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story continued from part six

Part 7: Phoenix Arisen

Everything in my life was changing so quickly. Jonathan, Anya, Surrender, The Lair and by no means least my career.

Far too quickly.

I was not in full control any more. Too many plates were spinning, and it was only a matter of time until they would begin to topple, one by one at first, until the whole show came crashing to the dirt in a shattered mess.

Like a loom, my mind feverishly worked to weave the myriad threads of my life into a neat, organised tapestry. Until a few weeks ago it had been so simple, the pattern had been basic and easy to handle. But since the discovery of the trunk, the colours of the threads had become random and capricious, the tapestry of my life turning into an abstract mess of shape and colour, depicting the turmoil of my mind.

Even sleep, the last bastion of sanity, was losing it's comfort. Peculiar and troubling dreams of bizarre people and places were becoming more regular, and I would oft wake up sweating and uneasy. The dreams usually themed around rubber and bondage, presumably driven by my new-found seductive second life. But the dreams took it to extremes of sadism, dominance, pain and control. Hellish excesses to which I was disturbed to bear witness yet, like a moth drawn to a hot bulb, would endure the pain to experience the rapture of the light.

With life so overwhelmingly busy I had neglected my hitherto regular visits to the gym. I resolved to visit early in the morning in an attempt to flush my system with energising endorphins.

The gym was open twenty four seven, so it was no problem being there at such an early hour. It was well lit and had secured doors activated by security card. Even though I was the only member there I felt quite safe.

First I hit the running machine and jogged steadily for a couple of miles. The endorphins worked their magic, my body felt invigorated and strong. Next I used the cycles and did a good thirty minutes of challenging interval training, sweating copiously, the damp stains blotting through my Lycra vest-top and shorts. It felt a little uncomfortable at first as my sensitive clit ring rubbed against the seat, despite the protective sanitary pad I had covered it with. But by the end of the program I felt great, alive and empowered.

To my surprise, it actually felt good to be out of rubber and latex for once. Having become so accustomed to wearing some form of rubber semi-permanently, my gym gear had felt oddly foreign. But now a wave of contentment that almost verged on a feeling of freedom was rising within me. I pedalled hard into the next incline and pondered whether this, right now, was the real me and if the last few weeks of my life were merely a morbid flirt with danger. An early-life crisis?

I had comforted myself with the belief that the incident in the alley was orchestrated by Anya for dramatic effect. But what if it hadn't. What if I really had been seconds away from becoming a sex slave for a drug gang, destined for an unimaginable existence. I was in too deep, Anya had tempted me with the apple which was quickly turning rotten to the core. I had to take action, for the sake of my safety and sanity.

Thoughts were clearer than they had been for some time. I was a strong independent woman, I knew I had the fortitude and willpower to extricate myself from my predicament before it was too late.

I could do it, I would do it!

Anya and Lance would become mere acquaintances I once knew. The Lair and Surrender would just be places I once visited. Career and family would become my focus once more, and I would happily return to normality. My fetish stockpile would be discarded anonymously somewhere, perhaps even fly-tipped down a quiet country lane. I chuckled at the thought of the local rag's front page headline after that little treasure trove was discovered.

Jonathon, however, was the elephant in the room. He had become a treasured companion. Not just because of the physical gifts he could provide, but because we could talk for hours about anything. There was no secret agenda, he never coerced me in any direction; instead he would listen attentively and support the choices I made for myself. It was not him who had pushed me down this rabbit hole, he merely held my hand while I climbed in of my own volition, providing the support I needed to reach my own ambition. If I asked him, I felt sure he would equally support me in getting my life back on track.

Simple. I had a plan, and all I needed to do was stick to it.

I smiled as the loom of my mind began to craft a beautiful brocade once more, the detritus of the preceding weave fading into the past.

The cycle beeped and the cool down began. I wiped the sweat from my face and headed to the water fountain, breathing hard, a little woozy from exertion. I pressed the button but was momentarily distracted by a noise from the direction of the front door. A ceiling light flickered. No one entered.

Must have been the wind.

When my attention returned to the running tap I recoiled, squealing in horror. Instead of water, there was a black viscous liquid seeping from the spout. With eyes clamped shut I counted to ten. "No, no, no. Please God not another hallucination".

Peeking through trembling fingers the cooler was once again back to normal. No sign of the black liquid. I tentatively filled a refreshingly cool cup of water, took deep breaths and reminded myself of the new life plan. There would be challenges to quitting any form of addiction, I had to be strong.

Eager to bolster my mood I started on a series of weight machines. Soon feeling pumped again, my muscles ached with the lactic acid fatigue of a good workout.

With ten minutes remaining until I needed to leave, I jumped onto the lat machine for a last couple of sets. The weight was set low and I easily counted off rep after rep.

The lights flickered and dimmed as I pulled the bar down to my chest on the final rep. I exhaled, tensing the muscles, squeezing the most out of the movement whilst I watched the flickering light curiously. And then at once; straps grew out from the pull bar, rough and leathery, and wound multiple times round my wrists and fingers anchoring them to the bar. Further straps sprouted around my ankles from the feet supports, holding them securely.

The lights extinguished completely, leaving me momentarily in a pitch black vacuum before the emergency lighting triggered, but the room remained barely illuminated. Pulling against the straps proved fruitless, they were of strong leather and coiled many times.

Another hallucination. Two in such a short period of time was unusual. "Help me!" I screamed.

There was subtle movement from the far end of the room. One of the boxing dummies was gently rocking side to side in a squeaky, metronome motion.

The room became chill and I renewed my attempts to escape.

The dummy ceased it's motion. With sheer horror I saw it morph into a humanoid shape, gaining height as it grew legs and arms. The previously solid bulk undulated and rippled and reformed itself into the figure of a woman, with a skin of shining black. It reminded me of my transformation in the bathroom into a black rubber doll. This doll, however, retained it's ability to stand and move.

The body morphed again, refining it's anatomy, squeaking softly as if an unseen magician were making a kinky balloon model.

When the final form was assumed the squeaking was replaced with a rhythmic raspy sound. The female figure walked towards me with a sexy sway to her hips. As it neared I could see it wore a heavy corset which pulled the figure into an almost impossible hour glass. The reason for the rasping became clear, she wore a gasmask over her face with a single large filter. Thigh high leather boots adorned her legs, laced from top to ankle, which clicked loudly on the floor as she walked. Her jet black catsuit was so beautiful it could have been one of Jonathon's masterpieces.

"Go away!"

She leaned in towards me, her filter louder than ever as the exhaust chilled my breast. I turned my head away, not wishing to acknowledge the creature, but fascination got the better of me and I stared back into the opaque lenses of the mask.

"Who are you?" I whimpered. The lenses slowly became transparent. The eyes behind the mask were familiar but I was too panicked to recognise them immediately.

The woman stepped back a couple of paces, and reached for a skipping rope which hung from a nearby machine. She held the handle in her left hand as the free end unravelled to the floor.

"What the hell do you want with me?"

"Acceptance" rasped the mask, the voice distorted, calm and emotionless.

There was a fluttering sound, and the skipping rope gradually turned into a leather whip, starting at the woman's hand and proceeding like a burning fuse to the end.

"No no no no" I pleaded.

The woman took an aggressive position to the side of me, clearly not entertaining my pleas. Something bad was going to happen. With one jarring movement the machine cable retracted with a whir, and raised the bar to it's zenith as if a tonne weight had been added to the rack, brutally pulling my arms high and wide while the foot attachments moved out to the sides, holding me vertical in a stretched star position.

My protests continued to fall on deaf ears while the woman deftly made the whip dance in the air around me. At times I could feel it's proximity, getting close but not connecting, the sound of the thong as it cut through the air almost caused me to lose bladder control in fearful anticipation.

And then it finally hit. Like a streak of fire across my back. Again and again she would make the whip tauntingly dance before letting it bite into my flesh.

I lost count of the number of lashes. She struck me all over my back and thighs. Even the front of my body was not spared as the long whip curled around my torso biting painfully into my breasts, stomach and thighs.

Strength deserted me. If it were not for my bound wrists I would have slumped to the floor.

"Why ...." I managed to ask weakly.

"There is no going back. Not now, not ever. Let your old life go", her voice still passionless and raspy, as if dishing out punishment was a casual matter.

The whipping ceased.

"I .. I don't understand"

"Stop fighting your deepest desires. It's too late to reject what you are. What you are becoming. You've come too far. You think you can just turn it off, turn your back and walk away from your true self?"

"You make no sense"

"It's deep in your soul now isn't it. The hunger. It haunts your thoughts. There is no Dani, there is only Phoenix. You cannot simply bury Phoenix behind a facade of respectability. Her fire burns too fiercely for that now"

With a blinding series of flicks of the whip she masterfully cut away the material of my gym gear and it fell in tattered shreds to the floor. The pile of rags flamed brightly for a second before fading to dust.

Now I was butt naked and shivering uncontrollably, my sweat soaked body drew in the chill air of the room, my salty perspiration inflamed the welts making them sting like a swarm of angry wasps.

"Stop it, stop it ! Get out of my head, GET OUT!"

"I can't"

"Why? Why can't you leave me alone??" I shrieked hysterically.

"Because, Dani ..."

The woman slowly unclipped and removed her mask, smiled, and continued in a soft, unfiltered voice " ... I am you. The real you. You know this, don't you? Truthfully?"

I regarded my doppleganger in disbelief as her revelation registered in my brain, unable to breathe, let alone speak.

"Time for honesty. What are we really? Hmm? Accept what we are ... and we will be at peace ... no more conflict ... no more doubt"

We shared an intense silence, staring deep into each other's eyes, like I was looking in a mirror. One side of the glass as naked as the day she was born, the other side a rubber encased fetish goddess. But which was real and which the reflection.

My mind was running amok, the conflict painfully crushing my skull.

I thought about how she had just flayed my flesh with the whip and felt revulsion towards her. As if in response to my repugnance she began to fade a little before my eyes.

My thoughts drifted to friends and family, happier times in my life before the recent events. She faded some more, and the gym became visible through her as if she were becoming a ghost. I was resisting, perhaps even dispelling my hallucination! My confidence grew.

Again came the fluttering sound. The whip, still held by the rubber witch was lengthening towards me. It felt cold and slick as it coiled first around my ankle and proceeded to coil and creep up my leg. As it slithered over my ravaged skin it soothed my wounds. It's embrace was almost tender, and when it reached the top of my thigh my focus and resolve was beginning to melt once more. The tip of the whip started to gently flick at my pierced clit, playing with the ring. Oh the feeling. The woman was chuckling now.

A trickle of my hot juices was oozing down my thighs, I was becoming turned on in a big way. My reverie was broken by a hissing sound, and I saw it was not the whip at all which was teasing my pussy, but the forked tongue of a jet black snake.

I screamed in fear and revulsion, my stomach churned at my own perverted imagination.

The woman laughed at my abhorrence, taunting "You're creating all this for yourself. Your warped mind manifesting your darkest deviances."

"I want it to stop! How do I make it stop?" I hysterically asked as a second slick object coiled up my other leg. Both snakes flicked their tongues at my pussy, stoking a burning lust within. My lips were engorged with anticipation.

"Only you can make it stop ... if you really want to, you can make it stop at any time. But you can't can you."


To my amazement the snakes stopped. I took heavy gasps of breath.

"I did it?"

The respite was all too brief as the heads of the snakes morphed into two huge phallic dildos, their surfaces heavily textured.

"Oh God, no. No no no" I cried.

"See. You can't help yourself can you? Embrace it and let go!"

Each dildo shaft was made up of 3 sections which sprang into life, rotating in opposite directions to each other, slowly at first but with an increasing speed. Without warning the coils around my legs suddenly advanced and the dildos roughly entered my pussy and ass.

They were huge and I feared I would rip open. Each intruder was increasing its rotation speed, the shafts moving in and out of my holes, sprinkling copious amounts of my juices all around me as the ribbed shafts rippled my lips and ass.

The woman had become more solid again. My runaway thoughts, fuelled by my horny state, drifted to Surrender and the delights within, to Laura the pony. My twin was watching me intently, revelling at my tortured mental tug-of-war pulling me dangerously close to the edge of insanity.

Anya was in my thoughts now. My eyes rolled back into my head. I re-lived how she made me feel when she played with me, used me, abused and controlled me.

The tide had turned in the rubber tormentor's favour. She had regained full integrity and I knew that I was lost. There could be no hope of return to a normal life, only to be perpetually plagued with debilitating schizophrenic dream states.

I did need the thrill. The danger. The adventure. The desire!

Snippets of memories from the last few weeks hit me in rapid succession like the flashes of Paparazzi cameras, faster and faster, each more vivid and intense than the last. As the images reached a blur, the relentless intruders brought me to a sudden and powerful orgasm which seemed to last an eternity.

To the sound of imperious laughter, I, Danielle Nystrom, faded into thin air .......

... and returned to reality with a jolt.

"Are you Ok? Hey, lady are you Ok?"

A gym coach was knelt by me, gently shaking my shoulder, looking concerned.

"I .. I'm fine I think. What happened?"

He smiled thinly "We found you asleep, on this machine."

"Oh God, really?" I got to my feet. I was still wearing my gym gear, thank heavens. To my embarrassment my nipples were good and hard, and the shape of the piercings were clearly visible through the material. I saw him looking at them and covered my chest with a towel.

My pussy felt oddly empty. The pad I was wearing was sodden but at least it had saved me from further humiliation.

"Sure you are ok"?

I nodded unconvincingly and quickly headed home.


When I arrived at work later that morning the blinds were drawn in Gordon's office. I made a coffee and got straight to work on the Patterson account. It had been a long hard slog but we were on the cusp of a landmark victory. A win for a client as notable as the distinguished Mr Patterson would boost our firm's profile immeasurably.

I wriggled in my chair feeling the slender vibrator gently rubbing against my entrance, a special morning treat for myself to take my mind of the earlier troubling hallucination in the gym. It was a devilish model, a favourite of mine, designed to randomise duration and intensity. A piece of it rested against my pierced clit and a fat stubby phallus penetrated me about an inch .. just enough to be a persistent tease and pleasure. Goodness knows I needed some light relief. The vibe was held snugly against me, and inside me, by a thick pair of rubber pants from the Jonathan collection. I was already marshy down below after the commute into work, I loved the way my moisture squelched and oozed when I moved, trapped between the rubber and my skin. Surreptitiously I regularly misted myself with body spray to mask any odour which may bring unwanted attention.

The door of Gordon's office opened and two suits briskly exited. I recognised them as partners in the firm, probably doggedly monitoring the Patterson case. There would be promotions and accolades abound if we won. I felt sure I would be in line for a promotion too.

Gordon called me into his office. I grabbed my coffee and scurried in, curious to see if it was related to his meeting with the partners.

"Close the door and have a seat please" his tone was flat and serious, devoid of his usual light banter. I sat with crossed legs while the vibe in my panties barely fluttered.

He absently leafed through some papers, as if searching for a way to start the conversation. He coughed nervously.

"So, how are you Danielle?" Thanks to my little friend I felt wonderful, but I sensed an edge to his voice.

"I'm great Gordon, thank you. Buzzing about the Patterson case!" I inwardly congratulated myself for my witty repartee. If only he knew what was really buzzing.

The teasing vibe stopped. I furtively squeezed and relaxed my thighs, relishing the feeling of sealed juices dispersing randomly beneath the rubber, my boss oblivious to what I was doing. I smiled sweetly.

"Everything alright at home?" An odd question, get to the point.

"We've all had to work very hard recently. Long hours. I realise it impacts on all our home lives, you've all done a wonderful job to stay so focused."

"Thank you Gordon". The vibe was fluttering again as if a reward for the praise.

"Winning this case will open a whole new tier of clients for the firm. But it will also expose us to closer scrutiny. The firm's reputation is built on our professionalism. At all times."

I nodded, only half listening whilst the vibe intensified. I had to lean forward on the pretence of stirring my drink to try and ease the torment on my clit, I needed to keep focus on the meeting. Why had I picked today of all days to wear the damn vibrator.

"How we conduct ourselves in our personal lives may also come under scrutiny. We must be beyond reproach."

He was setting a scene, something was coming, and it was coming straight at me. He sat back in his plush leather chair, fingers linked.

"Danielle. I'd like to talk about your life outside of work. What do you do? How do you relax?"

"The usual stuff really. I go to the gym, meet friends and socialise, go to the cinema. That sort of thing ... Why do you ask?"

Again, that awkward pause.

"It has come to my attention that you may be engaging in what could be considered, umm, unsavoury activities." The damn vibe intensified, I felt a flush on my cheeks.

"I don't understand?" Squirm, squirm.

Gordon handed me a brown A4 envelope.

"Can you explain these?"

Inside were several large black and white photographs. I recognised the first one immediately. It was me, clear as day, stood in the dressing room of the club the other day, stark naked. I gasped. The vibe turned up another gear. I needed a clear head to negotiate my way out of the serious situation.

"Where did you get these?"

Each picture told the story of the day. And with each image the vibe seemed to intensify, teasing me, fuelling the fire in my puss.

"That is not important. What is important is the subject of the pictures."

Each picture was only of me, no sign of Mel, Anya or Mistress Rhea. The photos had been carefully selected so as not to implicate anyone else.

Together, the portfolio formed a seedy flicker-book history of the day, and brought back to me the sheer intensity of the whole experience. I turned each picture slowly reliving the day feeling Gordon's gaze upon me the whole time.

Flick .. Me, stood naked and vulnerable.
Hum .. No please not now

Flick .. Me, dressing in layers of shiny fetish clothing.
Humm ..

Flick .. Me, hooded in rubber.
Hummm .. For God's sake stop

Flick .. Me, collared, cuffed and padlocked.
Hummmm ..

Flick .. Me, stood on an anonymous pavement, droplets of rain on my rubber skin, a leash attached to my collar, held by an unseen person outside of the picture.
Hummmmm ..

Flick .. Me, a BDSM plaything, clamps biting into my breasts, attached pans pulling my soft breast flesh painfully from my body. Pain and pleasure clear from my my partially hooded face.
Hummmmmm .. Oh no ... please stop

Flick .. Me being caned, painfully dark marks on my swollen breasts
Hummmmmmm .. No no no, stop before it's too late, pleeeease!

Flick .. Me getting fucked hard from behind by a bizarre creature from Greek mythology
HUMMMMMMMMMMM .. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Flick .. A CCTV image of me laid next to a large bin in a littered dirty alley, a scruffy man pawing at my exposed breasts.
Wait, what is this??

Flick .. The man biting hard into my flesh

Flick ... Me, pinned under the man while another tramp-like guy was peeling away the rubber from my exposed pussy
The alley ... what .. It was REAL?? .. not a "lesson" ... I really was very nearly ....
HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .. Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Flick ... A syringe needle inches from my welted breast

I looked from the pictures to Gordon's frowning face, my streaming eyes wide with shame, horror, panic, betrayal.

"And we found these in your desk drawer" He held my old dildo panties aloft with a pen.

The culmination of the powerful memories and discovery of my dirty office secrets pushed me over the edge and I came HARD. I flinched, tensed, bit my lip and moaned aloud.

"Jesus!" Gordon was watching me in stunned abhorrence, leaping to his feet. "Danielle, did you just ..... oh my God! What the hell is wrong with you??"

"I'm sorry" I pleaded. The vibe was still going hard at me. I knew I was in deep trouble but despite everything, despite the professional suicide, I was going to cum again.

It was subtler, but the shudder of my body was no less obvious to Gordon. I clasped my hand to my pussy and pulled the panties away from me, desperate to stop the vibrations driving me wild. My juices instantly flooded out from behind their rubber dam, seeping over the chair.

"Oh shit shit shit. Gordon, I .. I .. Please, I'm so sorry"

Gordon looked at me with a distaste so acute it broke my heart and I cramped with total humiliation. What must I have looked like to him, stood with my skirt hiked, legs apart and rubber underwear held proud of my body while I drenched everything with my brew of bodily fluids.

"Danielle! Consider yourself fired for gross misconduct! Get out, and never contact us again"

I ran out of the office, still dripping, and quickly grabbed my personal effects on the way. Colleagues watched me with stunned curiosity. Did they already know the truth about me? If not, the whole sordid story would surely become water cooler gossip soon enough.


My head was spinning and stomach churning. My legs barely supported me as I ran into the restroom at a nearby McDonalds. I opened the toilet, checked for funnels and hooded heads, and unloaded the entire contents of my stomach. I removed my soiled rubber pants and washed away the thick residue with a packet of wipes from my bag. I paused at the point of throwing them in the bin, the familiar sense of longing stopped me discarding them and I slipped them on again, feeling weak and pathetic. I took a moment to breath and take stock of the morning's drama, then cradled my head and cried and cried. My grand plans to drag myself back to my former life lay in tatters, I was in free fall.

I needed to get back to my castle as quickly as possible and raise the drawbridge against the world. Taxi was the quickest transport. I needed money for the fare and stopped at the ATM. To my horror I found that the balance on my account was zero. No funds available, no overdraft. That was impossible, my job was well paid and my incomings way exceeded my outgoings, it was inconceivable that there were no funds left. Fearing the worst I checked my other accounts and found those were empty too. I found a small amount of cash in my purse, enough to get me home via the bus.

I found a seat as far away from other passengers as possible. After a few minutes my phone chimed the arrival of a message. It was from Anya. I fought the need to read it, but curiosity got the better of me. It was a message of few words which conveyed grave portent.

"Slave, I am coming for you. No more games. It is time to kneel at my feet and surrender yourself to my dominion."

Was it possible that Anya had something to do with my empty accounts? Surely that was impossible, I'd never shared any such information with her. The circling hyenas were closing in leaving increasingly limited opportunities for escape, I had been fastidiously herded for her final move.

I closed the message and noticed an unread voice mail from Mum. I had to keep her out of this mess, protect her from the nightmare. I listened to the recording. Her voice was shaky and weak, she was crying.

"Dani, it's Mum. I ... I've received some pictures in the post today ... crazy horrible pictures"

Oh God, no

"I don't understand, Dani"

I closed my eyes tightly, clenched my teeth and prayed they were not the same photos Gordon had just shown me.

"The pictures .. " She began sobbing again "Is this really you? Are you involved in some sort of sick sex cult?"

She was becoming hysterical "Dani, how could you .. How could you participate in this - this - I don't even have the words to describe it, oh my God, what have you become?"

The message ended abruptly, leaving me a snivelling, trembling mess, fresh tears of my own streaming down my cheeks.

"Mum, I'm so sorry" I wept into the passive handset. People were staring at me, sensing my distress yet keeping their distance lest they become involved in the crazy woman's drama.

The message from Mum was the straw that broke the camel's back, the horror and disappointment in her voice broke my heart completely. I was a listless dinghy, powerless and vulnerable, relentlessly carried by a storm wave towards the rocks where my life would be shattered into a million pieces.

Through the dark storm, however, there was the faintest of glows from a lighthouse. It's light was weak, almost imperceptible, but gave me one last desperate hope of salvation ...



I practically burst through the door, such was my desperation to flee the merciless world. I quickly locked it and leaned my back against it a moment, trying to catch a breath.

As ever Jonathan, my rock was immediately responsive to my tearful summons.

"Dear Danielle, whatever is wrong?"

"Oh Jonathan, Anya has destroyed my life. I've lost my job, I've alienated my family, I have no money. My life is ruined, all because of a stupid obsession."

"Then you must make amends. Rebuild the bridges"

"You don't understand. It's too late. Anya is coming for me. She has orchestrated all of this, she means to take me and turn me into her permanent rubber slave!"

"Then run! Run while you still can, before she gets here."

"I've nowhere to go, and no means to get there. I'm trapped Jonathan, trapped!"

"Dear Danielle, would a life with Anya be so terrible? You have sought her governance for some time now ... isn't this what you wanted deep down?"

"I thought it was, in the beginning. It was exciting and addictive to be part of her world, but at the end of the day I was able to return to my own life. I really think she means to keep me in total permanent bondage, cut off from my life, to become her powerless fetish slave. It's too much, I don't want to lose who I am! Jonathan, is there anything I can do?"

"I sense it is the conflict that makes you vulnerable. You need to embrace the true you, then you will be strong enough to resist Anya's influence."

"But what AM I? I feel like I am losing my mind. The addiction, the desires, the hallucinations. I don't know what to do, or how to do it, and the hyenas are closing in."

"Danielle, perhaps I can help you ... if you will permit me?"

I felt a faint feeling of hope. "Yes! Yes of course, please help me Jonathan"

"Open the trunk"

With the lid of the trunk wedged open there was a swirling mist within. I gasped.

"Empty your mind Danielle. Look into the mist, it will help you marshal your thoughts, and the answers to your questions may come to you"

My body and mind did indeed relax a little as Jonathan had suggested. The periphery of my vision darkened and my mind drifted. At once visions began to enter my brain, evoking the gamut of emotions. The visions brought joy, excitement, desire, fear and revulsion. Like a "20 question" game, my mind was closing in on the elusive answer.

Finally, the answer was revealed. I closed my eyes and shook my head. "No, no it can't be that. How is that different to a life with Anya?"

"It is different because it is your own self perception. What you saw is you, the true you, the thing you are."

The mist in the box was now sparking like synapses. It was all too much for me. I ran for the front door ... but it had disappeared leaving a solid wall in it's place. Jonathan was still speaking to me but his voice was still as loud as it was when I was next to his mirror. I realised that his voice was no longer external, but in my head.

Don't run anymore Phoenix. This is the only way to find peace.

My instinct to flee was strong, I ran to the window. I would jump if necessary, willing to risk broken bones to escape. The window disappeared before my eyes as if an invisible plasterer was covering it. The room was filled with a booming creaking noise as if it were the timbers of a great ship rocking in the waves. All the windows were now gone, along with the only door. The interior walls were disintegrating, leaving only the four exterior walls of the flat remaining.

"Wha ... whats happening? Jonathan, what are you doing?"

Let go Phoenix, and be reborn from the ashes of your scorched life

His words were like honey. I had trusted him with so much of my life, why should I doubt him now. The last of my resistance faltered.

Gooood Phoenix. Gooooood

There was a tiny hurricane-like funnel formed above the open trunk. I could feel the wind even from across the other side of the flat. Still creaking loudly, the walls morphed into mirrors. The doors to my wardrobes and furniture flung open and their contents flew out and were caught by the spinning wind, flying round the room like a scene from Twister. After the detritus did several laps of the room it was ultimately pulled down the funnel and into the trunk. All my rubber collection was consumed, what remained of my normal clothes too and everything Jonathan had made for me over our time together. Cutlery from the kitchen flew out of the opened drawers and was drawn into the chest too as if a powerful magnet were within.

Once the furniture had been emptied then it too began to split and splinter and join the exodus to the trunk. I crouched in a corner and shielded myself fearing the flying debris might batter me. Everything was ultimately drawn into the insatiable trunk, all my possessions had been consumed, only the bare minimum remained in the flat, but nothing of mine.

I felt a tugging at my clothes and they ripped from my body in shreds and ended up in the trunk.

The wind funnel faded and ceased and the trunk began glowing bright red.

I was naked, reflected in the mirrored walls, every angle revealed, nothing hidden. Now the hurricane had subsided my mind drifted back to what I had seen within the trunk.

It is time Phoenix. Rise ...

A ball of liquid was floating across the room towards me, rippling and changing form as it approached. Strangely I did not fear it, my senses had numbed, resistance had abandoned me. The liquid touched and then covered my body. It was neither hot nor cold, and solidified to become a full body red rubber catsuit. It was amazingly beautiful.

I tried to unsee the vision I had been shown, tried to stem the madness. It had to be madness, right? Had I finally lost my grip on reality?

Is this you Phoenix?

Jonathan's silky voice drew me deeper. "I prefer black" I said almost dream-like.

Then make it black

"What do you mean?" My voice was slow and calm

Think it to be black and it will be so. Create yourself in your own design

I did as Jonathan said, and to my numb amazement the colour changed to the deepest darkest black I had ever seen. I giggled at the magic of it all. Surely this was yet another hallucination, the laws of physics of the real world being broken at every turn. I had fought the previous hallucinations .. Perhaps I should embrace this one ... the hallucinations had ended eventually with no harm done. Perhaps I should enjoy the ride ...

"Whatever I imagine ...?"

Yes Phoenix. It is a lot of power, but ultimately it will be true to yourself

I experimented, and imagined that the catsuit also covered my hands and fingers, and it manifested before my eyes. I imagined a short neck piece and long neck piece to the catsuit, and it resized at my will.

The vision I had seen in the trunk was Laura from Surrender. The pony girl. Bound and helpless yet content. I thought of her curious boots and imagined a pair of my own. Black leather, thigh high, tip-toe steep with flared bases. Metal horseshoes affixed to the base. Instantly beautiful leather boots appeared on my legs, exactly as I had imagined them. I added wire laces and imagined them tighter and tighter compressing my legs in a vice like grip. A leather panel shielded the laces and several straps along the length of the boots kept the flap firmly in place. I tentatively walked in the boots to the sound of a strangely satisfying metallic clip-clop.

Wonderful Phoenix

I pulled at the boots fastenings and found them to be completely secure, exactly as I had imagined them to be.

Can Ponies pick locks Phoenix?

"No. No they cannot." I looked at my hands thoughtfully, and imagined ....

A roll of electrician's tape flew from the trunk and began to wrap my hands into clenched fists. Layer after layer of tape was wound around my fists and wrists fusing them into position.

"It won't stop!" I commented dreamily as my fists became taped stumps.

You can stop it if you want to Phoenix. IF you want to

It took some willpower, but I managed to stop the tape and was left with heavily bound fists, useless for any purpose. I tried to imagine the tape being removed and for a few seconds the wraps started to unwind, but my concentration was not strong enough. I relented and the tape rewound my fists again.

More leather looking items floated from the trunk. My imagination was gaining momentum now.

The item wrapped around my waist from under my breasts to my hips. It pulled incredibly tight squeezing my waist into an extreme hour glass figure. It hurt. It hurt a lot, but that did not matter anymore. The heavy leather creaked as the binding pulled relentlessly until I felt like I would split in two. It was impossible for me to bend effectively and I had to focus on controlling my breathing.

My breasts began to feel cooler as the latex covering them started to dissolve from the nipples and back to the root, exposing my pert fleshy globes standing proud from my chest. The corset made them appear bigger than ever. But, no, not just because of the corset. They actually were bigger ... and growing ! My breasts grew by at least two cup sizes, they were huge yet still firm and perky. A thin leather strap appeared around the base of each breast and tightened causing my boobs to firm a little more.

An ache in my nipples brought my attention to my piercings having grown a couple of gauges in thickness, looking large and heavy. The outer edge of the rings now also had tiny spikes on them.

More black heavy leather emerged from the trunk and wrapped around my neck, from collar bone to under my jaw and base of my skull. The thick posture collar held my neck tight preventing any movement of my head unless I turned my whole body. The collar had three heavy rings at the front and sides. The collar fastened behind my neck, fused and became a solid piece of leather. No locks that could be picked, the collar would only come off if cut away. With the corset and collar my breathing had become a little more laboured.

Several more leather straps floated across the room. There came a gust of wind around my head and my hair rapidly twisted and styled itself into a blonde high ponytail which lengthened and cascaded to my butt. Further straps were about my face in a flash. A three inch wide one wrapped around my forehead. From the centre of that, two thinner straps descended either side of my nose and attached to large metal rings either side of my mouth. Further straps from the rings went under my ears, tightened and attached to the back of the collar.

Another strap went from the front of the forehead band over the top of my head and attached to the collar at the back of my neck. My high ponytail fed through a ring in the strap which held it high and proud. Yet more straps ascended form the cheek rings, up in front of my ears and met the central strap at the top of my head. A final thinner strap ran from the bottom of each ring and looped under my chin. In the centre of the forehead band appeared a prominent metal emblem that I instantly recognised ... the Phoenix, MY Phoenix!

"I can't stop!" my voice was still calm and dreamy despite the extreme situation. It was more a comment than a protest or cry for help.

Do ponies talk, Phoenix?

A piece of shiny metal flew across the room and inserted into my mouth. It was bigger than expected and completely covered and depressed my tongue. Its curved edges prevented my tongue from escaping around the sides. The metal tongue depressor almost reached the back of my throat, I had to be mindful not to gag.

A thick round rubber bar attached to the metal tongue depressor at my lips and this then also connected to the large rings either side of my mouth, pulling it deep between my teeth. My teeth rested against the bit and instantly all the head harness straps adjusted and tightened holding it firmly in place on my head. Even the chin strap tightened, holding my jaw closed against the thick rubber bit.

"Ugh, helk Gogafun!"

Do ponies know words, Phoenix?


There came a strange feeling in my throat, but it's reason was not apparent until I tried to speak again. I tried to say Jonathan's name, but the sound that came out was:


I tried to speak a protest ..


I clawed at the gag with my balled hands to no avail. More drifted from the trunk. My arms were pulled high behind me into an extreme reverse prayer position. My shoulders felt like they would dislocate as my forearms met vertically behind my back, my balled hands almost touching the back of the collar. Three small straps bound my forearms together.

Next a large panel of thick leather flew behind me and wrapped around my fused arms covering them from pointy elbows to under my armpits forming a triangular heavy rubber pouch for my numb and useless arms. A thick chain at the bottom of the sheath connected to the corset and two taut chains at the top of the sheath attached to the collar fusing my bound arms tightly to my back

A thick leather panel approached my puss, attached to the centre was a huge dildo. The catsuit covering my puss dissolved and the phallus plunged deeply into me up to the hilt. The panel covered my pubic region completely and the straps fused to the corset at the front. A thin strap from the bottom of the panel fed between my legs and ass crack where it split into two and fused to the back of the corset.

I suddenly felt a horrible pain in my ass as something entered it and thickened rapidly, ensuring it would not easily come out. In the mirrors I could see it was a beautiful long blonde tail.

Very good Phoenix. You have found your true self. How does feel?

"WHINNEY!" I replied

I experimented walking round the room. It was surprisingly comfortable, almost natural. I was drooling heavily but that did not bother me.

My reflection in the mirror was astounding. I regarded myself critically and added missing pieces. Blinders appeared on the head harness focusing my vision to the front. A beautiful red feather plume stood elegantly from the top of the head harness. A thick silver nose ring. Straps from each of the bands around my breasts secured them to the bottom of the collar and top of the corset. The final touch was a chain running between my nipple rings, a little silver bell hung from the centre of the chain and delicately rang as I moved.

Occupied with the final adjustments to myself I had failed to notice the single chariot which had formed behind me, presumably from the wood of the furniture. It was wonderfully crafted and was adorned with my Phoenix emblem. I had also failed to notice that the two wooden arms which extended from the body of the cart had attached to the sides of my corset with metal fastenings. I pulled the cart with surprising ease.

The room suddenly became deathly quiet and Jonathan's mirror shone a ghostly blue. A blue vapour began pouring out of the mirror to the floor and from it grew the figure of a man. He was a strong build, a man clearly used to physical work. He wore quite antiquated clothing. He had white hair and a bushy white beard. All in all a very attractive guy.


"Yes Phoenix, it is me, Jonathan"

He approached me and checked all my straps and harnesses, before caressing my breasts with his large rough hands.

"Shh, shh. Calm now pony. You are more beautiful than I could have imagined. You are probably rather confused right now. As you can see I am now able to take form outside of my mirror. When I told you before that I could not affect your world I was telling the truth. At that time at least. It is you who has made this possible for me.

"You often asked me what I wanted from you in return for my gifts. I wanted nothing more than to bask in your life blood as you evolved within the confined chrysalis of your life. I had no idea just how powerful your energy was going to be.

"Over the years I have tried many times to illicit the same energy from others. I would try and steer or cajole them through the process, pushing them to achieve my own selfish ambition. Transition is a huge drain on the mind and body and sadly weaker minds would fail or break completely leaving them adrift on the sea of insanity.

"But not you, dear Danielle. You were a different proposition altogether, your metamorphosis has provided all the energy I need and more, all the more powerful because it was of your own volition, not forced."

Jonathan was now stroking my flanks, swatting my latex covered ass.

"And now I need you to help with one final thing for me. We will use your energy to pull us through the very barrier between life and death, so that I may be with my beloved Mary again. I have waited so many years for this moment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"And you will enjoy an eternity as Phoenix, a beloved pony girl on our farm, cherished and adored for who and what you are."

Jonathan attached reins to my bridle and hopped into the chariot.

"Come Phoenix, it is time to go"

He flicked a whip against my ass and I leapt forward, heading towards the mirror. As we approached, the mirror grew in size to form a large glowing portal and we galloped straight through into .......

story continued in part eight

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