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The Purification

by Rubberwoman

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubberwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; latex; bond; enema; cons; X

It had been a long journey but I hoped that we would be there soon, not that it had been an uncomfortable drive, the rear seat of a limo this size was luxury enough. Peering ahead I could make out the twin towers of the institution to which I was being taken. Close beside me sat my Aunt Ursula, the mysterious member of the Wade family, I had never met her and she had been rarely spoke of at home. But since the untimely death of my parents a few months ago, she had literally adopted me. She had left no doubt in my mind that if it was not for her kindness, I would be homeless and struggling for survival.

Once in her clutches she had shown her 'kindness' to me in many strange ways. Just look at what she had forced me to wear for this journey to an unknown fate, a pair of black rubber thigh high boots with six inch heels, a black rubber mini-skirt with matching black rubber midriff. Fortunately the windows of the limo were tinted so I could hide my bizarre apparel from the usual inquisitive eyes that so often follow limos.

But I was growing used to this dark side of life, since the first moment I saw Aunt Ursula at the funeral I knew she was no ordinary woman. She was dressed head to toe in black latex, a full bodysuit with matching skirt and knee length black rubber boots with six inch heels. She was a very attractive woman in her mid thirties I'd say, with long brown hair that fell dead straight past her shoulders and a light olive complexion with brown eyes. I had never seen such clothing before and was totally blown out when I met her and saw and touched the beautiful latex substance for the first time.

That was three months ago and in that period Ursula has introduced me rather quickly to her world of rubber and bondage. Ursula has explained everything to me and I have decided to accept it openly and with all my heart, it was now my time to go through the 'Purification'. Ursula assured me that if I survived the purification that my mind would be opened to a whole new world, a world with no limitations, a world where sex, life and love had no rules. She also promised me that I would never have to work, that her family trust would care for all my needs comfortably as long as I dedicated myself wholly to her world. I decided yes.............

"You are nearly twenty now and you do not know the meaning of the word discipline. Your mother and father were very neglectful in your upbringing and now I have a considerable deal to do to mould you into the type of Wade female I want you to be. It is fortunate I have connections with the Sisterhood of Rubber. I have personally served under the present Mother Superior and I know her Order is capable of training you. They are certainly not a religious order as you understand it, although they do worship a cult, that is a rubber cult, and the rubber Convent to which I will take you is equipped to enforce you to worship the same cult, and in so doing become the subservient rubber loving object all the Wade females have to be".

Ursula Wade or Lady Ursula as she preferred to be known as, had already made the necessary arrangements for her admission to the Convent of Rubber, and from her brief description of the place she knew that the stark castle like building she could now see at the end of this long road was where she was destined to spend the next month of her life.

Within the convent Sister Sabrina was making her way along one of the corridors towards the riding room where she knew Sister Monica was putting one of her ' horses' through his paces. The ' horse' was one of the sturdy male trainees and Sister Sabrina found him completely naked being ridden around the room by Sister Monica, who was herself almost as nude as her victim, for Sister Monica wore only her black rubber cowling which reached midway down her bare body at the back, but not sufficiently low at the front to cover her large very fleshy breasts each of which was tipped by a well aroused nipple. Long rubber gloves and thigh length rubber stockings helped to complete her bizarre rubber ' riding habit' and as much as she was enjoying her training session she was delighted to hear the news from Sister Sabrina that the new trainee had arrived.

"Take my crop Sister Sabrina and continue with this lazy oaf for at least another half hour. I must join the Mother Superior and welcome the niece of Lady Ursula, who as you know is one of our founding Sisters of our Order. Her massive wealth is now used to finance this Convent, and to keep us in our rubber and to buy us new equipment for our training centre".

By the time Sister Monica made her way to the reception hall Mother Superior had already welcomed Lady Ursula and Karen who was being made to stand stiffly upright, her hands tied behind her back. The two rubber nuns were more than pleased at what they saw, Karen was an attractive female, long blonde hair, well toned muscular body, but all the right curves. The high black rubber boots did not hide the fact she had good limbs and Sister Monica knew her Mother Superior were sharing the same thoughts about the young woman's breasts. The rubber midriff looked great but soon not even the midriff would hide her breasts from them and the other nuns of this Rubber Worshipping Order.

Within minutes of my aunt leaving me to the tender care of the inhabitants of the Rubber Convent I was led to the Temple of Purification where Sister Monica, assisted by Sister Sabrina was preparing to cleanse me from the outside world. I was reminded that I had to survive the course of treatment for one month before I would be pure enough to worship at the Shrine of Black Rubber.

The walls of the small chapel in which I stood were draped in shimmering black rubber, the smell of rubber was so overwhelming. In the centre of the chapel was a chair that looked similar to a dentists chair, but there were no dental implements on the shelf alongside but a glistening metal cylindrical syringe had pride of place. A few feet in front of the chair, attached to a metal rod suspended from the ceiling, sat a well bloated enema bag complete with long tubing. The sight of the black rubber bag and also the fearsome looking nozzle attached to the hosing caused me palpitations of the heart. I hoped the two rubber nuns would administer the cleansing slowly and with care, but somehow I doubt it. Sister Sabrina and Sister Monica appeared excited at the prospect of purifying a new inmate to the temple.

Sister Sabrina then spoke. "Stand up straight Karen as Sister Monica removes your rubber garments."

" Pull your hair up into a bun Karen and put this mask on, and be quick."

I pulled my hair up into a bun and held it with one hand as I positioned the mask, I struggled with it for a few moments but finally it was on. It was a black rubber full face mask with plastic eye pieces, nostril holes and a small mouth opening. I was now standing here totally nude except for the face mask. I turned to face the sisters and told them I was ready.

Sister Monica turned to me an spoke, "Up onto the chair Karen and spread your lovely legs."

Once they had me seated on the chair Sister Monica lifted my legs and hoisted them forward so that my arse was easily accessible to the other Sister who was now kneeling beside the chair with the long gleaming nozzle held in left her hand. Sister Sabrina then walked forward and placed a rubber eye mask over my eyes and fastened it, she then opened my mouth and pushed in a blow up gag. She then pumped up the gag until my mouth was full, I was now blinded and gagged, I was totally cut off.

The nozzle felt hard and cold as it stretched my arse as one of the sisters slowly inserted it. The two rubber women watched my face for a moment then directed their gaze down to my stomach, Sister Sabrina pulled my legs further apart far enough for my vagina to be fully exposed. I was quite unable to control the steady pulsations of my vulva and my embarrassment was further increased by the expressions of triumph on their faces as they watched my nipples harden with excitement.

Sister Monica was expertly opening and closing the valve at the base of the nozzle so the fluid from the rubber bag was passing into my body in short sharp spurts, thus having a far more stimulating effect on my senses than a slow steady stream. I didn't know what the fluid was, but it felt pleasantly warm and oily. Without removing the nozzle from my body Sister Monica dipped the fingers of her free hand into an ornate rubber covered casket under the chair. It was not until Sister Monica slipped her fingers into my cunt, did I realize that the casket must contain a very oily, Vaseline type of grease. To be filled with the fluid and be grease masturbated with a rubber gloved hand was causing me to breathe very fast and twist my hips as much as the arms of the confining chair allowed.

"Thats a good girl! " Sister Sabrina leered down into my face, you are trying so hard to control yourself aren't you, but your clit is getting so hard. Sister Monicas greased fingers are rubbing your genitals and while your clit gets hard your belly is distending all the time. You are filling up aren't you Karen and you can't do a thing about it. This is all part of the cleansing ritual and until you are purified you are not worthy to worship at the Shrine of Black Rubber, and the instructions we have from your aunt, Lady Ursula, is that you will be returned to her as a true rubberist and we cannot have her accusing us of not carrying out our duties in a proper manner.

The slithery fingers inside my cunt moved a little faster now, in and out, in and out. My writhing became more convulsive, more intense, I was definitely enjoying this now. "Finish the syringe now Sister and that will do it." Sister Sabrina then withdrew the nozzle of the enema hosing and immediately replaced it with the nozzle of the syringe she had placed in readiness on the chair shelving. She inserted the knob end of the syringe in my arse and with one sudden burst thrust the syringe plunger down to its hilt.

My whole body gyrated violently as my innards were forced to accept a far heavier, more greasier substance than the fluid from the enema bag. At the same time I was still receiving pleasure but it was now getting harder to keep control as I felt my liquid load moving, then with one all mighty explosion I had a mighty orgasm all over Sister Sabrinas rubber gloved hand which was still inside my cunt.

Sister Monica replaced the syringe nozzle with a specifically shaped rubber butt plug so that I was now forced to retain this bowel filling until the rubber nuns deemed I should have relief, and that would not be for some considerable time yet. Karen had been given pleasure, enforced though it was by the beautifully slithery greased rubber gloved fingers of Sister Monica, and now she must learn to suffer a little with a swollen stomach and aching bowels.

She lay limp slumped on the chair, trying her best to keep her exhausted body in such a position her bloated stomach was not compressed in any way. She saw the rubber women cleaning the instruments in preparation for the next victim and began to fantasize about the new wonderful experiences to follow. I then heard the two sisters talking, "Not too bad for the first enforced insertion I think Sister Monica. She will be taking more and more with practise and I hope her appreciation improves. Leave her in the chair while we go to the dining room for dinner."



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