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by Nobody

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/mf; D/s; club; latex; catsuits; servants; enslave; transform; rubber; bodymod; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

He’d run and she’d let him go because he’d hurt her after changing her. He’d made her need the things he needed to get off and then dumped her because she’d been The One. He’d run to someone who could never enjoy that way of life, and his life became dark and bitter, but safe and predictable.

He told himself that the next man would cure her and bring her to the normal life she so desperately wanted. Rumors of a wedding got back to him and his escape seemed seamless. No guilt and a “normal” life for him again. But it didn’t last, and one day he found himself alone again, living in a friend’s attic out of pity. Whispers about him came to him in the night, and the pain was like a black hole at the center of his being, hungry for more of him.

The old club had closed not long after he’d taken her there for the first time, resplendent in a red catsuit of perfect manufacture. She’d commanded the room that night, and she’d commanded him as they’d become a nexus of sexual power, like the core of a galaxy with spiral arms of perversity around them, driving the club to the kind of reputation that had helped get it closed down.

Now the club was open again. Supposedly under new ownership and stricter rules. He went the first night, but wore only a black shirt, black pants and his Doc Martins. It had been years, and he was fatter, his hair shorter, his face more dour. But so was the old crowd that was there, and he talked to old friends, some of them old partners from scenarios past. It was a merry reunion, and hope rose in his heart that maybe he’d be able to get back to where he was before he’d left her. The girls still looked good in their rubber and leather, even with the extra years.

He finally made his way over to Terry, who had been more than a friend to both Him and Her. She was still very pretty, with her long red hair just as lush and curly as ever. She played with one of her curls as she smiled at him. Terry was wearing a red rubber jumper with red rubber opera gloves that showed off her still shapely bosom and curvy, girlish hips. She had the pair of red thigh boots on that he remembered from the days when they were regulars at the original club.

“I knew I’d see you here,” Zac began, smiling as he pulled up before her.

“Wearing black norm clothing?” Terry asked, pulling at his cotton t-shirt. “Is this what you wore that first night you dragged Her here?”

“I don’t look very good in any of my old gear anymore,” he said, “but you look fantastic.”

Terry posed for him, taking the compliment. “Genetics, what can I say?”

“Have you talked to Her?”

“Not since the day after you ran from Her,” Terry said. “Last I heard, She was running with some heavy rubber types. Really intense. You really got her into it.”

“Yeah, well, she’s better off wherever she is,” he said, looking around the room.

“You’re waiting for Her too, aren’t you?” she asked, moving closer. She put her rubber gloved hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. “I guess I was kind of hoping She’d show too.”

He looked into her eyes, level with his and green like jade. She hadn’t changed at all.

“Why didn’t you call after?” she asked, hurt in her voice.

“Because you would have reminded me of Her.”

“And what if She doesn’t come back tonight? Will you think of Her when you see me?”

Terry leaned in closer to him, and he felt the warmth of her hands through his t-shirt. He moved in and kissed her. She met him, and it was like the old days, electrical discharge on her wet lips. Something made them both look to the main doors.

It was then that She walked into the club, wearing what appeared to be a full, red, body catsuit so tight and so complete that only her eyes and hair told him it was Her. She pulled off the red rubber longcoat that she was wearing, handed it to a woman who walked unseen behind her and walked on her seven inch thigh boots directly towards him as if on a laser tracked course. She stopped before him, Her crystal blue eyes boring into his.

“So, you two finally connected?” She asked in a kind but accusatory tone.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” Zac stammered, really not having expected this.

“It’s not like that,” said Terry, surprise and guilt in her voice. She stepped away from him.

“I think you know what you were coming here for,” She said, smiling. Her teeth were perfectly white, framed by lips seemingly formed of rubber. He looked for seams, but there seemed to be none, not even around Her eyes. Her head was completely encased in red and her breasts swelled at him, enlarged since their last meeting, aureole and nipples well defined. Her hips were even more pronounced, completing a vision of clean, tight ultrafem She’d always been close to. His eyes lingered on her zipper-less crotch, the slit of her vagina a clean, vertical line with swollen clitoris at top.

“Yes, that’s what you came here for,” She said. “Let us attend to the basement. Bring her,” She said, pointing a rubber finger at Terry.

He noticed the two girls accompanying her, both clad in shining black, both seemingly dipped in a vat of black latex and wearing six inch knee boots. Their eyes glowed white with dark pupils, but their skulls were bald rubber. Their breasts were huge, with the nipples fully erect. Their hips were full, resembling Her’s. They moved to either side of Terry and gently each took an arm and escorted her towards the stairs that led to the playrooms downstairs. Terry smiled over at him, being a veteran of such encounters.

She took his arm and easily led him in the same direction. He smelled Her rubber in his nostrils and looked into Her eyes.

“You thought that I could go back to vanilla?” She asked. “You thought you could?”

They were stepping down the stairs now, each step a step towards a new world.

“You wasted your time on foolish, idle people,” She said like a siren pulling him towards rocks. “I continued on for you, for us. I found things that were hidden. Now you will reap what you’ve sown.”

Now they were at the bottom of the stairs, and he found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her gleaming, rubber lips, found himself hard as a rock, tight as a wound spring. She was pulling him towards the door reserved for the VIPs.

“I’ve done all the work, now all you have to do is follow me through the door,” She said as She pulled him through the door opened by her attendants.

The scenario was already unfolding, and it was a turn on. Terry was being pushed onto her knees by one of the attendants. The other was standing over her, crotch thrust forward invitingly. No one else was in the dark room.

She stood next to her standing attendant and stood him next to Terry. She turned him around to face Her. She kissed him like old times, long and passionate and intensely. Then the attendant pushed him down on his knees before Her.

She looked down on them and he looked to Her red pussy lips, wondering how Her suit could be so tight. Wetness glistened there amid the clean, rubber fold. Terry was the first to lean forward and lick her exposed red rubber pussy. She looked over at him as she did and smiled. Just like old times.

“How…” he started.

“You have no karmic credit left, lover,” She said, cutting his question off. “Drink from my pussy if you want to be with me.”

“It tastes so good,” said Terry, pulling back, looking up at Her then over at him. “Sweet and rich.”

A surge of desire for Her raged in his mind and he grabbed a handful of Her red rubber ass and pulled himself into Her lips, clamping Her rubber clit with his tongue and upper lip, sucking at the juices oozing from Her. He tasted rubber in her juices, drank them into him like he used to until Her cum ran down his chin. She came violently on his face, and he licked and sucked and squeezed Her ass until her spasms finally subsided. Her rubber hands caressed both of their heads lovingly as they took turns licking Her, drinking Her, kissing each other passionately like the old days, like the new days. The more they drank from Her, the more horny it made them.

The warmth spread through them slowly, and they both felt dizzy. He fell into Her crotch, but the attendant grabbed him, pulled him back. The other attendant helped her pull him onto a soft, black, rubber couch and he was aware that Terry was lying next to him in the same state as himself. He felt her warmth next to his, and it made him feel less alone at that moment. She threw an arm across him and nuzzled up next to his neck.

“Terry, are you alright?”

“I feel funny, like my skin is too hot, it’s tingling, I’m so horny right now, but I can’t move,” she said absently, like one in a trance.

“You’ll both feel fine in time,” She said, smiling above them. “Rest now.”

They were left alone, but it was impossible to rest. Terry and Zac began writhing against each other as their bodies burned. They quickly pulled their clothes off. Every touch was an ecstasy, and the sweat seemed to boil out them, lubricating their limbs against each until the friction seemed to make their skin fluid, slick like oil. His cock seemed ten times its regular size as she mounted him. It was like they’d never stopped, coming over and over again. He looked in the wall mirror and saw them flushed with exertion, their flesh hot and slick with perspiration. When they didn’t think they could come anymore, they had one last, final, screaming orgasm and blacked out.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but when he awoke, he found himself on the same couch, but alone. He opened his eyes and looked around the dark room to see Terry looking in the mirror covered wall. She was encased in red rubber and was touching herself.


“Something’s happened to us,” she said. “It’s incredible.” She kept touching herself, and he saw the whites of her eyes in the mirror, saw red lips and white teeth. Her red hair hung down her back, still as curly as ever.

His skin felt different, like when he’d worn catsuits for Her pleasure. He looked at his hand and saw that it was covered in red rubber. He sat up and saw that his whole body was covered, even his cock, which had enlarged noticeably. He felt for hair and found only smooth, rubber scalp. His street clothes were gone. Where was the zipper? The tightness sent a rush through him.

He stood up and joined Terry in the mirror, pulling at his skin, trying to find the layer that was covering him, but only making a short, snapping noise. He looked at himself in the mirror and there were no seams. He felt around his eyes for a seam, felt behind him for a hidden zipper.

“Our skin is made of rubber now,” said Terry, smiling at herself in the mirror. “I don’t know how, but it’s true.”

“How can this be?” he asked, feeling his rubber head with a rubber hand.

“Who cares,” said Terry, looking at him now, eyeing his now engorging cock. She touched him with her black rubber hands and the touch was electric, instant ecstasy. “I’m so fucking horny that I can’t contain myself.”

And he found that he was suddenly horny too, as if someone had turned on a switch. Every nerve in his being tingled at the sight of Terry’s transformed body, seemingly tighter and more busty than earlier in the evening, rubber nipples and areolae erect with arousal.

He spun her around and she didn’t resist. He had his new rubber cock inside of her drenched and tight rubber pussy with a graceful thrust to his base. She looked back at him, a rubber finger sliding in and out of her rubber lips, a look of primal ecstasy on her beautiful rubber features. When he came, he pulled out and found his semen a reddish creamy white as he released on her red rubber skin.

She spun around and started sucking his still-hard cock, drinking the strange cum, letting him blow his load again on her face and huge rubber tits. They ended in a rubber tangle on the floor, kissing each other violently, passionately, unhindered by questions or concerns.

“Discovering yourselves, my pets?” She asked from behind them.

They both turned to see Her standing in a beam of light. She stood on her tall heels, her attendants behind her. She had a look of great pleasure on her face, one of pure joy. She was gorgeous and powerful to both of their aroused minds.

They both smiled and stood up to face Her, unconsciously coming to attention for Her, thrusting their chests out proudly for Her review.

“Now, then, I’ve done a fine job with you both, but now for a little fine tuning,” She said.

She put forth her rubber hand and Terry’s hips became fuller, her breasts swelled another size, becoming even more firm and round. Her muscles became pronounced, her ass perfectly sculpted, her pussy even tighter. She let out a moan of pleasure as the process completed itself. She stood panting, eyes wide at her image in the mirror.

He felt his muscles surge, tighten, enlarge. His cock grew even thicker and longer, emiting precum as ecstasy made his new skin sing.

“There, that will do for now,” She said, walking up to them and stopping before them. “I’m sure you have questions, but they’re unimportant. Isn’t it enough to know that you’re mine now? In every way. But I don’t think you’d have it any other way, would you?”

“How did you do this?” asked Terry, touching herself. “Are we really made of rubber?”

“Yes,” She replied. “You’re both going to be in charge of this place now, my personal authority in this city.”

“Are we going to be like this for the rest of our lives?” he asked, part of him worried, but part hoping.

“If you mean made of rubber and mine to control,” She said, moving forward and stroking his huge rubber cock, “Yes to both.”

Her two servants led him to the couch and laid him down. She came to him, worked herself over him and mounted his huge dick, Her pussy grasping him the same way it used to as She lowered herself gently down to the base of his gleaming red shaft. She gasped and smiled into his eyes.

“Maybe I went a little overboard with you,” She laughed as She began to thrust him in and out of herself.

Now Her servants led Terry to the couch and she didn’t need to be told what to do. She sat on Zac’s face, her red rubber pussy smearing him with her juices. Terry moaned and rubbed her breasts, and She grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. They hadn’t done their pyramid of power in years, and it was like they’d never been parted. But now it was a different game.

“Yes, now, come for me my rubber pretties,” She moaned.

Terry screamed and came on his face. He came inside of Her and She shuddered and laughed with pleasure and triumph and joy.

They disentangled, their new bodies sleek machines made for sex. They seemed to know that they needed to present themselves again for review before their mistress. The black rubber servants left the room.

She stood up, composing herself again. She showed her charges every curve of Her red, rubber body, teasing them, letting them see who was their ultimate beloved. They both stood watching, wanting Her again, but knowing She was only teasing. Another servant brought her long coat and dressed Her again. She stood before them again, Her servants at attention next to Her.

“Now you may begin bringing them in,” She said. And then she turned and led her servants into the shadows.

The door opened, and through it came a woman and a man, both wearing rubber outfits, both of them still carrying the pink flesh of their birth. They were both beautiful. The woman was led to Him and the man was led to Terry. They were lowered to their knees at their crotches.

The girl looked up into his eyes with a mixture of lust, confusion and fear. Her eyes were dark, her hair the color of gold. She would look beautiful when she was changed.

“Would you become one of us?” He asked, his huge cock an inch from her red lips of flesh.

“Yes,” she said, and took the tip in her mouth. She sucked expertly, drinking him into her.

Terry turned to him as the man drank her juices. She reached her hand out and he took it in his. Their hands merged and their bodies sang. They came in unison.

The girl and the man fell back, their skin already changing. They would be the first, they would become their attendants. But they wouldn’t be the last.

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