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The Red Raincoat

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2010 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; rainwear; pvc; latex; public; outdoors; oral; climax; cons; X

Saturday morning dawned with an overcast sky and threatening clouds as Barbara clicked on the kettle to make her first cup of tea for the day. She flicked on the radio to get the weather forecast so that she could decide what to wear for her morning’s retail therapy session at the mall.

Barbara was in her mid twenties and still single, but always on the lookout, and basically happy with her life so far. Her figure was pretty good, although she thought she could loose a couple of kilos around her tummy, and her face was pleasant and friendly, not beautiful like a film star or model but she was fine with the way she looked and had her admirers in the past. Her long shiny auburn hair was possibly her best visual attribute and she spent many hours keeping it that way. She was quite fit due to her daily morning exercise of three circuits of the local park at a fast jog pace and swimming twice a week at the local pool. Barbara was careful of what she ate to maintain her health and figure and she had very few colds or other ailments.

This morning she was treating herself to a session around the shopping mall in search of a couple of new tops and skirts and maybe sneak in a pair of shoes as well. The forecast was for a bleak showery day with a top of 15 degrees C, so rugging up would seem to be the order of the day. A wool blend long skirt matched with a denim shirt and calf length boots and finished of with her black gabardine mack.

The mall was busy with early shoppers as Barbara cruised the department stores but was having trouble finding just what she wanted and after around an hour decided a coffee was in order and went to her favorite café and sat at the last vacant table in the alfresco area. The waitress took her order of a latte on skim milk, Barbara enjoyed watching the passerby’s, she would pick some one out and try to guess what their life would be like and what they did for a living, she never found out of course, but it amused her anyway.

Her coffee arrived just as she spotted a stunning girl in a bright red PVC raincoat belted tightly at her waist and the collar turned up around her neck. The coat came down to her mid calf revealing her golden lower leg and very stylish leather ankle boots in the same shade of red as the raincoat. The raincoat was obviously of top quality as it fitted her figure beautifully; it blended around her bust and followed her bottom in a smooth arc. The lights of the mall reflected off the red PVC like lanterns on a Christmas tree. Both the girl and her raincoat were simply fantastic. Her jet black hair was tucked under the coat collar and a small broach pinned it to the left side. Barbara guessed the girl had a fair amount of Asian blood in her possibly Chinese judging from the colour of her complexion and features, but she was very tall, almost 6 foot, but then it is not unusual for Asians to be tall these days.

The girl in the red raincoat was a perfect choice for Barbara to analyze “OK, definitely Asian, probably into real estate selling up market apartments, lives in her own apartment with a good looking boyfriend/lover, drives an Audi and holidays in the snow fields of Canada”. The girl was studying a jewelry shop and looking at her wristwatch then turned towards the café and walked over. She went inside and almost immediately came back out and approached Barbara and speaking softly said “would you mind if I shared your table as there are none vacant and I love the coffee here so much?”

“Not at all, please sit down” replied Barbara “I was just admiring you across the way at the jewelers and love the fit of your raincoat, definitely not something you bought in Woolworths.”

The girl pulled back the chair and sat down smoothing the skirt of the raincoat under her so as not to crease it, she turned down the collar to reveal more of her shiny black hair “Thank you for your compliment and you are right, I didn’t get it from Woolly’s’ it was tailor made for me in Amsterdam and cost a small fortune, my name is Tara and I am pleased to meet you”

Barbara offer her hand and replied “It is a truly beautiful raincoat Tara and my name is Barbara. I guess you live local as you know the quality of the coffee here?”

“Yes, I live just a couple miles from here on the North side of Wimbledon, and yourself Barbara are you local too?”

The small talk continued whilst Tara’s coffee arrived, an espresso on soy milk, then Tara took on a serious look and asked Barbara if she could ask a personal question, “Well yes, but depending what it is I will chose weather to answer it”

Tara leaned towards Barbara and in a lowered voice said “I know I give the appearance of being confident and in control of my life but the truth is I am in a bit of a mess at the moment. My partner, David, passed away a couple of months in a road accident and I am still suffering my loss. I desperately need a friend to help me cheer up and you seem to be caring. I do not want to dwell on my problems at all but have some new direction and interest in life. Will you be my new friend Barbara?”

Barbara was a little take aback by this sudden revelation from this girl whom she had known for about half an hour. “Wow, this is almost like a proposal and so sudden Tara” Barbara replied, “I am just making light of it, don’t take me too seriously, of course I will be your new friend, and to show you my gratitude I think we should go together and check out the handbag shops as well as the shoe shops” and with that proffered her hand to confirm the new friendship. Tara caressed Barbara’s hand with both of hers and said “Thank you, it means a lot to me”

An hour or so was spent happily wandering the bag and shoe shops and although none were found to be suitable Barbara did find a nice skirt in black shiny leather which fitted her really well, it was a little more than she would usually pay but then it was well made and fitted lovely especially around her pert bottom.

The two girls got on very well together chatting about their lives and interests, Tara mother was Thai and her father Australian but she was born here in the UK, she was a junior partner in a solicitors business specializing in corporate conveyancing. Barbara relayed that she was a company secretary with the tournament management for the tennis centre. They told each other of there likes and dislikes and it was when Barbara said that she really did love Tara’s red PVC raincoat and that it was sexy and wished she could have one just like it that Tara suggested they go back to her house for lunch and a surprise.

As Barbara had walked to the mall Tara suggested they take her car (not an Audi, but an Alfa coupe) back to her home. Once inside Tara took of her coat and offered it to Barbara to try on. “Oh, may I, just for a while please” as she took of her gabardine and as Tara helped her on with the red raincoat she felt a shiver run down her back. “Is it reversible Tara as I haven’t seen a PVC coat with the shiny PVC on the inside as well as the outside before?” As Tara fastened the belt tightly around her waist she explained that normally PVC cloth is coated on just one side and is a cotton blend on the inside. But this material is specially manufactured in Holland on very thin cotton fabric with very thin coating of extra soft PVC so that the finished garment is still soft and forms to the body shape very well, but the added advantage is that she has the shiny PVC next to her so she can enjoy the feeling of it on her arms and legs. and as it warms up it gets even softer.

With the raincoat on Tara gave her a hug and warmly caressed her neck. Barbara put her arms around Tara and pulled them tightly together enjoying the closeness and especially the red shiny coat. She felt her vagina becoming warm and aroused and suspected her nipples hardening and enlarging. “What is happening to me” thought Barbara “I am with a girl not a boy!!!, It has to be this raincoat and Tara together that’s getting me horny, I’ll be kissing her in a minute if I am not careful”.

Barbara was in love with the red PVC raincoat it made her feel so good with the shiny material fully enveloping her, she smoothed her hands over her breasts and bottom and pulled the collar up as close as it could around her neck. Tara sensed that Barbara turned on by the raincoat and nuzzled her face into her neck and whispered “You look fantastic in my raincoat and I can see you are enjoying the sensations it brings to you, I think we need to do some more shopping but this time to a special shop up in Kew that has some very attractive rainwear.”

Barbara responded with “Tara, my mind is in a whirl, we have only known each other for a couple of hours and here I am wearing your raincoat with my arms around you and feeling extremely horny, I don’t know what is happening, I do like the idea of having my own coat just like this one but didn’t you say you bought it in Holland?”

“Yes I did but this shop I know has coats and dresses that are very nice and I think you will like them, and also I have been thinking of something for myself as well”.

Barbara reluctantly divested herself of the raincoat as Tara made some lunch and after a coffee to finish off with they drove down to Kew and the fetish shop that Tara had talked about. Barbara was amazed at the array of PVC and latex garments from bras and panties to full cat suits and everything in between. Tara directed Barbara to the rainwear section where there were a dozen or so different styles and colours of raincoats along with several latex capes, mostly in either black or blue and one red one.

Barbara felt both the PVC and latex materials and loved them both; she pressed the latex against her cheeks and on her arm and felt the coolness of the rubber. “What do you think Tara, the PVC or the latex? I can’t make up my mind.”

“Well Barbara I have three other PVC raincoats as well as this red one back at home so I would be happy to let you borrow one for a while so maybe if you get the latex cape we can split the charge and share it together – the blue one looks nice and it has a full length zip all the way down the front, I’d love to see you in it, try it on for me” So Barbara removed her gabardine coat and pulled on the blue cape, zipped it all the way up and pulled the hood over her head. She became horny once again wrapped in the latex with Tara in her red PVC raincoat smoothing it down over Barbara’s body and knew that this was for her. Looking at the price she could see why Tara offered to pay half as it was really expensive, more that anything she had spent on herself previously.

Back at Tara’s home she led Barbara upstairs to her bedroom took her in her arms and kissed her gently on the lips as she undid the buttons on her gabardine raincoat, it fell to the floor as she worked on Barbara’s blouse top buttons. Barbara was stunned; she just stood there and let Tara take off all her clothes until she was down to her bra and panties. “You have a beautiful figure Barbara; I can see you work out to keep it like that, now if you would do me the honors of helping me off with my gear”

Barbara started with the top button of Tara’s red raincoat and worked her way down to the belt where she loosened and allowed it to fall to the floor. With the remainder of the buttons undone she eased the coat from her shoulders and took it from her. Barbara gathered the raincoat in her arms and brought it to her face taking in the PVC aroma and the scent still lingering from Tara, she buried her face deep into the material and pulled it around her body feeling its coolness on her skin. She loved the feeling of Tara’s coat around her and asked if she may put it on again. “Of course you may Barbara, but let us both divest all our clothes so we can enjoy it all the more”.

Tara lifted her arms above her head to allow her top to be eased off, revealing a beautiful burgundy bra made from medium weight lace with lots of detail holding in place a firm set of breasts high on her chest. Barbara unzipped the skirt at Tara’s waist and slid it down her long lithe legs; she bent down to allow Tara to lift each foot in turn so the skirt could be removed. As Barbara’s face was at Tara’s crutch level she had a full view of her tiny lace panties in matching burgundy. Tara then placed her hand behind Barbara’s head and gently pulled it into her groin with her mouth and nose hard up against her mound and gently moved it side to side as she opened her legs to allow Barbara to maneuver a little lower.

Barbara placed her hands on the side of the panties and eased the down Tara’s legs to give her the full view of her pussy in all its glory. She could see tiny drops of vaginal fluid at the edge of the lips and kissed them with her own lips tasting the erotic fluids. Standing up now Barbara unhooked the bra strap and allowed the two firm bosoms to flow out in all their beauty, the nipples were standing out like bullets surrounded with large dark brown areolas. Tara then unclipped Barbara’s bra and hitched down her panties to her ankles and Barbara stepped out of them.

With both of them now naked Tara picked up the blue latex cape and placed it around Barbara’s shoulders, zipped it all the way up and pulled the hood over her head and gave her a big hug around the waist and pulled her into her own body to get the benefit of the cool smooth latex on her tummy and breasts. She then replaced her red raincoat around her self tying the belt to her waist and led Barbara to the bed gently laying her down. Tara lay down beside her hugging and kissing Barbara passionately. The two girls fondled and played with each other until both of them experienced several orgasms and were drenched in perspiration, and very tired.

“You know I still haven’t really tried on your coat properly Tara, my we swap for a while?” Barbara whispered. Tara answered by unzipping the cape and unfolding it from around Barbara’s body and spreading over the bed like a sheet, she then took off her red raincoat and wrapped it around Barbara’s body fasting the buttons again and tying the belt. Tara eased Barbara back onto the laid out cape on the bed and said “I will be back in a moment” and she was bringing with her another PVC raincoat, this one in jet black with a hood and she donned it quite quickly and joined Barbara on the bed and snuggled up to her. “Good night dearest” whispered Tara “and tomorrow we will do something special”. The two girls were soon asleep in each others arms both dressed in their PVC raincoats.

The following morning Tara awoke Barbara with a loving kiss and a cup of tea, “How did you sleep Barbara? I hope I didn’t disturb too much as I know I am a bit restless during the night”

“Not at all, I slept very soundly, and thank you for the tea, I do feel a bit sweaty though and be glad to get into the shower”. After they finished their tea they both took off their raincoats and dived into the shower together. Lots of soaping up and excessive lathering took place between them and they had a good fun time getting freshened up for the day ahead.

Tara suggested that they go out for a morning walk down to the park and maybe enjoy a coffee at the café there, and Barbara was agreeable as long as she could wear her cape or one of Tara’s PVC raincoats. Tara thought the latex cape might just be a bit over the top for a Sunday morning in the park especially as it wasn’t actually raining but the raincoats would be fine. But Tara had something extra in mind for the walk but wasn’t sure if Barbara would go along with it. She thought it best to come right out with her idea and said “How do you feel if we go out to the park in just our raincoats, and I mean JUST our raincoats”

“Am I understanding what you are suggesting Tara you naughty girl” replied Barbara.

“Exactly that, just our raincoats and shoes of course but nothing else” responded Tara.

So with breakfast finished the girls undressed and donned their raincoats, Tara in her black one with the hood and Barbara in the red one. Barbara felt the PVC quite cool against her skin at first after the warming shower but the material soon warmed up and it became quite comfortable. With all buttons done up and belts fastened tightly they set forth for the park. As it wasn’t raining nor likely to the pair attracted some curious looks from passer buys, “If only they knew we were both naked under these raincoats, I wonder what they would think of us then?” thought Tara. The girls liked arms and walked in step enjoying the swishing noise the macks were making against each other.

They were soon at the park and they headed for the cafe and ordered themselves coffee and croissants, they sat outside to show themselves off more to the passer bys and they were getting lots of attention. Barbara whispered “We really are very naughty being out like this, what if something goes wrong, what are people going to think when they find we have no clothes on?”

Tara replied “No one ever died of being naked under a raincoat and I doubt we will get picked up for flashing either”.

It was very erotic for both the girls knowing that each other was totally naked under their belted raincoats in full view of the public. The soft PVC enveloping their skin all over felt extremely sexy apart from actually looking sexy covered from head to leg in super shiny PVC, red for Barbara and black for Tara. “Should we push our luck and cruise through the shopping centre again?” asked Tara.

“In for a penny in for a pound I say” responded Barbara. So they headed back to Tara’s house to pick up the car and drive back to the mall. In the confines of the Alfa the PVC aroma permeated through the cabin to the enjoyment of the two girls, Barbara placed her hand on Tara thigh and warmly caressed her. Tara smiled back “That feels nice Barbara; I am so pleased we met each other as I feel so relaxed and safe with you”

Barbara moved her hand a little higher and pressed a little firmer and whispered “You are so nice to me Tara and I love being close to you like this, I think this is the happiest time of my life”.

The two girls arrived at the mall and arm in arm cruised up and down the fashion shops like young lovers, their raincoats swishing as they walked. The PVC moving against the breasts and bottoms helped by some discrete fondling kept them both aroused. Not one person failed to notice them, and they had many long stares especially from the men and boys, if only they knew that they were naked underneath. It was such an exciting rush for them to be so daring like this as they swanned in and out of the shops; they received many compliments on their raincoats and queries on where they bought them.

Barbara was sure some of the sales girls suspected that they had nothing on underneath the raincoats and one girl asked if she could try one on. She had to be both amazed and disappointed as Tara said “It would be a bit awkward for us right now as we are both naked under these coats” Barbara face turned bright red, almost a match for her coat as she heard Tara confession. The sales girl didn’t know where to look at first, but then looked Tara right in the eyes and said “We have the change cubicals over there, I’m game if you are”

Tara replied “I don’t think so this time, maybe if we are here again and more suitable attired”.

The two girls rushed out giggling like teenagers, “You are terrible Tara, what will that girl think of us?”

“I think she would have gone along and probably undressed as well, it might have been a bit of fun, you weren’t jealous were you Barbara?”

“Heavens no, I guess I was just a bit embarrassed”

After an hour or so the girls returned back to Tara’s home cuddled up to each other (still in their raincoats) on the lounge and had a good laugh about there jaunt in the mall. “We should do that again sometime Barbara, and maybe you can wear your latex cape, now that would really get some reactions”

“It will probably get us arrested” replied Barbara.

We will leave the rain coated girls enjoying each other and planning further excursions to put some spice in their lives.



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