feed was sent through the mouth gag before an anal rinse evacuated her bowls. The fluid pumped in made her feel bloated before exploding into the suction. When her bladder filled a small tube snaked up and formed a catheter along with the attached pain. Though she had no idea, she was hung in her cage for five days, dozens of men had used her and she was simply drained. Any sleep had had to fit round her users, limited sleep led to being woken up to find someone thrusting into her ass, a feeling she didn’t want to repeat.

Finally she was lowered down from the roof. Below the room was down to just a few men but still the same amount of women. When one left another soon replaced them. Her cage was lowered down and rolled out of a side door. She was rolled round a corner and onto a metal floor pin to hold it upright. In front of her stood the blond attendant now in bright red latex. She had seen only a few of them in the main room but despite the curving catsuit, none of the men had made a move to use them at all.

The blond looked her over and came back to look at her eyes. “So how did you enjoy your induction? You were very popular with some of our regulars. Well as you will have seen you are in a hidden hotel designed by our mistress to fulfil the needs of our male guests. We have several types of slaves here. You have been started in your life as a bondage slave. You will be put out in different bondage poses and restrained for use by clients. Others are long term bondage or simply furniture, they can be bound as a piece of furniture as long as we keep rotating them. We then have the walk arounds, these are slaves who are given more freedoms. They wear latex suits and do the manual jobs as well as servicing the displayed slaves. They can still be used by our clients and are adept at suiting any special needs. Finally there are the four slaves of mistress. Our red latex is to warn clients that we are mistresses toys only and to keep hands off.  We also run things down here for her. You however have been specially chosen by mistress. She wants us to put you through different bondage to observe you, starting with complete immobilization. You're going to be put in a vac bed but we have something different for you.”

The blond moved round and with the help of the latex slaves, they removed the bars of Lucy’s cage. The last things to move were the insertions, they were detached and gently pulled out completely. Lucy’s body felt smaller and empty, her ass hole was now twice the size and her pussy was just left lips apart. The cuffs were deflated and the slaves moved her hands and feet out. Her body muscle was still relaxed and Lucy worried it was permanent. The slaves lifted her onto a thin rubber bed, from the feel it was filled with a strange liquid, more sludgy than water but still smooth. The slaves then began pulling a latex bag under the rubber and over Lucy, soon she was completely covered and having to breathe through a tube. The slaves turned the bag over with Lucy now pointing down supported by rods of metal. The liquid now pressed down onto her back and held her. Above another woman was also being unloaded from a sphere, this one the one whose cage had kept turning on the stand. The tall brunette was slipped down between the rubber and the bed on the opposite side to Lucy.

Once the two were in, the bag and rubber container were hoisted and left to swing from the roof. The latex held Lucy and the brunette in place. Above the entry point was sealed and the tubes pushed down the sides. A pipe came down and was attached before a machine began to suck the air from the latex. The bag began to deflate pushing both women into the rubber bladder. As the latex began to tighten the layer clung to the women’s features. Both had their breasts compressed and still the pressure kept going. The latex slaves pushed at a floppy tube of latex that both girls had at crotch height, the tubes were pressed into the respective pussy acting as channel for men to insert themselves.

The air was completely removed and left the women vac packed in smooth latex back to back with a liquid filled rubber bladder in-between. The slaves shook the vacuumed package to check for leaks before attaching it to a wheel able frame. The liquid moved with the motion but its consistency meant each movement was slower but with more feeling. The package was wheeled back to the large room and once rigged, lifted just off the ground to let its occupants swing. The new attraction soon had men all over it trying the latex tubes and just feeling the smooth latex coating so cleanly coating both women. If someone pushed on any part of the women, the other would feel it but then the liquid would move the girls back and forth a few times. It wasn’t long before some vibrators were pushed deep in the tubes and let loose on the women. Their ability to squirm was coming back and once started they were unable to keep still.

The latex swung back and forth, the pair having to move in synch to stop the latex from holding them even tighter, their hips rocked forwards and backwards as the pair climaxed over and over again. The latex preventing the juices from escaping until several large orgasms let loose into the package only to slide between the legs and move up the creases in the latex. The vacuum had been put into a slow silent run to keep the pressure, the juices ran across the front of each women before being sucked out above. With her eyes closed tight Lucy couldn’t see the changing of some of the other women’s positions and how the men abandoned her and her bonded partner. Instead she had to swing back and forth stuck with a constant vibration pushed into her crotch. Her time became a battle between orgasm and sleep from exhaustion.

Lucy awoke to the feeling of swinging about far more than before, outside her vac bed had been raised up and a tank of liquid rolled underneath. As the vac bed was lowered the women inside could only feel the coolness and added pressure the liquid put on their bodies. The feeling rose from their toes and rose until the whole bed had been submerged. Two pipes dangling into the liquid allowed the pair to breath. The tanks water was laced with a gel crystal, when a small electrical current was applied it turned the water into a completely solid gel.

Two of the latex slaves climbed in along with two men, with breathing tubes in they dived under the surface and the men began to thrust into the women, Lucy could feel the bodies press up and rub against her, in her mind she was forced to imagine what could be happening. As the men reached their climax and dumped their load into the slaves, the current was turned on, inside the tank the effect was instant. Both pairs were instantly frozen in place in a pose of pure ecstasy. Lucy was also aware that she could no longer even squirm, the gel held her in place along with the head pressed into her groin.

The room cheered and applauded the sight. The current was turned off and the gel just released its hold, the pairs suddenly pushed apart and left to recover. They climbed out of the tank and more pairs jumped in. Lucy was left to wonder what was happening and why did she keep becoming immobilized so completely and at random. Twelve more times the tank was frozen with men just at point of ejaculation prevented from pulling out, their dripping penises stuck inside the hole they had used, sticky cum stuck with nowhere to go.

After the final group had been released the tank was frozen one last time before the whole thing was rotated upside down. In the vac bed Lucy felt her body turn upside down, the blood rushing to meet her head. The gel just slid out and the women were now upside down in a solid gel block. Two electrodes kept the current going. Slaves turned the block so the girls were now on their sides and the tank was rolled away. The vacuum pump was disconnected and the air seal removed. Only the gel held the women in place and that too was removed when the electrodes were taken out. All at once the block reverted to water and just flowed out in a wave, the latex slaves caught the frame as the sudden loss of pressure dropped the women onto their sides, the rubber bladder wobbled but remained upright.

Lucy could open her eyes finally and was confronted with a crowd of slaves and men all staring at her through the latex, her body was coated by her own juices and the bag was slippery. Under the rubber bladder she felt a hand push through. Her own was very weak but she touched it gently. Outside the latex was re-hooked to the wheel able frame and began to raise up, the women were tipped backwards flailing around in the bottom. The rubber bladder came down behind them and the pair were now flung together, their bodies slid around each other and they soon became embarrassingly intertwined. The latex bag was lifted until it swung free and was wheeled back to the  preparation room.

The blond was nowhere to be seen but the latex slaves knew their work. The latex bag was opened and the pair of women were met with a power shower to wash them clean. Afterwards the slaves pulled them out as the muscle relaxant was still in their system. The women were placed onto a table, ropes tied round their limbs and torso then simply left. The women next to Lucy tested her voice, she found she could for the most part speak again. She introduced herself as Jenny and the pair quickly began to discuss what and how they had got into the situation. Both had recently split up from boyfriends and at their time of bitterness, a poster for the holiday location had sparked their interest. They had both chosen to go zorbing alone and more importantly both had chosen to do so naked when asked. They continued to chat and they found that while still feeling degraded and humiliated, they had both been secretly turned on by some of their torments and knew their bodies were adapting better than their minds. In time they both drifted off into a proper sleep.

Lucy was woken the next day by a women in a bright yellow catsuit walking out of the door leaving two gagged red suited women struggling against pairs of the latex slaves. Lucy recognised the back of the blond she had met, the other looked familiar. When she turned round it was the attendant from the top station. Clearly the whole run had been used to scout out prey. The pair were struggling against those holding them, Lucy let a laugh escape her mouth and the blond stared angrily at her. Lucy wondered if the women in yellow was the mistress and if so how had the two had offended her. The slaves were joined by a few others and they managed to get the blond into handcuffs attached to the wall that held her steady in a spread eagle.

The red head was then confronted by the group of 9 slaves. She was forced to kneel down on the floor and her arms were bent in two and bound with tape. Next her legs were bent double at the knees and bound with plastic tape. A rubber sheath then went up each knee and forced her legs even tighter closed. At the knee end the sheath inflated so that her knees were now cushioned. Once in place the arms were sheathed with ends that were inflated. A slave then carried over a moulded piece of rubber coated hard plastic. It was a smaller version of a saddle with a few unique features. Lucy couldn’t see the fitting of it as it was done below the table height, however there were a number of grunts, groans and squeals coming from the operation.

The slaves moved back to examine their work and then began to release the binds from Jenny. They helped her up and then pulled her arms behind her back. A rubber arm sheath was wrapped round and zippered up. The leather straps pulled tight forcing her shoulders back and her chest out. They then forced her legs apart and she was lowered onto the saddle out of Lucy’s sight. Again a few groans escaped both women. The slaves began to finish their charges bondage and Lucy could see Jenny was now gagged with an inflatable gag and was slowly moving forward rocking side to side.

The slaves now took hold of the blond and repeated the process for her. A similar saddle appeared and was fitted among a number of louder squeals. The slaves took longer to fit the blond up as she seemed to be struggling harder than the red head had. The slaves then circled Lucy and they produced a penis gag for her mouth. Knowing she would be forced to take it anyway, she decided this time she would simply give in and let the slaves do their work. The gag was pushed into her mouth and inflated to fill her mouth up again. The ropes around her arms and torso were relaxed and removed and she was prompted to sit up. Her arms were drawn together and the rubber arm binder applied. The leg ropes were now released and she was helped down from the table.

A slave held her waist to steady her weak legs while another pulled the leather straps tight on the binder. Lucy squealed into her gag as her shoulders were pulled together and her arms were forced into a very uncomfortable position that was not natural. Now held by her arm binder the slaves could easily manipulate her to move where they needed. They rounded the table and Lucy was confronted with a truly arousing image. The blond still in her tight red catsuit was on her elbows and knees, the binders holding the legs and arms together were not flexing and so the blond had no hope of getting into a seated position, all she could do was walk or stand as she was. The bottom of the knees and elbows had the round inflated ends that now squashed resembled hooves.

On her back the moulded saddle rested in the arch around the hips. A strap ran from the front round her middle and had a strap attached that ran between the breasts and then split round the neck to attach back on to the saddle front. The rear strap ran around her waist and joined into a single strap that passed over her crotch leaving a circular ring through which a very large solid rubber dildo had been inserted and a screw flange now locked it to the ring keeping it well inserted. The strap continued up to her ass where a second ring supported a dildo before the strap attached to the saddles back. The anal insert had a horses tail screwed into it that would flap about as she moved when the dildos were rocked about inside her.

Lucy was brought in front of the blond and saw the mouth gag was inserted through a metal ring bit and was held in place by a head harness. Her hair was braided into a wide pony tail that was bound in a rubber sheath part way to make it stand tall before cascading back on to her head. The blond looked angrily at Lucy as if to blame her for the current predicament. The slaves moved Lucy round behind the blond and Lucy saw the top of the saddle, Lucy had hoped to ride on a nice smooth seat, of course the saddle before her had two large dildos sticking up just waiting for her. The slaves forced her to squat slightly with her legs spread wide, they then lifted her by the legs and manoeuvred her above the saddle.

As Lucy was lowered, the slimy surface of the points began to poke their way into her holes. She groaned as she felt them slide further and further in until her rear sat flush on the rubber saddle. The weight on the back of the blond wasn’t harsh, the limb sheathes inflexibility also helped support the weight and avoid the blond any damage, though discomfort wasn’t reduced. The slaves took the arm binder and locked it onto the saddles back, next Lucy’s legs were bent at the knees and the lower leg put through a loop from the back of the saddle that locked to the outside of the blonds leg sheath. Lucy was now very secure though it didn’t feel it, she felt she would fall off nearly straight away. The final touch was a pair of cords that were attached to Lucy’s gag strap. The cords ran down to loops on the saddle front and then to the sides of the harness on the blondes head. The saddle loops were designed so if Lucy turned her head, the blond would have to do the same, but the blondes head movements were locked without Lucy moving.

With the duo ready the slaves attached a leash to the blondes collar and began to tug, the blonde stood in mutiny until a sharp crack of a rubber whip hit her ass full on. The blonde made a couple of false starts but a second crack of the whip forced her to learn quickly how to get into a stride. As the blonde walked, the saddles dildos began to turn and pulsate inside Lucy, she groaned in pleasure as the pussy plug twisted against her clit. Beyond the prep room door, the red head was being lead in circles by a single slave, on her back Jenny had her head back moaning in pleasure, this had forced the red head to look up as well and was causing her to walk in a strange line.

With both pairs ready they were led to the double doors leading to the entertaining room. The slaves unleashed their charges and a few prods forced the mounts to push forward past the doors. The guests were taken by surprise and crowded round once more. The saddles were from mistresses private collection and so no one had seen one before, that coupled with two of her private slaves bound and used made for a spectacle. The mounts were urged on and lead round the floor. Guests began to make a circuit with objects and furniture, most of which were bound women. They drove the pairs over obstacles forcing them to walk over objects, they then began to force them to traverse ramps and steps.

The other slaves were simply left abandoned as the men watched the mounts fighting the urge to stop to halt the dildos rubbing inside them had to compete with the riders moaning and squirming with the motion of the saddle and the pulses of the dildos, their knees and hips rocking forward urging the mounts on more and more. More than once Lucy and Jenny climaxed, their juices running down the saddle and dripping from the breasts.

The pairs did several circuits before a latex slave arrived with a message from the mistress. The message simply said to make the most of her gifts to them. Realising the red catsuit’s were no longer any protection for the mounts, a man walked up to the red head and began to caress her breasts, another began to grope her ass, gradually both Jenny and the redhead were in the middle of a crowd all wanting to get hold of them. The blonde had seen a small gap and pushed past some of the crowd, yet her escape ended in a large well built man, he stood in her path and grabbed her harness. He began to pull out the solid gag used on her and replaced it by pushing his erect penis straight through the ring and down her throat. He grabbed the harness with both hands and began to rock the blonde forward and backward forcing her tongue to stroke his member as it thrust in. as the blonde rocked so did Lucy, her own dildos moving in time. Another man removed the blondes anal plug and speared her from behind, now as she rocked, one penis entered her as the other pulled out. Lucy and Jenny being locked to the saddle meant they were out of reach. The mounts however were used by everyone, the two must have revelled in their previous station teasing all the clients. Now they were open to use and the men choose to make up for lost time.

Other than feeding, the pairs weren’t able to stop and were run to the brink of collapse. The feeding allowed them just enough time to recover before being swarmed again. All the women had their mouth gags attached to a hose set and were fed a liquid feed. This meant they just needed to pee. The mounts simply let it go anywhere, Lucy and Jenny had to go in the saddle, the pee rolling onto the mounts backs and down arms and legs of the catsuit. Each time a latex slave had to mop up behind them. The pairs were kept going for several weeks, at the end of each session, the mounts were walked onto harnesses and lifted to support the riders and allow both to rest and sleep.  On the surface these weeks were drawing close to the seasonal change to the parks activities. This also meant mistress needed to send her toys back to her mansion for storage until the next season.

Lucy had enjoyed one of her regular climax’s as the blonde once again drank her clients cum before having her gag reinserted. The red head had already been led out of the room, and now a latex slave had arrived to lead Lucy and her blonde back to the prep room. Slowly over the past day or two, the number of clients had dropped and so had the number of women kept in the room. A leash was put on the blond and she was led through the double doors. Instead of going to the prep room however they carried on along the corridor and emerged into a large room with several tables and all kinds of fetish gear being boxed up by the latex slaves. The blonde followed the leash and stopped at a table next to the redhead.

A group of slaves descended and began the process of taking Lucy and Jenny off the saddles. First the cords and clips were undone, then the women were lifted slowly off the dildos. They had been inside them for weeks and their bodies had grown to suit them. Having no insertion felt uncomfortable, Lucy thought her ass and pussy would be the same shape now, a large gaping circle. The slaves removed the gag and finally the arm binder. The binder had had stimulation plates to prevent muscle damage but the arms were still too sore to move on their own. Now free of any objects the women were laid out on the tables and slaves scrubbed them down. No inch was missed, even inside was thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. The two mounts were also freed steadily of their gear. The saddles were unhooked, the dildos and gags were taken to  be cleaned and stored and the saddles could then be lifted off. Lucy could see underneath the saddle had supported the backs and no sudden changes could be seen. The slaves were now drying Lucy and Jenny with hot air. The mounts were freed of their limb sheathes and slowly the slaves unfolded the limbs. Again small pads had kept the muscles in good condition but the women were still forced to roll over and lay on the floor.

A clatter of tools announced a surprise visit as mistress entered the room. Four more women in red catsuits accompanied her. She walked over and stood over her former favourites. Neither could speak yet, their jaws needing time to recover. Mistress summoned a slave and pointed first at the floor then at Lucy and Jenny, the blondes eyes followed the gesture and looked shocked as the finger then pointed to the back of the room. The blonde began to make pleading sounds but just received mistresses yellow rear walking away. The latex slaves walked over and began to peel the red catsuits off the mounts leaving them naked and shivering. Lucy remembered how she had shook from the cold at first before adjusting. The two mounts were lifted and moved to other tables to begin a full cleansing. Lucy and Jenny were helped off the table and part walked part dragged to a circular plate in the floor.

A single pole extended up with a v shaped double dildo on top. Jenny reached the pole first and her slaves lifted her up enough so that the dildo slid into her pussy. While two slaves supported her back, Lucy was brought in and she felt her feet leave the floor enough for the dildo to press on her pussy lips and slip inside. The women were now stood face to face, their crotches pushing up against each other, the latex slaves pushed their backs so that their breasts were pushed on to each others and pressed tight. They moved Lucy’s arms so that she was now reaching round Jenny, her hands cupping her tight rear. Jenny’s were also moved to cup Lucy’s rear pressing their breasts even further.

Lucy looked into Jenny’s eyes and saw her own feelings mirrored, part revulsion for their current embrace, yet part intrigue. Both had flashbacks to being in the vacbed squirming over each other at the end. She glanced sideways and saw the slaves with a strange device. It looked like a four way breathing pipe. Two longer pipes extended opposite each other and two short pipes with gag sections. One gag piece was placed in Jenny’s mouth, the piece held on her tongue was far smaller than before. Next the second gag piece was placed in Lucy’s mouth, it pushed to the back of her tongue. The slaves held the gag directly over the girls joined crotches, as they did, two more pushed on the back of their heads to force them together pushing the gag tube to the back of the throat and just lower than the gag reflex.

The women were pressed together so that their mouths were touching and noses were side by side. The gags tube inflated in their throats and locked it in place, the part in their mouths filled fully but not past the teeth so that their lips touched. Now expanded the gag had locked their heads together firmly and neither could back away. The slaves raised two rubber tubes with dildo ends from the plate and promptly inserted them into each women’s ass. Still widened by the saddles, the tubes barely needed any encouragement before sliding up deep. Again the tube inside the ass expanded to lock it. The slaves stood back and checked one last time before pressing a button to start the plate.

The plate lifted the pair up slightly before beginning to raise four arms. Each arm was loaded with a strong transparent pallet wrap. The arms began to rotate round the pole below the plate, each arm winding out the wrap forming a quadruple thickness layer of plastic. Once up to speed the arms began to rise and the wrap followed. It got to the plate which promptly receded out of the way the wrap hit the pairs feet, Lucy felt them pulled in to the middle and her toes touch Jenny’s. As the wrap pulled them she felt them turn so the tops of her feet now pressed against the pole. The wrap began to press the feet together and sealed them to the pole before moving up over the legs.

The wrap moved up slowly so each part was wrapped with 3 - 4 overlaps. The wrap moved up and pressed their rears in tightly, each overlap pulling slightly more. Their hands were pushed firmly into each cheek and now locked in embrace. The pressure on their rears also pushed the women closer and their crotches now pushing into each other as well as pushing the double dildo further in, the wrap winding over their rears before beginning to wrap and render their waists. At this point no pole got in the way and so their stomachs were firmly wedged together. As the wrap tightened over the shoulders, Lucy felt like her breasts could just pop from the compression.

As it reached the neck, the gag tubes proved to be necessary as they prevented any pressure on the necks as the wrap pulled in their heads. The wrap wound all round the two longer tubes of the gag and soon the wrap was closing over the top of their heads. The wrap sealed off and the arms were rotated to lock in the wrap before doing a quicker run going back down to give a smooth outer coating. Once over the pole the wrap was severed and pressed on. The women were just visible due to the lack of creases in the smooth finish. They looked like a plastic lolly on a metal stick.

A heavy duty clear plastic tubing was lowered down over the women until a large overlap was achieved. Two clamps top and bottom held it while the metal pole was pulled out from between the legs. The pole left the dildo in and a rubber tube from inside to take its place. The top of the tubing was heat sealed shut fusing the material to itself and the breathing tubes rising out the top. A powerful vacuum began to draw all the air from the bag. The vacuum drew the plastic into a sheet with the women trapped between the layers. The bottom was then also sealed. The excess at the top and bottom was then cut off leaving just space for the holes for hanging which had metal rings added for extra strength.

Lucy and Jenny were now sealed tight and sterile ready to be driven to the mistress’s mansion with its many storage rooms. The rings were hooked on to small wheeled carts on rails on the ceiling. The tubes from all the plugs were attached to the carts inputs and outputs. It would send air and nutrients into the women’s lungs and stomach. The anal tube would pump in fluids to clean the bowls before evacuating them. The tube to the women’s joint pussy plug provides both liquid waste extraction and electrical stimulation. This function was being tested as the cart followed the rails into a waiting lorry. The bag squirmed side to side and forwards and backwards, the women’s features outlined clear to see. Around them other packaged women squirmed and bumped into each other. And soon after the blonde and red heads joint package soon entered behind Lucy. Inside the former favourites also squirmed like the rest. Stripped of their status and now packed up to be forgotten.

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