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A Rainy Day

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2009 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; vacbed; tease; oral; mast; toys; cons; X

A hard knock of the door woke up Jason and Crystal to the sound of rain dancing across their bedroom window.  Jason was a tall mid twenties guy with a average build and dark brown hair and eyes.  Crystal was a little bit shorter than Jason in her early twenties with soft golden brown hair and dazzling crystal blue eyes.  She had an athletic build and a full B-cup bust with narrow hips.  Throwing the blanket off of them Jason sat up. 

“Well I guess I should go see who it is.”  Jason said jokingly to Crystal as he looked over his shoulder at her. 

Both of them were naked, but Crystal hands were bound behind her back in a pair of leather wrist cuffs. 

“Well I don’t think you want me to answer the door like this.”  Crystal said sitting up as well. 

Pulling a t-shirt over his head as he stepped into his discarded jeans. 

“Yah I don’t want to share the view.  Unlock your cuffs in case its someone we got to entertain.”  Jason said as he pulled his jeans up and fished the key from his pocket and laid it on the bed. 

Fastening his belt as he walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the front door.  Pulling the door open Jason didn’t see anyone standing on the rain whipped porch so he looked down and saw a large cardboard box.  

“Hey Hun your new toy is here.”  Jason called down the hall as he pulled the box inside and closed the door. 

Crystal came still naked out of the bedroom and snatched the box from Jason and then retreated back to the room.  By the time Jason got back to the bedroom Crystal had already cut open the box and pulled out there new Vacuum-Bed. 

“Can we try it now?  I really really want to know what it feels like.”   Crystal asked as Jason came up behind her. 

“Sure I don’t see why not let me get it set up and figure out how to work it.” 

Jason moved everything to the floor and in short order had it set up and ready. 

“Alright all that’s missing is you.”  Jason said as he held the top sheet of latex open for her. 

Sitting down Crystal eased her legs and then hips inside the bag.  After a little bit of awkwardness all, but her head was inside. 

“One last kiss Master before you seal up you little slave?”  Crystal asked turning her head to face Jason. 

“Well I don’t see why not.”  Jason leaned over and firmly pressed his lips to hers. 

“Thank you Master.”  Crystal said just as her head slipped though the opening. 

Once Crystal slid between the two sheets of cool black latex and positioned herself so that the plug gag easily slipped into her mouth.  Picking up the top sheet of latex Jason looked into Crystals soft blue eyes “You ready love?” Crystal nodded her head and smiled around her gag.  Smiling back at her Jason let go of the sheet and made sure that Crystal was able to breathe though her gag easily.  Once he was satisfied that she would get plenty of air Jason picked up the last piece of frame and locked it into place completing the frames air tight seal. 

Standing up Jason walked over to the Vacuum unit and turned it on.  The room was filled with the hum of the Vacuum unit as it began to suck the air from in-between the two sheets of latex.  Jason watch as the two sheets of latex began to hug Crystal’s body.  Soon the Vacuum unit shut itself off, but because of the one way valve no air was return so effectively binding and sealing Crystal between the two sheets of latex.  Jason looked down at Crystal amazed by what he saw.  It looked as if she carved perfectly out of smooth black marble. 

Kneeling down need to his bound love Jason slowly reach a hand out and lightly caressed Crystal form.  Looking closely at her he noticed that her nipples were hard so he moved his hand up to her left nipple and began to gently pinch, pull, and roll it between his forefingers.  Crystal’s body began to twitch slightly as a soft moaning reached Jason’s ears.  Smiling to himself Jason began to caress Crystal’s entire body making sure that her breast and pussy got most of the offered attention. 

While Jason’s hand roamed Crystal’s prison he felt his dick began to harden and an idea began to take shape in his mind.  Jason stopped caressing Crystal’s body and turned his attention back to the box that the vacuum-bed had come in.  Inside were a bottle of lubricate, a bottle of latex cleaner/polish, and a shimmy cloth.  Why Jason was examining these items and pulling the final parts to his plan together Crystals moans had stopped and she was now making a strange noise.  Jason turned to look at her and placed his right hand on her breast causing Crystal moans to begin again as his thumb played with her nipple. 

“Ok babe I think I figured out what I’m going to do with you.”  Jason stopped playing with her nipple and stood.  Pulling his t-shirt over his head he tossed it off to the side.  Next he undid his belt and jeans button and let his blue jeans fall to the floor were he stepped out of them and kicked to join his shirt.  Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers he pulled them down then discard them onto the top of his cloths pile.  Now standing with flag flying proudly Jason straddled Crystal and then knelt so that he was almost sitting on her stomach and his dick rested between Crystal magnificent breasts.  Picking up the bottle of lubricant he removed its top and poured the lubricant onto his dick as well as the inside of Crystals breasts.  Insuring he had enough of the lubricant Jason capped the bottle and laid it a side for later. 

“I sure hope you enjoy this as much as I am going to babe?”  Jason placed his hands on the outside of Crystal’s breasts and pushed them together trapping his dick between the two.  Holding them there he used his thumbs to play with her nipples as he began to fuck her breasts.  Jason could see and feel Crystal move as much as the vacuum-bed would allow as he thrusted into her chest.  Jason knew very well that doing this would allow her to build, but it wouldn’t be enough stimulation for her to climax.  Feeling his dick tighten Jason knew he was about to cum so he quick grabbed her breathing tube and aliened it with the tip of his dick. 

“Now don’t say I don’t share.”  Jason smiled as he orgasmed shooting some of his load into the tube and into Crystals mouth. 

Even though he had done his best not to some of his sperm didn’t make it into the tube and landed on Crystals neck and underside of her chin.  Grabbing and near by towel Jason cleaned up his mess. 

“Well babe that was so good I think I need a nap, but don’t worry I got something for ya that will keep you entertained why I get a bit of rest so don’t go anywhere I will be right back.”  Jason stood and left the bedroom. 

He returned about a minute later with a role of electrical tape.  Going over to their toy bag that was by the bed he pulled out three blue colored vibrating bullets.  Ensuring their controllers had batteries in them he walked back over to Crystal.  Kneeling once again Jason tore of two strips of tape off the roll that he had gotten and taped one of the bullets over Crystals left nipple.  Jason repeated this process over her other nipple and over her clit. 

“Sweet dream Hun.”  Jason said with a smile as he turned all three bullets on to their lowest vibration setting. 

Almost instantly Crystals moans changed slightly as she realized what he was planning. 

“O don’t be like that I just don’t want you to get worn out too fast.”  With that Jason climbed into he be and closed his eyes. 

Jason woke up about an hour later and smiled as Crystal’s desperate moans filled his ears.  Getting out of bed he walked over to her and knelt down. 

“You know I should used this cleaner before my nap, oh well no time like the present.” 

With that Jason turned off the vibrating bullets and removed them.  Picking up the cloth and cleaner/polish he uncapped the bottle and put a little bit of the solution onto the cloth.  Jason then began to polish Crystals entire latex covered body. 

“There now Hun you just positively shine now.  Too bad we don’t have a way of fixing you to the wall you would make one hell of picture.  Hum I wonder if we did that and someone came over they would realize that it was you in there?  Well that another thought for another time.”  Jason said as he mindlessly caressed her as he talked. 

“Well that nap is just what I needed and look at that I am ready for another go.”  Jason said as he pushed his hard dick against Crystal’s leg. 

Getting the bottle of lube he removed the cap and this time poured it over her pussy and made sure it was nice and slick.  Moving himself to lay over her Jason made sure his dick was in the right area and then pressed it between them.  Grinding himself against her Jason made sure that he was only grazing her clit not actually putting any more pressure on it than he need to so that she could just feel it as his hands once again found her breast and began to play with her nipples.  Jason could feel Crystal fighting the vacuum-bed and trying to get more stimulation to her clit as Jason’s dick glided back and forth. 

Just as Crystal’s moans became wines for frustration Jason felt the familiar tightness in his dick and once again moved to shot his load down the tube and into her mouth.  “Oh look at that I made another mess well I guess I should clean it up.” 

Jason again used the towel to clean up what sperm didn’t make it into the tube and then used the cleaner/polish just to make sure she was as shinny as she could be.  Picking up the three bullets Jason again went about taping them to her.  As Jason was taping the last bullet over her clit Crystal began to whine softly. 

“Oh now don’t be like that beside you of all people should know never to assume what I am going to do.” 

Jason turned all three bullets to the strongest setting they had.  The second Jason turned on the bullets Crystal began to let long deep moans as her body fought the constriction of the vacuum-bed as a powerful orgasm raced though her body.  Jason sat and watched the show of slight movement as Crystal’s body went wild from pleasure.  After a few minutes Jason turned off the bullets and pulled them free from her body. 

Undoing the latch that held the top bar in place Jason removed the bar as the vacuum-bed sucked in air though the opening and lost the moulded form of Crystal naked body.  Reaching in he pulled Crystals sweaty body out from between the sheet of latex and held her as the final tremors of her orgasm ran their course. 

“You are an evil evil man.”  Crystal said with a bight smile.  “But I’m glad you are other wise I would never enjoy things like this.” 

“Well I glad you enjoyed it.  Not too bad for a rainy day.”



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