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Red Room

by M88

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© Copyright 2016 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f+; dungeon; cells; video; latex; captives; catsuits; bond; hoods; vacbed; pets; torment; gas; capture; enslave; cons/nc; X

Jess was a reporter for a nothing local newspaper in Southampton. But she was following a story that could land her a job in the big time and make her a hero. She had heard rumours about a secret house by the sea that was used as a torture room. She had spent the last week looking for anything which looked out of place. And she may just have found it. A very old and run down farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. But a white van and black car had been parked outside for the last two days. Maybe building work was being done on the farmhouse. But no tools or equipment could be seen. Plus it was dead silent in the area and that was very odd for a building site. Something did not seem right about the farmhouse and she needed to have a better look. She had been watching and taking photos for a couple of hours, before it got dark. 

As the clock passed 2am and in the pitch black, Jess was ready to move. She was lucky it was summer and the weather was not too bad. She was wearing walking boots and tight leather leggings. A white t-shirt and thin black jacket made up her outfit. Just as she was about to move out and go towards the farmhouse. Three people left and walked towards the van and car. It the darkness it was hard to see anything about them. They looked male and well built, but that was about it. They quickly drove off and Jess knew she was now alone.

She waited another 5 minutes in case they’d come back and then walked over to the farmhouse. It looked dirty and rotten from the outside. The door was almost falling off its hinges as she slowly pushed it open. She searched the farmhouse in the darkness with only a small touch to light the way. She found the house to be completely empty and in ruin. Maybe she had got the wrong house after all as she walked back and forward between the rooms. 

She then saw the rug in the living room looked a lot newer then everything around it. Why would a new rug be high on the list of home improvements. She moved it out the way and found a secret door. It was not locked with any padlocks or key codes. Jess lifted the heavy wooden door open and saw a vertical ladder going into the unknown. She headed down the ladder and closed the secret door behind her.

She took forever to reach the down of the ladder, it just kept going. Only after around 30 seconds did she get to the bottom. A sensor turned the lights on and showed her a concrete tunnel. Her walking shoes slowly moved through the wet tunnel as she reached a small room. A heavy steel door and concrete walls enclosed the fearless reporter. She could only just stand up fully as she looked around the small airless room. Apart from the door and a huge overhead light, the room was empty. 

She looked at the door and saw it needed a code to open it. How was she meant to get through it? She had spent hours reading notes and reports and had an idea. The rumours she had heard about the website and group behind it. They uploaded a highlights video on the 2nd of every month. The time was also the same at 11:11pm and that give her an idea. What if the code was based around this timetable. It would be easy to remember and would only needed to be charged once a month. It was August so if she did the last number as an 8. She hoped the door was not alarmed as she tried it.


The code was somehow right as the huge door opened up. Lucky she had read all the rumours and reports or she would have had to turn back. The second the door opened all the lights in the next room turned on. She walked into the large circular shaped room with brown concrete covering everything. The room had a dome like shape to it. 

The room was split in half by a white line on the floor. On the right side of the line was the words “Prison cells” and on the left hand side was the words “In use”. A control station seat right in the middle of the room with TV screens and MacBooks. She walked over to the control station and turned all the equipment on. First Jess looked through the paperwork as the TV’s started up. She quickly found the files for what the people running the horrible website called models. 8 of them all signed up for what she heard was hell. 

Jess looked over towards the 8 prison cells and the heavy duty metal door with concrete on all sides. Each door had a number on it. Jess hit 1 on the laptop in front of her. The screen in front of her face was showing a live video from cell 1. Jess had heard stories about the thing which filled her screen. 

A tall thin girl was very well bound in a full latex catsuit. Her legs had been spread wide and locked in place with a wooden stock. Jess had a lot of different camera angles to play with. She saw a metal pole going from the floor and into the girl’s ass. Jess could just about see a huge rubber butt plug sticking out the girl’s perfect ass.

Her back was kept straight by another larger pole from the floor to her neck. Four thick leather straps covered her stomach, below and above her breasts and around her shoulders. A heavy looking metal collar was wrapped tightly around her neck. The collar had two chains. One went to the wooden stock around her ankles. The other went towards her hands. Which had been strappado’d above her shoulders. A chain kept them pointing skywards as it was bolted to the ceiling. Rubber mittens enclosed the girl’s hands. She was covered in very tight fitting latex and the black suit had a perfect shine to it. Her head was locked inside a metal bubble helmet and it only had one hole. The hole was for air to get into the helmet. 

Jess was shocked by the level of bondage the girl was in as she saw lots of fetish equipment on the floor around the poor girl. The black rubber suit covered her skin so she could not see if she had been played with. Jess watched as the girl struggled a little in her bondage. What was behind the other 7 doors? 

Jess could feel her stomach in her throat and her hands shaking. As she used the computer to look in the second cell. Her eyes opened wide as she saw a girl with her body bound inside a see through box. She was chained and cuffed into a ball like shape with her neck the only part of her body not inside the plastic looking box. She was wearing a full body red catsuit that was skin tight and had real shine to it. Jess could see the cuffs around her arms and legs and well as a chain harness around her body. A heavy rubber gas mask covered her face and had a number of tubes running from the front of it. She could also see silver duct tape wrapped around her head and by the looks of things, it was over her mouth and eyes. 

What the hell would be in the third room as Jess clicked a couple of bottoms to bring up the video feed. A rubber pony girl was being made to walk around her cell by a lead. The girl was covered in thick black rubber from head to toe with leather straps controlling her body. She was free enough to walk around in circle again and again. Her head was enclosed in a rubber horses head which had been locked around her neck. Jess watched as the girl walked around her cell in full rubber and saw her limbs pull against the bondage she was in. How long had she been walking for and what was it like inside her rubber suit? Questions Jess thought about as she found the video from cell 4. 

The live feed started up and showed a girl in a red rubber catsuit. The girl was trapped inside a large transparent vacuum bed which was bolted to the far wall. The girl was spread eagle inside the bed and Jess could see a breathing mask under the rubber. With the bed bolted to the wall it would stay completely still. Jess could see the girl trying to move as she struggled against the rubber vacuum. The breathing mask covered her nose and mouth and had a small tube which popped through the rubber. Jess could see the outline of the girl’s body as clear as day. She charged the video from 4 to 5.

Behind door number 5 was a girl hanging upside-down in a very tight leather straightjacket and rubber leg binder. Ballet boots had been locked over her feet and ankles cuffs linked to a chain coming down from the ceiling. Jess could just about see a leather corset and chastity belt sticking out from between the girls legs. Her head was locked inside a rubber isolation hood with only two small holes for her nose. A huge metal collar was locked tightly around her neck and had been chained to the floor. Jess found the set up to be a bit of a turn on and was horrified by the way she was feeling. She quickly clicked on cell 6 to see what was inside. 

This time she was met by the image of a girl laying on the floor with a toilet seat above her head. The girl was covered in plastic wrap and had lines of duct tape keeping her bound to the floor. She was naked under the layers of plastic wrap which gripped her tightly. She had a ring gag in her mouth and her head was in a plastic bag. The bag was trapped around her neck and had been taped to the rim of the toilet seat. The girl was wearing a black rubber hood as Jess saw she was also chained down as well. Jess did not want to know any more about cell 6 and changed to cell 7. 

Once again she was met by an image of a girl in rubber bondage. She had to look up what the girl was wearing on the computer. It was a rubber dog suit and dog mask in black. Her limbs had been folded into the suit so walked or more like crawled on her knees and elbows. The suit and hood looked to be skin tight and shiny as the girl walked around her cell. Jess loved her dog mask and could see her eyes had been covered by lenses. The hood had a dog snout and a heavy leather collar. Jess was shocked by how kinky the suit was. It was time to check on the last cell. 

She hit the live feed to cell 8 and find it to be empty. On the right wall was a full rubber suit and lots of kinky equipment. A cage was waiting for whoever the cell was for. Jess looked through the files of the computer and find the names of all 8 girls. Holy shit the last name was the same as hers. It was then a odd hissing sound filled the room. Jess then heard a loud click as the door was locked and Jess knew she was in trouble.

The room was being filled with gas and Jess suddenly started to fall asleep. Her eyes had closed before she hit the floor. They once again could not believe how easy it was to get a reporter to trap herself. After months or even years of training, Jess would be sold to some rich guy or girl for a huge amount of money. Then they could trap the next reporter. 


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