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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; mind-control; latex; hood; catsuit; toys; boots; sendep; sleepsack; gag; collar; cuffs; sold; bond; reluct; XX

Janet strutted in her towering high heels enjoying the restriction of the long extremely tight skirt smiling as it reduced her steps to mere inches. The bra she was wearing forced her ample breasts up and out giving her huge cleavage and leaving her pert nipples just below the fabric line. Her hands stroked her toned stomach through the shoulder length latex gloves squeaking slightly as she stroked herself as she walked. Around her throat was a two inch wide stainless steel choker that she loved how tight it fit her and the feeling she got when she squeezed it tight around her neck hearing the lock snap closed. It normally took her a few minutes for the feeling of being slowly strangled to pass but she found she enjoyed those feelings as well. Sometimes Janet would spend hours strutting around her house wishing she had the nerve to actually wear any of her “Sexy” clothes in public even though most of them would be considered close to normal for some people.

Janet would spend her evenings pretending she was out with friends dressed provocatively leaving every man who saw her drooling at her fit body and long red hair. Often falling asleep after a few glasses of wine having to hurry and undress herself in the morning changing into her office clothes. Her daily clothes consisted of loosely fitting skirts and tops normally with a sweater buttoned to her chin. Her shoes were always flats and her beautiful red hair pulled back in a tight bun. Occasionally she would wear lipstick but mostly she wore little to no makeup and kept her head down and spoke only when spoken to. The few girlfriends she had always tried to get her to “dress up” telling her how pretty she could be if she would just try a little bit, sometimes taking her to alternative dress shops to try and pry her out of her shell.

It was at one of these shops she had found the pleasures of wearing leather and eventually latex clothing having been almost forced to try on several items one evening with her friends laughing and encouraging her to try on more things. The extreme heels had been another attempt to sexy her up but Janet would never purchase anything with them present, returning much later if she found something she had to have and buying it then. Her fetish clothes and shoe collection was getting quite extensive and recently she had purchased her first corset and had been wearing it during her nightly adventures. One evening while perusing the internet Janet found a program that would help “shy” people become more outgoing and self confident all while sleeping. She had read about people listening to things while they slept to help them learn easier but never self help before but she was becoming desperate to be brave enough to live her life like her girl friends did and since it was not expensive she thought she would try it. Janet felt strange answering all the questions she was asked but finally had the forms complete and ordered the complete system really hoping it would help her.

Janet waited anxiously, finding several reviews online saying how well the system worked giving them the ability to perform anything they were chosen to do. Janet already felt more confident buying some new outfits that fit her toned body showing her assets and bought some makeup to go with them. It took three weeks for the system to arrive and even though Janet felt stronger every time she dressed in her new clothes she would change her mind and change back into her older clothes. When the system arrived Janet scanned the instructions having already familiarized herself with the operations of the system and installed the program and hooked up the sensory cap securing it to her head board. The cap was more like a hood covering her head and face completely leaving her having to breathe through two small holes under her nose, the idea being to limit stimulus while being engulfed in the inputs from the system.

Janet was nervous about the hood, the pictures on the internet didn’t show a full hood but she read it was the newest design and decided to try it. The hood was layers of rubber with the outer hood made of thick vinyl with four straps running down the back to close it. Janet slowly pulled the hood over her head letting the rubber stretch over her as she lined up the holes flushing as she suddenly felt a tingle in her pussy. Janet felt the rubber warming as she pulled the straps tightening the hood around her face and head. Janet sat feeling the excitement building as the hood conformed to her head enjoying it, adjusting the straps tighter after a few minutes lying back giggling as her hands went instinctively to her pussy. Janet knew immediately she was going to like wearing the hood, the total darkness and muffled sound would help her sleep deeper and thought that’s probably what they were trying to do. Janet wore the hood every night finding she did indeed sleep better even the first night feeling different after only the first week.

Janet usually heard the first five or ten minutes of the audio part of the program but after the second week she found that as soon as she pulled the hood on she fell asleep immediately. Janet began to go to bed as soon as she arrived home, sleeping most of the weekend as well, always waking on time feeling refreshed and alert. As the weeks went by Janet began wearing her “daring” clothes to bed then started wearing her higher heels to work quickly followed by her tighter skirts and tops. During the workday Janet was more focused and caught herself smiling more and even chatting with co-workers. For months Janet slept with the program running, never realizing she would awake at five, arrive home at six and be in bed by six thirty only waking twice on Saturday and Sunday to eat and relieve herself before returning to bed. After four months Janet arrived home feeling extremely tired sitting in a chair wondering why she felt so exhausted only able to remember how wonderful she felt during the day and was compelled to go to bed.

As she dragged herself to her bedroom she wiggled out of her snug clothes smiling at how she would have never worn these outside before knowing the program had helped her. Janet was still wondering why she couldn’t remember anything that happened at work today. Her body automatically slipped into the long latex dress she couldn’t recall buying then went to bed strapping the hood on and falling asleep as soon as she laid down. Each day had become a blur for Janet, during the day she was bright and cheery, her transformation complete into an outgoing and vibrant person who joined in with groups and was happy all the time. As soon as she left work Janet began feeling tired and wanted to do nothing but sleep slowly forgetting everything that happened during the day. Janet also was wondering why her dreams were becoming more erotic each night she dreamt of wild sex and they were becoming more fetish inspired. The only time Janet remembered these dreams was just before she fell asleep and each morning she wouldn’t remember what she had dreamt of.

Janet’s days became shorter and her dreams became more intense, making her awake briefly, gasping for air. Desperately reaching up to remove the hood but finding she couldn’t get her hands up to her face, then quickly falling to sleep again. Arriving home one evening Janet found a stack of boxes in front of her door instinctively Janet picked up the boxes carrying each stack inside sorting them by the labels wondering what was in each even though she knew how to stack them to be in correct order to use them. Janet felt tired again and took the boxes into the bedroom to get ready for bed showering and shaving herself before opening the first box. The box had four tubes of different creams or salves in it and she rubbed some of the first tube all over her damp skin feeling it tingle waiting for a few minutes before applying the second tube. Setting all the colored tubes into the cabinet Janet pulled the suit folded neatly on the bottom of the box out inspecting briefly thinking, this is just going to rip to pieces, as she looked at the extremely thin material then slipped her feet into it and began to carefully pull the suit up her legs stretching it as she raised it up her body.

The suit was tissue paper thin latex made to seal her body and once it was seated properly began to warm and form itself to her. Janet stopped thinking about the new suit or how her skin tingled, slipping into her night gown and hood and falling to sleep. Janet woke and got dressed for work wearing tight black cotton leggings under the snug pencil skirt and long sleeved top, seeming to forget about the thin latex covering her body. Janet ignored the strange gloves covering her hands and by the time she arrived at work they had formed to her hands perfectly, only giving her a slight sheen over them. Arriving home Janet moved straight to her bedroom opening the next box, she now only ate one meal every other day and drank only enough water to keep her mouth from feeling dry. In the box was a pair of ballet boot trainers and another long latex dress. The trainers had multiple straps from just below her knees to her toes holding the thick steel braces to her legs and feet forcing her feet en-pointe. Janet obediently strapped them tightly to her legs before slipping into the tight nightgown gasping slightly as she wiggled and twisted into it. The gown was essentially an extreme hobble dress with long sleeves and a tall collar. Once inside the dress Janet could not separate her legs at all and the tight rubber made breathing increasingly difficult. With the dress on Janet obeyed her inner voice slipping the wide steel cuffs onto her wrists locking each before pulling the hood over her head and buckling it tightly. Before she could fall asleep Janet felt she had to cuff her hands behind her back and once she had her mind got foggy and she fell asleep, blind mute and helpless until she was awakened in the morning.

Janet didn’t think about the suit again for the next thirty days, seeming to not notice it even when someone would notice the sheen or the strange feel of her hands she would get confused and leave the room. Each night she would place her legs in the trainers encasing herself in the nightgown before locking her hands behind her only breaking her routine when she felt the urge to open the next box. In the bathroom again Janet could see the thin suit was fitted to her and looked like it was her skin following every curve and filling every orifice. Briefly she fingered her pussy moaning slightly as she felt thousands of tiny bolts of electricity flow through her as she stroked herself. Suddenly she snapped back to her task and took the last two tubes and began rubbing the first one all over herself feeling her skin warm up and could swear the suit tightened around her. When the warmth eased she started rubbing the last tube's contents all over herself then quickly took the strange pieces of plastic and even though in her mind she had no idea what they were for she instinctively knew how to clamp them onto herself.

Janet watched her body moving not really understanding what was happening as she watched her hands cover the large plug with what she assumed was lube and reach between her legs and carefully work it into her virgin ass. Janet’s mind was screaming stop but her hands continued pushing until the plug was fully seated into her stretching the small hole in the suit. Quickly her hands moved to insert the huge phallus into her pussy stretching both the suit and her pussy and once it was seated completely she watched as her hands reached under her again pulling a silver pin from the appliance feeling it suddenly snap tighter onto her. Janet squealed as the thing clamped onto her and reached down to try and pull it away but couldn’t make her hands do as she wanted. The heat became very intense as she stared helplessly in the mirror at how the device made it look like she had no pussy at all covering her and smoothing her out. Janet turned slightly looking at her ass and could see the strange protrusions cupped her ass cheeks pushing them up slightly and the long “bar” running between them filled it perfectly smoothing it out as well.

Janet was confused again as her body continued to act on its own, turning her towards the mirror again, picking up what she had thought was a bra made from the same thick plastic and slipped it over her breasts. Janet could tell it was much bigger than her own breasts and whined slightly as it seemed to pull itself onto her stretching her breasts inside it. Instinctively she knew she couldn’t release it and watched herself pick up the next item from the box. The new catsuit was much thicker and didn’t look like it would fit a real person but she wrestled it up her legs and torso finally forcing her hands and arms into the sleeves snapping the latex over her shoulders. Janet forced her slickened fingers into the gloves stretching them and smoothing the rubber out and up her arms. Janet felt the warmth begin to spread out to her entire body.

Janet wanted to stop and stood gasping for air for only a second before she reached back and closed the slider that ran across her shoulders sealing the suit. As she slid the slider it released a liquid from it melting the closure and the pull tab leaving it almost flat and invisible. Janet had no idea she was now sealed into the thick rubber unconcerned as her skin began to warm again only thinking about the next box ignoring the growing pain in her breasts. Walking on her toes Janet thought about how difficult it had gotten to walk in anything but her tallest high heels and even those were starting to not be high enough gasping as she opened the next box finding a pair of shining boots and two pairs of new shoes. She took the boots and sat down lacing them quickly up her legs before slipping the steel shackles around her ankles snapping them closed. Janet felt she had to walk around a moment and began wobbling around her home gasping from the tight rubber as she seemed to already know how to walk in the strange boots.

After an hour of walking with her skin getting hotter and her breasts throbbing Janet could barely keep a thought in her head as she opened the next box seeing multiple gags taking them out and setting them in order across her dresser setting the hoods next to them. Once organized Janet took the first gag and strapped the simple ball gag into her mouth then resumed walking around her house. For another four hours Janet walked around in circles stopping only to take the first hood and wrestle it over her head, sealing her filled mouth, adjusting it so the small holes under her nose and over her eyes were correctly lined up before resuming her training. Hours later Janet felt her sudden exhaustion and headed for her bed stepping into her nightgown and pulling it up gasping for air as the tight collar compressed her neck and the new layer of rubber crushed her chest.

Janet sleeps unaware she was now sealed in the new latex and plastic waking the next morning removing both hoods before unlocking and removing the ballet boots. Janet was amazed she could ignore the pain in her legs, jaw and breasts as she slipped her feet into the new shoes, feeling them force her toes into the deep platforms in the front and keep them held in the en-point position. The shoes seem to form around her feet keeping the steep pumps from falling off. Janet stepped into a long pants suit using the jacket to cover her much larger breasts but leaving the top two inches of the rubber collar exposed above the jacket's collar. Janet ignored the pain in her feet and legs wincing slightly when the pain in her breasts seemed to pinch her and was seemingly unaware of the black rubber showing over her collar ignoring all questions that were asked about it and her sudden flinches. After another month had passed no one at her work spoke to her since she was now coming to work wearing short tight dresses showing her latex and extreme heels even though no one knew her toes were still being held en-point in the bottoms of the growing platforms. Her mouth was now almost always in a perfect circle from her nightly gag training. While she was at work she seemed oblivious to her situation making her coworkers nervous so they just left her alone to do her work. Janet remembered nothing from the night before and each day only did as she felt she was supposed to be ignorant to her nightly rituals or how severe they had become. Each night and now all weekend Janet spent in self bondage training herself for an unknown master.

When Janet arrived home her routine was to immediately strip off her street clothes struggling to remove the steep shoes then wrapping the head harness around her head stuffing her mouth with the huge phallus she had now become accustomed too. Tonight she felt she needed to open another box stopping by her long mirror seeing herself in it she gasped as she was unrecognizable. She had lost a lot of weight and even without her boots or shoes she stood on her toes and stared at her shiny black skin she had grown used to stroking her stretched face whining slightly at how her jaw already ached. Suddenly she wondered how she could wear this every day and why. Janet’s mind snapped and she pulled herself away from the mirror still thinking about how the black rubber looked like it had been vacuum formed to her as she opened another box. Instinctively she wrapped the new item around her waist clipping the front together hearing the latches close, unaware and unconcerned that she would not be able to open the busk again. With practiced ease for someone that had never worn or laced a corset before Janet backed up to her door knob wrapping the laces around it and began twisting and grunting as her feet started hurting from not being supported by anything. Janet tied the laces behind her back before pulling another catsuit from the box, this suit was made differently than the others even though it was stretchy it was not rubber and she quickly pulled it up her body pushing her hands into the sleeves leaving the zipper open for now.

Opening another box the new boots were laced up her legs to her crotch crushing her legs under the tight reinforced leather, Janet watched her hands snap small locks through the multiple buckles that covered the boots laces somehow knowing but ignoring that there were no keys for them in the box. Janet walked around her house for an hour stopping to adjust the corset several times, once she lingered admiring her new waist in the mirror noticing how it cupped her new breasts that seemed to be getting pulsed and teased under the layers of rubber. Janet had “forgotten” the inserts she had installed, never questioning why she felt so aroused all the time especially when she was walking or why she always felt so “filled”. Now Janet’s body reacted to her compressed torso and tall shoes by bringing her close to an orgasm making her pant and gasp pulling at the head harness and rubber desperately trying to free herself. After a brief panic attack her mind cleared and she stopped struggling only turning and pulling at the laces again until the series of multiple clicks were heard. Janet instinctively tied the laces in two tight knots at her back then cut the remaining laces away accepting the corset could never be removed by her like it was normal. The catsuit was zipped up with the pull of the zipper slipped into the small box making a distinct “Click” telling her again it could not be reopened.

With her body fully encased Janet pulled the thick rubber hood over her head, this hood had become her normal sleeping hood having no eyes or mouth openings leaving her to gasp for air through her nose. With the hood on she slipped into the hobble nightgown buckling the sensory hood on before cuffing her hands behind her back. As Janet lay waiting for sleep she wondered what was happening and why she was so comfortable doing this to herself remembering how the system had promised to release her inhibitions and thought, maybe this IS what I really wanted. The thoughts stopped as she went to sleep dreaming about being kept bound and gagged, living only to please her master. It only took a few days of wearing the strange boots and exposed black rubber to work before her acting ignorant about the topics got her fired and Janet returned home early. Janet had no idea why she was fired even as she slipped into her hobble gown and forced the huge gag into her mouth, strapping it tightly without thinking about her actions. Janet wasn’t tired and could only think about walking around her home pulling the rubber hood with small holes over her head before starting her journey around her home.

For hours she roamed her house shuffling with practiced ease in the tight dress panting through her nose, her head slowly clearing as she struggled to maintain her resolve finally stopping and sitting down. Janet was stroking her body as she stared at it through the small holes of the rubber mask. Her mind spinning as she realized she was locked into three layers of rubber with an extremely tight corset under them with her breasts, pussy and ass sealed and filled by plastic intruders she couldn’t access and somehow knew couldn’t be removed. Janet felt her head feeling the thick straps of the harness while she tried to move her tongue or close her mouth, finding she could do neither. As she began pulling at the hood she felt a strange calmness wash over her and soon she sat panting calmly before rising to her pointed toes and went to her room. Opening another box and pulling out a thick rubber sleepsack which despite her mind trying to stop her body she laid it out on the bed securing the twin straps from the neck and ankles to her bed and climbed into it.

Janet pulled the sensory hood over her already encased head before stretching the hood of the sac on top of it then reached down and pulled the zipper up sealing herself in the thick rubber. The system ran for three days leaving her trapped in her rubber prison as it finished her programming. When Janet was allowed to open the sleepsack she struggled to pull the hood off her head partly because she had been so comfortable in her encasement. She finally knew her real purpose and didn’t want to be free but felt she had to finish her dressing so she could be complete. For the last time Janet removed the hoods, gag and dress eating and drinking before flushing herself out. Once she was ready Janet opened the last box laying the items on her bed the program having to force her to slow down she had become so eager to complete her transformation. Janet took the new head harness and straightened out the thick straps arranging them so she could push her head into them. Janet struggled to get the much larger mouthpiece into her mouth finally getting it to snap onto her teeth and pushed it in hard, seating it deep in her throat.

It took Janet twenty minutes to close all the straps tightening each several times before pushing the small buttons on each locking them onto her head. The gag had a large “plug” that could be removed so her gaping mouth could be used as needed either for pleasure of feeding but without the special tool she could not remove it and was now incapable of feeding or watering herself. As soon as the gag was locked Janet took the thick rubber hood and pulled it over her head, stuffing the small tubes into her nostrils. The hood had no openings other than the tubes for her nose and fit her head and face tightly with a long collar that ran to her shoulders. Janet was blind and totally deaf as she took her hobble dress and shimmied into it covering the collars of the hood and catsuits under it. Janet wrapped the reinforced rubber collar around her neck covering the collar of the dress and hood carefully lining it up before squeezing it until it clicked. Janet knew she was now locked into the rubber cocoon completely unable to remove any of the garments she was wearing and only hoped she would please her master.

Janet was driven to begin walking around her house blindly struggling to step in the tight rubber as the collars choked her and she gasped for air through her nose. After several hours Janet was exhausted and slowly found her way to her bed slipping into her sleep sac unable to bring herself to pull the sensory cap on herself. Janet sealed herself into the sac sleeping deeply for two days unaware that while she slept her new master had sent people to prepare her for becoming his slave. The crew removed everything in her house leaving her strapped to her bed, they also removed all evidence of her ever existing including setting up the sale of her house. When Janet was awakened she felt someone helping her remove the hood of the sac then felt them sitting her up. Janet’s arms instinctively went behind her back and she felt the stranger slide the last item from the boxes up her arms, closing it, smashing her arms together and forcing her hands into the tight ball at the end of the arm sleeve. The master wiped the sealing liquid over the closure watching as the thick rubber melted slightly and the slide and track almost disappeared.

Janet sat motionless as he removed the ankle cuffs she had locked around her ankles replacing them with two six inch wide cuffs with four short chains connecting them, the chains would limit her step to only a couple of inches. Once he was content with her restraints he left the shiny black figure sitting gasping on the bed returning with a steel box mounted on two wheels. Janet felt herself being guided into the box where her legs were pulled up to her ass then felt the pressure of the lid smashing her deeper into the thick foam unable to hear the loud clanks of the locks closing. The man yelled at the crew to get rid of the bed and get the box loaded and to hurry up, it will only take a couple of hours for the program to start to wear off and he wanted her home before she started to panic.

His assistant asked, “I thought it only opened up their minds to their secret desires?”

“It does but the body still fights when it feels threatened, it takes much longer to train that out of them so they will be completely compliant,” he answered, “the whole idea is to get them to train themselves so they can be tailored to their eventual master’s desires. She is in the final training program but we don’t want their bodies’ natural instincts to take over ruining all her previous training. Right now she has no idea she has trained herself to be someone’s slave for the rest of her life. After a few more months of being programmed, she will be ready to gratefully serve the highest bidder.”

The master had been watching her progress since the beginning knowing that if she hadn’t been predisposed to being submissive the training would have never worked and would have stopped monitoring her but like all of his slaves before her she had shown great desire to be dominated with desires to serve hidden deep inside her. Janet spent two days smashed in the case while she was carried to her new home. During the last day her mind had cleared again remembering most of what had happened during the previous three days and began struggling in her rubber prison desperately trying to find some relief from her confinement fighting with herself as she was torn between the desire to be someone’s pet and the need to be free from her confinement. Janet was freed from the steel case finding she couldn’t fight at all in her restraints as she was slipped into another sleep sack and the hood pulled over her head and soon she found her peace again as she gasped for air letting her program retrain her thoughts and feelings for her new master.


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