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Restaurant Meeting

by Rubber Devotee

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© Copyright 2014 - Rubber Devotee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; F/f; latex; dress; public; tease; catsuit; bond; nipple; strapon; electro; les; sex; climax; cons; X

As Red drove home from work, thoughts of loneliness filled her mind. She dreamed of being in love, sharing her mind and body with someone special. Unfortunately, work was too demanding to allow such joys. She had many good friends, men and women whom she had become close to. Despite this good fortune, nothing greater had come from these relationships. "I really need to get a drink tonight." Red thought to herself as she pulled into her carport.

The sun was setting on this tepid spring day as she finished her dinner. "What should I wear tonight?" She thought as a crooked smile formed on her lips. "It's a night for my purple dress. The purple dress, the one that gave me such pleasure, mmmmmm that will be just right." She pulled the dress from her closet, the fragrance of latex imbuing her nose, conjured memories of wearing the dress and its power to transform. When she had worn the dress, it was as if latent powers of her personality surfaced, releasing a sexual aura that reached beyond the confines of her skin, this aura warmed the very air around her.

Some people felt the desire to touch her rubber-covered skin to give this force tangibility. Most just looked at her body in amazement, never having seen someone dressed as she was. The attention she received gave her such an addictive high; many of her daydreams involved such fantasies.

Unzipping the back of the dress, she noticed inside, a slight discoloration from wearing the dress previously. The spot smelled sweet and musky from her body, how much of a turn on wearing this dress was, she thought to herself as she covered her naked body with Cult gel. As she slid the dress up her body, a slight ticklish feeling combined with the coolness of the rubber caused goose bumps. Breathing deeply she relished the moment of dressing. As the dress closed tightly on her body, her body warmth equalized the temperature of the dress, lessening the goose bumps. Next, she put on stockings and knee high, patent leather laced boots.

Letting out a sigh of pleasure, Red was ready to go out on the town. As she gathered her handbag, her clitoris hardened reacting to the miniscule sliding of the dress against her skin. A devilish smile revealed the moment as she contemplated touching herself. "Not yet baby, just hold out till we get home." Red told herself as she grabbed a jacket and then brushed her red hair in front of the full-length mirror in her hallway. She smiled broadly as she viewed herself in the mirror, feeling the power of her being.

While at work, Red had set a date with her good friend from college Katherine. They agreed to meet at one of their favorite bars in town, The Dragon's Lair. The lair was mainly a sushi restaurant and bar, with some Thai influence. The drinks there were very unique and the crowd had the typical L.A. sheen of well-dressed people. It was fun for Red and Katherine to flirt with guys and people watch, without letting the men get anything other than a look or smile back.

Red had to park a few blocks away and as she walked towards the restaurant received many looks and a couple whistles. She just walked with a slight smile and an air of confidence, pretending not to notice their advances. As she neared the restaurant, she could see Katherine waiting for her. Seeing Red approaching, Katherine smiled and waved. They embraced and kissed each other on the cheek, both women excited to see one another since it had been a couple weeks since they had made time.

Katherine was wearing a black overcoat with a flattering belt near her waist. The coat covered what she was wearing; the only inkling of which was her leather 4" heel boots. Entering the restaurant Red smiled as she felt many eyes looking at the two rubber covered ladies.

"May I take your coats ladies?" The restaurant host said staring at Red's body, his lust overpowering his manners. Katherine removed her coat to reveal a beautiful black rubber dress with sleeves and high neck. The dress accentuated her breasts elegantly with her nipples showing slightly.

"You look incredible!!" Red whispered to Katherine as the host showed them to their seats at the Sushi bar.

"So do you, I'm getting hot looking at you, if I were a man..."

Red and Katherine were seated at the end of the bar with a view of the front door and windows to the street. The sushi chef, hard at work glanced up briefly and almost cut his finger at the sight of the women. He quickly regained his concentration and finished preparing the rolls he was working on.

"What would you like to drink ladies? Maybe something to cool down those dresses perhaps?" She smiled warmly as she asked the question.

"Thank you, I think I'll have a Mai Tai."

"What is in a Bangkok Delta? I haven't seen it on the menu before." Katherine inquired.

"Oh, that is a really yummy drink, with coconut and dark rums, I think you'll like it."

"I'll take it, thank you." Katherine responded.

A few quiet minutes passed until a well-dressed man sitting next to Red threw out an icebreaker.

"Soooo, do you girls come here often?"

"As a matter of fact, we do, surprised you haven't seen us before" Red responded with annoyed smile.

"Oh, well you know, pick up lines and all, just wanted to break the ice a little."

"Well, I think you need to try another tactic."

"Okay you two look very pretty in your dresses. What fabric are those dresses made of?"


Feeling confident, he looked down at Red's shiny body with wide eyes. As his eyes focused on her chest, Red reached over and guided his eyes to back to her face.

"It's not polite to stare."

"Sorry, I just haven't seen anyone wearing a dress so revealing."

"Thank you for the compliment."

Red turned her head towards Katherine and smiled.

"What do you think of this guy?" whispered Red.

"His suit is nice."

Red just didn't feel like flirting with this guy, she was more interested in catching up with Katherine.

"Here are your drinks ladies"

"Thank you." Red said smiling

"Thanks." Katherine said.

Sipping their drinks, Red and Katherine chatted about their lives since they had last seen each other. Both women had been busy working and had missed each other greatly. The man next to Red gave up trying to pick up Red and would occasionally look over to the Red and Katherine, as they would laugh from the conversation. After they finished their drinks, they decided to go to a dance club.

As they left the restaurant, Red could feel many eyes looking at her. Red and Katherine were smiling from the attention to their presence. Stepping outside onto the sidewalk the coolness of the air gave both women a shiver.

"Red, you know I have a better idea, why don't you come over to my place. I want to show you something."

"Sure, what did you get?"

"Well, I want it to be a surprise. Why don't you follow me."

"Okay sweetie."

Katherine lived about 20 minutes away. Red got in her car, started and turned on the heat. Rubbing her hands rapidly to warm them, she pulled onto the street and drove to where Katherine was. As Katherine drove ahead, Red started to warm up from the heat. A few minutes later, she felt the first beads of sweat in her dress. Sliding back and forth, the dress dragged over her titillated skin. The sensations caused by the dress were such a turn on. The way in which the rubber hugged her and occasionally stimulated her clitoris was wonderful, though the stimulation was only enough to build her up excitement.

"Mmmmmmm, I have to contain myself," Red told herself as she stopped sliding in her dress.

Red pulled her car into the visitor parking of Katherine's complex. Katherine was at the top of a staircase that led to Katherine's apartment. As Red looked up at Katherine, a feeling of desire swept over her. Katherine's dress was so beautiful on her, it's high collar and sleeves were so sexy. Red smiled as she approached Katherine on the stairs.

"Hey naughty girl, what are you waitin' for."

"Look who's talkin'!"

Red and Katherine laughed as they walked over to Katherine's door.

"Katherine, you look so great in that dress. It is soooo sexxxy!"

"Thanks Red. You are looking great yourself."

"Do you want something to drink?"

"I better not, I gotta drive home later." As Red said that, Katherine looked at her deeply, sensing Red's desire to be with someone. Katherine then gently caressed Red's chin and smiled slightly as she led her into her apartment.

Red blushed shyly at Katherine's advance and looked down.

"You're so beautiful Red, you'll find someone to be with."

"That's what everyone keeps saying, but the waiting."

Before Red could finish her sentence, Katherine leaned over and kissed Red gently on the lips. Katherine's eyes were now fixed on Red's. Red's breaths shortening as she felt a deep sexual energy flow through her body. As their breaths matched tempo, their energies melded. At this moment, it was as if Red could feel Katherine's heart beating with her own. She had never experienced anything so intimate with another woman or man for that matter.

"What is happening Katherine? I have never felt this way about a woman, are you lesbian?"

"I'm bi. Is this uncomfortable for you?"

"I'm just concerned about possibly ruining our friendship?"

"Hon, don't worry. We have such a strong connection that I am sure that we'll always be good friends. Red, I sense your longing, and I share that feeling. We have known each other for years and have shared so many things together. I have had feelings for you for some time, but didn't feel that you were ready, until tonight What are you thinking about?"

"I don't know what to say, I guess I am flattered and turned on too?"

"Red, if you feel uncomfortable about anything let me know, otherwise how bout I show you the surprise."

Red nodded, still digesting her emotions as Katherine went to her bedroom and smiled as she shut the door.

"Oh Red, turn on the TV if you don't mind okay?"


Looking for something to watch, Red changed channels with the remote, while rustling noises came from the bedroom. Red wanted to find out what she was up to, but decided that she should wait. After about ten minutes, the sounds stopped and Red really began to wonder what she was doing.

"Okay, I'm ready come on in." Motioning Red with her rubber gloved hand.

Red approached tenuously with the curiosity of a child. As she entered the bedroom to her amazement, a total transformation had occurred. Katherine was now dressed entirely in black rubber. She wore a full body cat suit with attached gloves and feet. She even had a hood on with eye, nostril, mouth holes, and a ponytail hole that let out her ponytail. Katherine's body gleamed like a mirror.

"Here, I have something for you to wear, it's my bustier with nipple holes. Also, put on the garter belt so you can attach these leggings. Your going to enjoy this, don't worry about a thing. Now, be a good girl and get yourself ready."

As Red undressed and put on gel for the new garments, Katherine uncovered her bed to reveal more latex, sheets. Looking at Red lustily, Katherine's mood seemed to change from a gentle friend to someone more powerful. Red finished putting on Katherine's selections and was shining herself as Katherine came over to help with the polishing.

Katherine guided Red to the bed and began tying her limbs to the corners of the bed.

"Kathy, I've never done any kind of bondage before."

"Shhhhh don't worry darling your mine tonight, I'll treat you right."

Reassured, though still a bit uncomfortable, Red didn't resist. As she was being tied down, Katherine bent down and gently sucked on one of Red's breasts, which caused Red to buck a little. After playing with her breast, she moved up to Red's lips and kissed her passionately. Red greedily kissed back, enjoying the feminine kiss. It was as if Katherine knew exactly how to move her tongue and slide her lips on Red's. Red still had one free arm, which she used to caress the back of Katherine's head as they kissed.

Katherine tied Red's free arm and as she did her smile broadened.

"You are all mine now, hee hee."

Red was getting very turned on feeling so helpless. She had never been tied down let alone been intimate with a woman. Katherine strolled over to the closet looking back at Red with a devious smile. From the closet, Katherine brought out several items. The first item was some kind of suction machine that had two small clear cylinders attached to tubes. The other item was a black dildo with several silver patches. Wires came out from the center of the dildo that attached to a small electrical box with dials.

"Red my dear, you are in for a real treat."

Katherine lubed up the double dildo after she plugged in the machines. Katherine slowly unzipped her cat suit as Red watched with lust, and then she slowly entered the dildo into her with moans of pleasure. Red squirmed as she watched this rubber figure prepare her pleasure devices. Once the dildo was in, Katherine lubed Red's nipples after sucking them hard. Carefully Katherine placed the acrylic cylinders onto Red's nipples and turned on the machine, which sucked and released her nipples rhythmically, always maintaining enough suction to remain in place. Katherine mounted Red and warmed up Red's pussy with her lubed fingers. Red by this point was thoroughly excited, her clit rigid with the anticipation and constant sucking on her nipples.

Katherine slowly entered Red in a graceful motion till she filled red with the dildo. Both woman mmmmmmmed in unison and smiled to each other lovingly.

"One last thing darling" Katherine murmured in-between short breaths.

Katherine reached over with a shaking hand to turn on the electrical box. Immediately the dildo came to life and both women shuddered as the dildo charged causing their vaginal muscles to tense, which felt like both women were being fucked.

As quickly as it charged the dildo went dormant and then charged again. The electrical box was also set on a random cycle, so neither woman knew when it would fire up. Both women writhed as they approached stimulation overload.

Rubber squeaking as their bodies squirmed; Red and Katherine moved to maximize the stimulation. Suddenly the electric box's cycle frequency increased and both women's bodies tensed and released rapidly. The sensation was amazing, though the dildo was stationary; it felt to both women that they were being inserted repeatedly. Red's head uncontrollably thrashed side to side as she tried to move her bound body. Katherine began to shudder as her own body neared climax. Katherine could feel her clitoris harden as she approached orgasm. Just before she shook into her orgasm, she grabbed Red's head firmly and kissed her powerfully as she came. Red reached climax almost simultaneously, enjoying Katherine's warm rubbery embrace as their bodies shook involuntarily.

Katherine, struggled to turn off the machines as her body continued to shudder from orgasm.

"I want to hold you Kathy." Red said longingly.

Kathy untied Red and the two women cuddled. Looking into each other's eyes, they kissed gently.

"I've never known love like this" Red whispered.

Katherine kissed Red on her forehead. Red placed her head between Katherine's rubber covered breasts, breathing contently.

"I guess you're not going to make it home tonight"


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