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Rbrbill Exposed – Journal entries of my journey in rubber for the last several years.

Some of these writing were completed while sealed in rubber. I left the errors from glove fumbles or restricted vision as they were posted in my FetLife entries. All of these events true.

Backgrounder, A profile of a Rubberist

I am a lifelong rubberist. I've enjoyed all types of rubber and latex including boots, waders, wetsuits, rain gear (rubber only), gloves and latex clothing. I am a total enclosure lover and enjoy sealing myself in total enclosure whenever I can.

It started when I was three and four. My sister had a pink rubber raincoat, the heavy type from the 50's. I would wear it regularly around the house. It just had a nice feel that I couldn't grasp. Then we moved to a place and there were hip boots in the basement. I tried them on and immediately liked the rubber covering my legs, not to mention the boot tops reached all the way up to my little wee-wee and I'd get these most wonderful feelings. When I turned about thirteen I learned what those feeling were and I was forever hooked on rubber.

I write latex fetish fantasy fiction (and some near real) stories that I post on my Yahoo adult site rbrbill_fans. I also post pics from the Internet on that site and have thousands of photos dealing with heavy rubber, latex and wetsuits. You can also find my writings posted on Gromets self bondage plaza in the Latex Stories section.

I live in a really terrible place for latex... San Antonio, TX. I used to live in Washington State and enjoyed wearing my latex outside in the rain we regularly had. I miss the rain.

I have since retired and my old collection has seen better days. But now I am rebuilding a collection based on Hydroglove dry suits - I have three Hydroglove suits, Hydroglove stocking-foot chest waders, a Latex Catfish heavy rubber "dry suit", perforated eye hood, gas mask hood, M-40 gas mask with secondary skin attachment, and an Israeli gas mask that I made completely sight-free many years ago.

The new suit is everything I expected as seen in my most recent photos and videos. I have always wanted a suit with watertight closures and completely isolating from the outside world. Alas I have found the rubber mother lode of solo rubbering and the resultant nirvana. The next step is surrender to a partner but that must wait for the right time.

Feel free to visit my Yahoo Group and read some of my latex/rubber fantasy stories or browse my collection of photos I've collected from the Net.

Entry from over four years ago – most likely in May 2013

I have made this fantasy a reality. First I put on my three Hydroglove dry suits with full hoods under the suits. One suit has attached gloves. I add two more pair of gloves for fun. I pull on latex stocking-foot chest waders also once available from Hydroglove. Then I push a corrugated rubber breathing tube for my gas mask into the wader. Once the inlet of the tube is in the space at the crotch, I use a flat gasket made from an old glove and Gorilla tape to seal the tube between the wader and the outer dry suit shirt. I make the seal practically airtight.

I put on a wide belt above the tube but over the sealed gasket and cinch the belt tight. This reduces the air access between the wader and the suit to a minimum.

I attach an Israeli style gas mask with it eye ports covered with thick layers of liquid latex to the tube. When I put on the mask and tighten the harness the only air I receive must come from the space inside the wader. The mask collapses a bit to the face with each breath which is somewhat restricted. The waders suck down tightly to me with each breath as well. The partial vacuum created by the sucking of air pulls new air between the waders and the inner suits. The flow is enough to just recover the air in the space before my next hot rubbery scented breath.

The breath quickens as my arousal reaches explosive desire. This pulls air even more quickly from the "wader re-breather" and brings on a nearly breathless state until final release fires through my entire body.

I can relax with this system for many long minutes, though once I achieve an orgasm, I have a hard time keeping the mask on through "recovery" but have managed a couple of times to let that surge pass and return my body (and breathing) to a more relaxed state.

Latest True Bliss in Rubber
Rbrbill – May 19, 2013

I got another Hydroglove dry suit this Friday. This makes three (sort of). I cut the legs on one two years ago and added the lower leg to another pants to make longer legs since I am over 6 feet 6 inches tall. Anyway, this third suit gives me three shirts, two pants, shorts (the cut pants) and the Hydroglove stocking-foot wader (since discontinued).

I put it all on early this morning - like about 1:00 am. It took 1 1/2 hours to dress completely which includes pushing a gas mask tube under the waders and then taping the seal point tight using an old glove as a gasket and Gorilla tape.

I then spent the next 11 hours in total rubber bliss. I surfed the Internet. I took turns in bed with the gas mask (lenses covered with thick liquid latex) breathing the air inside the suits. The sweet scent of hot rubber is so incredible. Later a little sweat odor mingles with the sweet rubber enclosure heaven. It's not a re-breather since the gas mask exhales into the open room. The system sucks out the air under the waders creating a partial vacuum with each breath that air slowly fills back between breaths. When I am close to cumming the breaths get quick and replenishment isn't as complete - thus I get a very near to asphyxiation experience. I watch that closely and am ready to whip off the mask but I have done this several times and been totally satisfied with the results (if you get my drift)...totally satisfied.

The posted pictures in my folder that start with "rbr" then a number were taken this morning via a video that I took screen shots from while still totally enclosed in the suits.

The journey out of rubber is a sad moment but exhaustion and the need to clean up the inside of the clothes of sweat, pee and cum necessitated an end to the session.

The Hydrogloves worked perfectly. Not a single drop of anything got out of the suits during the eleven hours.

PS: My wife called about 6:00 AM. She is spending time in the Philippines. I had to flip back three dry suit hoods, remove a full hood and ear plugs with fingers that were encumbered by three pair of gloves.

I caught the call just as she was in the process of finishing her angry message. I got calmed and finally talked with her for almost an hour. Considering her dislike of my rubber fetish this just added to the naughtiness of the session.

The call completed I put the ear plugs and hood back on then pulled each of the three dry suit hoods back over my head...once again sealed in total rubber bliss.

05-21-13 Journal Entry

I spent 20 of the last 72 hours encased in rubber layers. The Hydroglove dry suits are incredible. Using the three suits I have it is quite easy to achieve a totally sealed condition. During my sessions nothing leaked from the suits. This was despite profuse sweating and two pees during each session. When I added the Hydroglove stocking-foot waders over the outer layer and set up a breathing system to draw air from the inside of the waders I had about as close to a sealed system as possible.

I have made other entries on the experience of total rubber surrender and isolation encased in these wonderful layers of stretchy latex. The experience is so multi-dimensional. What senses are impacted? – all of them. Hearing from the outside and vision is reduced to almost nothing. Touch is reduced from the outside but is enhanced from the inside. The skin has 100 percent contact and reception from the smooth rubber. Each move brings a new sensation of massage as the rubber wraps around me and caresses all of me. Smelling the heavy rubber scented air drawn from the breathing system and tasting the raw rubbery flavors of mask and drinking tube replace the loss of outer hearing while bringing new awareness of the sounds internal. The heavy breathing and whistle of each breath through the gas mask reaches new levels of awareness. Heightened consciousness of the internal being builds as the rubber insulates from the outside and reflects the inner energy unto itself.

Last night I didn’t sleep at all. But I climbed out of my encasement refreshed and rested. As I laid on my bed in the darkness and listened to the sounds of my breathing I felt all manner of worries strip away. A new clarity of mind focused my thoughts not only to the rubber but beyond to major events in my life. I spent time in bad and time at the computer. The three hours in bed were pure bliss. The computer time was always interesting and sometimes provocative.

I made recordings of part of the session and diligently created pictures to post. I thought about my long journey to this point in my life. I understood the way rubber has affected my life since I was a boy, always there, always beckoning, always ready to comfort me. I saw how each twist and turn might have closed doors but it seemed a window always opened.

I love the time I spend in the solitude of rubber. It is one way to leave this world with its responsibilities and obligation behind for just a short while. It is as addictive as a drug. I’m glad I learned its secrets.

May 22 – M-40 Gas Mask Purchase

I got this wonderful piece of gear from a local Army-Navy store for $80. Now I have a mask I can see out. If only I can figure out a way to see the keyboard. The nose cup blocks about 1/2 of that view. I can point, click and surf while wearing it but don't expect any long chats when I am wearing it.

Got home at a little after noon. Had to try it out right away. Was in my full three layers by 2:00 pm. 3:30 now and going to settle in for a full evening of hot rubber fun.

in my favorite condition - tight heavy total enclosing rubber

stay well and rubbered

Memorial Day, 2013 - Wife is in Philippines until next week. She is not a rubberist and will never understand this desire to seal oneself in multiple rubber layers. I began last night about 7:30. The first layer was in place by 8:00. Each of the next two layers slowly sent me deeper into the dark abyss of total rubber domination and surrender.

Details include silicone earplugs molded to fit deeply into each ear. The three wonderful Hydroglove suits practically watertight when the two pieces are rolled together at the waist embrace me in turn. Nothing has leaked to the outside since I've been in these suits. Twelve hours of sweat, piss and cum remains safely inside until I undress in the shower.

For twelve wondrous hours I surrender to the feel and erotic caress of full rubber layers. Hip waders help me walk better since the Hydrogloves become slippery inside. My left foot is missing its front third and the waders do a wonderful job of holding it steady. I add gas mask and try sleep. To no avail, I am too aroused in the layers. I zone a bit but there is no sleep. I chat and surf the Web. I pound sports drink and water. I embrace being one in rubber and let my ecstasy soar in desire.

As morning approaches I pull the hoods down from my head and remove the earplugs. I call the Philippines. Being dressed in heavy rubber and talking with the wife sends thrills through me that I could never share with her. Here I sit all rubbered up and she is chatting with me from 12,000 miles away and has no idea i am dressed in such a heavy rubber state. She knows my rubberist bend but does not embrace it. When we lived in Washington State I would dress in the evenings and go for walks in the rain. I cannot do that here in Texas. I must get a full measure of rubber before she comes home.

Thus I am indulging in saturation rubbering. Like saturation diving when the diver becomes totally acclimated to the deep and can remain for extended periods, I am completely enveloped and embraced - acclimated as it were - to this amazing stretchy material given to me for just pure carnal lust and pleasure.

I am an unrepentant rubberist and proud to be one. I will continue to write my erotic fiction and surf for new finds of heavy rubber images and videos. These are some of the things that I must accept as part of what is me.

Stay rubbery and safe and remember to be one with rubber.

A Short undated entry – probably in October 2014

It's been over two hours as I write this. Did a 15 minute exercise bike ride in three heavy rubber layers with hoods and restrictive gas mask. posted pics of same on facebook. thinking of doing it here. resting and waiting for what I am not sure

Rubbery for seven hours now, whoosh of gas mask and wonderful rubber making me feel so good
still trying to make the night. how lng can I go?

September 2015

I write this in anticipation of next month. Today I am practicing rubber chastity and will do so until that date I can fully surrender to rubber...

There was a time I would take a second suitcase full of my latex collection when on travel. I'd wear it pretty much every night and weekends - three or four layers of catsuits and gear. The longest I went in rubber was from a Friday night through to a Sunday morning (Do not Disturb placard hanging from door). The job I had kept me out many weeks at a time so there was plenty of opportunity to dive into that secret world of total enclosure and surrender to the lure of rubber.

I have since retired and my old collection has seen better days. But now I am rebuilding a collection based on Hydroglove dry suits - two now and third to come early next month and the coup de grace - a heavy rubber dry suit modeled after the formidable Viking commercial suit, new GM hood, and new perforated eye opening hood. That suit will be here mid-September. With the spouse out of country for six weeks beginning in September I see the return to total surrender for many hours of encased rubber joy. The amazing thing is the total feel of constant (but light) pressure on the entire body becomes an almost sensory deprivation event. Blocked ears, nose tubing through all hoods, gas mask reducing all senses to the constant pressure, the whoosh of air through the mask, rubber taste in mouth and the inner rush of blood coursing through the body.

The hours will pass and the only reminder of what I've done will be the slow build of sweat inside the suits and the pull/massage of the rubber on my skin when I move. Total rubber bliss. Total dismissal of those petty problems of modern life that fall away for the duration of encasement. Total rubber surrender...only we who know this reality can truly understand the addiction to total rubber enclosure.

Then comes that dreaded minute you realize you have to leave the comfort and security of your temporary rubber world and return to the harsh reality of the other world...but no fear, a few hours later you can surrender again.

Rbrbill September – October 2015
Fantasies and realities planned.


1. Silicon Ear Plugs
2. Surgical latex headband with ear pads
3. Latex swim cap
4. Latex pull-on hood with nose tubes
5. Hydroglove dry suits (3 after September 8)
6. Hydroglove latex waders
7. Latex gloves – 3 to 5 pairs
8. Viking dry suit catsuit (available 20 September approximately)
9. Bungee cord harness with lock
10. Bungee cord belt (attaches through harness)
11. Bungee cord necklace with lock
12. Kitchen Safe Time locking container
13. Israeli Gas Mask (blinding latex covered lenses)
14. US Army M-40A Gas Mask
15. New latex hood with perforated eye opening (After September 20)
16. Protective field gas mask hood (After September 20)

The plan will be to wear three layers of Hydroglove dry suits. One is the thicker model suit. Once the Viking dry suit catsuit arrives it will be worn over all three Hydrogloves.

Head/ear preparations.
Insert the earplugs. Pull the headband with ear pads in place. Test has resulted in the complete absence of sound.
Pull on hood with nose tubes.
Put short mouth tube in (it passes through all hoods and allows hydration through rubber tubing.

First gloves and then pull on Hydroglove dry suit with attached gloves.

Start filming once first layer in place.

Pull of the second Hydroglove. Use the proper waist seal method on either the first or the second suit. Only one Hydroglove will be sealed by rolling the waist band into the shirt as the resulting makes the suit uncomfortable and difficult to put on. Add another pair of gloves. Pull on third (heaviest) Hydroglove suit. Add waders until new Viking suit arrives. Waders are optional but may be worn after arrival of the new gear.

After new gear arrives:

Put on perforated eye opening hood. Make sure nose tubing passes through.
Pull on Viking dry suit catsuit.

Put the bungee harness and belt on and lock.
Put on the bungee necklace and lock.

Keys into the kitchen safe and set the lock mechanism – locked in until time lock releases. At this point the question is how long to set the timer. The box allows setting from minutes to several days. Emergency release means cutting through the bungee cords (obviously not the preferred method of egress from layers rubber encasement.

That is the basic plan. I expect to post at least one video and pictures by September 9 or when I am out of the gear and have time to edit. Once the new gear arrives there will be more photos and videos.

Sept 2015

Encased, the best word for it, in two Hydroglove suits, stocking foot waders and hip boots. Bungee cords wrapped around me and locked. No sound as ears completely blocked. An amazing feel of hot rubber massaging every inch of skin and knowing the locks and cords are in place for six hours. The sorge in my belly as I locked the timer box was something to behold. Pretty much indescribable to know I have to remain here in rujbber at least 6 houjrs 30 mkinutes.

Gloves make typing hard. Leaving the errors for all to see. slippery rubber sliding, massaging with each movement - heaven to a rubberist.

Later and stay happily rubbery!

Sept 6, 2015

The ticker is down to 1 h 5 m now. Including my initial prep time I have been in at least one rubber layer for about 7 hours - two layers for the past 5, It's been a pleasure to enjoy the solitude of no sounds and feeling the most wonderful material ever discovered covering, massaging, tantalizing every square cm (inch) of my body. From the top of my head to my toes I am surrounded by this delicious material. Each breath while wearing a gas mask resulted in the inhale of rich rubbery scented air. Each breath made the mask collapse slightly to my face as I drew air through the small hole of my aroma bag.

I helped a friend with some fun while on line, it was a pleasure to make the day for that person. I've reveled in this total enclosure and know I will be once again drawn into the very darkness and depths of total rubber encasement. The time will be sooner rather than later;

This incredible journey should never end but I will wait for the next time with the same anticipation as these TE session stir in my inner most depths and I again plunge into the black abyss of rubber.

September 11, 2015

Oddly, 14 years ago I had just finished putting several rubber layers on and was settling down for a day in rubber when the unthinkable happened. I was sealed in rubber and totally mesmerized by the events unfolding on the TV that morning (it was about 7:00 am in Washington State) when the first tower fell. And I was thousands of miles west encased in rubber while the world as we knew it changed forever.

So what did I do on 9-11-15, 14 years later -

I sealed myself inside three rubber layers and set the time lock system for 8 hours. The third layer of the heavy Hydroglove suit just about did me in. The heavy thick rubber was really amazing but getting out of it at the end turned into a challenge. That said, I'll definitely surrender again. On a side note, the medical stuff I'm doing has some thick wrappings on my feet and legs. The suits go over the wraps just fine. I seal the wraps inside a rubber stocking to keep out the extra wet. It works fine. When I shoved my feet into the hip boots, the fit was like a vice grip. That was pure amazement to know the boots were so tightly clamping my feet and ankles. The challenge came getting the boots off. It took about 45 minutes of digging the heels to the ground. Each "kick" moved the foot a small fraction up the back of the boot until the heels finally got above the boot heel neck. Talk about sealed in! Even after I could unlock the harnesses, it still was over an hour of some heavy grunting and struggle to get out of the outer layer, much less the two left! Total time under rubber probably was close to 13 hours when considering gearing up and down.

But those hours inside the rubber were pure heaven...mmmmmmm. Only a heavy rubberist can understand the addiction of this side of rubberism. For me I am totally lost in this world and always looking for another reason to rubber up! Photos posted.

Lounging around house in two Hydroglove rubber dry suits. Nice to feel the latex on me as I sit under a ceiling fan and let cool air waft over the suits. Did a little web surfing while safely sealed in latex. After some hours, not timed, I may decide to ease out of the comforting rubber and get showered. But as for now I am still in the suits and just enjoying the wonderful rubbery massage. I check my favorite sites and will just rest in rubber. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Late Sept 2015

the new` suit has not come so tonight it is under three layers of heavy Hydroglove gear. gloves, hood, hip boots. Set timr at 7 hours.hard to see, no outside sound, nearly impossible to type but in extreme rubber self bondage and super hot pleasure inside sweaty rubber layers. My incredible journey into the rubber deep and bliss is a few minutes old and hours to go. This is beyond anticipation as I bask in hot rubber layers and the massage tingles me as I make each keystroke.....ahhhhhhhh

Not many bnetter ways to spend a quiet Friday evening.

tonight I succeeded in doing the bungee cord harness in a truly diabolic way. Unlike before when it was possible to slip out, this time it isn't. The method. Start with it balanced behind the neck, come to front and under armpits, cross behind back then across abdomen, put two end in a twist loop, then behind back and up through crotch. Lock to waist belt and that's it.

I admit that I've done some pissing and moaning of the delightful kind. The question is to run the timer more hours when it releases the keys. We will see what the rubber gods decree.

Sept 26, 2015

I finally had a successful time in bed while clothed in more rubber than gloves and a brief. It was the first time I actually succeeded in getting some amount of sleep, albeit, light while in a pretty much total rubber enclosure condition. Only a small portion of my face was uncovered as the Hydroglove dry suit shirt has an attached hood. I would have gone with a hood or even a gas mask but I decided these may have been a hazard should I roll wrong in bed and cut off my air.

Still the experience was highlighted by some very wonderful rubber massage and pleasurable rubber caresses. I slept for 3 hours before I had to do my normal evening pit stop. At my age these happen. I only pulled down the wader enough to complete the task, then pulled everything back in place and back to bed.

To my surprise I again drifted into pleasant dreams and it was morning when my next pit stop urge woke me. All in all the rubber pajamas reminded me of those flannel PJ's popular when I was a kid, except latex is much smoother and supple to the touch an definitely much more exciting.

Sept 27

Same as Friday, Still no word on new gear so frustration sets in and I find myself sealed in 3 Hydroglove dry suits, hip boots, and bungee harnesses. Locked keys away for 6 hors - about 15 minutes ago. Second lie this in 3 days and including last night means over 12 holurs in last 24 hours in rubber. As the depth of my bondage settles over me, a new frustratin overtakes the one about the new gear - one of those nice frustrations only heavy rubber bondage provides.

Oct 3, 2015

I am again sealed and locked in three heavy rubber layers. This is the second day in a row I have fallen into the dark embrace of heavy rubber enclosure. If you are not a total enclosure fan this activity, this overpowering desire to be sealed in head-to-toe rubber is very hard to understand.

The first layer begins the journey into dark rubber fantasy. As I complete the first s`uit I feel the light tug of rubber with each movement. The whispering massage of one layers calls me to add and1 increase my rubbery entrapment.

Adding a second elevates the rubbery presence to a conversation. The additional layer increases the restrictive rubber feel and each movement is restrained as heavier rubber massages every inch of my encased body. Building heat and sweat tells me I am truly sealed in my heavy rubbery world.

The third and heaviest layer fulfills a final desire for total surrender to this wondrous material. Harness and locks, hip boots and hoods and gas mask complete the gear and I set the timer of the box with the keys.

Now I must enjoy six hours under three rubber layers.

Oct 5, 2015 – Finally the New Suit Arrived

I put on two Hydroglove suits and the new suit to give it a test run. The suit is all that I expected. The wonderful aroma, the squeaking rubber as I type, the total encasement in rubber and latex is the pinnacle of perfection for a total enclosure rubberist.

Latexcatfish delivered exactly what I expected. It is a suit much like my old wader suit with shoulder entry and attached gloves. The main bonus over the wader suit is the waterproof zipper. It is bulky and hard to close or open but it is perfect for any nocturnal plans at our neighborhood lake during heavy rains.

Such a suit is a total enclosure lover's ultimate dream...sealed in several tight layers then locked inside this magnificent piece of art. It is the ultimate surrender to rubber bliss...taking the plunge into the dark rubber abyss.

Here is a short review of the suit:

Received my made-to-measure suit today. I inspected the suit for workmanship and quality. Both are excellent. All seams are well made and the reinforcing points are solidly put together. I am a large and tall person so I had some concern over the made-to-measure I have on file but the suit is a perfect fit. just loose enough as a dry suit and perfect to wear other latex under.

Customer service was great. I had many concerns about delivery and completion. The issue with the waterproof zipper almost made delivery miss my goa. Tim did a great job of keeping me informed and once the suit was completed it was shipped pretty much immediately.

such a high quality latex suit for the price is the greatest advantage. The customer service support is a very close second. Being fully waterproof is one of my favorite rubber adventures. I hope I can test the suit out in our community lake some night.

Like the earlier review the shiny black boots surprised me but they are just fine and do not detract from the overall experience of the suit.

Having written this while encased in the suit may have resulted in some bias!


Dec 21, 2015

Dec 21, 2015: Yes! I finally figured out how to get that zipper closed by myself. Friday night I put on one of my Hydroglove suits (nice and tight close fitting rubber replica vintage drysuit). For the price these suits are just the most amazing rubber suits for a total enclosure heavy rubberist. With good practice it is easy to obtain a wonderful waterproof seal without using zippers - but enough about the Hydroglove.

My most desired fantasy has always been owning a super heavy rubber suit replicating a Viking or Aquala dry suit as closely as possible. I finally got my dream. The suit is strictly for fetish, no compensating valves, but it has a waterproof shoulder zip and is made of incredibly heavy rubber. Boots are attached. My suit is made-to-measure and added attached industrial weight gloves.

Last Friday, after several previous attempts and many days lubing and opening/closing the zipper, I succeeded in getting the zip closed. It came as a surprise when after two tries and the zipper hanging up at that slight fold between shoulder and arm...putting my right hand partially out of the glove into the sleeve to hold the arm taught...I tugged slowly and steadily at the zip and it got past that choke point easily sliding across my back!

I wrapped the lanyard taught again and pulled to find the zipper sliding home. Success and the resultant thrill through my body almost brought me to orgasm. I breathed heavily from the effort and realized I was sealed inside the most exciting latex clothing I ever owned. Photos and a short video were in order as I marveled at the feel and touch of the suit. I was totally blasted away by my feeling! I put on gas masks. I slipped my gloved hands against my crotch the reward was almost too fast. My deep arousal and the long years of longing for this fantasy conspired to bring a rapture building quickly from some deep rubber abyss and blasting over my entire body!

I panted and recovered and could not even think of leaving this heavenly enclosure. I took more photos. I enjoyed my heat slowly passing from body but staying trapped in the rubber.

Too soon I had to remove the gear as I only had about three hours to enjoy this bliss.

The next evening I was able to put on my gear again. More hot explosive release and more photos were in order. The orgasmic explosion was even better than the one on Friday! More gas mask wear and just plain relaxing after my release were in order. But again the time was limited to about three hours. A complication occurred as I tried to open the zip and the lanyard slipped out of the zipper thong! I struggled at restoring the lanyard for about 30 minutes before finally getting it in place. But then it slipped out again with the zip half open! Fortunately my adult son, who knows my hobby, was home and I enlisted his assistance in opening the zip. The dog went freaky nuts as this huge black rubber apparition showed up at his room.

Sunday night I again rubbered up for the three hour window of opportunity. This time I took photos and another video that was so poorly framed I have relegated it to a failed try.

I look forward to my next trip into the dark world of heavy rubber total enclosure. it will be sooner than later.

Apr 2, 2016

4-2-16: Last night I went into deep rubber surrender. Step one is putting the silicon ear plugs in. I roll the thick rubber into thin plugs that can penetrate into the ear canal a short way. With each plug inserted I have reduced hearing but can still hear some sounds. As I pull on the simple latex hood with eye, nose and mouth openings, the ear plugs push a little further into the ears and my hearing drops off another few decibels.

I take up the first suit trousers. The soft rubber is chlorinated for easier donning. The soft black sheen pleases my eyes as the rubber slides through my fingers. I push my left leg into the black opening and the touch of cool latex thrills me. I tug at the latex pulling it up the leg. I slip the right leg into the pants and work the latex up my leg. I have to pull and push air from the inside as living latex wraps tightly to my legs. I stand to pull the trousers high waist over my hips. I pull and push the pants up tightly. The high waist reaches to just beneath my chest. I fold the pants down to the hips as Hydrogloves use a roll seal system – no zippers.

Now I take up the hooded shirt. I push my left arm into the sleeve and push my hand through the tight wrist into the attached glove. I do the same with my right arm. The latex starts to warm and as I duck my head into the shirt bottom, pulling it down over my torso. My head pops through the neck seal into the hood. Sounds drop to a mere whisper. The bathroom exhaust fan is now unheard. I adjust the sleeves and hood then pull the shirt tail over the folded bottoms. Grasping the edge of the pants with each hand I make a fold of the latex up to my waist. I make one more fold sealing the suit to my body. I check and adjust the sleeves, hips and legs for fit. I already feel the warming touch of the suit as it comes alive against me.

Although I have a second Hydroglove suit I have learned from experience to use my Hydroglove chest wader for the second layer. The waders help compress the seal of the inner suit and trying to fold a second suit seal creates a bulky bulge that ruins the smooth look as well as making a much too tight fit line. I put some lube on the neck seal of the second shirt and push my arms into the sleeves. Then I duck my head into the shirt and find my hooded head. The slick lube allows the shirt to slide easily over the head and settle around my neck. The silence becomes even greater and I can hear my breathing and heart beating inside my ears. I hear rush rhythmic rush of my hot blood coursing through me. My arousal builds as I take up the waders to add the second layer to my legs. Of course the waders add a partial third layer to my lower torso as I pull them up, squeeze air out and slide my arms through the shoulder straps. I sit and push my right arm under the front. As it opens the gap to my crotch area, another push of trapped air gushes out. I pull the front up high and the waders settle about my body. I rest a moment and allow this second rubber layer to come alive. Each small move of my body creates an equal reaction of soft massaging caresses. Newton’s Law applies to latex as much as any object…for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction…only these seem magnified as the feel of each move spread way beyond the initial point of motion to fill me with wondrous thrills and increasing erotic arousal. I am such a committed and slutty rubberist!

But now I am ready for the most important and amazing layer. I sit looking at the heavy rubber mass at my feet. I’m a big man and the suit is a big suit. At six feet seven inches I have a lot of body to cover and this made to measure rubber dry suit does just that. Once the waterproof zipper is closed I am truly sealed in rubber!

I hold the mass of black rubber and push my left foot into the gaping black gaping opening. I feel the heavy rubber pressing loosely against my leg. The right leg follows and I feel complete protective cover on my legs as I stand and pull the suit up over my hips. I push air from the legs then sit to put on the upper part. I lube up the neck seal then push each arm into the shoulder opening and duck my multi-hooded head into the dark abyss of the suit. Strong rubber aroma fills my nose as I breathe the heavy rubber scent into my lungs.

The slippery lube eases the neck ring over the bulky Hydroglove hoods and settles around my neck. Three layers of rubber around the neck causes a tight, almost restrictive condition that is not uncomfortable but amplifies my predicament of total rubber encasement in heavy layers. I have to pull my right hand out of the attached glove to grip the sleeve of the suit. I lift my hand to straighten out the zipper runner across the back and adjust my right arm one more time to tighten the sleeve. I grasp the zipper lanyard with the left hand and begin to slowly pull the zipper. I feel the closing rubber sealing the gap. It hangs up once and I back it off a bit, shrug a little to settle the suit better and start the pull again. This time it closes past the center of my back. I take a turn on the loose lanyard cord and pull again. The zipper completely closes. That thrill of total enclosure shoots through me.

I pull the outer suit hood back from my head. I then put lube around the top of my head from just below the crown to under my ears. I pull my heavy perforated eye hood over my head. Now the tight grip is almost unbearable but thrilling as this head bondage sends a massive thrill through me.

I pull on my M-40 gas mask with attached hose. After tightening the harness, I test the seal on the mask and find it collapsing to my face quite satisfactorily. I push the hose into the slightly open convenience zip at my crotch. After pulling the zip as closely s possible, minding there is still a slight gap, I use tape to seal a four inch square piece of black rubber secured to the bottom of the hose to the suit. This tape seal effectively closes the opening at the crotch to a very small gap at the point the slightly raised zipper runner passes from under the rubber square. I suck and feel and taste the hot rubber-scented air from inside the suit entering my lungs. As I draw each breath, I can tell the remaining air inside the suit is being sucked out as effectively as a vacuum pump. The image of my body acting as a pump enhances the dehumanization I feel as I am transformed into a totally faceless and anonymous rubber encumbered creature.

After about five minutes, the air is almost completely out of my suit and the loose latex skin is pressing against my body with slight folds in the loose-fitting suit. I can tell that each breath is now pulling small amounts of fresh air into the suit by way of the small slit openings at the crotch zipper. I breathe another five minutes to ensure that the system is safe and I can breaths under this near rebreathing system. The only possible better situation is having air from a tank feeding under the taped square with a small tube that replenishes air slowly as I suck it from the suit, making the entire suit a completely enclosed self-contained breathing system.

I use a mirror to pull my suit hood over the gas mask harness. I tuck it under the universal second skin of the mask. After smoothing the hood into place I wrap my bungee cord collar about my neck and lock it in place.

I put on my waist bungee belt and put the end loops through the lock. I don’t close the lock yet as the shoulder/body harness ends must be pushed over the two metal loops before locking. I put the harness around my neck. I loop one end under my arm and put it through the metal ring on the end of my zipper pull. I finish wrapping the cord about my chest, back across my back, under my legs and up the crotch to the waist belt. I fit the metal ends over the waist belt ends then fumbling with four metal loops on a padlock hasp finally get everything in position and push the hasp home. Now that I’m all locked into my self-bondage, I gasp at the erotic power of my bondage. I feel carnal lust surging inside as I grasp how sealed and locked in I am. The heavy rubber caresses, o pushes with heavy rubber thrusts against every square inch of my body. I hear my blood coursing through my veins, my accelerating heartbeat, the building heat and the slippery sweaty rubber pressing tightly to me. I am in total rubber ecstasy as I prepare for the next step.

I am right on the edge of total rubber surrender as my throbbing phallus buried deep inside the layers pushes against the slick rubber interior. I am so totally filled with lust I feel I might explode in seconds. The next step of my bondage is tossing the keys to the locks and the lanyard I use to close the back zip of the suit into the Kitchen Safe and setting the timer on the lid. I turn the dial to twelve hours and put the lid in place. I push the button and watch as the five second delay counts down and the lock whirs silently locking the box. This final act of sealing the bondage is all it takes for my complete surrender and a massive explosion of lust rushes through my entire body. It built into one volcanic blast followed by several seconds of secondary thrusts and surges. I groan and yell inside my bondage as my breathing pulls every last bit of air from the suit. I forget that little part about bodily function – breathing gets really fast and hard during orgasm – as the body demands build. The air slowly sucks through the small opening at the crotch but too slowly to fulfill my needs. My breathing is labored. The mask is sucked to my face with each tortured breath. I almost feel as though I may have gone too far. I feel light headed! I suck hard. I fumble with uselessly gauntlet-covered hands to try to get the tape loose! Finally an eternity later my thrusts subside, my breathing though labored is slowing slightly and I feel enough air is getting in for my life functions. I’m still panting hard and the extreme urge to rip the mask off, or at least to pull the bottom away from my head and suck in fresh air, remains. Knowing that I am getting air and recovering I hold my urge. I don’t want to break the seal on the mask if I can avoid it. It has become a battle of will…my desire to get free of the tight constriction and my desire to remain tightly sealed. It's amazing that in the panic of the moment I thought the tape removal was a better choice than just pulling back the mask.

I know I’ll take off the gas mask at some point over the next hours. It is the only part of my outfit that I can remove. But I intend to wear it for as long as I can during the next twelve hours.

I look at the lock box timer. It reads “0 days 11 hr. 58 min. 37 sec”. The whole first explosive lust lasted about one and a half minutes. That after feeling desire to rip the rubber off floods me but this time I cannot get out without tearing or cutting something. That’s the reason for the lock box. I’m totally trapped until the timer hits zero and that knowledge brings on renewed surging lust. My gosh!; just thinking about being completely encased with no control to get free is pushing me to new arousal in less than three minutes!

Jun 14, 2016

Another dive into the rubbery deep of my heavy rubber layering love. I have the afternoon - at least 7 hours alone with my thoughts. So much has happened these past three weeks. First my atrial fibrillation of the heart became much more frequent but the docs said I was a great candidate for surgery - cardio ablation - to correct the condition. I went for it. After two days in hospital I came home somewhat weak but my heart was now beating more normally.

So June 14 became a milestone in my recovery. My question was how would I handle a heavy rubber session? I feel stronger as the surgery was almost two weeks ago. I feel it is time to climb inside rubber and let myself go in the wondrous bliss that only rubberists understand.

I pull on one of my Hydroglove shirts and chest wader - my first layer tightly encasing my entire body. Then I begin to work the heavy outer suit over my body. It is slow work. I am careful not to get too winded as I pull and tug the thick rubber up over me. Like molten lava the heavy black rubber slowly covers me in its sealing embrace. I pant, pull and tug until I'm ready to push my arms and head into the suit top.

With great effort I work to close the zipper. It's hot and exhausting work. It takes me three tries to finally get the waterproof zipper closing across me back. I stand leaning against a wall for support and tug, pull and work the zipper shut. It eaches the top of my right shoulder. Then I feel the runner close across my middle back.. I know I will get it fully closed now. I wrap the lanyard tighter and pull slowly until the zipper is over my left shoulder. I tighten the lanyard again. Pulling the zipper I feel it close completely.

I pull the lanyard out of the zipper ring and settle in for my hours in rubber. I pull a gas mask in place. I try to do some Internet surfing looking through the gas mask with near-sighted eyes. It's almost as hard to concentrate on reading and typing as it was putting the suit on my body.

Sweat is building. I feel so hot and cozy. Rubber odor assails my senses. Rubber massages with every movement. Rubber squeaks with every shift in my position. The amazing lure of rubber - heightened feel, wonderful smell, amazing sound, even rubbery taste when sipping water through drinking tube - all heightened in the mind - as the eyes are reduced to minimal use.

The amazing encasement of total rubber enclosure. I relish in the excitement of my heavy rubbering hours. I sweat more. I try surfing the Net. I watch a couple of heavy rubber videos. I enjoy my ecstasy of rubbery bliss until time, all too soon, demands I climb out of this bliss and return to the harsh reality of the world.

I often fantasize of a place where I can be totally immersed in rubber for hours or even days at a time, to only emerge for the most basic hygiene needs. Ah but that is fantasy. Meantime I can always submerge into my rubber world for a few hours when I have a chance.


Yes, I did it again. Two layers of heavy rubber sealed tightly and completely isolated from the outer world. I put the breathing tube of my gas mask inside the convenience zipper opening of the outer suit. Upon closing the zipper I can tell minimal air is getting inside as I suck the air from the suit. The suit closes against my skin. I feel the extra thick rubber pressing with each breath. My breathing is difficult but not impossible. I settle into just careful breathing for several minutes. The video of the session is a bit boring during this time, though the whoosh of my breath is very audible.

At about the thirty minute point I decide to watch some videos in order to add a wonderful visual image of rubber fucking to my incredibly aroused condition. I mean four senses are completely rubberized at this point, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. The videos add vision and even more hearing as the sounds of excited cum action filter through the layers. The total rubber assault is too much and as I rub my crotch an explosive volcano of passion blasts from my body. I feel the afterglow but want more. I feel the need for more rubbery ecstasy.

I queue up a second video by Fetish Dynasty and settle in to see what happens. Amazingly, I feel building arousal within minutes and soon push over the edge of sexual passion with a second explosive blast of my most personal cum. I then change out the gas mask again and while expecting to just settle into afterglow and that slow descent off the carnal peak of sexual ecstasy. Then amazement strikes as a third cum wells from deep inside my body and pushes over in incredible full and glorious joy!

That one did it. Completely exhausted, I turn off the video, reposition the camera to record my afterglow collapse and drop the the floor, completely encsased in rubber layers and drift off.

Feb 16, 2017

Yes. I had several hours and the heavy rubber suits called to me from their drawer. It is that Siren Song only a rubberist knows.

"I miss you. I want to surround you. I want to caress you. I want to heat your body. I want to carry you to those very heights and depths of heavy rubber ecstasy." Indeed the suits are living beings in the mind of a rubberist.

After putting on my first layer of a Hydroglove top with the Hydroglove wader (a modified bottom with added upper and shoulder straps) I turned on my video camera and webcam and worked at pulling on the gloriously heavy black full rubber fetish dry suit. The heavy rubber rolled in my hands. It's tarry blackness and silky feel beckoned for me to thrust my legs and body inside.

I sorted out the long legs and pushed my left foot into the black opening. Deeper into the dark my foot thrust. The foot slips into the attached boot with a loud plop. Next my right legs pushes into its place. I feel the thick rubber surrounding the Hydroglove sealed legs. I stand and work the hips and waist of the suit to my chest. Each arm pushes into the thick rubber suit. I get the shoulders up into place and settle the rubber suit before sitting and ducking my head through the shoulder zipper opening and into the hood.

I take a pause to enjoy the feel of heavy rubber all around me. My world is now defined by the thick rubber suit. I stand and pull my right hand up into the sleeve to keep the back taught enough to allow for closing of the watertight zipper. I use my left hand to grasp the lanyard and slowly begin to pull the zip closed. It closes and seal me inside completely.

Then the final touch - attaching a gas mask inlet opening to the rubber tube fitted into the crouch zip. The tube is sealed tightly in the opening. A wide rubber flap inside the suit provides for restriction of the very small gaps between the zip and the tube.

As I pull the mask over my head I am rewarded with the thick hot rubber air from inside the suit filling my nose and lungs. Now I am completely sealed in a rubber world. The suit begins to close about me as air is sucked from its interior region. This process reaches the point where breathing becomes difficult but not impossible. I have to take each breath slowly and carefully and I revel in my rubber world.

I begin to surf computer sites. I try the Rubber Pal Skype link but no one is there. I surf Fet Life. I view videos. All the time I am hot and sweating inside my glorious layers of rubber. I finally need to succumb to my carnal desire and lay on the floor. Hard breathing and hot rubbery body are more than I can resist. I surrender completely and explode into the Hydroglove suit. The intensity of my eruption spreads from my thrusting member speading through my entire body, filling me with incredible peace and fulfilled ecstasy.

I let my body tension release and resist the desire to rip off the mask. My breathing was almost suffocating as I exploded but I know fresh air is working into the suit - not much but enough and I feel my body responding. Not long after this first explosive cum I find myself on a plateau of anticipation. I am still feeling the need for aroused explosive desire.

I take to my Fet Life page and pull up one of the Fetish Dynasty videos. It doesn't take long for my response to the rubber sex fun playing before my gas masked and hooded eyes. The two girls are having so much fun. They are so filled with rubber delight as they tease each other to ecstatic rubber lust!

I respond and am cumming a second time into my suits. My gas mask keeps my grunts and groans muffled while the girl's screams and giggles of lusting joy hide my own animal sounds from the camera mike as I explode.

After a short cool down it is time to leave my secure rubberized world. Reluctantly I disrobe and clean my gear. I already look toward my next chance to revel in rubber.

Feb 17, 2017

Three days in a row! I find I have an full afternoon and early evening to once again surrender to the joys and lust of heavy rubber enclosure! I settle into my usual rubber attire. I must admit I have little originality when it comes to rubber. My favorite desire is heavy rubber isolation from the outside and total bliss inside the heavy cocoon of my rubber world.

The Hydroglove suits go quickly over my body. I love these suit which were meant for someone smaller than my size so they fit me like a second skin. My condolences to the Sewell family and may Bill Swell rest in peace. I will miss his fine work.

I have taped the tubing for the gas mask into the convenience zip of the heavier outer suit. By now I'm very adept at donning this wonderful suit. My leg and foot wraps (sealed in plastic bags to keep fluid out) add bulk that create a very tight fit for the boots of the suit. The effort to stomp the feet fully into the boots ads to my dressing fun.

After pulling on gas mask with inlet attached to the tube passing inside the suit, I suck the hot rubbery aromatic air deeply into my lungs. The total rubber experience on all my senses is an assault on all five senses that my brain can not resist! Tight rubber on every inch of my body, massaging my skin with every tiny movement. The sound of sucking breathing in my ears. The wonderful smell of hot rubber as I suck air from the inside of my suit. I taste rubber as breathe through my mouth and I see through the gas mask lenses and watch the rubber videos on my television. No torture could be so complete and so sweet as sealed and locked inside a total rubber prison.

Then I fire up a German rubber "art" video and settle in for a nice rubbery session. Way too soon my slow arousal rapidly increases to urgent demand and I find I cannot keep from exploding into my suits. I want to hold back but my carnal desire, obviously still powerful despite the monster session yesterday, and I am pushed into a massive and explosive blast of cum. I thrust and strain as my entire body tenses and the powerful heat spreads out from my crotch as magma might explode from a volcano and flow down the side enveloping everything in its path with hot fiery fury. My fulfillment is complete but now I feel I've cum too quickly. My solution is a self-punishment of some sort.

I look outside. The sun is bright and warm. The outside temperature is a pleasant 75. I think the backyard might be a fine way to take a little sun. This is a first for me...daylight outside rubber. I stand at the patio door and watch the street on the other side of our fence. When standing any pickup truck, van, SUV or commercial truck can look as they pass and see into our yard. Though the fence will kind of block the view while sitting, when I'm standing and walking about I will be completely visible. Houses across the street have second floor windows but I feel comfortable the chance of someone looking out is low.

I steel myself and open the door. Waiting for a brief lull in traffic I step out and set up my camera. This must be recorded. I quickly settle into a lawn chair, turn on the video record and put on my gas mask. The hot sun has immediate impact. Sweat is pouring from my body. I feel the slippery rubber of the inner suit sliding and slipping as I move. I revel in hot warmth. I immediately feel an inner glow of pece. I am so completely seled from the troubles of the world. Once I take the plunge and go outside I no longer fear or worry about being spotted. All cares strip from me as I slowly breathe in the even hotter air from the suit. I am in rubber bliss. I find I'm reaching a wondrous high in rubber. It is better than a drug. It is a euphoric nirvana that only a rubberist can understand.

I record the first five minutes or so of my peace and knowing the recording for the entire time will be pretty dull, I stop the recorder. Some time later, I feel my throat is parched and sweat still rolls from my hot rubberized body but I know I've been relaxing under the sun for some unknown time. I've zoned out a few times...had dreamy thoughts of rubber carnal knowledge. I've stretched and shifted - heavy rubber massaging and pulling at me with every move. My gas mask has fogged a little and my vision is even more restricted. I switch the camera on to record the last few minutes before I close out this part of my session and go back into the cool sanctum of the house.

I finally pull myself out of the chair and back inside I fill my water pitcher and drink a large quantity of water. I return to my room to finish out the session. I check the time and determine I ust have been outside about 20 minutes. The time seemed to pass so slowly, yet so quickly. I was completely lost to the concept of time as I lounged under the sun in hot rubber. I can understand the Siren Song aspect of my rubber passion...this is a life i can embrace for many hours - perhaps days at a time if given the right conditions.

I finally have to return to the vanilla world with all of its complications. Rubber surrender is an elixir of passion that never fails me. I admit - I am a total and unwavering rubberist...have been for many years and will be until the end of my days.


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