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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; latex; panties; corset; collar; maid; mc; cond; toys; insert; mast; climax; enslave; reluct/cons; X

If you are under 18 years of age, or are offended by graphic descriptions of sex and other activities and expressions of an adult nature, please stop reading at the first opportunity after this paragraph.

Part 1: Diana

Dianne wearily extracted her white stockinged leg from her car, dropping one of her conservative, plain cream pumps on the garage floor, and paused to stare at her fallen shoe which lay rocking on the black tarmac. Her layoff had finally come today and she had just driven home on habit alone. Once the familiar commuting ritual was over, reality began to sink in and she felt too drained get out of her car. At last, she resolved to climb out, extending herself to her slim, athletic 5'5". Dianne had felt good this morning so she had worn her favorite cream crepe business suit with its matching knee length skirt, and had accented it with an emerald green silk blouse which complimented her green eyes. With a sigh of determination she freed her long, strawberry-blonde hair from its hairdini bun. Having made herself feel slightly better, she lifted her head and swiftly walked to her apartment.

She saw the shoebox-sized present sitting on her doorstep and was instantly both delighted and puzzled because she couldn't remember mail-ordering anything. The box was black and shiny, and was tied with a wide, white satin ribbon which came together in a large, crisp bow on top. She picked the box up, and read the attached, plain white tag, which had no other markings other than "For My Diana", in curly, black script. The contents, were light, and shifted around softly when she shook the box.

After a few seconds contemplating who might have sent it or even why, she decided she'd had enough of this mystery and a long, hot shower sounded like her best bet. She dug for her keys inside her black patent purse, and went inside. She tossed the mystery box onto her bed, carefully took off and hung up her work clothes, and, slowly and determinedly, rinsed the day's miseries away.

Dianne emerged from the shower naked with her head bent forwards, walking while she towelled her hair which hung in wet strings in front of her. She whipped it behind her where it streamed past her smooth, graceful shoulders. As she dabbed her towel over the droplets of water her hair had sprinkled over her body, she brushed it against her sex by chance, and she instinctively began touching herself. Blushing with embarrassment, she stopped her hand after a few rubs.

She decided to get to the first order of business which was that mystery package sitting on her bed. She tossed the enigmatic card aside, and the crisp, perfect bow came undone easily. Then she flipped open the shiny box lid, and contemplated the jumble inside. Dianne removed a black, shiny, jelly-like thing from the crumpled packing papers and stared at it in her hands. It was made of a black, rubbery, mirror-like plastic cloth, whose surface effortlessly slid over itself as her hands played with it. It flopped around making squishy noises as she poured the sensous material from one hand to the other. She eventually discovered that it was a pair of panties but with a startling difference, as if the strange material weren't enough! There were two large, intricately patterned dildoes on the inside which corresponded to where her pussy and ass would be. She recoiled in disgust and dropped the thing at that revelation, but her unfulfilled lust kept her fixated on its rudeness.

Her eyes crept back to the strange panties. She slowly snaked a hand out to them and gingerly picked them up. Her hands stroked and fondled the panties' obscene, fleshy smoothness. Her mind was already made up, but she held still as she gathered the courage to put them on. Dianne stood up off her bed and put her legs through the panties one at a time. She nervously shivered as she felt the panties' cool slickness on her skin and the panties' two fleshy members bobbing between her legs as she pulled them upwards. Her face flushed with anticipation. She climbed on her bed, spread her knees and guided the larger front dildo towards her pussy with her hands. Its smooth, shiny slickness and her own lubrication swiftly glided the squishy member inside her.

As she gently pushed the dildo in, she felt a pleasant fullness creep up her through her moist hole, which kept filling her deeper and deeper until she thought she would burst. Just when she felt she couldn't take any more, her outer lips felt the cool, slick touch of the panties attached to the dildo's base. As she relaxed and got used to feeling the firm squishiness filling her sex, she thought, "Comfortable, a custom fit..." She pulled the panties' waistband over her hips and felt the rubbery material coldly oozing as it settled over her warm hips. She leaned forward, squeezing the intrusion with her cunt muscles, and it surprisingly responded with a pleasant throb.

She gasped at this surprise, and as she sat back onto her heels, she felt something behind her, and realized that it was the rear dildo sticking out of a leg hole. Dianne had never been penetrated anally, and briefly wondered if she could just leave it there for now, but having been _very_ pleased with the results from the front end, she quickly slipped a hand down the panties, grasped the misdirected butt plug and pointed its tip to her rear hole and bent her body forwards, resting on her other hand. She thought briefly about lubricating it, but her excitement, plus her faith in the dildo's slick plastic overrode her fears. Sure enough, as soon as she relaxed, the force of the stretchy, shiny, black panties was all that was needed to push the tip of the slippery dildo into her rear. She felt its smooth ripples stretch her anus as it glided in under its own power, filling her with new, exotic sensations (and guilt!). Her finger pushed the anal intruder in to its furthest, and like its counterpart quivering in her pussy, gave an unexpected, but equally pleasing throb.

Dianne gave a delicate sigh of delight as her front and rear began pulsing with increasing pleasure and sensation. She toppled over onto her back and put her knees together to raise the pressure on her deliciously pounding pussy and ass. Squirming uncontrollably in ecstasy, she fondled her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples. Her hands wandered over her body, caressing it softly, and occasionally sliding down and feeling the smoothness of her pleasure panties, but they quickly moved on, as there was no more pleasure her fingers could add to her uncontrollable, pulsing crotch. The pleasure teased her, ever-so-slowly building, but just fast enough to keep her helplessly squirming and moaning in anticipation. Then, just before she would come, it would back off just enough to keep her grunting with frustration, and start the cycle over again.

Dianne lost track of time as she entered a trance of a path meandering slowly, but inevitably towards ecstasy. Her bedsheets and pillows became soaked in her sweat, and she felt her bedroom's air warm and thick with her moisture which fogged her windows and mirror, but by that point she wasn't capable of caring about anything outside of her pleasure. She saw, but didn't care about the sunset dimming into twilight through her fogged window.

Suddenly, she she began thrusting her hips forth and back, faster and faster as if at some phantom lover. Little by little, her head began flopping forwards and back, hitting the mattress, and bouncing forward with more strength. She looked down and saw how her hips were now encased in perfect, black, shininess. She saw how her pussy was now a narrow, shallow depression in a perfect smoothness, and it hit her. Diana gave a tiny squeal of release from her feminine throat as she overloaded with pleasure. Her hips bucking wildly as she thrashed and rolled, rubbing sensation from her soft pillows and comforter. Her long blonde tresses flew wildly, whipping her chest, shoulders, and back.

With one final pleasure-grunt, Dianne flopped into her now-messy bed, and while barely feeling the streams of sweat as they rolled down her face. She lay still, breathing heavily and savoring her pussy's contractions as it milked the rubbery dildo for its imaginary semen. Dianne grunted in surprise as another wave of pleasure swelled in her crotch. Her mind became purely animal as she rolled around and caressed herself amidst her sweat and drool soaked bedsheets until she came again. Again, and again, she was brought to orgasm, each time her mind became more numbed. The orgasms kept on coming until she was so tired that her body barely moved and her mind had long since gone under. Finally, she passed out into bliss from utter exhaustion, and just slept there naked (except for the panties, of course) and with her legs splayed wide open.

She woke up with a start. It was dark outside. She looked at her clock radio and was dismayed to read 3:09AM. Her throat was parched. Dianne got up and stumbled to the kitchen where she gulped down two cool glasses of water. Then she noticed that she still had the pleasure panties on! "Wow, this thing is _really_ comfortable", she exclaimed quietly to herself, while stroking her black, shiny hips, and noting how smoothly the pleasure panties' edges met her skin. She suddenly felt the urge to pee.

She walked to her bathroom fumbling with the pleasure panties' waistband, and was all prepared to sit down on the toilet, when she realized that she couldn't get her fingers between herself and the panties! Its edges were joined seamlessly with her waist all around! She tried the leg holes without any success. The damn panties had glued themselves to her! She felt her rear. The smooth surface had shaped itself perfectly to the "peach" of her butt! She felt the two globes of her ass obscenely sliding against each other as she tried to rub the black shininess off her waist in vain. She gave up and then she suddenly realized that she still had to pee! She didn't want to mess her floor, so she climbed, sobbing, into her shower where she had taken a normal shower just hours ago.

She squatted, let her bladder go, and was surprised to see a golden stream come out from where it would normally exit, except, of course, it came through a hole somewhere in the damned panties! After she was done relieving herself, she felt the area, and there was indeed, a small hole where her "piss hole" (for lack of a better word) should have been. She explored her backside, and found a button sized plastic doughnut where her "ass hole" (again, for lack of a gentler word) used to be. She cussed at the panties and herself for being so stupid having put them on in the first place. Dianne, spent by her rage, sank down onto the toilet seat and stared into her black shiny crotch.

Dianne suddenly noticed that she was, once again becoming aroused sexually. She cried "NOO!", as the unremovable front and rear dildoes worked their magic on her sex. After a few minutes, she was playing with her breasts. In her erotic trance, she noticed that if she moved in a certain direction, the stimulation got stronger. She was lead out of the bathroom, out of her bedroom, and crawled drunkenly towards the front door. There she was stopped by her dread, while her crotch promised her further delights if she went outside. Fear sank like a stone in her gut while her desire mounted with each passing moment.

She began caressing the door, feeling its hard, white surface while attempting to avert her eyes from the door handle. She rubbed her body against the door, moaning at every cold, hard touch. Then her eyes wandered onto the door knob and she drooled. Unconsciously, a hand snaked out, stroking its round bronze hardness. She stuck out her tongue to taste its metal. Knowing she was beaten, she yielded to her desire, she turned the knob and opened the door from her knees. Outside was another present, shiny, and black with a wide white ribbon, just like the first, but this box was about two feet tall and just as wide. Dianne had given up all resistance in despair and let her crotch tell her that this new box was her new sex object. She hastily dragged the box (which was much heavier than the first one) inside, quickly closing and locking the door. She wrapped her legs around the box and hugged her body to it, licking it, and savoring its coldness against her breasts.

She undid the bow hurriedly, and tossed the lid aside, revealing a black satin lined tray with a black, shiny studded collar in the middle. She couldn't resist the urge to wrap it around her neck and slide the connecting tongue at one end inside the hole in its heavy, silvery buckle which went behind her. She heard a whirr, felt the collar tightening around her neck, and then heard a fizzing noise. For a moment, she regained herself and put her hands to her neck to rip the collar off. But this "present" was much tougher than her now-permanent panties, and both collar and buckle couldn't be moved, and would soon be part of her. She pounded her fists into her plush carpeting, tears flowing down her face while she sobbed.

All of a sudden, Diana felt very relaxed, even pleased about what had happened to her. She sprung up off the floor, and almost danced her way to her full-length mirror. The Pleasure Panties were beautiful, so was the Obedience Collar, but she wanted more... She lifted the First Tray that had held her Collar, and found the Corset with garters, the Stockings, the six inch high-heeled Ankle Boots, and the short Gloves, which had buckled bands attached for each ankle and wrist! And all were made from the smooth, black shininess she now loved! She picked up and closed the Corset around herself. She felt its sides pinching her waist tighter and tighter as she fed each of the Corset's tightening straps into their heavy chrome buckles. She excitedly fed the last buckle, and with whirrs and fizzes, the Corset cinched itself around her waist permanently!

She ran her hands over her new hourglass curves, shaking with excitement! She was fed the knowledge that the Corset would tighten gradually over the following months until her waist measured a perfect 19"! She rolled up and smoothed the shiny black Stockings over her firm, creamy calves and thighs, only stopping less than an inch from her pulsing captive crotch, and they transformed her legs into shapely slender shafts of liquid sex. To these she attached the eight emerald green ribbon garters from her Corset, which was trimmed in a matching emerald green satin! Emerald Green was her pre-slavery self's favorite color and here it was in the lines defining her cruelly pinched waist, dominated in a sea of smooth black slickness! The Boots and Gloves slithered onto her for perfect fits, and their heavy black cuffs soon sealed themselves onto her forever!

As she looked at herself in the mirror, Diana was very pleased about how she looked now: her new hourglass figure, her legs and hands sealed in smooth, black shininess, her feet molded into pretty, shiny boots with those sexy high-heels.She was shiny and beautiful everywhere she could possibly want, and permanently too! But she still wanted more...

She went over to the Second Present and removed the Second Tray, and kissed it lovingly before gently setting it aside. At the bottom of the Second Present was her Maid's Uniform! Slut/Slave Diana squealed in erotically enhanced delight as she ceremoniously lifted the Uniform from the box, and held Its slick, black coolness against herself. She trotted It over to her full-length mirror where she held It against herself. Mesmerized, she admired its humiliating frilly, lacy design in the mirror.

A throb from her aching crotch broke her out of her daze, and she put the costume on. Its long, shiny, black sleeves flowed over her arms, and she poked her Glove-encased hands through Its frilly lace cuffs. Her neck was encircled by a high collar of frilly lace, strategically placed half-cups forced her breasts together, while a triangular studded cutout plunged from her neckline revealing the half cups and baring her enforced cleavage. The bodice melted perfectly over her Corset-nipped waist flaring outwards into her skirt which barely covered her crotch, revealing most of her shimmery, slippery, black-encased legs. She turned about in front of the mirror, admiring and being turned on by her humiliating costume. A wonderfully ruffly petticoat swirled and gently brushed her thighs.

The sight of her new self in the mirror was too much for Slut/Slave Diana, who knew it was time for her Big Reward for completing her Self-Slavery, without incident. She felt contentment and pleasure building inside of her as the Pleasure Panties and Obedience Collar sent signals and messages she couldn't ignore. Her Gloves wandered over her encased and violated body, stroking the Collar and Panties and her cleavage. Her knees turned to jelly under her, forcing her onto her hands, where she started rocking her hips back and forth, and side to side. She stuck her black, shiny thumb in her mouth, and lowered herself to an elbow, as her other hand played with her tightly wrapped breasts.

She removed her thumb from her mouth, and began stroking her crotch, as Slut/Slave Diana chanted, "I love only my Mistress!", "I willingly and lovingly serve and obey my Mistress!", "I worship only Her, for She is the Supreme Goddess!", over and over again. The meaning of those phrases took over more of her reality as she chanted, moaned, squirmed and thrust her hips in pure pleasure. Nothing else mattered while the new Pleasure Slave shook violently from orgasm after enhanced orgasm as her mind was blown away.

Part 2: Tomoko

Pleasure Slave Diana woke on the floor in front of her mirror where she had orgasmed her old, silly personality away last night. As consciousness crept back into her, she noticed her cheek was lying in a warm puddle of her own drool, and she smiled. Opening her eyes, she saw and felt her slightly frizzy, strawberry blond hair flopped over her face. She brushed it aside with a black-plastic covered hand, and rolled over onto her back smiling and reveling in her transformation into one of her Mistress'/Goddess' Slaves. She giddily giggled as her hands explored her cruelly nipped, corseted hourglass waist.

Playfully, she fluffed her frilly skirt and petticoat and lifted her black, shiny legs up in a "V", and delighted in their glassy smoothness. Her gaze traveled up, from her firm, black, shiny thighs, past her shapely black-encased calves, and came to rest upon her six-inch heeled Ankle Boots. Her pulse quickened as she traced each Boot's shape to its pointy tip that her toes were beautifully forced into. She followed the track of the Boots' unreleasable self-tightening buckles, which had crushed her feet permanently into the Boots' dainty form and bound them forever to their graceful, tapering shape.

Pleasure Slave Diana (for she now thought of herself as a Pleasure Slave before all else) felt her Obedience Collar lightly tingle as the urge to be the perfect Maid fill her mind. Robotically, she gasped, "A perfect Maid must walk properly in high heels" to herself, and her mind was emptied of all save that thought, her first worship to the Supreme Goddess. She rolled onto her knees, and wobbled onto her heels. She looked in the mirror, and saw her pale, morning face. "A perfect Maid must make her face pretty and her hair perfect and her body bathed and perfumed at all times," and she hobbled to the bathroom to wash up and make herself beautiful for her Goddess.

She ceremoniously removed her Maid's Uniform, caressed and kissed It lovingly before carefully hanging It. She stepped into the shower in her Corset, Stockings, Boots, and Gloves, all of which had fused permanently to her body over the night. Her Pleasure Panties and Obedience Collar told her that this new experience was wonderful, and that she was grateful and happy to have the privilege of being Her Mistress' Slave. Diana hummed merrily to her Mistress in joy while she soaped and rinsed and played with her new body. Slave Diana emerged from the bathroom glowing, her eyes lightly shadowed in green, and her open pouty lips carefully painted in glossy maroon. Her hair teased so that it flowed over her shoulders, and her neck, cleavage, and crotch were sprayed with her best perfume. Her faultless, bone-china skin contrasted with the shining blackness that trapped her in happy obedience.

She spent the rest of the morning in her sun-dappled living room practicing walking sexily in her high-heels. She smoothed her hands over her hips, delighting in how much they swayed as she paced back and forth. After she could somewhat follow a straight line, she began balancing a heavy dictionary on her head for poise, and every time it fell, she picked the book up and viciously hit herself on the head with it while angrily yelling "STUPID!", "USELESS!", "CLUMSY!" at herself. She had just gotten a couple of laps without a drop when she recognized the familiar feeling of her crotch urging her towards her front door.

She carelessly tossed the book onto the counter as she walked her new, ass-swaying walk to the front door, smiling as if to greet a lover. She opened the door, gracefully bent her knees and hips to one side, and tenderly picked up the shoe box-sized First Present and the black canvas bag sitting on her doorstep. She closed the door hurriedly, dropped the canvas bag, and, holding the First Present on the palm of her hand, she read the attached card:

"For My Tomoko".

Underneath the elegant script was scrawled:

"geT TomokO, my prETTy pleAsuRE SLAvE"

Slave Diana reeled and nearly dropped the box as her mind was overwhelmed with images of her friend and co-worker, who had also been laid off the day before. Tomoko was a petite Japanese girl, just out of college. Her round face with its silky complexion was adorned by her expressively delicate Japanese eyes, cute nose, and her round, perfect lips. The Pleasure Panties began their pleasure waves at the same time, and soon Slave Diana had mentally stripped Tomoko naked and had her bound spread-eagled. Slave Diana's desire soon overcame any remaining qualms against doing _anything_ for her Mistress, and she strutted sexily to her telephone while rehearsing a conversation with her Mistress' target.

"Hello, Tomoko?"

"Yeah, this is Dianne."

"Hey listen, I'm feeling really hurt and I really need to talk to someone in person, could you come over here?"

"Yeah, I figured you wouldn't have anything better to do."

"Oh really?"

"What kind of box?"

"What was inside?"

"Why didn't you open it?"

"It _might_ have been something nice..."

"No, I didn't send it."

"Oh well, I guess it's gone then, huh?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so nosy..." (giggles)

"Thanks, I really appreciate this..."

"I'll see you in a few...Bye!"

The Slave hung up the telephone and softly moaned and caressed herself while visions of a bound and gagged Tomoko rode waves of desire through her mind. Her hands were massaging her erect nipples when her eyes suddenly glazed over and her head began lolling drunkenly as she received instructions from her Obedience Collar. Just as suddenly, she snapped to alertness raced to and unzipped the canvas bag. She hurriedly rummaged through its contents, and removed a stun gun, which she examined and tested with a familiarity that the pre-Slave Dianne had no business having.

She put the bag aside and carefully placed the First Present in the middle of her living room floor's white carpet, where it would capture the eye of anyone coming in from her front door. She then unlocked the door, and positioned herself in a nook to its side, so that she could quickly place her body between anyone who had entered and the exit while she remained hidden to them. While she waited, her mind cleared itself of all thoughts save those of Tomoko's capture.

She silently listened to the Japanese girl's light footsteps approaching her front door. Two knocks. She lifted her hands to her face to project her voice off a far wall: "I'm in the bathroom, come in!"

Slave Diana heard the door open and close, and watched Tomoko walk past the nook. The petite girl wore a light pink sun dress, which flattered her slim, girl-like figure. Her back-length silken hair was tied to a ponytail by a matching pink bunchie. Tomoko casually, walked in, closing the door behind her, but she suddenly stopped mid-stride, staring wide-eyed at the artfully placed First Present.

Tomoko had barely quaked "Dianne?" in horror, when, in taking advantage of her target's hesitation, the enslaved Diana quickly ran forward, expertly pressed the weapon to the girl's bare arm, and fired. Tomoko gasped in surprise, fell to the floor without making any further sounds, and lay there quivering in shock. Carelessly dropping the stun gun, Slave Diana calmly walked to the bag and removed a pair each of thick, shiny wrist and ankle restraints, which she tightly padlocked around Tomoko's helpless limbs.

The Slave dragged the limp body by the legs into her bedroom and onto her bed. She ran to retrieve the bag as time was beginning to run short, and removed some red velvet-covered chains. She quickly used them to secure Tomoko's wrist and ankle bands to each corner of the brass bed frame, securing them with more padlocks. Slave Di then stepped back to take in the sight of the beautiful, delicate girl chained spread-eagled.

The Pleasure Slave smiled and began caressing herself in the loveliness of the vision before her and she climbed upon the bed and knelt astride the unconscious Tomoko. She reached over and lifted a leather ring gag from the bag and slipped it between Tomoko's teeth. Awoken by the intrusion into her mouth, while the Slave tightened the gag fast, Tomoko began groaning groggily. Slave Di clambered further up the girl's struggling body and hooked her legs above Tomoko's shoulders, forcing her own enslaved sex into the captured girl's face while holding her head fast with her thighs and weight and said: "My own juices have been transformed into my Mistress' love for you!". And upon tossing her head back and emitting a little groan, a stream of musky, steaming, pearlescence sprung forth from the Pleasure Slave's sealed crotch into Tomoko's open captive mouth.

The musky smell of the powerful aphrodisiac showed its effect in Tomoko's wilting struggles. Soon she was lying almost passively with the Pleasure Slaves' crotch pressed against her lips while it fed her the Slave's transformed love juices. The effect upon Tomoko's actions were astounding as she went from a fierce struggle against her bonds to mindlessly thrusting her own lubricating crotch into the air while anxiously drinking down every last drop of the elixir. Slave Di awoke from her trance and pulled her crotch away from Tomoko's face and the Japanese girl whined in her unquenchable thirst for the juice. The captive flailed her arms against the bonds in an effort to keep the Pleasure Slave's sweet Panties against her face. Her eyes glazed over with desire, the smell of her sweat, and frustrated grunts filled the air as she continued her involuntary hip thrusts.

Slave Di climbed off the rumpled girlsweat-and-juice-soaked bed sheets, robotically turned and left the room. If Tomoko could have paid attention, she would have heard the slow, languorous click of high heels down the hallway, pausing briefly, and those same heels returning. Slave Di swayed into the bedroom smiling and holding the shoe box-sized First Present, glossy black and tied with a wide white ribbon, upon the upward palms of her Gloves.

Humming tunelessly and grinning naughtily, the Slave tugged the floppy bow apart, and let the ribbon settle upon the writhing body. She tossed aside the lid and dumped the box' pheromone-soaked contents upon Tomoko's flushed and grunting face. Once more kneeling astride Tomoko's body, she playfully rubbed the tissues and the new Pleasure Panties across Tomoko's face and heaving chest causing the Japanese girl to groan loudly in pleasure. Grasping the Pleasure Panties' dildoes as she pressed them into Tomoko's eager face, Slave Di playfully teased, "I know where you want thiiiiis!" as she drew their rubbery hardness across her lips.

Slave Di climbed off the bed and unlocked Tomoko's right leg from its cuff. She slid the foot through one of the Panties' leg holes. As the cool, plastic slid up Tomoko's calf, her leg twitched while a brief futile thought of resistance passed through Tomoko's sex-clouded mind. Tomoko's other leg went through the Panties' other leg hole with identical ease, and Slave Di began drawing the dildoes in their rubbery dance towards Tomoko's wet and thrusting hips.

Slave Tomoko stood before the full-length mirror, dressed in a smaller, but equally well fitted version of Slave Di's Uniform. Her legs were spread shoulder width and permanently sealed inside glossy black Stockings and six-inch heeled ankle boots. Her waist had been permanently crushed into an hourglass shape by her pink-trimmed slick black Corset which dominated her slender body. Her long black shiny Gloves stroked her erect nipples which barely poked out of the Maid Uniforms' cutout cleavage while her thick studded Obedience Collar emptied what was left of her mind save a carnal need to obey its every command. Her vacuous smile moaned sensuous "Yessss!"es to each mind numbing wave of coercive pleasure the Pleasure Panties sent through her imprisoned sex. She stared through the mirror into her own vacant eyes, lost to all of her humiliating dress and that Slave Di stood right behind her in identical posture and thought.

Slaves Tomoko and Di gracefully dropped their hands and turned towards each other. "Our Mistress grants us pleasure for a Slavery well done!" and walked up to each other with their vacuous stares and smiles. Their nipples hardened and little goosebumps appeared upon their bared breasts slid up against the slick cool fabric of the others' uniform. Their fingers lightly touched each others thighs and buttocks, gently stroking them in slow, circular motions. Slave Di bent forward and kissed Slave Tomoko's receptive mouth and their fingers passionately bit into their soft plastic-encased flesh. The Slaves' embrace became a slow, gyration which made their bodies seem as one undulating mass of slender arms and legs. Each Slave would gasp "Oh Mistress!" or "Thank you Mistress!" in the midst of ecstasy oblivious to the other's identity while they pleasured each other.

The door to the former-Dianne's apartment opened into the foggy and deserted night and each glistening Pleasure Slave emerged smiling and daintily carrying a perfectly tied Present. Each box contained all the carefully collected evidence which could even hint at what had happened to the two girls. The streetlights cast their highlights across the Slaves' shiny Uniforms while they gracefully walked up to and stood dutifully at the curb and chanted, "Your Presents are here, Mistress!"

A white limousine silently emerged from the dense fog, glided up to them, and opened a door. From each seat protruded a huge bright red dildo! Slave Di received the order to enter the vehicle, but Dianne's fear momentarily made her hesitate and the Collar and Panties assaulted her senses and emotions to regain control. Slave Tomoko enthusiastically stepped forward and through the door.

Dianne's last sight was Tomoko hovering above and slowly sinking into the seat with a look of great contentment, the dildo disappearing into her frilly petticoat. Then Dianne's fear was purged and Slave Di entered the vehicle where she was hit by the warm moist air. Beads of sweat trickled down Tomoko and two previously unseen passengers: a curvy well-endowed redhead encased from head to toe in a tight shiny bodysuit with holes only for her nostrils, placid eyes, breasts, and a shock of curly red hair, and an identically outfitted young Latina with deep brown, but now-vacant, eyes, golden skin, and a slim fashion-model body.

As Di turned around to sit down and wave her behind feeling for the dildo, she felt it meet a slight depression in the Panties and stick fast. Slave Di felt wonderful as the intruder powerfully drew her down into the seat, while synchronizing Pleasure waves coursed through her body and soul with deeper and deeper intensity for every inch of penetration. Her mind drowned in each wave of pure sensation and she began groaning and sweating in unison with Tomoko and the entranced Slaves rocked wildly back and forth in their seats as far as their impalement allowed.

As a shiny black Glove reached out of the limo to grasp the door handle, one could hear four lost voices chanting: "We love only our Mistress!", "We lovingly serve and obey our Mistress!", "We worship only Her, for She is the Supreme Goddess!", before the door was silently closed and the limousine disappeared into the fog NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN!!! BwAHHHahaHaHahHAhHAhHahhA!!!!!


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