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Reporter Targets the Wrong Gang

by Uluv2btied

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© Copyright 2019 - Uluv2btied - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; trick; kidnap; bond; gag; latex; corset; heels; bodymod; implants; bimbo; nc; XX

Original piece is available on DeviantArt.

Inspired by a work by hutrin also on DeviantArt.

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Eve Gomez tensed up as she saw Barbara Lynch walking up to her desk in the news room. They were both being considered for the Editors job and Barbara just had this attitude of it being hers. What was worse, Barbara had gotten most of her best stories by stealing them from Eve. But now Eve was tensing up because she wasn't sure if Barb would fall for the trap she had set up. Eve had decided the best way to get the promotion was to get the competition out of the way, and what she had set up for the bitch who had stolen her work so often was going to be ironic.

"So what are you working on there? Anything a future editor would be interested in?" Barb asked in her usual superior tone.

"Eh, just another story about gangs smuggling in illegals although..." Eve left it hanging, baiting her nemesis.

"Although.... what?" Barb snapped her fingers quickly, "Come one, subscriptions are down, we need a STORY!! What is it?"

Eve tried not to smile at how Barb was nibbling at the bait. "Well, it might be nothing. But I got a tip that the gangs had a new angle. They are using the dark web to actually take orders for illegals; gardeners, cooks, maids and sadly, women with certain looks, probably for.... you know. But I've been getting nowhere and have a meeting set up, some computer geek who was gonna show me how to get through all the firewalls but I'm not going meet him, I have to take my mom to the doctor. I think it's just a dead end anyway."

Barb grabbed the notepad from Eve's hands and looked at her notes. "Yeah, take care of your mom." Barb handed her notes back, "You're probably right, looks like a dead end." and she quickly walked away, but was furiously typing notes in her cell phone.

Eve smiled, "Payback is a bitch, BITCH!" she thought to herself. Eve waited for Barb to go out of view and picked up the burner cell phone. "Hi. She took the bait. I can't wait to see how she turns out." and then tossed the phone in to the garbage.

Barbara quickly packed up after checking the internet for any other info about what Eve had told her, drawing a blank, which interested her even more. She needed to meet that source!! She thought it was appropriate that the meeting place was a Mexican bar on the edge of town. She had considered what to wear. She usually went with the reporters "uniform"; business casual for a woman, smart jacket over a white blouse with the top collar button fastened, matching pants to the jacket, low heels or sneakers. Considering where she was going, not wanting to attract attention, she wore a denim jacket but still the same blouse, jeans and sneakers. And of course, no camera crew or anyone else for that matter, she wanted the exclusive story, all the credit to her. "ALL the credit" she smiled as she thought to herself, her ambition overcoming safety consideration and going alone. She adjusted the hidden microphone and video camera, making sure the brooch was positioned to capture everything.

She walked in to the bar and looked around, wanting to make sure the message was seen that she was looking for someone, then sat down at the bar. It wasn't long before the rather ordinary looking Hispanic man she saw at the end of the bar idled up to her, "The Inquirer?" he asked, confirming Barbara's hunch neither Eve nor her informant had ever met. She nodded, not smiling, trying to hide her excitement, thinking she had hit the jackpot. He jerked his head to the side indicating they should move to a quiet table in the corner. They sat down and he started, "First, nothing to identify me as a source, you can only take notes, no recordings."

Barbara replied, "Of course, no recordings", nodding but thinking about the video and audio that would make her famous without the slightest concern what would happen to this man as she shifted to an angle she thought was best to capture his image and sound. "So, tell me, where do they find the women? How do they decide what will happen to each of them? How are they... delivered?" She fired off three quick questions.

Her source looked around quickly, looking terrified suddenly, holding up a finger across his lips with a "SHHH! Too many ears, let's go to a quieter spot." He stood and walked to the back of the restaurant without waiting or looking back to see if she was following. Barbara was NOT going to lose this story and quickly followed.

They stopped at the end of the hallway, two doors facing each other. He stood with his back to one and facing the other. "Behind me is the room where they take them." Barbara naturally moved to face him, standing in front of the other door, eagerly looking over his shoulder past him at the door behind him, dying to know what was in there. He reached behind him and opened the door, still holding the knob, just enough for Barbara to see inside and saw what looked like a chair, oddly designed with shiny chrome tubes for the arms and legs, but it was just a glimpse as he suddenly slammed it shut. Barbara was so focused on wanting to see inside the room she didn't notice the door behind her open, her world suddenly changed as her source shoved her backwards, pushing on her chest, she partially fell backwards as a hand from behind dragged her in to the room, the door across from her in the hallway being slammed was the signal that a new arrival was waiting to pulled in.

Duct tape covered her mouth as her source reached up and jerked her jacket open revealing the wires to the camera in her broach. "So, you wanted to know where we find the women?" he asked, surprisingly careful as he removed it. Barbara's eyes, already wide in fright, going even wider as she saw him turn it and realized her abduction was being recorded! "Lots of different ways but the best way is those who deserve it." he said pointing the camera at her. And then, adding to her shock, he opened HIS cell phone and played back her voice promising no recordings. "Looks like you just qualified." Despite the duct tape over her mouth, the head shake and muffled sounds made it clear Barbara disagreed.

The two men picked her up and soon strapped her to a table. Lights came on now and as Barbara frantically looked around, she recoiled in horror at what looked like a warehouse of an adult store. Her source seemed to be messaging on his phone for a while. He then turned to her with a sadistic grin. "So to answer your second question, how to decide what will happen to them..." he wagged his cell phone at her. "Whatever the highest bidder WANTS to happen to them and YOU just got a custom order for a LOT of money".

Barbara's frantic struggling and muffled screams were ignored. He went to one of the cabinets and with his back to her, asked "Jose, what size do you think she wears?". As he started to open the cabinet, Barbara struggled as Jose reached inside her shirt, then her pants, reading the tag as Barbara realized he was reading the size tag of her size 36 blouse and 28 inch waist jeans.

Jose hollered back, "Chest 34, waist 26" and Barbara froze for an instant at the mistaken smaller size she heard shouted out, then saw her source step aside as she could now see inside the cabinet; shiny, slutty, latex attire on hangars as he pulled out a latex catsuit, "34 but no 26 waist, but I think we can squeeze you in to 24 inch waist." Barbara let loose with sobbing when it sank in how much the latex would compress her like a corset.

Barbara's eyes were filled with tears and she started to blink to try to clear them to see better when a tray was wheeled over. She turned her head as best she could to see a variety of what looked like gel packs. He held up his cell phone and appeared to be taking a picture of them as the other man ripped open her blouse. The man that was her source then lifted a pair of gel packs and set them on her chest. The phone dinged and he took them off, then replaced with them with somewhat larger and rounder ones, almost immediately followed by another 'ding'.

He smiled, reached out and stroked her hair, "This is the other part of the answer to your question. We have a plastic surgeon to help fulfill a customized order..." he wagged the cell phone again, "...high profile, silicone breast implants, 1000CC, you're going to look great." Barbara's panicked thrashing and muted screaming in to her gag started to subside as a gas mask was slipped over her nose and face and she inhaled the gas. "Yeah, bitch, when you wake up you'll be a new woman," was the last thing she heard as her eyes slowly closed.

Barbara groaned slightly and slowly opened her eyes, then slowly shook her head to wake up and look around. Actually, she tried to shake her head and was only partially able to look around, something was blocking the part of her vision between her eyes and could barely turn her head and, looking down was impossible without leaning forward, something at her neck was preventing her from lowering her head.

Her drowsiness disappeared quickly as her heart started racing when the more she tried to asses her situation it became startling clear she was prevented from doing so by an array of restraints, the more she tried to move the more restraints she discovered were impeding her movements until now fully awake, she recognized the room she had looked in to at the end of the hallway and gave a pitiful grunt as she saw her reflection and realized she was sitting in the chrome tubed chair she had seen earlier. But it was the memory of all that had been told to her before she passed out that she knew it was all true and her story was now her nightmare as the nipple clamps on the huge tits, HER huge tits, pinched her awake, the promised 24 inch waist now a gleaming chrome belt to keep her waist slim.

She tried to talk, to cry out for help only to discover something inside her mouth, something smooth she could tell as she probed with her tongue, running it all around it with her tongue. She had chewed on a rubber band before and it had the same qualities but she just wasn't sure what it was or it's purpose as she could see in her reflection there was also something extending out of her mouth attached to it that looked like the tube and squeeze bulb for what was used to take someone's blood pressure She could do little else but stare forward as she heard the door behind her open and pray the her frantic, garbled, gagged pleas for release would be granted.

Barbara had a moment of hope as she saw Eve walk in to her line of restricted vision from the straps of the harness gag holding her jaws wide and her mouth filled with a rubber tasting cylinder, a garbled "HELP ME!!" coming out as "EHHH EEEEE!! " Her hopes were crushed as Eve grinned, and leaned in and taunted, "I see you met my source for the story. I guess I should have told you my source for the story on the gang was my cousin." She stood up straight, "But a GOOD reporter would have researched and known that." Eve reached forward and gave one of Barbara's new tits a squeeze, "And you can thank me later for your new look," grinning broadly as she showed Barbara her cell phone with the last message still displayed, Barbara could see it was Eve who was the one selecting the 1000CC breast implants.

"But for once in all our time working together, YOU are going to SHUT..." Eve reached forward and grabbed what Barbara thought was a blood pressure squeeze bulb and Barb saw Eve's hand compress around it as she also heard the soft hiss of air and the 'boopuh' sound of the bulb being squeezed and felt the rubber material in her mouth suddenly start to firm up and expand as Eve continued, "... THE FUCK...", immediately followed by another squeeze and the commensurate further expansion of the rubber thing in her mouth, "... UP!!!"

Eve squeezed the bulb again... and again, and again, rapidly now, 'boopuh', 'boopuh', 'boopuh.' Barbara's eyes flew wider and wider open with each pump, as she felt the rubber in her mouth expand, her cheeks now bulging out. With nowhere else to go, the rubber bag now started to progress toward her throat, stopping just short of her uvula.

Eve let the bulb go and it dangled down, swaying slightly as Eve leaned back, enjoying watching Barbara struggle with what to do about this thing filling her mouth, a sort of groaning protest as Eve finished it with a question, a choice for Barb. "So are you going to stay quiet?" as Eve started to reach for the bulb, greeted by a nod as best as Barb could manage accompanied by "ehhh", what was probably a weak "yes". Eve reached up and grabbed the bulb, a terrified and confused Barbara looking at her as Eve demanded and asked in the same sentence,

"When I said stay quiet, I meant NO SOUND out of you, do I have to make sure?" And held the bulb menacingly in front of Barbara's face she rewarded Eve with a frantic, as best as she could do, head shake "NO", Eve letting the bulb go it swung side to side as Barbara's nostrils flared she was breathing so hard, not emitting a single sound, horrified at the thought of that bulb getting squeezed again.

Eve put her hands on her hips and looked the bimbo boobed, latex clad, inflatable harness gagged, ballet booted helpless reporter up and down, enjoying the plaintive gaze from her, knowing she was desperately fighting not to moan as latex encased flesh jiggled until Eve held up a sheet of paper. "I see you decided to apply for two weeks of vacation." Eve had been looking at her cell phone and after a few taps held it for Barbara to see an email that had been sent from Barbara applying for vacation. Eve looked grinned wickedly as she said, "You need to use a better password." Eve pulled away her cell phone as Barbara’s eyebrows arched as she realized she had been set up for all of this. Horrified at what might happen to her over the next two weeks.

"Good." Eve nodded with a smug satisfaction. "That should be just about right for me to settle in as the NEW editor and get you trained. No more of those ugly flat shoes, it will take a few days to get used to the heels you are wearing now. All your lies and talking down to me... you don't get the right to speak until you more lying and talking down to me. And that totally unattractive wardrobe you came to work wearing? Only the tightest and sexiest outfits from now on. And of course, learning to keep your new chest on display, arms back to show it off."

Eve smiled wickedly. "Yes, two weeks should be enough to get you to agree to being the new sexy doll reporter."

She enjoyed the wide eyed reaction of her competitor as she went on. "Here's my idea. We need to get subscriptions up. Sex sells. So YOU are going to be the new face of our reporting. And what better way to attract eyes to our site than our new reporter, the former Barbara Lynch, now..."

Eve waved her hand and smiled as if making a shocking announcement, "This just in, we take you live to our star reporter, BARBIE Doll Lynch!!!!!"


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