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PVC Rubber Bondage Dream

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2007 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; pvc; latex; mac; bond; slave; cons/reluct; X

The knock at the door was unexpected. Sunday morning. I was not expecting anyone. I was pleasantly suprised to find a rather lovely looking lady standing on my doorstep.

"Are you Mick?"

"Yes, can I help you?"

"I have something for you," she looked straight into my eyes, she had lovely big brown eyes, beautiful in fact, like the rest of her.

"You won it on ebay yesterday, you paid very promptly with paypal, so I thought I would deliver it just as promptly." she smiled, as she saw the realisation on my face, I felt myself going beetroot.

"I-I-I didn't expect you to deliver personally." I stammered.

'"'I only live thirty miles away, didn't you realise?" I was very uncomfortable, she was smiling playfully, my blushes felt deeper than ever.

"Well here it is!" she picked up a plastic carrier bag, which had been propped against the porch wall, I hadn't noticed it.

She handed it to me, I hesitatingly took it, trying to think of something to say, "Its not for me its for"

"Rubbish, I know its for you," she pushed on the package as she was handing it to me, pushing me backwards gently but firmly into the hallway. "Don't lie to me, put it on, I want to see what it looks like on."

"'t understand," I stammered, ""

"Put it on now!" she demanded, this time with a severity in her voice, "Otherwise I'll make you, is that what you want?"

My mind was racing, am I dreaming, I heard and saw the front door slowly shut, she pushed me again, further into the hallway. I was aware that I was only dressed in my toweling dressing gown and...... oh my god, my pvc and rubber jumpsuit I had worn to bed.....

"Okay then we'll do it my way," I heard her say.

She took hold of my toweling belt and pulled the gown open..."Well, well, well, you must have been expecting me!"

She was now looking at my shiny black suit. "That will compliment your new mac." And continued to remove my bathrobe, I still couldn't comprehend quite what was going on. The gown fell in a heap on the floor, I felt naked, embarressed, confused, all rolled into one.

"And its got a hood too, nice!" She touched the hood they were currently laying across my shoulders.

"And now............" She pulled the mac out from the large carrier, slowly deliberately tantilising me, there was a lot of it, it just kept flowing out of the bag. I knew what I had won on the auction, but woww! It was pouring all over my floor, the blackest shiniest material ever.

She bent down and picked the mac up by its sholders and walked around behind me. I felt her slowly lift the jumpsuit hood over my head, my emotions were on overload, the soft warm pvc lined hood carressed my head and then the weight as she lifted my first arm and then the second into the mac sleeves. I could feel the coolness of the rubber lining contrasting with the warmth of my shiny jumpsuit. The mac was pulled up onto my shoulders, it was very heavy, it smelt wonderful, it felt wonderful. She walked back around to face me, staring again straight into my eyes, at the same time pulling the mac around my body. It reached down to the floor

"'Looking good." She smiled and knelt down, picked up the front hems of the mac and fixed the zip together, and slowly pulled it up, up,up, until it reached my neck, she reached around my waist and attached the belt clips ajusting them to maximum tightness.

"How does that feel?" she asked casually.

".....uuuhhh I, uuhhh.....its wonderful...." I stuttered.

"Good, glad you like it." She reached up to my neck, gently tying off my jumpsuit hood drawstrings so the hood lightly hugged my face.

"And finally the best bit......" The attached mac hood was pulled up over the first hood, it was very large and shrouded my face, she again fastened it so it just closed enough around my face.

"That looks perfect," she purred. She led me down the hallway to the ceiling to floor length mirror. I was met with the vision of the shiniest pvc hooded mac, staring back at me, I could smell and feel the softness of the beautiful lining of the mac. The hood framed my face perfectly, just tight enough not to fall down, I was mesmorised by my own appearance, It was a dream!!

"And finally......." the familliar sound of a padlock snapping shut brought me back to reality as I felt her pull the thick leather collar around my neck, instinctively I put my hands to my throat, but it was too late, the collar was on so was the padlock

"What are you doing?" I questioned, my fantasy and reality were starting to clash.

"Just giving you what you want, this is what you want isn't it? I also found you on the rubberpal website last night, and your profile fits this senario perfectly..........doesn't it?"

"Where are the rest of your toys?" My eyes gave away the upstairs, and up she went, she wouldn't have any difficulty finding them, they were still scattered around the bedroom from the previous nights singular antics.

I pulled at the collar, I felt the padlock, this was real, really real. I couldn't pull the hood down, she had fastened it securly under the collar. I ran my hands over the beautiful smooth and shiny material, I was in heaven but......

"Okay, let the games begin." I turned to see her now halfway down the stairs carrying various objects.

"On your knees!" I obeyed. I heard the click of the padlock being reopened and I felt her remove the collar, the two hoods were also pulled down, a large penis gag was pushed into my mouth and my double decker (two layers of pvc, shiny inside and out) shiny pvc hood, with only nose and eyeholes was pulled over my head and zipped shut from behind, pushing the gag deep into my mouth. A collar and padlock around my throat, presumably locked the hood on securely. I felt the hoods being pulled back up over my head and tied off again.

"Hands behind your back." Cuffs were attached to each wrist, a further chain was wrapped around my waist, a snap and my wrists were firmly fixed behind my back, held tightly by the waist chain.

"And I found this lovely hooded cape, you do have a wonderful collection, don't you........ stand up you perverted little pvc fantasy is going to turn into reality!"

I felt the weight of the heavy double decker pvc cape as she laid it across my shoulders, the long zzzzzzzip confirmed I was now tied into this as well, the hood of course was afix over the other two. My senses were now completely overloaded. I had a raging hard on, nothing I could do about that, I felt wonderful, the soft pvc suit caressed my body, I could hear the crinkling of the hoods as I shook my head, my mouth gagged to perfection.

I could do nothing about it, I was now at her mercy, the click of another padlock and collar brought me back to reality. I felt a further tightness around my neck and suddenly I was jerked forward.

"Time for walkies!" I heard, a further tug, I stumbled forward, slightly resisting the pull. "You resist me and I'll chain you to the tree in your front garden for the afternoon, that will give your neigbours something to gossip about."

The objection through the gag was pointless, I stumbled again and followed the tugs, I heard the front door open.... I stopped with an abruptness that nearly choked me 'nnnnnnnaaaaaaashhhhhhhh nnnnaaahhhhhh' I shook my head and pulled back, she could see the panic in my eyes.

"Do as you're told or it will be really bad, I'll take you to your local pub and leave you there!"

From her voice I could tell she would, so reluctantly I followed the pull, out through the front door, I heard her close it, down the pathway to where her 4x4 was parked. The passenger door was opened, I was pushed in, macs and capes flowing, I twisted and semi sat, semi fell into the leather seat, a seat belt was pulled across me and fastened. I was totally helpless. The drivers door was opened, 'She is beautiful.' I thought, she leaned in picked up a shiny black hooded anorak with thick black fur around the hood.

"Yes I love pvc and rubber too!" she commented. "By the way my name's Tracy, yours is now emma, I now own you, your macs, your home, your life, you will do exactly as I say or you will lose me. I have waited patiently for my perfect pvc rubber slave, now I have one. Say goodbye to this vanilla life." With that, she pulled her hood up, got into the car, fired up the engine. My life would never be the same again.



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