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"So you think it is okay?" Robin asked.

Jeanie smiled and said, "Oh sure, wipe it out with alcohol, I mean if you are sure that you want to go through with it." She carried a box containing several white rats to the glass habitat. "You really have no idea who sent it?"

"No, not at all. It looks like a really nice swimsuit, expensive looking." Robin made some notations on the computer terminal. "You're missing a few rats. It is not made of anything I have seen before, almost like latex. Have you ever worn latex garments before?"

"Yeah, I know," Jeanie said making some notes on the slate attached to the door of the habitat. "About the rats I mean. I want to do some further tests on a few of them. And sure, I have worn latex things lots of times," she lied. Her life had been a lot more sedate than she sometimes wished to admit.

"Well, I have not and it does look great. It looks like a suit from some extremely expensive designer store, I just wish I knew who sent it." She looked at the rats that Jeanie had separated from the others she had just returned to their home. "You're not going to dissect them or something are you?"

"No, probably won't come to that. I just am getting some strange behavior patterns from this group. One day they will do anything they have been trained to do and the next they hardly move. I just don't get it." She picked up the plastic container holding the rats and put it in the large pocket of her white smock. "You going to the gym?"

"Oh, I might work out, or I might want to take a swim and try on my mystery suit." She giggled and smiled in a way that Jeanie had not seen her do before and then suddenly looked very serious. "You sure it is safe?"

"Sure," Jeanie took a bottle from the shelf and set it on the counter, "if you pour this alcohol on it and then wash it." She buttoned her smock and pulled her hair back, into a bun. "I'm probably going for a swim myself in a little while."

"Going to need that release after talking to Watson, yes?"

Jeanie sighed and looked at her blond assistant. "I still don't know why it gets me talking to these administrative types, but it does." She looked in the mirror to make sure her hair was as efficient looking as possible. "Watson just bothers me a little more than usual and yes I know I will be needing a swim after talking to her." She walked to the door of the lab.

"Okay, well, I am going to clean a little and then I'm outta here, see you!" Robin started putting trays and used containers in their proper places.

"Later," Jeanie called over her shoulder.

The elevator to the office portion of the facility moved smoothly and Jeanie kept her hand in her smock holding the small plastic box with the live rats in it. The door to Watson's office was open and the ultra-efficient secretary motioned to the inner-office door, "Go on in, Ms. Drake."

Jeanie proceeded on into the office to see a smiling Ms. Watson standing behind her desk. "How's my hotshot researcher doing?" she said pointing to a chair in front of the desk. "You work so hard for us, I don't know how we would ever replace you."

"Now, now," Jeanie said, sinking into the comfortable chair. "I just wanted to let you know personally of an anomaly I have found and what I think may be going on."

"Tell me all, uh tea?" she lifted a bronze colored, sweating pitcher from a tray.

"Please," Jeanie said and watched as Ms. Watson poured her a glass, dumping a small amount of ice into it. Taking the glass, Jeanie said, "Well, some of the test rats seem to be, I know this will sound odd, but they seem to be under some kind of control that I could not locate the source of, at first."

"At first?"

"Well, I did an MRI on some of them and could see that they have small implants, of some kind of material I could not recognize." She sipped her tea. "The implants would be in a place that would be consistent with someone trying to control the rats behavior by stimulating the pleasure centers of their brains." The tea was a type of brew she could not recall tasting before. " And," Jeanie continued after a sip, "the implants appear to be non-metallic."

Ms. Watson, looked at Jeanie in the pause that followed and said, "Non-metallic, hence practically undetectable, save for the MRI." She paused for a moment then said, "Why would someone do that? And I am glad that you did that, I mean, that is what separated you from the other researchers, going beyond what is expected of you."

She sipped her tea. "Where are the rats?"

Jeanie reached in her smock pocket and took out the small box with the rats in it. She placed it on Ms. Watson's desk and opened the door. The rats inside the box made no move to escape or move, they just sat passively in the box, noses twitching, but unmoving. "See what I mean?"

"That is odd," Watson said. "Are they always like that?" She peered closely at the rats.

Jeanie closed the box. "That is what first got my attention. Sometimes they don't move and then sometimes they are so frantic in how they complete their tests, running through them much more quickly than any control group. I just am not sure what to think, but it is kind of getting out of my league."

"Hmmm..." Watson mused. "Another of your qualities, not surprisingly, is when you know to ask for help. Leave me the rats and let me make some calls. Is that all of them?"

Jeanie paused. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Yes," She said, hoping her voice did not quaver too much at that lie. She felt uncomfortable and considered changing what she had just said. Watson stared directly at her and Jeanie felt so unnerved she considered saying she had made a mistake and telling her of the two remaining rats still back in the laboratory.

"I'll get to the bottom of this and call you, at home, okay?" Watson rose from her desk. "You can trust me on this one."

"Okay, I will, and thanks, thanks for the tea!"

"Don't worry, Einstein, we will get this straight. Probably is a mistake, not yours, I mean. Could be they are from another experiment or something. Still, can't ignore some of this. But don't worry and have a good weekend."

No way, Jeanie thought as she left the office and went to the elevator. There is no mistake or ambiguity here. It was part of her own job to use only test subjects that could not possibly be tainted. Watson must have known that too. Watson was holding something back and as the elevator descended, Jeanie mused the possibilities of why. Jeanine thought of who else she might inform and pushed the button to go to the bottom level where the swimming pool was located.

As the door to the elevator opened and the smell of chlorine assaulted her, she made up her mind to simultaneously inform the corporate supervisors and government authorities. Could mean the end of her job if she were wrong, but the potential, if she were right, was staggering. A shower and then some calls, she thought.

Late on a Friday, the pool was all but empty and Jeanie showed her identification badge to the life guard and walked into the locker room. The lifeguard had always bothered Jeanie for some reason that defied explanation. She regarded everyone who entered the pool or gym with too impassive and detached a look. At first Jeanie had written it off as professionalism, but it had a different feel to it.

In the locker room, she went to the locker and opened the combination lock. Among her usual things she found a paper bag with a sticky note attached to it. The note said:


I chickened out. I used the alcohol and then soaped and rinsed it. Then my nerve went! Look it over for me will you? Or you can wear it if you want.


Robin, Robin, Jeanie thought as she gathered her shower things and went to the shower. Robin was the only other person who had her locker combination, so Jeanie had no doubt who had been in her locker. In some ways she envied Robin's frivolous personality. She was always giggling and cutting up in a way Jeanie never had. But I do have the big degree, she thought and considered how much irony that thought could contain.

She finished her shower and returning to her locker, she looked deeper in the bag. She found the black, shiny, one-piece swimsuit, and immediately noticed that it was of a material she had never seen before. It was very thick, but exceedingly soft. Some kind of gelatin, she thought as she kneaded the material in her fingers. She was beginning to think it was of some kind of gelatin sandwiched between layers of non-porus nylon when a noise disturbed her. She shivered a little and looked up to see the female life guard looking at her.

"Nice," she said. "Yours?"

"Oh yeah, it's mine," Jeanie stammered, feeling that the towel she was wearing was suddenly see-through.

"Is that a swimsuit?"

"Yes, I was just going for a swim."

The life guard just stared for a moment and then surveyed the locker room, picking up a few towels. She did not seem to be leaving.

Jeanie paused for a moment, now having said she was going for a swim, and then took off her towel and slipped her foot into the suit. I hope to God she did clean it, Jeanie thought.

"You are friends with Robin, aren't you?" The lifeguard paused at the door of the locker room, looking back at Jeanie.

"Yes," Jeanie said as she slipped her arms into the top of the suit, noticing that it was something of a tight fit.

"She wanted me to tell you she is in the sauna. Said she had something to tell you about some rats or something."

"Thanks," Jeanie said, adjusting the straps to her 'new' swimsuit and then walking to the sauna. The suit was quite comfortable and cool to her skin. Wish I had gotten one of these she thought, glancing in the full-length mirror at the black, one-piece suit on her pale skin.

She found the sauna operating and peered into the window. Through the heavy steam she could see Robin's face, way at the opposite end of the sauna, a towel over her shoulders. Jeanie opened the door and walked in, the heat of the room assaulting her at once. "Robin?" she called.

Robin, after a moment looked up, and her lips mouthed the word "Jeanie" but no sound came out. She looked dazed, staring blankly and moving very little. Her eyes were almost completely closed.

Jeanie hurried over to her and picked up her limp arm.

"Robin!" She patted her palm. "Wake up!" Jeanie lifted one of Robin's eyelids and saw she was conscious, but when she looked at the other eye, she realized where she had seen that blank look before. It was the same look as the eyes of the controlled rats!

She turned and started to run to the door of the sauna when a sudden shock struck her. It was the suit. She suddenly felt as if her body were subjected to a low level shock everywhere the suit was touching her. Gasping, she shuddered and fell to the floor of the sauna. She shook her head a little and looked at the door. Must be high volts and low amps, her technical analysis noted. Robin was still seated although she was in a different position than before, as if Robin had felt the shock too. Her head was tilted back and she was breathing hard. It was then that Jeanie realized they were wearing identical suits.

"It's better if you sit on the bench," Robin muttered.

Jeanie rose to her knees and scrambled toward the door, on her hands and knees when a second and even more violent shock hit her. She saw stars in front of her eyes and felt as if she would pass out. She fell to her back and realized after a time that the gasping sound she heard was coming from her own throat. Another shock hit her and she did black out, momentarily.

When she came too, Robin was looking down at her. "I tried too," she said. "It wants us to sit on the bench. Can't you hear it?" Robin was staring straight ahead again, her eyes almost closed. "You might as well get on the bench, Jeanie."

Jeanie looked at the bench and then at the door of the sauna. She seemed to feel rather than hear a voice calling to her, not a sound, but, more of a vibration from the suit. The vibrations were of a frequency that almost registered as a voice to her senses. Jeanie reached to try to slip her hand under it to feel the suit when three more solid shocks struck her in rapid succession. The vibration seemed clearer now and it was saying, "Sit on the bench, Jeanie."

Fearing that at another shock, she would faint completely or hurt herself with violent contractions of her muscles, Jeanie stumbled, but worked her body to the bench and sat beside Robin.

A new sensation began, tingling, vibrating, massaging her breasts and crotch and quickly spread through all of her body that was covered in the suit. This was not a shock, but a slow building of vibrating stimulation.

Jeanie glanced at Robin, but a surge of electricity made her grit her teeth until she looked straight ahead as Robin had done since she first saw her in the sauna. When she glanced to the door, another powerful surge of pain coursed thought her body making her tremble. As she sat back feeling the vibrations, she knew that every move she made was being monitored.

Jeanie leaned back against the bench and stared straight ahead. The slow, steady, pleasurable stimulation was building and it was comforting. Her muscles were relaxing and she could feel her breathing slow. Despite her resistance, she felt her eyes closing. She suddenly felt as if she were free from her body and could see the whole room. Two women in black swimsuits, sitting, staring blankly at the opposite wall. Then she was back in her body, recalling the rats. She raised her hand to her shoulder, trying to slip her fingers under the strap to pull the suit off. Another powerful shock hit her and she shook, painfully. Her hand fell back to her side.

Don't move, at all, a voice from nowhere seemed to say. The steady vibration continued and after a time that Jeanie could not determine, she did not want to move. The vibration was so intense and thrilling, she wanted it to continue forever.

As she looked straight ahead, she seemed to hear a sound, but the voice had convinced her she did not want to look. A sudden rush of an image passing very close to Jeanie's face coalesced in to the face of Ms. Watson.

"Where are the last two rats, Jeanie?" She was speaking in a slow and calm manner.

"In my desk, in the bottom drawer," her voice muttered. Somewhere in her mind the thought that she had betrayed herself was faintly heard. Some random thoughts that she should have thought about that before answering echoed faintly in her mind. But the vibration increased and the voice of alarm was still.

"Good girl," Ms. Watson said. She looked away from the two entranced women and said, "You know what to do?"

"Sure," the lifeguard said.

Jeanie felt her limbs grow slightly tense in alarm as she saw the lifeguard take a pair of what looked like swim goggles and hold the lenses over Robin's eyes. Jeanie could see flashes of light around the edges of the goggles. The lifeguard was fixing something else along the side of Robin's head, but Jeanie's peripheral viewing did not permit her to see what it was.

"Have her stand up now," came the voice of Ms. Watson.

Almost at that instant, Robin rose to her feet and stood, swaying a little. The lifeguard took a plastic roll of something that looked like black ribbon and tucked one end of the ribbon under Robin's arm. Then she began to wind the ribbon around her from the shoulders down. Jeanie could see that the ribbon was about four inches wide and it was quickly covering Robin's body. Something about it made her curious, thinking it resembled the material of the swimsuit, and her rational, clinical mind, that had gotten her through her Ph. D. in college wanted to see more.

Jeanie moved her eyes ever so slightly and saw that the ribbon appeared to be melting into every curve of Robin's body and the strips looked as if they were fusing together. By the time the lifeguard was winding around Robin's waist, the "ribbon" around Robin's shoulders and chest appeared to be a smooth sheath. She'll be sealed inside that stuff, Jeanie thought. That idea, laced with panic coursed through her brain and she glanced again toward Robin. She saw that Robin was indeed sealed down to her toes and that the lifeguard was now wrapping the 'ribbon' around the lower portion of Robin's head.

At the thought of Robin being totally wrapped up in this black film, a small gasp escaped Jeanie's lips. The most powerful surge of electricity she had yet experienced painfully throttled any thought of resistance left in her and she again lost consciousness for a moment. When she recovered, she was careful not to look in any direction but straight ahead.

The next thing she knew was that bright lights were being placed in front of her as an identical pair of goggles were fitted over her eyes. The three dimensional effect of the lights inside the goggles was so intense that Jeanie barely felt the strap being tightened behind her head. The voice she felt told her to concentrate on the flashes of color in the goggles and that soon she would not feel any more pain. For just a moment she could feel the plastic tube being placed over her ears and down under her nose, but the voice told her to ignore it and feel the pleasure that would get better and better. The voice seemed to be getting louder.

She did breathe easier when the tube began to feed her air that was cool and scented with something that she could not identify, but her senses found pleasing. Then she felt her body did not exist anymore as the scented air, colors, and vibration coursing through her body continued in unison. The voice told her to stand, and she did, but she did not feel the strips of material that were then wrapped around her shoulders. She did feel someone take her hands and place her palms against her buttocks and then wrap them down, but the assault to her senses, the being held at the edge of explosive orgasm nullified any reaction on her part.

The numbing effect of the vibrations had been coming from the suit she wore, but as the 'ribbon' covered more and more of her skin, she realized it too was sending the waves of pleasure she was feeling. There was a slight sensation when the voice told her to sit again that more ribbon was going around her neck and face, but the lights and smells and vibrations nullified any concern she ordinarily would have had.

So she too was soon totally wrapped in the black ribbon, one solid mummy, eyes covered, nose fed cool air and totally entranced. As she was picked up by the lifeguard and placed in a laundry basket, she knew that painful shocks would not hurt her anymore, because the intense pleasure she was feeling transcended any other feeling of worry or concern.

She was placed next to the mummified form of Robin and a white sheet was thrown over them to hide the black, seamless cocoons that held the two women. The stimulation just intensified, stronger and stronger without ever letting the orgasm that always seemed to be just about to happen take place.

But one thing Jeanie could hear as the stimulation, somehow, someway, increased, was the faint sound of Ms. Watson's voice saying, "Well, I've called the lab and they are ready for surgery so we need to get them up there."

Jeanie had some slight sense that the basket was moving, and that what Watson had said was a bad thing, but the total pleasure that her entire body was soaked in was drowning her thoughts. The material tightly covering her whole body had intensified the pleasurable experiences so much that no thought of ever making it go away could have occurred to her.

But as the laundry cart was rolled over the bump on the sill of the door, for an ever-brief moment she came back to a her senses enough to hear Ms Watson say, "I am glad we get to finally test the implants on a couple of human rats."


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