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A Quiet Night in with the TV

by Ukasphyxia

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© Copyright 2001 - Ukasphyxia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM/m; D/s; cd; latex; bond; cuffs; chain; susp; rope; hang; bag; breathplay; oral; anal; climax; cons; XX

I arrive on schedule to my appointment, clutching my rucksack to one shoulder. After ringing the doorbell, I wait nervously until the door is released by remote control. Following the instructions I received by e-mail the day before, I enter, closing the heavy door behind me. I climb the stairs in front of me quickly in case I lose my nerve and make a hasty retreat. The room is sparsely decorated, only a large wardrobe and large steel trunk furnish it.

The windows are obscured by a large freestanding seven foot high mirror, the only source of illumination from a spotlight in each corner of the room, in addition, beneath two of the spotlights are closed circuit television cameras, their lenses staring at me impassionately. I close the door behind me, the swift action of an internal deadbolt makes me flinch, there is no easy way out now, my path is set.

As I stand, staring at the door, a noise behind me rouses me out of my trance like state. I turn around to investigate, to see the lid of the trunk resting against the wall. Wary of the instructions I'd downloaded of the Internet the day before, I ignore the trunk for the time being. Instead of investigating, I set my rucksack down on the floor and begin to undress, folding each item as I progress. Naked I place my clothes into the trunk and remove the padlock taped to the inside of its lid. There is no key to go with it, but I close the trunk and slide the lock through the trunk's attached hasp & staple and push it closed, locking my clothes away.

If getting through a locked door with no interior handle would have proved difficult before, leaving the house naked would make it impossible. Now the only way out of this situation was to go through what I had asked for, along with a few other things that I'm sure I'd wish I hadn't. As if to clarify this point for me, one door of the wardrobe now swung open, again controlled by, I presumed, my tormentors. I stood in front of the wardrobe, mentally re-reading the instructions I had been sent.

Reaching into the wardrobe, I pull out the first items on my mental list and roll the condom over my cock and then begin strapping myself into the harness. After passing my cock and balls through the hole in the crotch piece, I fasten the straps around my thighs, securing it in place, yet leaving my ass bare and exposed. Next I strap my cock down using the five thin straps, making sure that they are sufficiently tight to please my tormentors. Then I attach the set of clips to my nipples, wincing as they bite into my tender flesh. Reaching back into the wardrobe, I pull out a pair of sheer stockings and slide them up my clean shaven legs, being careful not to ladder them in the process, there are no spare pairs, and a ladder could cost me dearly. 

After fastening the rubber suspender belt around my waist, I attach the clips to the stocking tops, feeling the pull as I straighten up. Picking the short rubber skating skirt out of the remaining articles, I fasten that around my waist, adjusting it till it hangs correctly. Only a few items left on my mental checklist now, even though there are still lots of toys left in the wardrobe, it is not my place to use most of them. The rubber bra, with its inflated cups, is next, which makes me grimace as it presses against the clips digging in to my nipples.

A high neck rubber top completes my attire for now, as I bend down and pick up the shoes that have been bought for me. Only a 4" heel, but enough to make me stumble slightly as I close the padlocks on each of the ankle straps. I pause as I hear a noise, or did I? My heart beats wildly, but I catch a glimpse of the CCTV camera high on the wall and resume my preparations. I take the final four items out the wardrobe and place them on the floor in the middle of the room, before placing my rucksack in the wardrobe and closing it.

Standing in the middle of the room, facing the mirror, watched by two camera's, I reached down and picked up the ball gag, opening my mouth and pushing the ball between my teeth, before reaching around my head and buckling it tightly in place. Leather wrists cuffs on each wrist next, a single steel D ring standing proud on each one. Picking up the blindfold, I buckle it lightly so it rests on my forehead, picking it up in a minute will be very difficult. The final item is a set of leg spreaders; I fasten the first cuff to my ankle, then spread my legs apart and balance precariously as I fasten the second cuff.

This feat accomplished, I manage to stand up, and watch as two chains, ending in snap links descend from the ceiling. A third chain hangs silent between the two, still near the ceiling. The chains stop when they reach waist level, and without hesitation, I watch myself in the mirror as I hook each cuff onto the chains, before swiftly placing the blindfold over my eyes and buckling it tightly in place. Immediately, my hands are pulled up and out, the chains retracting into the ceiling, leaving me standing stretched, with my feet just planted on the floor.

Then, silence. Immobile, blindfolded, and helpless, I await the fate I asked for.

The deadbolt retracts noisily and the door opens, footsteps entering the room, two sets I think, one definitely female, the sound of heels tapping the floor, the other? I don't know, the heels could be not as much as a giveaway as I first thought; after all, I was wearing a pair too. You see, I had no idea who to expect, this meeting was set up over several weeks of chat on the net, no pictures were exchanged and their chat ID was simply 'Vivid'.

Weeks of sessions where I was quizzed on my fantasies, my fetishes, and always my questions of who, where carefully evaded until last night when I had the e-mail. "Vivid Experience" was the subject and instructions on if I wanted a truly Vivid experience, then to report to an address and what to do when I got there, nothing else, no names, nothing.

Why was I here then? I didn't know when I rang the doorbell, and I still wasn't sure, I'd find out soon enough or so I hoped.

"What kind of person" A female voice came out the darkness, "would do this to themselves in a strangers house? Dress themselves up like a slut, and then tie themselves up, so that they were helpless?"

I felt my skirt being lifted up at the rear, then dropped, and repeated at the front, showing my painfully hard cock bound.

"You'll do all we ask of you I think though, you must be desperate for experience, any experience to do this to yourself, you'll do all we ask of you and more, and you'll regret leaving here, you really will."

I hear the wardrobe door open and something is pulled out. The spreader bar between my legs shakes for a minute and then is still.

"Yes, that's fine, leave us now, I'll bring it down for the rest of the session soon."

The footsteps retreat to the door, which opens and closes again, the deadbolt snapping home again.

The snapping heels on the floor again, "That just leaves the two of us" The female voice says "For now at least".

I feel hands behind my head and the blindfold is removed. As my eyes adjust to the light again, I see her step out from behind me, clad in jeans and a tee-shirt, about 5'6", size 12 ish, short black hair, but every bit as beautiful as I'd hoped. "Expecting someone straight out of a fetish mag were we? Dressed head to toe in leather, rubber or PVC? Sorry, can't be arsed to dress up, besides, you make up for my shortcomings"

I shake my head in protest, but gagged, I can't argue.

"No? Well, whatever, we wear what we want, but you wont find the experience suffers for it."

My eyes follow her as she opens the second door on the wardrobe and pulls out a control box on a lead. Pressing a button the chains stretch me further, but my feet stay firmly planted on the floor.

"Oh, your bar is fixed to the floor now, just a precaution, I don't want you swinging all over the place. By the way, the camera's you see on the walls are recording and have been since you entered, if you please us, you will receive a copy of the finished tape, if not, we'll sell it to a suitably disreputable porn film distributor."

Placing the control box back on a shelf, she pulls out a riding crop and lifts my skirt out of the way and tucks it into its own waistband.

"I'm going to whip you now, if you behave, it might not happen again, we'll just have to see." 

Stretched taut between the ceiling and floor, my body had nowhere to go as the blows rained down, the crop striking my exposed ass square, the strokes alternating between the cheeks. The ferocity of the punishment made me cry out, but the ball gag muffled these to muted grunts. Soon the abuse ceased and my muscles relaxed, having tensed during the beating. 

"There, a taster for you, in case you decide to test my patience. I'm going to remove your gag now, but you will not speak unless spoken to, and if you do, you will address me with respect and call me Mistress, is that clear?"

I nodded as she hung the crop back in the wardrobe, before walking behind me and removing the gag. I nearly thanked her, but stopped before I opened my mouth, weary of feeling the crop again.

"You're probably wondering what else you can expect to endure whilst you are here"

"Yes Mistress, I am"

"Well I'm afraid you're going to have to wait and find out, but I will tell you that shortly I will finish your transformation into a horny little slut, but first I want to play."

She walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out a small wooden box, a leather collar and a vibrator.

"I need to see if you're up to some of the little surprises I have in store for you later, so this'll be a bit of a warm up for you." 

She walks behind me and sets the box down. Offering the vibrator to my lips, she says "Suck it you little slut" I oblige, taking the pink rubber phallus into my mouth, sucking on it as Mistress pushes it further in, before pulling it out. "My you are eager, aren't you slut"

"Only eager to please you Mistress"

"I'm glad to hear it" She says, draping the leather collar over my shoulder and putting the vibrator down, standing it on end. She pulls a large plastic bag and shaking it out, pulls it over my head, before buckling the collar loosely around my neck. Pulling the bag taut to expel as much air as possible, she then fastens the collar tightly.

Mistress picks up the vibrator, I feel it slide between my cheeks and lubricated by own spit, penetrate my ass. Almost immediately, the bag begins to expand and contract, sticking to my face as I inhale. Repeatedly, the phallus enters me, my Mistress pushing it in, with increasing force and depth, the bag expanding and contracting in sync. My cock is so hard now, straining at the leather straps that bind it, but I will have no release, yet. With a final push, my new Mistress rams the vibrator hard into me, and releases it. 

Walking in front of me, she watches impassively as I try to suck air in through the plastic clinging to my face. "Yes, I think you'll like the little surprises I have for you downstairs, not as much as I will, but still...."

And with that, she unbuckles the collar and removes the bag, allowing me to gulp air into my burning lungs.

"Thank you Mistress."

Immediately, she slaps me across the cheek and pulls the bag back over my head. "Don't speak to me unless you're asked a question, don’t you get it?"

She tightens the bag around my neck. I nod meekly inside the bag.

"Hmm, we'll see, one more little indiscretion like that and I'll have to teach you a lesson."

Again the bag is removed, but this time she folds it up and places it back in the wooden box, before pulling the vibrator from my ass and replacing them back in the wardrobe. 

Still looking in the wardrobe, my tormentor turns to me. "Time to complete your transformation and get you ready for my partner I think"

Pulling a bag out of the wardrobe, she walks over to me, pulls something out of the bag and places it on the floor. Standing in front of me, she holds up a black swim cap, and stretching it out, places it over my head, covering my hair. Bending down and reaching into the bag she pulls out a tube of glue and tells me to look at her. Opening the tube, she smears the glue over my upper and lower lips. Placing it back in the bag, she then pulls out a flesh coloured hood and opens the rear zip. Passing it over my head, she presses the mouth opening over my lips, sticking it to the glue already smeared there. After 30 seconds or so, she tests the bond, which holds firm.

"There, all nice and secure, don't look so worried, I have a solvent that'll dissolve the glue when the time comes, if you're lucky" She says, smiling.

Walking behind me, she pulls the two halves of the hood together and closes the zip down to my neck, before unzipping the collar of my top and tucking the edge of the hood out of the way, and re-zipping the top. Looking in the mirror, I see myself, my face looking very feminine, in a synthetic way, only my eyes and lips visible, Pulling a wig out of the bag, Mistress attaches it to the hood using the Velcro patches already in place.

"There, nearly finished, just a bit of lipstick and mascara, and you're ready." 

Minutes later, and the transformation is complete. "Now to get you ready to go downstairs, a little bit of restraint is needed I think"

With that she turns back to the wardrobe, placing the bag back and pulling out a length of chain and a leather harness, and to my horror, a rope noose. As she presses a button on the control panel, I feel my feet making contact with the floor proper again as my arms are lowered. Kneeling in front of me, she releases my legs from the spreader and tells me to move my legs together. Having done this, she pulls a set of keys from her jeans and unlocks the padlocks on my shoes, just long enough to lock a foot long length of chain between them. Standing she drapes the noose over her shoulder before fastening the wide leather collar of the harness around my neck, the rest of the harness hanging down my back. 

"This is just to ensure" She says, taking the noose up and sliding over my head and pulling it tight around my neck, "That you don't resist this next bit of restraint and besides you said you've never tried hanging..."

After clipping the noose end to the chain now hanging above my head, she walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out the control panel. Trailing its cable behind her, she sets it down on the floor and places her foot on one of the switches. A quiet hum and the noose tightening around my neck let me know that this is retracting the chain into the ceiling. As it gets tighter, I end up standing on my tiptoes, trying to balance, as the chains securing my hands are lowered.

"Resist and you'll be off the floor before you know it"

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my Mistress unclipping my wrists, and folding my arms behind me, pushing them up into the small of my back and securing them onto the back strap on the harness. All the time trying to balance on my toes, the rope digging into my neck despite the two layers of rubber and the collar covering it. She picks up the control panel and stands in front of me. "Of course I didn't say I wouldn't do it anyway..."

She smiles as her finger presses the button, pulling me off my feet, the rope tightening further on my neck; I try to breath, but only manage a ragged gasp. Again my feet touch the floor, I can breathe again. "Couldn't resist that, still, plenty of time for more fun later, but you're needed downstairs."

With that, she lowers the chain far enough to slip the noose off my neck and lets the controls fall to the floor. Pulling a lead from her pocket, she clips it on to the front of the collar and pulls me towards the door. I follow her, taking small mincing steps, hindered by the heels and connecting chain. "Hurry up slut, your Master is waiting,” she laughs, pulling me to the door as it opens by remote control.

After an arduous journey down the stairs, hampered by both the heels and the hobble chain, I was led into another room, this one nearly as empty as the last. A single frosted window was opposite the door, but illumination was provided by the same spotlights as upstairs, another pair of camera's watching, silently. A single wardrobe against one wall, and a low padded bench in the middle of the room, were the only furnishings. I hear footsteps behind me and a rubber-clad figure appears in front of me. The only parts of him that are visible are his eyes and his mouth.

"This" says my Mistress, "is your Master, he's going to take your virginity from you."

"Did he like your preparations?" He asks.

"Yes, apart from the noose I think."

"Good, if he behaves, he might escape another taste of it then."

Using a gloved hand, my Master idly begins to stroke his crotch through the black rubber catsuit; it is now that I notice there is a zip there and a growing bulge. 

"I'll leave you to it then, have fun" With that, my Mistress hands the lead to my Master and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

"Time to put those nice red lips to good use I think" Master pulls on the lead and maneuvers me so that I'm stood in front of the stool. "Good, now kneel down."

With some difficulty, I manage to kneel, the floor hard and cold against my stocking clad knees. Dropping the lead, my master walks behind the stool and slowly undoes the crotch zip of his catsuit, his gloved hand reaching inside and pulling out his hard cock, slowly wanking it. He sits on the stool in front of me, his cock only inches away. "You know what to do, take your time."

I hesitate before leaning forward and parting my lips. I feel his hands grasping either side of my head and guiding my lips down onto his hard cock. Using his hands, he slowly works my lips up and down the shaft of his cock, before letting go. Its not as bad as I thought it would be, even though this is my first taste of another mans cock. I can't believe I have another mans cock in my mouth, but even so, I'm tonguing the head of his cock like a pro, the tip of my tongue probing his eye, then slipping the entire shaft into my mouth.

As my head bobs away, sucking away, Master starts to moan, my actions obviously are pleasing him. "My" he says, breathlessly, "You're quite the little slut aren't you?" I feel his cock tense even more and his hands clamp my head down, holding my mouth in place as he starts to come, his salty come, spurting out, hitting the back of my throat, making me gag, before having no other choice and swallowing it. Pulling his cock from my mouth, he pushes me away. 

"Well done, Time for a little reward I think"

With that he stands up and leaving his cock out, goes to the wardrobe and pulls out a ball gag, a plastic bag and collar. Dropping them on the floor, he commands me to shuffle forward and lean over the bench. I do so and am rewarded with leather straps being fastened across my back, holding me tightly to the bench. He roughly shoves the ball gag in between my teeth and yanks the strap tight before buckling it. Pulling the plastic bag over my head, he fastens the collar around my neck, sealing the bag. He pats my ass as he walks away, "I'll be back, try not to suffocate before I return!"

I hear the door open and close and I am alone, the camera's my only observer as I wait for his return. The bag over my head is quite large, but soon, the bag is sticking to my face when I breathe in. I begin to panic, struggling against my bonds, but it's no good, the straps hold me tight. My jaw is beginning to ache from the gag, my nipples are aching from the clips and my cock is painfully hard, still bound in leather, but none of this matters, all I want is air, my lungs are starting to burn. I must have been too busy worrying about oxygen to hear him return, but his hands quickly remove the collar and bag, letting me breathe.

"Still here then?" He chuckles, "Seems a shame to leave you all alone in that position, I think I'll use your ass now." 

He kneels in front of me holding another bag, this one much smaller, I notice his cock is hard again; this man is either a God or is on Viagra. He produces a tube of Ky and goes to my ass, lifting my skirt out of the way and squirting a generous amount up my ass. I feel him unbuckling the gag, and he prises the ball out of my mouth. The respite is short lived as he pulls the bag back over my head and buckles the collar over it. Kneeling behind me, I feel his cock nudging between my cheeks and as I inhale, sticking the bag to my face, He enters me, making me moan out loud.

He quickly begins thrusting in and out of me, his cock felt huge in my mouth, but it feels even bigger in my ass. As he thrusts in, I cry out, inflating the bag, inhaling as he withdraws, the bag sticking to my face. I don't know whether it’s the bag over my face or the hard fucking I'm getting, but I'm starting to feel light headed. The cock up my ass, the rubbing of my cock on the bench, the bag over my head, it all gets too much and I come, my body bucking with each wave of pleasure, as the relentless pounding in my ass continues. He must notice my orgasm, as soon after, he comes too, shooting his second load inside me, his cock pulsing and twitching. He slows to short strokes and after pulling out, pulls the bag off my head and walks out.

The sound of heels entering the room alert me to my Mistresses presence before she unbuckles the straps securing me to the bench. "Get up" She says and I do, realising she's unfastening the restraints on my wrists. My arms fall to my sides as they are released. "Now, get undressed and  put all your clothes in there" She says pointing to a black bag on the floor.

I struggle to my feet and undo the collar of my restraints. I drop it in the bag and wait as Mistress sprays some solvent on my lips and peels the rubber hood away from my lips. Satisfied she stands and watches as I undress, the wig and hood first to be discarded. She unlocks the locks on my ankles and soon I am naked except for the harness, after unbuckling it she points at my cock.

"The penalty for coming, means I want you to empty it into your mouth, after all, I think you like the taste of cum, or is it just other peoples cum you like?"

Saying nothing I peel the sheath off my limp cock and upend it in my mouth, squeezing the cum out into my mouth.

"A right little cum-loving slut aren't you?" I swallow, "Well?" She says, frowning.

"Yes Mistress" I reply meekly.

"I thought as much, now get me the large plastic bag off the top shelf and the vacuum from the bottom part."

I go to the cupboard and fetch the items, and at my Mistresses direction place them near the bench. After opening the bag out, I connect the vacuum hose to a hole in the bag, which I notice has small hoses running to all parts of the bag.  I plug the cable into one of the wall sockets and then as instructed, kneel in the bag. 

My Master re-enters the room and walks over, pulling the bag over my head, sealing it with a thick band. Leaning over he flicks the switch on the vacuum and the air begins to be sucked out of the bag, sticking to me, immobilizing me. After a minute of so I'm fighting for air, the bag unyielding as I struggle to escape. The bag suddenly relaxes as the vacuum is turned off and I manage to pull some air into my lungs. My Master then tells me to assume a different position, with my arms behind my back and flicks the switch again. 90 seconds of struggling later and then a new position, lying on my front, holding my ankles with my hands, and another 90 seconds of fighting for air. 

When the vacuum's shut off this time, Master tells me to kneel again and unfastens the band and steps in the bag, pulling the bag up to his chest, he waits for Mistress to strap a belt around his waist, sealing the bag again and sits down on the bench.

"Now slut" he says looking down at me through the plastic, "Get my cock out and prepare to suck me off, the vacuum won’t be shut off till I come."

I pull his cock out of his catsuit and welcome it into my mouth. Immediately Mistress turns on the vacuum and I'm held rigid, my mouth filled with cock. I slide my mouth up and down his shaft as best I can, flicking his head with my tongue, I struggle, trying to break free, unable to breathe, but my struggles only excite him more, and my lungs burning, nearly choke as he comes in my mouth, the plastic shrink wrapped all over me. 

What seems like minutes later, the vacuum is turned off and releasing the belt, Master steps out of the bag, leaving me slumped on the floor.

Mistress smiles, flexing the band in her hand, "Can you take any more?"



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