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Pup's Abduction

by OHRubberPup

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© Copyright 2014 - OHRubberPup - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; kidnap; drug; captive; gag; shave; latex; catsuit; wetsuit; hood; harness; bond; collar; gasmask; susp; cond; enslave; cons/nc; X


I had a number of friends on the net, and let them know I was going car shopping. I even asked if any of them knew of any cars for sale in the $500-$700 range that was in decent shape. I had owned a full size van, that I loved to death, but couldn't afford the gas for it anymore. I was told by one of them of a car that was at an out of the way place out in the country, but sounded good, and they only wanted $400.00! So I told them I'd be there later that day.

I arrived at the place, which was definitely out off the beaten path. And it was back in the woods and everything looked kind of run down. But sitting there was a decent looking car as described. I started looking at the car and was looking thru the windows when I heard someone coming. "Not a bad runner... you must be the guy I was told was coming by Rob." I started to turn around and I was immediately grabbed and a funny smelling cloth was placed over my face. I fought and fought but couldn't get away and my strength was quickly failing me. I was soon out.

I awoke, tied up and laying in the back of a van, with a gag and a hood on. I can only grunt and roll around on the floor, but I can hear muffled voices over the radio, but can't make things out. After an unknown amount of time, I can tell we are on side streets and one of them comes back to me, and he grabs me and starts trying to force me into a large duffle bag. I tried struggling, but I was again given the cloth over my face and I was out.

I woke up, naked, strapped to a table, and was having my whole body shaved. I could tell my hair had been buzzed and my face had been shaved, including taking off my mustache and some on my chin. My face burned a little too. I was awake, and was gagged. I tried to see what was going on, but was afraid to struggle too much, they were shaving a rather... sensitive area of my body.

Once they were done with that, I was wiped down, and they took note of my awareness. "Good you're awake. I could use your assistance in getting you geared up."

I really started struggling. What are they talking about????

"Here we go again... get the stuff Dan. Give him another dose."

NO!!! Don't do that, but I don't know whats going on either! But I'm given the cloth and I'm out.

I am awake again... and something feels odd... I am encased in something.... LATEX!!! And it’s kind of tight... I'm in layers of latex. And they are still working on me. I feel them grabbing at things, and places getting tighter and hearing faint clicks... I'm being locked into all this!!!!

I start trying to struggle again, and was grabbed hard and shook! "Quit struggling boy, or you will regret it!!!"

I didn't care, I started even harder. I was grabbed and shook again, and then came the cloth... NO!!!!!!!...........

When I awoke, everything really felt strange.... really strange. I was hanging horizontally, face down. My cock was confined by something, but felt something else gripping it; I was bound in all this rubber and leather, and some kind of strap system, my head in a latex hood, and apparently covered in a heavy leather hood. I have a breathing tube gag strapped into my mouth, and a couple of hoses in my nose. I can tell that my body straps are hooked to chains or ropes to the ceiling and one is attached to the back of the hood holding my head level. My arms are locked to my sides too. And I can tell that a posture collar is around my neck. I can't hardly move!!!! I struggle as much as possible, but I am not going anywhere.

After an unknown amount of time, the man who was in charge before came down the stairs into the basement. Good you're awake. Now I can feed you, and dump your piss can. That was done, then he bring a big glass full of pink fluid to my tube. "Drink it up, pup. Its strawberry Ensure" I did, and realized, I was actually really hungry, and it went down quickly, and helped me feel a little better.

"Now, let my just tell you now, that I am your friend Rob, and I've done to you what you've fantasized about and talked to me about online for a couple of years. I decided I really wanted to do and have what you’ve wanted and asked to become. You will no longer have any decisions in life to make. You will no longer ever be totally free. You are in about 3 layers of latex and a wetsuit. Your cock is catheterized and locked in a chastity belt. A full body harness is locked on over everything, including a heavy collar, 2 hoods and gagged. Heavy rubber boots on your feet and cuffs locking them on. You are very well covered and all locked on! I will feed and water you. All needs will be taken care of, pup. Once I think you've adjusted well to your new situation, you will be given a little freedom, as in moving around the house, but will always be kept on a chain to the wall or a leash from my hand. Welcome to your new life! I know I'll love it!"

* * *

I am hanging from the ceiling rafters still, horizontally locked tight. My new owner has left me alone for quite awhile and has gotten dark. After completely wearing myself out, I fall into a fitful sleep.

I am awoke by whom I will now call my Master very loudly. He shakes me and in a loud voice; "Wake Up pup! Time for breakfast." And he guides my drinking tube into a large mug, which is attached to some straps. "Drink carefully pup, this is hot coffee." And I try drinking, and it comes in quickly, and it’s still VERY HOT! But in a little time I've gotten the hang of it and things go smoothly.

After a short time, he comes back and takes the mug away and places a large mirror on the floor and heads back upstairs. I am now actually seeing myself for the first time since I was abducted.

I can't see it, but I can tell I am in a couple of layers of latex, and visible on the outside is a QuintanaRoo wetsuit. On my legs and feet are a pair of lace up, almost crotch high leather high-heeled boots. I have a full-length body harness on over my entire body, up and down each leg, arm, my torso, etc. A posture Collar, a leather hood, over what seems to be a latex hood, and coming out of my mouth was a breathing tube type gag. Smaller hoses came from my nostrils. I am hanging about 3 feet off the floor in the middle of his basement.

I stare at myself incredulously for an unknown amount of time, when Master comes back down and has a couple of boxes in his arms. The bigger one he takes back behind and to one side of me, and from the noises, seems to be the laundry. He starts the washer and comes back into view. He reached into the box and out came a set of headphones, which were placed over my head, and then a rubber gasmask came out. He fitted the tubes thru the main port of the mask, and pulled the mask over my head and got it seated properly, and then attached the rope to the back again to help hold my head up.

He then attaches the cord from the headphones to a radio of some kind on a stool nearby. I start hearing some nice soothing music as I start to drift off. I am occasionally awoke from noises or just on my own and occasionally it seems I am listening to someone telling me over and over that I can only be happy in rubber, and bound in some way, being the perfect rubber pup. Other times it was to music.

I was given food and water and juice occasionally, for the next couple of days, and then when I seemed to be somewhat out of it all, Rob comes back down with Dan again and I am taken down and I am made to stand up and exercise my arms, but always under strict control and chains attached to my collar and my ankle cuffs.  I am then told to stand still which I'm still somewhat pissed at whets happened to me, so I try and resist. I begin flailing my arms and trying to lunge as much as the chains will allow. One of them gets behind me and I begin to feel funny again... One of them got that cloth at the end of my breathing tubes. It only had some fumes left, so I wasn't knocked out, but made extremely droopy.

I was then held up and the other began wrapping me up in several layers of saran wrap. Once I was completely wrapped, from toes to top of the head, I was wrapped in duct tape. Only my tubes (3 from the head and 1 from the catheter) were still free. I was laid down on a bed in the corner and was roped into place. I was then plugged back into the radio and given more Ensure and left for an unknown period of time. Occasionally given things to drink and then I feel some movement. I can tell the ropes holding me down are taken off, and then more movement near my groin. The tape/saran is cut away, and then I feel things being tugged at and moved. I feel something pull from behind my balls and then slid off my cock. I feel something warm and wet... I'm being cleaned up!

Soon I'm being dried, a new catheter put in place, the cockcuff reinstalled and it all covered by the chastity shorts, which are relocked. I then feel something being pulled up over my legs and while tight, wasn't uncomfortable. It was being pulled higher and higher and felt my tubes being maneuvered and then more pulling and tugging, and then it became tight near my feet. The some pulling and tugging near my head, and then a voice comes over my headphones.

"pup! I have now got you all cleaned up and you are now sealed into a tube of rubber. You are now a pup worm!!! You will be kept this way for the next few days and will be allowed to squirm around the floor like a real worm would!"

I spent all my time either sleeping or squirming around (while in layers of latex and rubber, saran and duct tape and covered by a thick rubber worm suit) listening to the headphones... I slowly began calming down about my situation and going with the flow, but was still going to be taking awhile.

Then 1 day (I'd lost all track of time by now) I am chloroformed and I am out again. When I awake, I am in a shower being scrubbed down, with a chain around my neck. "Don't try anything boy! You wouldn't like it."

I am scrubbed down completely, re-shaved, and toweled off; I am led by the chain into another room. With (a lot of) assistance, I am put back in my latex undergarments (which have been washed out) and placed back in the wetsuit, chastity device, the catheter, locking chastity shorts over it all, and then I am made to put on a full football uniform, with all necessary pads, including the cup jock, socks, cleats pants with all the pads, girdle and pads, shoulder pads, abdomen protector, jersey, and then placed back in the hood with the tube gag, and a helmet. Then the posture collar and my body harness is placed on over it all.

I am led by a leash over to the suspension frame again, and I am hooked up and lifted off the ground. My ankles are roped up behind me to the back wall my hands placed in football gloves then placed back inside the mitts, and then they are roped securely to other hooks from the ceiling, leaving my hands about chest high, and allow some restricted arm movement. The catheter hose is ran out of the way, and then the TV was brought out and Master pulled a lazy boy over near me, and he turned the TV on to watch the Big Football game! Ohio State vs. Michigan! I almost forget the situation I’m in, in the excitement of the game! I had such a great time, and then we watched another game afterwards.

“Well pup, its time for bed. Here’s another protein shake (which I drink quickly and grunt some, and he gives me another). Goodnight. Pleasant dreams!” And he walks up the stairs, leaving me to hand in my bondage for the night.

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