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Pleasure Bound Chapter 1: Anticipation

by Sleepsack

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© Copyright 2010 - Sleepsack - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; mask; caught; armbinder; spank; mast; cons; X

Chapter 1: Anticipation

As the front door bangs shut, I'm aware that she has left for the appointment she told me about last night. Something about the way she avoided telling me when she would be back stuck in my mind, as she normally was very punctual and precise about everything from her timing of coming and going to the way her clothes looked on her.

After much tossing and turning I decided I was awake and a shower was the best way to start the day. I slowly with half open eyes took a white fluffy towel from the pile on the shelf from the laundry cupboard and plodded to the bathroom rubbing my eyes and yawning.

Through blurred eyes as I open the bathroom door, my mind stalled. Standing there in disbelief trying to comprehend why the bathroom wasn't what I expected. On hangers draped over the shower rail we various black and shiny items clothes. I instantly noticed the black rubber catsuit, its zips in all the right places, each one an opening to a different pleasurable experience all of its own. But as with most of the other items there, each one had a small shiny metal padlock, ensuring once on, wasn't coming off until the owner of the key decided it was time for it to be removed. Needless to say, it appeared I wasn't to be the owner of the keys today.

Attached to the front of the first hanger, in total contrast to the dark sparkling material, was a small white note. Still being in a state of shock and disbelief (and half asleep still) through squinting eyes I began to read the note. My eyes were drawn to the bottom instantly, seeing the big red kiss at the bottom assured me it was from my lover. She ended all letters, notes etc. with a kiss from her lips, whatever correspondence spending a brief moment pressed against her soft red lips, before being stamped with her erotic seal of approval. The note was precise and informed me of all I needed to know, and yet told me very little.

Being predominantly submissive having no say in the occasional bondage session was how I preferred it, no I was told how it would be. The note said only be wearing all this gear correctly upon my return. The word “correctly” was underlined. By this I'm sure she meant wearing all of it and the padlocks in place as well. That pin in my mind about her time frames now make sense. What a mind job. Back in an hour, back lunchtime, tonight, tomorrow, my mind was racing and I felt stirrings downstairs at the mere thought of being made to spend time in this hot gear, and if the period was lengthy it would be hot in more than one sense.

As I stepped into the shower, I was rushing, partly because I was concerned that she may arrive back in the house any second and find me not geared up, but also I just couldn't wait to slip into the various sensual items. After having the quickest shower known to mankind, I ensured that I had used the toilet in every sense as it may be awkward, or even impossible to go when I have all the gear on. This thought gave a few negative spins on the scenario, “What if I need to use the toilet when I'm locked into this gear?” I thought. Was this going to stop me putting this stuff on? Errm no, not at all, I will have to deal with that eventuality if and when it arises.

I take the gear off the rail with my towel and go to the bedroom. As I walk across the landing I still don't recall hearing the gear clanking and swishing about this morning, I smile and feel very excited about what will transpire.

As I vigorously dry myself and apply some talc here and there, I know I've got to be quite thorough, applying latex over a clammy and damp body isn't going to work. All the time I eye up the exciting shining items hanging on the back of the bedroom door. I begin to assess what she has pulled out. Needless to say I have so many rubber, leather and latex items its not funny ranging from sleep sacks to inflatable gear... and not to mention the silky smooth down suits and sleeping bags, but we will leave that conversation for another day.

All the gear is shiny and black. So stimulating and erotic, begging to be put on. I put plenty of lube into the sheath part and pull on the briefs. The moment my sensitive penis tip slides into the sheath a shiver runs down my back. The tube on the briefs is used to stick out of whatever ever else you are wearing to allow you to urinate if needed and the open back ass part would allow any other toiletry requirements to be met. By putting the latex socks and gloves on under the locking catsuit, would ensure they are not removed easily if at all. This would also follow my instructors wishes to wear it “correctly”.

As the catsuit is wriggled, on covering my body with its blackness, I pull up the shoulder zips and place the padlocks in place and snap them shut. I caress myself and start to rub my crotch, before I can begin enjoying myself I know I need to get a move on as I don't want to be caught mid-dressing by she who must be obeyed today. I can't help but stroke my penis up and down. I lay back on the bed and enjoy the feeling. Rubbing and squeezing my nipples through the open nipple zips while masturbating myself slowly with the other hand, thrusting my hips up and down, pushing my sheathed cock harder and deeper into my hand. My erotic state is shattered with a noise from downstairs. I snap out of my erotic state, listening hard. It's the postman slipping post through the letterbox, phew.

I decide putting the rest of the gear on is the best option at this moment in time. Suited up and my rubber covered penis standing erect. I feel very excited and aroused. I see the rubber chastity shorts and wriggle my hips and thighs to get them on. Once in place I position my penis into the front part and ensure the tube is in place to allow any necessary drainages. I hear a lot of chatter online about people being very aroused at the thought of using urine in their sex games, but I'm sorry, if that's something you wanted to hear in this story, your not going to find it, as that's not something that bakes my biscuit. The two zips pulling up the front pouch on the chastity shorts connects to the belt and the two padlocks snap into place ensuring my penis isn't going to get any direct action until the locks are undone. This doesn't stop me rubbing the front of the shorts feeling my cock slide slightly in the tight sheath that surrounds it. God that feels good. I close my eyes and feel the sensation more, thrusting my hips more, pushing my cock up and down the sides of its hot rubber confines.

Once more I realise I'm not done yet, my suiting up isn't yet complete. Along with the other shiny black items I now wear, I see the rubber hood hanging on the back of the door. Its a full hood gas mask hood. There are gas masks that buckle up at the back of the head or slip on as they have no neck part, but this hood has a zip at the back and encompasses that whole head and neck. It also has a wide collar with a padlock at the back. The hood zip is done up and the collar bound round my neck and the padlock clicked in place ensuring its not going to be removed now.

I had a very bad experience many years ago, when a hood with a small opening didn't come off in time. The sheer terror that transpired in those few seconds still haunts me when I put a hood on alone. This particular hood allows the front part to be removed and various parts to be attached. This may be a gag part, one with a hole for a tube to drink etc, or one with the screw part attached for a corrugated tube and breathing bag to be connected. Today, thank fully the one with the straw hole is in place. I hadn't even thought that if she wasn't back for some time how would I eat or drink. But along with the toilet worries, my nutrition worries are taken care of in one fowl swoop. Trust plays a huge part in my life. If I am going to let someone completely dominate me I need it to be done safely and to a degree... sensibly. Even with the hole at the front of the mask, my outfit now completed with the gas mask is extremely hot in more than one sense.

My feet occasionally get cold, and my partner has already thought of this and put my leather puppy socks out. These thin leather boots have D-rings and padlocks on them, but are thin and supple enough to allow lots of movement, not like work boots or such like. My foot already coated in the latex sock, slides nicely into the snug boot. Zipping them up and locking them isn't that easy and requires skill as I find bending and touching your toes difficult in layers of latex.

After checking the locks are secure, I glance over at the inflatable black rubber mitts. These mitts allow the slave to have the wrist part done up and padlocked, but the zip on the back of the mitts can be left undone and allow the slave the use of their hands temporarily. This will mean when its time to be bound up, the fingers and thumbs can be placed inside the mitt, zipped up, padlocked and inflated ensuring the whole hand is kept in place and unable to undo any other parts of the outfit. I was bound some time ago and managed to use my teeth to undo the zip on the back of the mitts and get out of the whole outfit. But as we now know, padlocks make escape impossible. The question is begged to be asked, do I want to get out?, hmmm not really. There is a weird feeling that overcomes me after orgasm, possibly guilt I don't know, but after reaching orgasm I just want out of my items. My partner knows this and occasionally uses this in out games, placing me in another outfit or one over the top like a sleepsack or straitjacket and being made to stay there, get excited again and start the pattern all over again.... repeat and rinse as my friend would say.

So I'm now kitted out as “Correctly” as I can be. I feel my cock is so hard its starting to ache, I could so easily rub myself to orgasm I'm that excited, even through the shorts I feel sure coming isn't that far off, my head is spinning as my eyes roll back and feel overwhelmed by the runner covering my body. I have unknown to my partner got a large polishing machine in the garage that is used to polish the car. The vibrations from that are quite intense and I have managed to orgasm whilst in similar gear to what I've got on today. But, after orgasm, I'm unable to take the clothing off and I would feel cheated and that I would have somehow cheapened the whole affair, as that was not what my partner had in mind.

I look at myself in the full length mirror next to the bed and cant help but feel horny again, all the rubber, my erection straining inside the tight sheath, my breathing accentuated by the hood, every time I breath in I feel the hood enclose slightly against my face and then move away as I breath out. As I circle my cock and balls covered by the layers of rubber, I cover the end of the gas mask with my hand cutting off my air. The strong smell of rubber fills my head and the hood tightens around my face, much tighter than before. My whole body writhes and thrusts on the bed as I lay on my back rubbing myself all over. A large gush of air bellows over my face as I uncover the end of the gas mask. My breathing is so quick now I'm almost panting, I frantically rub the front of the chastity shorts, I could break off the locks and claim they broke accidentally, that could happen?... no she would never believe me.

I thrust my hips forward, bucking them, sliding my cock in and out of the sheath slightly. The movement is hardly anything, but enough to make me feel closer to orgasm. I roll onto my front and begin to grind the bed, my gas masked face buried into the sheets, reducing my air supply. The hood tight against my cheeks. I close my eyes in ecstasy, thrusting down harder into the bed. God I want to come. I feel so out of it. I feel light headed, unable to see, the black hood pressed hard into the sheets, not able to see, or hear or think, only feel the rubber all over my body, and my cock begging to come, my heart racing and pounding in my chest. Writhing in a state of total pleasure, the rubber tightly pressed to every part of my body, holding me, embracing me, exciting me, pleasuring me. Like an electric shock, all my senses spring to life, I feel pain in my buttocks as they are struck suddenly and expectantly with force, and a scream in my ears someone shouts “What the hell are you doing slave?”.

I spin over to see my partner with her hands on her hips, a look of absolute anger on her face, shaking her head. “Did I tell you to do that?” she shouts.

I suddenly comprehend the pain was her slapping my buttocks as I lay face down on the bed. I go to get up and her hand violently pushes me back into the face down position. I begin to mumble, pleading my case into the mask attempting to explain, but with the leather gas mask pushed hard against my face and my voice going into the bed, I don't know if she even heard anything I said. “Stay there, don't move!” she said sternly.

Even through the thick layer of rubber around my head, I still heard her. I was shaking, mainly fear, shock, my heart still racing but now in a slightly unpleasant way. Bizarrely enough when I look back in hindsight, my erection was constant throughout hehe.

I felt the distribution of weight on the bed change and suddenly my fingers were stuffed viciously into the mitts and zipped up. Without warning my arms were pulled behind my back and within seconds tight belts encompassed my upper body. My arms strained as they were drawn into a long leather armbinder behind my back. This long black sleek item is a long sleeve of leather that both arms go into and are secured in place. I've previously found long sessions using this to be somewhat painful causing cramp and muscle pain quite quickly, maybe she knew that. My feet were drawn up. I could feel her attaching the tip of the armbinder to my feet via the leather boots. I felt a strap being pulled around knees pulling my legs together tightly.

“I don't know what possessed you, you're so bad” She said as she slapped my buttocks again. “I think you need to be punished for this, to teach you a lesson for next time”.

My head was tilted sideways and the end of the gas mask removed. The cool air rushed in, still panting and dazed by this affair that had happened in a matter of seconds I tried to take in what was happening around me. Before I had chance to explain and apologise, she pushed the new end of the gas mask into place. My mouth was suddenly filled as I realized this was one with the gag. After attaching the new part in a rough manner, she pumped the gag using the small black bulb attached. I felt my mouth with the latex gag. “There, how does that feel?”.

My muffled responses seemed more like whimpers and sighs. Her last move was to lie me on my side and apply two back discs to the gas mask hood totally blocking out any vision. I did quickly catch a glimpse of her as I was on my side. She was enjoying this I'm sure. In a twisted kind of way, it felt like she had planned this from the beginning, knowing full well how excited I would be when I have my gear on, totally unable to resist rubbing or playing with myself even slightly. I felt the movement on the bed shift as she got off the bed. “Now you can stay like that till I feel its time for your next level of punishment begins, do you understand?!” I nodded as speaking was pointless.

I lay there in the darkness, my body totally covered with black latex, the sweat building up all over my body. My breathing beginning to relax more and accept my surroundings. I wriggled to gain a comfortable position on the bed. I was also concious that I couldn't remember how far I was to the end of the bed and if she has secured me to it, falling off the bed like this wasn't something I fancied. As the fear subsided, I became concious of the huge erection I still had, bound tightly in the confides of the rubber sheath and the layers pressing against it. Regardless of how this situation has come to be, accidental or part of her plan, I was still very excited and enjoying it. I felt unsure of what would happen next, so I had little choice but to lay there in anticipation.


Next Chapter to follow.....

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