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Plastic Suit

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; toys; insert; estim; bubbler; gasmask; plastic; cage; encase; remote; stuck; climax; cons; X

Alice was waiting at her semi-detached house for a very kinky gift. She was walking back and forward in only her dressing gown as the clock kept ticking. Her house was right in the centre of Oxford and was hard to find. It was a maze of houses and other buildings. Alice was a sexy 23 year old and had curves in all the right places. Her long red hair was folded over left eye and dropped down her back. Her bright eyes were a beautiful blue colour and was surrounded by black mascara. She had a beautiful face and an amazing body. Her long legs and high heels made her look tall and sexy. Her ass was round and rock hard. Her pussy was tight and shaved. Alice was a sex bomb on legs with a long list of kinky fetishes.

Alice was growing frustrated as she kept looking out the window. She was hoping to see the van with her extreme bondage device, come into view. She was getting sick of waiting for her fetish stuff to arrive at her house. She was about to call the company that made her bondage device, when she saw a white van round the corner. It stopped just outside and a man got out from the drivers seat. He went to the back doors and opened them. He struggled to get three large cardboard boxes, out of his van. Alice was watching him fuck around with her new toy and was not happy about it. So she put on her shoes and went outside to help him.

After some heavy lifting and hard work, the boxes had been placed in Alice's living room. She signed the paperwork and said thank you to the driver. She waiting for him to vanish from her window and then locked all her doors and windows. She unplugged her phone and closed the curtains. She wanted to be in her own little bubble. She had ordered anything just over six mouth ago and now it was ready for her. She had booked the week off work and had cleared her timetable. She was free all week and she would spend all week in a plastic tomb.

She had spend over a year planning and designing the plastic cage and her uniform. She had sent the details and drawings to a bondage company in London. They had been working on her plans for a long time and it was now time to test it. She opened all the boxes and found a manifest.

Contained within the boxes are:

Full rubber catsuit (Red) E-slim system Glass dildo Glass butt plug Gas mask Bubble bottle Inflatable muzzle gag Rubber bondage hood (Black) Metal frame  Bottom half of the plastic cell Top half of the plastic cell (Both top and bottoms half's are cut into sections) Joining metal poles Screws and bolts Long metal cable (For self bondage) Computer software Disc Wires Timer Remote control   

Alice had taken each item out of one of the boxes as she read through the list. She had placed them all of the floor and started moving into position. She was not building her special cage right now, she want to know if everything was there. She laid all the stuff out in order. The plastic cage was stunning as it laid there, waiting for her. 

She could now get ready by having a long bath and doing her hair and make up. She had been waiting for the plastic cage almost all day and was now dying to play with it. She poured herself a nice hot bath and spend the next hour relaxing in pace and quite. She then dried herself and applied a wall of make up to her face. Looking more like a doll than a real person, she headed back to the living room to build her new toy.

Having already placed the parts in the right location and with the blueprints to hand, she got the whole thing done in an hour and a half. It was so easy to build with no help needed. She had got her computer and installed the software on it and as it was doing that, she built the frame and linked all the wires together. She built the two half's of her plastic cage separately and linked the bottom half to the metal frame. She used the screws and bolts to keep the plastic cage strong and unmovable.

She used all the metal joins to keep the bottom half still and stop her from moving the plastic cage. She added the timer to her computer and tied the self bondage cable to the bottom side of the plastic cage. She then connected the two half's together on one side, thanks to a hinge like design. With the self bondage cable sewn between the two parts, waiting to be pulled closed.

She then pushed the glass butt plug and dildo into her pussy and ass, after putting a condom on both of them. She was left wide eyed and open mouthed as they reached deep inside her. She could feel her lips closing around the base of the dildo and griping it tightly. Her ass was doing the same and her cheeks sucked the butt plug up her colon. Covering her body from her toes to her neck in lube. She then squeezed her legs into the legs of her catsuit. She worked the soft rubber up her legs and over her pussy and ass. The rubber catsuit now covered her sex toys and she removed all the wrinkles from her legs. The smell of rubber filled the room as she pushed her right arm into the suit. She then pulled it over her chest and somehow folded her left arm into the other sleeve.

Moving her hand and arm down the sleeve was an amazing feeling as she knew the suit was almost done. She stretched the rubber down her arm and over her shoulder. She once again removed any wrinkles as she played with the soft rubber. She was very happy with the job she had done and zipped the suit closed. She feel it press into her body and squeeze her from all sides as the zip reached the end of the line. It almost felt like a corset around her chest as she struggled to breath from the added pressure. Her hands now covered in rubber, could only just lock the zip in place. She then spend a minute playing with the rubber suit as she contorted her body to stretch the rubber. It made her look amazing as her shiny body showed off it's curves.

She grabbed the bondage hood, gas mask, remote control and gag and placed them next to the head of the plastic cage. She had been pissing in a large bottle all day and had left it her bathroom. She got it and locked the bubble bottle to the metal frame and filled it with her piss. She linked the hose from the bubble bottle and together the only hole in her plastic prison. She would link it to the gas mask after putting the other bondage items on.

She placed her rubber covered legs inside the bottom half of the plastic prison. She was sitting in the centre section as she pushed the inflatable gag into her mouth. The strong taste of rubber welcomed her. The muzzle covered from her nose to her chin in thick rubber. The straps went over and around her head and under her chin. She tightened them, until they pressed painfully into her skin. The rubber ball inside her mouth was inflated by a removable bulb. The bulb had a tube which connected to a hole in the centre muzzle. The bulb pumped the rubber ball, till it started to hurt her jaw and mouth. The rubber had completely filled her mouth and made her cheeks stick out.

She could hardly make any noise and was struggling to keep the gag from dropping down her throat. The gag was the best she had ever tried and her mouth wrapped round it. Her hands where shaking as she squeezed her rubber bondage hood over her head. She had filled the inside of the hood with lube, so it was a little easier to put on. She worked the hood over her eyes, ears and mouth as it took away her senses. The rubber hood was shockingly tight against her head as she closed the zip. She once again padlocked the zip of her hood shut.

Alice was breathing through the small nose holes as the rubber smell enclosed her. She then laid down in the plastic tomb. She inched her body into the very corners of the plastic cage and tried to line herself up. Which was not easy as she couldn't see a thing through the rubber hood. Just before she placed her head inside the tomb, she pressed the gas mask over her face. She had to use her stomach muscles to keep her head out of the tomb and needed to use both hands. But after a minute or two the gas mask was almost locked in place. She placed her head into the plastic tomb and searched for the remote control. She soon found it right next to her head and attached the hose for the bubble bottle. She kept the remote control in her hand and she moved her arms into the sleeves of the plastic prison. With a deep intake of piss filled air, she passed the button.

A soft mechanic sound filled her ears and she reached out with her hand to feel the metal cable closing. She could feel it moving under her rubber covered hand and was loving the feeling. The computer would fire up the dildo, butt plug and e-slim and give her one hell of a ride. And if she wanted to be freed, she just needed to press a button and the cable would become loose. It suddenly hit her that the cable was closing quickly. And her hand was almost at the joining section of the two plastic halves. She quickly pulled her hand through the small gap and got it into place. She stretched her fingers out at the bottom of the plastic sleeve and was confused to find the remote control was no longer with her.

Just at that very moment the plastic tomb was closed with a loud click. She lost the ability to move her body and could no longer do anything about it. She had dropped the remote control when she moved her hand inside the sleeve. It had hit the side of the tomb and sadly for her, was now outside her prison. 

She heard another loud click as the self bondage cable locked in place. She was breathing the smelly piss filled air at an alarming rate. As her panic set in. Her ankles, knees, upper legs, stomach, neck, elbows and wrists had all been bound to the metal frame. The bondage was inescapable and she was without hope. As the dildo, butt plug and e-slim kicked into life and with the lack of air reaching her lungs. She soon had the biggest orgasm of her life. The software had a build in timer and would free her after 36 hours. She had completely forgotten about it in all the excitement and was trying to break free.

The hardened plastic and extreme bondage would not give in easy and fighting made her breathing even harder. She was in for one hell of a ride and with over 32 hours left it would not be happy. Apart of the endless orgasms.


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