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The Piano Teacher

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; sbf; latex; cuffs; gag; mast; oral; cons; X

(Author’s note: A couple of years ago I went to see a French movie called “The Piano Teacher”. It was one of those moody French movies that seem to go nowhere, and yet you always remember. This told the story of a repressed spinster, who was a piano teacher. She takes on this handsome young student, Walter. She is very authoritarian and is quite insulting to him and his talents. Just as you are wondering where this will go, in a scene near the end the woman confesses her “secret’ to the young man. Kneeling in front of him she lays out in front of him a gag, cuffs and other bondage paraphernalia, and hands him a note. She says she wants to be dominated by him. The woman is played by Isabelle Huppert, one of the great French actresses. She is still stunning to look at and is a wonderful actress. This scene came from nowhere and it took a great performance to pull it off. I think she won the French “Oscar” for the role. There were a few giggles in the audience, mainly I think from kids overcome by their own embarrassment – trying to be cool, but giving away their naivety. I cannot imagine any American actress taking on a role like this, or pulling it off, too edgy. As movies often do, it got me thinking about an alternate ending, so I wrote this; in I hope the enigmatic, cool style of the movie. And oh yes, it would be wonderful if Isabelle would take on the role!)

Chapter One

The student, Walter, sat on the chair and the teacher remained kneeling in front of him, facing him, her face expressionless. Next to her was an open shoe box. In it were nipple clamps, coiled rope, handcuffs, a large rubber ball and a rubber mask. Walter, handsome, blonde and no more than 22 sat staring at her. He revered her as his teacher; she was very hard with him but how else was he to get better? He looked down at her, she was very beautiful, and her hard eyes, stern voice, red/blonde hair, slim lips and fine firm body would catch the eye of any man. She was maybe 35, yet her beauty made her look younger and her manner made you believe her to be older. He looked at the note again; he had read it twice now. 

“You want to be my slave. To be tied up and humiliated. To be gagged into silence, taken in your mouth and your rear, to be spanked and slapped and abused.” He didn’t couch this in a question, for this is what the note had asked of him. She raised her eyes slowly; her hands clasped in her lap, and nodded imperceptibly. 

The conversation, if it was that, was in slow motion; for both parties, teacher and student realised the sad and yet amusing irony of it, the pupil who wanted affection and perhaps love from the teacher, and the teacher who wanted cool, emotionless abuse from the young man. 

But what the teacher didn’t know was that Walter was not naïve in the ways of BDSM and the fetish world. In his short life he had experimented many times with several of his more adventurous young girlfriends. 

Perhaps, equally naively he thought that his “love” for his teacher could somehow make him “normal” for he was still young enough to wrestle with his conscience over his sexual obsessions. He did though enjoy the outer fringes of sex, the role playing and the dressing up in tight sexy clothing. 

What were the odds, he thought, of this submissive woman, outwardly harsh and dominant, yet inwardly abused by her dreadful cruel mother, approaching a young man to be her master, completely out of the blue and she chooses someone who is more than familiar with this realm of sexual behaviour!

He realised how vulnerable she must feel, exposing her inner self to him, of all people. A very faint smile creased his lips. He picked up the flaccid black object off the floor and examined it, she watched him in silence. 

“Rubber,” he said, placing his hand inside the collar and spreading the mask out, “you like rubber? It…. turns you on?” She lowered her eyes and nodded slowly, well aware of the strangeness of the conversation. She spoke very quietly, it was odd to hear her like this as her voice was normally so strident. 

“Yes, it makes me anonymous, someone else, someone who…. you can abuse. I also like the tightness over my face, the smell…..” She drifted into silence as he continued to spin the mask in his hand. He thought for a second and then said.

“Here, put it on.” It was not really a command, more of an innocuous request. She looked up at him, her face devoid of expression, as if thinking of something to say, but she said nothing. She took it from him, still looking at him in silence, and without taking her eyes from him undid the back zip and spread the mask. She knew that this was some kind of test, as did he. The tiniest of smiles broached her lips and was then gone as she dipped her head into the mask. She raised her head as she pulled it over her face; with both hands behind her head she stretched back and began to tuck in her long red hair and slowly pull down the zip. 

Her hands were shaking a little, nerves or excitement? She was struggling with her hair and the zip and began panting with exasperation. With a lift of his head he motioned her to come closer to him and she waddled nearer on her knees. She lowered her hands to her sides and he separated his knees such that his crotch was right in front of her. He nodded imperceptibly and she dutifully lowered her head until it was about six inches above it. She did not move, but appeared like a supplicant at the altar. Carefully he untangled and then folded her hair under the zip, pulling it down to her neck. He placed his hands on the shiny black dome, becoming warm quickly from the enveloped head inside. She did not move and nothing was said. Slowly he raised her head and she remained kneeling, staring at him through the eyeholes in the mask. He placed one hand by her rubber-covered cheek, her mouth opened slightly , the orange lipstick parting. 

“Now tell me, what do you do when you wear this mask? Tell me everything… tell me.” She glanced down and appeared to hesitate, but knew that she had now gone too far to go back, and this was after all what she wanted. 

“Well, when mama is out…. I go to my room and I… take off my clothes and….”

“Do that now.” He said interrupting her quite sharply, but quietly. “Do what you normally do, now, I want to watch you.” She hesitated again, still kneeling in front of him, between his spread legs. 

“I thought you wanted me to be your master? If I am to be… and I am not saying I will, then you must do everything I say, is that not right?”

She nodded and knew this was true, and wanted it to be so. But she thought, sometimes you think you know what you want, and when you think you are going to get it… you hesitate. But slowly she stood up and unbuttoned her plain blouse and undid her plain skirt as she flipped off her flat heels. She did not take her eyes off him as she did this impromptu striptease. She stared at him through the small holes in the mask, her mouth expressionless. She stopped, standing still. 

His eyes almost popped out of his head as he was more than pleased to see she was dressed in bra and panties, and beige self-support stockings. But it was the material of the bra and panties that caught his eye. It was rubber. Her bra was white and he could see her nipples erect underneath. Her panties were also white and he was amazed to see they were the old fashioned type that his mother or was it his grandmother could have worn. They were high-waisted and there were a series of holes at the crotch for her pussy to “breathe” and, he noticed when he leant over holes at her arse too. He could see she was shivering slightly, with nerves? He could also see that for a woman of what, say 35, she had a wonderful, firm body – a tight stomach, well developed breasts and hard buttocks. He smiled at her. 

“Well, is that it? You wear your rubber mask and your rubber panties and bra.” He leaned forward; she took a breath in, her tongue wetting her dry lips. “You wear this rubber all the time, madame?”

“Yes, yes, I try to wear some rubber every day, no matter what amount. It… comforts me. I have many pants like these. With the holes in the… front and back there is no build up of… moisture and I can wear them for long periods. And no, when I am on my own… there’s more.” She said quietly and slowly, almost sensually rolling her stockings down her well muscled legs. He waited, she would do this in her own time, and he had all afternoon. 

“You have a… wonderful body, madame. If you will forgive me, you should not hide it in dowdy clothes. How do you keep it in such good shape?”

“When I was a child I wanted to be a ballerina and so took lessons for many years. Alas my piano studies took precedence but I still practice twice a week. I am very flexible and quite strong and I love the discipline of ballet.”

“And so you are adept at the en pointe, and other positions?”

“Yes, of course monsieur.” 

“Excellent, you have given me some ideas madame. You are an enigma madame, but then, as they say, still waters run deep? And you want me to abuse this body, to make you my slave and to do with it as I wish? You are prepared to have no choice or opinion in the matter; you seek to become my plaything.” 

Again she hesitated, but she knew her answer. 

“Yes, that is what I want, exactly and precisely.”

“But madame, you do not know me, really know me. You have no idea what I might do to you.” She looked at him, only too aware of her semi-nakedness, yet almost comforted by the rubber mask, which of course masked her identity. 

“I am living a living death with my mother, who takes joy in humiliating me and making my life a boring drudgery. She will live forever, people like that do. She has money, a lot of it and of course uses that fact to blackmail me to look after her, although she needs no looking after. I realise I can leave but… well, to be completely mercenary, I would like the money, if she leaves any! If I am to be punished and humiliated then… I would prefer you do it. You see, the bottom line is, I need it. I actually seek it, but not here in this house with her here. I want to be taken away, you to take me away and do with me… as you wish.” 

Again there was a long silence as the young man pondered this. He looked up and down her fine, almost youthful body, the tight shiny mask, the staring eyes and the succulent mouth.

“What else do you… do here?” She breathed out slowly, and stared down, as if thinking.

“Very well, monsieur, I will show you what I do… or a variation on it.” She sat own on the side of the bed, leant over and expertly tied her ankles with the cord, followed by her knees with another short cord. She looked over at him, her eyes and mouth expressionless behind the mask. She leant over again and took a large sponge rubber ball for the shoe box, opened her mouth squeezed the rubber ball and stuffed it into her mouth. She pushed until it was behind her teeth, now all he could see was the red rubber of the ball behind the gap in her mask and her cheeks puffed out. Her breathing was now laboured, out of her nose, and despite his presence she seemed now to be enjoying this. He could see that as the rubber expanded into her mouth cavity she would have great difficulty spitting out the gag from behind her tight mask. 

She stared at him, her eyes bright now and picked up the handcuffs, tossed the key on the floor and leaning back expertly cuffed one wrist, and then the other. She slowly raised her shoulders as if to say, well now you know what I do, and lay slowly on her side, in rubber bra and panties, gagged, masked, and tied up and cuffed. Then she began to move her body in a steady rhythm and moan into her gag, eyes closed.

She rolled and writhed, breathing hard through her nose, seemingly now unaware of his presence. He could hardly believe his eyes, this prim, austere piano teacher bringing herself to orgasm through self-bondage. He moved to the bed and sat by her, she opened her eyes and peered up at him, there was no fear in her eyes, but maybe there was a pleading look. 

She rolled on to her back, the handcuffs under her weight clicked in a notch or two, a little alarm showed in her eyes and she mmmphed into her effective gag. He continued to stare at her. Her fair skin and freckled body was laid out for all to see in front of him. Her breathing was now laboured, her nipples erect and hard under the bra, he thought he could detect some moisture at her blonde/red haired pubic area through the small holes in her panties. She stared at her nipples and nodded at the box on the floor. He looked inside and took out a pair of crocodile nipple clamps attached to a single thin chain. He held them up and she nodded her head and closed her eyes. Carefully he clipped them onto her rubber bra, seizing the nipples, one followed by the other. 

She groaned into her gag, her breathing became faster. She thrust her crotch at him, clenching her buttocks, he could now see some moisture at her crotch. He tenderly rubbed her labia through the rubber and she groaned with pleasure as he rubbed her engorged clit with his thumb. Then he pinched it, and she sat up, in pain or pleasure, he couldn’t tell. 

She began to shake and shudder to her first orgasm. Several more followed as he played with her nipple chain and massaged her rubber encased head. She collapsed almost in a faint.

Chapter Two

He looked down at her, slowly recovering. What a strange woman. He wanted to screw her in a 100 ways but all she wanted from him was for him to play (be) her dominant. Well, he thought, maybe we can both get what we want out of this. It would take a lot of planning, but it appeared she would do anything for him, in order to satisfy her submissive desires.

As he thought this through she sat up, and stared at him, now perhaps a little embarrassed at her performance. But he could not resist testing her limits, even at this early time in their “relationship.” He began to unzip himself and she stared down at him. He smiled.

“Madame, it seems only fair that having pleasured yourself, I should also gain some pleasure, yes?” she waited a second and nodded. His cock was now standing rigid between his legs as he sat on the bed. She was somewhat surprised to see such a fine member for such a young man, but then age meant nothing, did it? She stood and then came in front of him and knelt, then raised her head to allow him to remove her large gag. He did this with some difficulty for it was well embedded in her mouth. But he managed to prise it out and she gasped for breath on its removal. 

Without any further instructions she licked her lips, lowered her head and looked down at his cock. It was a good size and she noticed a small amount of pre cum glistening at the engorged end. She bent over further, smelling his maleness and then placed her mouth round his cock. She licked and rolled her tongue round the head tasting the slight saltiness and then, very slowly took him in. 

Again, he was amazed at her dexterity. He was a young man and had not had many pleasures with the mouth, but this staid, austere woman had a wonderful, lazy talent with her mouth. He gazed down at her black shiny rubber head slowly rising and dropping on his cock, her hands still firmly cuffed behind her back. He placed his hands on her head gently, not to push her down but to caress the taut rubber orb. She did not flinch but continued with her ministrations, seemingly concentrating, seemingly in another world. He heard a faint humming sound as she worked on him efficiently. 

Like many young men he hoped that it would go on forever, her mouth was warm and wet and inviting, her tongue so skilful, but like many young men he also was a little inexperienced in holding himself back. So shortly he gushed into her mouth with a loud moan. She did not retract but held her mouth down as she swallowed all of him. Then she sat back and stared at him, licking her lips as if to say, there you are, now are you going to take me up on my invitation? There was a faint sheen of perspiration on her pale skin now, nicely complimenting the shiny white latex of her underclothes. 

Rolling on the floor she deftly lay on her side and felt for the key. He watched without giving assistance, which apparently did not offend her. With great dexterity, without even looking back, she manipulated the key into the cuff and released her arms. She breathed slowly as she released the nipple clamps and then untied her ankles and knees. 

She then sat down on the bed next to him, still breathing quite heavily. She lowered her head to him, a submissive gesture and he looked down again at the gleaming dome. He held it gently and unzipped it down the back and then pulled it off. Her red hair was now a little damp, and in places sticking to her face which was pink and damp also. She took the mask from him and meticulously placed it, along with the nipple clamps and the gag, cuffs and ropes back into the box and returned it to under the bed. 

Dispassionately, she looked at him, waiting for him to say something, which he eventually did.

“So madame… that is what you do. And how many times…..?” She thought for a second.

“Once, or maybe twice a week.” He looked quite surprised at this.

“With a variation or two, perhaps.” She bit her lip.

“Have you ever been… stuck?” At this she actually laughed, it was a throaty laugh and he was sorry that he had not heard enough of it.

“No, no, although sometimes I actually wish I had, just to see the look on her face. Maybe she would have a heart attack and then I could do all this in peace and without the fear of being exposed. But I am gagged and the door is locked, so it would be a cop, or a fireman or perhaps the janitor.” Again she laughed at the thought of it. Again he sought out confirmation.

“And you… love this, you need this.” She nodded briskly, almost warming to the questioning, as if for the first time she could talk, really talk about her feelings.

“Oh yes, I don’t know why. Maybe the helplessness, the straining, screaming into the gag and yet mute, wriggling but bound. What is missing of course is that in the back of my mind I know that I can escape. If that is taken away and my… destiny is in the hands of another, it would be wonderfully exciting. Frightening of course, but having your movement, your speech, and your… sexual arousal controlled by another, yes, that is what I seek.” 

She lapsed into silence again, looking down at her hands, placed somewhat incongruously over the crotch of her latex panties. He thought again, this woman does not really know me. She doesn’t know that I am no neophyte at this, and yet she is prepared to give herself to me. It was all very exciting for him and yet it was also a huge responsibility for such a young man. 

“And you think I am the one who can provide you with this? I repeat madame, you do not really know me.” He was allowing her all the opportunities to back out, and of course hoping she wouldn’t. 

“Yes, yes I do.” She looked at him. “Wouldn’t most men leap at this chance? To control, totally, a woman such as me, and to do with her as they wish.”

“Many possibly, but some would find it strange and some may even be frightened at the responsibility.” He moved his hand to her crotch again; she did not move away but watched it rest on her latex panties over her pussy. He felt the warmth through the thin rubber, and she widened her legs marginally as her breath became uneven. She licked her lips, still tasting him as he said.

“Tell me about the latex, what it does to you, how you feel?”

She thought about this for a few seconds. She placed her hand on her latex covered breast; his hand had remained on her crotch. She closed her eyes and spoke quietly, as if almost in a dream. 

“Well, as I said before I have panties and bras in latex and in the suitcase above the wardrobe over there I have more latex clothing. There is not very much, I would love to have more and I buy garments on occasion. I have stockings in transparent latex so I can wear them under my silk hose and I have shoulder length gloves which I can wear with long sleeves and gloves when I am out. I also have a heavy latex cape with a full hood which covers me from crown to ankles. I have been out in the rain in it with only bra, panties, gloves and stockings and boots on underneath. It is a very arousing feeling, the rubber on my skin, and knowing that no one next to me or passing me in the street knows. I can’t explain it… it is like a caress, it is cool at first and then it warms up and envelops me. I even… like the smell of it.” 

She opened her eyes again, looked down at her fingers rolling her nipple, stopped and looked at him with an almost embarrassed smile. He took away his hand and looked at her closely.

“It is a most strange request you have. I must… have time to think about it.” She nodded, there seemed to be hope in her eyes. 

“You understand that if I am in, then I am in for the duration, on my terms and there is no going back, you understand.”

She took in a breath.

“I have thought about this for many months, I realise the risks. I know what I am giving up, what I am signing away. Believe me, I know.”

They stared at each other for several seconds, each with their own thoughts. Then he stood up, leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips.

“I shall come to see you in a week… for my piano lesson, by which time I will have an answer for you so until then, madame.” And he left the room, leaving her on the bed with her thoughts.

Chapter Three

For the next week the time for her passed glacially. Her mind was in turmoil. Had she made the right decision? Did she really know what she was doing? She continued with her piano lessons but her mind was elsewhere. One minute she was praying he would say yes and the next she was fearful and hoping for a negative response. But as the days rolled by she noticed that she was more and more determined that she wanted, she needed an answer in the affirmative!

For him there was hardly any doubt. 

He was infatuated with her and she was giving herself to him! And he could do with her as he pleased! Within a day he had decided to formalise the “relationship” and he put together a “contract”. It was the oddest contract that anyone could have ever written; it was in essence a contract of slavery. Whether or not it was “legal” did not concern him. He wanted their union to be clear and stated. 

She could and no doubt would break it if she wished and what could he do? But he enjoyed writing down the rules by which he would take command of her life, or at least a good part of it. 

If he loved her, which he believed he did, was this the way to her heart? To provide precisely what she wanted… and more. Would she grow to love him if he abused and humiliated her in a way that she thought she wanted? 

Well, only time would tell, and he was prepared to invest time and money into the venture.

A week later he went to her apartment. The lesson went badly. He made mistakes and her mind was clearly not on his playing. She finally stopped it after only fifteen minutes and said.

‘I cannot wait any longer; you must come to my room. I must know your answer, yes or no. I will not wait.” They left the study and went to her room. Again the conversation was almost non-existent. He sat on the chair and she on the bed. She wore plain, somewhat dowdy clothes, but he noted she was beautifully radiant. Her face though was apprehensive. He decided that he would not torture any longer, after all there was plenty of time for torture later!

He handed her a three page “contract”.

“Madame, these are the terms by which I will take you as my… slave. You must agree to them and sign.” She took out a pen and began to sign. He gripped her wrist.

“Madame, I suggest you might care to read the terms first.” He said with a faint smile. She returned a wry smile of her own.

“Why, monsieur? I am prepared to sign over anything, my freedom, my well being to you. So why should I not sign?” He continued to hold her wrist. 

“Just read it… please madame.”

She looked at him for a few seconds and then quickly, perhaps too quickly read through it. Her face was expressionless, as if she was reading a dull lease, not a document which would descend her into permanent bondage. Among the more pertinent points she noted were as follows.

 - she will find an apartment, one bedroom with an extra room for “activities”. She will leave her mother. 

 - she will continue in her employment as a piano teacher and continue to give him piano lessons. Now these will be free of charge. He considered what he was “offering” would offset the charges. 

On both of these she nodded slowly, a faint smile coming after the second. She liked the term activities and she liked the idea of a double life. She would berate him for his poor playing and he could take revenge through their master/slave activities. 

 - she is to have no other relationship of any kind with a man, ever.

 - his wishes and commands are final, any disobedience will be punished – physically, psychologically – in a manner he will choose. 

 - he will select and buy all her clothes, her street clothes and her slave wear (she glanced at him and nodded).

 - he will choose her slave jewellery and she will wear it, permanently or temporarily, as he chooses (she glanced at him again, she was not sure what this jewellery was).

 - the spare room will be equipped as the activity room, when not in use it will be locked at all times.

The next few caught her eye.

 - her pubic hair will be kept hairless at all times, she will undergo electrolysis treatment in the next week. He will decide in the future if her head is to be shaved. (at this she did look alarmed at him, her pride and joy, her beloved red hair gone. But she would agree to it if required. What she did not know was that he had no intention of cutting her hair off, he loved it as much as she did… but was not to know that).

 - no matter where she is or what she is doing she will obey her master unequivocally. All and any acts, no matter how strange and perverse, painful or humiliating, demanded by her master will be undertaken without question. 

 - the contract has no time limit, it will be for all time, to be only cancelled by him. The master contracts not to permanently harm or injure her in any way. 

Well, that was a relief, she thought wryly. She continued to read the sections, one after the other. When she had finished without so much as a glance at him, she signed it and handed it to him. 

“There you are, monsieur, I am now yours, your package, and your plaything to do with as you wish. My desires are only to serve and please you.” 

To her, it sounded so strange saying this and yet she had no great fear now, there was excitement and a little apprehension but she was now venturing towards a new life, one which she had been thinking about for a long time. 

To him, it also sounded strange. He had a good idea that she would accept but now… well, it was done. They were, both of them, committed. 

“Very well,” he said, pocketing the contract, “take off all your clothes, I need to take all your measurements for your slave clothes and jewellery.” Without a murmur she stripped off all her clothes, including her rubber bra and panties. He was very pleased to see she had also worn her rubber stockings under her hose. Had she done this to please him or herself? He did not know but she looked quite wonderful as she rolled them down her firm legs. 

He took numerous measurements, writing them down meticulously on a pad. She did not move, nor take her eyes off him even when he spread her legs. Many were intimate measurements, length of labia, nipple to nipple, pussy to bum hole. He demanded she open her mouth as wide as she could and took measurements of her bite. He took her glove size and her hat size; he even made a note of her nostril size and more intimately the tightness of her pussy and anal sphincter. 

She felt like a mannequin or a doll, which was of course what she was now, inanimate, to be played with and prodded as he wished… and as she wished too. Finally done with the measuring, he said. 

“You will advise your mother of your intentions to leave and start looking for an apartment tomorrow. When you have found one, you will contact me and I will view it with you to see if it appropriate for… your future life as my slave.” Then he smiled. “And tomorrow you will go to this address and get your beautiful pussy denuded, permanently.” 

He stood by her and placed a hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into him, naked and shameless. 

“What a strange world, madame. I want you to love me in a… what? A normal way, as I do you. Yet you do not wish that, you want me to abuse you, to use you and treat you as a chattel. And I will do that, madame. What a state your mother has got you into. Well, madame, all the pain and humiliation I will put you through will be because I… care for you, and it is what you wish. I hope that your feelings for me will change over time. But now, you are indeed mine, no going back. Rest assured that from now on we will not be playing games.” She stepped back and lowered her head.

“And I understand that, and crave that, for I have no self worth, you cannot degrade me monsieur. Maybe some day I will gain some pride in myself, who knows? Things can change.” She gave him a winsome smile. “But now I am your plaything, putty in your hands. I am looking forward to our relationship, if you are as good a master as piano player then well… I am in for an education, a hard time indeed, but I embrace it. I will be a hard mistress in your piano playing; you have talent to be a professional, although a little late in life, and I would expect you to be likewise as hard with my… education.”

“So be it, madame. I will see you in a week for my lesson, or earlier should you find an appropriate apartment. In the meantime I will begin ordering your clothes. You wore latex underwear and mask for me before and I can assure you that you will be wearing a lot of it in the future; in fact almost exclusively. For you see I also am very partial to its intoxicating feel, look and smell. So you will be experiencing underwear, outerwear and bondage wear. I think I may have a few surprises for you!”

He kissed her gently on the cheek and left her, saying no more. Yes, she thought, that was a bit of a surprise. So he likes latex too, well that can only be to the good for both of us. She was realising that despite his youth this man was not to be trifled with, but then she thought, well that was the point, for she wanted a man experienced enough in the ways of dominance and submission to handle her properly! She was now coming to the belief that maybe this was indeed the man.

Chapter Four

Everything in the next few days passed predictably. Her mother threw a fit but calmed down when she realised she would have the whole flat to herself and when her daughter promised to see her once or twice a week.

The removal of her pubic hair was painful. It took over two hours and the woman at the clinic at first seemed a bit condemning but finally warmed to her after the teacher made a joke of it – it’s for my boyfriend etc. She was now very sensitive there; even her latex panties rubbing against it made her take a breath.

After much looking she found an apartment and called the student for a joint viewing. They met and walked through the place together with the real estate woman. She seemed a little bemused with some of the student’s questions particularly about sound proofing the spare room and whether the beams were solid and could take a heavy weight suspended from them. The teacher looked at the student at this comment; images flashing past her of being suspended by her arms, being paddled by him, as he smiled at her innocently. The shutters on the windows were solid and could be locked, as could the sturdy door. The room had a separate bathroom with toilet, shower and bidet. This pleased him for it meant she could be kept here for extended periods if necessary. The room was about 18 feet by 14 feet, plenty large enough for some of his plans. 

The teacher took all this in but said little, remaining expressionless, polite to the agent but now really without an opinion. The suite was on the top floor and on the corner, so her making a lot of noise would likely not prove a problem, she thought ruefully. 

Both were satisfied with the flat and all the necessary paperwork was completed. They chose to share the cost evenly; it was a form of confirmation of their commitment to their future together. As the teacher had lived for all her years at her mothers she had managed to acquire sufficient funds for the purchase and the student was, fortunately for him, fairly wealthy through trusts and private income. Possession was granted to them very quickly, for France at least, and in a month, after a not very tearful goodbye to her mother, the teacher had moved her belongings into the flat. 

During the intervening period she had continued to tutor her student. In fact they had increased her tuition to twice a week at his request. The lessons were a little strained with both parties aware of the changing power structure, however she was as demanding as before and he clearly improved under her guidance. Nothing during this time was said about the impending move. 

Soon she had set up the flat as she wanted it, with the piano centre stage in the living room and her possessions now arranged as she liked them. The activities room however remained locked and as soon as she moved in he had hired workers, she had no idea where they came from, to “refurbish” it to his requirements. 

The two men were very courteous but said little and she hardly saw them, but heard banging and screwing and smelt paint and varnish as they proceeded. The student would come twice a week for his lesson and inspect the room on his leaving. She however was not allowed to view the room; it would no doubt be quite a surprise, she thought. 

She was not stupid and knew this was to be her prison, her quarters, her torture chamber, the place where he would do what he wished to her. This excited her and also frightened her just a little. She found that since she had moved in and the room was now so near, she was having trouble sleeping at night. The decision had been made and the day was fast approaching and this now was beginning to make her a little nervous. 

And it was to the familiar cool cling of latex that she turned for comfort at night. She was aware of its effects on her and one night as she rocked in bed unable to sleep again, that she got up and chose to put some latex clothing on. She chose a bra, some shoulder length gloves and a different pair of panties that she normally wore under her street clothing. These were a strange pair with imitation rubber labia and an oval hole for access to her vagina. In the dark she slipped them on, luxuriating in their familiar grip. Her permanently naked crotch was still quite sensitive and as she lay back on her bed she shivered at the cool caress of the latex. She slid her rubber covered fingers between the rubber lips of the panties and comforted herself, and quickly she was asleep. 

This exercise she repeated many times over the next few nights as the day approached that she would inspect her “quarters”.

Her work at the music school continued during the days and her tutorials with her student continued twice a week. He played well, but she continued to criticise him, perhaps overly, and at times he became frustrated she thought, and silently she hoped he would gain his revenge on her later. But he did play well and she hoped that she could help him, perhaps to gain concert or at least orchestra potential. 

He was rich, but not spoilt at all, and being rich allowed him to buy her the extensive wardrobe and the equipment in her room. This began to arrive slowly in packages after the workmen had finished. She had no inkling as to what the boxes contained but her imagination ran rampant and she had to continue to lean on dressing in latex at night to get uninterrupted sleep. Frankly though she was very happy for that, as she pleasured herself in the dark.

She had asked him about the expense of the equipment and clothes and had offered to pay, or at least contribute to them – she after all was going to be the “beneficiary’ of them. She was pleased to see he had no false modesty and had accepted a contribution. She thought wryly that they were a “team” after all.

One evening, at last, she would see the results of his endeavours. He informed her that the room was finished and her “training” would begin. Suddenly her heart was pounding and she was nervous again, but she reminded herself that this is precisely what she had wanted, what she had sought too late anyway, she thought, as she quietly followed him to the door of her “activity” room and waited as he unlocked it and ushered her in.

Chapter Five

Like a child she closed her eyes as she passed through and heard him close the door behind them and turn the lights on.

“Explore madame, remember this has all been created for your… benefit. Go ahead.” She opened her eyes and her heart began to pound harder and harder. Although her expression hardly changed, her lips parted slowly as she breathed in deeply. She had to take all this in slowly. She was bombarded by the images but tried to take them in one at a time.

The original floor remained the same, deep brown shiny hardwood, from the ceiling twelve feet above her; modern light fixtures shone down on her, a bank of switches were by the door. Along the beams at three feet centres were a whole series of hooks through which ropes or chains passed to several pulleys in the walls all at different heights. Padded cuffs and collars were presently attached to them but it was clear these were all interchangeable. Along half of one wall the original fitted cupboards and drawers had been retained, now painted in sharp black with mirrors inset. She walked along the hardwood floor to them, aware of the sound of her heels in the cavernous room. She glanced back at him and he smiled and nodded, still leaning by the door. She slowly pulled out a drawer. He said.

“This is the start of your collection only, as your… training proceeds we will have to expand on it, yes?” She nodded silently and looked into the drawer. She could not help but take a short breath. There were not many of them yet, but the drawer contained panties, quickly she surmised made of latex. There were maybe a dozen of them, in various colours but the prevailing one was black. Most were tight fitting but there were a couple looser, with ruffles. Then she noticed that there were several with inner dildos (shaped like perfect cocks) or butt plugs. They could be inserted in her front or… she swallowed, her behind. 

She closed the drawer and moved one down, this held bras in several colours, some with locking devices, and some she noticed with small spikes on the inside opposite her nipples, and then others had holes for exposing the nipples. The next one down contained stockings and tights, again in a myriad of colours and again some of the tights had dildos and butt plugs on the inside. She moved to the top of the next row – gloves, all colours and lengths; shoulder, elbow length, even some with mitten ends, just a thumb and a flat portion for the four enclosed fingers. 

She moved down a row, ah, the heavy stuff, she thought. The helmets and masks! There must have been about fifteen or twenty, mostly full head, some with eye and mouth holes and others without. Some had built in gags, like cocks or of the inflatable variety. There were others with metal attachments at the nose and mouth for the addition of gags, or feeding or breathing tubes. 

This was very kinky stuff she thought. She was beginning to feel a little dizzy, this was not a neophyte that she was entrusting her future to, no, this was what appeared to be a seriously deviant practitioner. She shuddered and glanced across at him. He smiled.

“Getting a little worried? Want to break your contract already? Don’t worry, madame, you’ll be in very capable hands.” Looking across the room at the various apparatus she was now sure of that! She was shocked at her student’s clear knowledge of all this stuff and she was a little concerned too. But then, she also had to admit, with a small shudder of excitement, that it was better to be in the hands of an experienced master that a novice, and this young man, oh so young, was no novice! But that shudder of excitement was something she had not experienced before in her 35 years, this was to be a walk on the wild side all right, she was certainly not going to be bored. 

He had not taken his eyes off her since they had entered the room. She had moved around quietly, like a cat getting to know its surroundings. Her expression seemed to have hardly changed, she looked very beautiful, he thought, so slim, so gamine, her looks clearly belied her age. 

With her delicate piano player’s hands she had felt through and fingered the clothing, if she was shocked at the dildos and butt plugs and the strange masks then she hardly showed it. He thought she would be a wonderful challenge. He did not want to disappoint her, he thought this may sound strange but he was as much being put to the test as she was. He was to be her master and he wanted her to appreciate his skills in that regard. 

The third stack of drawers contained firstly corsets and basques of many kinds; then tops, blouses loose and firm fitting; then skirts, some flared and frilly and ridiculously short and others long and pencil narrow, almost making it impossible to walk. She admired the work, these were not cheap, these were like all the clothes she had seen so far, well made and probably expensive and made to last – for how long, for as long as she is here, she thought. 

She took another breath and looked over at him again, he raised his eyebrows as if to say, go on, keep going, and so she opened the next drawer; ah yes, of course, gags!

Gags of all designs, inflatable, cock shaped, ball, bit gags and ring gags, internal ones to fit into her mouth and over her teeth and yet invisible externally. Most were attached to harnesses which would envelope the head, impossible to remove. My God, she whispered to herself, as she closed the drawer. She waited a second before opening the second to last drawer, what could be here? Of course, yes, she was not surprised, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and harnesses. They were big and small, short and thick long and some were inevitably inflatable. 

Where would this end, she asked herself? And she opened the last drawer. This was no surprise now, there were collars and cuffs, bracelets in steel and soft leather, some with buckles and locks. There were also clamps with weights and even bells and she had a pretty good idea where these would hang from! She now turned round and faced the room. She was feeling a bit light headed and leant against the drawers for a moment. There were three full length cupboards next to her but she would look in them later. She scanned the room. 

To her left was a small trolley with a sheet over it, she raised it and was confronted with stainless steel surgical instruments; forceps, a speculum and even a scalpel, as well as a mouth dam holder. Then on the lower level there was tubing, bladders and pumps and catheter and enema equipment. She raised her head and called to her student.

“Maybe I should call you Doctor, monsieur, perhaps Doctor Frankenstein?” He smiled benignly at her poor joke, made in nervousness more than anything. 

“Do not worry too much madame. As I assured you at the beginning, nothing… permanent will befall you here, I give you my word. Your life is in no risk, but… pain I believe you said is something that you are prepared to endure?” She smiled at his assurance.

“It is the word permanent that I am perhaps thinking on monsieur.” 

“I will give you my word again, madame. I have told you of my… feelings for you, it hardly makes sense for me to… well… damage the goods, so to speak.” 

“Well, that is I suppose what I am, a chattel, goods, a possession, a plaything for you. And I now see you like to play hard. But then this is not really a game is it?” He shook his head in agreement. 

“No, but madame, but pleasure can and will be had by both of us, I assure you.

She continued to look around the room; against the wall across from her was a St. Andrew’s cross with straps attached, once in that she wouldn’t be able to move an inch. The interior shutters on the windows, she noticed, were padded in smooth black leather, an effective sound insulator. The door was also insulated in a similar manner. The windows and door both had locks. A flat padded stool stood to one side, straps hanging from the legs, the legs and arms could be manoeuvred to any angle. A vaulting horse with straps at legs and across the back was centrally located. Both of these would be ideal for holding her down for a beating or more. 

Hanging from the ceiling by several chains was a thick rubber body bag. She moved to inspect it closer. It had a full head mask and internal sleeves, once in she was going nowhere. The mask had no eyeholes, just short nostril tubes and an inflatable gag with pump. It looked too small to take a full grown woman but she knew it was specifically designed for her! There was a front double ended zip so that he could play with her pussy while she swung, silent and powerless a foot off the floor, with no hope of escape. She looked round at the back and saw there was a similar zip so he could play with her bum hole as well! There were two small zips at her breasts also, so he could do basically anything he wanted to with her, and she would just swing silently. 

She shivered at the thought, but again, she had to ask herself if it was a shiver of excitement? A running machine and a stairmaster were located in one corner but with chains at the front to ensure the athlete didn’t go running off! Mittens were also attached to the chain so that the dials could not be adjusted. 

Against the wall by the bathroom was a sturdy metal frame holding two sheets of tight transparent rubber. There was a single small hole at head height and the only method of access and egress was a three feet zipper at the side. She noted the frame could be slid out and turned around so the hole would face inwards. At the bottom was a short hose connected to a vacuum pump. 

She figured this out very quickly, once squeezed into the envelope of rubber, taking the breathing tube into her mouth, zipped up like a Ziploc bag and squeezed into complete immobility by the vacuum she would stand motionless, staring out into the room, or into the wall. But then she noticed it didn’t end there. 

The frame was attached to another in the wall, and she discovered that this was one of those beds that flipped up into the wall space, a Baxter bed she thought she recalled. She looked round at him, still leaning against the door, amused at how quickly she was attuning herself to his devious mind. He nodded again and she reached up and firmly pulled the handle down to expose the bed as it settled on four short legs. 

The bed had no mattress, just a tight sheet of transparent latex, but with several reinforced holes at strategic locations, crotch, breasts and head. This would allow the occupant of the bed full and easy access to the immobile occupant (herself!) of the “mattress” located about two inches below him. It was brilliantly ingenious, he could lie on top of her and fondle and abuse her upturned body at will and she, in her rubber trap underneath him could not move an inch. She turned to him and gave a wry smile; he raised his shoulders almost shyly. 

She raised the bed back to the wall and passed her hand over the tight transparent rubber. How long before she would be in there with him on top of her doing whatever he wished, she thought?

There only remained the three adjacent closets. More clothes, she thought, and on opening the first one she found she was right. There were full length capes, with and without hood; catsuits, open necked or with masks, and one with cut-outs at breasts and crotch; dresses, even a saucy French maid’s outfit and a strange nun’s habit which even drew a smile from her impassive face; then a schoolgirl’s outfit and even a nurse’s uniform. Her spirits rose at the thought of perhaps playing out some roles. 

She was handing over her freedom to this young man, willingly and yet perhaps unwittingly, but quietly she was pleased to see he had a fertile imagination and maybe a cruel one also. The adjacent closet contained on the lower levels racks of shoes, most with precipitous heels, and boots, some thigh high. Above them were rows of masks, mostly gas masks or full head masks, with yards of tubing to canisters containing God knows what. She took another breath, and she needed it as she opened the last closet. 

Inside and bolted to the floor was a steel chair with high back and padded armrests. The seat resembled a padded toilet seat for there was a large hole in the middle; she was sure for the insertion of tubes or whatever into her exposed lower regions. Underneath there were bottles with tubes and pumps and what appeared to be both enema and catheter equipment. All along the legs and armrests and the upright there were straps to hold her immobile. There was a padded headrest but this was little comfort as she was there was a reinforced collar attached which would allow her head little movement. Furthermore above the headrest a large bottle with valves and a tube attached to a mask/gag arrangement that could be firmly strapped around her head. She looked at all this for fully 30 seconds, then turned and looked at the student. He gave her a shy smile and approached her.

“Try it out madame, take a seat, don’t worry, we shall not start your training until later this week, but have a seat anyway.” She turned and sat down; it was quite comfortable, padded leather everywhere; she rested her head back and stared at him as he leant down and explained it to her, not that he really had to. 

“This is for your… long term confinement madame. You will be strapped in here, in rubber of course, the mask will be strapped to your face and this tube will go down your throat to feed you, at the end of the tube here you will see the attached gag. Your breathing will be through this tube to this canister, filled with rubber odds and ends, so you will breathe in rubber scented air. Now down here you will have a catheter inserted into you and at the end of this is a vibrator which I have attached to a timer. And just to complete the fun, this anal plug will be inserted up your rear and attached to this mechanical enema. This will fill you with warm water at prescribed intervals and then flush you out.” He stood back and seemed very happy with himself. She however was feeling a little faint. She looked up and saw a close circuit camera in the top corner of the closet. 

“Yes, don’t worry, I will be keeping an eye on you and we will agree safe words and signs; there is also a microphone in here so I can listen to you as you pass from pleasure to pain and back. As I keep saying madame, I will not harm you permanently but… temporary pain and discomfort I will guarantee!” 

Again she found herself short of breath and was glad she was sitting, if only on the chair where she could be a prisoner for hours, a day… or for as long as he wished. She would be fed and watered, cathetered and flushed, and he could play with her at will. The gag would keep her quiet and the butt plug would keep her well stuffed in the rear. Meanwhile the vibrator would keep her pussy well occupied, and if he chose, he could unlock the door to the closet and come and play with her! It was a frightening prospect. And again she reminded herself it was one that she had volunteered for.

If he wanted she could disappear from the planet, but somehow she felt that this was not in his will. Yet despite all this, she knew that there was a frisson of excitement passing through her body, a little fear, yes, but anticipation and even a bit of arousal too. He smiled cheerfully again and said.

“Perhaps you would like to check it out, madame?” She thought for a second, it did intrigue her but maybe this was all a bit too much for now.

“If you do not mind monsieur, perhaps later, if you will forgive me, all this is quite overpowering and I need a bit of time to take it all in.” He nodded and stepped back as she stood up and closed the closet door. She looked around at the room now.

“So… this is to be my… slaves quarters. I have to say, monsieur, that when I… volunteered myself, body and mind, to you I didn’t realise that you were, how shall I say, so experienced in this area. Is it serendipity, I wonder, that has brought us together? It seems you are well ahead of me in these matters, your interest in rubber for example, the vacuum bed there, and the chair… it is all very intimidating and yet, quite enticing I have to admit. It seems you will be more than able to satisfy your desires… and perhaps mine. You have spent a lot of money, as have I, but not to your extent, I wonder if you expect a quick return?” He shook his head slowly and glanced around the room, then back at her.

“Madame, I was looking at it as more of a long term investment.”

“Investment, is that what I am? Well yes, I suppose I am, I will try to provide you with a good return for your money. You are very… imaginative.”

He looked at her again. “Are you fearful, madame? Do all this frighten you? Perhaps you want to renege on our agreement?” He was testing her and she knew it.

“Are you saying I can walk now, after all this?” he pondered this for a moment.

“Yes, yes I suppose I am. I feel perhaps I cheated you at the start by not disclosing my… interest in this area. Then you come along and volunteer your, as you call it, body and mind to me. You can imagine my surprise that my prim… sorry madame, proper piano teacher should be into anything like this, a strange and exciting world that I dabble in. I have some young girlfriends who like to play games madame, but they do it only for fun, a little bit of kink to liven up their sex lives. But you madame, I sense… I know, that your… interest goes deeper than that, and that is why, if I may be so bold, we would make a good… team.” He chuckled at his choice of words.

“So you see what you will be experiencing here; pain, discomfort, humiliation, and this perhaps is what you sought out, is it not? Perhaps not to the degree that I am offering here, but we should push our limits, I think. One other thing I will guarantee madame, is a level of sexual satisfaction that you will have not experienced before. With pain comes pleasure and with pleasure comes pain, and of course there is the latex, I’m a committed fetishist so all your senses will be exposed to it.”

She could hardly believe hearing this young man, barely out of his boyhood. He talked and behaved in such an experienced manner; she was ten years older than him, yet he was requiring her, ordering her to be his rubber slave, to be controlled and tantalised by equipment and clothing and toys that would make most people’s eyes pop out! 

Here was the young man whose piano playing she berated (although he played very well) and now he was to order her to… well do anything he wished. Bearing in mind the clothes and equipment he had invested in, this arrangement was a good bit more intense than she had originally anticipated – to be spanked, slapped, tied up and generally taken advantage of. 

And yet… something within her seemed to crave this excitement, this fear of the unknown. Maybe she could bolt for it now, call a halt right now. She thought hard as she stared at him, imagining him as her master, punishing her, abusing her, enveloping her in the smooth embrace of rubber; and yet he said that she would experience sexual arousal like never before. Well, that was a tempting thought!

“As long as we have the limits you mentioned earlier. If I am to stay then safe words and signs must be honoured.”

He seemed insulted at this. “But of course, madame, do you take me for an amateur, or a crazy?”

“No, no, I did not wish to offend you. if that is agreed then… monsieur, you have your slave, your rubber doll to play with. I am prepared to… I wish to… be what you desire of me – nun, schoolgirl, mummy, even your… mattress.” And she smiled, turning towards the bed.

There, it was done.

There was fully 30 seconds then when neither of them spoke. They both considered their futures, both looking into the room, a room for activities, for torture – cruel and exciting, for play. Torture chamber or love nest, it all depended on how you looked at it. They both realised that both had made a commitment. He took her arm, tenderly almost, and led her out of the room. Then he went to the front door and turned.

“Tomorrow we will start madame. I shall come for my lesson as usual and you will be as hard a teacher as you have always been. Then you will take all your clothes off in your bedroom and we will move in there for your training. Inside the room I of course will be in charge and you will obey all my orders without question. Madame, I am looking forward to this very much. We will learn much about ourselves I think, separately and together. We will have fun too, of that I am sure although you may not believe that now, we will.” She stood still, nodding at his comments, and he leaned over and pecked her cheek in a very gentlemanly manner, smiled and left. Tomorrow, perhaps his attentions would not be quite so gentlemanly, she thought as she closed the door. 

She went back to her living room and sat at her piano. Sitting down now, she realised that she was very wet between her legs, and she moved her hands down to her rubber panties feeling the dampness through the holes at her crotch. Well she thought, the body does not lie!

Her mind had been in a turmoil of fear, shock and apprehension but now it seemed to be in one of excitement. This was a new world, a new life she was entering. She didn’t know how she would get through the next 24 hours or so, for she realised now that this is what she wanted to happen and she couldn’t wait. But 5pm tomorrow seemed a long time to wait for her new life.


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