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A Present for the Lady

by Mark

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© Copyright 2004 - Mark - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; latex; catsuit; hogtie; bfold; bond; tease; cons; X

In the early afternoon C. called from the airport to tell that she had safely landed. I asked if she would like me to pick her up from the station, but she had different plans. "Put on a rubber suit and a blindfold and wait for me in the bedroom." She had spent a few days in England with our daughter and her friend. It had been just long enough to build up a desire for her, that popped up when she spoke those promising words.

I had at least an hour to get ready, so I took my time. First I closed the curtains and put the heating a bit higher. Then I took the suit out of the closet and hung it at a rail in bathroom to polish. Meticulously rubbing every spot of the catsuit, I brought back the glossy appearance of the black rubber. While I worked the touch of the smooth material and the penetrating scent of warming rubber started to turn me on.

I left the suit to dry and made a pot of tea. Waiting for the kettle, I tidied up around the house. The flowers I had bought yesterday needed some fresh water. One of them, a soft pink rose, I put in a thin vase, which went on the night stand in the bedroom. Sipping at a cup of tea, I stared at the bouquet on the mantle piece. Memories of the times we had switched, and my obedient subby had become a demanding domme, floated before my mind's eye. I shifted uneasily on the couch.

After one last round, checking all the rooms of our little apartment for things that could spoil our fun, I retreated to the bathroom. I applied a generous amount of talcum powder on my skin and the bathroom tiles and then put the suit on. The rubber tightly encased my body, forcing me to straighten my back and keep my belly in. As soon as I closed the zipper on my back I started to sweat. The firm embrace of rubber heightened my excitement even more and I couldn't resisted caressing my rubber covered groin, which bulge didn't leave anything to guess.

Before I would reach the point of no return I stopped. I went into the bedroom and picked a comfortable leather blindfold from our toy box. C. wouldn't arrive for at least half an hour. I tried to read, but my mind kept wondering off, so I decided to take the chance and get ready. She hadn't said anything about how she expected to find me, so I improvised. I put leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists and locked them with tiny little locks, the keys I left clearly visible next to the rose. Next I put on the blindfold. Now the acrobatic part had to begin. I laid down on my belly and pulled a rope through the rings at my ankle cuffs. With my arms on my back, I pulled one end through the ring at my left wrist cuff and then through the right one, the other end in the opposite direction. Tugging them tight, I placed myself in a hogtie.

It had been quite a struggle and by now I was sweating all over. I crawled to the end of the bed and swung my head around to find the straw that stood in a bottle somewhere. I found it. The water cooled me down a bit. Returning to my previous position, I panted slightly. The crawling had had it's effect on my still bulging groin. I rubbed a bit more, pushing my buns in the air. A look in the mirror on our bedroom cabinet would have revealed how helpless and desperate I looked, but I only saw darkness.

With all the willpower I had left, I managed to lay still. I waited. And waited. It seemed hours. I knew that if she had missed her train, it could be an hour before she was here. And I wasn't sure if I could last this position that long. I spent the time remembering the games we had played. Between erotic dreams I started to wonder if this had been a good idea. Cars stopped and drove off. Once I heard foot steps, but they passed. I had lost all sense of time when suddenly a car stopped right in front of our building. It sounded like a taxi, like someone being helped with her luggage, like C...

A thought races through my mind. What if she doesn't have enough money, and comes in and steps in the bedroom and the man is waiting at the door and... I hear steps ascend the stairs to our door and at the same time the car driving off. Keys in the door. Of course it's C., no one else would come in without ringing, and still I feel a pang of fear.

"Oh!" Her voice, surprised.

I feel her hand on my hair, ruffling it, wiping some sweat from my forehead. She leans over and kisses my mouth. "Hello." "Hello." "How are you?" "Hmmm. How are you?" "Oh fine." "Did you have a good trip?"

We exchange the usual chit-chat after a journey, but how. She sitting on the brim of the bed, me laying in rubber and hogtied. I wriggle to indicate I would like to be untied, knowing I'm not in the position to ask. "How long have you been tied up?" "What time is it?" "Quarter to four." "Almost 45 minutes." "Then you better stretch your limbs." She unties me. "But keep your blindfold on!"

When I'm loose I get a big hug and another deep kiss. She lets her hand roam over my groin and I let out a moan. She pushes me down on the bed again and spreads my legs and arms. "Grab the posts." I take hold of the bed and listen. It sounds like she is undressing. The bed seizes when she jumps on it. She straddles my groin and lays over my chest. Her naked skin moves over the smooth rubber. Wet and hot covers my pulsing hardness. Caressing my chest with her breasts she covers my face with kisses. "I missed you, Q." "I missed you too." "I want you."


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