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Perverse Rubber Weekend

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2008 - Latexx - Used by permission

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Friday, 7 p.m.  

I was standing in the small bedroom upstairs, encased in three rubbersuits.  I would be unable to get out of them for 12 hours.

The preparations had started an hour earlier, as soon as I got home.  First I administered an enema and emptied my bladder with a catheter.  Then I pulled on the first rubbersuit, a thin red one with an extension that covered my penis and balls tightly.  Over my head I pulled a thin red latex hood and my arms got covered with long, thin, red latex gloves.  As I checked myself in the mirror I inserted a gag into my mouth and inflated it to a comfortable pressure.

The second rubbersuit was green and thicker.  Its crotch contained two rubber flaps to protect the penis and balls from the zipper and held the whole package very tightly.

The third rubbersuit was of very heavy black rubber, with attached boots, gauntlets and a massive hood.  The back zipper went all the way from the waist in the back to the top of the mask, where it was locked.  I could now hardly move and my vision was severely limited by the small hood openings.  I just barely managed to strap  cuffs to my ankles; the cuffs were connected by a short chain.

Lastly I put cuffs - each with an attached short chain - on my wrists, locked them with small padlocks, and then locked the chains to the neck strap of the last suit.  I could still move my hands but could not reach the crotch area; in other words, I could not masturbate.

I now took the keys for the locks and the bedroom door out to the hallway and put them on a table.  The bedroom door has an electric strike that is connected to a timer.  I set the timer for 9 a.m., and pulled the door shut.  I was now locked in for the next 12 hours.

This bedroom is a recent addition.  I had been married for 18 months when my wife Alma suddenly decided she wanted to live with a woman.  It was a marriage that was based on false expectations.  We had been open with each other from the start; I told her about my fetish, she made no secret that she was bisexual.  I didn’t object when she went on dates with other women and she tolerated my wearing rubber around the house.  But then she abruptly announced she had met a woman she wanted to live with and moved out.

After she moved out I started to experiment with self-bondage; I had always had the fantasy of being confined in rubber, but never dared to bring up the subject while we were married.  I bought a number of rubber garments for that purpose and modified the small bedroom.  There is now a rubber-covered adjustable bed in it, an equally rubber-covered easy chair, and a large screen TV with a video player.  I can also watch the picture taken by an outside TV camera at the door.

So, after I locked myself in, I climbed into bed and watched TV.  At about 9 p.m. I turned off the TV and fell asleep.  I woke up several times during the night as I was getting hot inside my rubber cocoon and wanted to masturbate badly.

Saturday, 8 a.m.  

I woke abruptly when the doorbell rang.  I quickly turned on the TV and selected the closed-circuit channel.  Alma!  She was standing at the door, ringing the doorbell again.  I hadn’t seen her in several weeks and she had to show up now.

There was nothing I could do, the bedroom door wouldn’t unlock for another hour.  So I watched her helplessly as she rang the bell repeatedly and then pulled out a key and unlocked the door.  I had forgotten that she still had a key to the house.

I lay still, making no noise.  I heard her calling out for me.  Perhaps she would see that there was nobody home and leave.  And then I remembered the keys on the table outside the bedroom door.

After a few minutes I heard a key being inserted into the lock.  The door opened and she stood in the frame, looking at me for several minutes.  Without saying a word she pulled the door shut and locked it again.  A moment later I saw her leave in the TV.

I was now in a desperate situation.  By unlocking the door she had shut off the timer; I wouldn’t be able to get out at 9 a.m. as planned, I was permanently locked in.

I got up and walked around the small bedroom, thinking.  There was no way to cut the cuffs, there were no sharp objects anywhere in the room, nor did I have any tools to pry the door open or cut a hole in the wall.  I couldn’t smash the door, it was solid wood, nor could I punch a hole in the sheetrock, I had put a layer of plywood underneath.

After half an hour I gave up, it was hopeless.  I lay down on the bed again and drifted off.

Saturday, 11:30 a.m.  

When I woke again the door opened and Alma entered with another woman.  They came close to the bed and studied me, both stark naked.  “This is Bess,” Alma said. 

I tried to say, “Pleased to meet you, Bess,” but all that came out was an incomprehensible “mmmmm”. 

”He is gagged,” Bess said.

This, I took it, was Alma's new mate.  She was considerably taller than Alma and muscular.  She sat down on the bed and opened the sipper at my crotch, and then the zipper underneath.  She pulled out my rubbered private parts and squeezed my balls painfully.  I immediately had a huge erection.  She squeezed harder; I moaned into my gag and jerked.

"He looks like a worm," Bess said, "helpless and horny.  You can have your way with him and he can't do anything about it."  She stood up and Alma sat down on top of me and inserted my rubber-covered penis into her.  She began to ride it, slowly and deeply.  I desperately held back my rapidly approaching orgasm.  After about two minutes I could hold it no longer and exploded into her."

"That's the way it has always been when he is wearing rubber," Alma said to Bess, "he cums right away.  When there was no rubber he could hardly cum at all."

"You know what we should do?" said Bess after a while, "we should call Sonya.  She is a rubber freak."  Alma nodded and Bess went out of the room.  I heard her talk on the phone and when she came back she said, "Let's get dressed, Sonya wants to take a look at him."

Once they were dressed they took me down to the garage and put me into the front seat of my car.  They fastened the seatbelt and Bess pulled a rubber hood over my head; I could no longer see and breathing became difficult.

The engine started and we drove for about half an hour.  I was taken out of the seat and up some stairs with the blindfold hood still in place.

"Let's see what we have here," another woman's voice said and I felt hands grab my penis and balls.  "Premature ejaculation, you said.  Happens to a lot of rubbermen when they hit the jackpot.  He needs training, which takes a few weeks, but we can fix that temporarily.  I'll show you how."

I was left standing for a few minutes and then hands lifted me onto a bed and I was squeezed into a very tight rubber bag and my rubbered penis and balls were pulled through a tight crotch opening.  The blindfold hood was pulled off and for a brief moment I could see the room I was in.  Rubber garments hung on the walls and on racks and there were numerous bondage contraptions.  From the ceiling hung chains, winches and pulleys.

The third woman, Sonya, came into view.  Unlike the others, who were now naked, she was dressed head-to-toe in black rubber.  She held a thick, ribbed condom in her hands.  "This should prolong his orgasm indefinitely," she explained to the others and proceeded to pull it over my erect penis.  Then she fastened it to the bag with a rubber strap and used the same strap to cinch my balls until they began to hurt.

"There," Sonya said, "use some lubricant and you can fuck him for a long time,  Try it."  While Alma poured some lubricant on the condom Sonya strapped a rubber dildo to my mouth and then cut off my vision with black rubber eye-shields.  Alma mounted my cock and Bess sat on my head with the dildo inside her.  They began to move up and down and my air was cut off half the time.  The two women began to moan and, over the next half hour, had an extended series of orgasms.  I was hot and thirsty, my balls hurt and I desperately wanted to have an orgasm too.

Saturday, 1 p.m. 

After they dismounted, straps were put around my ankles and chest and I was winched up until I was horizontal.  The mouth dildo, the thick condom and the ball strap were removed and a heavy rubber hood laced over my head.  Several hands massaged my penis and balls and I heard Sonya say, "Bring him close to an orgasm, but then stop.  Let him squirm for about an hour, it will teach him to prolong his orgasm."

Just as I was ready to explode, all action stopped and the women left.  I was hanging there with a huge erection, desperate to cum.  They waited for about 10 minutes and then came back.  This time a re-breather bag was attached to my hood and my arousal was even stronger.  But they stopped again and the re-breather bag was removed.  They left again; when they came back 10 minutes later the bag was re-attached and one of the women whipped my behind.  Now they finally let me have an orgasm.

Saturday, 1:30 p.m. 

I heard Sonya say, "Why don't you two make lunch.  Get something from the Main Street Deli and we'll have it in the roof garden.  Give me about an hour and I'll get him ready.  It'll be a surprise."  I was let down and the bag and hood was removed.  Sonya stood in front of me with the keys in her hand.  "I'm going to unlock you under the condition that you will do exactly as ordered."  I nodded.

The locks came off and Sonya marched me to a bathroom.  I stripped with the shower running, taking large gulps of water.  I soaped myself thoroughly and when I stepped out of the shower Sonya stood there, now wearing a bright red rubbersuit.  She dried me off with a towel and then took me to a small bedroom.  "This should be a new experience to you," she said, "I'm going to dress you as a woman."

I was mesmerized by Sonya and submitted easily.  She gave me latex pantyhose to put on and pulled my penis and balls through a hole at the crotch.  Next came a tight rubber corset and lace-up latex boots.  Then an inflatable bra, which she pumped up to large proportions, followed by a latex mini-dress.  She completed the outrageous outfit with a female latex mask and a wig.  I looked at myself in the mirror: a cheap hooker with obviously false breasts.

We went up to the roof garden; Alma and Bess were already there and lunch was laid out.  They both were naked.  "What's your girlfriend's name," Bess asked.  "Let's call her Mimi," Sonya replied.  "Mimi seems to have a bulge between her legs," Alma said.  She sat opposite me and stuck her foot into me crotch under the table.

I kept silent and ate, I was famished.  As soon as I was finished Sonya got up and strapped a rubber dildo with a large gag to my mouth and cuffed my hands.  "On your knees, whore," she commanded, "under the table.  You are going to earn your meal."  I crawled under the table and stuck my mouth dildo between Bess' legs.  She squirmed and moaned, then grabbed the back of my head and pushed the dildo deep inside her .  After a few minutes she squeezed my head between her legs and had a loud orgasm.

I moved over to Alma; she sat passively in her chair and let me do all the work.  It took me nearly 15 minutes to bring her to an orgasm.

"Come on out now," Sonya said as I crawled toward her.  After I stood up she removed the dildo and pulled a heavy rubber mask over my head.  There were no eye openings and a gag was in my mouth, which she inflated until my tongue was immobile.  Then she pulled a thick, tube-like cape over me and told me to sit down.  "We want to see you masturbate now, slowly.  You can't cum until we have finished our conversation."

The cape left little room to move my hands but I managed to pull up my short skirt and take my penis into my rubber-gloved hands and start stroking it.  I could hear the conversation; they discussed me as if were not present.

"We are going to have to leave soon," Bess said.  "We came in his car.  Should we take him back to his house?"

"Why don't you take his car back but leave him here for a while," Sonya replied.  "I have a client coming later this afternoon, but I would like to start teaching him how to hold his orgasm.  I could put him in a cocoon with the stimulus capsule until tomorrow morning."

"What is a stimulus capsule?" I heard Alma say.

"It clamps around his penis and balls and has both mechanical and electrical stimulation.  It keeps him near an orgasm, but doesn't let him cum.  After a few sessions he will be able to give you multiple orgasms without wearing a thick condom."

"It would be great for the two of us to have him every Saturday morning like today," Bess said.  "Can he be ready by next weekend?"

"No," relied Sonya, "not that soon.  I'll give him the first 24 hours now and then a few more sessions over the next two weeks.  He should be ready for you a week from next Saturday.  I'll see to it that he is locked up again the night before like he was last night".

This was too much for me, I couldn't hold it any longer.  I moaned into my gag and had a massive orgasm.

A little while later the three women left the roof garden.  After a while Sonya came back, helped me stand up and then guided me somewhere.  She removed my narrow cape, hood and skirt, took off my handcuffs and stripped the remaining rubber off.  "You can go to the toilet now and take a shower," she said.

I relieved myself and took a long shower.  After I dried myself she put me into a rubbersuit with attached feet and gloves.  Then she pulled a gadget out of a drawer and showed it to me.  There were two halves of a plastic shell, hinged together.  The inside was lined with rubber and some electrodes and a short length of ribbon cable led to a flat battery pack.  She clamped the thing around my penis and balls, squeezing them hard, and taped the battery pack to my stomach.

Sonya then led me to a small chamber with a bed and a large rubber bag on it.  I slid into the bag, meekly inserting my arms into the side pockets.  She pulled a heavy rubber hood over my head, inserting the built-in gag into my mouth and then inflating it.  The hood had no eye openings.  I felt the bag being zipped up and then inflate.

I lay there, in total darkness.  My arms were pinned to my sides and I could not move my legs or head.  After a few minutes I felt a tingling sensation all through my private parts and then something started to vibrate and massage both my penis and balls.  At first it was a very pleasant feeling but then it got stronger and almost painful.  I moaned into my gag and just as I was about to have an orgasm the blasted thing stopped.

After about 15 minutes it started again, but then again stopped before I could have an orgasm.  This cycle repeated itself endlessly and, after perhaps two hours I lost all track of time.

Sunday, 10 a.m. 

Abruptly the bag and my mouth gag deflated.  Sonya removed my hood and helped me out of the bag and removed the stimulus capsule.  "Go take a shower and relieve yourself," she said, "but you are not through yet.  You are not allowed to masturbate in the shower."

I did as I was told, though I had a huge erection and wanted to cum badly.  After I dried myself she held up a transparent rubbersuit and I stepped into it.  She pulled my cock and balls through the small crotch opening, clamped them into a new stimulus capsule and taped the battery pack to my stomach.  Then she gave me an ordinary shirt, trousers and jacket to wear.  The capsule made a noticeable bulge between my legs and interfered a bit with my walking.

"We are going to do some shopping and have lunch in a nice restaurant," she said.  We went to her garage and got into a black van.  Before we took off she pulled a remote control out of her pocket and pushed some buttons.  The capsule came alive.

She drove downtown and stopped at several stores.  Each time we got out of the van she turned up the intensity until my face began to show the effect and I began to gasp and moan.  Then she turned it down a notch.  I walked behind her through the stores; she proceeded very slowly, enjoying my discomfort.

At 1 p.m. we stopped at a restaurant and sat down for lunch.  As we were waiting for the food she turned up the intensity several times in short intervals.  Each time I was seconds away from an orgasm but she always stopped the capsule as was about to make a noise.

Finally, as we came out of the restaurant and stood on the sidewalk, she turned the intensity all the way up and kept it there.  My penis was being stroked at a furious rate, there was painful current shooting through my penis and balls and I had a massive orgasm.  I doubled over and moaned loudly.  People stopped around us and looked at me.  When it was over Sonya took my arm and we walked away to the van.

She drove to my house and I showed her my installation and collection of rubber garments.  "Impressive," she said, "we'll have to put that to good use."  Then she took off my clothes and the stimulus capsule and got my own three rubbersuits from the van.  "This weekend ends the way it began," she continued, "with you locked in these.  I'll set the door timer for 6 a.m.".

20 minutes later I was laying on the bed in my three rubbersuits.  My wrists were chained to my neck collar so I couldn't masturbate. I heard the door lock itself as the timer started.  The clock on the wall showed 2 p.m.  I would be confined like this for 16 hours and had more of the same to expect for the next two weeks.



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