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Plastique Surgery III: To Have and To Hold

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; latex; bodymod; mc; FF; bond; toys; reluct/cons; X

To Have and To Hold

"I, Roger Vaincroft, take thee, Veronica LaSalle, to be my Lawfully Wedded Wife.  To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part."

"I, Veronica LaSalle, take thee, Roger Vaincroft, to be my Lawfully Wedded Husband.  To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part."

"This ring signifies my promise to you, Veronica, that I will be your loving and loyal husband from now on.  I will share with you all of life's joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, until death parts us.  With this ring, I do thee wed."

"This ring I give to you, Roger, signifies the promise that I shall always be your loving and loyal wife from now on.  I will too share with you all of life's joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, until death parts us.  With this ring, I do thee wed."

"Thy rings signify thy promise unto one another, by the power invested in me; I know pronounce you husband and wife.  You may now kiss the bride."

It was a match made in heaven, or so Veronica's parents thought.  She was getting married to a wealthy bachelor, a wise investor, a sharp businessman, not to mention a snappy dresser, all rolled into one.  Veronica had her suspicions when she first met Roger; he had a mysterious feel about him.  And the tiny scar gracing his lip didn't really strike a chord with her as attractive.   But when his eyes gazed gently at her, and his voice spoke… she melted like butter.  The man was more than she could've ever hoped for.

And to top it off… he LOVED her!  And she loved him!  It was something that blew her mind the many times she went out on a date with him.  He wasn't even the type to splurge on gifts.  He was perfectly reasonable in just about anything he did.  He was deliciously cunning, thoughtful, and more so just so nice.  He was frank and honest about his feelings too, something she liked even more about him.

But the real cincher that sealed her feelings for him was the way he simply asked for little to nothing in return.  He always would reply, "If you marry me, then you can repay the favor."  Of course, she always felt this was a joke.  She would always laugh it off, saying he was only teasing her.  That is, until he actually DID propose to her!  It was something very formal and very noble of him.  She felt like a Queen through the whole thing, waited on hand and foot, not to mention all the things he lavished on her, without her even bothering to ask.  It was uncanny how he read her mind.

The wedding was as white and pure as she could possibly make it.  She was a virgin after all.  With so much invested in the festivities, her family was more than eager to show off their elegant new bride to an expectant yet dapper groom.

It was somewhat sad that none of Roger's family attended the wedding.  She would've liked to meet them, but apparently because he was orphaned as a child, most of his friends were business associates.  To be honest though, it didn't really matter that he didn't have family, the guy was RICH.  Any friends he had were always eager to work with him or hang out and such.  The bachelor party the night before was supposed to be a night to remember, or so she heard.

Time felt like it stood still for her when they kissed after the vows.  Her wedding gown was long and trussed in the purest white ribbons.  She even wore the most elegant veil too.  He embraced her with so much fervor that she could've sworn her body heat was rising.

A few days prior he had confessed everything to her.

"Veronica, I love you and want you to be my 'everything'.  Will you do that for me?"

She felt she had no choice but to comply.  Any woman worth her salt would've said yes to a man like that.  He was on his knee after all.  He treated her like the perfect lady.  He was always courteous, and even more, he never once gave her reason to doubt his integrity and loyalty.

Several days before the wedding, they had arranged that she move all her belongings into his Mansion.  She was given her own designated wardrobe room and adjacent bedroom with the grandest of views from her window.  She could see the entire grounds from it.  Of course, seeing as she was his fiancée, she felt obligated to stay in a nearby hotel until the Wedding was consummated.

The wedding reception was no less than perfect.  White chocolate cake with white frosting, elegant hors d' oeuvres, and the wait staff were impeccable and flawless.  Everything moved in tune and flick with the bride and groom's every whim.  The father of the bride managed a noble enough speech, drinks were passed out, some left light-headed and giddy, others found themselves light on their feet on the dance floor, the music equally elegant.  Not a shadow to be found during the whole thing.

It had been agreed that at the end of the reception, the Bride and Groom would retire to the Groom's Mansion, and they were explicitly not to be disturbed, as they were on their Honeymoon.

Veronica didn't want to spoil Roger's plans that night, but all that perfection must've worn her out, as she was practically asleep in his arms as he carried her up the staircase to the Master Suite.  The Wine was more than intoxicating to be sure; it enchanted her… with visions of Roger dancing with her in her head.

"Perhaps he can wait till tomorrow…" She murmured dreamily off to sleep in his arms.

"Sleep now, beloved, for tomorrow the true dream begins…" Roger smiled, kissing her gently on the forehead.

Veronica woke up, stretching lazily on the soft bed that was nearly twice her size.  Apparently Roger had let her sleep in her Wedding Gown, which was very noble of him… but… something wasn't quite right.

Her eyes weren't adjusted to the morning sun, so she didn't quite figure it out… but everything felt… stretchy and smooth, squeaky, really.  As her eyes began to adjust, she looked down.  Something about her wedding gown was different.  It looked the same, pure white ribbons and all… but it felt… tighter… more form-fitting.  And it was of a different material.

"Rubber?" she gently felt the contours of the dress.  It fit her shape nicely, revealing her oh-so-natural curves and bust.  Sure enough, the wedding gown was made of rubber… even the veil that she pulled back behind her head was made of a transparent form of the stuff.   But wasn't her dress made of soft silk?

As she felt the veil, she felt something else that didn't feel quite right either, her hair.

It didn't even feel like hair.  It felt like the same stuff that made up her dress, a rubbery plastic material.

She grabbed a mirror from the bed stand.  It was like looking at a toy version of her self.  She was a natural brunette, and had a certain wavy style she liked to make her hair look, but this?

The hair was identical to the way she always had it.  But it was rubber.  Just like the dress.  She was wearing make-up too.  But somehow the stuff seemed to make her face appear porcelain in appearance.  Not even real.

Ruby lips, accentuated eyelashes, even her eyes shone brightly in the morning light.

Across the room stood a large vanity mirror, and even though she had seen her face in the mirror, she had to see this all for herself.

When she swung her legs to the floor, she jolted when she realized she was now standing in monster-tall heels forcing her toes to point.  She peeked underneath the long gown at these monstrosities.  Everything from her waist down was rubber stocking molded into the heel, leaving a zipper along the sides of the heels.  But as she explored further, she discovered a pair of tiny steel locks in place on the heels, preventing any sort of tampering or removal.  Of course, the long rubber bridal gown she wore hid all of it.

"What in the world?"

Not that there was any purchase in the material anyway, everything was tight and snug around her legs, and even tighter if she bent her knees, with just enough give so that she could at least move freely.

What choice did she have, sit on the bed and wait for her husband to rescue her?  It took a little bit of effort and concentration, but she somehow managed to stand up and make her way, hobbling slowly over to the Vanity Mirror.

What she saw nearly blew her mind.  Everything down past her neck was white latex.  Everything looked the same as it did the day before, in outward appearance, aside from the heels now locked onto her; she still looked like a blushing bride.

She swept a lock of plastic brown hair from her face.  Feeling gently around, she felt the edge of the material, and to her horror she discovered it was glued to her very skull!  Or at the very least it was somehow surgically implanted there.  She was on the verge of screaming, but something deep inside her told her to wait.

No sign of her natural hair remained, no sideburns, not anything.  Even her eyebrows had a plastic feel to them.  Her head felt somewhat itchy underneath that huge body of hair, and naked (she could only assume whoever did this removed her hair completely).  That's when she began to examine her body further.

Not a trace of hair on her body remained, that she could tell.  She squirmed a bit in her rubber gown, noting that her lower extremities also felt bare against the material, which squeaked as she moved, which she of course realized she was locked in for the time being.  Tearing it off would be a waste of time, she figured, as the material was fairly solid in nature, and somewhat heavy.

Her dress even had a natural hard rubber corset built into it, cinching her waist tightly shut.  She would not be getting out of this gown any time soon.  This strange monstrous corset went far down past her hips and was so solid that bending at the waist or sides was out of the question.   Somehow the corset managed to wrap itself over the curvature of her hips and glutei, not to mention clamp itself tightly around her more 'sensitive' regions.  It felt like two parts corset, one part chastity belt, and the dress flowed in and around it softly, as if she were some statuesque trophy bride.

The phone next to the bed rang, startling her from her thoughts and fears.  It wouldn't stop ringing till she managed to almost crawl her way back to the bed.

A voice on the other end of the phone called out to her on the line.

"Well darling, how was your sleep?" crooned the voice.

"What… who…. who is this?" she demanded in rage.

"Why… I'm hurt.  We only just said our vows yesterday, darling."

Her eyes opened wide in utter shock.  The voice on the other line was none other than Roger's voice!  But something was wrong… he sounded… different.

"You'll find it quite difficult to leave the confines of your room, so I suggest you sit tight, my beautiful bride.  I will soon be along to fetch you from your… he he… predicament."

The sing-song laughter in his voice was far from normal.  It seemed to send a chill down her spine (assuming her spine could move around inside a corset like she wore), like some sort of mad scientist from the movies.

Her feet were starting to ache, so she decided to sit on the bed again, unsure of herself, until a knock came from, of all places, her closet!

"Mistress Veronica, I have come to clean the room for you."

"W-who's there!" she called out, somewhat frightened.  "If you're able to, please help me get out of here!"

"I'm afraid I can do no such thing, Mistress.  The Master forbids it."

At this Veronica's voice went silent.  What choice did she have?

"Come in… I suppose."

The door slid open and out walked an insanely tall beauty.  Her breasts were immense, her body the pinnacle of curves, and most striking of all, solid black rubber adorned with an elegant black and white rubber maid uniform.

Her skin was literally made of black rubber, with red lips and shiny red rubber in places most women wouldn't dare emphasize!  Just watching this woman dust about the place was a show in and of itself.  Not only was she doing it with expert finesse, even more than any lady would ever care to do… but she was doing it in the same high heels Veronica currently wore!  But instead of white heels locked on to her legs, there was no sign at all where the heels on this woman ended and she began!

She stood on her toes, pirouetted and curtseyed naturally throughout the room as she adjusted her movements in the ritual of dusting.  She had a long red tuft tail of rubber hair that fell the full length of her body, stopping just short of the backs of her heels.  It fell in a long s-curve, moving rhythmically as she worked.  She made certain her mistress got an eyeful of her voluptuous curves and perfectly round buttocks as she worked, not once attempting to be modest, red parts all aglow.

"—Miss…uh…" Veronica stammered.  She didn't know what to say to this black rubber creature.

"Mistress… I must make the Master Bed, if you would be so kind…"

Veronica nearly jumped out of the bed, but seeing as she was also en pointe, she almost fell over.  Surprisingly, the young maid caught her by the waist, holding her in place like she was the lightest thing in the world.

"The Master would not be pleased if you were to fall and hurt yourself, Mistress, if you would please wait a moment, I will accommodate you until you can… adjust."

The rubber-maid pulled out a strange chair-like device from underneath the bed.  It had several wheels on it like an office chair, and seemed to fold apart neatly.  But the seat was different from anything she'd ever seen before.

"If you would, Mistress, please lift your gown a moment."

The sound of something clicking into place around her mid-section and backside and the strange seat the maid had unfolded to her somehow magically disappeared underneath Veronica's Wedding Dress.

"Master calls that the 'training seat', you will be able to move freely throughout the day with it on.  It's light and helps you adjust to weight on your toes, but if you get tired it acts like a high chair, no one will be able to tell if you are standing or sitting, as your posture is unaffected."

Somehow Veronica sighed with relief, she was now able to sit down and take the weight of those god-awful heels out from under her… That is until she realized the secondary function of the seat.

Whenever she placed her full weight on the strange seat now bound to her waist, vibrations issued from the seat deep into the recesses of her innards.  This served only to agitate the one thing she didn't want to think about at the moment.  Standing up on the cruel heels was the only way to alleviate the sensation.

So now she was trapped between two diabolical situations: sitting in arousal or standing in pain, and because of the nature of the seat, it appeared only the maid knew how to take the cursed thing off!

"Damn it, what did you do to me!?" she squealed in shock.  She grabbed the maid's shoulder, only to find the woman shockingly strong under all that rubber material.  The Maid's slick skin made it difficult to hold on.

"Mistress, you mustn't struggle… it will only make it worse…" the maid said, not an ounce of pity in her voice.  Before Veronica could blink, she now had a strange white rubber binding clamping her arms behind her back.  Now she had no choice but to either stand up or sit down on the seat.  She sighed in exasperation as the Maid fixed the bed.

"What's your name?" Veronica called to the woman in black.

"I am simply called 'The Maid', my Mistress" she replied, "I am only here to serve the Master and the Mistress."

"Oh, so you won't talk?  You won't give me your real name?" Veronica smirked, somewhat perturbed.

"If Mistress wishes to know… my name was once Alicia.  But that is no longer the name I desire to be called.  Simply calling me 'The Maid' will suffice."

"Alright… Maid… why is my Husband doing all this?"

"I'm afraid I cannot answer that."

"Why not?  Sworn to silence?"

"It's not my purpose or place to know."


Veronica watched with perturbed agitation as the Maid continued to work in the room, making it just as spotless as when she arrived the night before.

"I take my leave then, Mistress." She bowed and left through the closet.

"Wait a minute!  Untie me!  Untie-mmrrr—" A white ball gag was suddenly strapped to her face.

"The Master shall see to it your bonds are undone in due time, he will explain everything."

As the Maid left, shutting and locking the door behind her, Veronica was left to wander around the room on those crazy heels of hers or sit down on the vibrations… she decided the latter was more tolerable at the moment, even if taxing her level of concentration.

She scuttled about the room in the bridal gown, white ball gag, and arm binder, trying to find some means of getting anything off of her.

The stimulation was starting to get to her, so she stood up on her toes again, the weight shift starting to become easier to her now… although walking was still a chore.  Her arms were starting to feel numb, and she couldn't shift them much as they were behind her, and the mouth gag made it somewhat hard to breathe through her nose.

Despite her situation… she still felt the need to look at herself in the vanity mirror, and sure enough, she looked gorgeous in the tight white rubber, even if she couldn't see her heels and her arms.  The strange chair-like device bound to her rear was nearly invisible underneath the gown, even when she sat down, making it seem like she simply floated around the room.

Another knock came at the door, this time it was Roger.

"So are you ready for the time of your life, my bride?" he asked cheerily.

"Mmmmrrrmmmm… grrr…" she grumbled.

As he entered the room, she wanted to kick him with those sharp heels of hers, but he was too quick and caught her in a tight embrace at her waist.

"My sweet," He gazed deep in her eyes.  "Please understand.  I am an artist.  My work in this world is necessary.  And… well… I just couldn't help myself!"  He chuckled.


"Very well… I will alleviate you from your bonds… but only on the promise that you hear me out."

"Hmmkmm…" she nodded.

He gracefully stripped her from the arm binder and mouth gag.  But the trainer chair would have to stay for the time being.

"Why?  Why did you do this… to me… to her?" she glared in frustration.

"Oh… I see you met my prototype.  She's honest; I'll give her that, and quite the loyal servant.  She's helped me out so much since then."

"That's not what I mean…. what… what is she?"

"Veronica, darling, understand this… it was her desire to become that.  I just assisted her."

"A rubber maid?  But how?"

"It's difficult to explain, I'll simply abridge it for you.  Let me simply say that it took a little touch of the old magic fingers."

"And I suppose you plan on doing that to me too?"

"Hardly.  You're my wife, not to mention you have a responsibility to her now.  She is your servant just as much as she is mine."

"Listen, Mister Vaincroft… you have done something to me that is both demeaning and embarrassing, not to mention irreparable!  How do you plan on getting yourself out of it?"

"Well said, Miss Vaincroft… I plan to do… nothing… at the moment." He giggled slightly.

"What?  How dare you!  You… you… crazy…"

"--Crazy for you, darling."  His lips were on hers before she could even react.  And just like that she was limp in his arms.

She felt weak in his arms like she would fall over any moment, vibrating chair and all.

"It smells… musky..and…. deliciousssss…." she mumbled.

"You like it?  It's my new invention… derived from pheromones and other chemicals that bring out the 'urge' in women.  I can customize it to attune to a certain woman's genetic information… so that only she falls for me."

As she passed out in his arms, she heard his voice fade, "Oh drat… must've used too much…"

When Veronica awoke next, she found herself sitting in a strange metal chair in a cold dark laboratory.

"Honey… wakey wakey… c'mon now… don't keep me waiting."

"Roger… ungh… what… what on earth…"

"Please dear… I beg of you… please listen to me."

"Roger… just face it… you're a monster… just… just turn yourself in…"

Roger gently touched her face with his hand.  It wasn't cold and clammy like she thought it would be, but a strange tingling sensation was felt on her skin, as though she'd been dusted by some powder or chemical.  His voice was now deep and serious again… the man she thought she'd married.

"Honey… I came to grips with this a long time ago… I'm a plastic surgeon.  And I like making things, but more than that I like making things beautiful.  I told you that before you married me."

"But the latex… and my hair…"

"Merely stopgaps to an end result, darling.  I warned you I like latex."

"I thought you meant…. as a fashion statement…. not… this…" she spoke weakly.

As she said this, several lights went on to reveal more of the lab.  She was IVed up to a strange tube of fluid.  The Maid stood at a nearby panel and was programming the machine for something.

"My beloved wife, you were always my obsession.  That's why I married you.  When this is all over I swear, you won't regret it.  You'll enjoy every minute of it."

"Like that freakish 'Maid'?"

"Even better.  Flip the switch."

The Maid complied.  A large servo began to whine to life.  The tube containing the strange white fluid began to pump itself directly into her arm.

"Don't you know… when to stop…" she moaned as the strange stuff began to coarse through her veins.

Roger watched the clock and his wife with obsessive tenacity.  The fluid was being absorbed into her system by the gallons.  At first her body resisted, but then it seemed to soak up the stuff like a sponge.  At first she was uttering low moans, but these moans turned into low guttural sounds like that of a woman going into deep labor or heavy sex.

The transformation was slow at first, but as it continued, her breasts began to swell… after a while they started to strain the limits of the rubber wedding gown she was wearing.  Her figure would've ripped open the dress, except something else happened next.  The rubber material of the dress began to stretch and conform to her skin.  Seams, zippers, even the locks she originally wore disappeared, melting into the strange milky-white fluid forming around her skin.

She could feel it deep in her insides as far up as her abdomen, the pressure of the fluid was strong and heavy.  At some points she even felt she was full to bursting, but the pressure faded over time.  When the pressure subsided, the end result made her feel somewhat heavier than usual, fuller perhaps, with more mass.  She had no means of telling what her so-called 'husband' had done to her so all she could ask for was a mirror of some kind.

"You have to understand, even if I did this to you, it was all because I want you to be my bride."

He pressed a nearby switch that revealed a virtual holographic representation of her body in full 3D rotation.  Aside from her fake natural brunette hair, ruby lips and plastic make-up, her body was, from top to bottom, pure solid milky-white.  Nothing remained of the dress or corset, but her feet were tall and taut by the ballet-molded heels that apparently were fused to her 'white' skin now.  This skin she tested to be some kind of flexible rubbery liquid material.  As if that weren't enough, her rubbery smooth 'skin' left no shape of her breasts or even her nether regions.  She had become some sort of solid white featureless doll.

"You're probably wondering what happened to the gown.  Well, you're still wearing it… but, it'll take a little encouragement on your own part to coax it back on."

"What do you mean by that?  What did you do?!"

"I gave you a gift.  Something that most wedding fashion models would give their eye-teeth for.  You've been given the ability to become any woman walking down the aisle that your heart desires."

"I still don't follow you… and I'm running out of patience.  This was supposed to be our honeymoon!!"

"Remember when we were dating and you said you always wanted to be a bride?  And I distinctly recall you telling me with emphasis that one of your fantasies was to try on any and all bridal gowns you saw in the shops?"

"Of course I meant if ever I were to get married but… what… what's happened to me?"

"Your skin's molecular structure has been modified based on a new experimental program I've been working on.  I did some research a while back on how picky women are in choosing their clothes, especially dresses and other pieces of clothing, and most of the results I found told me that women are most choosy over their Wedding dress."

"That doesn't tell me anything!  You're speaking in riddles I don't understand! Aghhmmmmfff…"

In an instant Veronica felt her mouth begin to melt into strange rubbery mush.  Before she could blink, it was as though her mouth didn't even exist.  She could certain puff out her cheeks, but it was all futile.  If she could pout, she would have.

"Dear, before you interrupt me again, let me remind you I developed your 'skin' and therefore have absolute control over it." 

Roger sighed as he showed her some sort of strange wrist device.

"Let me explain: as time passed I realized that women tend to appreciate having some variation in their clothing, and so I began working with what I refer to as 'synapse skin' that is to say a special kind of metabolic skin that adapts and changes shape depending on the person's thought patterns.  There was some setback in my work, as I was unable to change the overall material substance from anything other than its native molecular structure, and since latex in particular is the most malleable of the materials I experimented with… the result is as you see."

"What I have done is turn you into a living latex dress-up doll.  In particular you have the ability to convert any and all of your skin into dress material.  Any dress that suits your fancy, any outfit, anything, just will it onto your body and it is yours.  I've even installed a special program into your nervous system that lets you recall several preset outfits, even if you only saw them in a magazine."

"Of course, my beloved bride won't have all the fun by herself; I have just as much control over your shape-shifting skin as you do!  You know what that means?"

"Mrrrmnn…" she shook her head 'no'.  But in fact she was begging him not to do anything more than he already had to her.

"It means you have so much boundless potential in that skin of yours that I could do just about anything pleasurable I wished.  We could set up so many fetish scenarios together… the possibilities would be endless!"

She knew Roger had a rubber fetish, but this seemed excessive, even for him.  But since she was locked in place and had no 'say' in the matter, there wasn't much that could be done.  Instead, she decided to play along with this insane transformation he'd made her undergo, at least until she knew to what extents this ability could take her.

"Now, are you about ready for the first practice run, my dear?  Or do you think you have some fight left?"  Roger smiled with a grin.  "I do love a good marital quarrel, you know…"

"Master, I believe she is plotting something…" The black latex maid's green eyes pierced right into her soul or so it seemed.

"Observant as always, Maid, I do believe I will allow her to squirm in that scheme of hers!  They say a woman should always plan intuitively after all, of course they also say you can't really catch a fish unless the fight is all out of it."

If Veronica had a mouth she would've sighed in relief then.

"Let's release her for the initial test, then, shall we?"

The Maid pulled a switch which released the clamps around her wrists and legs.  She would've nearly slumped to the floor had Roger not caught her.

"Still not steady on those heels, are we?  Well that'll change in time."

Roger pressed a lever nearby that activated a strange mechanism that appeared to be built directly into Veronica's waist!  It was that damnable high-chair heel-trainer!  He had somehow fused it to her ass!  And like clockwork the strange roller-bolts jutted out from her waist like metal spider legs to the floor, and since she couldn't maintain her balance due to slight fatigue from the injection, she was forced to sit in the form-fitting high seat.  There was no telling whether she was sitting or standing from her position, and to top it off, her hips rolled as her innards vibrated to arousing life.

"I've programmed this trainer to activate whenever you start to lose your balance.  In fact, I installed one on the Maid over there, see, no more embarrassing falling!  Of course, she's so well trained and leg enhanced she has no need for it, but… you can never be too careful."

The Maid nodded and pointed to her hips which also seemed to have a strange string of blinking lights embedded deep underneath her rubber skin.  Pressing gingerly on her hips ejected the mechanism which formed identical metal legs and seat around her large rubber hips.

"I'm actually thinking about modifying it for training Horse-Girls but… there's more work to be done on that I'm afraid, as most I've worked with either damage the trainer due to their foot weight or they outrun it, you see."

It was either sit and vibrate or stand and concentrate on the task at hand, which was difficult to do considering how weak she felt from the injection earlier.

"Let's start with something simple.  Open your mouth back up, my dear."

Easier said than done, Veronica stared incredulously at him.  He was the one who fused her mouth shut after all!

"All you have to do is focus on what you remember your mouth feeling like.  It's like pretending you're yawning… or perhaps taking me inside you."

It took some concentrating, and what felt like pushing into mush, but just as he had instructed, she was able to form her mouth.

"Wait a moment… that's… that's not quite right!"

"What do you mean?  I formed my mouth just like you told me to!"

"It appears you're going to need some practice at this, my lover… but no worries, we have the rest of our marriage together to perfect it!"

In fact she had formed her mouth, but it appeared just over where her vulva should have been!

"Well whose fault is this?  You turned me into a freak and now I can't turn back!  How dare you!  I'm starting to regret even marrying you morrggfff…!!"

Before she could continue, he'd stuffed himself deep inside her.

"I don't believe I need to tell you, dearest, that this was indeed one of my biggest fantasies since having watched the Vagina Monologues.  And thanks to you, I'm able to fulfill it!"

She'd wanted to hit him, to use her shape-shifting ability and find some way of hurting him with sharp clothes or something… but all those ideas and plans she had started to melt away when she felt her 'face' wrap itself deep around him.

She just couldn't deny that it was the perfect fit.  It just fit inside her mouth so easily and slid so deep she barely had a chance to gulp anything down.  And all that stimulation really had gotten to her.  Just feeling the sensation of his strong waist pressing hard and deep against her own was enough, she just didn't expect to enjoy it this much, especially orally.

It was about five minutes before he pulled out of her.  Her lips were quivering as a result, but it wasn't an un-enjoyable experience.  She began to think about all the dates she'd had with him, all the promises they'd made together, and all the dirty little secrets she shared with him.  Somehow those memories brought her lips back up to her real face where they belonged.

"Remember when I said how much I love a woman's body?  How much I enjoy playing around with how a woman's body works?  That was no lie, dearest.  And you needn't worry about me choosing another bride to marry, as you're more than enough to satisfy me."

"And what about the maid?  Who is she to you?"

"She is, of course, the Maid.  I have no intention of treating her as anything other than that."

"Somehow I don't believe you.  But… for some reason I can't help but wonder why I still love you after all this…"

"It's because of something I installed earlier… a hatred neutralizing program installed in your more 'violent' brain centers.  It more or less means that no matter how angry you get with me, you'll always love me, and do what I ask.  Even if we get into an argument as a result! Hah!"

"How dare you!  How can you even think of tampering with my brain!  You…you…"

"Monster?  You were going to say monster weren't you?"


"I wouldn't have it any other way, Veronica my love.  Arguing with you fruitlessly over such futile things makes life so much more interesting, don't you think?  At least you don't have to feel lobotomized like some of my 'earlier' creations."

"Earlier?!  What kind of scientist are you?!"  She wanted to punch him, but even that seemed pointless to her.

"I thought we went over this honey, I said I'm a Plastic Surgeon!  Of course, when I said I would treat the Maid as any other Maid, I didn't say I wouldn't have sex with her… I just said you're the only bride I'll ever have!"

"W-what!?  How… how can you do this to me!?  I'm supposed to… I'm supposed to be your wife!"

"And so you are!  And I love every minute of this argument, but… if you don't mind, take a look at this picture we took at the wedding?"

"Certainly dear, it looks grand, but don't change the subject… how dare you do these things!  You just can't go around labeling women for your different roles, taking advantage of them like they were choice cuts of beef!"

"Do you mind looking in the mirror a moment?"

"—I mean never before in my life have I been treated like so much trash I—"

Veronica blinked in the mirror and just as if the nightmare she'd been having had vanished, her Wedding gown had somehow appeared back on her body.  It was the purest white and an almost crystalline shine to it.  The only difference being that it was made of rubber… in fact made of her new 'skin'.

"Whilst you were busy prattling off your pretty head, I triggered one of the many subconscious morphing programs installed in your skin.  Just looking at the picture changes your appearance."

"It's… amazing… I thought you were going to scar me for life or something… turn me into some sort of blob or other…"  She nearly tumbled back into her 'rumble seat' again, but her body was starting to get used to her toe heels.  In fact, the gown that formed from her milky white 'skin' had wrapped itself neatly over the legs of the trainer, such that no sign of it could be seen.  She could feel it in the bell-frame of the dress, but it was so well integrated, she might as well be standing on her own two feet, as impossible as that continued to seem.

"Do you remember that date we had when you were wearing that adorable mini-skirt?  I would love to see that on you again, dearest."  Roger smiled softly as he spoke in his rubber-wife's ear.

As if his voice were weaving a spell, the bridal gown closed around her waist like an umbrella and changed shape to that of her tight hip skirt.

"I… I don't believe it.  I never thought I'd ever fit in this old thing again…"  It was a strange sight to see white rubber legs covered by skin tight rubber skirt, even more to see her strange heel-feet again, but the memories were certainly there.

"You see how easy it is to become anything your heart desires?  All you have to do is think about it and it's yours."

"It's nothing but white rubber though… how can you possibly like this?  How can I possibly like this?"

She was right of course, he hadn't thought of that.  All she could change her rubber skin into was a sold white milky dress material.

"Oops…" he grinned darkly.

"'Oops'  is all you can say?  After all that? How can I possibly love you any more… you've… you've destroyed me… I'm just… a fetish bride doll now… how… how can I possibly love you after what you've done?"

"I'll tell you." He smiled, never once letting up.  "That 'love program' I installed in your pretty rubber head works only because I got you to love me in the first place.  The moment that love kicked in… the day you married me and the night you fell asleep in my arms I installed it… the program was able to replicate that emotion inside your brain in an endless feedback loop.  No matter how many times you argue with me now, no matter how much indecision you claim to go over, there's no turning back.  Even if you think for a moment you can simply walk out of this home, within five minutes you will come back… begging for me."

"Oh I may 'love you' like you say… but you'll never get me to truly love you anymore… I swear you won't!"

"Ah but that's a lesson I learned with the Maid here… she can tell you it's impossible!"

The Maid strode up to Veronica with surprising speed for a woman in ballet heels, taking her white rubber hands and placing them over her enormous black breasts, the Maid told Veronica in so many words how useless it was.

"No matter how far you run, it won't be just your heart that yearns for the Master… your body will thirst for him… you won't ever suppress that.  Just as you yearn for the Master, you yearn for me as well."

"Oh dear, I must've 'stimulated' her again!  What ever shall we do?" Roger smiled, his facial scar scrunching upwards into a twisted question mark shape.

"Master, shall we do a threesome tonight?  It has been a long time."

"Oh my… what an idea she has.  I forgot to mention this, dear beloved wife, but that strange pheromone concoction you smelled when you passed out earlier, all my dolls are genetically injected with it, so that no matter how far away they are from me, they will either be sexual attracted to only me… or to my other 'creations'.  Think of it as a homing device for my little white pidgeon."

"Master, how do you wish to proceed with the threesome?"

"Wait a moment you boob-addled black-adder!  I never agreed to such an insane agreement!  Nor have I forgiven you!  You—you--spineless coward!"  Veronica began to beat on Roger's chest with as much gusto as she could gather.  She wanted to cry home to her parents, but she knew the mansion was huge, and leaving was nearly impossible.

"There, there, my bride, you needn't work yourself in a tizzy.  I've made things easier for you.  You do not have to make any more decisions if you don't want to.  All you have to worry about is what dress you want to wear."  Roger pressed a switch on his remote, causing Veronica's mood to change somehow, making her more docile.

"I told you earlier that the Maid here was my prototype, I've done so much with her brain now I know all there is to know about a woman's feelings.  You needn't worry, as I'll take good care of my beloved bride."

"That's right, Roger…" Veronica nodded, almost sleepily, "I married you so that I could be with you for the rest of my life, and if you really want me to I'll be your bride."  As she said this, her white skirt melted away from her skin once again to form the rubber bridal gown she had worn.

"You really are a beauty, my wife.  Your heart dictates the very clothes you wear.  Now, let me make arrangements with the Maid for our… rendezvous."

Several Minutes Later

Veronica had somehow taught herself to climb the steps up from the lab to the main hall and to the bedroom.  The dress was quite heavy and felt hot under so many layers of rubber; her abdomen was rock solid under the liquid white corset.  But the strangest thing was being hot turned her on.  And that very warmth she got from those extra layers of skin she could grow felt grand, even her feet, taut and almost numb in their tip toed points seemed to heat up with every step she took up the stairs...

"The Maid…" she thought, "Why am I thinking about the Maid?"

Of course, she knew the answer to that question; Roger had put those thoughts in her head!  Just imagining those warm black rubber breasts being held in her contrasting milky white hands was beginning to burn her midsection.  There was so much she wanted to do… and so many reasons she could think of to not do any of it, not to mention she had every reason to be running and screaming out o f the house and calling the police.

But something in her mind told her, as she was slowly climbing those devilish stairs in the main hall, that should she ever call for help, all of it would disappear.  She wasn't thinking of her wealth or her husband.  All the pleasures she'd felt, all the needs fulfilled… for some reason this felt different from her original perception of Roger.  Sure, originally she thought she could have a normal family with him, be a good wife and send her husband off to work but… for some reason this was getting to be more and more appealing… she couldn't put her finger on it.

It had something to do with the freedom he'd given her, despite all the entrapments.  It was as though his traps were traps of love rather than traps of hatred.  At first she'd reasoned that this idea all stemmed from his tampering with her brain… making her obsess over loving him.  But really that wasn't it at all…

When she'd finally made it to the bedroom, she sat/stood in front of the vanity mirror, puckering and un-puckering her lips, watching how her face moved.   Her lips were a deep red rubber color, not unlike the Maid's.  Something that Roger found appealing, no doubt, but something about the means and nature through which he had transformed her didn't seem sinister at all.

After staring long in the mirror, she realized it had to be the color he had given her rubber skin.  She was the purest deepest brightest white she could possibly imagine.  She literally radiated in sunlight, and was most definitely the brightest object in any room, quite striking for a woman of beauty, which, Veronica noted, had been somehow enhanced due to Roger's modifications.

Not only this, but the relationship between Roger and she was quite different than the Maid's.  No doubt the Maid could not speak out of turn in front of Roger without some sort of ramifications.  Yet he permitted his 'beloved wife' to argue with him almost endlessly, even if the argument was pointless and futile and Roger would undoubtedly win every time.  While Veronica couldn't help but think about how attractive the Maid was… there was a certain level of power given to her.  Something she felt she might be beginning to relish.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Roger entering the room, wearing a black 'modified' rubber tuxedo.  The suit afforded him free movement, but also somehow managed to allow him 'access' to his rather enhanced member.

"So, my dear, are you ready to 'consummate' the engagement?  I believe the Maid will be quite pleased at our choice in attire.  This will most assuredly be a night you won't soon forget."

Veronica turned to her psychotic-yet-well-meaning husband.  "I never thought I'd see this side of you, Roger, nor did I consider the thought that I would love you despite it.  I am your wife.  And as you can see, I am also your bride.  Proceed as you wish, lover."

Roger lithely wrapped his arm around her enshrined hips. "Oh, not so fast, my bride!  I'm not the one taking liberties as of yet."

Veronica lowered a rubber eyebrow.  "You aren't?"

"You see, before I was a husband, a plastic surgeon, even a scientist… I was a voyeur.  I enjoy watching events as they unfold, especially with a cold drink in hand."  With a snap of his fingers, the Maid appeared with a glass of sherry and what appeared to be a dildo strap that appeared to have several other bizarre attachments.

"Maid, I would like to retire, if I may."  He nodded.

In one swift movement, Veronica was swept off her feet and onto the bed, legs spread wide, and the dress apparently stretching the full length of her legs.  The Maid gave her Master his sherry to drink, and in yet another single movement, the dildo was strapped around her waist, all this without allowing Veronica to get up off her back.

Pressing a switch on the plate around her waist, her black rubber skin began to react.  In an instant her hips appeared to swallow the strap, leaving nothing but seamless rubber dildo.

"It didn't take much to modify the Maid's skin of course, since she's already been modified so much already!"

Slowly, gingerly, the Maid lifted Veronica's white rubber gown.  While all that could be seen was solid white, Veronica could feel the tension from the Maid's mysterious green eyes and could feel the swish of her long red rubber hair as it dipped past her black rubber face.

"I want you… to take me, Mistress.  Take them both in your hands like you dreamed of doing!"

"What did you… just say?" Veronica was puzzled.

"Oh, did I tell you?  All the women I've modified have the ability to empathically sense the sexual desires of their kind.  You'll learn how to soon, my sweet."

"But I didn't…"

"But you did wish to hold my dark rubber breasts in your milky white hands… to feel the warmth, let it burn you…" The Maid was starting to breathe heavily, yet her heartbeat was frighteningly in synch with Veronica's.  The Maid's red lips began to tremble and plead, so much that Veronica couldn't stop herself.

She couldn't help herself, her hands had to hold those enormous breasts… breasts that, despite being the same size as her own modified ones (at least according to Roger's specifications), were strikingly mirror-like orbs on her black chest.  She could literally see her reflection in the Maid's body as white shown on reflective black.  She fondled and squished them in her fingers, watching as the Maid would moan, curve her back and almost yowl in pleasure.

"Now… you have to bring me into you… the Master demands it!" the Maid screamed between gasps of breath.  Veronica was certainly frightened by this at first, as she was a virgin (or at least she was, before her transformation).  Almost on instinct, the Maid brought her red lips across the equally red lips of Veronica.  Black soon covered white, and Veronica soon learned that she had more powers than even Roger had suggested.

Taking her fingers, she turned them into long lengthy rubbery strips wrapping her 'fingers' around the Maid's waist and back, tying her black rubbery arms behind her somehow.  Through sheer force of will, Veronica opened herself up, allowing the black dildo to enter her vulva region.

It only took a moment, but she had literally swallowed nearly all of the Maid's midsection.  Her desire for this black being of sexual objectivity was deeper than she'd first imagined.  The Maid's arms were unable to move as the tendril-like rubber fingers bound her arms fast and tight.

Somehow she knew… she could feel the Maid's orgasms against the strange dildo invention Roger had created to merge with the Maid's waist.  Any tension placed on the extended erection would feed itself electronically into the deepest parts of her body.  Of course, there was more to it than that; she could feel the Maid's desire to be bound to her Mistress, in such a way as to transcend being just a black rubber Maid.

It took some effort, as she had never done this before, but through use of her control over her rubber skin, she managed to insert it inside the nerve-like pulse sensors of the dildo unit, effectively fusing it to her body!  Any slight twitch she made caused the Maid to roil and recoil from what almost felt like shocks to the body.  Of course, Veronica wasn't without her own pleasures, having the unit plunged inside her, filling her to almost bursting, the two felt joined at the waist.

"Oh my, magnificent, you are truly a prodigy among your peers, my beloved bride!"  Roger tossed his drink aside, now empty of the downed sherry.  Rolling up his rubber tuxedo's sleeve, he revealed the strange wrist control unit to which he had control of every inch of Veronica's skin!

"My dears... you are truly wonderful… a work of art surely!  But as you know, I am not a man who cares to share his toys with others!"

Pressing a switch, something inside the rubber dildo came to life and appeared to liquefy and split itself between the two women, plunging itself deep inside both, yet several strands of living rubber appeared to morph and mold together to form some sort of frontal cavity shared between the two of them.  In this way, they were both being stimulated, yet fused by the strange black and white rubber skin between them, the strange cavity projected itself out between them, forcing them apart slightly, yet somehow tightening the pressure around their hips.

"This cavity is reserved for my personal use, I'm sure you've realized.  I will do something that no other man of science has ever done:  screw two women simultaneously with only a single penis!"

Cracking his knuckles, he knelt gingerly by the two girls… testing out the strange rubber cavity now formed between them, fusing them together at the hip, he forced both to literally buck their backs from off the bed.

"Oh but I haven't even done anything yet!"

"No!  Master!  I wasn't trying to out-perform you!"

"Roger… what… what is this thing!?"

"It is the core unit that allows me to control your very sexual feedback manually!  With this I can plunge myself deeper than your hips allow or you can even imagine!  And you will FEEL every thrust and plunge!"

"Oh god… oh god… just touching it makes me…. gaaaahhaaAAAhhh…"

"You're both girls made of rubber now; you realize what that means don't you?"

Veronica shook her head in confusion, but the Maid simply moaned and cringed in fear at her Master's menacing voice, her waist trapped in an orgasmic shudder.  The Maid apparently knew what this meant.

"It means that no matter how many times I fuck you… you will never cum… you will never achieve a pure release… you will always beg for more, and you will always scream when you achieve those feelings just short of the release.  That feeling will be trapped, forever inside you… you won't be able to release it… simply hold it in and hold it in and HOLD IT IN!  Hold it in until you're insane with lust to rid yourself of the rubber curse I've blessed your bodies with, a curse you can never escape!!!"

He began to thrust himself inside the strange cavity, and each time it rocked their bodies to the point of going limp.  The Maid was barely even breathing, yet her silence only told Veronica that she'd experienced this before… this sensation of sexual bombardment, torrents of orgasm without a single drop of release.  The pressure on her skin and abdomen was beyond real… and she wasn't even holding Roger in her arms at this point.  She felt her hands revert back to their original shape or white rubber, but her grip on the Maid's black breasts wouldn't let go, as if squeezing the woman's breasts was the only way she could alleviate the strain she was under… but even then, something deep inside her begged for more.

With the most sinister of grins, Roger plunged his thickness deep in the hole, and then stopped… letting them feel the demon inside them fester.

"You… you realize… I gave the two of you subliminal commands before we even decided to do this… it's.. huhh… it's been the Maid's role to keep silent, no matter how intense her reactions are, and it is… huhh… your role… my wife…"

It was then a tremor built up in Veronica's voice, that grew into a monstrous orgasmic scream… Veronica had learned that it was her role to vocalize the orgasm in any way she could: To scream, to cry, to lick, to kiss, to do anything in her power to thank her husband for this curse.

This was beyond hatred, beyond love even… she was simply calling out to her lover with every thrust.  It was her role, as his wife… as his bride.

Sleep wasn't something that came easily to her that night.  Through some technological wizardry, he extricated the Maid's body from her own, and now the two slept side by side on the immense bed, with the Maid in a curled up heap at the foot of the bed.

But the reminder of who she was and what she was to him and to the Maid and to anyone else who saw her was still there.  Her rubber bridal gown hung across the Maid's body like a white veiled blanket as she slept, and Veronica had somehow instinctively learned to sleep with her heeled toes curled up towards the crux of her knees.

Roger slept deathly close to her face, his tired eyes closed tight shut, and his mouth a curly-cue of sexual delight.  For a moment, Veronica almost thought of killing this man in his sleep.   But something inside her body, deep inside the recesses of her sexual desires, told her to love him with all the strength she could muster.  His face was so soft and innocent as he slept, ironic considering all the things he'd done.  Something about his face told her that his love for her, despite being twisted, was real… and that he needed her, and even more that she needed him.

For a moment she felt like crying, but when she realized her rubber skin no longer permitted that, she simply kissed him as passionately on the lips as she could without waking him up, curled up next to him, and went to sleep.

The next morning Veronica found herself lying in the bed with little much having changed.  The Maid was gone of course, having probably gone about the house to do her cleaning duties.  Roger had disappeared or so it seemed, leaving her to lie in bed and consider her lot in life.

She still felt the energy and pressure from the previous night's 'events' in her hips.  It was as though her rubber skin was literally a sponge for all that sexual tension, taking it into her body without any hope for release.  Maybe it seemed sad and pathetic to any other woman passing by… but to Veronica Vaincroft, Mistress of House Vaincroft… it was a duty.  An important duty to carry her husband's sexual desire and lock it inside her pure white rubber body, even if she could never release it, she realized this now.

This realization made her sexual desire for him somehow light up in an instant.  It might have been Roger's doing that she become the world's biggest nymphomaniac, but she was beginning to adjust to the role of being Roger's wife, even if that role was in name and appearance only.

She heard sizzling and caught the smell of sausage and eggs down below.  She had nearly been motionless at this point, but sat up as she realized he'd come in the room, carrying a tray of what appeared to be breakfast.

"As I am the husband of the house, it is my duty to inform my beloved wife that I will love and care for her…" Setting down the tray over her lap, he spoke so formally and well-mannered she'd nearly forgot what kind of lecherous gears were turning in his head!

"Oh you're full of it!  However I will accept your peace offering.  You realize there's a lot more to being a husband than a sexual lecher and deviant, do you not?"

"Isn't it a bit too late for that?  I mean… I did do all those 'devilishly devious' things to you yesterday, as did the Maid..."

"That's not the point… you're my husband, and I have a duty to love and care for you… even if you are mad."

"Mad about you, my dear." He crooned.  "I suppose it doesn't matter what I do to you… you'll always be the only bride for me.  If you dislike the idea of being stuck in white rubber skin, perhaps I can adjust it to change colors in the sun or…"

Veronica clamped her lips tightly over Roger's mouth in a lustful kiss, silencing him.  Maybe he could do a lot of things to her, for her, or most likely for himself… but it wasn't about all that anymore, she figured.  Maybe he was a plastic surgeon, and maybe he had plans to change the world to suit his latex lusts, but to her, making him happy was the original goal she'd had in mind. 

She was his busy Bride after all…

The End?



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