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Reality Kicks In

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2014 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF; F/m; D/s; latex; pvc; shiny; hoods; public; meeting; domme; dungeon; bond; enslave; infant; feeding; nappy; sex; true; cons/reluct; X

Start 19.12

This really happened..........


Three weeks ago I was a happy go lucky ordinary bloke who lived an ordinary life, worked hard, enjoyed a pint with my mates and secretly hid my fantasy life in the spare room of my ordinary home. One Saturday evening, having had a few beers, I got home, switched on my rubberpal and the little icon was flashing... she had replied. I was immediately sceptical.

Obviously a TV or someone pretending to be female, advertising for a "shiny" partner to play and maybe more? Tongue in cheek I had sent a reply, not really expecting anything, besides, the address was in the U.S.

The reply was short and sweet....."I'm in the UK. Wanna meet?"

And so the short exchange of messages began, ending with an arranged rendezvous at Liverpool Street station,13.00, the following day. She would be in red and I should wear something appropriate.

I still was a little sceptical thinking this could be a wind up, but thought, for the sake of a couple of hours and a £20 return train ticket, it has to be done.

So at 12.55 I was stood in the agreed meeting place, not dressed appropriately (obviously should have been pvc or rubber) although my shiny black jacket was in my holdall, and I did have a loose shiny black bodysuit on under my jeans and jumper.

13.00 No show. 13.05 Nothing. 13.10 still nobody. 13.15 I decided it was a no show and to go. I turned to head for my return platform when a soft American accent questioned, "Are you Mick?" I spun round and wow! She was lovely.

Perhaps five years my junior, about 5'3" big blue smiley eyes, also dressed in jeans and jumper carrying a red coat, a shiny red coat.


"You thought the same, I have been standing across there wondering if it was you."

"Hi", I gestured a handshake which she took, "yes I'm Mick".

"Sarah. Good, I hoped you would show, I really liked your profile, and you look...... hmmmm nice".

"Surely you have not flown in from the States, just to meet me" I muttered, half laughing, "No, I have lived in London for a couple of years now, but I left my profile as it was, It's safer"

"Let me buy you a coffee".

We sat and chatted about this and that, two coffees and a plate of cheese and ham toasties.

I paid......"Where to now?" I questioned.

Her soft drawl pronounced, "We go to mine first I think. I like you, and I think I can trust you. Don't let me down".

"I won't," I promised. "I'm not like that".

"That's good".

We approached the exit of the station entrance hall, "Oh good its raining, can you...." she handed me her shiny red coat which, up to now, had been draped through her holdall she had been carrying.

It was very soft, very smooth and very shiny, it poured through my hands deliciously.

She smiled, "You like?"

It had almost taken my breath away, I gasped, "Oh yes, very much".

She half turned and proffered her arm, and I obliged, sliding the lovely coat onto her.

The hood was large and full, she pulled it up and tied it off with its drawpulls.

"How's that?"

"Just beautiful, it suits you, I love hoods, as I think you will find out," I smile, and she returned the smile, "So do I, all my coats and jackets are hooded, that's what first attracted me to your profile."

We were now touching on the edges of what this first meet was all about.

"So this isn't a wind up then," I asked, "are you really for real?"

"Oh yes, and with all the bells...... are you sure you want to ring them?"

I looked into those blue eyes, they danced a little, but there was honesty there.

I did not know what to say.

"Well, your turn, I presume you have brought your required attire as I requested", her tone had change slightly, a little more demanding, "in there is it?"

Finger pointing.

I had totally forgotten, "Yes but... I think I should..." I hesitated, stuttered and stammered, "Should what...?" she said.

"I... it has has a.... what here?"

"Do you want me to make you put it on" a statement, normally a fantasy I have always wanted to hear, now this is real, "give it here". She snatched my bag out of my grasp and proceeded to unzip the fastener. She put my bag down and pulled out my DDPVC very shiny black, hooded anorak.

"Well Mick, what have we here?", she shook it out if front of me and the passing populous, "and its got a lovely big hood, a fur trimmed hood". I could feel myself blushing profusely, the number of times I had dreamt of being in this situation, and now for real, I was not so sure, "Put it on..... NOW!" She meant it.

I fumbled, pulling on one of my favourite fantasy jackets, in the middle of Liverpool Street station, deeply embarrassed, although I did notice, nobody seemed to take a blind bit of notice, "Zip it up properly, and we'll have this up too" .

She pulled my thick fur trimmed hood up over my head, "That's much better, Michael" and continued to tie the hood drawstrings in a bow. "This way".

The taxi rank was not busy and two shiny hooded people stood in the short queue, a shorter red arm, through the taller black arm.

She spoke quickly to the driver, and I was ushered in and away we went.

I started to undo the drawstrings of my hood, "No, leave it", again she meant it.

I was a little conscious of the cab driver double taking, in his mirror, as I was sitting behind him, but I was almost passed caring and bizarrely starting to enjoy the control she seemed to be administering.

"You OK?", she squeezed my hand, "Mmmm" I replied, "love it!"

"Good, so do I," she whispered, and squeezed again.

We rattled along for about an hour, I didn't take much notice of where we were going, I was luxuriating too much in my current predicament, we hardly spoke, just squeezed hands and touched. The cabbie was also absent of conversation, most unusual!

The driveway up to her house was quite long leading up to a Victorian detached house in nice lawned gardens, the cab pulled up outside the steps to the front door, I was pushed out, I offered to pay, "No, this is my treat", her hood was now down, she paid, the cab pulled gravelly away.

"Welcome to my little home". She now untied my drawstings and lowered the hood, a peck on the cheek, "don't forget, you promised to be good......."

We sat in the kitchen, each sipping a beer from a can, still wearing mack and jacket, but de-hooded and unzipped.

I had been given the tour, upstairs and down, not sure why.

To all intents and purposes, a perfectly normal house, everything in the right place, nothing "abnormal", although I would liked to have peeked into her wardrobe.....

"You look puzzled?" she asked,

"I guess, this is not my normal average day, I'm intrigued as to were it might be leading".

"Where would you like it to lead?"

"To the best place, wherever that is."

"Do you like me?"

"Of course, I wouldn't be here otherwise".

"That's good, I like and trust you. Follow me."

Across the kitchen into a small area, to an open door, leading down, presumably into a basement....... no surely not.....

She clip-clopped and rustled down the stairs closely followed by me, the light flipped on and before me opened up a very amazing sight.

I stood there with my mouth open trying to take it all in. It was all there, cages, benches, suspension chains, straps, more straps, cupboards crammed with shiny stuff, and a very large four poster bed in the middle of the opposite wall, also covered in a shiny material, chains and cuffs hanging from various points in each corner.

"Put your tongue away, I might trip over it......what do you think SLAVE?"

"Amazing.... I... I... is this all..... yours..... wwhat do you mean, slave....."

"On your knees!" she grabbed my shoulder and pushed down, I didn't resist, she pulled my hood back up and gently pulled my head into her red shiny macked mid-rift.

"This can be your new home, slave, shiny slave", she fumbled around my neck, a click, a collar, she pulled me up onto my feet, another waist strap, my hands were guided into loops behind my back, I didn't resist...... click, another lock..... my head was spinning, is this a dream... click.... a chain attached to collar.

She pulled me in the direction of the large bed, my hands were locked behind my back, I tried to pull back but she continued to pull, spinning me and I twisted and bounced onto the shiny soft black ddpvc covered bed. "Click" the chain was pulled taut and locked to the headboard.

"Stay there and ponder your future."

She turned and swished out, turning out the light.


I was still wearing my hood up, as strictly instructed, as the tube train pulled into Liverpool Street Station. I was now getting a few peculiar glances, but because the fur was so thick, it hid most of my embarrassment. She had driven me to her local tube station, having release me from my bonds.

"One simple question, yes or no" she had asked.

One simple answer....."Oh yes".

"That is good. Then, I have preparations to make. So do you. Go home. Bring what you need. "I don't need to tell you what." She handed me a card, "my address," which I pocketed.

"I'll take you to the nearest station, come back with your gear tomorrow afternoon. You can can't you?"

I nodded. "My work is on hibernation mode at the mo". She nodded and understood.

"Will I be staying?" I questioned.

"That is up to you, depends whether you remain a good boy........"

"Put your hood up and leave it up, until you get home, I trust you, as you will have to trust me, eventually." A peck on my now fur shrouded cheek, I climbed  out of her 4x4 and headed into the station, I turned to wave, but she was already heading off.

The journey to Hertford was uneventful, bar again a few curious brief glances, I pretended to be asleep.

Fortunately as I got off the train the rain was falling heavily, my shiny hooded jacket WAS a blessing and did what it was supposed to do. A taxi took me the last mile home.

I leaned against the now closed front door....... "Wowwww......" I loudly exclaimed to myself.

I was hungry, I, with now distant permission, disrobed my wet, wetlook, rather bedraggled, fox fur hooded pervy jacket!

Comfort food, toasted cheese, ham and onion sandwich. My brain was working overtime.

I could not get her face, or that extraordinary room out of my mind. It seemed unreal.

I remembered the card, took it out expecting it to be blank or whatever, but in shiny red with bold black type, her name, her address with a simple large X to finish.

Nothing else, the back was blank.

So it did happen. I clicked on my laptop while the kettle boiled.

Googled her address in Epping.

Not actually so far away. The aerial view confirmed, as I scanned in, the little gravel driveway to the front. That was it.

I nearly clicked off when, I don't know why, I hit the rubberpal icon.

The message doobry was flashing, I knew it would be her..... it was...

"Waiting for you. Your room is ready. Be prepared. X"

My heart leapt. This is real. Really real. I don't recall eating my toastie.

What does one do at 6.30 on a cold and damp Thursday evening?

I showered, and went down the pub.

Friday morning came eventually. I was awake most of the night, daydreaming and fantasising about what potentially could lay ahead.

I still was not  convinced that yesterday really happened.

Perhaps I had somehow been dreaming, but the little red card and the Rp message was still there. I arose, still wearing my night time garb of supersoft cotton hooded onesie under a shiny ddpvc black hooded jumpsuit, coffee and toast at 6am.

Still dark. November is such a miserable month, perhaps this one is going to be different.

Two large holdalls were already packed and sitting by the front door.

Full to the brim of all my double decker fetish wear.

Numerous jackets, macs, capes, all of course hooded, many fitted with fur trim, (I always wondered where that bit of my fetish comes from) hooded jumpsuits, catsuits, hoods, sleepsacks and more. They weighed a ton. I must have spent thousands over the years on this lot. I didn't bother with much of my bondage stuff, she seemed to have that one covered.

06.10 now I have to wait. Already resisting the urge to play with myself, I really don't want to spoil the "buzz".

Still dressed as I was, I cleaned polished, washed, tidied, changed beds, hovered, dustied.

The house had never been so clean.

11.15. Long hot bath. Cleaned and scrubbed. Do I take an over night bag?

Do I take normal clothes, perhaps one change? I had no idea, whether I would be coming home tonight, tomorrow, it was so intriguing, and massively arousing.

I put on one of my ddpvc hooded jumpsuits, with a thick leather belt. I put a 2" collar around my neck, I didn't lock it on though. Short slightly heeled pointy boots. The bleep of my mobile snapped me back to reality, I clicked on messages...

"No playing with can leave now if you want, I'm ready and waiting."

It was signed, "Your new mistress" I nearly came, just reading this....

Screw the extra clothing, I just grabbed my toothbrush, jammed it in one of the bags, pulled on another of my furry hooded anoraks, dark blue this time, and went to load the stuff into my car, parked on the drive. I didn't care if neighbours spotted me, I was on cloud nine.

11.35. I'm heading towards Epping, 27.2 miles according to the satnav.

I was also wondering whether my hard on would ever subside! It had been pretty much rigid for the last 24hrs, unsurprisingly. Who needs Viagra. The thought of Sarah in her hooded mac, just for starters........ honeyhush!

Driving in shininess, was a first for me, although, a delightful experience, no one noticed.

12.20. Satnav declares arriving in 200 yards, I slow, indicate and turn into the familiar looking drive.

The tyres crunch across the gravel until I stop. I sit.  Suddenly frozen.

What am I doing........ the front door opens and there she is.

Resplendent in red.

Very shiny red, for all the passing world to see, if they were looking.

My heart was pounding, I was so exited, like a child with a new toy. I got out, trying to be casual, joke, I nearly fell over, she laughed "clumsy," her tone changed, "Why isn't your hood up? Come here."

I stumbled again, reaching to pull my hood over my head, but it fell down as I climbed the three steps to the porch.

"Well, here you are, and already earning demerits!"

"Demerits?" I queried,

"Punishment points, at least ten for not wearing your hood up in my presence without permission".

"Sorry, I didn't realise..."

"You'll learn."

That was three weeks ago.

I haven't been home, or really seen daylight since. That cellar room has been my home ever since. It is warm and comfortable. All mod cons in an attached annex. The walls are sound proofed with thick rubber pads. I am fed three times a day, I can use limited internet, but cannot send or receive unless unblocked.

This is one of those times, although constantly monitored.

I have been instructed to tell my story so far. My situation is not a fantasy anymore, but reality.

I have the most bizarre love/hate relationship with Sarah. She knows exactly how to control me, and does.

Her mother on the other hand, I had not counted on!

Now I know where she gets her kinkiness from!

I am controlled by my simple need.

"You do as requested, or you will leave, not to return."

What would you do?

I am continuously wrapped in my favourite materials, sometimes bound, chained, especially of a night time.

Sarah often stays with me for the night, teasing, playing, and sometime more. You know.

Her mother however, requires me to be babied. Something I have never really encountered, to be dressed in little girlie pvc or rubber dresses and nappies, then gagged with a huge dummy, chained to the bed and made to pee myself before I can have din dins, is not my idea of fun, but twice a week, it is hers.

I complained bitterly once, only to be told by her, "You complain anymore, and your baby time will be doubled, your baby food will be baby food, and I will sleep with you, not Sarah."

Well that sorted that out!

The though of leaving is frequent, Sarah seems to know when, and then, inevitably becomes the demon mistress, dressed to kill, and punishes me the way she knows I love best, in inescapable bondage, with a huge amount of stimulation, frustration, and yes Love.

She knows exactly what does it for me, and uses it to the full.

I have even started to enjoy her mothers visits, as Sarah often joins in. To be gently dressed, bound and chained, then tucked into your bed by two suitably dressed mistresses, must be many fetishists fantasy. My reality. Why would I want to leave!

I hav...



That's enough.
Time for bed. I'll be down in five minutes.
Make sure you are ready. Sleepsack tonight.

Finish 20.21

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