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by Rubberking.

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubberking. - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; sleepsack; breathplay; cons; X

Re-bonding by Rubberking.

 Vivian Carter took a last backwards glimpse of her husband Phil as she walked out the back door to work on her flower beds, taking out her frustrations on the dirt and sod instead of smacking Phil’s face as she felt she had ought to, she sank to her knees and let the cool soil soak up her hot tears as she used a hand tiller to turn the soil and yank up the few sparse stray weeds.

 She and Phil hadn't been getting along of late and she felt it wouldn't take much for the rift that had formed between them to yawn into a split that could quickly become a divorce before she could see it coming, she certainly didn't want that and she suspected he didn't either, but what to do? His near constant demands for sex had turned her off to it and him lately and she didn't see any way to mend the fallen fences between them. In the beginning, he had only wanted her a few times a month and she had been happy with that aspect of their relationship. Then after a year or so, he had desired her more often, usually once a week and maybe twice in one day, don't get her wrong, she liked sex as much as the next girl, but she thought she should be the one to bestow it as a gift on him from time to time as she desired, so as that he should not grow tired of her. But twice in one day or more than every two or three weeks? That was too much she thought, a somewhat prudish idea to be sure, but that was how she felt about it lately.

 And now, if she didn't think of something soon, she would lose him and their marriage altogether and she would be left all alone unless she could persuade another man to take her. Old fashioned thinking she knew, but that was the way she was hard-wired too, and that was that. She turned a clod over and wiped her face with the back of a dirty hand and tried to think of some way she could manage to keep Phil from leaving. Maybe she should put out more? Would that do it? Maybe if she took charge more often, acted more lascivious or wanton in bed she wouldn't have to worry so much about him straying. And he would too, and soon, if she didn't find a way to keep him busy at home, she knew that for a fact, he had said as much in their argument earlier inside. It had hurt, but he was right, he didn’t have to put up with it if he didn’t want to any more than she did. And she could very well lose him.

 Oh, what to do? She had no real girlfriends to talk to about this and she felt all alone, as indeed she was, out here on his ranch some fifteen miles from the nearest town. Well, she wasn't going to take this laying down, no sir! If he wanted sex, buster, he was going to get it, and how! But she was fairly unknowledgeable in that regard, her own mother telling her that "Good Girls wait until their married" and "do whatever you have to, to discourage them and only give in when you have too, to keep them interested. Don’t be a hussy, make him pay for it!" that last was the only advise her mom had given her on her wedding day, the only real sex education she had received, and pitifully, it showed.

 Since then, she had read up on the subject some, and realized the effect it had on both men and women as well. She had "Orgasms" once and awhile and had finally gotten over her shame and fear of masturbation that her mother had instilled in her from early on in her life and had thought that she had come a long way since their relationship had started. But, he still wasn't satisfied with having it only once or twice a month and pressed her about it until it had became a near obsession with him. He got mad easily now whenever she tried to fend off his advances and often would yell at her and slam the front door in his anger as he left to go and drink at the local tavern as she sat crying into her hands, wondering what was wrong with her for not letting him have his congeal rights when he desired to have her. Was it so wrong of her? To not want to have him panting and sweating over her like some animal as he drove his member between her thighs? It did feel very good when he hit the right spots and she often felt rather naughty, as she would encourage him when he made her body respond in kind as they rutted like animals in heat. But, she would never feel the same about sex as he did, this she knew. She was just too...prudish? Reserved? Frigid? She shuddered as the thought of the word. Maybe that WAS it, that she was cold and unfeeling towards him when it came to having “it.” But that couldn't be right, because she really did care for him and had grown to love him in her own way since they had joined together in matrimony two years ago last June. 

 She noticed her mud stained knees for the first time since she had come out and dusted them off as best she could before she stuck the garden implement in the dirt and rose to go clean herself up. What was she going to do about Phil? The question weighed on her mind as she used the garden hose to rinse the dirt from her knees and hands and sat in the mild sun to dry a little before going back in to face Phil's righteous sullen anger and sexual entreaties until he either left to go get drunk or she retreated to her room to cry herself to sleep. What a mess, she thought as she opened the back door and went in to find he had already left to go out drinking, he had been out three times this week so far and she idly worried about him getting arrested or finding some floozy that would take him home with her and do all the things he wanted that she wouldn't.

 She wanted to go back out and work some more on the beds before it started raining, so she wandered outside to the shed to find a ground cloth or some rubber 
boots to wear so she didn't get so nasty with dirt and muck. Not that she cared so much, but she had never been one for getting dirty if she could possibly help it. The efficacy of that statement stuck in her mind as she looked around the shed for something that would keep her cleaner than she had been when she had been kneeling, working on the beds beforehand.

 She found a pair of rubber fishing waders and saw a big bundle of rubber sheeting up on a shelf above her. She reached up and tugged on it and it came tumbling down, smacking her on top of her skull and unraveling on her head and covering her as it fell along with several other things she heard strike the ground around her as she struggled to remove the large sheet of rubber from her head and body.

 Odd, what was this? She wondered as she squatted down and picked up several plastic wrapped bundles and a magazine that had fallen out of the rubber sheet. The magazine was called "Rubberist: the journal for lovers of latex and rubber" and wasn't really what she considered a skin mag like her father and brothers had at home when they still lived with her and her mother, this was thin and had only a very few pictures that seemed to show naked bodies in them at all as she leafed through it. Intrigued, she gathered the bundles, rubber sheet and the magazine and took them inside. The garden, now forgotten, it could wait for later.

 Vivian took the lot back to her room and dropped the clear wrapped black bundles on her floor by the bed as she wiggled out of her sandals and plopped down on her bed and settled back and began reading. This mag was different, to say the least. The pictures and stories were taken and written by real people that seemed to like to play these sex games while dressed all or partially in rubber or latex clothing, she had never read or heard anything like this before and she devoured the little magazine, something stirring within her. Now this was something she might like to try out! 

It seemed cleaner and more exciting than the messy sex she had with Phil usually, she blushed as she found a picture of a masked woman about to take a man's penis in her mouth, that was something that Phil had tried to get her to do just last week and when she utterly refused, he had stormed out, so mad she had thought he might actually hit her until he slammed out the front door and she had heard the tires squealing on his truck as he drove off. Here, in the strange magazine, it looked almost natural and desirable. She felt a little uneasiness creep over her as she read the accompanying story and all the other things that the masked woman loved to do for and with her husband, the woman claimed that since she had started to do these things, her husband couldn’t wait to get home and she kept him happy and she felt very secure in their relationship and that this weird way of having sex had kept them together as a couple for almost half a century. 

That would make the masked woman at least sixty or seventy years old! If true, the mask and rubber she wore made her look much, much younger and much more desirable than Vivian thought was possible for such an older lady. Wow! Was all that she could think of to say, the pictures of the woman and her husband showed her to be rather short except for her towering high-heeled shoes and her body seemed trim and svelte under the totally enclosing outfits she displayed, her husband knelt before her booted feet in a one-piece black shiny suit and Vivian read how the woman used her talents and the clothing to get him off several times a week or two or three times a day and only let him enter her body when she so desired, sometimes once a month or less. Perhaps she, Vivian should try this to make Phil more manageable? She read the whole book through and laid it down on the bedside table thoughtfully. What a strange concept, using clothing and sexual games for the women to give the men what they wanted and at the same time to get what the women wanted as well. She shook her head as if to clear away a daydream she had been having and sat back up on the edge of the bed looking at the opaque plastic bags on the floor.

 Almost knowing what they were, what they had to be, she retrieved and undid the plastic coverings on the biggest of the two bundles and fingered the slick feeling, black rubber clothing they contained. In the bundle was a woman’s black rubber catsuit like a dancer would wear, several items of underwear, namely a bra and a pair of women’s panties with a slit along the interior for access to the wearers private spots, the bra had little holes that her nipples would poke out of. Weird, she thought. Why would someone wear clothes like this? There were two different kinds of rubber masks as well and a suit made for a man also, she knew this not only because it was slimmer, taller and had no breast cups, but instead because she found it had a ball cup and a dangling tube for a penis to fit into molded into it. The entire bundle smelled funny too, strong and cloying, like inner tubes or something like her old raincoat that had smelled so strongly like this for as long as she had kept it. What would one find sexy about this? 

So, her Phil was one of these "Rubberist’s" eh? What could he possibly get out of it? In answer to her own question it seemed, she found herself holding the women’s suit up to her nose and drinking in the odd smell that emanated from it. She felt woozy and kind of light-headed and watched herself as if in a dream as she stood and removed her jumper and eased it down over her well formed legs and admired her own large, full breasts as she often did after taking a shower as she stepped out of her clothes and held up the strange sex suit before her and looked at it and wondered what it would be like to wear such a wildly perverse seeming garment on her own body. What would it feel like on her skin? She wondered to herself, she simply had to find out!

 From the magazine, she had read about how hard it was to get into something like this without talc or some other kind of lubrication to ease getting into it. So, going into the bathroom, she found some talcum power and stepped into the tub to make sure she didn't make a mess. She sprinkled some on the inside of the unzipped suit and also on herself before pulling on the strange stretchy bra and panties and struggled into the snapping, popping rubber suit, pulling and pinching out any wrinkles she found before drawing up the rear zipper and twisting as she brought it up between her shoulder blades, sealing herself in the tight fitting, figure enhancing suit. And it was tight! Really tight! She felt her waist and hips as well as her bosom being squeezed from all sides at once and had to draw small, short breaths as she got out and dusted off the outside of the garment as best she could. It slowly warmed on her skin and became more flexible and seemed to grip her even tighter once it warmed up. 

 She looked at herself in the mirror, she certainly did like the way it flattered her figure and made her look very female and sensual. But, she still couldn't see the attraction, maybe she never would. But if she could get Phil's attention in it, that was all that mattered to her. She’d even gladly have sex with him, and maybe she'd try doing what he had wanted her to do last week. What was she thinking! She couldn't possibly do that, yuck! or was it yucky? The older woman in the magazine seemed to swear by it, and if it had kept them together all those years, why wouldn't it work for her and Phil as well?  

 Maybe she would try some of the other things she had read about that people did and that she had thought were obscene and perverted before. Maybe it was from wearing the suit, but she was having some really strange thoughts today. Maybe if she saw what was in the other bundle it would clear her mind some.

 Sitting back on the bed again: she pulled the plastic free and gasped at the beautiful pair of tall boots it contained, they were so long! They had to go up as far up as her crotch almost. Under them lay a pair of short black (of course) rubber gloves and a pair of long rubber stockings and a corset-like black rubber girdle with quite a few suspenders attached to it to hold them up. But she was most impressed with the boots, they were lovely, tall, black and very high-heeled with a strip of lighter blue running along the sides and front to add a little color to the whole of the strange ebony outfit. 

She sat for a time just stroking them before getting up and taking the lot into the bath to put them on as well. She hummed a little ditty as she rolled up the talced rubber hose and pulled them on her legs and feet, covering the outside of the suit like the woman in the magazine had worn them and then started on the heavy waist cincher, it pulled her already slimmed waist in even more and she panted shallowly as she hooked up the forest of suspenders to them and finally eased her long legs into the boots. They fit her as if they were made from a mold of her feet, comfortable and stretchy as they molded themselves around her calves and thighs and her legs and lifted her quite high up in the air, she was unused to wearing such high heels but had soon re-mastered wearing them again and was soon strutting about like dancer on a catwalk in one of the titty bars Phil’s buddies drug him to once in a while. She felt all hot and sweaty inside under the layers of rubber but seemed helpless as she pulled the short black gloves on with a feral grin and looked at the woman in shiny black staring out at her from the mirror. She was more sexy and desirable that she could have dreamed of in her most sensual dreams. She was…hot! Yes, that was truly the word for how she felt looking at herself in the glass at the moment as she tucked the gloves inside the wrists of the catsuit, leaving only her face and hair free and un…rubbered?

 With a sensuous purr issuing from her throat that she hardly recognized as coming from her own lips, she ran her hands over her rubber covered body, cupping and wriggling her breasts in their cups and shuddering with lascivious pleasures she never knew could have lain dormant within her. She preened, she posed, she rubbed herself with her gloved hands and gasped as she felt the heat in her body kick up several notches as she imagined herself doing things she would never have dreamed of before to a black and glossy, rubber-clad Phil as he knelt and worshiped her rubber covered body as she stood over his prostate frame. She threw her head back as she dug both her hands into her rubbered crotch and shrieked out a cry as a massive feeling of pleasure raced through her, leaving her even hotter in her suit and wobbly on her spiked heels as she tried to maintain her balance. She had just come! Simply by wearing this strange suit and using her imagination! Whoa!

 Unsteadily, she walked out to sit on the bed for a bit until her head finally cleared some. Glancing at the bedside clock, she noted that it was later at night that she had thought and it wouldn’t be very long until, tired and besotted, Phil would come limping home. Still angry at her for her rebuffs and ready to sink into a stupor in bed, only to wake with a hangover and to start all over again. Well…not tonight.

Feeling deliciously horny and very turned on; she scooped up the remainder of the items on the bed and walked out to the living room to greet him when he came in.

 Boy, was he in for a surprise!

 She sat with her legs crossed, bouncing one booted leg across the other as she heard his truck pull into the driveway and the door slam shut.

 His key in the door made her shudder with fresh desire as he came staggering in only to wrench himself rigidly upright when he laid eyes on her new attire. 

“Uhhh…I can explain.” he started to say, swaying slightly. With a frown and an angry look, she pointed to the men’s items and said in a low, powerful voice. “Shut up, put those on and come back in here…now!”

 He was sweating as he stumbled to the bedroom to comply. She smiled evilly after him and standing again, spun her hair up into a bun as she eased the clingy mask on over her head and pinched it's skin, pulling it around to fit her fine features as she smoothed it on over her face and tucked it into the neck of the suit. With the mask on, she was a new woman now, one that had sexual power and strong desires. One that could deal more effectively with her husbands sexual needs and his odd little perversions. She would simply use them to her own advantage. She shivered with a barely suppressed lust as she caught a glimpse of her totally encased self in the decorative mirror above the bar. She looked scandalous, so utterly depraved, and oh, so sexy, her body glistening in the defused lighting.

 While she waited, growing more and more impatient with each passing second, as she ran her gloved hands over her outer rubber skin, sending more of the thrilling sensations coursing through her as she paced back and forth across the tiled floor, knowing the sounds of her heels clicking on the hard surface would spur him on.

 A few moments later, he emerged from the bedroom and came, un-masked to stand before her. His body below his neck covered in black, shiny rubber like hers and a rather impressive erection standing out in front of his groin area that bobbed erotically in a tight fitting sheath for it and for his testis that stood outlined through the zipped crotch as he shifted nervously from one foot to the other. His suit incorporated both gloves and feet into it and seemed, except for the front zipper that ran up from above his crotch and prominently exposed shaft. They looked at each other for a long moment, each feeling horny and wondering what the other was thinking about at that moment. She decided to strike now, before he got more of his wits about him.

 “So, do always stand before your rubber mistress’s? Kneel Phil, on your knees before me.” She purred. Ice and steel she never knew she had within her coming out in her husky voice.

 He slowly complied, sitting back on his ankles and his head falling forward as he mumbled quietly and shamefully. “Yes Mistress. I kneel before you.”

 She walked around him, running her gloved hands across his back, chest and shoulders before coming to stand just behind his right shoulder. She placed her hand there and leaning over slightly said softly in his ear. “You’ve been hiding secrets from me, haven’t you dear? But I’ve found you out; I found your things in the shed where you had thought to hide them from me. Why didn’t you tell me sooner about this strange fascination of yours? Maybe you thought I wouldn’t understand? Or maybe you have some woman on the side that does this for you when you think I won’t. Well, that’s all over now, isn’t it? I’m here, and I’ll take care of you and your needs from now on, do you understand? Speak! I want to hear it from your lips my lovely Phil, only I guess I can’t call you that when we’re both dressed like this can I? But, talk to me. I want to hear about this and how I can help you dear. Trust me, I’m not leaving you, not right now that is and probably not at all if we can come to an agreement. I’m finding I like this…rubberism a lot and I do love you, you know, you big silly. Talk to me, I want to hear your story about this, that you’ve hid from me for so long. Please?”

 His head jerked up. She stopped him with a sharp indication of her gloved finger and pointed downwards. “Eyes on the floor dear. Don’t look at me as you talk. It’s bad manners, or so I hear. Now, speak.” His head fell again and his deep voice, filled with emotion and thick with conflicting fears and lust grated. “Yes Mistress. I have hid this part of myself from you all these years. I found rubber when I was about seventeen, in a shop in Baltimore, I found a pair of latex sheath pants, on a whim, and I bought them. I took them back home and put them on, for the first time, the rubber caressed my shaft and I had the most mind-blowing cum I ever had in my whole life as I jacked off, it was wonderful! The next day I bought the suit I’m wearing now. It fit like the rubber glove it is, my skin felt alive as sensations ran all through my body and I knew I had found something…something that I couldn’t live without. But, I was ashamed of it, and how it made me feel. It was perverse in a way that no one else but someone like myself could understand. And so I hid it away, from myself and later from you as well. It was my secret, my release, my armor when I was lonely and my lover when you didn’t want me later as I grew to realize you didn’t want to make love to me anymore. I would take it out when you went to see your mother or you went on overnights with your friends. It gave me a comforting feeling when I wore it and it made me feel loved and needed when you rebuffed my attempts to get you in bed and make more normal love with you. I’m sorry I never told you. I thought you’d leave me all the faster if you knew about it.”

 He fell silent, his shoulders shook and she watched a single tear fall from his eye and splatter on the thigh of his suit. This moved her, deeply so, she felt a lump in her own throat swell up. He was right, she had rebuked him and hadn’t wanted to have sex with him as she should have. And so, he had retreated into the rubber world that had stood him in good stead for so many years before. She felt ashamed that she had shut him out and felt her love for him swell in her heart. She came around and stood before him, she felt his eyes boring into her booted feet and legs, his cock bounced with renewed need as she thought about all the times she had missed out on pleasing him. The sheer power she had over him at this moment sent shivers and heat coursing through her loins and left her breasts and nipples tingling. She wouldn’t let him slip away, she loved him more than ever and she would give him what he desired so much if it would only make him happier.

 She squatted down so that she could look into his eyes and said. “Thank you for telling me dear. And is there a mistress you serve somewhere, besides me, that is?”

 He shook his head from side to side.

 “And you do love me” his head bobbed in agreement and more tears welled and ran down his cheeks, he sniffled and she grabbed a tissue from the table and gave it to him to blow into. “That’s good.” She said. “Because I would have had you call and tell her you won’t be needing her services any longer. For I am your mistress now. You’re my man and I’ll not share you with anyone, for I am a jealous mistress.” She stood and strutted a few steps around in front of him. “Don’t you think I’m hot, my love? Why did you buy this suit, was it meant for me?” dry-eyed now, his eyes stayed riveted to her body as he responded enthusiastically. 

“You look glorious Vivian! Better than I ever dreamed! And yes, I took your measurements one night as you lay knocked out from Dr. bolts medicine when you had the flu and I had the suit and everything made hoping against hope that one day…one day I could talk you into wearing it for me, just once, so I could see you in it and have you in my memory to carry me throughout the rest of my life even if you got rid of it the very next day. I didn’t care if you would have, because I would have that picture of you always in my head and I would carry it with me for the rest of my unnatural life. Thank you, for wearing it for me. Now, Mistress, how may I serve you tonight? The last thing I want to do is to blow this opportunity.” He smiled at her, the first time she had seen him smile at her in such a long time, she thought to herself. Well, she wasn’t going to blow this either.

 “What games do you play when you’re alone lover? Show me, but first, put your mask on and go get the waders from the shed I put under the bed and put them on over your feet, so you don’t tear your suit. All right? And get anything you think we may want or need to play these new games with. Hurry now, we don’t have all night.” Looking now like a little boy on Christmas morning, he gladly scrambled to his feet and ran squeaking in his rubber suit, practically clapping his hands in joy, from the room to do her bidding.

 She basked in the glow of his love and her own growing lusts as she waited for his return. She pulled a high-backed chair over and sat backwards on it resting her arms on the top and shivered with excitement. Yes, he was definitely going to get lucky tonight, that was a given as she felt her body responding and her juices making sticky, smacking sounds inside her suit as she sat down on the chair, she was so horny right now it was all she could do to keep her hands away from her crotch. She shuddered and felt a little rush of pleasure race within her as she thought about what she was doing. She smiled; content for the first time she could remember in a long while. She had him now and he wasn’t going anywhere, anywhere at all.

 He returned, wearing the high-sided boots on his legs and carrying a large black duffle she couldn’t remember seeing before and sank to his knees again before her. “Now my love, show me what you’ve been up to when I was away.” She purred lustily.

 His grin was evident, even through his thick rubber mask. He opened the bag and with a heavy clunk of chains, he dumped the contents out on the floor.

 There was a wealth of things there, some she recognized from the magazine, and others she didn’t. First he took a set of black rubber wrist restraints out and belted them tightly onto his wrists, and then a matching set were wrapped and belted around his booted ankles over the boots. A thick rubber waist belt was next, it had many rings and he grunted as he hauled it tightly around his middle, corseting him in rather like her waist cincher had done for her own waist.

 She stopped him there with a motion, he respectfully kneeled back as she rose and squatted to examine the rest of the bags contents. Taking some dog-clips, she bound his hands behind him and picked up a strange looking gasmask, it was un-like any she had seen before, it had a large rubber bag attached to the mouthpiece and she looked at it wondering what it did for him. Finally, she simply asked him. “It’s got a re-breather bag there, see? It makes me light-headed and makes me come faster and easier, if it pleases you Mistress, put it on me and I’ll show you. Looking like you do, I won’t last long, that’s for sure.” He chuckled.

 She did so, pulling the thick rubber hood on over his head and arranging it so he could breathe, she watched as the bag started to fill and deflate, over and over as his breathing got deeper and heavier. His cock bobbed more strenuously in its sheath and she gave it a thump with a gloved finger and stroked it. He made a “hurking” sound under the mask and his hips lunged, his cock swelled and she swore she felt the gouts of his seed spurt into the sleeve under her soft touch. Sure enough, he had come, and as quickly as he had speculated earlier. He remained hard though and she felt the stirrings in her loins rising higher as she eased him onto his back on the floor and looked further through the stuff he had. She found another gasmask like his, but differently made, with two re-breather bags flopping from it’s alien looking face-piece and a large floppy rubber bag she recognized from the magazine, they had called it a “double sleep-sack” and two people used it to make love inside it’s tight rubbery embrace. She had to try it, it just looked so wicked!

 She un-rolled it on the floor beside him and un-zipped it and rolled his body over until it lay pretty evenly around his sides and then fitted his feet into it and pulled the sides up around him. With a moment’s inspiration, she went into the kitchen and returned with a pair of refrigerator coasters and slid them on over her spiked heels so that they wouldn’t tear a hole in his lovely bag and made sure his breathing was still easy. Well, easy enough anyway before she pulled the confining gasmask hood on over her own rubber mask and making sure it fitted correctly. It was really quite strange and otherworldly, her breath popping and she could feel the strange bags under her chin filling and emptying over her breasts, her nipples hardening further under their weird caresses as she eased herself down over his thighs and fitted her feet and legs into the sack over her husband. 

Moments later, she was as encased up to her neck as he was, in the tight grasp of the rubber sack and she squirmed lustily around on top of his rubber covered body through the layers they each wore. Their masks clacked together occasionally and his eyes told her all she needed to know right then. He was hard as a rock, striking directionlessly under her loins and against her stomach, she eased the ingenious inside zipper down inside the bag and felt his rubber-sheathed penis spring through the opening, thumping against her thigh as she squirmed around in the bag, rubbing herself against him, trying to get her own suits zipper down. Through the gloves, she felt a rush of her own wet welcoming juices greet her hand as she got it down finally and up past the slit of her pelvis and beyond her rear end, giving access to her puffy and overheated…pussy. Yes, that was the right and proper word for it at the moment, a hot, wet, juicy pussy that need filling, fucking and petting as well as his full and undivided attention. And she had it, she could feel him throb harder as she inched herself up just high enough in the sack to fit it at the entrance to her love nest. She looked into his eyes through the masks they wore and saw his un-mitigated love for her shining through; as she sank down on his…cock. That was also the right phrase, yes and started riding him, her hips rising and falling slowly and then faster as her new found lusts surged within her, gasps and squeals falling from her lips to be caught by the gasmask as she ground against him.

 Her world erupted, once, twice, three times and still she rode him like a stud horse that’s just hit its stride. Meaningless sounds coming from both of them now as she rode off into oblivion and felt herself shaking and twisting as she slammed her lower body more and more forcefully onto his thick, hugely pleasing shaft. With a twitch, she felt him starting to shoot his seed again, her lower body responding mechanically by tensing all her lower muscles as she drew it from him and into the sleeve he wore and a brilliant light erupted in her head and groin as she came harder than she ever had before and collapsed on top of him inside the bag. Both of them satiated, their air bags ballooning then ballooning less full and rigidly as their breathing relaxed.

 She kept him there, in the bag with her, all night, reveling in their new shared pleasures and making sure he was so worn out that when she released him the next morning, he had to crawl away on his hands and knees to go into the bedroom to hop into the shower and get undressed and see to his toilet.

 Wow! What a night to remember. it was the beginning of a new lease on their marriage, now she knew she could depend on his coming home after work and his drinking dropped off to little more than a glass of wine occasionally with dinner and his adorizing devotion impressed her and their love grew in ways she could scarcely have believed possible before then.

 From then on, she made rubber and bondage and teasing a part of their lives. She never regretted it either. When she didn’t want to have intercourse with him, she simply got him off other ways using the rubber to give him what stimulus he needed to get off without her having to enter her, often she joined in by masturbating her own self off to a stunning climax as she felt his seed spray out around her gloved palm under his sheath.

But, that was less and less often now, her own lusts had been ignited and it was now rarely that she didn’t want to feel him surging within her wet walls. She tried it all with him; all the things she had thought dirty or perverse were slowly tried and incorporated into their love play. And he loved her all the more for it. They never fought after that night and they were happy and more content than she had ever hoped possible.

 She shook herself out of her stupor, her daydream passed, she gazed down at Phil as he lay strapped in a vacuum bed, squirming around as he shot his seed into the sleeve of his suit under the tightly clinging rubber that outlined every crevice of his body and in bias relief, her pussy juiced as her husband twitched, his body arching as he came for the third time that afternoon. She would stick him in the inflated balloon tube later so he could get some rest before she played with him later that night. She couldn’t wait to feel him spread her petals open as he took charge and made her a slave to her rubber passions and he could take her at will. She shuddered as her hips did a little dance as she sat there, her hands busy in her lap. She loved him, but wondered, not for the first time. Whither she loved the tight sensuous feeling more. It didn’t matter, they had each other and they were united in their love and lusts for as long as it lasted. She was glad she had discovered his secret and so happy she had brought this into their lives.

 Love, and rubber. A powerful combination that she wanted for the rest of her days. Aaaahhhh! Glorious.


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