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Poster Boy

by Rubberking

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Storycodes: Solo-M/F; MF; latex; catsuits; gasmasks; chatroom; voy; tease; toys; insert; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

I guess I should start off by saying that I love rubber clothing. And having said that, I guess I should add that living in the central southwest. I don't have much need to wear it outdoors to ward off the elements.

No. I wear it for one thing and one thing only. Sexual release. Oh, sure. I wear it to relax sometimes after a hard days work at the newsstand and I occasionally get to wear it in bad weather while I offload the papers, books and magazines that are my stock in trade.

But, mainly I wear it for sex. Shiny rubber gets me off.

In a big way.

I guess it started when I was little and my mom made me wear a thick rubber raincoat, goulashes and footed rubber rain pants out to walk the two and a half miles to school when it rained.

By the time I got there. I usually had come in my rubber pants from the delicious friction.

I was hooked.

And hereby hangs a tail. As they say.

I was sitting on my stool in my kiosk reading a copy of "Rubber Lovers." Trying to hide my boner as I took the money people handed me for their copies of the "journal" Etc. And making change distractedly when I heard a soft, sexy female voice say over the roar of the street.

"Do you carry "Rubberist" magazine? Or perhaps. "Dressing for Pleasure?"

My cock leapt to attention as I looked up into the bright brown eyes of a lovely young thing.

She was dressed in a fine Rubber Mackintosh coat and I saw rubber stockings poking out from under the hem and wrapping tightly around a fine pair of legs as I stammered "Y-Yes I do, one moment Please." My rampant cock had to be colored red and waving the flag singing "God bless America" as I slid off the stool and reached below the display ledge and pulled a copy of each from the stacks that provided me with my personal stash. "That'll be thirty-eight, fifty. Please." My face had to have said it all as she smiled and handed me two twenty's and I handed her her change back.

Her ass took my breath away as she walked away, her heels clicking on the pavement. I had to close early so I could get home before I blew my load right there in my shorts and not in the rubber that it deserved to be in. God she was hot!

I saw her every month like clockwork now, it wasn't until after Christmas, that I worked up enough nerve to slip my card with my home phone on it into the latest copy of her "Rubberist" along with a picture of me in my gear into it and I smiled and said "No charge this time, Miss. Happy New Year." To her.

She grinned broadly and thanked me when she saw that I was serious. I died every minute of the next two days until she called and left a message on my machine while I was at work.

Click! "Hello? This is Sabrina. I found your card and your lovely picture and all I can say is Wow! You look great in your rubber and very hot too. I had thought I was the only Rubberist in town, even though you were very nice and sweet to me and it was great to find my kind of magazine at your stand. I had been going to approach you for a date myself next month, if you didn't ask soon. Tee Hee. Well, if you want to play with me before next month. Go to the IAR chat room and ask for "Rubber Witch," see you there. Bye." Beep.

Now let me add that the Internet has been my constant friend for the last few years, keeping me out of bars and allowing me to explore my fetish safely from my own home after I was done with the nightly bookkeeping. And I was no stranger to the International Association of rubberists either.

After I had finished a grueling day at the stand, even thought because of the wet weather. I had gotten to wear my raingear all day, hauling the papers and mags off the back of the delivery trucks, had made me sore and I almost didn't check my machine when I sauntered in for the evening.

I simply stripped off my chest-waders, long rubber storm-coat and down to my one-piece catsuit with the attached socks, glove's and cock and ball sheath.

I hit the button as I went past to empty my aching bladder and did a double take as her unmistakable voice coiled around my brain. I pulled the tape from the machine and ran a copy of her message off and went to try to pee through my stiffening member.

When I got back, I played her lovely voice into my computer so that I could always hear her when I opened up my browser from now on.

My cock swelled in its confinement as I logged on and ran down my bookmarks to get to the site.

I glanced through the conversation strings for a while and then entered the chat area.

Several other Rubberists' were talking about one thing or another and I said hello and asked if "Rubber Witch" was around. Several of the others LOL'd and said we only wish we could find her. She had been floating around the scene like a ghost for years. And yet, as they talked about who she was or might be. A private message came through and beeped softly for him. It was her.

"I'm glad you came so quickly. I was starting to get bored sitting here playing by myself. So, you're Rubberking huh? I've read your stuff before. Not bad. But, work on your punctuation and spelling O.K.? Well, here we are. Two people in rubber, alone in this crazy world. Is this like one of your stories or what? I guess we better go to the private chat area if we're going to play. It will be public of course, so no real names all right? Let's go." She typed.

I followed her to the indicated room and logged in. for now we were the only one's here. Good.

"Well, Rubber Witch. I guess I should start by asking what a lovely girl like you is wearing tonight? I'll tell you that I am wearing a catsuit with c&b sheath as I sit here with you. And by the way "Thank you.""

"Thank me, for what? We have watched each other like hawks for months now, Rubberking. We both know what we like and aren't afraid to show it. So, it's I who should thank you for carrying my lifelines, my magazines. Well, back to it before I get misty eyed. You know what I look like. I am now wearing a full-body suit, in pearlescent purple with attached SA-6 hooded gasmask (I love the sound of my own breathing in it so) feet and gloves. I am a purple person, not a bit of skin is visible from the outside and I am wearing a pair of sheath panties too. With the zipper pulled up to lock in my lovely vibrating friend inside me. So if I seem to lose my train of thought from time to time"

"That's fantastic! I wish I was there with you right now, I would caress your purple body and run my hands over your mask, gently searching for the way into my little rubber flower and buzzing madly like the horny bee that I am. Dying to taste your nectar. Wait a moment, I have to get something". I ran from the room to my closet and pulled my own gasmask and an open-face hood from the drawer where I keep my rubber stuff. I usually am not big on gasmasks. But, this time was an exception.

I ran back into the room and unzipped the front of my suit enough to pull the hood and mask into place and trying to see through the restrictive eyepieces, I resumed typing.

"Sorry about that. I thought that I would get my own gasmask so that I could join you in your fun "Rubber Witch" now what shall we do since we're all dressed up with nowhere to go?"

"LOL" she typed back and "I'm thrilled that you think enough of me to run and get your own and put it on for me, that's very flattering. You're so sweet. I could just gobble you up J and I might just later. Well, if we're going to play, I should know what kinds of lovely rubber things you have there, shouldn't I? And here's a short list of the things I have, I think a girl shouldn't give away all of her secrets right away. Don't you?"

Actually, a very long list beeped in my private mailbox and I scanned down it marveling at the suits and corsets and sauna bags she had in her collection and wondered what she could possibly be leaving out. My fingers flew as I hurried to list my own smaller collection and send it winging it's way to her. My cock throbbed in anticipation of our online tryst. She was quiet for awhile, then typed.

"Well, well. Aren't we a naughty boy, Rubberking. All right do this first. Take your boned neck-corset, find some small locks and lock it on. Then, drop the keys in a balloon and fill it with water and put in the fridge to freeze. I want you unable to remove your sweaty suit for the rest of the night. Since it's Friday, you won't need to go anywhere until I tell you and since the weather's bad, no one should notice anyway. Then come back to me." I ran to the kitchen and did as she asked, knowing that I would be locked in my rubber for the night until it thawed or I broke the ice open to get out. My cock bobbed as I ran back to my little rubber lover.

I typed. "All right "witch" I've done as you asked. Now what? J"

She asked if I had video and audio capabilities and I said yes and started it up in order to let her feed whatever she wanted to me in another window.

Her vision appeared on my screen, true enough. She was a purple vision in rubber. She stood and turned for me and let me see her in her gasmask, suit and a pair of crotch-high pull-on black rubber high-heeled boots. She blew me a kiss from her rubber covered fingers and sat again.

I did the same and returned the kiss and typed. "My, you look lovely tonight. Why don't you wear that to come see me at the stand some night?"

The figure shook with popping laughter and her fingers flew. "And what would you do if I did? You certainly wouldn't get any work done that day. LOL. I guess I would have to step in and give my newsman some relief, wouldn't I? But, back to business. Show me how you play with your cock when you are home alone at night. And look what I'm doing now, join me Rubberking. I want your seed in that sleeve of yours before we go any further tonight." Her figure sat back and she pulled down the zipper at the crotch of her suit and from inside her rubber sleeved pussy, a long, thick dildo shot out into her rubber covered hand as I wrapped my own hands around my throbbing shaft and began to work it up and down, mesmerized by her actions on the screen before me.

Soon her head was rolling back and forth, her hand flew, plunging the lucky rubber dick into her love-pit with her booted legs spread, the heels caught on the edge of the computer table in front of her. I watched orgasms rack her small body as she masturbated upon my screen. I must have looked a sight myself, my hand jerking like mad to try to keep up with her as I shot my seed into my sheath for what had to be the fifth time since we started. Sweat pooled in my suit from my exertions. I was getting uncomfortable from the sweat and my frustrated that I wasn't fucking the living daylights out of her right then.

She must have sensed my frustrated lust. She slid the dildo back into her and pulled up the zipper and sat up close to the keyboard again.

"Well, my rubber loverboy. Frustrated? Want to be plugging away with the big dick of yours?" she held her finger up and wagged it back and forth in a negative fashion. "no, no, no. not yet anyway. You've thrilled me to no end. But, I want to tease you for a while yet so I'm going to sign off for now. Don't worry, I'll be thinking of you as I lay down to sleep. And by the way, I'm locked in too. So neither of us will be taking off our wonderful rubber off tonight. Will we? I'll meet you here in the morning and we'll talk some more and maybe, just maybe. We'll meet for lunch. All right? See you then lover. Ciao."

Her screen name vanished, leaving me with just the last frozen frame of her in her rubber and her legs spread in her chair before me. I was in a rage of lust and almost ripped the computer apart in frustration. Yet, somehow I controlled my shaking frame and sat back, idly stroking myself back to erection again as I thought about her and looking at the erotically charged woman in the picture in front of me.

I spent the night marinating in my own juices. Dreaming fitfully of my rubber witch in her purple suit and gasmask. I had to, it seemed as I was locked in my own suit and couldn't get out without breaking the ice in the balloon or ripping my expensive suit. I must have shot off at least three more times during the night and awoke to a beeping coming from my computer. I staggered to it and sat down, sweat and cum sloshing around distractingly inside the torso and legs. I had mail.

"Good morning lover." It said, "when you get this. Log on and meet me in our chat room for more fun. O.K.? Sabrina. "the Rubber Witch"." She was a witch all right, she had bewitched me for sure as I logged on and entered the room.

She was there already, chatting idly with one of the other Rubberist's about how love in rubber was the ultimate experience and how she thought she had found a prime candidate when she saw I was listening in and sent me a private message.

"Hello lover. Good morning again, did you dream of me? Locked away in my sweaty rubber suit just like you and being driven slowly crazy by my fantasies of you? I'm fairly swimming in my love juices as I sit here typing. Your keys should be thawed out by now. So, why don't you unlock yourself and shower and meet me at Harvey's hot dog stand in an hour. Wear your rubber, it's wet outside. See you there. kiss, kiss. "Rubber witch"." It read. Intrigued again, I retrieved my keys and showered. My skin was puckered from the sweat bath and the smell of old sperm and sweat was thick in the bathroom as I got out and dried off and let my skin breathe for a while.

This time I wore a simple black rubber catsuit with gloves and feet and I had to use some K-Y to feed my cock into the sleeve of a pair of rubber bike shorts with attached c&b sheath that I pulled on underneath the suit.

I found my thigh waders, belted them on and wrapped my stormcoat around myself as I walked out the door to met my date for lunch.

She stood in the rain wearing a red rubber raincoat, a floppy red rubber rain hat covering her wet brown hair. As she turned to me wearing a big smile, I saw that beneath it she had on a knee length rubber dress and she had pulled on the same black rubber high-heeled thigh boots she had worn last night.

"Hungry?" she asked.

"More than you know." I answered as she handed me a smoked sausage done just the way that Harvey knows I like it with 'kraut and onions and the sauce that Earl Cambell made famous. She paid for us and thanked Harvey as we turned and walked as we ate. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I bit into the dog. It vanished down my throat as we turned the corner and she looked at me shyly from the corner of her eye as she chewed.

"You left me so frustrated last night I almost destroyed my computer. Do you always have that effect on the men you date. Sabrina?" I asked her as she finished her own meal and wiped daintily at the corners of her mouth with a napkin she pulled from a pocket.

She spun and wrapped her arms around my chest under my stormcoat, holding me tightly as she looked up into my green eyes from her own brown ones.

"Silly, don't you know how rare us rubberist's are. You are the first man I've really talked to like this in six years. I stalked you like a panther for the last six months hoping that you would ask me out. And you are the first man I've played with over the 'net for the last two years. I'm crazy about you and I don't even know your name. Isn't that a kick in the head?" The smell of lilacs and her warm rubber was driving me nuts again and I answered. "For the record. Yes, we are rarer than hen's teeth. You are the first woman I've ever found that loves rubber as much as I do, maybe more. And my name is John, by the way. So, where do we go from here? Do you want to get to know me better. Or do you just want me to throw down right here on the street? You turn me on like gangbusters baby and I mean that. So, what now?"

"Just hold me like this for awhile O.K. It's been such a long time since a man held me in his arms like I meant something to him. It feels so, so good." She slipped her gloved hand to my neck and bent me down. We met in a kiss I will remember for the rest of my unnatural life. My whole being was drawn into her lips as she kicked up her heel.

We went out and watched a movie. Some comedy that was forgettable as we sat with my arm about her, like any of the other couples there. Her hand playing in my crotch occasionally, making sure my attention was firmly fixed on her and not the movie as we ate popcorn and sipped cokes and whispered to each other.

When the movie was over. We went to a nice french restaurant and had dinner, chatting about our family's and getting to know one and other better. She was a patent lawyer for the law firm across the street from my stand. That was how she had found me, she said. She watched me in my rain gear as I worked. She had seen that I sold other men in the law firm copies of Rubberist and she had let her subscription lapse so that she could get it from me. We laughed when she let out that last 'Faux Pas'.

After dinner she had me walk her back to her place. I was a sea of conflicting emotions when she said she was going to tease me again for another night. She would meet me in the chat room for another round of self-gratifaction in an hour and a half. She kissed me again in that searing way and smiled coyly as she walked up the steps to her apartment. I was stunned, and more horny that I had ever been in my entire life up to that point. My thoughts were disjointed as I walked home, the rain driving down on my rubber. My cock hard as a rock beneath the catsuit and coat.

Entering my apartment, I shucked my coat and hung it in the bathroom along with my waders to dry and sat back down at the computer.

Pausing a moment, I got back up and went in search of my most bizarre outfit.

I found it after looking at the back of my closet for a few minutes. Another shower was in order and I luxuriated under the water for a minute before drying off and spreading talcum on me and inside the suit.

I had bought it a few years before, on a lark. When I had to go to Europe on business. It had seemed to reach out to me from across the store. They normally dealt only with custom made items and had made this for someone my size who had never came to pick it up.

The overthick double-layers were inflatable all over. It was shoulder entry and had hook-ups for a tens unit scattered all over it. It was a prototype VR sex suit. Vacuum operated suckers positioned themselves over a man's small nipples and his electrified, sleeved manhood sat inside a flapper-operated vacuum tube that would literally suck the sperm from his prick.

The mask had tubes running from the mouth and nostrils, small computer monitors were fixed six inches from the wearer's eyes in the mask, a small prism deflected light upwards to allow the wearer to see the keyboard to type. Other than that the eye screens let in the only light. He had never used it.

He had a beast of a time getting into it by himself. But, finally he sat at his computer, hooked up the essential wiring, pulled the mask into place, fed the nose tubes to an oxygen tank and the mouth tube to a drip water bottle and logged on to find her.

The stereo vision was disorienting, he saw the chat room appear before his eyes and another smaller window opened below it. There she was, chatting with another guest. He sent her a private query and her rubber clad figure swam into his vision. "Hello dear, how do you like me now?" he typed.

"What the hell is that?" she asked, obviously pleased and curious.

"It's a prototype VR suit I found in Europe a few years back. Like it? Now you can make me do anything you want me to from your own computer. I sent a copy of the operating program to you just now. Open it and have fun, you have me by the balls, literarily." He typed.

"Well, Hello nurse! I do, don't I? Where can I get one of these? This is great! I'm jealous as hell now! Let's see what this baby can do shall we." She typed commands into the keyboard and he felt a tingling start flowing in ripples across his groin and skin as it came to life.

"Maybe you had better strap yourself down dear heart. I don't want you getting away from me when I get going" she typed and he reached out and secured himself to the chair with some bicycle tube he had brought in for that purpose. He was all hers now. He typed in, "Secured and ready for blast off. I put a key under the mat in case anything goes wrong. My address is in the program packet. I have enough oxygen in the tank for twenty-four hours and enough water for the night. Please come and let me out of this later, I'm putting myself completely in your loving hands. My beautiful Rubber Witch. I love you."

"Oh my god. "she typed, "you mean your dependent on outside oxygen and water? This is scary, Darling. I don't really want to hurt you! Can you contact me with something, like a safe word in case of trouble?" he tapped a button on the palm of his hand that would signal her if he became unconscious. A light flashed at the corner of the screen. "there, that means I'm knocked out and to come get me O.K.?" he typed.

"This is the wildest thing I've ever done "rubberking" can we let the rest of the group in on it? I'll take you around the block as it were and kick the tire's, then I'll come save you. God this is exciting! I love you so much for trusting me this way. All right, I've called in the troops and filled them in - here we go. And here's me. Hope you like my outfit too. See you soon." She answered.

A jolt hit his balls and his cock hit record hardness as the electricity flowed across the shaft like hundreds of tiny mouths, licking and sucking on his prick as the vacuum pump came to life and began to gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. The suckers on his nipples began working and they were painfully drawn to rigid erection.

His vision swam with Sabrina's now black suited form. Red trim outlined her bared nipples, pussy, eyes, nose and mouth. Her suit had high-heels built into it and she sat typing with one hand and plunging a huge black rubber dildo into her glistening shaved cunt with the other as his skin felt like it was on fire and he jerked about wildly in his seat.

She talked directly to him now through the ear-pieces in his suit. She ran her hand out and over the screen, making it seem that she was stroking him through it.

"Oh my darling man. Can you feel me touching you? Can you feel me jerking on your hard, hard cock as you sit, restrained in that chair? Do like me? Wouldn't you just love to stick that giant cock of yours in where this poor substitute is now? My god, darling. Where had you been keeping that baseball bat all day? It looks so scrumptious, I've just got to have it."

Her body seemed to float over to him and settle in his lap, her virtual hand came down and guided his seemingly two foot long cock into her slot and she screamed shrilly as she slid down it's incredible length. She started ramming her hips up and down on it with jack-hammer force, he wouldn't last long at this rate. That was for sure.

She seemed to twist and turn in ways the human body simply could not and he felt her raking her fingernails across his chest. Her boobs grew and she stuck one of the watermelon sized jugs' nipples into his mouth for him to suck on.

He was quickly rising to a thunderous climax as she continued to grind up and down on his obscene prick. She reached under him and be gain to milk his balls with her hand as she did so.

"Fuck me Darling! Stick your cock into my very soul! Make the head pop out of my mouth with your thrusts! I want your cum, baby! I want it now! Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!" she screamed as she threw herself down on his quivering cock. He blew! And it just kept on and on!

His body tore itself loose from the chair and her vision of him disappeared from his own as he fell over. He lay twitching on the floor as he continued to pump cum into the sleeve, he couldn't get up, he was so weak. His muscles bunched up in charly-horse's as he pulled into a fetal position and sobbed from the exertion.

He must have dozed off for a few minutes. He was awakened by the sound of his door banging as it was being thrown open and in moments his head was cradled in someone's arms and he felt his mask being removed.

"JOHN! John are you all right?! Speak to me darling! JOHN! WAKE UP!" she slapped his face hard as he tried to float back off into the blissful world he had been in. But, she would have none of that. She swam into view, she was truly beautiful to see.

His face stung from her worried slaps as he sat up and with a broad smile, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. He kissed the tears of fear and worry from her soft face and asked her to close the door. She did and then helped him to his feet and walk down the short hallway to the bathroom to get out of this demonic suit.

He saw that she had not even put a coat on over her outfit when she had run from her apartment over to help him.

She was crying tears of relief, now that she knew that he was O.K. She helped him get the suit off and sat him down in a hot tub to soak while she took his overlarge coat and went back to her place to lock up.

He heard her drop a large bundle on the floor as she came back in and locked his door.

Without a word, she came in the bath and stripped off her own suit and slipped in opposite him, sloshing water out of the tub as she sat. Smiling, she rubbed him clean with soap and a washcloth and washed his hair.

She next led him to the bedroom and laid him out under a warm blanket and snuggled up against his chest as they both drifted off to sleep.

The morning light washed into the room, bathing her brown hair with high-lights and making her stir on his chest.

Her eyes opened and she reached up a small hand to wipe the sleepers away and planted a kiss on his nipple and sighed a happy, contented sigh. She sleepily pulled back onto her elbow, looked him square in the face and said,

"Good morning. Are you O.K.? don't ever scare me like that again all right? I didn't know what to think when your image disappeared and the bells and red lights started going off! But now, I have to know. What was it like? I simply stroked the screen and spoke to you and I watched you start acting like you were having a seizure. You jerked around and then as I came from the dildo, you went completely rigid and then started ripping yourself loose from the chair! And then you fell over, and that was the last I saw of you. The screen went black and all the alarms went off. I got over here as fast as I could run. You should have seen the people stare as I went past them. it was so frightening and stimulating at the same time. And then I found you knocked out on the floor and all I could think was that I had killed you. I looked for someone like you for so long and to loose you like that. It was too much." She got quiet and pulled closer to him, like a scared little girl. All soft and helpless.

"It was intense! I saw you come through the screen and sit yourself down on my cock and ride the daylights out of me. The equipment worked, tingling ran all over my body and it felt like you were ripping the cum right out of my body. But, it was all you. Even though you weren't really here. So, now that your here..." he kissed her forehead.

She smiled up at him, put her hand on his chest and said, "You're amazing! You just can't get enough of me, can you? All right then, rubbersex or regular sex?" she asked with a now familiar glint in her eye.

"You know the answer to that one. We can have all of the regular sex we want later too. But, for now..." he slid out of bed and walked to the closet as she giggled and went out into the bathroom.

He found the suit he had worn when they had had sex over the 'net the first time and dusting himself, pulled it on. He pulled the hood and gasmask into place and slipped into some bathing booties.

He wandered into the living room. She was still in the bathroom changing. He took the time to get all of the computer stuff set back up and cleaned up the equipment.

He logged back on to the net and found fully a hundred messages from concerned and stimulated friends. He answered the ones he could now and posted a general message out to the board.

A soft hand on his shoulder took his attention. He turned.

She too was dressed as he had first seen her, in her purple one piece with the attached gasmask and pull-on boots. No words were spoken, none were needed.

This time, when she sat down on his cock, he knew it was the real thing. She ran her gloved fingers over the top of his encapsulated head, leaving trails of sensation in their wake. She sat on his lap as she worked her pelvic muscles, milking him without having to ride his length. He cupped and pinched her breasts through the supple rubber, the nipples hard as small erasers. She spun around, impaled and bouncing on him and began typing to the others in the main chat room.

<RubberWitch> to all> I found him. He's O.K.

<GrandGingyon>to RubberWitch> is he the one? From last night?

<RubberWitch>to all>Yes. He had hooked himself up to a prototype VR suit and it kind of got away from him. But, he's all right now.

<RubberMel> to all>Lucky Guy! What's happening now?

<RubberWitch>to all> he's sitting in his chair and I'm fucking his hot rubber covered cock into my hot rubber-sleeved pussy as I type this to all of you.

<Rubberguardian>to all> WOW. He is a lucky guy. Are you guys getting serious? Maybe it's time for a group thing, huh? We're all rubbered up and ready to join you for some hot action.

<RubberSue>to all> now guys, can't you see this is a special moment for those two. Sign off RubberWitch and get busy. LOL wish I was there.

<RubberWitch>to all> no, this is our home. And you guys are our family. God is he hard in my rubberlined cunt right now. He's...

<Guest>to all> hello.

<RubberWitch>to all> throbbing so hard. I think he's going to cum soon. It feels so great. Wish you all could feel this way!

<RubberCora>to all> this is so damn hot! I think I'm going to cum myself.

<GrandGingyon>to all> me too. I love a love story come true. I'm so stiff just thinking about them.

<RubberWitch>to all> here it is! He's shooting in me! I"m comming toooooooooooooo GGooDDDD ooHH Ggooddddddddddddd. Ohh.

<RubberClare>to RubberWitch> girl, you better not let that one get away! I'll gladly be a bridesmaid. LOL J

<Guest>to all> what's happening?

<OverLord> to Guest> ssh. They're in love! If you want to talk, come to private chat 1. I'll fill you in. J

Sabrina spun back around on his slowly deflating member. Their breathing wheezing from underneath their masks as she sat on him. She reached up and pulled down a zipper and pulled her gasmask down off of her head, her hair soggy with sweat.

She pulled his mask off and planted a deep tongue kiss on him and said. "You know, they're right. You are too good to let get away. Are you hungry? Lets go get something to eat."

"I'm still hungry all right. But, not for food. What I want is right here." He said hugging her close.

"You're impossible, and inhuman." she said laughing. She pushed him on his chest and got up, pulling free of his limp penis and zipped up her crotch. "No, really I know a great chinese place around the corner. I HEY!"

He scooped her up and said, "I said I was hungry again. I don't want delivery right now though, I want more of what I already have on my plate." He said as he carried her down the hall to the bedroom.

"I love you, John"

"I love you too, Sabrina. My Rubber Witch.



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