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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter 1: The start of a new life

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; tens; chast; toys; cons; X

Chapter 1: The start of a new life

My Wife and I had moved to this large, remote house about two years ago. It was down the end of a dead end track about two miles from the main road. We had considered it to be ideal for our shared interest in Rubber and Bondage. The only visitors would be friends who were into the ‘scene’ or other people by appointment. My wife, who was a Solicitor, was the breadwinner, although I was self-employed doing odd jobs of D.I.Y. as and when I could find work in the area.

The situation I now found myself in was I suppose my own fault, if fault is the right word. I had wanted to spend as much time as possible in Rubber Bondage applied by my wife, who played the role of my Rubber Mistress. This was usually a Rubber Suit and Rubber Boots with a heavy SBR Mackintosh to hide the Rubber Suit, and a SBR Sou’Wester. The Bondage would be a set of manacles and chains, which were more of a token form of Bondage and would enable me to do maintenance jobs around the house. The manacles could be removed if anyone called unexpectedly. The SBR Mackintosh and Sou’Wester, whilst unusual, would be acceptable in such a rural location. It was I suppose my ‘utopia’, Rubber and Bondage by day and when my wife came home by night as well.

But my wife wanted to go out to Fetish Clubs and meet other people who were into the scene, with me going along dressed and secured as her Rubber Bondage prisoner. It should have been the ideal situation, but I much preferred to be at home in our ‘playroom’ I had constructed in the cellar of the house secured in escape proof Rubber Bondage and being teased and tormented by my wife/Mistress.

I should have seen the writing on the wall when she started going to Fetish clubs on her own, leaving me in the playroom in secure Rubber Bondage. Such was my excitement at being left all evening in Rubber Bondage that I failed to notice how each time she went out she left me in a more severe Bondage situation than the last time. Then she started to leave me for the night secured to one or the other of the various pieces of equipment I had constructed. She would release me in the morning but make sure I was dressed in Rubber and Bondage for the day.

The bombshell was dropped one evening after she had got me dressed fully in Rubber and had trussed me up in a Rubber Strait Jacket and Leg Sack. A fully occluded Rubber Hood with an inflatable Gag made sure there would be no protests from me.

She informed me I was to be her permanent Rubber Bondage Slave. When she went out to work or on her club visits she would leave me secured in the ‘playroom’. When she was at home I would in addition to repairs and maintenance do all the household cleaning and anything else she might think of.

Now the Rubber Bondage sessions with tormenting and teasing have stopped and I am now permanently in Rubber Bondage and continually tormented with a very fiendish Chastity Belt. The pouch, which is made from stiff Leather is Laced and Strapped tightly around my balls.

This ensures I always have some sort erection, and attached to the ball pouch is a tightly laced, stiff Leather Sheath enclosure for my cock. On the inside of the Leather Sheath are metal plates, which press against the sides of my cock. These plates have wires attached to them, which are brought outside my Rubber clothing. Behind each metal plate is a vibrator.

The wires for these two small but very powerful vibrators are also brought outside my Rubber clothing. These wires are connected to a portable control device and power pack fitted inside a small haversack and is then secured to my back with a padlocked Leather Harness.

The access cover to the haversack is closed with a zip and is also padlocked to ensure I am unable to disconnect the wires connected to my Chastity Belt tormenting devices.

My cock is cathetered as is my bum hole, and a carefully designed diet ensures I have no solids to obstruct the bum catheter. Breakfast consists of orange juice, black coffee and a bowl of cold Porridge. I get nothing at what would be lunchtime, but my evening meal is a bowl of soup, followed by a green salad and some pasta with a portion of finely ground meat. A dish of yoghurt is served as a sweet and a cup of black coffee to finish. I am fed a vitamin supplement and also some hormone pills to prevent hair growth, which means I only need to shave my body, face and head once a month. This is done when I have my enema session, which is the rare occasion when I am not totally encased in Rubber but there is no relaxing of my Bondage.

I can drink as much water as I want, but I have learnt to keep this to a minimum as she only releases the catheters once a day in the morning before she leaves for work, and the pressure in my bladder becomes very painful if I drink too much. Once a month the catheters are removed for cleaning and a very thorough enema session makes sure I am fully cleaned out. This regime ensures I don’t have to make requests to be released from any of my Rubber Bondage and so waste time with toilet procedures. It also ensures she can keep a close watch on my weight and be sure all the Rubber clothing she has purchased will fit me properly. She is constantly having more Rubber clothing made for me as she gets more and more bizarre ideas to make me suffer.

In the morning before she leaves for work I am dressed in Rubber to become her Rubber Maid. I wear a full set of female Rubber underwear comprised of full length Black Rubber stockings, a boned Rubber Corset with extremely large padded breasts and suspenders to support the Rubber Stockings.

A pair of long leg Rubber Pants, which reach to below my knees and are secured with Padlocked Straps. Likewise the wide waist belt fitted to the top of the Rubber Pants is also Padlocked.

The Rubber Pants are made from two layers of Red double-sided Rubber Hospital Sheeting and are made to be a fairly loose fit so that they crackle and rustle with every movement and step I take. A calf length heavyweight Black Rubber Petticoat is worn over this, then over this an ankle length Heavyweight Black Rubber Maids Dress with long sleeves, tight cuffs and a tight high neck. Shoulder length Black Rubber Gloves are put on before the cuffs of the Rubber Dress are zipped and padlocked. My shaved head is encased in a Thick, Black Rubber Hood, which has a built in inflatable Gag.

A thick Rubber Brank goes across my mouth and is secured with a harness of Rubber Straps around my head, neck and under my chin.

This makes sure I am unable to push the gag out of my mouth, and also ensures I am unable to breathe through my mouth. My only means of breathing is through a pair of nostril tubes, and dark lens cover the eye openings to ensure my Cruel Rubber Mistress can’t see my eyes. A deep shoulder cowl attached to the Rubber Hood is tucked inside the Rubber Maids Dress before the neck of the Rubber Dress is closed. A custom made Rubber Apron is worn over all this Rubber clothing. It is made from two layers of Rubber Hospital Sheeting like a ‘Tabard’ and it reaches almost to my ankles.

My head slips through a tight hole and apart from my arms I am totally covered by this Rubber Apron. The sides are closed with a full-length open-ended zip down each side.

A pair of Rubber Ankle Boots strapped and padlocked in place completes my ‘Rubber Uniform’.

To make sure I don’t try to escape from the house I am fitted with a combination manacle and chain set. Self-locking Steel manacles are fitted around my ankles and wrists. A Steel self-locking collar and waist belt are also fitted on to me.

Heavy, welded link Steel chains are welded to these self-locking manacles. A short hobble chain goes between the ankle manacles, and a slightly longer chain is fitted between the wrist manacles. A long chain goes from each ankle manacle up to the front of the waist belt, and another long chain goes from the centre of the ankle hobble chain up to the back of the waist belt. A chain goes from the front of the waist belt up to the front of the collar and the hobble chain between the wrist manacles passes through a double sliding ring on this length of chain. This allows me to move my hands from side to side and up and down in order to carry out my cleaning duties. Moving about in all this heavy Rubber clothing and the manacles and chains and being able only to breathe through the nostril tubes soon becomes very tiring and I quickly get very hot and sweaty.

Weekends are the worst time for me as my Mistress is usually at home all day and she finds more than enough tasks to keep me fully occupied.

When she goes off to work my daily routine begins at six am. When she releases me from whatever Rubber Bondage I had been secured into for the night. I dress in my ‘Maids Uniform’ including the Rubber Hood, Gag and Head Harness. Mistress then fits on to me the manacle and chain set and over the Rubber Gloves she buckles a pair of thick, heavy Rubber Bondage Mittens. The straps are secured with padlocks.

A three feet long steel bar with a ring welded to the centre is padlocked to a similar ring welded to the back of the waist belt. Rings at each end of this steel bar are then padlocked to the ‘D’ rings on the tips of the Bondage Mittens. This makes my hands completely useless and ensures I am unable to tamper with any of the Bondage I have been secured into.

Fitted between two-ring bolts set into the floor is a length of heavy chain parallel with my Rubber Bed. A short length of heavy chain is padlocked to the hobble chain between my ankles and a sliding ring fitted over the floor chain it is just long enough to let me walk alongside my Rubber Bed and also to sit down on the Rubber Bed. But the chain is not long enough to reach the door.

Finally she straps and padlocks the haversack on my back, which contains a heavy duty, rechargeable battery and the control device for my Chastity Belt, and she plugs in the wires from my Chastity Belt to a connector inside the haversack.

The cover on the haversack is zipped up and a padlock fitted through the zip runner. With my hands enclosed in the padlocked Bondage Mittens and the spreader bar connected to the tips of the Bondage Mittens and then padlocked to the back of the waist belt there is no possible way I can get at the haversack to disconnect it. The anchor chain padlocked to my hobble chain is not long enough to let me rub my back against any of the walls or the equipment in the room to try to dislodge the haversack. Nor will the chain let me reach the door. The control device has several timers which turn the vibrator on and off at various intervals. Long enough to get me very aroused but stopped before I can manage to orgasm. When the vibrators stop a ‘tens’ unit sends electric shocks through the two plates up each side of my cock.

This makes sure any hope of finally obtaining an orgasm by rubbing myself against my Rubber clothing is quickly curtailed.

As she said when she first fitted the device on to me ‘you want to be teased and tormented, well now you can have it done all day and if I think you deserve it all night.’

While the vibrator is working I sit on the edge of the bed hoping to get an orgasm, but as soon as the ‘tens’ unit starts up I have to stand up and walk up and down as far as my tether chain will allow to try to reduce the effects of the electric shocks. It is constant teasing and tormenting and during the six months since she first fitted the device onto me it has never given me an orgasm nor has it failed or stopped. It is still running when she gets home from work and if she is in a good mood she unplugs it.

Then in this totally frustrated and exhausted state I have to carry out all the tasks she tells me to do. When I have completed all the tasks to her satisfaction I have my evening meal and then she spends the rest of the evening getting me ‘ready for bed’ as she refers to it.




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