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Pleasure Cooker

by VA

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© Copyright 2004 - VA - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; straitjacket; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Wmn had a $370 voucher from Eros Boutique.

She won it via a wager about how many times Wmn could make her partner Mn, come. Of course when there was exotic rubber apparel riding on the outcome Wmn just had to win. And she had had her secret weapon, a Rimba self contained tens unit. She was deliciously clever... she filmed the process and played it back on a laptop in front of Mn, while she was "pushing his buttons" with the electrostimulator.

And this was the day that her purchase arrived. She buffed it again with a satisfied smile. This was the new "shocking fetish" deprivation hood. An extremely thick rubber sensory deprivation hood, with buckling collar, blindfold and gag. 

Of course it was a self perpetuating cycle of enjoyment; the more stuff she got, the more stuff she used, the more fun they had and the more stylish everything became.

She thought about this putting on her ravishingly expensive latex clothing and pulling up her absolutely delectable boots Mn had polished the previous evening.

She looked absolutely hot and she knew it. 

The other advantage of having such a collection was that it all looked fabulous, and when it felt and looked fabulous she loved filming their games and antics, and playing them back to spice up the action. To this end her collection of cameras and associated apparatus had evolved with their bondage collection, and her latest acquisition was a remote camera she had placed secretly atop their shower railing. It broadcast a digital image to her laptop via a wireless mechanism and was suitably unobtrusive. 

Mn was busy with cleaning duties at the moment, she had put him to work using their neat little portable steam cleaner.

Although he had given her the Eros voucher he had no idea what she had purchased with it -  and had no idea what she had planned for tonight's enjoyment.

"Just leave the steamer in the bathroom after you've finished", she had said casually, "I'll have some things on the bed for you to put on when you're finished in there".

A latex straightjacket was what he found waiting on the bed, which she soon fastened securely over the latex catsuit he had been wearing.

"Now quickly lets get you set up in the bathroom", she said hurriedly, "I've got some cooking I need to attend to and I want you fixed up in there while I am doing that. After that perhaps we can watch a fun video together". 

There was a chair they used for bondage purposes in the bathroom, which was also waterproof, and Wmn now fastened Mn to it securely using some wide belts around his ankles, legs and waist. She positioned herself snugly behind him and revealed her latest Eros acquisition. She held it in front of his face and let him squirm with delight and awe for a few moments as his senses took in the exotic item.

"Delicious isn't it", she beamed after she was satisfied with his response.

"Now I am going to fasten it extra tight this first time, just so you get a good dose of it, and so I can be sure it doesn't get loose. So get ready."

So saying she bucked the headgear on very tightly.

She could tell by his response that Mn enjoyed this immensely.

After satisfying herself that he was comfortably secured she finished fastening him to the chair by fastening the remaining chair straps around his shoulders.

She adjusted the wireless camera so it would have a perfect view of Mn's struggles and then began to fill the steam cleaner with water. 

Mn could vaguely hear something happening and made an inquisitive noise.

"Are you comfortable there?", Wmn enquired.

"Mn responded with an affirmative muffle around the securely bucked gag.

Wmn then secured a cable tie around the activator switch of the steam cleaner - this ensured that, after heating up, it would continuously pump steam into the bathroom making a deliciously sweaty, swoony environment for her unsuspecting partner.

She smiled slyly as she plugged the steamer in and switched it on.

"I've just got to keep an eye on something I've started cooking", she now said merrily, I'll check on you in a bit. OK?"

Again muffled consent.

Wmn closed the door to the bathroom and made herself comfortable in the lounge. She had set up her laptop to record a video feed from the bathroom and had positioned it so she could lounge luxuriously, sipping cool drinks while watching as Mn slowly struggled and baked in her steamy surprise.

She turned up the volume on the laptop. 

Clouds of steam were starting to fill the room and sounds of muffled surprise could be heard over the hissing as Mn started to realize what was happening.

Wmn reclined and took a long satisfying sip from her drink, the cool ice clinking in her glass in delicious contrast to the vision on the screen.

"Should be done in 40 minutes", she mused, starting to rub her crotch as she began to enjoy the show.




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