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The Process Of Learning

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; latex; catsuit; gag; club; F/f; mc; fantasies; bond; bdsm; cons; X

I have visited the club many times, on most visits I have met and been entertained by a stranger! (I know it’s very dangerous, but I accept the risk). I always dress exactly the same, I always have my body swathed in latex, with a latex hood locked into place at the nape of my neck, and with a gag of some sort locked in my mouth.

The obvious question must be :- how do I convey my wishes to anyone that I meet? The answer is quite simple.

My breasts are a moderate size for my scrawny frame (good in shape though I think for a thirty year old woman), but my nipples extend out like Scammel trucks wheel nuts. To these I screw fix nipple clamps, from which I hang a sign saying 'bondage slave available to meet your requirements'. I could have put something tacky like 'use me', or even 'slut available', but if you knew me in real life you would know that I am quite posh, and as such I would not chose to demean myself with a tacky board! I expect whoever accepts my offer to do enough demeaning of me!

This night the club is quiet, there are the usual leather freaks but they know me and don’t come near to me, being too wrapped up in their own world, to want to deal with a very submissive latex tramp! I ignore them as they ignore me and that is always the way it is.

I am getting bored, I have been here for nearly two hours and no one has shown the slightest interest in me, despite my having a fabulous figure when wearing latex. There are one or two about that have used me in the past, but they stay clear of me now because they know that I am a full blown masochist, and that I do not want to play at submission, but experience the real thing! Most are only part-time players, into light bondage and some whipping! What I want is someone that is not so restricted, someone that will take me all the way, and use me beyond my wildest dreams, and I don’t think that I will be finding that perfect person tonight. Not if what I can see is any indicator! I am just about to leave when the twin doors of the club room open, and are held open by two topless and heavily muscled males slaves.

The woman that passes between them is stunning: even I have never seen anyone that looks quite so awesome! Behind her is an entourage of young ladies, all collared, all controlled by her I think, though not apparently restricted at the moment. They look like they are out for fun and I am beginning to think that I might not leave for a while.

She glides effortlessly across the dance floor: the few dancers part as though they know that the queen has arrived! I see the barman look up, and I watch as his jaw drops! He reaches out behind him and selects a bottle of very expensive champagne and places it on a silver tray. To the tray he adds a bloody-Mary with ice. One of her female slaves collects the tray from the bar (no money changes hands I note)!

The slave crosses the floor towards her mistress, who has seated herself in a half-moon bench seated booth, and is clearly waiting to be served. The twin males stand silent and imposing now at each outer edge of the curved booth. The slave girls kneel at her feet looking up at her in silent adoration.

The tray arrives and is placed on the table before this strange erotically powerful woman, I watch as she indicates for the champagne to be given to the female slaves. She picks up the Bloody-Mary and after saluting the barman she takes a sip, before returning the glass to her table.

As I watch a door across the room opens and out pops the manager looking all flustered and concerned, he sees the woman, obviously he knows that she has arrived and now he is putting in an appearance. The clubs own door-men also enter the room, they circulate, talking to the few regulars, encouraging them apparently to leave. Most go without opposition they seem scared of the new arrivals. No one I note approaches me, not one of them, I am ignored, bypassed even! Meanwhile the manager has approached the seated goddess, her female minions part to create a channel down which he can walk.

He does, I see him suck in his gut and try to stand a little taller, which considering he is about five-foot-six is quite impressive. She watches, silent and alert, a panther resting, relaxed but ready to strike. Words are exchanged, more by him than her and then he turns and departs, casting a swift glance at me as I watch the scenario unfold before me.

The bouncers have cleared the club completely: I bet there were a few complaints from those that have been thrown out! I stand up intending to walk towards the mysterious lady when the club doors are again thrown open and a horde of seething bodies burst through them filling the place. I stop and return to the bar stool on which I have been sitting, watching in fascination.

The people are all dressed totally different but at the same time the same, there is leather and latex, plastic and cotton, belts and boots, some are wearing head masks like me, others are not. The girls all look amazing, the guys fit and I am sitting watching this fast growing party. The club is not large, it can probably hold a couple of hundred people and pretty soon it is fast approaching its maximum. She the woman is still over by the booth, I can’t see her through the crowd, but I know somehow that she is there!

The music starts again, filling the air with thumping hard core sounds, I quite like the atmosphere, it feels electric and inviting, bodies swirl and gyrate as I watch. My excitement rises, I stand, wanting to join in, a pathway opens in front of me, I walk forward, bodies part, leather and plastic touch my skin, hands reach out brushing and sensitising me.

I walk one step at a time through the group towards where I can sense she is waiting for me. I reach the outer ring of her entourage, they are still sitting on the floor in a half circle, I can see her now over their heads. The guard slaves are still in the same position, watching silently, but doing nothing. Girl’s part, sliding away on their bottoms, legs pulling up, as they clear the way forward for me.

She raises her bloody red glass to me and I nearly faint, the feeling of arousal explodes in my groin, my mind shatters and is unable to think, I step closer as she beckons without moving! Three more steps and I am before her, my head bowed, my thoughts confused, my arousal beyond anything I have ever felt! She can read my sign but says nothing!

The girls close in behind me, one or two allow their fingers to brush lightly against my skin, the shock of their contact fuels my arousal. She watches the interplay with obvious amusement and some level of satisfaction.

“I like your outfit!”

She did not speak, the words materialised in my brain, pushed into it by her and heard by me, the shock of her invasion is added to by the feeling of having my thoughts rummaged through without my permission. She searches and touches, opens and looks at my deepest darkest fantasies. I try to resist her intrusion, but fail! I stand before her being mentally raped, stripped clean of any level of privacy! My excitement rises: the feeling causes sex hormones to flood my body I am being prepared by her, but for what I do not know.

“You will come with us and learn to allow your deepest desires full reign!”

The words are back, my mind nods in agreement as she lightly brushes against my cortex. The room shimmers, my optic nerve transmits the changing images but my body remains hers, fully controlled and completely hers. The room turns black, everything but her mental touch disappears. My limbs feel nothing, my body feels dismembered and disturbed, but still I can not resist! Then the light returns: I am floating in a bright room, she is there, nothing else exists in my thoughts or sight but her. She looks different but the same, I am very confused!

“Relax, you have been relocated to my world, here you will live as one of mine, you will enjoy your life as you have always wanted to enjoy it, but now instead of your desires being nothing but fantasy, here they will be nothing but reality! If you think it and I agree, it will become real! If you want it and it pleases me, you will have it, nice or horrible, that is up to you! Think what you will and see what happens, but remember thoughts take time, and time controls everything here, there are no white rabbits to help you!”

I thought: I pictured a lake with a wooden jetty leading out into it, I also pictured myself running along the wooden-deck and leaping into the water.

What happened is exactly that, I ran, leapt and entered the water with a loud splash, the gag filling my mouth, stopped me from talking quite effectively, but it did not stop water from flooding around it and causing me to swallow and gag, the lake water tasted foul, dirty and generally horrible, much like the lake from my childhood holiday. I sank deeper into the water, thick weed reached out and tangled my latex covered legs, dragging me down to the depths. I remember the dream from which this reality came, and struggled.

Her voice filled my thoughts, a calming tone suffused my brain I relaxed allowing sunlight to burst into my fantasy. I awoke coughing up the lake water, bone dry dressed in a yellow flower covered sun-dress, sitting next to an amazing picnic. Life seemed good as I picked up a cup of tea and drank to freshen my mouth.

My latex bondage suit had vanished, as had the gag and all had been replaced by what had once been my favourite dress, this I could clearly see. She was nowhere in sight, I was alone, my thoughts puzzled at her lack of presence, and then there she was, sitting quietly, watching me, on the far side of the picnic rug.

“Your back!”

“I never went away, only I was not a part of your fantasy so you could not see me. Remember anything you think will become reality, but be aware, there are pit-falls as well as pleasures in this place, had you not changed your dream, you would have drowned in the lake!”

I had always wanted to have large breasts and there they were sticking out, hanging off my chest, the weight of them dragging me forward! Nipple clamps gripped my swollen nipples biting deep into my new flesh, My arms drew back behind me, metal chains bound me at my wrists, tight straps pulled my elbows together, my gag is back! I struggle as she watches.

My feet join, strapped at ankle and knee, a rope forms, attached to my ankle chains, I feel the pull as the rope comes under tension, my feet lift, I am hauled upside down by the rope. Men appear, surrounding me, whips lash at my flesh and I scream in agony into my ball-gag. Pain floods my mind, my thoughts tumble, as the whips lash, I pass-out feeling the touch of a branding iron against my shoulder, something I have always wondered about having inflicted on me.

I awake face down in a cream-cake, spluttering as I push myself upright, cream smeared all over my face. She is sitting watching me, listening to my screams and enjoying my confused fantasies.

“You need to order your thoughts if you are going to control your dreams!”

Order my thoughts! I notice that My B cup tits are back, which is disappointing, but minus the painful nipple clamps, which is not disappointing! They start to swell beneath my latex cat-suit, metal teeth bite into my flesh once more, I banish it from my thought and the metal disappears! I decide that enough is enough just before they, my new tits, start to hurt my back with their weight.

My hips expand, then my arse grows outward, my body is changing again, becoming the image of its self I often think is accurate, though in reality I know that I am slim, going on scrawny!

Everything vanishes, my tits, my arse, even my hips, and I am me again, just as I should be, just as I was before I met this woman for the first time in the club.

The club, I appear in the club, standing before her, still surrounded by her Women, looking at her in silence, with my mouth gagged wearing my latex suit, my sign dangling from my nipples but now with my heart racing!

She looks up, smiles knowingly at me, I feel her thoughts! “Be careful what you wish for Alice,” she says! I wonder-what-land she comes from?

The End


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