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Real Condom Suit

by M88

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© Copyright 2017 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; capture; bag; suffocate; bond; zipties; transport; locker; latex; suit; condoms; frame; cameras; cum; revenge; cons/nc; XX

James had become so sick of his girlfriend’s lying, cheating and horrible manner. He had spend the last 4 months planning and building his revenge. She had it coming to her for the way she acted. She had turned against him and acted out. She had made their relationship sour and bitter. And it was all down to her, she had cheated on him. She had lied through her teeth about the stories and rumours being untrue. But she was trying to cover up what she had done. James was happy with the relationship before it happened and tried to push it back on track. He let her get away with it in some ways and that lead her to change how she was around him. She become a right bitch and ripped through his loving and soft nature. She would pay the price as he waited for her to get home from work.

It was a raining heavily as she unlocked the front door. It was the dead of night by the time she got home from her shift and it had been a long day. She went to turn the landing light on, but nothing happened when she flicked the switch. She relocked the door and headed into the darkness of the house. She had been living here for some time so she knew where stuff was. She tried the lights in the living room and they failed to come on. She was going to stay up and watch some TV, but with it being late and the lights downstairs not working. Maybe it was better for her to just go to bed.

She silently moved up the stairs and reached the top without making any loud sounds. As she headed toward the bedroom, James popped out from behind the bathroom door. He had been sitting in the dark for a couple of hours now and could see fine. She would never of seen him in the blackness of the house. He could hear her open the door and walk up the stairs. He jumped on her as she got to the bedroom door and forced a plastic bag over her head. With great skill he pulled the plastic bag over her face and down her neck. Then with the other hand he ziptied the bag in place around her neck. He pull it very tight so her air support was cut off.

Before she could do anything he had her arms behind her back and was zipping a few more cable ties shut. She had fallen to the floor from the second the bag was closed around her neck. Putting his body weight on her back and arms, she was pinned. She didn’t have time to scream and fight. She was almost out of air by the time she hit the floor. Her heart was racing as the plastic bag got sucked onto her face. She was trying to bite at it as he kept her from struggling. 

As her breathing quickened, her vision started to fade. Her legs started kicking wildly as he added another set of zips ties, this time around her elbows. The last couple of air intakes the plastic bag did not move. Then just like that she was out cold. He took the bag off her head and ziptied her legs together at the ankles and knees. He then put a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. He cut away her clothes and waited to see if she woke up.

She was breathing and had a heart rate. He then dragged her down stairs and into her car. She was placed in the back seat without any clothes on and with her body bound up. Hoping he was not stopped by the police he when to a storage unit. It was just out of town and just needed a pass code to enter the outside complex. The drive was 45 minutes and getting into the complex was easy. He parked the car next to his unit and opened the shutter like door and got his girlfriend from the back of the car. She was still completely out of it and was a dead weight for him to move. He placed his hands under her armpits and pulled her along the ground. She was luck that the ground was smooth tarmac inside and outside the unit. She was taken inside the the shutter was closed for the night. He needed to get her ready. 

The next morning, James sneaked out of the unit and the storage area and drove her car to long stay airport parking at Gatwick. Which was about 2 hours away from their house. He parked up and then had the fun of taking a number of buses back home. He knew she would still be out cold with the amount of chloroform she had been given. Even if she did woke up, she could not escape. His next move was to head home which was a bit odd. But it was all part of the plan. From his home pc he could control everything. He was just waiting for her to open her eyes. After 3 long hours she woke up screaming. Well trying to scream. The humiliation and horror of what had happened to her was unbelievable. 

She had been enclosed in a suit made from used condoms. They had been joined together into a full latex suit. The suit was made up of 5-6 layers of condoms. A mix of latex glue and stitches kept the suit skin tight. Her hands had been trapped in around 30 condoms. To stop her escaping she had been locked into a Scavenger’s daughter type device. With her body folded into an A-like shape. Her neck was at the point and her feet at the bottom. Her hands her been placed in the middle. She had been chained to the floor as well with the metal collar of the device locked to both the back wall and the floor. Then a bar had been placed between her legs and in the centre of which was other anchor point. The metal device had her in a squeezed and fold position. She was going nowhere in her bondage position.

She still couldn’t believe the latex condom suit. It covered her whole body and didn’t have any gaps and rips in it. She then saw a mirror and camera right in front of her and she saw everything. She had been heavily gagged, and was amazed she had not worked that out early. Her mouth was completely filled with stuff and black tape covered the bottom half of her face. She was almost starting to smell and feel other things as well. Like she had headphones in her ears and the condom over her nose had been inflating and deflating with each intake of air. Her body was seemed to be covered in liquids and the smells entering her nose were disgusting. She also saw the IV drip in her left arm and knew she would be like this for some time. The headphones then kicked into life.

"Morning cunt. Did you sleep well? It took me a long time to build this suit for you. The dirty girls I had to sleep with in order to get the smell and feel right. Could you smell all the holes, mixed in with cum. That’s not the only thing you are covered in. The inside of that newly made suit is filled with lube, piss, sweat, spit and pussy juices. I hope it’s nice in there. For added fun I have filled your mouth with used women’s underwear. "

"Oh and the condom over your nose, which I unrolled so you could enjoy some breath play. Is also inside-out and that’s so you get to smell your old best friend with each and every in take of air. I wore that condom inside your wet and dirty pussy for hours. Plus I love the fact it folds right up against your nose when you breath in."

"I have not talked about the camera have I. Well it’s going to live stream you on every fetish and bondage website I know. Plus I will be grabbing stills from it and sending to your friends, family and work. You should start to feel humiliated now. Don’t worry about not bring found. I will call the police after a week and they should free you. Sure they will have to do a lot of paperwork first. Have a great week you cum covered condom slut!" 

"mmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhyyyyyy" was all that left her mouth.

As he started sending the images of her to the outside world and the people she knew. 


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