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Please Keep Your Ticket With You 3: Like Flies

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2011 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F+/f; latex; drug; wrap; cocoon; engulf; machine; package; pvc; encase; captives; climax; nc; X

continued from part 2

Part 3: Like Flies.

“Oh fuck no!”

Veronique stared in shock at the two, perfect gleaming figures, Tall, slim and clearly feminine, they were covered from crown to toe in a single gleaming skin of liquid black, but it was not this which made Veroniques eyes water with tears of fear, it was their faces, or their lack of faces, for there heads like their bodies were a film of black and their faces a smooth featureless membrane.

Veronique moved back as far as she could go, her back to the second door, which led out onto the floor. She reached down and shook the handle. Locked! she looked about but she knew there was no way out. No way out but passed the two tall figures in the other door way.

She felt herself tremble as a stream of fear induced sweat spread beneath her latex dress.

“Selina”, she gasped, her voice knotted with fear, “What have you done?”

The pair did not speak and moved with perfect grace atop needle like heels to where Veronique half cowered.

“Please no”, she said, her voice braking, “I will go away, leave it all to you and Selina…..I don’t want any…NO!!!!”.

The gleaming figures moved with an almost quick silver fluidity and before the poor woman could step away one had slipped behind her and took her head between smooth black hands.

With Veroniques beautiful face held as if presented to her, Selina shifted in her seat. For a moment Veronique thought she was uncertain, as if her assistant was suddenly nervous. “Please Selina, don’t let them”,

But the moment passed and leaning forward in her chair Selina Holden smiled triumphantly and in a breath of excitement whispered. “Take a deep breath honey”.

“No, please NO!”, Veronique struggled as suddenly she felt the hands which gripped her face melt, and the glistening black which formed them begin to flow over her face and head “Oh god what the hell… No no”. The gloss black film flowed like hot tar across the startled womans face melting and moulding swiftly into her ears and down over her chin, before slowly encroaching towards the centre of her face.

“No No….yo can’t do”, Veronique gasped, “I…It’s so fu…”, suddenly the woman’s terrified voice turned into a spluttering bluster as the first tendril of fluid flowed over her lips, “Oh God….It….I can’t, Plea….” And that was it, no more words passed her lips. For a moment the fluid flowed into her mouth and bubbled on her lips but then smoothly it settled into a single skin.

Selina leaned forward, as Veroniques eyes widened in terror, before like her lips, they too were consumed. For a second the room rang to the snorted breath from Veroniques still untouched nostrils, a desperate sharp breath was taken and then silently and smoothly the last pale flesh of Veronique beautiful face was gone.

For what seemed like a lifetime Selina watched as her ex friend and lover struggled between the two emotionless figures, before suddenly the last captured breath held so desperately in her lungs broke free. Briefly the latex about Veronique face stretched as the air moved beneath, then just as swiftly it shrank back, seemingly tighter than before, drawing the black film which had sealed her mouth deep between her lips, to create a stunning life mask.

Taken with an almost sympathetic uncertainty Selina sat forward as Veronique began to struggle as never before, the loss of air, staving her brain, closing her body down, but then, as if a switch had been thrown, she became still, motionless and passive. Selina held her breath and waited for Veronique to collapse but no, like a silent doll, she remained upright.

Selina Holden, cool and confident, now felt her stomach flutter. She swallowed hard and watched as the gloss black film began to spread downwards beneath Veroniques dress.

“My god”, she thought, “It’s was true”.


As the door clicked shut, Jane waited, waited in as much silence as her body would allow and listened… nothing, no sound, no voices, no heels. For what felt like a life time she waited, waited for her body to calm, her heart to slow, her breath to come. Turning she now faced a second door, like the inner door of an airlock. Tentatively she pushed and with a hiss it swung open and she found herself at the head of a white tiled corridor, down which she could see a soft red glow.

Slowly she moved from the door, but as she did she felt the satin wrap tighten. She looked back , it was caught in the door!. She pulled it sharply, but the smooth satin would not come free, again she snatched at it but it would not give. Unwilling to forgo her only ‘clothing’ she tried to tear it, but that also failed and with a final pull, Jane was forced, much to her regret and shame, to leave it were it was, and herself completely naked. And so more, cautiously than ever, thanks to her new exposure, Jane turned and moved towards the glow. As she drew closer to the glow her heart began to race one more, not from any visible terror but from the rich and frighteningly familiar aroma which now enveloped her.


Desperately Jane closed her eyes to the rushing memories of the tightly enveloping hood, which had rendered her so helpless in the back of the cab. The memory of its smoothness, its texture and sickening aroma, made her stomach knot. Suddenly there came a deep wet fluttering sound a bubbling and her mind once more focused on the warm glow before her.

The corridor ended in a large, high vaulted room. Very clinical and clean, both floor and walls of the empty room were covered in pure white polished tiles. Nervously the naked beauty moved on into an adjoining room. Also polished and white this room was far from empty and to Janes shock was clearly some kind of medical area. A hospital which resembled an weird “operating theatre, complete with wide chrome and white covered table, large circular lamps and various items of unrecognisable equipment arranged and ready on trolleys and in cabinets about the walls.

Jane breathed hard as she moved round the room, the all pervading aroma of latex hung thick in the air and clung to her lungs. Instruments, polished chrome blades, scissors, and grips, where laid on one trolley whilst on a second, were what appeared to be rolls of 5 inch white bandages, 4 open the rest sealed in vinyl. The strange glistening reflection of the half light on their surface revealed them clearly to be fashioned from thin latex. For a moment Janes fingers hovered over them, uncertain and afraid of whether to examine them further, however her interest in them instantly faded as the wet bubbling fluttering sound turned her gaze toward the back of the room.

Struggling to lessen the click of her high heels on the cold floor, Jane slowly drew closer to the sound and to the centre of the latex aroma. She stopped short and gasped. It was a vat, 8 feet long 4 feet wide and the same deep, sunk into the floor and filled with pure white liquid, whilst above it, silent and still, stood a chrome and black winch. Already knowing and dreading the truth Jane tentatively dipped one red glossed fingertip in. The liquid spread slowly, it was thick and rich and clung to the offered finger like gloss paint. Jane’s stomach turned as in that moment the smooth fluid began to tighten. In disgust and revulsion Jane stepped back as suddenly the lamps surrounding the walls flickered into life, bathing the room in a cold white light.

“Please look I’ll do anything for you anything”.

Momentarily startled by the young feminine voice, Jane looked about for a hiding place and slipped into the cupboard to the rear of the room just as a struggling young woman was led into the room, her progress aided by 3 taller older women dressed in latex perversions of nurses uniforms. From her hiding place Jane saw, the clearly terrified young blonde was naked but for high heels and a pair of black polished panties, from which, snaked thin tubes at front and rear. She could also see the look of terror in her wide blue eyes.

“It’s not me”, the struggling young blonde repeated, “I’m in the wrong place, stop, stop”.

But the ‘nurses’, took no noticed and offered no calming words. Instead they half coaxed half lifted the girl to sit on the table, the white latex sheet, rippling and gleaming, wetly in the bright white light. Held, but still protesting, the girl now shrank back as a third ‘nurse’, this one dressed not in green as the others but in a full length red gown of glistening latex, stepped near. The girl screamed, for in her gloved fingers the red nurse held a syringe.

“What the hell, No! I beg you”, the girl cried. “No”

“Don’t worry. This will make it easier.”, the nurses voice was calm, menacingly so.

“But it isn’t me, I told you”.

As she watched with growing terror, Jane, saw the young woman begin to struggle once more, yet despite her best efforts she was helpless to resist the nurses grip and within moments the yellow liquid was filtering from the needle and into her body.

Within moments the Helpless girl could feel the drugs effects began to flow through her body, “No please”, she begged shaking her head, fighting the growing numbness in her limbs. “No No I beg you”.

The girls voice was high and broken, a mixture of words and tears, that made Jane’s heart pound in her body. In fact so hard was it pounding she drew away from the door for fear of it being heard beyond her tiny hiding place. For long minutes Jane remained still and as silent as her heart and breathing would allow, she curled up, in fear and horror at what might befall her if she were discovered, a cold sweat bathing her perfect naked body. She closed her eyes, wishing herself away. However herself enforced distance was not to remain for suddenly after minutes of silence the girls voice rang out. This time it was different, this time the voice was utterly panic stricken.

“No No, wait”, she cried, her voice clear. “Wait, I am still awake!”.

The words seemed oddly out of place to Jane and so easing herself back to the door she once more looked out. For a moment the bright light dazzled her, but quickly she saw, the girl, reflected in the over head mirrors, she was lain flat on her back, face up, motionless. However it was not this which brought a desperately stifled gasp to Janes lips, but the movements of the nurses, for as she watched with disbelieving eyes, they were slowly and skilfully wrapping the girls paralysed body, within a cocoon of gleaming white latex bandages.

Janes, stomach leapt to her throat, and her mind instantly returned to that cursed magazine which had set her on this perverse journey and to the pictures which had so hypnotised her, “They were Mummifying her!”, In fact by now the poor girl was enclosed from toe to just below her breasts in a single smooth layer of latex. Lost in a mixture of horror and fascination, Jane pressed closer to the opening.

“She said I would be, asleep”, she girl said, clearly trying to move her paralysed body, “I only agreed, because, Ms Holden said I would be asleep”.

“But where is the fun in that”, The red gowned nurse purred, stepping to within a foot of Janes hiding place. Her wet polished dress momentarily obscuring the silent witnesses’ view as she passed by. “After all, I would imagine your player wants you to feel every last, sticky, moment of their fantasy”.

“No No”, The girl cried, filling the small room with her voice and chilling Jane to the bone.

Now as the wrapping rose the girls pleas turned to sobs, for as her arms limp and helpless, were folded across her body and tightly enveloped, she knew her fate was sealed. With ease and speed now, the last glimpse of blushed pink skin vanished beneath the smooth white tide and with a final delicate movement the cocoon came to rest at the base of the girls neck.

Gazing down now at the helpless girl as she sobbbed in her smooth latex cocoon, the red nurse, smiled and in a voice dripping with mock sympathy purred, “Nearly there, dear, nearly there”.

The girl did not see the nurses cruel smile as she turned away, but to Jane it was the cruellest, smile of triumph she had ever seen. Away from the table the red nurse, along with the terrified Jane, now watched as the other nurses moved into place. One nurse with a curl of red hair peaking from beneath her cap, now cradled the girls head, as without a care for her sobbing the other nurse produced, not a final roll of latex bandage, but a filmy, transparent hood.

“Wha!?”, The half delirious girl gasped as the thin membrane was stretched down over her head, “What’s?”.

“A request”, the red nurse said, circling the table, “It seems the look in your eye is rather important to your player and doesn’t want to miss it”.

“This is... please, no”. The girls voice suddenly became muffled and smothered as the neck of the seamless hood snapped down about her slim throat, where, unseen to Jane or the poor girl, it was sealed in place with a thin bead of clear latex adhesive.

Silence now filled the room, silence that was but for the click of the nurses heels as the busied themselves tidying the room and the muffled pleas of the poor mummified girl.

“Relax”, said the red nurse, striking a long finger across the girls latex enveloped body, “Relax and breath, girl. You will not suffocate, you will get enough air if you do not panic”.

Sweat streaming down her face and with her heart melting at the muffled plaintive whimpers that filled the room, Jane watched in terror, as the red nurse, her glossed lips curling into a sensual smile, circled her helpless ‘patient’ until the other nurses returned.

“Is everything ready?”, the red nurse asked

The nurses nodded.

“Links?, recorders?”

“Yes madam”.

The red nurse “Very well, shall we?”.

Jane watched now as, showing great strength, the 2 nurses transferred the mummified girl to a low, latex sheeted, trolley. Then once settled they rolled it out passed the table and to Jane stomach churning horror over to the vat. Now with practised ease as two, raised the helpless girl and slipped straps under her knees, waist, and body. The red nurse, activated the near silent winch, which, at her command, lowered above the girl. From her sanctuary, Jane watched in horror as the strapping was connected to the chrome hooks of the winch and the webbing drawn tight. Jane watched, but she could not begin to imagine the terror of the mummified girl. That was until the moment the winch began to spin her up from the trolley. For in that instant, the girl in her perfect bondage, let out a terrified cry that wrapped around Jane’s throat like a noose and stabbed her heart like a dagger.

It was a cry that did not die, a muffled desperate, panic filled cry, for mercy and release a cry that haunted the room beyond it’s last gasp, yet forced Janes eyes wider and closer to the door. For a long moment the cocooned girl hung above the vat, swinging slowly in her bonds and for that brief second, both Jane and the girl prayed the perverse, play was done, but no. The winch was as silent as breath and without a murmur of protest began to lower its feather light burden.

Lost now in the moment Jane eased the door wider and laying flat to the floor was able to see the girl reflected in the over head mirrors as the winch gently placed her in the centre of the vat. With a flick the strapping was released and they and the winch swung free. The girl lowered and seemingly resting atop the glossy white fluid, it was now time that hung, it hung like cold mist, Seconds, slowly passed, counted by a dozen rapid heart beats. Then slowly, ever so very slowly, the gloss white, fluid, that thick slow syrup parted. It parted like the glossy wet lips of a lover and began to swallow the mummified girl.

“No!! No!!!”, The girls voice once more filled the room, a strangled, cry of horror, “No, please, please, plea…….”.

And she was gone.

Jane, with eyes misted by tears for the unknown girl, watched as for a moment the white liquid glistened and rippled, and then as if nothing had happened became smooth once more. For a long moment Jane stared, but then realising she was further out of her hiding place than she realised she slipped back from sight.

The sound of heels busying about the room now filled the air, but all Jane could hear was her heart pounding. She curled up, curled up in fear.


With a film of sweat lubricating the tight latex of her pants to caress her slim body and her ultra high heels skipping on the polished marble floor, Keira moved from guest room to guest room. But with each empty room, the thought that the unwilling guest had found her way into the main play area beneath the building grew sickeningly greater.

She stopped in the main lobby at the foot of the stairs, other employees, unaware of anything wrong passed by on there own missions. She looked about and thought of calling out and then noticed the shred of white silk trapped in one of the doors.

Her stomach knotted. She looked at the status panel, at the red light which denoted the room was live.


It was the hum of the winch that awaken Jane from her slump and peering once more into the room she saw the red nurse stranding beside the vat, the winches chrome clasp rising slowly from the clinging white latex treacle. For a moment the surface of the liquid stretched as one smooth membrane before parting to reveal a formless figure. As she watched the thick tendrils of latex curling, from the form that was once a girl , back into the vat. Jane’s stomach came to the throat. She felt sick and cold.

In time the heartless, machine lowered the featureless form on to the cool slab at its side. Now swiftly the red nurse, with delicate and nimble fingers inserted a tube into the figures head where her mouth should be. Instantly Jane’s heart broke, as the girls muffled strangled pleas, returned to the silent air. At first it was a whimper, a moan but quickly it rose to become a startled screech.

Jane shank back in shock, she could plainly see the rubber begin to shrink and what had, moments before, been a featureless cocoon quickly began to show detail. The line of the girls legs, squeezed into one and her arms folded across her stomach became sharp. Even the features of her face, nose, chin, eyes, lips all suddenly came into relief as the rubber melted tighter and tighter about her and with the tightening the mummies voice became more and more pitiful. Not that the nurses cared, they simply ignored her and busied themselves tidying the instruments, wiping away any rubber drips, returning the room to is original state.

Suddenly one of them approach the cupboard in which Jane hid, her heart pounded as a rubber gloved hand took the handle, sweat, terror fuelled sweat streamed her rouged cheeks at the thought of being found. She closed her eyes and prayed.

But no.

“Leave those, place them on the other table”, Came the clipped command and she heard the young nurse turn away.

“Yes Madam”.

Jane felt she would faint, sure her heart could be heard beyond her chest.

But no and quickly the sound of footsteps lessened and silence fell in the room. But Jane waited, waited for minutes, which passed like hours before she had gathered the nerve to slowly emerge from her hiding place.


The moment the red light on the panel turned green, Keira waved her pass over the screen , the door swung open and she nervously stepped inside. Her heart pounded, she had never been down this low in the building before, she was an admin clerk, not one of the “specialists” as Veronique had called her online employees and the gaming arenas beneath the main building and there occupants held a strange unworldly fear for her.

She paused now as the door closed behind her, her lungs drawing in their first breath of the rich latex moistened air.


After nervously checking to make sure the nurses were gone Jane slowly approached the Mummified girl. She gasped and winced, the tightness of the rubber made clear by the immense detail it revealed, the girls young face beautiful and soft, now a mask of smooth gleaming rubber. Tenderly she ran her fingers over the pure white latex, it was dry to the touch and incredibly smooth, smooth and shiny like liquid, like glass


Jane jumped back at the cry, as suddenly, the paralysis drug gone, the girls back arched from the table and with the tight latex squeaking and stretching about her, began to writhe like a huge glossy maggot atop the smooth glass table.

Jane felt her stomach turn and a flicker of sickness in her throat, but knowing she had her own fate in her hands, shrank back at the horrific sight.

Hearing the muffled cry coming from the rooms beyond the corridor, Keira moved as swiftly as her heels would allow towards the sound and entered the first of the clinic rooms just as Jane emerged.

“Ms Fullerton-jones”.

The older woman turned to be greeted by the sight of the young latex dressed woman standing in the door.

“No!!!!”, she cried, “Stay away from me you, bitch!”

Keira shook her head and opened her hands, “No Ms Fullerton-Jones. Please you are quite safe. I have come to take you out of here”.

Jane shook her head. “What is going on, where the hell am I?”

Keira stepped forward, “It has been a mistake, please I will explain everything, but we must go now”.

“Who are you?”.

“That is not important, we must go now?”

Jane shook her head, “No. who are you?”.

“My name is Keira Watson, I am an administration clerk, but I am here to help you. Please”.

Whether it was the young womans honest face or her clear English accent that touched her, but Jane felt a strange relief, “What is going on?”.

“You were not supposed to be here, Please I will explain everything later”, The young woman reached out a hand which after a moment Jane tentatively took.

“But what about her?”. She looked towards the still wriggling latex mummy.

“Please I will explain soon”.

After a moment’s hesitation, her eyes dancing from Keira to the mummified girl and back, Jane accepted the pull on her hands and followed the young woman back up the corridor.

With a hiss the inner door swung closed behind them and after a moment Keira moved her pass over the screen.

The outer door remained closed.

Again she swiped the card gain no response. She tried again, this time slower, but once more, there was nothing.

“She has locked the door”, The young woman said half to herself.


Keira turned and Jane could see the fear in her eyes. “Selina”.

“Tell me. what is…..”.

Jane’s question was suddenly cut off as, with a sigh, the outer door drew back. Instantly both were relieved to feel the relative cool of the main lobby flow over them. However it was a relief short lived, for awaiting them were 4 tall elegant woman, smiling faced and opened hand and all dressed in gleaming latex. Two in smart business like outfits, of jacket and skirt and two, much to Janes surprise in sleek and stylish maid uniforms.

Janes lips parted as she felt Keiras grip tighten.

“Ms Fullerton-Jones”, Selina, cool and calm stepped forward, her hand outstretched. “Selina Holden, executive in charge of this building, please I can not apologise enough for this”.

“Selina, where is Veronique?”. Keira hissed.

“In her office, of course, please Ms Fullerton-Jones you must forgive Miss Watson, she is one of our newest employees and gets carried away with the gaming side”.

“I don’t care about your weird world Ms Holden I want an explanation”.

“And it is well deserved, Ms Fullerton-Jones, However first, I think, I should offer you some hospitality”, Keira saw, Selina smile her best fake smile as the cool mature woman gestured her maids forward. “Don’t g…..”.

Jane turned as Keiras voice died. The young woman, had slumped into the arms of a fifth woman, who had stood silently beside the door. Jane had not seen her there and nor had she seen the tiny needle which had priced the young womans buttock.

“Oh dear”, Selina said stepping forward, “Poor thing. The gaming rooms can be so hot, Juliet, do take care of her for me”.

Jane watched as the young woman was helped away and only turned back to the group when she sensed the two maids beside her.


As she crossed her long legs, Jane felt the tight Latex stretch and ripple across her thighs. She tried not to look down at the smooth gleaming skirt, which, much to her displeasure, she now wore. She knew how it looked, how it shone and rippled, she had stared with distaste in the mirror of her guest room as the maids had first helped her wriggle her curves into the tight pencil skirt and simple chic white blouse, before then insisting on glazing the entire outfit in a mist of gleaming liquid polish.

The sight and feeling of every action simply reminded her, first of that bizarre magazine and then of the horror of her abduction. The very idea of wearing the material that had brought her so many nightmares just made her stomach knot and her desire for explanation all the greater.

“Ms Fullerton-Jones”.

Jane stood to the sound of Selina Holden's voice and turning to face her automatically smoothed her hands down the tight latex skirt. “Ms Holden”.

“I am so sorry we did not have a more suitable outfit for you Ms Fullerton-Jones. But our building is dedicated to a purely fetishistic style”, Selina smiled, offering her hand, “Still I am glad my maids found something on the conservative side. I hope you like it? I must say latex compliments your figure very well”

“It is quite horrible”. Jane replied pointedly, not taking the offered hand, “but it is better than being left naked”.

Selina paused, her exquisitely made up eyes narrowing. “Quite so. Please”. She gestured for her guest to sit and once more Jane succumbed to the sensation and sound of stretching latex about her body.

“Drink?” Selina asked. Pouring a glass of wine.

“Explanation”, Jane replied.

Selina smiled, “Of cause. Ms Fullerton-Jones, or may I call you Jane?”

“Ms Fullerton-Jones, is fine”.

“Ms Fullerton-Jones, this is a company which runs the largest, and most complex online fetish fantasy experience anywhere in the world and it was with great regret that you found yourself mistakenly drawn into its embrace”.

“Is that it?”.

“Ja….Ms Fullerton-Jones. We are a legitimate registered company, I offer you our deepest apologise, but must stress it was you who... I don’t wish to use this word, but… stole the magazine from our client”.

Jane shifted in her seat, the latex of her blouses loose sleeves fluttering and sighing. “The magazine?”.

“Quite so, our Client Miss Emma Knightley was most distressed not to have had her fantasy forefilled”.

“So you have brought me here just to blame me, for your perverted mistake”.

Selina laughed, “No no, Ms Fullerton-Jones, I have not brought you here for that, no no. I have brought you here so as to show my partners how good you look in latex and I must say, you do look quite stunning”.

Jane felt as sudden chill run down her spine, “What do you mean”.

“Well they have seen their other acquisition, Miss Watson in latex and are very happy, which isn’t a surprise I mean, don’t you think she looks amazing in latex. I know she is a little up herself all British and that, but my god does she look hot in latex….”, Selina leant forward, her lips glistening wetly, “…..and that arse…. i could stare at it all day…. you just want to run your tongue all over it”.

“Ms Hol…..”, Jane stammered, suddenly flustered, “Ms Holden, I demand to know, wha……”. She shook her head, as suddenly her eyes tuned out of focus.

Selina sat back and watched her guest struggle.

“I demand….to…to know…..what”.

“Then I had better tell you before you drift off. You my dear Jane, along with Miss Watson are to form part of the only genuine real life fetish gaming experience ever created and thanks to my partners, you will experience a totally fetishistic environment our clients could only have dreamt of until now”.

“No!”, Jane, rose to her feet, but her legs would not help and she slumped back down, “N….No, you can….can’t”.

“I am afraid, oh yes we can. Oh and by the way, you should have had the wine, cause the sedative you are feeling now I am afraid was in that lovely lips gloss my maids put on you”, She stood and with elegant grace came beside the dazed woman. “But that was a while ago now, so I think I will take the risk”.

Jane half gasp, she had never been kissed by another woman before, yet as Selinas lips, wet and glossed found hers, she found herself unwillingly surrendering to their smooth liquid caress.

It was the last thing she felt, before darkness fell.


It was a soft drowsy mumbling voice that fully drew her out of her induced slumber. However the moment her head began cleared Jane felt herself once more gripped with fear and panic. Pressed back against the cool tiled wall, her wrists manacled high above her head, she was totally naked. That was apart from the ever-present high heels that she could feel cradling her feet and a sheen of smoothly dripping sweat.

The room in which she was held was tiled floor to ceiling, wall to wall with a uniform covering of pure white tiles, broken only by the lines of grated heating ducts which criss-crossed the floor. Lining each wall she could see bits of machinery, chrome and black panels, dotted with flashing blinking lights and above her the tracks and rails from which she hung. These seemed to run to the rooms centre where stood a large, chrome and polished black frame, surrounded by an intricate labyrinth of pipes and cables all seeming to snake upwards into the body of the device which dominated the centre of the ceiling. However no mater what details came to her eye, there was nothing Jane could see to suggest her where abouts.

She pulled at her bonds and called out, demanding her release, but as expected the only reply was the rattle of the chains above her.

She paused and listened, then, as she was about to call out again, that soft lazy voice returned. Jane stiffened. The voice was soft confused and very scared. “Stop, please no”.

With her head still drowsy from her enforced sleep, Jane struggled for a moment to recall the name of the young woman who had so desperately tried to help her, but as the voice came again Jane replied.

“K….Keira?, where are you?, Keira it’s Ms Fullerton-Jones ….. Jane….. Are you…. Keira!!!”,

Semi-naked in just her tight latex pants and heels, Keira Watson was led into the room, her young sweat soaked breasts glistening wetly in the hash light. She was flanked by two tall women, dressed in matching red latex dresses, which, though high collared and long sleeved and detailed with golden rings to give the impression of a uniform, possessed skirts so tiny they barely covered the lower curves of the wearers perfectly proportioned bottoms. The same gold trim was carried on into the seam of their sleek latex stockings and the soles of the staggeringly high, dagger like heels on which they moved with an un-natural grace. Though not twins, both women also shared the same uniform pony-tailed black hair, intricate make up, glossy red lips and long polished nails.

Half carried, half dragged, Keira was led over to the second set of manacles which at an unseen command descended from the overhead rails. Seeing the polished bindings before her the young woman began to struggle, pushing at her assailants weakly with what strength she had. However it amounted to little more than a soft stroke, which drew a rubbery squeak from the womans latex outfit and with ease Keiras wrists were snapped into the polished manacles and slowly raised high above her head, until at full stretch, her toes barely touched the floor beneath her.

“What have you done to her?” Jane hissed, once more shaking her chains, “Don’t touch her”.

Janes words though seemed to go unheard and without even acknowledging the older woman presence one of the women held the lazily struggling Keira tight whilst the other eased her long elegant fingers beneath the waist band of girls tight latex pants. Stretching the gleaming material the woman now gently peeled the smooth latex down and off over Keiras heels to reveal her perfect bottom and shapely legs, both of which now glistened wetly, coated in the rich moisture which had collected beneath the layer of warm latex .

For a long moment the two seemed to pause and admire their young captives body. Then softly, almost tenderly, the woman who had discarded the, now formless pants, ran a polished finger through the spreading moisture which slowly dribbled, like creamy teardrops, down Keiras thighs. Coating it’s tip in the richly feminine glaze the woman slowly raised it to her lips to allow her tongue to draw the rich nectar in. The look on her face said it all and without a word she invited her eager companion to join her.

Jane now watch in helpless shock as, intoxicated by the smell and taste of their young captive, the pair turned Keira this way and that, licking and slavering at her sweat slicked body like sensual vampires. Drowning under their attentions Keira fought with what strength she had, pushing and slapping her attackers away. However, they proved much stronger. Easily taking control of her slim petite frame they eased her thighs apart and let their fingers, their slippery slick fingers, dip between in search of new delights, delights which lay secret and hidden between the girl trembling buttocks.

For a moment, Keira froze as she felt one eager finger settle on her tight dimple. Then as it teased and tested her tight opening, she gasped and stiffened her eyes widening in shock to gaze in dismay straight into Jane’s, striking the older woman dumb. Silently pleading for mercy, Keira helplessly wriggled her bottom, trying to resist the unwelcome invader, but it would not be denied and after teasing for a few more moments, she felt the pressure from the sweat slicked finger increase.

“No! No! NO!”, Jane cried, forcefully rattling the chains that bound her, “Don’t you dare, Don’t you dare, you …..leave…..her…….a…..”.

Suddenly Keiras tormentor looked passed her and silenced Jane with her deep green eyes. For a moment the pony-tailed woman just stared, but then slowly her ornately made up eyes narrowed and as her head tilted to one side her lips melted into a glossy red smile. However this was no smile of greeting, but instead was a smile of such pleasure and wicked intent that the words, which had formed, on Janes tongue now froze and knotted deep inside her throat. For an age the pair stared at each other, one desperate and scared, the other cool and confident, but then as Jane watched in dumb horror, she could see the womans hand begin to move

“Oh god!”, Keira gasped sharply, her eyes widening and her body tensing, “Oh dear….god”.

“S….Stop”, Jane stammered her voice still choked by the woman’s gaze, “Stop now”.

But the woman just smiled and slowly, ever so slowly turned her hand.

“Oh…G….God”, Keira panted her body trembling upon the other womans hand, as her breath snatched in staccato gasps. “I can’t…, I can’t….I…I can’t, brea…. breathe, I have never…”.

But the her cruelly beautiful tormentor would not relent and with a gentle press from her intimately placed finger she felt her victim tense to her touch and as Jane watched on, she could see the young womans eyes flutter and close, her head tilt back and her clean white teeth, begin to softly bite nervously on her trembling lips. For a moment Keira seemed to freeze, her eyes squeezed tight, but then as her intruder slowly turned once more, her emotions betrayed her body and with a long drawn breath, that passed wetly pouting lips she released a sigh of pure sensual delight.

Jane now squeezed her eyes shut, desperate to obliterate the image of her poor friends humiliation, however the voice which, moments later, sharply broke the air, swiftly drew her back.

The voice belonged to a third woman, older than the others, but no less stunning. Her red hair, like the others, was pulled back into a neat glossy ponytail, to expose a beautiful and immaculately made up face, with dark eyes and glossy cherry lips. She wore a sleek black dress, which moved across her body as if fashioned from nothing but glistening liquid and like the other dresses, was highlighted with rings and insignia at both cuff and collar. However unlike the other dresses, the new arrivals boasted a figure moulding skirt, which hugged her thighs and legs down to just above her knees.

As an Air hostess, Jane spoke a number of languages, but the words with which the woman addressed her underlings made no sense to her at all. However, what ever she had said the first of the two obeyed without reply, whilst the other, clearly disappointed at being denied any further pleasure from Keiras body paused and stared with challenging eyes up at the helpless Jane. With a sly smile on her lips, the woman turned her young plaything until Janes eyes could not avoid falling on the smooth curves of Keiras bottom. Then with a tantalising cruelty, she slowly, ever so slowly, withdrew her long and eager finger, before sliding its glistening tip up the girls sweat slicked spine.

Leaving the young woman to slump at the knees, her head bowed before her desperate friend, the woman turned to a second snapped instruction and without a word moved to join her colleague, before departing from sight.

Jane gazed teary eyed at the red faced young woman before her, she looked so weak, so helpless, face red, and body glistening in its film of sweat.

“Keira!!”, she half called half whispered, “Keira honey, wake up”.

But there was no reply, the young woman just hung from her bonds, her legs almost too weak to hold her slim body upright.

Jane looked about once more. She paused her ears straining to find any sound that might emerge from the silence which now surrounded them, before once more pulling at her own bonds in frustration.

“Let us Go!!!”.

“Feel funny”, Keira murmured, her voice soft and drowsy

“Keira,”, Jane pleaded, “Keira, You’ve got to wake up, wake up”.


“Keira, come on honey, it’s Ms Full…..Jane”.

“Ms Fullerton-Jo…..Jones?”. Slowly the girls head rose, her face was red and flushed, streaming with sweat, she looked at Jane with dark, sleepy eyes. “Jane?, where are we?”.

“Oh Keira honey, are you OK?”.

“I feel funny…like…. i don’t know, sleepy”.

For a brief moment Jane felt a sense of relief, that her new friend did not seem to recall anything of the humiliation she had just endured. However it was only short lived. For at that moment the chains from which they hung, snapped upwards into the rails above them and began to slowly draw them on tip toe, towards the centre of the room until they came to a halt some 3 metres from the body of the main machine at its centre.

“Who the hell are you people?”. Jane shouted.

However her words made no impact on the cool red head, who silently moved about the machines body, turning dials, adjusting switches and tapping keys.

“What do you want? You can’t keep us like this, we are British citizens demand to ……”, Janes voice suddenly died as the two feminine figures in red turned their gaze back to them .

With their sharp stilettos heels, clicking out a stead rhythm mixing with the slow stretch and rustle of their sleek latex uniforms the pair came up behind the still labouring Keira.

“Don’t you touch her”, Jane hissed defensively, as they gathered closer, “You leave her alone”.

For a moment the young woman barely registered the figures presence, but as she swung in her chains her eyes rose into the familiar face of her tormentor.

Instantly she drew back, her senses almost kicked started by the unearthly vision before her. “What the?”, she gasped, kicking out with stilletoed feet, “What…No!!”.

As one of the emotionless pair held her, the other, with swift hands, slipped Keiras cuffs away, freeing and lowering her arms.

“Keira!” Jane gasped swinging a long leg in hope of kicking one of the pair away, “Keira sweetheart you’ve got to fight”.

Jane words, though heard and acted on, were just that, words and no matter how she fought nothing could prevent the young woman from being half carried and half dragged, towards the main chrome panelled machine.

Placed before it, her tiny frame was easily lifted and positioned on a small step, set at the base of a rectangular opening cut into the machines body. Across this “door” was stretched a membrane of transparent PVC, which glistened with a rich foul smelling gel.

Helplessly fighting her own bonds, Jane watched now as the women arranged Keira as desired. Her arms were moved away from her body, her legs parted, head raised. Then as the pair held her in place the third with skilled fingers, worked a small control on the machines flicking panel. With a hiss the membrane fluttered and almost imperceptibly moved forward to contact with Keiras naked back.

Even in her drowsy state, Keira Instantly knew what had happened and let out a startled cry as she felt the PVC film cling and grip

“No, no what are you doing to me?”.

The Two women, silent and shiny now moved about the tear-streaked girl, ensuring the contact between her body and the PVC was smooth, flawless and tight. Then with a nod to the woman in black they stepped back and as they did so, the step on which Keira had been standing silently lowered into the floor, leaving the helpless girl, much to her shock, stuck to the thin PVC like a fly on paper.

However the startled girl had little time to dwell on her strange new predicament, for an instant later a second membrane of smooth PVC, mounted in another polished chrome frame, lowered before her to come to rest Inches from her body. In fact so close was it any movement Keira made, caused her copper tipped breasts to rub across the polished Plastic with a sickening squeak. She froze.

“J…..Jane?”, she half whispered, her wide brown eyes clinging to her older companions in search of some tiny reassurance. “Jane?”.

However it was a reassurance she could not give, for a heart beat later her new friends voice rose I a sharp squeal of shock, as smoothly the second PVC skin moved towards her.

“No No”, Keira cried as the PVC eased into contact with her pert breasts, “Wait, wait no you can’t”, she cried trying to find the right words to convey her terror. But as ever her pleas were coldly ignored and the advance of the transparent film continued. The smooth plastic taught and slick drew onto her, first smoothing her breasts before pressing on to turn her desperate words of distress into smothered mumbled meowings.

“No..”, Jane cried her voice returning in a burst, as her eyes clinging to her terrified companions. “ will suffocate her, stop, STOP!”,

And stop, the machine did. However Jane knew it had not stopped at her request.

A silence now hung over the room, a deep ominous silence, fractured only by the sickening squeak of drum tight PVC as Keira struggled and wriggled helplessly inside her plastic prison. A prison which within moments became hot and moist as the young woman drew last of the trapped air into her lungs.

Now the woman in red came forward, her steel heels clicking on the cold floor as she walked once, slowly, round the machine, vanishing from Janes view briefly as she passed behind it before stopping to one side.

“Reaint pa reant. Hontra seia”. Her voice was cool and calm, her words meaningless to all but the 2 figures who nodded their agreement.

“Yet bentry trantraform”. She continued, flicking switches on the control panel. “Thret, som”,

Again there were nods, and confirming gestures.

“lamination trantraform”.

Suddenly, as the words transmitted clearly through the earplugs, Keiras blood ran cold and Janes heart stopped. It had all been meaningless. Meaningless but for one word, one single terrifying, shocking and impossible word…….LAMINATION.

“No!”, Jane cried, pulling at her bonds, “No you can’t, you can’t”.

But the shiny skinned women who busied themselves about their duties did not give Jane the slightest acknowledgement. Instead their attention was trained on the twin panels which, with a barely audible hiss, had began so descend, like folding wing, from the machine to come to rest either side of her helplessly struggling girl.

There was a pause now, but it was only a moments pause, time for a breath from Jane and a prayer from Keira, before, slowly, the panels began to close.

Suddenly then Keiras smothered squeals filled the room, they echoed around the chamber, breaking her new friends heart. Then as she felt the doors smooth surface simultaneously touch her breasts and buttocks, she tensed her self for the pressure that would surely crush her young body.

However it did not come, oh there was pressure as smoothly steadily increasing pressure, but not the hard crushing she had feared. For as the doors moved in it became clear their inner surface, though smooth and polished was very malleable and as the pair pressed onto her they slowly moulded about her, contouring both themselves and the smooth PVC membrane to every detail and curve of her perfect body. Her breasts, her buttocks, the smooth valley of her thighs, her stomach, then her throat and despite the final, defiant shake of her head and a strangled muted cry, her beautiful face. Keira felt the smooth film of PVC squeeze about her cheeks, masking her face in vinyl, devouring every detail from her lips to the lids of her eyes, before pressing down about the curves of her head to contour her ears. For a moment the panels stopped, paused in there entombment of their young victim, then with an almost pleasurable sigh they came together.

Jane, unaware of the panels nature let out a horrified cry, her mind racing with images of her poor friend gasping for air as she was coldly crushed.

However the machine was not finished. The 3 women circled the now still and silent panels that encased Keira, making adjustments to valves and switches on the smooth panels surfaces. Then with out a sound the faint seam between the twin panels began to glow and across the stillness of the room, Keiras smothered moans drifted into Janes head. She was alive!!!

The heat within the machine was not as hot as a flame, it did not burn, or scald the young woman whoever it was hot enough to have a shocking effect o the plastic film. With the sound of her air starved blood pounding in her ears, Keira felt the smooth Vinyl begin to flow about her like thick warm syrup. It flowed over her face, into her ears, her nose and about her teeth. It flowed between her fingers and toes and deep into the valley of her buttocks. It seeped and trickled into the dimple of her navel and melted deep between her parted thigh, moulding and enveloping her sex in a smooth new skin and where they did not touch her body, the two PVC membranes fused and melded seamlessly into one.

Now the group of women, moved with purpose about the machine, making checks and changes, before with a touch of a button, from the woman in red, the twin panels, eased apart. For a moment they moved but a matter of centimetres, then with a sickening squeak, like fingers on a child’s balloon, they peeled away from the smooth vinyl and began to rise back to the resting-place.

Now in the silence of the room, Light filtered into Keiras breath starved head, a faint silent glow that passed through her eyelids and into her brain. But within the vinyl prison, there was no silence, for the sound of blood in the girls ears , mixed with the racing of her heart, created a cacophony of terror. Whilst the breath held in her body, now unable to escape even if it wanted to, burned her lungs. Keira would have cried for her life if there had been room within her tomb for tears.

But as the new light in her head began to fade she felt a hand on her face, two on her cheeks. Inside her prison Keira struggled fought to resist, but the vinyl coating was now a ridged film, holding her utterly immobile. Then something, small and round pressed into the vinyl stretched across her mouth. She felt it pressing against her teeth. Then slowly as the smooth film parted it slid into her mouth, filing the space with the taste of rubber and plastic, but more importantly than that, it freed the dead air to rush from her lungs in an uncontrolled moan and allowed new sweet tasting life to entered her body. In fact so grateful was the girl for the air that now cleaned the blood in her body, that she paid no attention as the new rubber intruder was widened to flatten her tongue and stretch her mouth into a perfect O.

Her new gag in place the woman tending Keira screwed a smooth chrome grill into the opening, tightening it with a tiny key, before with a final, almost tender stroke of her finger, stepping away. Through tears reddened eyes, Jane watched as the group eased the now perfectly encased girl from within the device. The frame she was stretched within attached to the over head rails and slid smoothly to come to rest before her.

With the chambers cool light gleaming on it’s pristine surface, Jane winced as her eyes ran over the bizarre image before her. Her new friends perfect body, neat and trim encased and smothered in a glass smooth coating of ultra tight PVC so tight no crease or imperfection marred the shocking effect. Then suddenly Janes stomach turned, her body froze , her heart stopped and her breath burst from her lungs in an uncontrolled gasp of shock. For in that moment Keiras soft brown trusting eyes opened and, filled with more terror than Jane could bare, looked back at her in a silent cry of despair.

Her body streaked with the sweat of terror Jane slumped in her bonds, heart broken and soul destroyed, “Why?” she sobbed, the tears streaming from her eyes to drip in tiny riverlettes onto her full upturned breasts. “What do you want?”.

Broken with despair Jane watched helplessly now as the rails guided the motionless girl to the first of a row of up right posts which had, unseen to her, risen from the floor to the side of the main machine. With skill the red uniformed women lined the chrome frame up and with a solid click, slid it into place.

Now the women stepped back. For a moment there was a pause and once more Jane heart pounded in her ears, then slowly out from the supporting posts, she could see a fine tangle of tubes begin to snake upwards and around Keiras enclosed form. Slithering over her like so many coiled serpents, winding about her, enfolding , criss-crossing ,adhering and penetrating the smooth PVC. For some time this fine network of tubes worked there way upwards until they reached Keiras head or rather the fine mesh grill set into her gagged mouth. Here the tubes seamed to widen and curl away from the PVC, rising up like a snake to sway before her wide petrified eyes. It hovered for a moment, teasing and then slid into the grill.

From where Jane watched she could see the PVC membrane flex and ripple as Keiras body convulsed with the invaders presence, but then, as the long drawn seconds passed, she watched the tubes encircling her friend change from clear to a deep honey yellow, flowing with a slow liquid and as they did, Keira body once more flexed , then once more became still.

Unable to take any more, Jane slumped in her bonds, her knees no long able to carry the weight of her broken body. For what passed as an age her mind flowed and drifted. The image of her young friend and the sound of her voice, echoing in her head, mixing with the last shocking image of her trembling body. But then as she felt a hand on her arm and her manacled wrists loosened, her body tensed in horror. They had come for her!.

With all the effort she could bring, Jane swung in panic at her tormentors, pushing them away before, free of their grasp, stumbling towards her silent friend. But she did not feel freedom for long, for the heels which adorned her feet proved as great a prison as her manacles and within a few steps she stumbled to the floor and a moment later felt a cool tingle in the back of her neck. Briefly she saw the needle, it was small and shiny, a drip of oil on its tip and then her strength was gone.

The cool ornately made up eyes registered nothing as they bore into hers, nothing but dominance and with barely a struggle the two women took up the now placid, broken woman and led her on trembling legs towards the machine. Where, stretched across a second chrome frame, glistened a new membrane of cool PVC .

“No….please no” Jane sighed, struggling weakly in her captures grip, as she was led towards the gleaming chrome device, but her voice was soft and pitiful, almost as if she were speaking to herself, knowing full well her pleas were worthless.

With the same merciless strength they had used on the younger woman, Jane was eased up onto the step. She could feel the whisper of PVC behind her as Keira had before her. Fluttering softly in the breeze created by her tormentors’ actions.

“Oh Please don’t…”. Jane pleaded weakly her eyes following the two pony-tailed beauties faces in search of some hint of mercy. “…..not me”.

The pair though were as cool and calm as ever, never giving a hint that Jane was anything other than an object to be manipulated and once they had placed her, unwilling body as desired they stepped back.

Without a sound to signal its movement Jane felt the rippling PVC draw forward. For a brief moment it seemed to flutter and caress her back, then almost as if drawn by a magnet, it adhered to her naked body. The process she had seen carried out on Keira was now sickeningly replayed on her own body. Hands soft and skilled, sensual at any other time, roamed over her body, smoothing the PVC into place across her back thigh and buttocks, But Jane, sad and dismayed, did not wish to witness any more and so, like a condemned woman, closed her eyes to await her fate.

Indeed she did not open them until she sensed the second film lowering before her, however it was not the instant heat created by the transparent PVC which opened them, but the voice, clear and low, which suddenly filled her head. At first as before the words were a garble of nothing, then slowly words formed in a clear American accent.

“The latex-vinyl coating… being .. applied to your body.. will provide…. nutrients and nourishment… for your skin”.

Jane tensed as seconds later the second skin slid forward, the chrome frames vanishing into one as the smooth PVC came into contact with Janes sweat slicked body. “Who are you?”, she gasped, drawing in the already moist air within the envelope, “let us go!”.

“Whilst the computer…..will take care…of all your feeding and …..bodily functions…..for the duration…of….your journey”.

Janes head span, not just from the bizarre statements filling her head, but from the clearly dwindling air supply. “Wha?….what do you mean?…..Stop this…stop this, what do you mean….. journey to where?”.

Suddenly the machine sighed. Jane froze and her eyes wide and scared gazed over to Keira, to the smoothly encased body, which foretold her own future.

“To where?”, she gasped, fighting her enclosing prison. “Journey to where”.

The voice remained silent, almost as if it were allowing the sounds of the slowly stretching PVC to play the lead role, but then it returned, as cool and calm as before and spoke one word.


To be continued….

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