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story continued from part four

Part 5: Objectified Slave

It was another couple of days until I heard from Anya again. But this time her minion was not the courier, but Mel from Surrender. She came to the office dressed very conservatively and business like, not a hint of her kinky side was evident. She had come under the pretence of delivering some information for a case I was working on. The receptionist pointed her in my direction and she elegantly glided over while the office Meerkats did little to disguise their admiration of her beauty, so pathetic.

"Hello Dani"

"Hi Mel. What are you doing here?"

"I've brought something from Mistress Anya for you"

"Shhhh, keep your voice down".

Melanie handed me a brown envelope. I could tell there was paperwork inside, and went to open it.

"No" Mel interrupted, touching my hand and smiling "This is for your tailor. She wants him or her to make the items to her designs. Money is no object. You are to accompany Mistress Anya to a party, and this will be your outfit."

"I'm not sure he would do this without my knowledge of what is inside"

"Those are Mistress Anya's instructions Dani"

I thought for a moment. It would be exciting to see what Anya had designed especially for me. But also risky given Anya's dark secrets ..

"Ok, Mel. I'll ask him"

When I got home that evening I called upon Jonathan and explained about the envelope.

"Of course I will make the items if I can. If you wish me to.

"I'm a bit nervous" I almost wanted Jonathan to say no, to take the choice away from me.

"Your choice"

"Ok, lets do it"

I put the envelope in the trunk and closed the lid. There was a pause as if he were examining the instructions.

"Very well. I will need plenty of fabric and also some metal"

"Metal? My god what has she designed?"

"I cannot tell you that Dani, it is explicit in the instructions"

"Oh very well" I gathered some clothing I could find, I even put in some of my older, plainer rubber gear. I also managed to find some cutlery which I never used and put the whole lot into the trunk.

"This will take a day or two to finish"

After a couple of nervous days had passed Jonathan announced that the items were ready. He asked for plenty of cardboard so that he could package them as per the instructions.

The resulting pile of boxes was astounding. As per the instructions I messaged Anya that the order was complete.

The response was almost instant.

"Bring the packages to The Lair at 12 noon on Saturday. Do not be late"


And so it was that the taxi pulled up outside The Lair at 12pm on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. The packages were carried into the club by a couple of staff and I followed cautiously behind, through the empty club and into a side room.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was the stack of boxes on the floor. The only other features in the room were a full-length, wall mounted mirror and a large red comfy sofa. A peculiar bar hung trapeze-like from the ceiling, swinging barely perceptibly in the draught from the open door behind me.

"There you are, party girl!" came a soft woman's voice behind me. It was Melanie wearing tight ripped jeans and a white cotton vest top, the plunging neckline and gaping sides did nothing to mask her ample bosom.

She checked all the packages. "Sorry, I need to make sure you have been honest and not tampered with them" she explained."All seems to be in order. Are you sure you want to go through with this? Mistress Anya's friends and parties can be pretty wild". She looked concerned.

Mel quickly picked up on my hesitation. "It's not too late to back out you know. I have instructions that, once this process starts, I am not permitted to stop."

"No. I'll do this. I've come this far."

Mel shrugged, "Strip fully please Dani"

I disrobed while Mel silently read a document laid on top of the packages. The colour visibly drained from her face.

"Dani, seriously, please reconsider ..."

"No. I want to do this." I interrupted more abruptly than intended.

She raised her hands in mock surrender, "Okay, okay"

With a sigh she took the first package, untied the ribbon and opened it. The contents were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper as if it had come from a classy boutique. Jonathan's attention to detail was clearly evident.

"Oh, I didn't realise you were pierced. They look new?"

"They've just healed actually. Anya arranged for them." Mel visibly cringed as I mentioned Anya's name without giving her full title of Mistress.

"The Mistress did this to you? Getting in pretty deep aren't you"

"It's only piercings, although the one in my clitoris hurt bad. I could have said no, but got carried away. Seemed so naughty!" I giggled. "I like them, don't you? You are pierced too, was it also by Anya?"

"Yes she did, but you must remember that she does nothing by accident. The rings mark her property, Dani. I am hers. Are you really so naive?" Mel placed a finger under one of my nipple rings and tilted it up. "Yes, see, these rings bear her mark. I looked closer and there was indeed a tiny mark on the underside of the ring, like a silver sterling mark.

"I didn't even think!"

Mel glanced over my shoulder towards the doorway and nodded some acknowledgement. I followed her gaze, but saw nobody. The door, however, was now closed, there was the distinctive sound of the door being locked from the other side.

"Well, no second thoughts now, let’s begin."

I was somewhat surprised when the item she handed me was a body stocking, rather than something rubbery I had assumed it would be. A dark honey colour, it felt light and delicate.

"A lingerie party?" I asked

Entry was through the neck, and once I'd effortlessly slipped into it I discovered openings around my breasts and crotch. Clearly the party was not going to be PG. The nylon was of the finest weave, and highlighted the landmarks of my body beautifully, creating delicious highlights and shadows as it stretched to accommodate my shape. The material warmed quickly as my hands glided over my body. It was almost silk-like and so comfortable that I hardly knew I was wearing it.

"How is that even possible?" Mel asked


"There are no seams. Not one, yet it fits you so perfectly"

I hadn't noticed until then, but my reflection attested. No seams, not even hidden round the back. I had to admit I looked amazing.

"Did your tailor friend make all these items? I don't recognise the packaging, or motifs." She handed me a black leather tag which had been threaded onto the package ribbon. Pressed into it was the design I had first found in the lid of the trunk, the Phoenix. I nodded, feeling very special indeed.

"I'm sure Mistress Anya would love to meet him"

"Oh, she has asked. But I told her that he only deals with me. I don't think she was too happy about that ..."

"Be very careful Dani, however loud you think her bark is, her bite is WAY worse. Don't try and play her, it will not end well for you."

Mel checked her notes and opened another package from the pile.

This contained a pair of black latex stockings. The material was a little thicker than Jonathan's usual fare, which I knew was no accident, Anya upping the ante. They slid easily up my nylon legs, finishing a little below the tops of my thighs, holding my legs in a firm, yet yielding embrace. I experimented with bending my knees, and rather than the tops pulling down the material stretched perfectly, remaining wrinkle-free. At the tops of the stockings, where suspenders would normally attach were four small steel grommets.

The third package was a little larger. This one contained a black latex leotard. Like the stockings, it was already shiny, straight out of the packaging. Mel turned the material in her hands, almost with a look of envy. I stepped into the high neck and pulled the garment effortlessly up my body. The leg holes were cut lower than I would have chosen, curving beneath my hips to a full ass coverage. It was an armless design which covered my torso, from pubis to chin.

As expected the fit was impeccable, as if it had been painted directly onto me. The crotch was open, but the suit's opening was a little narrower than the body stocking and masked the nylon behind it, my milky pussy contrasting strongly with the jet black rubber. The chest also had two holes to allow my breasts to poke through. The underside my soft boobs felt a little uncomfortable as if they were resting on something hard on my rib cage. I lifted a boob with one hand and with my other I found a short metal post, maybe one inch long protruding away from my body. The steel posts were securely attached to the suit. In the mirror I saw there were four more of the little posts in a line around my body.

"Doesn't even need smoothing" Mel whispered to herself

"What are these little stubs for?"

"You'll see"

The next package was a black rubber garter belt, with four suspenders per leg. It fit tightly around my hips, blending seamlessly with the leotard. The belt also had a further set of the peculiar metal posts around its circumference. I was beginning to feel like a human porcupine! Each suspender had another of the tiny metal bars at the end, they dangled against my thighs tickling deliciously.

Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. Getting dressed in a mystery outfit by a beautiful woman, and the promise of an adventurous party later was beginning to excite me.

Mel passed me a pair of long rubber opera gloves to wear. As black as coal throughout, they slid on with little resistance.

"You need to sit for the next items" Mel said as she pointed to the sofa.

"Shoes?" I asked eagerly, desperate to complete the outfit.

"Boots" she replied and knelt at my feet with an open package. My jaw dropped. They weren't just boots, they were the kinkiest, sexiest black leather boots I had ever seen.

She slid an open boot up my leg, and I was surprised to find that I had to flex my ankle to it's extreme in order to get my foot down into the belly of the boot. The boot held my foot in an en point position, and I understood why Anya had ordered me to cut my nails short. Mel zipped the boot all the way up the front, from ankle to knee, it's grip unyielding as it closed, compressing my pliant muscles. It felt super snug, but she was not finished yet.

For the next few minutes she laced it tighter, the cord criss-crossing over the zip through many eyelets, rendering access to the zip beneath impossible. The laces were not just for show, and using her strength she pulled them yet tighter before tying them off at the top. The laces were then covered with a leather flap, and three leather straps were buckled below the knee, mid calf and ankle.

All flex below the knee was impossible, my ankle and foot held in a sugar coated vice.

"Holy shit, could you make those any more secure?" I gasped sarcastically.

Mel smiled back and showed me her open palm. "Your wish is my command" she mocked, and proceeded to snap a little padlock onto each of the three straps.

"Where is the key?" I asked nervously

"You don't need to worry about that"

I had been expecting rubber and toys, but the introduction of padlocks, with no obvious key, had caught me off guard. I began to doubt my decision to let Jonathan fulfil Anya's concept. He was thorough and skilled, and I had given him free reign to produce an outfit of unknown design and purpose.

The second boot was fitted in the same efficient manner while I silently chastised myself for not controlling my runaway libido.

Mel helped me to my feet. Balance was difficult, but the rigidity of the boots prevented any buckling. She held my hand as I took tentative steps, occasionally grabbing me to prevent a topple. I had to admit I looked incredible. The 7 inch heeled boots forced my pelvis to tilt forward, making my ass appear prominent and accentuating the "S" of my spine.

"Am I ready?"

"Oh no Dani, we've only just begun! You need to spend some time up on those heels to get used to them. Your calves will cramp, but it will ease as your legs become accustomed to them."

While I tottered on fairy steps, Mel checked her papers again and turned a handle on the wall. She led me to the strange trapeze bar which had lowered. I fed my hands through two leather straps at the ends of the bar, and she then raised the bar again with the with the wheel, until my arms were wide and high above my head.

"What now?"

"Corset time" she said and fetched the contents of yet another package. "My God this is a serious model, I've never seen anything like it" she commented as she tested its substantial looking construction. "And to think you had never even touched rubber clothing a few weeks ago."

Mel stood behind me and, reaching round, pulled a solid feeling plate onto my stomach. My heart was racing. The heavy rubber corset wrapped around my torso and with a couple of gentle tugs behind me she stepped back and regarded the loose fit. Rather than a traditional material corset that would be tightened to the body shape, Jonathan's corset already seemed to have a shape formed into it. Once tightened I could tell that it would compress my torso to an extreme of femininity. What had I done ...

She fetched an item from the package that looked like an electric toothbrush. Upon pressing a button the tool came to life with a whir. Shaking her head she muttered "This is crazy".

Stood behind me once again, there was a whirring noise and the top of the corset became a little tighter. More whirring and the corset gripped my body a little tighter, from rib cage to hips.

Before continuing Mel adjusted the garment so that the pegs from the leotard and garter belt pushed through steel grommets in the heavily boned corset. She then set about with the tool again.

Whir whir whir whir the corset cradled my hips in an armoured shell, the bottom edge of the corset curved down at front and back, flattening my abdomen and reaching almost to my ass.

Whir whir whir whir I gasped for air as my ribs compressed alarmingly

"Try to breathe from your chest rather than stomach"

The tightening paused for a while and I changed my breathing technique. Although easier, my breaths were shallow.

Whir whir whir whir, click click click click the corset finally closed to a triumphant "YES!" from Mel.

I teetered round to look in the mirror and could not believe what I saw. My body had been compressed into a Jessica Rabbit like form, an extreme exaggeration of my feminine curves.

Mel seemed almost trance like as she ran her hand up and down my sides, feeling the forced hourglass figure. She then cupped my breasts, which jutted out due to the support of the corset beneath. Without warning she pressed her lips to my nipples, kissing and licking them until they became so hard they ached. Then she kissed me deep on the lips, her tongue probing my mouth for a play partner. Her passion aroused me greatly and I tried to respond, but I was struggling for air ... fighting for air ... desperate for air ... I pulled away ..

"I can't breathe!" I gasped as the unrelenting corset made me work hard for every breath. Mel just giggled and flicked my nipple rings, before returning to the packages.

My breathing was now under control, but there was an unfortunate side effect of the corset's embrace. "I need to pee, Mel"

"That is common" she chuckled returning with small bucket and another rubber item. She held the bucket under my puss and waited. Consumed with humiliation I had no choice but to relieve myself, unable to look at her as my stream seemed to last an eternity.

Mel wiped the urine from my pussy, taking longer to do so than necessary, I had to bite my lip to stifle a moan. To my surprise, under all the restrictive tight rubber, I was horny as hell.

"Good, now we can cover that pussy until the party". She held a small panel of rubber in her hand. Many soft rubber tiny fingers covered the inside, like a scalp massager. She squeezed some gel onto the fingers and then pressed the panel onto my pussy. A zip fastened the panel to the leotard.

Instantly I felt sensations in my pussy lips as the fingers teased whenever I moved. Occasionally a finger would brush my clit and cause me to jump with electric excitement. While the fingers distracted me, further little padlocks were snapped closed round the steel posts along the top and bottom edges of the corset.

Next she pulled a triangular panel of heavy rubber through my legs. It was anchored to the back of the corset by a strap which cleaved my ass cheeks, and once it had entirely covered my pubic area, pressing those little fingers firmly onto my pussy, it was secured to the front of the corset by two straps and accompanying locks, sealing my sex away in its own delicious torment.

The bars on the end of the suspenders were fed through the grommets in the stockings and also secured with padlocks.

The padlocks were excessive, but their constant reminder of total restriction was not lost on me, and drove my arousal higher.

Next my hair was pulled into a high ponytail and tied with something to prevent it falling out.

At last I was released from the bar. I nursed the feeling back into my shoulders, while more items were unwrapped.

"Surely there is nothing else to add?"

"We are not done yet Dani. I warned you."

"Yes. Yes you did"

"Hold out your hands, palms up"

I did so, and she placed a small sponge ball in each hand.

"Squeeze the balls and make fists"

She then pulled tight thick rubber mittens over my fists, forcing them to remain clenched. The mittens were then locked in place with a rubber strap around the wrist and a padlock.

My hands becoming useless was a strong portent of total vulnerability.

My body temperature was rising with excitement, fear and layers of beautiful yet restrictive rubber. My pussy was feeling marshy with perspiration and juices teased forth by the fingers at my entrance. My brow was wet with sweat.

Mel was tugging at my ponytail now and I felt her feed it through something, quickly followed by a skin of rubber being pulled down over my head .. a mask! There were openings for my eyes, nostrils and mouth. She smoothed the hood over my chin and down my neck, tucking it into the rubber neck of the leotard.

It was a small piece of rubber compared to the rest of my garments, but that one piece did more to make me feel like an object than the others put together. It was striking to see my reflection, a generic rubber face which could have been hiding the face of any girl in the world. I wondered if Anya saw me as Dani the woman or Dani the rubber doll, another clone in a world of rubber dolls.

Of the maelstrom of mixed emotions I had battled with since meeting Anya, the question of identity troubled me like an itch. Even while exploring my alter ego Phoenix, Danielle Nystrom was still the queen of my psyche. Would people still see Danielle under the latex skin, or would Anya bury me forever under a rubber facade of obscurity. Vexatious feelings of dread and self preservation took me, but for that night at least it was too late, but once released I decided to give Anya a wider berth in future.

"Open" Mel ordered. She had a penis shaped phallus in her hand and was offering it up to my mouth.

"Please Mel, no more. You are right, I'm in too deep. Please, help me get out of this"

"I can't Dani. If I don't follow orders then it is me who will have to face her wrath. Mistress Anya has her claws into you pretty deep, I've not seen her like this over a fledgling slave before, there is no way I am getting in the middle of THAT situation"

The feeling of being trapped with no way out was making me excited too, further fuelled by the relentless fingers on my pussy. Despite everything, I was definitely turned on.

The only possible option was to go through with it. I allowed the phallus into my mouth. It was bigger than expected and kept my tongue firmly pinned underneath, distorting my attempts to speak. At the base of the dildo gag was a panel, which was big enough to completely cover my mouth from just beneath my nostrils to the bottom of my chin. Four little straps, one at each corner of the panel attached to the hood with press studs securing it firmly in place.

"Pweez Mew" I pleaded "ak ut ooop"

"What was that?" she laughed. "Oh, you want another hood? Can't get enough can you, you kinky bitch. Well it's your lucky day, I have another one here just for you."

I shook my head "Oooh oooh oooh!"

But it was futile, and another, thicker rubber hood was pulled over the first, my ponytail again being pulled through the top. This second hood was much tighter than the first and firmly compressed my head. There was a covering over my eyes now, and I was forced to look through a pattern of small holes. It was disorienting but vision through them was surprisingly tolerable. In the mirror I could make out that the new hood completely covered my head and neck. My mouth was completely hidden, and all evidence of the installed gag was fully obscured. My nose too was totally obscured save for two small steel grommets allowing me to breathe.

Without time to think, a high and thick leather collar was wrapped around my neck, covering it fully and buckled at the rear. The now all too familiar sound of padlocks ensured the collar could only be removed by the key holder.

Mel attached a leash to a ring on the front of the collar and led me around the room for a few laps. She congratulated me on my improvement with the boots.

"And now Dani, or rather, Phoenix, it's time for the finishing touch."

She held what I could just determine to be a heavy rubber dress. It was long, I guessed it would almost reach the floor once worn.

She supported me as I stepped into the open back of the dress. With some effort she managed to haul the dress up past my contorted body and over my shoulders. My mittened hands squeezed down the tight sleeves which were loose at the ends. The sleeves were zipped closed and a further leather cuff wrapped wound each wrist and above each elbow.

I felt Mel pull a zip all the way up from my ass to my neck. Followed by the familiar snap of a lock.

The neck of the dress was split into four sections which would be fastened together with zips. At that moment the sections flopped open like a bizarre rubber banana skin. One by one, she zipped up the sections so that once together they formed a rubber tube which concealed the heavy collar around my neck. Grommets at the top of each section slipped over tiny steel posts along the jaw line of the hood, and again padlocks were attached. It became impossible to turn my neck or lift my chin.

The rubber bodice of the dress was smooth as glass, showing nothing of the items it concealed beneath. Closed zips horizontally crossed each breast.

The skirt had several zips from my hips down its full length, which when opened would grant access to my lower body.

As if on cue, the door to the room opened and Anya's voice asked "Is it ready?"

"Yes Mistress"

I sensed Anya walking around me, until she popped into my pepper-pot view, like a kinky kaleidoscope.

"Mmm. It's wonderful, just as I specified. Did it give you any trouble?"

"No Mistress"

"Excellent." Anya clipped my wrist cuffs together behind my back, added a chain between my cuffed elbows and attached a leash through the nose grommets, and dragged me along unsteadily behind her. "Come, we must not be late. Melanie, fetch the car."

The fact that Anya was now referring to me as "it" was not lost on me.


The club had become considerably busier whilst we had been in the changing room. I'd lost all track of time, but the size of the throng suggested it was evening time. The patrons paused their activities and watched us with astonishment as the Mistress led her extreme rubber object by it's nose. Anya would be loving it of course, displaying her power to the peasants, basking in their hushed reverence.

Without warning Anya suddenly changed direction towards Lance's chair. I found it very difficult thinking of him as Lothar anymore.

He was sat on his own, phone in one hand, tumbler of whiskey in the other.

"Hello Lance" Anya interrupted him.

"Anya" he acknowledged coldly, still staring at his phone.

"Where is that girl? The one that was with you the other night? The naive pretty blonde in the catsuit?"

"Dunno, I've not seen her since"

"Ran away did she? Scared her off? A shame, you made such a cute couple" she mocked him

Lance looked at me stood passively behind Anya. "Who is that?" he asked changing the conversation.

"Not who; what. It has no need of a name. Isn't it wonderful? Perhaps I should do the same to your little blonde friend, what do you think? Turn her into a rubber slave, permanently bound in subservience. Then she would not be able to run. She would not be able to do anything I did not permit her to do."

Anya was addressing Lance, but I sensed that her words were meant for me, taunting me about what she had so easily done, and what further torments she could visit upon me. I was being paraded in front of someone who SHOULD recognise me as Danielle, yet I was evidently a total stranger to him.

"I'm surprised you haven't already taken her for yourself Anya."

"Maybe I will. If you see her send her my way and I'll deal with her properly. I might even let you have a play date with her. Dress-up? Doctors and Nurses?"

Anya smiled, turned on her heels, and pulled me briskly towards the exit, padlocks rattling as I hobbled awkwardly in tow.

I felt sad, and oddly rejected by Lance's failure to recognise me locked away in my rubber shell. Hello! It's me, Danielle, the blonde from the other night. You bought me a drink! You took me under your wing! You saw my face! You touched my skin! You smelled my scent!

Anya's cruel offer to pimp me out on a play date was mean. But I was now clearly way beyond simple games, Lance wouldn't have a clue what to do with a freak like me anymore, my desires had become too acutely perverted for him to comprehend, let alone satisfy.

In truth, as disturbing as Anya could be, she was the only person who really understood me. But her extreme agendas did not align with my own. I needed to be careful not to lose sight of who I was in the world of Mistress Anya.

The steps to the pavement were a bitch to climb in ballet boots, and my breathing was laboured by the time we reached the top. It was dark and raining steadily, the heavy drops were loud as they hit my rubber helmet. It was an odd sensation to know I was in the rain, to hear I was in the rain, yet be unable to feel any sensation of the droplets as they hit me and flowed off in rivulets down my slick body, my real-world senses dulled by layers of rubber.

An expensive looking 4x4 pulled up in front of us. Mel was the driver and opened the rear doors for Anya and me. I admired Mel's beautiful grey latex chauffeur's outfit, complete with cap.

Once inside I heard the sound of peeling adhesive tape, and then my eye holes became black. My arms were still cuffed behind me. A seatbelt was fed across my torso and pulled tight, drawing me securely into the plush seat. There was no slack in the belt even though we were stationery; I suspected that it was so restrictive by design, no chance of escape. There was no explanation from Anya who remained silent.

"Drive on, Melanie"

story continued in part six

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