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The Revenge of the Latexdoll

by LatexBondageBoy

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© Copyright 2014 - LatexBondageBoy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; capture; drug; shave; latex; catsuit; hood; boots; rubberdoll; collar; shock; revenge; enslave; toys; climax; cons/nc; X

Chapter 1 Making of the Latexdoll

Dr. Lex Hunter has a fascination with latex and women. Something about a woman in latex turns him on in the worst way. Due to his working long hours, his social life suffered. One day he was looking at a latex magazine, he got an idea. He thought to himself, "What if I created a latex woman of my dreams?" He thought about what he would need.

First he needed a person. So the next day, he put an ad in the paper, "Female Nurse needed. Able to work hours. Pay good.!" After the ad ran, he got a call from someone.

"I am calling about the ad in the paper. What is a good time for me to come in?", asked Lita

"Come in about an hour or so. Ring the buzzer and I let you in." said the doctor.

Lita showed up at the doctor's office and walked to the door and rang the buzzer. The door clicked and opened. Lita walks in the doorway and the door shut behind her. She walks into a room with a piece of paper on the wall saying 'Please wait here!' She picked up a magazine and started thumb through it when she started to smell something weird in the air. Next thing she knew, she was out. The doctor came in and dragged her body to his bondage room. He laid her on the table, strips her down, and cuffs her ankles and wrists to the table. He put a collar on her to hold her to the table. He put smelling salts under her nose to wake up.

She woke up for her drowsy state and said, "Let me go!!!!"

The Doctor said, "You will make a perfect specimen for my experiment. Let's see you are 5'9 135 lbs red hair and blue eyes, 21 yrs old with size 34c breasts. You are what I am looking for!"

She tried to scream, but the doctor put a penis gag in her mouth and open the hole in the gag and connected a tube to it. Then he released a fluid that makes the victim numb. Lita swallowed all the fluids down and couldn't feel her body any longer. Then the doctor went to the cabinet and took out some items. He grabbed a latex bodysuit with a latex hood, a corset, latex gloves, and latex boots. He uncuffs the ankles firsts and slowly pulled the latex bodysuit over her ankles and legs. He then put the boots on and lock the boots with small locks. He recuffs her ankles to the table. Then he uncuffs the wrists and pulled the suit up to her neck. He put the gloves over her hands and glued the gloves to the suit. He cuffs the wrists back to the table and releases the collar. He pulls the suit to her neck and zipped it up. Lita felt the suit tighten against her body, making her very aroused. He pulled the gag out of her mouth and sprayed a nerve gas in her mouth.

"This will paralyze your vocal cords for awhile.", said the Doctor.

He grabs an electric razor and shaves Lita bald. He grabs a black hood that had a mirror frames for the eyes, two little holes for the nose, and a small penis gag in the mouth, which had a hole for feeding, drinking and breathing. He slowly pulls it over Lita's head. He put some glue around the neck and the hood and forces the two parts to form a tight seal. He grabs a latex blond hair wig and put some glue on the hood and forces the wig on the rubberdoll's head. He grabs a mirror and showed Lita what she looks like. Lita looked in the mirror and see a latexdoll in the mirror. The rubberdoll was wearing a black and blue suit with blue gloves and black hood. Her mind melted as she look at her reflection. Her mind accepted what she has became - a latexdoll.

The doctor said, "I have succeeded. I will call you Ariel. You are my latex doll forever."

Ariel tried to move but couldn't get free. The doctor came up to her and opened her pussy area and slowly put a rubber cock in her. He zipped back the area and pressed a button. Ariel feetl a vibration and started to moan in pleasure. She felt herself being driven to an orgasm and after trying to fight the vibration for 10 minutes, she finally succumb to her orgasm. She felt like she went all night having sex. The doctor was happy with the results. He kissed his latexdoll good night and went to bed.

Chapter 2 -The Revenge

It has been 5 years since Lita was turn into the lovely latexdoll Ariel. Dr. Lex Hunter has became a millionaire with his plastic surgery business. Lita would work around the house all day. At night, she would ride her orgasm into rubber nirvana. Every once in a while, she would think of her former life. She would leave except there is only one problem. She wears an electric shock collar. The collar prohibits her from leaving the house. One day, Lita was cleaning the dungeon, where she slept at night. She accidentally put the broom handle into the drywall. She found a safe. She opened up the safe and found a remote control. She remember what this remote was for. It was used to control her.

Ariel thought to herself, "So this where he keeps it. I have an idea!"

She proceeded by turning the collar. She dug her nails under the hood and broke the seal that held the hood to the neck of the suit. She finally was free. She ponytail her blond long hair and grabs a trenchcoat and walks out of the house to get some things. She stops at the hardware first to get a piece of drywall to fix her hole in the wall. Then she stopped at a shop which specialized in bondage. She grabbed a couple of things. She proceeded home. She got home and put the hood back and fitted the collar around her neck. She went downstairs and put the remote back in the safe and fixed the hole over the safe. She went upstairs and hide the things she needed for her plan in a cabinet that was not used any more. She went into Dr Lex Hunter's office that he worked out when he wasn't in surgery. She grabbed a needle and a bottle of the same stuff that the doctor used on her and put the things in the cabinet. She figured she needed a couple of days to set everything in motion. She went to the computer and use the internet to find some experimental drugs.

A few days passed, the package arrived. She opened it up and was happy what the contents that was in the box. She put the box in the cabinet with the rest of things. She started to set her plan in motion. She proceed downstairs and messed with the cuffs so she was able to get out of them later. She went upstairs and proceed to cook the doctor some supper.

Lex came home after a hard day of plastic surgery. He sat a table and called for Ariel to bring his supper. The beautiful black and blue latexdoll came in the room and served a roast with carrots and potatoes. She poured Lex a glass of red wine. Then she knelt beside him. Lex ate his meal and finished it up. He proceed with his glass of wine into the basement and told Ariel to follow him. He cuffs Ariel to the table and turns the rubber cock inside her. He watched her ride into rubber nirvana. He finished his glass of wine, kissed her good night and proceed upstairs to bed.

Ariel waited a couple of hours to pass. She moved her arms to free herself from the cuffs. She went upstairs and grabbed the things out of the cabinet and proceed to the room where she was transformed into the lovely latexdoll. She fixed the room to her needs. Ariel proceed to Lex's room. He was sound asleep. She put a gas mask up to his nose and mouth and turns on the knockout gas. He opened his eyes when he started to smell the gas, but it was too late. The gas took its effects on him. He was out cold. Ariel went and got a wheelchair and put Lex in the chair and wheeled him to the room.

Ariel laid Lex on the table and strips him naked. She cuffs his naked carcass to the table. She put some smelling salts under his nose. He slowly woke up.

He noticed the situation he was in and said, "Let me out of here now or you will regret it!"

Ariel looked at him through the mirror eyes and took the collar off of herself. She put the collar and around his neck. She then took off the hood.

Ariel said, "You took 5 years from me. Now I will take your life from you. Prepare to serve as a latexdoll."

He started to scream, but Ariel forced the penis gag in his mouth. She hooked the tube to the gag and turned on the fluid that numbed the body. Lex felt numbness over his body. Ariel proceed to grab a razor and shave all his hair off his body. She shaved his legs, arms, chest, and eyebrows off. She grabs some lotion and rubbed over his body.

Ariel said, "This is some special lotion that prevent from hair to ever grow back."

Lex's eyes got bigger and filled with fear as she rubbed the lotion in. She grabs a needle and injected it into the small bottle and injected into Lex's penis.

Ariel said, "This will make your penis flaccid but very sensitive. Let's say you will never have a hard-on again!"

She proceed to lubricate his ass and pushed a buttplug into his anus. She grabs a fake vagina and put medical adhesive on it and fitted Lex's penis into the sheath and pushed the vagina against his crotch. She examined and liked what she saw. She grabbed a red and black latex bodysuit and unlocked his ankles and slowly pull the suit over his smooth legs. She locked Lex into a pair of latex boots. She grabbed another needle and injected into a bottle with a blue liquid.

Ariel said, "You wondered what this is. It is a serum for breast enlargement."

Ariel put the needle into each nipples and injected the fluid. Lex's chest grew to a size 34c cup. She proceed to pull the suit over Lex's new breasts and arms. She grabs a pair of red latex gloves and put them over Lex's hands. She glued the gloves to the suit. She took off the collar. Lex tried to move but he couldn't due to the numbness over his body. She took the gag out of his mouth. She sprayed his throat with some anesthetic on his vocal cords. Lex felt his voice gone. He tried to scream but nothing came out.

Then Ariel grabbed the electric razor and shaved Lex's head bald. She rubbed the lotion into his scalp. She grabbed the black hood that resembles her hood. She fitted the penis gag in his mouth and fitted the nostril tubes in his nose and pulled the hood over Lex's head. She put some glue around the collar area of the suit and hood and made the two parts melt together. She fitted the collar around his neck. She grabbed a mirror and show Lex his new body.

He saw a red and black latexdoll with a black hood, red gloves, red top over his new breasts and black pants. Ariel grabbed a heavy boned black corset to fitted over his red top. She pulled the strings tight to make him a couple of size smaller. It forced his breasts and hips out. Ariel like what she saw.

Ariel said, "I need to give you a new name. How about I called you Angel?"

She grabbed the remote and forced Angel to her knees. She walk around her new latexdoll and examined the latexdoll's lovely body. She smiled.

Ariel said, "For now I will be Mistress Ariel Wind to you. You will be forced to serve me at every whim. I will take your money invest it to create a Dungeon for me to start my Dominatrix business."

Angel felt helpless as she heard the word of her new Mistress. She realized she should accept her new role of being a latexdoll. She realized she got what she want- her fantasy latexdoll.

The End

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