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Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; gag; bond; susp; inflate; cath; torment; punish; cons/nc; XX

“Ah good, you are awake now. You’re probably wondering where you are. Actually you will have a lot of questions and I will answer them all in good time. Now stop that, there’s no point in struggling at all, you are very well spreadeagled here. I am a professional at this so you should save you energy, you are going nowhere, I can assure you. And there is no point in screaming either; the inflatable gag is very efficient. Here, I will show you, a couple more pumps like this, mmmmm, pushing your cheeks out nicely. You probably think your jaw will break but I know exactly how far to pump. Just breathe nice and slowly through your nose tubes. Good, that’s better.”

“Now you are in quite a pickle, aren’t you? And it’s your entire fault. Yes, you really shouldn’t have played around on you wife – or at least it was very stupid for you to get caught. She really is a wonderful woman and you went out and cheated on her, didn’t you? Mmm? Just nod your head as best you can, I know it is difficult with the posture collar on. Yes, that was a nod, good, well at least you are acknowledging you are a cheat, and a philanderer.”

“And of course she found out and through various avenues, advertisements, phone calls and a couple of meetings, she and I came to this agreement. You’re probably wondering who I am, well it doesn’t matter who, it’s more the what really, I am a professional trainer of wayward men, such as yourself. Not a Domina, no, the men that come to me come very much against their will, or more to the point, unknowingly.”

“My dramatic dress is just to heighten the drama. Do you like it? You are a little disorientated, that is to be understood, it’s the drug wearing off. I like this catsuit, nice black and white stripes, and the mask too, I will always wear the mask – I know you but you don’t know me. A little advantage I have there. My, you are making a mess there, dribbling out your gag, here, I’ll wipe it, you’ll get used to it after a while, yes, really you will. There’s not much point in saying anything, all I hear is an mmmm, so best to keep quiet and listen”.

“Now, where was I? Oh, yes, your wife has decided, for a good sized fee, to hand you over to my care. She still loves you and I’m not sure why but she wants to have you back, but of course you need a lesson, a severe one. She will welcome you back, rehabilitated, and that’s where I come in.”

“I propose to rehabilitate you, re-educate you over the next week, or month, or however long it takes. And you will return a dutiful, loving husband. Rehabilitate is really a nice word for punishment, bad news for you I’m afraid, still, what’s the phrase, you commit the crime, you do the time, and believe me you will pay, dearly.”

“Now I have told you there’s no point in trying to say anything, in any event I am not interesting in your opinion. While with me you won’t have one. Here, I will just turn this winch to give you a little reminder that you should at all times obey me. You are wearing a steel boned heavy rubber corset with drawstrings attached to the waist here. You probably find it very tight, it should be, and that’s the whole point. There’s another notch in, quite the figure you have, just breathe in slowly, good, good, that’s better. There’s really no need to panic or struggle. You are here for the duration and you must accept that, struggling just makes it worse for you. It’s fine by me, easy or hard, I’ve done it both ways, but the outcome is always the same.”

“You have seen what I am wearing through your little lenses there, I am glad to see they are not steaming up, that means your nostril tubes are properly glued. No, no don’t panic, not permanently glued but long enough for your education. Now I will describe to you what you are wearing. You will find it a little strange of course. You are wearing a full body catsuit with gloves and socks of thick rubber. It was tough getting you into it, unconscious as you were, but your wife was willing to help, very willing and we had a few giggles as we squeezed you into it. It has a high neck and small lock. Your wife has the key, so there’s no point in pleading with me, not that I would listen anyway. You are going to wear the suit for the duration, yes you are, there’s no point in struggling again. Now stop that. Do you want me to winch in the corset a couple more notches?”

“Good, that’s better; you’re acting like a big baby. Now you will sweat in the suit, a lot believe me, but in the soles of your feet there are small holes where we can drain all the sweat. For the moment your hands and feet are in reinforced mittens and ballet boots with 6-inch heels attached to chains and I have stretched you out nicely, like a star. I won’t keep you like this for too long as you can cramp quite easily. Now over your head here you have a fairly straightforward full head rubber mask, very tight, no zip, we had a devil of a time pulling it on your head. Nearly pulled your ears off. Your wife enjoyed that, making you anonymous. I suggested shaving your head but she declined, at least for the moment anyway.”

“You can see through the clear lenses and breathe through your nostril tubes. The mouthpiece is quite complicated, now stop moaning, I’m not going to pump it any higher, but I’ll just show you the inflator bulb here. You will feel something strange in your throat, yes? A little uncomfortable I admit but you have a tube in your throat through which you will be fed. The tube ends at the front of the gag and harness here. I can actually remove and replace your mask with a more punitive one, oh yes; I have punishment helmets which can be inflated to extreme pressures, and those are for those that don’t behave, so… I wouldn’t recommend misbehaving.”

“Your cock and balls are in a separate punishment harness. You’re moaning and dribbling again, and I haven’t even started punishing you yet. I do hope you are not going to be a problem, but then it is your problem of course, not mine. Your balls are in an inflatable rubber sack, which I can inflate here and make it very painful for you. Your cock is in a separate rubber sleeve, also inflatable, which can be equally painful. Your cock is probably sore now. Well that is the catheter we have inserted into it, your wife did that, and very professionally I thought. The tube out the end of your cock and through the sleeve is attached to the collection bag strapped to your calf.”

“Now you can feel me behind you, you have nice firm buttocks, I will enjoy punishing them. You will feel something in your arse; it is not very comfortable is it? We have inserted an inflatable rubber plug up into your rectum. It is coned shaped with a narrower end for your sphincter to grip and a wide flange at your entry – we don’t want it to disappear up inside you, it would be quite complicated getting that back! As you can feel, I just have to squeeze this bulb here, like so, and the plug expands in your rectum. Now there is no point in trying to wriggle out of it, it’s in there for as long as I wish.”

“Dangling between your legs is another tube and bulb. The tube extends up inside you and with the bulb I will administer regular enemas that I will then vacuum out, they will be quite unpleasant I assure you. Once every day your plug will be removed and replaced by a larger base, this will gradually stretch your sphincter for future usage by your wife and friends. She is working up some plans for you, I understand. Now stop struggling. It’s no use moaning and wriggling, you are going nowhere, young man.”

“So there you are, my rubber slave, all functions under my control. Dangling from your mouth a pump to keep the bladder nice and large to keep you quiet, dangling from your groin two pumps to keep your cock and balls in considerable discomfort if I choose. Then there’s one tube down the throat for feeding and down here at the other end an inflatable anal plug with a catheter and rectal tube to remove all waste. I could keep you for weeks like this, and I will if I have to – oh stop blubbering. Here, I’ll wipe your saliva, you’re dribbling quite a lot.”

“However long it takes I will return you to your loving wife as an obedient, compliant husband, and you will not err again, otherwise you come straight back here. As part of your training I will video you at length, you’ll be masked and also unmasked, so we have a full record of your punishment. We’ll use the videos if necessary, we’ll edit and sell the masked ones, there’s a big demand for those, and the remainder we will use to blackmail you. It’s rather unsubtle I know, but very effective. Your work and friends have already been advised of a sudden illness and you have left the country to see a specialist, which should keep them happy for a while.”

“Your wife has asked if she can come and see some of your training, now stop jerking around, you really are a slow learner, which is going to be very unpleasant for you. I’ll have to bring in the corset another notch… there, that’s better. I don’t normally allow this, but in this case I will allow her to sit in, maybe she would like to punish you as well.”

“Now some of the basic rules, in accordance with standard sub/dom practice. If you are in trouble we have a safe sign, now listen carefully, if mittened you will make three grunts, three, okay? Then you will be relieved, not released. If not mittened, both palms outstretched. Got that? Good. The only other communication is one grunt for yes and two for no – simple as that. At no time, ever, will you say anything, anything at all unless commanded by me, understood? Good, I hear one grunt, you are learning”

“This will be your room for the duration, a cot in the corner to sleep on, latex pillows and sheets of course. Bathroom over there, not much else for comfort but then you are not here for comfort. If you look around, I know it is difficult with the posture collar, you will see some equipment with which I will punish you, and video you.”

“Clothes are in this closet, all rubber of course, so I can get you dressed up in all types of costumes for the camera, not exactly the family album though, but your wife and I will want to keep them. I have a large selection, baby clothes – you have been a bit of a baby through this and I haven’t started yet, so dressing you as a big baby in pink frilly rubber would be good idea. Then of course there’s the ubiquitous French maid’s outfit, you’ll look very pretty in that, you have a good pair of legs and we can fit you with a padded bra – no-one would know. What else? Oh yes, the schoolgirl outfit – very naughty, your wife might like to give you a good spanking on your rubber bloomers! That will be fun.”

“I get the feeling that you are a slow learner or maybe just stubborn, which will be very painful for you. A little humiliation and we will bring you down a peg, let’s see, a slutty whore, a nun maybe and the schoolgirl of course, we will have quite an album of you to keep you in order. Stick a couple of false boobs on you, a female latex mask or some makeup, hide away your male goodies here, pull in the corset, you’d pass for a pretty, sissy girl, no problem. I’ll put you in severe bondage under a cape and hood and take you into town, which would be fun.”

“Now you haven’t learnt, have you? You’re still struggling; it is so useless. You must accept your future here.”

“Your rehabilitation will be varied; your arse, thighs and your cock and balls will be given a good going over. The idea is for you to never forget your time here, every time you think of being anything less than an obedient and compliant husband; this is what will await you. We have the videos and photos but if that doesn’t work, back you come. Only two of my clients have ever come back and that was only once each. They learned, as will you.”

“I have a large double skinned rubber ball to entomb you in, to leave you there for as long as I wish, your only connection to the outside being your breathing tube – very disorienting! And the vacuum bed of course and all the various helmets.”

“If you really are a problem then we can get very serious, and believe me I am well qualified to do this. I can and will if necessary pierce and ring you, not just your ears but also your septum here – very painful, then insert a large ring down to your lip, I will be able to lead you around like a prize bull! But I will not stop there, oh no, these nipples I am squeezing here, yes, they can hurt all right, will look quite good with a couple of rings through them. I could even, if you are a very bad learner, ring your cock here, at the base or through the head, excruciating I’m sure. And then there’s the humiliation, a little embarrassing in the showers after football practice, eh?”

“I also have the skills to brand you or tattoo you, not temporary, permanent! How about “Property of Linda” across your buttocks; that would work? That is a last resort but I will use it if necessary. I’m happy to see you are not struggling any more, good, accepting your fate perhaps. We will get on better that way. I can feel your suit is nice and warm now, you would have found it cool and clammy at the start – but of course you were drugged at first. You might get to like the latex after a while, with a little stimulus.”

“But I don’t want to get you too excited for then I would have to pump up your cock and ball devices here – that would hurt! Here I will give you a little illustration, I squeeze this pump a few times and the pressure on your cock becomes quite unpleasant, the view is great from here though, a big black dick sticking out but with a strange tube to your collection bag. I will deflate it now, but I can see you didn’t like that at all, just remember this for future reference!”

“Good, I am glad to see you are breathing easier, getting the hang of it. You are not a bad fellow I am sure, you just did something very stupid and now you are paying for it – in spades! This must seem like a nightmare to you, but I am afraid you won’t wake up; this is your reality now, so you must accept it. The best way is to co-operate and see it through, take your medicine. Linda has been explicit and has become educated in a short time in the ways that she will control you. You will suffer these at a minimum at first, but of course should you not co-operate then the intensity will increase.”

“You are dribbling again, here I will wipe you. Yes, forced feeding, enemas, sphincter expansion, cock and ball compression, permanent gagging, ballet boot training, rubber cross-dressing, humiliation and isolation, spanking and paddling. These are what you can look forward to, and if you are slow to learn then, well, you know, piercing and branding – not pleasant at all.”

“So I’ll leave you here for an hour or so to ponder, I’m sure you’ll come up with the right decision and then we can begin your training right away. I’ll wind the winch down a bit, so you can move your arms and legs more. The corset has to stay, I’m afraid, but you will get used to it.”

“Looking into your eyes I see a little alarm but also perhaps resignation as well. That’s good, easy or hard, it’s your decision. Then you will be back to Linda, all will not be the same, as she has plans for you. She is a tough cookie you know, you made a big mistake to cross her, but you know that now. I’m going to leave you now, and I’ll be back in an hour to start your training.”


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