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Storycodes: F/m; capture; drug; latex; catsuits; bond; dungeon; chast; torment; sound; electro; encased; voy; video; cons/nc; XX

The sound of liquid bubbling over and over again filled the pitch black room. That was followed by a slow and continuous squeaking sound as the noise started to build. Then the sound of moaning from a victim in a blind panic come to life. The sound was echoing around in the darkness as the cries for help become louder. Sound was not the only thing to be filling the room. The room was covered in a number of odd smells. The smell of heavy metal was strong as was the smell of sweaty latex. That was mixed in with the smell of fear and panic. The moans of a submissive rubber slave had reached the limits of the huge gag and hoods. The subject was fully awoke and needed to be enlightened on its new home.

April was listening to the slave cry for help and the moans into its gag. She was getting ready in her bedroom and was hearing the live audio on her iPhone. She had set-up microphones in the blacked out room her submissive bitch was in. The room in question was located under her house and was a secret room in her basement. She had find it herself over 4 months ago and since then had been working on it. The room had evidence of being used as a drugs factory before she changed it. It was the likely reason it was hidden away behind a secret door.

She was a huge fetish lover and had turned the drugs room into a very well equipment dungeon. She had picked a creative way of advertising her services and getting people to sign up. She advertised herself as the revenge mistress. If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you or did anything wrong, she would punish them. She would happily kidnap them or trick them into going home with her. It was a way of getting revenge on them, without them pointing the finger at her client. Think of it as the ultimate revenge porn, she told her clients.

She had a profile on Fetlife and used it to advertise around the UK. She had five levels of torture and depraved humiliation and cost more the higher you went. Level one was £100, level five on the other hand was £750. Five was the extreme bondage and imprisonment stuff with horrible torture and shocking humiliation. April had been advertising for just over three days when the first client emailed her. She used the user name Mistress Black.

Dear Mistress Black

I hope the offers this web page talks about are true and you are who you say you are. I have just found out my boyfriend of 2 years has been sleeping around with girls he meets on nights out. I have evidence and my friends have seen him, if I need to justify anything. I would like you to put him in level 5 bondage and I will pay more if you film it. I want him to be in hell and I hope you can deliver. I will give you some information and how I want him to vanish. He will be working very late on Sunday and I want you to meet him at work, pull him and take him back to your home. You said you have a stockpile of chloroform, so use it to drug him. His name is James and he works at Costa Coffee in Bedford. Break him for me.


April had accepted the plan and had done want Jess had asked for. April had sent her pictures of an unconscious and naked James on her bed. She had got a coffee and dressed like a slut with her breasts popping out. She had acted sexy around him and talked to him a lot. He was more than happy to go back to her home. April was a great looking rock girl with an hourglass figure and stunning curves. Long jet black hair and soft blue eyes, which matched together perfectly. She had red highlights running through her hair and bright red lipstick. She was tall and thin with a sporty body. She had a clean and flash face and a lovely white smile. It was easy for her to pull James, who was not a bad looking guy. He was tall and thin with a soft and shy personality. She offered him a lift after work as he had just finished. She had a very kinky way of putting him to sleep. She was flirting heavily with him and rubbing his body. She asked him if he would like to smell her underwear. She had a red pair of panties in her pocket which she had drowned in chloroform. He said yes and she pressed the chloroform covered panties over his mouth and nose. He didn't knew what hit him as his eye sight went in seconds. He passed out so quickly, even April was amazed.

She had quickly got to work on James and had sent images to Jess throughout the night. She was now watching him wake up to his new home and she was getting wet with the thought of torturing him. She was loving the show as his cries tried to break through his gagged mouth and hooded head. She turned the lights in the room on as his cries reached more audible level. The cameras had been set-up to record the second the lights came on. The sight before them was stunning and terrifying and April could see it from 10 different angles. She was sending a live feed to Jess and was able to edit the shots together. She was also talking to her through a web cam as the images played on Jess's iPhone.

"As you can see the stupid pig cunt is in a bit of trouble and will be tortured for some time. You must want me to talk you through the bondage he is in. I will point out the solid metal chastity cage he is in. As you can see it covers his cock and balls in a stainless steel wall. The perfect metal work will never break and he can be kept in it forever. Under the chastity cage is thick and well oiled rubber suit. You can see it painted against every part of him. The suit is painfully tight against his skin and is flawless in size and shape. The black rubber has a fantastic shine and smell to it. It has individual rubber pieces for each of his toes and fingers. The zip only goes half down his back and has a hair catcher on the inside. All he feels is rubber as it squeezes him from all angles.

Looks good right and I have more to show you. Clear fibreglass restraints keep him bound to the bondage chair. The fibreglass covers his whole body, apart from his cock and balls. You can see the fibreglass crush and move the rubber and his skin beneath the humiliating gimp suit. He can just about breathe under the restraints and rubber, the iron maiden like design presses him inwards. His muscles are useless and cannot help him at all.

Let me tell you about the toys build into the fibreglass and in his chastity cage. Metal strips run along every inch of the fibreglass bondage system and an electrical shock can be sent through them. He will jump out of his skin in mind alone, his body will stay still. The strips can also be warmed up and cooled down. Making him too cold or too hot.

I have placed a massive rubber bulb in his mouth and inflated it to the max. His tongue is nailed to the floor of his jaw and his cheeks have stretchered miles away from his face. A layer of duct tape and a layer of electrical tape have been wrapped around and over his head. He cannot spit the bulb out of his mouth. Over that is a black stocking hood and a pair of my dirtiest panties covers his nose. Then over all that stuff is a bondage head harness with a muzzle and blindfold. It's tightly locked in place.

On top of that is a thick rubber hood with nose holes only. The black rubber is squeezing his face and the bondage equipment covering it. I have pushed plastic tubes up his nose holes. The tubes mean air and food can reach him through the layers of bondage. The tubes have been taped against the rubber hood to stop them moving. The air tube has very small holes along it so the smell of my panties can reach him.

And finally he is wearing an isolation hood, with holes for the tubes only. The hood cuts off most of the sound and makes for a smoother surface for the fibreglass head restraint. The bit poking out like a cone is where the nose and mouth are. The fibreglass has a hole in the front and it clicks against the head rest of the chair. He cannot move his head in any way. He has no movement and no say in what happens. Plus his air tube is linked to a bubble bottle filled with my piss and cum. A nice touch I think and why not rape his only sense left. You should sit back and enjoy the show I have for you today. I will make the little bitch cry and wish he was not a cheating cunt. The session will start in 15 minutes and go on all day. He is helpless and your money will be well used"

April was very happy with the long update, she had just given Jess. April needed to get ready first as she had one last look at the screens showing her rubber slave. April then popped out of the secret bondage room and headed upstairs. She needed to get dressed as she was still in her dressing gown. She went to her bedroom and picked out a perfect rubber catsuit. She also got a pair of 6 inch leather high heels and a stomach covering leather corset. She quickly lubed herself up and forced the fetish equipment over her lovely body.

The rubber was squeaking nicely as she made her way back to the hidden prison and her secret victim. She had a feeling how the people would watch the video of her toying with James she wanted to be sexy. Plus it would look better and more real if the police or people outside the world of kinky. She wanted it to look like an extreme mistress and sub session. And not the breaking of an unwilling and kidnapped victim. Plus she loved rubber and leather stuff and it was amazing to wear it.

She rubbed her hands against the oily rubber suit as she played with her ass and pussy. She was getting herself wet and horny as she loaded up the live streaming software and set-up the cameras. She was linking all the cameras to the live feed and the viewers could pick which angle to watch. With the video link done and it all working well, she entered the cage. She had to enter a pin code for the heavy metal door as her heels clicked on the solid stainless steel floor. The whole room was covered in hardened stainless steel and was soundproof.

The door shut itself with a horrifically heavy click and the prisoner's cage was now isolated for everything apart from a camera lens. She took a long and deep intake of air as the smell of the room filled her nose. The stink of the room was very welcome to her with the mix of sweaty rubber and piss tainted air. She knew he could smell more than her with a pair of panties over his face. She could see sweat dripping from the small opening in the suit at the end of his caged cock.

She got down on her knees and started licking the metal chastity cage and whatever rubber was showing through. He could just feel something through the rubber as panic filled his mind. Sounding would be a great way to start the session as she covered the steel and rubber in her spit. James was breathing quickly as his cock and balls got played with. He had no idea what was happening as he tried to get hard. Suddenly it stopped as April got the sounding kite and placed it on the floor.

The rubber had a small gap at the trip of the penis so he could piss and cum. She lubed the small sounding pole and slowly moved it inside his cock. The feeling was very odd as his cage cock was quickly filled. The pole was pushed deeply inside him as the discomfort grew. She then moved the pole up and down inside him and he enjoyed it. She could see his cock was trying to get hard and added crocodile clips to the pole and cage.

She then linked them to an e-slim box and began to shock him. The shocks started lightly and with her moving the pole the feeling was great. Then the shock got stronger and more painful. Soon they had him struggling against the fibreglass bondage system. She watched him fight against the shock and restraints as she enjoyed the show. She then replaced the sounding pole to a far bigger one and re-linked the e-slim.

This pole was very painful as she pushed it into his body. She got it into place and fired up the e-slim on full power. She heard him cry the second the first shock ripped through his cock. How long would it take him to cum. She wanted to know, and knew the shocks would bring an orgasm sooner or later. Only one way to find out.


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