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Storycodes: F/m; FF/mm; rainwear; rubber; infantilism; diapers; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Hi ! I am Little Tommy. I used to be Tom, but all that has changed. My mommy/wife told me that I should make my story available to all that would be interested, so here I am. To explain, I guess I had better start at the beginning.

I guess that I have been a rubber lover all my life, but didn’t know it. Looking back, I can see that I had a certain pleasure at handling anything made of rubber, and often sensed my warm comfortable infant days when I slept in rubber pants and on rubber sheets. I could not really recall them but the feelings were there. Over the years I had always bought wet weather clothing, like rubber lined rain suits, and macs, and was happy when the weather allowed me to wear them.

On a whim, I bought my wife a rubber mac in a soft pink color. She thought it odd but wore it to please me. I think she sensed the positive effect that it had on me. She put it on and I hugged her close to whisper how nice she looked. It seems to me that it was then that she really became consciously aware that rubber had an exciting effect on me.

Several months after that, she was taking a trip to Oregon to visit relatives. The weather reports all predicted rain through her entire trip. I bought her a soft thin rubber rain cape in her favorite color, a soft pastel lilac. She loved it, and wrapped it around her shoulders as she kissed me in thanks. I happily embraced her rubber clad body, and I know she could feel my hardening cock against her as we embraced. Not a word was said, but we both knew that we had crossed into a new phase in our life.

It was a rainy day when she was scheduled to leave, and she again wore her new cape. As we drove to the airport I had the constant beautiful odor of rubber in my nose, I was at full erection. As we embraced at the gate before she boarded the plane, she wrapped the cape around us both and pressed her body against my quivering cock. She whispered in my ear, “I know what you want. Just wait until I get home.”

Her return was un-eventful. The weather was clear and the rubber cape was nowhere to be seen. As we greeted each other with a warm hug, she whispered in my ear, “ I want you, get me home”. I was semi-erect all the way, just thinking of making love to her and wondering where the rubber cape was. She must have read my mind.

On our arrival, she suggested that I relax and have a beer while she freshened up. I assumed that she would be down shortly and we could begin our foreplay on the sofa, before going up to bed. As it turned out she was far ahead of me. I was just finishing my beer and was fully relaxed and ready for love when I heard her call, “Honey, can you come up and help me?’. I went up expecting that she needed help in unbuttoning her blouse or something. What I found was her in bed naked with the rubber rain cape spread out as a sheet beside her. She waved her hand indicating that I lie next to her on the cape.

It took me about ten seconds to strip and get onto the rubber. It felt wonderful and my cock stiffened as I felt the rubber under me. She reached over me and pulled the rest of the rubber over me. My cock got even harder and started to leak pre-cum. My wife wrapped it in the rubber and gently slid the now slippery rubber up and down. I was in heaven, when I heard her whisper, “ You really do love the rubber don’t you?”. I was beyond speaking and could only nod in agreement. There was no use denying it, my body told the truth. “Do you want to do this often?”, she asked. Again I nodded in agreement. “Then you must do exactly what I tell you. Do you agree?”. I managed to find my voice and said “Yes”. “Remember that.”, she said, “The first time you say no to me, this all stops and there will be no more rubber.” I was too far gone in my passion to disagree.

She then rolled me on my back, straddled my face and lowered her dripping pussy onto my mouth. “Eat me.”, she demanded. I had no choice. I licked her clit and then slid my tongue into her juicy cunt. I worked hard to make her cum. She did and then demanded a second time. I finally succeeded in bring her off again , and she then lay back beside me, telling me what a good boy I was. She wrapped my cock in the rubber and massaged me until I came with biggest load of cum that I have ever had. Before my passion could cool, she took the cum filled fold of rubber and held it tightly across my mouth. “Lick it up, get it all,” she demanded.. The thought of eating my own cum was unpleasant, but obviously she was in charge and I did what I was told.

She continued to put the rubber on the bed every Saturday night, and we would follow the same routine. She would wrap me in the rubber cape and massage my eager cock until I was about to cum and lost in my passion. Then she would demand to be eaten and followed up with getting me off and feeding me my cum. After several weeks of this, I was actually starting to enjoy the routine, and tried hard to please her so she would let me lick my cum from the rubber sheet. Then she would hold my rubber wrapped body close and tell me what a good boy I was.

We continued doing this every Saturday night, and at work I could only think of the coming Saturday and how much I enjoyed our rubber game, and how much I craved her approval. A few months later, things changed. I came down with a flu-like illness that caused me to lose control of my bladder. The first night I wet the bed, and in the morning she made me clean up the mess and wash the bed clothes, all the while scolding me for being such a baby. I was humiliated and afraid she would stop our Saturday night sessions. She did.

While I was busy in the laundry, washing the sheets, she was busy in the bed room. When I returned, I found that she had put large sized rubber sheets on the bed and enclosed the pillows in rubber cases. She directed me to lie on the rubber sheet, reached in a bag and pulled out a heavy weight, adult sized, cotton diaper, lifted my feet and slid one end under me. She brought the other end up between my legs and pinned the sides together. Rather than objecting, I felt warm and comfortable as she pulled on a pair of adult baby rubber panties, and slid a soft rubber blouse over my head and onto my body. I felt wonderful. I had returned to the warm, secure comfort of my infancy. I started to suck my thumb, and mommy cried, “Oh, I forgot. You need your pacifier.”. and reached in the bag and pulled out an adult pacifier, only this one was shaped like a real penis. It seemed strange but she ordered me to suck on it, and I obeyed.

I spent the next week in bed, between rubber sheets, dressed in rubber pants and shirt, and fully diapered. As I lay there, sucking on my pacifier/penis, I thought of how exciting it was to be warm and secure as an infant. I had my mommy to care for me and change my wet diaper every morning. I even became comfortable with living in the warm wet diaper. I would rub myself through the diaper and add my cum to the wetness. Life was good. My mommy sensed my feelings and reinforced them with expressions of what a nice baby I was, and how much she loved me this way.

After about a week the illness started to disappear And Mommy decided that I no longer needed the diaper, but that, because I seemed to enjoy it so much, I should still be her “Little Tommy“, and continue to live in rubber. I was more than happy to agree. The only down side was that each weekday morning I had to become an adult, get dressed and go to work. After all, we still needed an income. Every evening, when I got home, I would rush to become mommy’s baby again. I would strip, lie on the rubber sheet, and mommy would lift my legs, pull on my rubber pants, slide my rubber blouse over my head and onto my body, and then settle me down with my special pacifier. Before pulling the top sheet over me, she would rub my cock through the rubber pants until I shot a load of cum into them. About the third time we did this, she said that she was sick of having to clean up my mess, and that I would have to take care of it.

Mommy carefully removed my rubber pants, capturing my cum in a fold of the rubber. And said, “Now you will clean it up”. I started to reach for a tissue. Mommy stopped me. “Babies can’t use tissues, they only know how to suck.” she said as she raised the pants to my mouth, “Now open up.“ I started to object, but as I opened my mouth to speak she stuffed the cum covered panties into my mouth. I didn’t object and did as I was told. I had already learned to eat my cum. I licked the rubber clean, swallowing my own cum. We had continued this ritual for about a week when mommy tried something new.

After making me cum in my panties, she stopped me from starting to take them off and instead reached for my penis/pacifier. Carefully holding my cum in the panties, she dipped the pacifier into the cum, picking up a thick coating. She then popped into my mouth and I sucked my cum off of the rubber penis. She repeated this until my cum was all cleaned up. She then told me that I didn’t need her help to do that. I was instructed that every time I came, I was to dip it up with the rubber penis and suck it off. I was enjoying being a rubber baby too much to think of questioning what was being done to me. I was perfectly happy to let mommy take care of me and make all the decisions, and followed her instructions without hesitation.. I loved being a rubber baby.

I always came twice a day, when I went to bed at night and in the morning before I got up. I always had at least two feedings of cum to suck off of the pacifier, and sometime a third during the middle of the night. I eagerly reached for my pacifier each time and dipped and sucked until my rubber pants were clean. This ritual continued for over a week, until the following Friday.

It had been a hard week and when I returned home after work that evening I was eager to return to being my mommy’s rubber baby. I was disappointed to find that we had company, until I realized that they were both dressed entirely in rubber. I had a feeling that my life was about to change again. I was right.

Mommy called me into the room, and told me that her friend had brought her rubber “Baby Billie” to play with me. She instructed me to get my rubber baby clothes and bring them into the living room. I went into my room and got my clothes, On my way back to my mommy, I noticed a man, about the same size and age as me, on the floor, on a rubber sheet, and dressed in cute rubber baby clothes.. Mommy called me to hurry up and I went back to the living room. Mommy instructed me to strip and put on my baby clothes. I was nervous in front of a stranger, but since we were all going to be dressed in rubber, I thought it would be all right. I stripped and put on my rubber baby outfit and dropped down on my hands and knees, like a real baby.

“Baby Billie’s” mommy called him into the room. He crawled in dragging his rubber sheet behind him. My cock was already starting to rise and I saw that his was also tenting out his panties. His mommy introduced us. “Billie, my sweet baby, this is little Tommy. I hope you will be very close friends,” She emphasized the “very close“, and I was soon to find out what she meant. Our mommies spread the rubber sheet on the carpet and laid us face to face. My cock was fully hard and I could see that Billie’s was also I had a sudden urge to touch his and it felt good in my hand and I started to rub it. Then he reached out and did the same for me. Oh, it felt so good having my cock caressed inside the rubber and I could tell that he felt the same. We were both close to cumming when our mommies stopped us.

They said it was time for our pacifiers, but that they had been put away. We were both downcast when my mommy said, ”Well, there is an easy solution that is much better than those old rubber penises. You have the real thing right here.” They positioned us so that our heads were at each other’s crotch. Then I could feel my mommy lift the waist band on Billie’s rubber pants as she slid my head under it, making sure that my mouth slid over his cock. At the same time, I could feel Billie’s mommy doing the same at the other end. Mommy was right, this was much better that the pacifier. It was warm and fleshy, and smelled and tasted good. I had long since been taught to like the taste of cum.

We lay there, two babies happily sucking on each other, and loving it.. Soon we were both emitting pre-cum and sliding our tongues around each other’s cocks as we sucked. It was not long before I could feel my balls tighten in readiness to unload my cum. I could feel Billie’s cock start to throb and we both unloaded together. We were both happy babies, to be able to nurse like this, with such a tasty result.

We thought that our mommy’s would then release our heads from the rubber waistbands, but they told us to keep sucking and wait for our evening drink. I soon had to pee and then understood what they meant. Billie seemed ready to pee also and we both let loose. There was no choice but to swallow to keep from choking, and we lay there drinking in each others warm urine. It felt good to have a tummy full of warm fluid, and we soon fell asleep with our “pacifiers” still in our mouths. As I said, we were happy babies.

We continued to live our weekends this way for almost a year. The weekdays were lonely and I ached to be with Billie. Suddenly that changed and I took another big step into my infancy. That evening Billie’s mommy came rushing in with him in tow, Yelling “Guess what. Guess what.” We couldn’t imagine what all the excitement was about until she finally calmed down enough to explain that she had won the lottery an would be getting three million dollars after taxes. She wanted to share her wealth and explained that it was more than enough for their little babies to quit their jobs and stop having to be adults. They could be rubber babies all the time. She suggested that they sell the houses and buy a home in a remote area where we could all live together in rubber bliss.

That all worked out and Billie and I became full time lovers. We slept together at night, pleasing each other with our sucking and peeing, and during the day, played together in our rubber, stopping only when we got tired and stopped to nurse on each other. We were so happy.

Chapter 2

Our mommies decided to try something new. They wanted to convert us into girly-boys. All of our rubber clothing was discarded and replaced with baby pink rubber. Our pants, blouses, sheets, and pillow cases were all a soft feminine pink.

To assist in the process the process our anuses were now called pussies or cunts. We were taught what our pussies were to be used for. They started by putting us in harnesses that had small penis shaped dildos that were lubricated and inserted into our cunts. They were held in place by the harnesses which were strapped tightly around each of us. They were to be removed only when necessary to relieve our bowels. After a few days our mommies replaced the small dildos with slightly larger ones. And again after a few more days. Our pussies were being gradually stretched. All Billie and I knew was that it felt good, and as we nursed on each other penises we also played with the dildos, pushing them in and out. Our cums were stronger than ever. We were rapidly becoming happy girly boys.

After our pussies were thoroughly stretched, our mommies decided that we were ready for the next step in our conversion. They came into our crib room one day, woke us from our afternoon nap, and removed our harnesses and dildos. They each were wearing a harness with a large penis shaped dildo sticking out in front. After getting us up on our hands and knees on the edge of the bed, they lubricated our pussies and the dildos and slid into our well stretched cunts. It felt wonderful as they pumped in and out, giving our cunts a good fucking, and talking between themselves as to what wonderful submissive little girly boys that they had created, and how cute we were in our pink rubber outfits. As Billie and I shook with thrilling orgasms we could hear them moaning in pleasure. It seemed that the dildos were double ended and were giving them as much pleasure as they gave us.

Our lives continued like this for about a year. Our mommies would use our cunts for their pleasure whenever they pleased, but they needed something more. We heard then talking. Their rubber loving of each other, and the pleasure they had from fucking their baby girls was wonderful, but they missed having real men to satisfy their needs.

I don’t know here and how they found them, but one evening they came home with two men, both dressed in rubber jeans and shirts. They were young virile and handsome men. They were introduced to Billie and me, and our mommies explained how we had been converted to rubber baby girlies. I could tell from the bulges in their pants that they wer very excited men were obviously excited. Mommy told me to crawl over and give my new daddy a big kiss. I did and being on my hands and knees I could only reach up enough to kiss the bulging rubber between his legs. As I did, I heard him say to mommy that he was going to enjoy being a daddy to a good little rubber girly.

Before I could even know what was happening, he turned, grabbed mommy and ran his hands under her rubber skirt and fondled her ass with one hand while fingering her pussy with the other. Almost immediately they were on the floor, fucking like animals in rut. Billie’s mommy and daddy were doing the same, right there in front of us. Billie and I both got totally excited watching them and soon had our heads inside each others rubber pants, sucking on each other’s eager cocks. We could hear the adults moaning and screaming in pleasure and that excited Billie and me even more. We quickly spouted our semen into each other, relishing the taste as we swallowed it down.

The mommies and daddies had paused in their fun and were watching Billie and me. and laughing as they watched us nursing on each others cocks. My daddy commented that I made a really nice rubber girly. He called me over to him and I left Billie and crawled to him. He said it was time that I became a real girly and learn to please a man. He commanded me to put my head between his rubber covered legs and pull down the zipper. I did so and his rigid cock sprang out. It was still wet with mommies juices and I began to drool as I looked at it. Daddy told me that either I would give him the best blow job he had ever had or he would spank my rubber bottom. Both alternatives sounded good, but I quickly engulfed his beautiful cock, ran my tongue around his juicy head and then swallowed it deep down my throat. I couldn’t wait for him to spurt his lovely cream down my throat to mix with what Billie already fed me. But that was not to be,

Daddy suddenly lifted my head, told me to stand up, and turn around., and, stand between his legs. As I did so I could see that Billie and his daddy were doing the same thing. My daddy took me gently by the hips and pulled me down onto his lap. As I lowered myself, he guided my cunt onto his stiff cock. It was well lubricated with the remains of mommy’s juices and my saliva, and I was well stretched from mommy‘s training, so It slid in easily. Oh, what an experience that was. It felt so much better than the dildos, I didn’t think I would ever be satisfied with them again. It was so good to have my cunt used the way it was supposed to be. I soon matched his rhythm and pumped down as he came up, and up as he pulled out. I was getting the full length of his cock sliding in and out of me. I was in heaven. Soon I could feel that he was about to cum, and just then he filled me with his seed. I was so thrilled that I orgasmed also, dribbling my cum onto my leg. He hugged me close and told me what a wonderful rubber baby girl that I was. I giggled in pleasure at his compliment

I am now 50 years old and my life with Billie, our mommies, and our daddies still continues. I will be a happy rubber baby girly boy forever.



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