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Quiet Time in Latex

by KinkyWriter

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; bed; spreadeagle; latex; mirror; gag; toys; program; climax; cons; X

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Quiet Time in Latex


“Can you make it a little tighter, baby?” Jennifer begged softly as her husband David cinched the rope attaching her right ankle to its corresponding corner of the bed.

David just smirked as he glanced up at his wife’s smile, then put some extra muscle into the free end of the rope and pulled until the retractable pulley made a few additional clicks, followed shortly thereafter by an appreciative coo as Jen felt her legs pulled apart all the more provocatively while she settled into her bondage.

Spread out wide in a taut, X-shape, the young woman’s body was stretched in all four directions as each of her four limbs found around itself a thick, padded cuff to which the ropes that drew them out towards the heavy posts of the bed were securely tied. Knowing just how much his wife lusted after truly stringent restraints, David didn’t have to be asked as he returned to the other side of the bed and resumed ratcheting those attachment points as well until he feared pulling Jennifer’s arms and legs from their sockets … then recalling just how lovely she looked in a good struggle, gave them each one final click before locking off the tension in each pulley and retreating to the closet for his final preparations…

While her husband fumbled around in the closet for that which she did not know, Jennifer stared up at her reflection in the mirrors on the ceiling above, the bubbliest of smiles bursting off her face as she found herself wonderfully intoxicated by the subspace that already clouded her brain. Her form a meld of shiny black latex against her fair complexion, she swooned at the sight of the helpless blonde staring back at her, bound tight and helpless and yet seemingly begging to be touched at the same time.

David admired the sight from his own view as well as he returned from his scavenger hunt in the closet, relishing at how the skin tight latex pants clung to every inch of her long and slender legs as their bondage pulled them to opposite corners of the foot of the bed, coupled with the similar restraints around her wrists that pulled her arms up and away from her body, leaving little to the imagination with his wife’s shiny, new latex halter top that fell just above her belly and put her breasts wonderfully on display as she enjoyed the new position on her back, stringent as it was…

“I just have one other thing, my dear…” David informed her with a smile as he approached her head with a shiny dildo gag to match the rest of her ensemble. “I have a lot of work to get done next door, so I’ll need you to keep quiet over here!”

Couching down beside her, he gently ran his fingers down the inside of one shiny, black leg and then back up the other before bringing them to rest provocatively on her hips.

“Mmmmmm – are you sure you don’t want to stay here and play with me instead???” she purred as she closed her eyes and tipped her head back, savoring his touch as she felt a familiar chill run throughout her body beneath the latex.

“Tempting,” he replied softly, “but you know that I’ve got a ton to do, and besides, I think you’ll do a fine job of keeping yourself entertained here in the meantime!”

“I guess that all depends…” Jennifer countered, looking down her nose at her husband as his fingers lingered at her hips. “Do I get to use my program this time or yours?” she asked him coyly, referring to the compact but extremely intense vibrator nestled against her clit that she had found worked marvelously with the skin-tight latex pants that did a fine job of keeping it incredibly tight to her skin. The toy had been designed to be used either via remote control or a preset program, both features that they’d already had a great deal of fun with by each of them designing various sessions for Jen to endure and most recently also as an added accessory that certainly served to keep her on her toes when she wore her new favorite pants out for a night at their local fetish club…

David smiled back at her, “I decided that I’m going to be nice and let you use yours today, although I might be occupied for several hours … are you sure you can handle it that long?!”

Jen struggled in vain against her exceedingly strict bonds, biting her lip as David moved in close while she commented, “I guess that’s what these are for – it really won’t matter whether I can handle it or not, now will it?” as a submissive glaze glossed over her sultry eyes.

“It sure won’t…” David echoed with a sly grin as he fed the phallus of the gag into her hungry lips, taking care to ensure the strap didn’t snag on her long hair as he fished it around her head and then cinched it tight between her lips. The transformation was fast and fierce as the look in Jen’s eyes screamed of a helpless submissive ready to be used. Not wanting to keep her waiting, David said not another word as he stood up from the side of the bed and enjoyed the view of his bound latex captive one last time as he walked over to the nearby dresser and, with the push of a single button, brought the tiny vibrator to life at the hilt of his wife’s sex and set her off into her own little world of pleasure.

Jennifer didn’t even hear the door close as her husband left her to enjoy her own predicament, the bondage itself even being something that she had specifically requested after deciding that feeling spread out and open was how she wanted to experience her latest torture scheme. She called her new program, Death by a Million Orgasms, and as she looked up at the sexy blonde who was dressed to get whatever she wanted, she took a bizarre pleasure in the thought of breaking that girl down … even though in reality the blonde dressed in black latex who lay there hopelessly bound and helpless … was her.

There were no teases in Jen’s program this time, and with her arms and legs pulled tight and her gag leaving little room for protest as she lay on her back awaiting her punishment, she knew by design that she wouldn’t need them. She knew exactly what to expect as the first vibrations assaulted her body like she had done something to offend them, clinging to her bonds as she quickly let the restraints take over and gave into her predicament. Her husband hadn’t even made it down the hall before he already heard her moaning into her gag as the finely-focused sensations rapidly pushed her towards her first orgasm.

Chuckling to himself as he closed the door to his office, David took note of the clock on the wall and saw that at only 1:00pm, his wife had a solid three hours ahead of her under the program that she had designed without limits to continue upping its intensity each and every time that its wearer had reached climax again...

Hearing her moans amplify as the device already starting to coax her towards #2 with little downtime, he turned on the radio next to his desk and began to write, the euphoric sounds of his wife occasionally peaking even over the soft jazz that filled his office as he began to type away at the next chapter in his novel which, coincidentally, also starred a helpless blonde who was surprisingly similar to the one that he had just left alone to struggle at her own hand in ecstasy on the other side of the wall.


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