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by Jimbob

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© Copyright 2001 - Jimbob - Used by permission

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Preparation by Jimbob
It had been a long day, but at least it was the weekend. She got home from work after far too much time in rush hour traffic, and was greeted by the flashing light on her answer phone, winking with secrets to impart. There was only one message.

"Hi, it's me. I'll be coming round tomorrow, some time before eight. Make sure you're ready."

The voice was familiar, and as usual, it made her heart beat faster and her mouth dry. She knew that "before eight" could mean any time. Her mind looked back to a memory; once she had been told to be ready for a visit first thing in the morning - he had let himself in at 1:30 am, and finding her asleep in bed and completely unprepared he had dragged the covers from her and beaten her, covering her body from neck to wrist to ankle in welts and bruises. None of them stayed permanently, but she had had to call in sick for a couple of days until they began to fade.

She swallowed hard, and hugged herself, relishing the thought of the wait ahead. First, she went to her wardrobe, and laid out what she would need on the bed. Then the closet under the stairs, pulling a small wheeled platform into the living room. Next a bath. He liked her clean, at least before he got started.

Back in the bedroom she stood naked before the bed, fingers brushing over her newly smooth mons. She tingled, but knew she had to get on with the task in hand. First, the gag. She loved her gag, often wearing it around the house just to feel it locked behind her teeth. There had been a time when she had hated it, struggling furiously to expel the invader from her mouth, but that time was long past. The red ball squeezed past her jaw, and she felt herself begin to dampen. Good, she thought.

Next she picked up a pair of black latex stockings, and slid them up her legs, making sure there were no creases or wrinkles in them. They came tantalisingly close to her crotch, leaving just a few inches of bare skin before her labia. She followed that with a matching pair of gloves, tugging them up to her armpits.

Now for the hood. She pulled her long brown hair up into a ponytail on the top of her head and pulled it through the top of the hood and then smoothed the black rubber down around her face. It left her face uncovered, but the rest of her head and neck now had the same tight, shiny texture as her arms and legs.

She stretched, feeling the rubber move with her, and then took a matching dildo and butt plug, pushing them into her. She gasped as they filled her, moaning round the gag that stopped her mouth. They had wires dangling from them, which brushed against her legs as she reached for her long-sleeved catsuit. She squeezed into it and fed the wires through two strategically placed holes in the crotch, zipping it up tight across her torso and up her neck, covering the bottom of her hood. She smiled round the gag, relishing the feeling of enclosure.

Sitting down on the bed, feeling the toys move inside her, she took a pair of knee-lenth ballet boots, and forced her toes into them before lacing them tightly up her shins. The black patent leather shone under the bedroom lights as she stroked it.

Almost done. Now for the restraints. She began with a tall posture collar which she locked round her neck. He had the keys to all the locks. And more importantly, to her. Then she picked up a number of leather straps and a blindfold and tottered down the stairs to the living room. Once there, she wrapped a strap round her ankles, and another round her thighs above her knees. Then she knelt on the platform and pulled more straps from underneath it, securing them over her legs, fastening her down. She took a piece of flex, and pulling it out from the platform, plugged it into a nearby electrical socket. Reaching behind her, she took the wires dangling from her crotch and plugged them into the back of the platform, listening and feeling for the click as the locked into place. As soon as they were in, they leapt into action, forcing a cry from behind the gag. She tried to press her hands into her crotch, but her thighs were strapped so tightly together that she could not reach between them. Moaning, she squeezed, her breasts instead, until the vibrators stopped.

She hadn't much time, now. If they started again while she completed her bondage she might never be able to complete it, and that her future would contain only pain, not the pleasure he brought her, that she craved so much. She blindfolded herself, and took a deep breath. Next to the platform she had placed a steel object - a bar just a little longer than her forearms with two steel circles welded at one end. The other end of the bar had a hole drilled through it, and two more smaller metal loops. She put one arm through one of the circles, and then placed a cuff around her wrist, locking it to the ring at the other end. Awkwardly, she put her other arm through the other loop, feeling it pull her elbows together behind her back, and locked her other wrist to the bar.

Finally, just as the vibrators kicked in again, she pushed the end of the bar into a hole at the back of the platform. The sound of the click as it locked in place triggered her orgasm, and she came, gasping and twitching as much as her restrants allowed. How many hours would she be there? She had no idea. But she knew that the wait would be worth it.

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