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Predator And Prey

by rbbral

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The Love Doll by [email protected]
It began with the advert in the contact section of one of the more popular fetish magazines. Male submissive, rubber fetishist required by demanding 
dominatrix. Serious applicants only. Must be healthy and 
willing to undergo extensive and rigorous training in rubber 
immersion and submissive slavery. Box 4994 Since an early age this had been his ultimate fantasy. He’d spend endless hours fantasising about being overpowered by an imperious domina and forced to serve her. He was now financially independent, but still alone and frustrated. Finally he decided to pluck up courage. There followed lengthy, detailed and intimate correspondence. He was aware that there were a lot of fakes out there - call girls and the like. He became nervous at the length and extent of Madame Isabel’s questions. She wanted to know everything about him; his personal and medical history, his financial status, his rubber wardrobe and his rubber experiences and fantasies. He opened up over time, and she was understanding, for as she explained she too had to be careful. But he learned little of her in their email correspondence, while he emailed his life story to her. 

Gradually they built up a trust, although he was aware that she knew everything about him and he very little about her. He recognised that he may be taking a risk, but then by now he was prepared to do that. And anyway, what’s the worst that could happen to him? He was an able-bodied man that could take care of himself, certainly with a woman - domina or not. No, if it didn’t work out they would go their separate ways. 

Finally, she advised him she would take him on for a “test drive” over a long weekend. He was equally nervous and thrilled at this. He was to be prepared to meet her at his flat on Friday afternoon. She would move in and he would be her rubber slave for the weekend. If it worked out mutually then they could move on from there. He was not to tell anyone – as if he would – no visitors, no phone calls; it was to be just the two of them. She would bring her “equipment” and he was to wear only rubber, all his “normal” clothes were to be put away. She had all his measurements and she would bring along further apparel which she wrote he may or may not like. However he was to be her slave and it did not matter what a slave thought. 

He prepared the spare bedroom, got in food and on Friday afternoon nervously awaited her arrival. To please his Mistress he wore his skin-tight latex catsuit with front zip from belly to neck. It had fitted gloves and feet and at crotch and arse removable oval sections attached by stud fastenings. It was coloured black with red flashings down each side and fitted him like it was painted on him. Already he was warm inside it. Its wrists, ankles and waist had reinforced sections with embedded D rings. He’d chained his ankles and wrists (in front) before. Now he could perhaps venture further, with a woman he could trust. On time the phone rang and he nervously answered it. 

“Are you prepared?” The voice was quite deep and cultured. 

“Yes…Mistress.” He stuttered and buzzed her in. Through the peephole he saw a caped and hooded figure emerge from the elevator carrying a large tote bag over her shoulder. He opened the door and she moved past him without a glance and dropped the bag in the hall. He could not see her face, obscured by the larger hood. The voluminous cape in shiny black rubber went down to her ankles. He felt a stirring in his groin. She moved to the living room and examined all around her.

“Mmm, quite tasteful. Come here and stand to attention, eyes lowered, which is how you will always approach me.” He did so, breathing in the heady aroma of her cape. Slowly she pulled back her hood, exposing her face. He almost gasped at her beauty. What amazed him was her age; she couldn’t be more than 25 or 26, much younger than he expected and younger than he with blonde straight hair pulled back in a loose pony tail at the nape of her long slim neck. She had bright blue eyes, gentle features and a small mouth with thin lips. She smiled at his reaction and slowly encircled him, appraising him critically. She felt his firm buttocks and he shivered. She noted the cover over his arse, nodding approvingly, then came round and was equally pleased to see the hard cock at his groin.

“Your photos didn’t do you justice. I like to see a firm athletic body, it can withstand punishment more.” She stared at him; he wanted to speak but held it back. He wanted to tell her she was an apparition, a dream, a fantasy.

“Well this is not a social occasion, let’s get to work. As I said in my emails, do as I command, always, speak only when spoken to, and please me – always. Never question me – never. You have no will, no opinion, you are not a person; you are simply an extension of me. Cross that line and you will incur my wrath. I don’t play games, this is my life.” She had moved close to him, he looked into her face; it was not cruel, but confident, as if almost amused at her own power. He didn’t doubt it for a second. He’d dreamed of this and now he was to experience it.

Slowly, never looking away from him, she unzipped the cape and stepped out of it. He was not disappointed. She wore a long sleeved, high necked dress flared a t the waist to mid thigh. The top was black with a red skirt, wrists and collar. Over her mid-section was a heavily boned red and black corset with a series of metal buckles at the front. It was cinched brutally; she couldn’t have been more than 22 or 23 inches around the waist and it pushed her breasts outwards at him. Her long legs were encased in shiny grey latex stockings, with even a seam down the back. Her feet were slipped into 4 inch high sharp toed stilettos. The hem of the skirt barely covered the top of the stocking tops. Her hands were covered in gossamer thin transparent latex gloves, so thin he could see her nail varnish. She grinned at his stunned reaction. 

“You won’t be getting any of this, but just to satisfy your curiosity.” She raised her skirt provocatively. She wore tight white latex panties, over black suspenders, high cut at the sides, so tight they pressed into her labial crease. He almost came with desire, his breath fast. She chuckled.

“You can do your worshipping later. But first to business. Your suit is a good base but there are certain slave adornments that are necessary, some of which you will not like; but then you are my slave and your opinions are of no concern.” He was a little nervous at this statement; she was very businesslike as she lifted the tote bag and returned from the hall.

“The spare bedroom?” He nodded towards the room.

“Come.” She ordered and he followed her. She took little interest in the room and as he stood by the bed she opened the bag and started pulling out things. His heart started to pound as she bent over – the skirt raised above her stockings; and it pounded further when he saw what she had placed on the bed! She turned round and caught him looking worriedly at her. She stood beside him.

“We have to get this fine male specimen under control now.” She smiled, enjoying her dominance and smoothed her hands over his latex covered body. 

“You realise there is no going back from this, all or nothing, my slave on my terms.” He nodded hesitantly and thought, am I out of my depth? He was sure he would soon find out. She was having fun, almost flirting, knowing his fetish for rubber and submission would overcome his fears.

“Kneel on the bed,” she ordered, “bound and gagged, I almost get moist at those three little words, a phrase so innocuous to the uninitiated but to us, well you know, don’t you , it just gives us a shiver of excitement. To have a fit young man like you at my mercy, mute and submissive, bound and gagged mmmm, yummy. So prepare yourself, slave to enter a new realm.” She slid behind him; he could feel her breath on his neck. She drew his hands behind his back. 

“I like your suit, all the D rings make my job of immobilising you all that much easier. Although you’re not going to give me any trouble, are you? If you did you would pay for it later.” She folded his elbows behind his back. He did not resist although his heart was pounding. She attached each wrist’s D ring to the opposite arm’s elbow, and now he was very effectively bound. Next came a 6 inch chain locking on his ankles. 

He heard the clicks and wondered if there was a way out now. He could talk now before she gagged him, as surely she would. Images flashed through his mind - speak now – back out now. No! This is what you’ve always fantasised about. But reality can be so different.

“This is the bit I really like, the fun bit, for me that is.” And she laughed aloud as she held up a large, very large ball gag in front of him. 

“Open wide now.” He hesitated now; she sensed this and said with a questioning smile.


“Look I think maybe….

“No, no, slave it’s far too late for that.” She pulled his chin down with one hand and firmly pushed the ball into his mouth. It was huge and she could hardly get it past his teeth as he grunted his discomfort and tried to communicate with her.

“Wider, slave, wider.” 

“Arrgh.” He thought she would break his teeth, but she was an expert and in it plopped. 

“Mmm, mmm.” He glared at her but she ignored him as she pulled thick rubber straps across his cheeks, under his chin, either side of his nose and over his head. He slowly breathed through his nose, too late for communication now; he thought and sensed she was thinking the same as she smiled again at his discomfort. Finally she was satisfied the straps were tight enough. 

“Good, bound and gagged, just the way I like you. But we are not finished yet, not by a long way.” He groaned as she pushed him forward on the bed. His head hit the pillow, his rear in the air. He groaned as he saw her pull on a single latex glove over her gossamer thin glove. She saw him looking at her.

“Oh, yes, your anal passage will always be plugged. A true submissive must have a stretched arse to be abused by his mistress.” As she said this she showed him a cock shaped dildo, 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, with a flanged base plate next to a narrower neck which he knew his sphincter would grip. 

“We’ll start out with a fairly small one and work our way from there.” She chuckled and smeared some lube over its shiny surface, then released the press studs off his arse cover. With an extra blob of lube she pushed her finger in slowly; he winced and grunted.

“Oh, a virgin, eh? Well you’ll be stretched wider soon enough. Some slaves even get to enjoy it.” She wiggled her finger inside him and noticed that the pressure actually increased his hard-on.

“See, you’re getting harder!” he grunted his shock and discomfort, but she ignored him and gently twisted and pressed the plug at his entrance. Initially, stupidly, he tried to clench.

“That won’t help you, it’s going in, slow or fast, either way, you are going to get plugged.” He cringed as she slowly pressed it into him. Yes, he was a virgin, he had fantasised about it, but this was a first. He felt he was being split in two – and this was a small cock! Finally, with her gripping him round the waist with one arm and pushing in with the other, it was up to the hilt and his sphincter, almost in relief, naturally squeezed and gripped the neck, and the flange firmly against his crack. This would be no fun to pull out either, he thought. She replaced the cover, pushing in the press studs as he winced, and removed her glove. 

Then she rolled him over on his back and released his cock cover. The hole was only two inches in diameter and she roughly pushed her hand through, gripped his balls and pulled them out. She looked divine towering over him and despite his position he was rock hard. She took notice of this and stretching the hole, firmly gripped his cock and pulled it through. He screamed but the gag effectively reduced that to a mew. She leant back on her haunches. 

“Well, you’re a good size, for sure,” she leaned over him and drew her rubber covered finger up and down the shaft, “all the more to punish.”

She smiled again, no sign of cruelty at all, but he was starting to get worried about what she had in store for him now. As he was helplessly stretched out in front of her, his hard cock so exposed and vulnerable, he tried to plead with his eyes. She ignored this and knelt over him, showing him an 8 shaped metal contraption of two rings joined in the middle and partly open at both ends. Attached at each open end were two smaller rings. 

“These are your slave rings, not for around your wrists, or ankles or neck; oh no, these go around your cock and balls. They are self locking and just to make them a little more permanent I am going to cover the interlocking surfaces with some fast setting epoxy glue!” 

He began to wriggle now and tried to sit up. Very calmly she pushed him back, straddled his chest and pushed her rubber covered rump into his face. His head was trapped between her ankles and she raised her skirt and clamped her backside on his face, wriggling like a mother hen over her eggs until she was comfortable. As his mouth was full of the rubber ball gag he was forced to breathe through his nose which was flattened between her rubber covered cheeks. 

While he struggled for breath, inhaling the rubber aroma mixed with her sweet aroma, part of him found this amazingly arousing. She giggled at his wriggling attempts at escape – he could only lift his knees as he desperately sought air. He felt her lift his cock, place one ring at its base and squeeze the two curved ends together to form a perfect circle. Then lifting his balls she did the same with the second ring, enclosing it around the base of his scrotum. She then carefully squeezed a drop of glue on the joins, which set almost on contact and formed a perfect, smooth seal. Lying under her rubber cheeks he realized that barring a steel saw or very strong wire clippers, he was permanently sealed. After rubbing her buttocks up and down his face she rose to allow him some air and to view her handiwork. He saw the bright steel ring at his cock’s base with a smaller ring dangling from it. A similar ring he could feel under his balls. He was not stupid; he knew this was for a chain or a lead, or for punishment. 

She smiled down at him, her arms crossed over her jutting breasts. She was very pleased how it had all gone. Within 20 minutes of her arrival a young, strong, independent man had been reduced to a bound, gagged, plugged and ringed plaything. He was so naïve, just playing into her hands. She had to admit he was quite attractive. His cock was now flaccid, but was a good size. There was a look of alarm on his face (justifiably) and saliva was dribbling out of his mouth. She would enjoy training him, enslaving him. She smiled at the thought that he had no idea what would befall him.

To her, this was no game – although she took great pleasure in it. As he tried to make himself more comfortable, not taking his eyes off her, she removed a small attaché case from the tote bag, opened it and laid it beside him. She then straddled him again, this time facing him, her crotch almost in his face.
She smeared some ointment on her finger. 

“This might hurt a little, so this will help. There should not be too much blood, the ointment will help that too, and the septum is mostly gristle anyway.” He gurgled into his gag and shook his head, saliva dripping down the sides of his face. She gripped his head between her knees and with her small finger rubbed the ointment inside each nostril along his septum. Then with something that looked like a pair of sharp edged pliers she prised apart his nostrils and pushed the ends in. leaning over him, she carefully adjusted the position. He pleaded with his eyes and mewed into the gag, but she squeezed the handles and he felt pain and the sound of gristle parting. She removed the pliers and wiped the septum with a coagulant on a small napkin. Satisfied there was little blood she changed the head of the pliers to accommodate a stainless steel grommet, slid it into one nostril, passed it through the new hole, and then with the pliers pressed firmly to form two trumpeted ends to the tube, permanently affixing it to his septum. She leaned back on his chest, releasing her knees from beside his head. 

“There, that wasn’t too bad, was it? You are now adorned by nose, cock and balls – permanently. Males are often led by the nose, and you will be now! And by your cock! And no one will know the grommet is here, unless I fix a ring to it. Actually I think I will do that now; you can be my prize stud bull, with a ring through your nose! She selected a ring from the attaché case, another half inch self locking one, leant over again, gripping his head between her thighs and slipped it through the grommet, snapping it shut, and turning it until the locking section was inside the tube. Then she rolled off him and admired her handiwork. 

He now realized he was getting way out of his depth! A little bondage, rubber enclosure and whipping had been in his mind. Maybe dressing as a maid and serving his mistress. But now, in half an hour, he was hand and ankle cuffed, his arse dildo plugged, gagged, ringed and pierced. And she could do with him exactly as she wished. Delectable though she was, a real beauty, she was clinically efficient, and cruel, and he was now her plaything. 

For her, things were moving very well, she left him helpless on the bed and moved through the apartment, considering her next move. Why wait, she thought? He seemed the perfect candidate; no ties, he had opened up very easily in their correspondence. She could whisk him away to her “lair” and no one would be the wiser. She was quite excited at the idea, at first she was going to check him out over the weekend and make a decision during that time, but things had moved on much faster than she had anticipated. She decided it was time to do it now! She had the transportation equipment downstairs in the van and it was going to be dark soon, now was the time! 

She slipped back into her cape, feeling the cool cling of rubber on rubber, pulled up the hood and taking his keys went downstairs. No one was in the street, so a lone figure pushing a large steel trunk on a dolly went unnoticed. She laid the trunk in the living room and opened it up – she wanted to see his reaction to it. From the inside she pulled out the travelling equipment she had prepared – just in case all went well!

She took off her cape and returned to the bedroom, he was lying on his side and tried to rise as she entered. She pushed him back easily and jiggled his nose ring; he flinched and she smiled at his nervousness. 

“You’ve quite impressed me. From independent young man to gagged and bound, plugged and pierced slave in 30 minutes, and without much of a struggle. Maybe in your heart of hearts this is what you have yearned for all along. But what are you thinking of now, I wonder? Probably bitten off more than you can chew, and now there is more to come. I could see you were thinking of it as I gagged you, but now, well,” she smiled almost sympathetically, “now it is just too late, no going back to your comfortable little life here.” She took his limp cock in her gossamer thin glove and felt it harden immediately.

“Mmmm, is that me or the latex, I wonder? Maybe both, well we will have plenty of time to find out. You may not be pleased to hear this, but I have decided to acquire you as my rubber slave…” she waited a couple of seconds as he stared mutely at her, while she gently fondled his now hard cock, “…permanently.” He mmmffed into his gag, alarm on his face, this was not what he had envisaged at all. He pleaded with his eyes, surely this wasn’t happening.

“When you become my slave, you give up everything to serve your mistress…and you will. This cosy little arrangement of me here with you for the weekend was really just a ruse, I’m afraid. When I take a slave it is on my terms.” She released his stiff cock. “You will learn to serve me daily, nightly, permanently, at my place. Your body, as you have already seen – only a small amount though – will be mine to do with as I please.” She pulled him off the bed and stood him up; he glared at her, in anger and anxiety. She was unperturbed. 

“Stay there.” She commanded, went to the trunk and returned with some clothes and equipment, throwing them on the bed. 

“I’m going to ungag you now. I know there is a lot you want to say,” she smiled “not the least of which is that I have made a big mistake, well I’m afraid it is you that has made the mistake and it is too late for any pleading, you are now mine, so I don’t want to hear a peep from you, or you will, I assure you, be severely punished. You have seen already what I can do.” She started to unstrap his head harness and with a cool look, as if to say, be careful now; she prised the huge gag from his mouth. He groaned with relief and thought if he should shout the building down, no; she would overcome him in a second. Perhaps he could reason with her. From the bed she took a full head rubber gas mask with back zip and reinforced neck. As she ordered him to lower his head he looked at it worriedly, and began to say.

“Look, this has gone way beyond, look can’t we be reas….arrgghh……..mmff…mmm.”

“Yes, you’ve found the rubber dildo gag on the inside, very effective too. Breathe through your nose and you will be fine.” She pulled it tight behind his head, which he tried to waggle from side to side; but she quickly drew the back zip down, pulling the gag further into his mouth. The reinforced collar, with D rings at front, sides and back, was tightened behind him. He breathed in slowly, peering through the perspex lenses at her. She returned his look, and screwed a bulb to the front of the mask; he looked down and grunted into the gag. 

“This is just to make sure we don’t here a peep from you.” And she squeezed the bulb. The gag suddenly expanded in his mouth – she was inflating it! He shook his head from side to side but with a smile she gave it three or more squeezes. When she finished he thought his jaw would break, he screamed into the gag but all that came out was a faint mew, barely discernible. She seemed satisfied with that. 

“You look quite cute, like a little fly all in black. A fly caught forever in my spider’s web.” She then knelt down in front of him. What next, he thought? A blow job would be nice, for a change. But no, he peered down and saw her blonde head studiously attentive as she stretched a tight, thick condom over his and then his balls. At the end there was a small hole through which she threaded a long rubber tube and down through his cock inch by inch until he felt it stopped, and then pushed a further inch. He screamed into his gag, it was really quite painful. At the end of the tube was a stopper valve which dangled between his legs. 

“We don’t want any mishaps on our journey, which will take quite a while, so I have cathetered you. It’s relatively painless and very efficient. Now, let’s see how flexible you are.” She drew a short chain through the two D rings on his wrists, released them from their opposite elbows and before he could make a move raised them upwards. He yelped into his gag again; but she looped the chain through the ring at the back of the mask’s collar and pulled hard down. His wrists were pulled hard together and up his back, until she was satisfied there was no more play. She padlocked the short chain back to the wrist rings. He could barely move an inch. 

She released his ankle chain and led him, none too gently, to the living room, his catheter swinging bizarrely between his legs. On seeing the open steel trunk, he mewed as loud as he could and turned pleadingly to her, shaking his masked head. She shook her head, again almost sympathetically. 

“It’s far too late now, I’m afraid. You know, you brought this on yourself and must now live with it. I didn’t break in here, you invited me and now you will pay for that. Now step into your travelling rig. Come on, move now!”

He stepped over the high side. There was room for him to sit, and he did so, feeling the dildo press further up his arse. She reached over and attached the end of the catheter tube to a connection in the box. Like a child in a play cart he looked around himself, unable to do anything else. She then connected a corrugated rubber hose to the front of his mask.

“You will be able to breathe all right, I don’t want you dying on me, and dead slaves are no fun to play with at all! The air will be a bit rubber scented with the corrugated rubber, and you better get used to that as you will breathing a lot of that in the future.” He nodded ruefully; he could breathe fine, although it did have a rubbery perfume to it. 

“Before I lock you away for your trip, I’ll just spend a few minutes explaining to you tour immediate predicament and, perhaps more important, your new life ahead. Well…” she sat on the edge of the box and looked down on him, “…the box is solid steel, and the lid comes down and locks you in, for as long as I wish. Simple as that.” She smiled so innocently, he could hardly believe he had got into this position with such a young, seemingly innocent, woman. My God, he thought, talk about appearances being deceiving. She looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She continued – matter of factly.

“The catheter goes into the bag on the side here and the breathing tube to small holes under the straps. Now the ingenious part.” She smiled again. “The loose rubber around you is the best part. I don’t want you bouncing around and announcing your presence, which would be rather embarrassing for me, so you are in effectively a rubber cocoon. With this foot pump here I pump up the double skinned rubber and compressing you into a nice tight ball. It’d also good for you; it will evenly support you and take some pressure off your arms – a little anyway.” As she was saying this she had given the pump a few presses and he felt the cool rubber start to close in on him. Gradually it covered his lower body, and only his knees, masked head and shoulders now appeared above the encasement. She now stopped.

By now he was feeling pretty sorry for himself, his arms were sore, his arse was stretched, his jaw was beginning to ache as the huge gag prevented any movement, he could hardly swallow. He peered up at her as he breathed in the rubber scented air. She was now very comfortable, she had completely immobilised him in less than an hour. He was entirely in her power.

“Now this trip will be quite long and time will travel slowly when you are in the dark confines of the box. But don’t worry, I want you alive! I have so much planned for you, and I have spent a long time, and quite a lot of money, planning it. Lucky to say I am quite well off and I live in the country, quite isolated, so I can concentrate on playing with and punishing you, without fear of discovery.” 

She continued to talk, almost ignoring him, occasionally looking down at him, as if at a specimen, helpless, mute, trussed and plugged.

“I haven’t bothered to analyse my life, as to how I arrived here. No past trauma can explain my interests. They just evolved and you, my dear little fly dropped right into my trap. It’s good you are a latex freak, so am I so you will gain some relief from your labours. You will serve me in all ways. I am a heterosexual; although vanilla sex has never appealed to me one day I may allow you to fuck me, on my terms. But that is way off; I shall keep that as a carrot for your good behaviour. I like corporal punishment so you will be spanked and paddled regularly. I’ve always been interested in the Spanish Inquisition and other methods of more subtle torture. They were too coarse, I like methods of sophisticated bondage, suspension, rack, pillory, the rocking horse; I have a latex vacuum bed, you will like that. You will provide me with great entertainment.” 

She moved closer to him, staring into his lenses and placed a hand under his chin, raising it

“You will be my slave for as long as I wish, I may discard you if and when I choose. You have no choice or opinion in the matter. Now a little detail. Being my slave – for however long – I propose to brand you…” He tried to shake his head, but it hardly moved. “Oh yes, on your butt cheeks; painful but not life threatening. That brand will remain for life – ‘rubber slave’ I think will do. Maybe there will be more brands later. Being in rubber all the time, total depilation is a must, much easier for pulling on tight rubber clothes and masks. I prefer full electrolysis; much better and more permanent than creams. It will take longer and be probably quite a bit more painful, but then we have all the time there is and your discomfort is really not of any concern to me. You don’t appear to be very hairy so it shouldn’t take too long.” 

She patted his rubber covered head and stood again, slowly walking around the room. Despite his now resigned position he still could admire her beauty; in the tight rubber dress and stockings and gloves she was a fetishists dream, the problem was, for him it was turning into a nightmare.

“I shall bring your rubber clothes and other goodies with me; I can maybe incorporate some of them into your wardrobe. You should thank me for this anyway, when they realise you have disappeared of the face of the earth and come looking for you, you probably don’t want them finding your rubber stash here, not that it matters now anyway. Your nose ring was the first of several I have planned. Your ears and nipples will follow, them maybe your tongue and lips. We shall see. You will be adorned – ringed, pierced, branded and dressed as I choose. I had thought of having your vocal chords severed, but no, I love the sensation of slowly gagging a voice into complete silence – the bulging cheeks, the startled and pleading eyes, the strained and faint mmming; it’s very exciting, it really is. You will have your quarters; you will be fed well and exercised until your body is finely tuned for your punishments. I have a thing about enemas, I really like them – clean in and out, I say. So you will receive a high colonic every day.” 

During this long speech, as she so clinically explained away his life, he sat in the trunk, all hunched up and barely able to move at all; wanting to scream, to plead, but with his mouth stuffed he could only look at her and ponder his future. It had only been about an hour but now his life had changed forever – forever. She seemed to sense his thoughts and sat again on the edge of the trunk, hitching up her short skirt and looking down on him, she placed a hand on the side of his mask, smiling sympathetically.

“Your poor mind must be in turmoil; this is not quite what you expected. What is the phrase? Be careful about what you wish for, it may come true. Don’t worry too much, people get used to pain and discomfort, and think – no more daily stresses in the world – your life will be controlled another, you have to make no more decisions. Some would like that, and being controlled by a beautiful woman, dressed in rubber! You will have plenty of time to yourself, books, TV, DVD’s, food drink, exercise,; everything except freedom and your own will to choose. I’m going to check out your bedroom now and pack all your rubber goodies.” 

She patted him on the head like a child and from the tote bag opened out two further bags and, knowing he was completely immobile, coolly moved to the bedroom. He sat in the trunk, simmering in his own sweat, cathetered, gagged and plugged in his arse, stunned at her long speech. His life as he knew it had now ended. He was to disappear forever, no more friends, family, colleagues; gone. He had brought this on himself, his endless fantasies; well now this was for real. Maybe she was right and he could glean some enjoyment out of his slavery. The bondage and the rubber he had always craved, the rings were bearable, and he supposed once healed the brandings would be just a mark. The depilation would be all right, painful at first no doubt, but she was right in that it would let the rubber run over his body smoother. Sucking on gags and a dildo up his arse he would have to get used to, but it was not a matter of life and death. She had assured that he was no use dead! Well that was a relief. He decided that he would have to face the music and make as much of it as he could. Well, he really had no option! she returned to the room with two full bags.

“Wow, quite an impressive collection. I’ll certainly be able to put all this to use. I particularly liked the nurse’s, schoolgirl’s and nun’s costumes. You never mentioned this in your emails, a rubber tranny! Well, we can have fun with them; I can even wear some of these. I have also included your body bag and the inflatable cocoon, and all the masks you have. I didn’t realize you were that into it, well, we will have a ton of fun with all these. Now what I am going to do now is search your apartment and remove anything that might connect you to me – clean your hard drive of the emails and so forth. It should take a while so make yourself comfortable.” She chuckled. 

“I see you have a number of personal possessions and there is plenty of room in the van for those. I am not made completely of stone, you know. I want a proud slave not a miserable one. You may find this difficult to understand right now…” She sat by him again and smoothed her hand over his masked head. “But a slave/ mistress relationship is, strangely, a partnership. The mistress will mete out punishment for transgressions and the slave will learn to accept it – and maybe even crave it one day. A good slave will take pride in his position and in his acceptance of hardship and pain, from that he gains his mistress’ respect and…yes…love. I look forward to our learning experiences together. I’m sure you will fight at first and I will fight too, and I will win, I will always win. Accept and be proud of your submissive position and you will gain pleasure by pleasing me. Who knows what that will bring us both in the future? I think it is very exciting, for both of us - really.” 

She was silent for fully a minute, looking down on his shiny dome barely moving, trying to see behind the lenses and into his thoughts. He did not struggle nor wriggle, nor even say anything; he was for the moment resigned to his fate. She leaned over and raised his mask and gently kissed him on either side of his mask; then she placed a hand on his head and gently lowered it into the surrounding rubber. She kissed his shiny dome and lowered the lid. Pressing down, she locked the trunk, trying to imagine his thoughts in the sweaty, stygian darkness. Then she pressed down on the foot pump again.

In his own personal womb, his mind was on what she had said at the end. It was confusing and yet oddly encouraging. His mind racing, he felt the rubber cocoon slowly compress in on him, pushing down and in, more and more, seeking out any cavity. Soon he could not move an inch, even breathing was a little strained, but at least he was supported by the firm mattress. He felt almost as if he was suspended. The pumping stopped and he tried to relax, to breathe easier and to accept his fate. 

Outside she unclipped the valve and capped the entry hole. It was under another strap and barely visible. Without close inspection it was just a travelling trunk. She leaned down and felt the air slowly pass in and out of the breathing hole. The breathing was silent, yes, it was all quiet now. 

On the one hand she was very excited; her man was thoroughly enslaved; mummified, plugged and pierced. Everything had gone perfectly, the domina was dominant! Yet, if truth be told a small part of her was a bit nervous, and perhaps, even more strangely, a little sad. She looked around his apartment; he seemed like a nice guy – although they hadn’t exactly had any conversation! But you can tell a lot about a person from the way he lives. His flat was tasteful and as she went through his belongings, clothes, books, CD’s files, personal effects she realised she was snuffing all this out. Effectively she was killing off this person – and creating a new one.

So she herself had taken on a tremendous responsibility; his existence, well being and in fact life was now dependant on her. No longer would he have friends, family or colleagues; they would all be replaced by her – alone. Like having a pet, a large demanding pet – or a child – she was now in complete control of this being. Yes, she was very excited; the dressing, the immersion in rubber, the body modifications, the borders between reward and punishment – she had planned this for many years. But her freedom too would to a certain degree be restricted. They were now bound together!

She stacked all his rubber fetish and bondage books, videos and magazines by the door. They were in four boxes already. He was obviously a serious fetishist, who would get them off to a good start; she didn’t see why he couldn’t be allowed some enjoyment in private; maybe she would join him later! She also packed some personal mementoes and other books; she didn’t think this was sentimental, just good practice. Although he was to be a slave to be abused and punished for her pleasure, she would not deny him the basic comforts. 

Over the next two hours she rummaged around the flat, seeking out hiding places, but apart from the extensive rubber clothing, the books and magazines and videos, this young, handsome (he was!) man seemed to be completely “normal”.

She took all the boxes on a dolly down to the van, again wearing her cape and again, perhaps surprisingly, met no one. Then she took the three heavy bags, and thought there was enough rubber to last a lifetime. She returned one last time, removed her cape and sat on the trunk, thinking that six inches from her rump was her rubber held captive! Within a period of three hours a life had changed, had ended, and that life was to be transported in this rubber womb to a new life, a life that she controlled. 

After all her exertions she was tired, and wet. She felt sweat within her breast cups as her boobs slithered inside them. She felt sweat under her stockings and gloves and, most noticeably in her tight panties, feeling them slide over her bum and pussy. And it was not just sweat. In all the excitement and nervous tension she was clearly aroused. 

She was nervous, excited and horny all at the same time. She had a long drive ahead of her, but a reward was at the end. She looked down at the trunk; if she was sweaty, then what about poor him! Yes, she had plans for him, but he could provide her with an impetus, inspire her. She had spoken honestly to him. Although young and inexperienced (she had lied there!) she wanted to be an efficient and fair mistress, one that eventually a slave would willingly serve. A slave must know the boundaries always, obedient behaviour would be rewarded, but she did hope that he would fight her on occasion; the idea of branding another human with her mark was very exciting, as was piercing and ringing. 

She smiled again as she sat on her prize; she then thought of when she squeezed the dildo between his firm buttocks, that was a whole lot of fun and it made her moist just thinking of it. She thought she performed the grisly piercing well; she was not queasy at all and liked the feeling of placing the ring through his nose to give him a real sense of his slavery. 

She thought of her house in the country, not a big place by any means but with plenty of land, and plenty of privacy! She had great fun in creating his “dungeon” – the tiled floor, insulated rubber covered walls, gyn/ob chair, whipping post, rack, vacuum bed, his rubber sheeted bed with all the restraints, the hospital gurney and all the medical and restraint equipment. Half the fun was getting it, now she could use it! 

She smoothed her hand over the trunk, imagining him in his rubber prison. She now knew her future, but he did not know his. He would be well cooked when she got him out later, in the early morning, and got to work on him! She felt between her legs and pushed her finger into the thin rubber at her lips, she could almost come now. She thought of his cock, a good size, she wanted to punish it, she had already ringed it. She didn’t think of it inside her, not yet anyway, if they were going to have “sex” then it would be on her terms and definitely not vanilla. She prepared to leave; she turned everything off in the apartment, her rubber gloves perfect protection against fingerprints. She pulled the cape over her shoulders and drew the hood over her head. She patted the trunk.

“Say goodbye to your home and old life, dear slave.” She said quietly (he would not hear her) and squeezed the dolly under the trunk. She opened his door, checked the corridor and then, with his keys locked the door and pressed for the elevator. 

“Looks like valuable cargo.”

She almost leapt out of her skin - or her rubber clothes. Beside her was a lady of perhaps 70, well dressed and well groomed, with coat and walking stick. 

“Are you helping James move out?”

“Yes, you could say that…er, I mean yes, I’m taking some…er..valuables away for him, stuff he doesn’t need any more.” Oh god, she thought, where the hell is the elevator?

“Such a nice man, but very private, you know, no one knows what he gets up to. I hope I am not prying, you are so very pretty and I love your cape and hood - so mysterious, have you known him long?”

“No, no actually, but I expect…er..James and I will get to know each other better in the future.” 

“Oh good, you look like a girl who can handle herself, don’t let him boss you around now. Women nowadays have to be more assertive, stick up for themselves.” She patted the trunk with her stick, and smiled conspiratorially.

“That’s quite the trunk; you could fit a person into that. Are you sure you are not smuggling him away with you to your lair, to have your way with him….oh forgive me my dear, an old lady with a fertile imagination, far too many mystery novels.”

“No, no that’s all right… I look like a person who would spirit someone away to my lair then?” The elevator finally came and they got in.

“Oh, I don’t know, but if you were, then I would say that he would be a very lucky man!” 

“Well, thank you…if I do decide to kidnap a man and take him to my lair, then I shall advise him as to how lucky he is, although he may not agree.”

“Then you will just have to persuade him, my dear.” She smiled sweetly again. They got out of the elevator and she went to the loading dock, leaving the old lady in the hall, who turned and said.

“Well it has been nice talking to you. I don’t know if we will meet again, but all the best.”

“Thank you, and to you.” 

“Oh, and one thing, silly me, it is not James but John, isn’t it. But you already know that don’t you, my dear? I am so forgetful; I’ll probably forget this conversation by tomorrow.”

She looked at the trunk again as she began to wheel it away. 

“You will look after him now, won’t you? Bye.” And she left with a smile. Christ, she thought, rumbled by a little old lady – but some lady though! She opened the back of the van and with the help of a winch lifted the box into the back, closed the door and got in the drivers seat. Her heart was pounding, and it wasn’t the corset! Her crotch was wet and her nipples hard, she was excited even at the thought of discovery! 

Now it was time for the drive back, and in the back a full grown man, enslaved, entombed, plugged and gagged, pierced and cathetered – all by her. She felt quite proud of herself. She pulled out into the light traffic and made her way carefully. She chuckled at the thought of being pulled over by the cops – “and what have you got in the back, miss.” They wouldn’t believe her even if she told them, would anyone?

“Oh, yes miss, very funny, a bound, gagged, pierced man cocooned in rubber, and you are going to turn him into your slave, very funny, miss, now on your way and don’t waste our time.” She laughed out aloud, and then thought of the reality.

A pretty young girl living in her secluded house, enslaving a red blooded male; branding, piercing, gagging, spanking, depilating and rubberising him. 

No, not a chance anyone would believe that, not ever. Would they?


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