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by James W

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© Copyright 2001 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Reflections by James W
Drifting between semi-consciousness and consciousness, as if in a dream, he was aware only of being encapsulated in the close embrace of something silky smooth yet constricting.  He opened his eyes.  He could not see, all sensation of light was entirely missing only feeling and smell were within his compass.  He was warm, enclosed as he was entirely in latex.  He tried to move but nothing happened; thought was not followed by action.  He was held fast, physical movement was not an option.  Yes, he recalled being covered from head to toe in all constricting shiny black latex, held tightly – very tightly contained, constricted, held fast in it sensuous folds.  His breathing was steady, but he was aware, not for the first time that it was measured, moist and heavily scented with the smell of latex.  His air was being fed to him via a tubed re-breathing bag.

He was now fully conscious and recalled the events that led up to his present predicament.  He had been dragged back to his training cell on a wheeled device onto which he had been strapped for some hours, he was of course not aware of how long he had been in training.  Slaves were not allowed watches and given that he was kept blind folded for long periods, he had lost all notion of hours passing; he was held in a living limbo, between day and night.  It had been a long and intense session with the beloved Mistress.  Earlier, he had been roused from his latex covered bed where he had spent time since his last training.  As always, he was attached to his bed by the slave collar that he had worn since he first arrived.  A small padlock held his collar fast and enabled the chain to be locked onto it and to the fixing on the bed head.

The female slave who aided him, brought food and drink and attended to his personal needs was always dressed from head to foot in a tight fitting black latex cat-suit and helmet together with a red, heavily boned corset.  She was kept gagged and communicated via pen and pad.  Her gag was only removed when she was in her own quarters.  The video camera high in the slave's cell ensured that the gag was never removed in the male slave’s presence.

The training session had required him being dressed in his normal slave attire of full suit, helmet, gloves and gag. His wrists were cuffed together. He followed the female slave as she led him along corridors pulling him with his leash attached to his collar.  Eventually, they arrived at training room number one, a large gallery room with a hardwood floor except for the wet area that had a scarlet vinyl covering. 

The Mistress had been seated on her high throne like chair at the far end, looking every part the strict, dominant Mistress even from the 35 feet distance.  She was dressed in an SBR raincoat, tightly belted over her fine naturally slim waist but clearly she was wearing one of her viscously tight training corsets.  Her hair was styled in the classical Mistress cut; red latex gloves covered her hands.  Her fine ankles were held within laced stiletto boots and showed off her long legs to perfection.  The slave was transfixed.  He both loved and feared his time with The Mistress.  He longed for her attention every minute he was away from her; he worshipped her yet he had that gnawing anxiety when he was in her presence – because she was his superior, his training and his tormentor.  She took him beyond anything which he reasoned he could endure yet, it was because of this torment that he was addicted to his training – always wanting to travel further down the path of slavedom the moment he returned to his own quarters. 

Now, he knew what to do – earlier training had ensured that.  He fell to his knees placing his head on the floor with his hands cuffed behind him and waited further instructions.  She dismissed her female slave then turned to her male slave.  A crystalline voiced issued the command “crawl towards me my slave, I have exciting things to try on you this session, I know you will find them stimulating and mind expanding!”  The slave’s heart missed a beat; the sound of the Mistresses was cold and carried the clear message that she was in total control.  Crawling over, the latex clad male slave placed his helmeted head on one of her boots and kissed it as a silent sign of his servitude.  “Sit!”  The slave rocked back on his knees and straightened his back, his head held up but with eyes down cast looking at the Mistresses boots.

The session involved the slave being placed knees down on a padded-wheeled trolley about 2feet by 2feet with a vertical upright in the centre.  His lower legs were then strapped up tightly to his thighs and his cuffed arms were encased in a single arm glove.  His latex body was multi- strapped to the upright so that his bondaged immobile body could be wheeled around.  The slave, now in the throes of training, mute, breathing easily via nostril tubes within the helmet was excited to see the Mistress move close to him.  Her warm rubbery aroma combined with the perfume she wore was oh so exciting.  She looked so severe, so unobtainable, and so very sexy.  She deflated, then unbuckled the slaves gag.  She was removing the gag! He was going to be allowed to converse with her.  His dream was to come to a reality!  But, true to her ways she held a gloved finger to her scarlet lips.  His heart sank, his fantasy evaporated!  The finishing touch was the fitting by the Mistress of an inflatable hood without eyeholes over his slave helmet.  This, she pumped up to maximum before she fitted nipple clamps to her bound slave.

The Mistress then pulled the slave around behind her; a lead affixed to the front edge of the trolley allowed this.  One side of the training gallery was entirely mirrored.  The Mistress enjoyed the sight of herself in tightly belted SBR – wrist straps, throat straps and inner leg straps all tightly secured – she was the dominant Mistress training her slave.  The mackintosh slapped and crackled against her latex clad body reflecting light shafts of its polished surface as she moved sensuously; her breathing rising, she felt the familiar thrill of being in complete control of her slave.  Her deeply implanted rubber dildo making her squirm – yes, this was exciting.  A glint in her eye indicated a twist in her actions.  She dropped the lead and came close to her slave.  She bent down towards his bondaged body – took hold of his encapsulated head and drummed her red gloved fingers on his bulging helmet.  He squirmed within his bondage; breathing quickened – then stopped, he was listening “Yes slave, I am going to impede your air intake now, breathing control is for your own good and will teach you self discipline-enforced by me” she purred “Then, I am going to play with your nipples – You like that don’t you?”  A slight nodding of his head indicated that the slave was excited and ready – all caution thrown to the wind.

The Mistress continued to pull the slave around, watching herself in the mirrored wall.  Finally, she stopped, withdrew a device from her mackintosh pocket and inserted it into the projecting tube from the helmeted slave.  Immediately, his breathing became laboured; his body stiffened.  The Mistress was in her stride now, excited.  Next, she lifted the chain between her slave’s nipples and pulled.  A gasp from his restricted breathing tube; his breathing now centered on getting life giving oxygen into his burning lungs.  Finally, after she was satisfied with the nipple training, she stopped for a moment, removed the air controller and spoke huskily to her slave.  “You are doing well slave.  I am pleased with your progress, well done!  But, to finish off this session I intend to re-plug your breathing tube and to pull you around the gallery from your nipple chain.  You will complete 10 circuits.  You, of course, will not fail me.  You are my slave and can be proud of yourself.  Now, let’s begin, I am so enjoying this!”  She was skilled in the use of control knowing exactly how far she could reduce his breathing to both excite and torment his bondaged body.  With nipples on fire and half suffocated, the slave completed all that was required. 

Now, the slave was rested.  On his return to his cell the female slave had unstrapped him, taken off his suit, showered him and helped him into his latex sheeted bed.  He had been asleep in moments.  Now, he recalled the events in chronological order: he had been awoken from deep sleep, the time was irrelevant he knew not what hour it was or whether it was day or night.  The female serving slave had gently touched his naked shoulder with her gloved hand arousing him in his training cell.  The light was dim but it always was when he awoke; there was no window to mark the passing hours.  She stooped over him and handed the instructions from the Mistress.  The serving slave was gagged as ever and could not speak but her eyes communicated that this was a direction from on high and he had little time to delay following the commands.  She pulled back the heavy latex sheet which covered him to reveal his naked body except for a pair of tight briefs which he wore whenever he slept; this was to stop him handling himself, they were in effect chastity pants and were locked each time he was allowed to rest in his quarters.

He sat up in bed, yawned and took the notepad from the latex gloved hand of his dresser.  Their eyes met for a moment, he smiled, she fluttered her lashes beneath her helmeted face; her eyes were blue and smiling.  He spoke “I wish I could see your face; you have lovely eyes; perhaps, one day I shall”  She shook her head and scribbled something on her pad.  He put down the dressing instructions and read “I am the Mistresses female serving slave and as such shall always be completely dressed when not in my cell.  I love my position and feel complete dressed as I am – I am addicted to latex!  One day, I wish to undergo the full course of training that you are undergoing now.  Until then, I am the lowly serving maid of the Mistress.  Now, let’s get on with your preparation”.  He picked up the dressing instructions and read the following:  “Prepare my slave well; I shall inspect him carefully when he presents himself to me.  Any carelessness in dressing,  marks or blemishes will result in severe punishment for you both!  First, eat food  and drink then, a 2-litre washout and shower him.  Dress the slave in the new suit and helmet then polish.  Bring my slave to me and enter when I ring the bell”.  The female slave disappeared for a moment and returned pushing a stainless steel trolley.  On the top was food and drink, below was a  box containing his new suit and helmet.  He ate the food and drink provided and then presented himself to the female slave.  She unlocked his chastity pants.  The sudden release of pressure resulted in a tumescent member presenting itself.  He felt a sexual thrill combined with rising anxiety and tightness in the pit of his stomach at the prospect of the coming session.  The Mistress was so very inventive and constantly surprised her slave with new ordeals or apparatus.  It appeared to him that he had a limitless well of ideas and variations, which tested his resolve. 

The washout and shower completed, he stood naked before the female slave; an erect member told its own story!  He bent over to receive the lubed anal plug number 6 which he now wore habitually.  He welcomed the sensation confirming his slave status.  The new suit was in heavyweight black latex with boned and strapped reinforcements in strategic places.  It had shoulder entry.  It took some time to dress completely, as the suit was severe in its fitting.  Finally, he was dressed.  The suit had an integral helmet, feet and gloves. The front opening consisted of a tube penile sheath in gossamer thin latex; over this the female slave fitted a stiff leather laced sheath.  The inside had fine pin-like projections, the outside was studded.  The gloves were fingerless and had “D” ring attachments at the tip.  Each wrist and ankle had similar attachments.  A fearfully constricting corset with additional waist “D” rings allowed the corset to be further tightened.  The helmet was eyeless but had a mouth opening.  This was closed now by the fitting of a pump-up gag, which was strapped tightly.  The ubiquitous slave collar was locked on and leash attached.  After very carefully checking and polishing and final tightening of the laced corset the female dresser was satisfied with his appearance; the Mistress surely could not find fault?

Standing quietly outside the room marked “M” signified to the female slave that this was the holy of holies; the Mistresses chamber.  The male slave had never been here before; she presumed that was why he was wearing the sightless helmet.  She pressed the bell to indicate that they were there.  No sound could be heard within; the door was thick and soundproof.  She then signalled to the male slave to assume the kneeling position by gently pressing down on his shoulders.  Both waited for the signal to proceed.  Above the door an electronic sign was now showing red.  She stood to attention beside the kneeling slave.  After what seemed like hours to the kneeling slave, the light flashed to green.  The tightening of his leash signalled to the slave to stand and then proceed.  He was unaware of his surroundings.  Had he known, his anxiety would have been at the highest level ! 

The Mistress clad now in severe black latex from head to foot.  The archetypal cruel Mistress severe in every aspect, her rubber cat suit jet-black living obsidian emphasised her lithe figure.  Her heavily made-up eyes and crimson lips, a focal point, emphasised by the openings in her helmet.  A plaited ponytail cascaded from a tubed opening on the crown of her helmet.  She stood legs apart at the far end of her chamber holding a riding crop.  Her four-poster bed heavily draped in scarlet and black, the inner sanctum.  But, in the central part of her chamber stood a strange apparatus looking like a human sized wooden chest but with a saddle-like fixture a top the elongated padded chest.  The seat had a cut-out the size of a face whilst the top of the chest had a small circular hole through which a rubber dildo or member could be fitted and cut outs where the nipples would be.  The sightless slave was guided to a spot in front of the Mistress and made to kneel in the slave position.  The female slave stood to one side after handing the leash to the Mistress.  “Remove his gag”  she commanded.  Once completed the Mistress turned to the sightless male slave.  “Kiss your Mistresses boots now slave.  Focus on my voice, then kiss.  You have one chance to do so” she added,  “If you fail me slave, you will receive six lashes of my crop.  Now, do as directed”.  The male slave was statue still for a brief moment, then moved carefully.  His lips met the toe of the Mistresses stiletto boots.  “Well done slave, I like to see discipline controlling passion.  Now, I have a new device that I wish to try on you”  Her voice was growing in huskiness as she explained what was required.  She was obviously excited at the prospect of taking pleasure from her slave.  He was hers to use and abuse. 

“You will be secured inside this padded device in which you will remain for the duration of the session.  How long you will remain in the device is in part up to you.  Of course, I shall have the final say” she added.  “You will, once secured be required to give pleasure to your mistress by means of your tongue.  I shall sit astride you with my ‘pleasure zone’ covering your mouth and nose.  The breathing control training will come to good use now.  Of course, as befits your lowly slave position, you will not have direct contact with my body. Under my catsuit, I am wearing special pants which are, in the vital are, gossamer thin which I shall open to allow you access.  You will give me 5 pleasures before you are released.  So, the sooner you can bring your Mistress to pleasure, the sooner will be your release!”   It was obvious that the Mistress was sexually aroused and had the slave been allowed sight, he would have observed the Mistress swaying her hips.  Her voice now became cold and clinical as she elucidated further – a cruel glint in her eyes.  “The reason your member is corseted is purely for my pleasure.  Once in the wooden chest, your member will project through the opening, as will your nipples.  Your nipples will be clamped and I shall, as I sit on your face, tease and torment them”.  She continued, “You know what that will mean slave.  Your member will stiffen and in doing so will feel the exquisite pleasure followed by exquisite pain, as the fine needle-like projections will spike you.  A cycle of pleasure and pain will remind you that you are my slave and my object to play with.  You, of course will tongue me to your very best ability.  If you do not please me, I shall instruct my female slave to play with your member whilst I shall apply heavier clamps to your nipples and you know what that will mean!  Each time you dissatisfy me in anyway what so ever a further hour will be added to your time in the chest.  Each pleasure you give me will be rewarded with a rest break for you, but to add spice to these rest periods, you will undergo restricted breathing and fresh nipple clamps.  Now, lead him to the chest and secure him!”

Yes, he recalled now; this was a rest break after three pleasures.  His whole being was focussed on pleasing the Mistress.  He repeated to himself the slave’s mantra “I love you, I adore you, I worship you, I serve you”. 
Just then, his breathing restriction was released to be replaced by the warmth of the Mistress descending over his face ……. 

Written by,   James W.


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